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  1. Tape 020701 recorded on 1992-02-11. LocationHertfordshire: Bishop's Stortford ( House ) Activity: Meeting

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(DCHPS000) [1] Yes.
[2] We shall just have to pretend it's not there, there's not, there's not quite as bad as when I had to speak for Amnesty on Radio Essex last year and it was live, as every word, every word I spoke was being you know [laugh] being heard by a lot of people and that's, that was very, that was very intimidating.
[3] Erm, I think since we've got some new people here, I'll, I'll perhaps just say a little bit about the group shall I, just to explain how we operate and erm and also how this meeting is going to operate erm.
[4] We are one of about three hundred Amnesty groups in the country, probably about this ... size, perhaps, well were, were, I mean this, this group is probably about an average for the, you know, the groups in the country, some are smaller, some are much larger, but er, usually it's about a dozen or so people meeting once a month or, or that often in a room, erm, but apart from groups there are a l there are a great many more people who are called individual members of Amnesty about eighty thousand I think now who are, who just joined by writing to headquarters and many of those have no contact with the groups at all, we've had list of the people in this area and they run into hundred and fifty, two hundred people who live in this area who er, who belong, who, who belong to Amnesty but don't actually come to a group except for a small number of us.
[5] So the, the groups are very important though, because the groups do a great deal of the work for Amnesty, cos Amnesty's different from many organisations erm in that er, what the groups do, particularly the letter writing erm, helps to make the organisation work, it's not just a matter of raising money, we do things to, to fund raise or two, er have a proper publicity erm, the le the letters we write for prisoners and helps Amnesty to do it's work and not many other organisations operate like that.
[6] You can still do that as an individual member, cos in the magazine that comes every two months there are always cases, but er, it er, it's not qu ite the same as doing it in a group where we have our own particular prisoners to look after.
[7] So as far as this meeting's concerned, erm, most of our meetings are basically business meetings, but we, we have tried and we will try to put in speakers and, and do different things from time to time, we had er, er a woman last time who'd been to Central America recently and she gave us a very interesting talk on a visit to El Salvador and Guatamala, erm, and we, we'd like to do that more often, but, but what we do really erm, to begin with any rate, is we go th we go through the, the headings on this sheet, on the, on the minutes, we use them as headings for others and erm, items on the agenda and er ... some may have more to say than others and there are one or two not on there which we'll pop in as we go along.
[8] So we start with apologies, does any one have any apologies to give to Ann?
(DCHPS001) [9] Yeah, Nicki and Saria.
(DCHPS002) [10] Yeah, Mike, Mike and [...] , he's erm I don't think he's, I think he will be able to in future he's got a meeting arranged tonight ... and he'll be here next time.
(DCHPS000) [11] We don't have [...] from Hockerill school do we?
(DCHPS002) [12] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [13] Yes, yes.
(DCHPS000) [14] You're there, oh sorry
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [15] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [16] you're not the same that's why, that's why [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [17] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [18] I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, right, so you're from Hockerill school?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [19] Yes.
(DCHPS000) [20] Right, good, that's [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [21] Margaret can, can you ask, if I circulate that list again can you put your surname, anyone who's new, your surname, and then address.
[22] Oh are you new?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [23] Yes.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [24] Can you put your surname and address, so I can send you the minutes after this.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [25] I've got [...] .
(DCHPS000) [26] Right, and, and, so your, your group's actually [...] is it now?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [27] Yes.
(DCHPS000) [28] [...] , the other way, the other way of, in which you can get more close to live Amnesty is to affiliate as a school group or a youth group or a religious group erm, that's nice to see you tonight.
[29] Erm ... right now, er if you look at the minutes then of last meeting erm, can anyone see any thing they want to correct there at all?
[30] If they, if they seemed to be alright then I just sign a copy and that goes into our records.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [31] Can I just draw people's attention to the very last point which was made [...] in case any one sending large sums of cash through the post office, erm, it, it's been running [...] for a long time
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [32] My mum was the only one who [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [33] And you're [...] .
