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Harlow Playhouse public meeting. Sample containing about 846 words speech recorded in public context

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  1. Tape 008101 recorded on 1991-09-02. LocationEssex: Harlow ( Playhouse theatre ) Activity: public meeting

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(D92PS000) [1] Ok can I draw to some sorry.
[2] I take it as a last question, comment.
Unknown speaker (D92PSUNK) [3] Angela I'd like, I'd just like to ask if we could have a meeting about the future of the gallery.
(D92PS000) [4] Yes.
Unknown speaker (D92PSUNK) [5] And I'd like art teacher's in all the school's all around, not just Harlow but Hoddesdon Hertford all around Epping to be asked I'd like artists to be asked from all around erm Essex has a directory of artists Eastern Arts has a directory of artists, I think you could probably find quite a lot of people [...] .
[6] I don't think we're very well represented here tonight and I think there's a a lot of [...] not well used a terrible waste of space.
[7] And we need to say that you know I don't think that it's criminal to have a gallery but it's criminal to waste the space some of the time.
(D92PS000) [8] Yeah, we'll look at that yeah that's sort of.
Unknown speaker (D92PSUNK) [9] Can I just say before you close, is a you [...] out a hand out before everybody was here can some more of those be run off with a questionnaire [...]
(D92PS000) [10] Perhaps I should mention now I mean I I I'm not [...] fill in questionnaire's but it would it would be helpful if you actually did erm fill in that before you actually leave this evening and leave it on the on the table on the way out if that's possible I think that, that information which you put on them would be useful.
[11] Can I just say a conclusion I'm not sure how you feel how the meeting's gone this evening I think it's been very positive meeting at least people have actually said what there concerns are and actually raised eh, some, some of the issues.
[12] I also give a guarantee that it isn't just a one off situation, [...] meeting we all go away and forget about what we've said I can assure you that won't happen minutes have been taken and and what's been said this evening that will be conveyed to the management committee meeting the board meeting and I think we need to look very clearly at a very closely what's been said and respond to what's been said and I think that it's been suggested also raised this evening about having a further meeting to report back and say erm this has been said this is our response.
[13] I think that that will happen also.
[14] I hope you've found the meeting this evening positive, I'm sure you haven't heard perhaps if the people found after the [...] this evening and the guy up there reckons we ought to retire, well I don't think we will retire but I think we will be responding to the things that you raised this evening I happen to think the Harlow theatre [...] I'm not sure how you measure success, erm I think we measure it's success in the fact that people actually do use the building, people do come to see the shows.
[15] I am aware of the difficult times that other theatre companies who actually face in this moment in time and I am very grateful when I and I've always been grateful to the Harlow Council for the funding of the Council has given to the theatre, has given to the theatre over the years.
[16] It's interesting that erm many [...] been said, many of the other local authorities in the area certainly don't produce or put on as what Harlow Council does, they certainly don't from the arts like Harlow Council does and I think we have all got a gratitude to the Council even in difficult times the money spends on the arts.
[17] The the Council looking at the whole process of how it spends it money what it does, I think the theatre the start of this evening we were looking quite close about what we do and how we do it what we don't do and what we should do and I think from what's been said this evening will be re look closely the questions you've raised things that you've raised we'll report it back to you in the hope of this meeting that we'll actually moved forward because I think it's in everybody interest everybody's interest if the playhouse closes.
[18] The playhouse in the Harlow is about the people in Harlow and about the people that come in from outside of Harlow I'm very conscious that we do serve a very wide community and I am pleased that people with other sounds come and support the theatre has been rightly said if they didn't come in to Harlow to support the theatre we would have major problems.
[19] So could I just in conclusion say please fill in your short questionnaire thank you for your attendance and I can assure you as Chairman of the trust what you said and the question's you've raised this evening will be looked at in great detail and we will be reporting back to you in the near future about the proposals that we wish to make.
[20] Thank you. [clapping]