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Pensioners' and Trades Union Association meeting. Sample containing about 817 words speech recorded in public context

6 speakers recorded by respondent number C7

D96PS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
D96PS001 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
D96PS002 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
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D96PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
D96PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 008501 recorded on 1991-08-28. LocationEssex: Harlow ( Stravanger rooms, Harlow town hall ) Activity: Club Meeting

Undivided text

(D96PS001) [1] Well one of the things we did do immediately after the er youth consultation is that we erm, we erected a paid for a skate board ramp at erm one of the youth centres in, in Harlow, so you know, we we creating that facility, but erm, what, you, so you your question was more directed at providing more of those kind of facilities .
Unknown speaker (D96PSUNK) [2] Well, providing , mainly because you see a lot of the youngsters with their skate boards, but they're skating through the town, all over the place.
(D96PS001) [3] I mean, a lot, I can say with on the youths, I think were doing, were, were, were walking with young people at the local levels of various places in the town you know, we've got, we haven't got as many resources as we want yet, but were still trying to do that, well I actually feel, on youth we're doing quite a good job you know, expensive job you know, that we are, and, and all that concerns you raise, were certainly aware of.
[4] The problem is solving all the problems, providing all the facilities in, in the situation where it's diminishing resources, I mean we wouldn't be actually be carrying out this [...] review, in the way that were gonna do it, if we didn't have the problem with the money we've got, you know.
(D96PS000) [5] Right, time marches on we've got five minutes before this meeting closes, so if you've got another question, I'll take one more question for Chris and then she's off the hook.
[6] Any more questions?
Unknown speaker (D96PSUNK) [7] I could tell you something about the, if you've got the [...]
(D96PS000) [8] Gordon bennett .
Unknown speaker (D96PSUNK) [9] [...] Norman, that erm, one of the [...] at the moment.
(D96PS000) [10] Yes.
Unknown speaker (D96PSUNK) [11] Was going to have a facility for young people, if you remember, it was suggested that the restaurant was used for young people.
(D96PS001) [12] With still not loosing site of the idea of having a cafe, bar, coffee for people, one of the things that were, that gonna look through and explore explore actually is er setting up some kind of coffee bar facilities at Kingsmoor, the play barn, there next to them.
Unknown speaker (D96PSUNK) [13] Erm, but that's really [...] .
(D96PS001) [14] I know it's one area. [...] .
(D96PS001) [15] One would think [...] , one of the things that young people decide was that they wanted [...] facilities in their area.
Unknown speaker (D96PSUNK) [16] In their area.
Unknown speaker (D96PSUNK) [17] Area you see.
[18] That's is what I [...] .
(D96PS000) [19] Could I come in here Chris?
(D96PS001) [20] Yeah.
(D96PS000) [21] At the, at the last search, at the last highway committee, although were not having, having, having the, the full service at the envisage in the first instance, a lot is going to be done, is going to be some more erm shelters directed there and one or two other facilities and somebody has even suggested that we put a toilet there which is a very good idea. [laugh] .
(D96PS000) [22] Which is a very good idea, but, what they, what the er, what the Council have done is.
[23] Can I, can I madam please, if I may.
[24] What is, what is happening at the moment is although they can't afford the money for the full, for the full treatment they are making an allocation of money to improve matters round, round that area, which will be er, cos I, I told them that some of the pensioners were,w walking round by the bankment, it's pouring of rain, which is perfectly true and that er the engineer should go round and see for himself and plus the fact how many of these people ever travel by bus, or do they always go by car, no, and also I brought up about bus shelters and all those sort of things, but any way, there will be some improvements for the bus station in the future.
(D96PS001) [25] Right, am I let off the hook now?
(D96PS000) [26] Yeah, your off the hook.
[27] Thank you very much, thank you Chris. [clapping] .
(D96PS000) [28] I'm sure the, I'm sure they'll all go away very [...] when you, before you came.
(D96PS001) [29] [...] .
Unknown speaker (D96PSUNK) [30] They [...] .
(D96PS000) [31] Thanks a lot.
(D96PS001) [32] Well now, now you know that when I disappear with a placard sign, I don't just appear with a placard, we are doing things behind the scenes.
(D96PS000) [33] That's right, thanks a lot Chris.
[34] Okay [...] .
(D96PS003) [35] That's great, thanks very much.
(D96PS000) [36] Right, were now on other reports.
[37] Any body got any thing else to report, with got a few minutes left?
[38] Yes, no, any other business, you can all go, your all off the hook. [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (D96PSUNK) [39] They'll start arguing now.
(D96PS002) [40] [...] Come on a Wednesday, but I think I'll come on Thursday and Friday [...] .
(D96PS000) [41] I'll shall be there Friday, Pauline, I, I can't make it Thursday.
(D96PS002) [42] Are there any people who can come Thursday?
Unknown speaker (D96PSUNK) [43] Thursday? [...] .
(D96PS000) [44] Anybody Thursday?
Unknown speaker (D96PSUNK) [45] At the market.
Unknown speaker (D96PSUNK) [46] At the market, yeah, yeah.
(D96PS000) [47] You've got one or two there, look, that come along. [...] .
(D96PS000) [48] You alright in there [...] . [...] .
(D96PS000) [49] Don't go over doing it.
[50] What about you, could you?
[51] No good.