(DCHPS000) [34] So what are you talk
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [35] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [36] Your, your correct address is, is road isn't it, it's still reads as if it might not be, please note that on the membership list, Velma 's address is not Avenue.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [37] Is there a Avenue ?
(DCHPS000) [38] It's Avenue .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [39] It should be road .
(DCHPS000) [40] It should be road.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [41] So, is there a Avenue?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [42] Yes, there is, yes.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [43] Oh, I see.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [44] She normally she brings them round to me, but erm.
(DCHPS000) [45] Shall we just, yeah
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [46] [laugh] , getting fed up with it.
(DCHPS000) [47] On membership list Velma 's address should be
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [48] It should be, should be, yeah.
(DCHPS000) [49] Should be 's Road, not Avenue.
[50] Right ... erm, so were happy with the, with the minutes otherwise, alright I'll, I'll sign them, er
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [51] Eleventh.
(DCHPS000) [52] eleventh, always have to look at them to see ...
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [53] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [54] Like that.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [55] Oh you want the surnames of is that what you mean surnames of the Hockerill people?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [56] Yeah
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [57] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [58] They're, they're on, they're both on.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [59] Oh they are on there, alright, and I've got your address, [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [60] I've got the address of the other, the other [...] .
(DCHPS000) [61] Right, erm, now ... are there any matters arising from the minutes which erm, you want to bring up now, which won't come up under any other heading?
[62] Usually it's sort of following up things which have been mentioned, which, erm, Mary [...] events that have taken place.
[63] I wonder about this Justice and Peace Group who requested a speaker, did they hear any more?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [64] Mary lives near them.
(DCHPS000) [65] Well then?
(DCHPS001) [66] Well I'm rather curious erm phone call from Eric , Ernest
(DCHPS000) [67] Ernest is the chair of the Saffron Waldren Group, yes.
(DCHPS001) [68] People keep asking Saffron Waldren
(DCHPS000) [69] Mm.
(DCHPS001) [70] for help and in fact, I had already spoken to the Justice and Peace Group, so I don't really know where the muddle had come, but he said he got a, a list from British Section and Bishop's Stortford hasn't got any representative at all, which is extraordinary, so I don't whether Rose has [...] little note and told Mr .
(DCHPS000) [71] A list of what?
[72] Got a representative for as a speaker?
(DCHPS001) [73] No, representative Amnesty, all for, only known he had, I think it was Ann's and he, Ann was out he didn't get her, I thought, no it wasn't you, it was Ann, and he, and he couldn't get her, I don't understand quite what's he talking about, but anyway, I phoned the Justice and Peace Group and found they'd already [...] ,
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [74] [...] spoken .
(DCHPS001) [75] yes, and a, she's phoned tonight and said she hadn't arranged anything yet, but it's in hand.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [76] Oh, I see she hasn't actually given a talk, but she's going to.
[77] But she's, she going to deal with it?.
(DCHPS001) [78] I think it's alright .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [79] I, I haven't spoken to her, [...] since the last meeting, so
(DCHPS000) [80] But if you do speak to them, perhaps you could get them affiliated again, cos they used to be didn't they in Sister May and Paul's time.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [81] I don't know where they?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [82] Yes.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [83] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [84] That was Justice and Peace Group at St. Ersly?
(DCHPS000) [85] Yes.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [86] Oh right.
(DCHPS000) [87] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [88] Yes.
(DCHPS000) [89] Yes.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [90] So when [...] he's [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [91] Yes, yes
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [92] [...] we should ask Saria when he speaks to them, to see if they could do that, no, right.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [93] What happened, what [...] , it's not as bad as it sounds, it'll.
(DCHPS000) [94] Oh that's, that's a hand that she, she's going to speak, that's for the [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [95] But, but, erm, I understand from [...] quite often got erm individual member quir enquiries to Saffron Waldren cos they couldn't find a group erm, there's a [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [96] Oh that's for [...] .
[97] Yes that's in, in the Highbury it's in the phone book so
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [98] See I don't know what
(DCHPS000) [99] Any rate I said we were very much alive.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [100] That's right, so if [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [101] [laugh] .
(DCHPS000) [102] Right, okay, the other thing I was going to ask about we, we had a big promotion of Amnesty by The Body Shop, last year, er and we noticed that Our Price were also going to do promotion of Amnesty and we asked, wonder if we look into local shops and see what they could find out and what was going on, did you find anything?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [103] Yeah, I, I went in yesterday actually, I spoke to the assistant manager and erm, it, it was not good news at all, he got two like plastic dispensers of leaflets in front of the till
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [104] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [105] and erm, they were absolutely chocker, they were really full and he said erm, I sa , he said he hadn't had to fill them up at all in all the time that it's been running, and no, I asked him if he had any enquiries and nobody stopped him and asked anything about it, and then he turned to the other lad who was beside him the sales assistant and he said no I've had no enquiries at all, so that was it.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [106] It's a similar story [...]
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [107] I just took erm, some [...] leaflets, take a look at that.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [108] It's just erm ... oh it's their own leaflet at Our Price
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [109] Yes.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [110] Yes.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [111] Yes, but it's about the erm, thirty to er
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [112] Thirty [...] thirtieth anniversary
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [113] yes, erm, the programme on television
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [114] Mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [115] [...] erm, but again they said they'd hardly, hardly anyone had taken any.
(DCHPS000) [116] Was that the only publicity though, there were no other, no [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [117] Alright Liz?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [118] I didn't [...] , I think that was the, that was it, it was just that [...]
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [119] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [120] Would you bring that other chair [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [121] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [122] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [123] Er, [...] group [...] .
[124] I don't know whether it [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [125] [...] would the, did the staff seem interested, a got a nil positive response from them, assistant manager or the other guy who sort of looked at me as if I
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [126] Erm , no, no, no it wasn't like that at Harlow [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [127] I wrote out a [...] .
[128] Oh doesn't sound very, doesn't sound very hopeful.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [129] Oh dear.
(DCHPS000) [130] Erm The Body, The Body Shop staff were all give were all given training weren't they and, and a lot of details and they had a video that they use with them, perhaps that's the aspect that's not been looked at so well.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [131] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [132] Yeah.
(DCHPS000) [133] Still they've got leaflets there, that's something I suppose, mm, right, so there's not, there's not a lot more we can do then really is there?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [134] Yeah
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [135] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [136] Unless you can have ...
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [137] Think it's [...] .
(DCHPS000) [138] no, if they're, if they're, if they're not doing it, you know, the way The Body Shop did it, probably won't come to anything, mm, right, erm, are there any other matters arising, people want to bring up from the minutes? ... no.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [139] Oh, probably the future of [...] .
(DCHPS000) [140] Yes, yes, I think.
[141] Erm, right, so we'll move on, erm to the treasurer's report er now that Val is a treasurer she can tell us how we stand.
(DCHPS005) [142] Right , well we have two hundred and sixty five pounds and sixty eight pence in the bank at the moment, erm which actually isn't very much if you think that we've got to go right through to July to our next fund raising event, so, I was wondering that, if anyone hasn't paid their subscriptions for last year or if anyone owes for Christmas cards, I think there's one or two
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [143] How much is the subscription?
(DCHPS005) [144] I don't know, you'll have to ask Mary.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [145] Right.
(DCHPS000) [146] How much is it Mary?
(DCHPS001) [147] I think it's still
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [148] No you didn't pay
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [149] I didn't.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [150] no, I know.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [151] I think I made a little note.
(DCHPS000) [152] I think it's still only five pounds, isn't it?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [153] Oh I haven't checked with [...] .
(DCHPS000) [154] Mary, Mary, how much is the subscription?
(DCHPS001) [155] Well it's, we haven't altered it, it's still two fifty if you're an individual member and five pound if you're not .
(DCHPS000) [156] If you're , yes.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [157] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [158] We need a lot of new members [laugh] .
(DCHPS005) [159] It's because the erm, we can't really let, let the balance go to low especially if we've got the A G M coming up or probably be erm something [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [160] [...] don't we?
(DCHPS005) [161] I don't, I don't really know, I can't remember what [...]
(DCHPS000) [162] Twelve hundred pounds.
(DCHPS005) [163] We extend it to this year as well as last?
(DCHPS000) [164] No, what I mean is, we don't double the amount, I'm sorry we, were supposed to send six hundred [...] .
(DCHPS005) [165] Ah.
(DCHPS000) [166] In fact this has been a bit over ambitious, very pleased with ourselves weren't we, perhaps we haven't given ourselves enough?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [167] But, there's still some Christmas cards.
(DCHPS000) [168] Ah right, well perhaps we can chase people up when they [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [169] They, there's the little bits, yes not too much, but a little bit.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [170] Oh yes, that's [...] .
(DCHPS000) [171] But we have been as l low as that before?
(DCHPS005) [172] Oh yes, yes.
(DCHPS000) [173] Yes, it's just that [...] quite right, we haven't got a fund, a major fund raising event now until July, unless anything else of, you know, smaller crops up and our two street collections we know will bring in quite a lot of money .
(DCHPS005) [174] Yeah, that's right and we had the car park last year didn't we?
(DCHPS000) [175] Mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [176] Mm.
(DCHPS005) [177] That was earlier on.
(DCHPS000) [178] Mm, well, we'll just have to go, go easy [laugh] .
(DCHPS005) [179] So, that's all I think.
(DCHPS000) [180] Yes, as I say.
[181] Right, now erm, the next item is the prisoner, but we actually don't have a prisoner at the moment do we, because our, we have, we eat, every Amn each Amnesty Group has er usually nowadays one er [...] given to look after and our most recent prisoner was er Sabri Lushe, is that the right one?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [182] Yes.
(DCHPS000) [183] From, from Yugoslavia, and we, we heard provisionally he was released about August didn't we, and then eventually a couple of months ago that he had definitely released, erm, and, were, were very pleased about that cos was he released before the end of his term, he must have been?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [184] He was, well it wasn't much before it, it was erm, he should of come out in February, he came out the Previous July.
(DCHPS000) [185] Mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [186] So.
(DCHPS000) [187] Mm
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [188] So, seven months [...] , plus another year I think he had already [...] .
(DCHPS000) [189] Yes .
[190] And he was previously in, in prison for del for handing out leaflets, er asking for the Independence or the separation of his bit of Serbia wasn't he, from, from the, from the rest.
[191] Erm, so what were doing is were, we hope were waiting for a new prisoner ... to be allocated to us, erm, and perhaps we could, perhaps we could, perhaps we can write and remind you think, think we should do that?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [192] Yes.
(DCHPS000) [193] Haven't heard anything at all have we?
[194] I'm not sure, in the lists in the magazine we should have appeared as being having been released
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [195] Yes, I'll check it.
(DCHPS000) [196] he hasn't been in has he?
[197] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [198] [...] .
[199] I think they were playing on the, the sheet I'd sent back doesn't say that we hadn't had any official conformations, still didn't, although we had, had it on the telephone we hadn't had anything written.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [200] No, Val, have we still not had a letter from er ...
(DCHPS005) [201] No, no, we haven't
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [202] from M I S and that?.
(DCHPS005) [203] We, we had a letter from the International Secretarium in August or September I think saying that they'd changed the law and all prisoners of a certain category should have been released and our prisoners were amongst, our prisoner was amongst that list, but erm, they didn't say that they haven't got any definite news whether he had been or not, about the release.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [204] Yeah, mm.
(DCHPS005) [205] And it wasn't until I phoned the co-ordinators that he was able to tell me that, oh yes, yes, that was months ago he said
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [206] [laugh] .
(DCHPS005) [207] you know, haven't you heard? and I said well we've not had any official conformation.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [208] Well .
[209] Yeah, this, this is interesting, it gets confusing perhaps because erm, I rang British Section, British Section today erm, enquiring about er, ah, there it is, were, were are we [...] , erm enquiring about er groups having two prisoners you brought this up last time and as the result of me talking to somebody there erm, it became clear that British Section [...] still showed us as having Sabri Lushe as a prisoner, erm and they weren't aware that we were no longer dealing with him, he'd been released, and what they say is they usually get conformation from International Secretarium
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [210] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [211] erm and I said well, you know, as far as I'm aware we've had conformation
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [212] Yes, but it's not written you see.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [213] but, not written.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [214] But it's interesting, but the
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [215] Erm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [216] the co-ordinator was very definite about his list, he, there was no question that, that he had, he'd, he'd got something written is, even he hadn't.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [217] Mm.
[218] Perhaps we, I mean, then British Section said to us on this erm and I'd s , already said I think er by the time it got to this stage of conversation that we were without a prisoner at the moment, but, but awaiting one, and he said well, that would ex , that would explain it because er, until we initiate it, British Section initiates it you won't get another prisoner, they're waiting for conformation from R E S
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [219] Won't get one .
(DCHPS000) [220] Ah well in that case it would be a good idea to write to R E S .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [221] So it needs some, an action somewhere to erm, er, er, he said ... could we get, if we've got a conformation, conformation that's from R E S could you send it to British Section.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [222] No, we haven't I [...] anywhere .
(DCHPS000) [223] Yes, we , yes the, the rea the reason why it, this why confu confusions is if anyone else doesn't realise is that the International Secretaire, which is the International Body controlling all Amnesty Groups throughout the world of which there are maybe fifty, sixty, I've lost count of the number, erm
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [224] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [225] is, is, in London and we deal with the British Section which is are the particular bits, but the prisoners have to be vatted and looked at and found by the International Secretaires, then they're passed on to British Section who pass them on to us and a great deal of research goes into making sure that they really are truly prisoners of conscience, that they've been in prison for some er possibly because of their belief or religion or their race erm and they've not taken or advocated violence not taken part in or advocated violence and then, then they are full prisoners of conscience erm we maybe allocated them.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [226] Who should I write to British Section or?
(DCHPS000) [227] Well some, I think it's probably British Section, probably the best way just to write and say that we know, this is the case
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [228] Erm ...
(DCHPS000) [229] let them, let, do you think, let them, let, cos if we leave it to International Secretaire they may still not do it.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [230] Mm.
(DCHPS000) [231] Or both.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [232] Co-ordinator come under British Section and International Secretaire?
(DCHPS000) [233] The what?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [234] The co-ordinator.
(DCHPS000) [235] I don't, there isn't a Co-ordinator for prisoners as such is there?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [236] No, I'm not sure [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [237] There's a [...] Crawly for Yugoslav
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [238] So you go [...] prisoners that I, I list them
(DCHPS000) [239] Ah, yes .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [240] Yeah, and is he, under British Section?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [241] He comes under British Section.
(DCHPS000) [242] Mm, and if he knows he's been released why doesn't British Section knows this?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [243] Well.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [244] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [245] It's serious isn't it.
(DCHPS000) [246] Well we cou , we could write to both if necessary I mean they'd want them to know that we, that our prisoner's been released and that we can have another one.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [247] Yeah
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [248] Well, certainly, who ever it was I spoke to today said their files show they was, was still dealing with it.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [249] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [250] What was the outcome of the request of the multiple persons?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [251] Right, the, I was, about to er come to that, erm ... the erm, there is no reason why a group should not have more than one prisoner erm, the practical situation is that, that groups are queuing up to, to get a prisoner at the moment in fact, erm, not always the situation but at presently there is a waiting list for who have groups to have a prisoner allocated to them, erm, if we so wish er, ah, if, if a group comes onto the list who has er, ah, and their prisoner is released and, and we, we er in that situation we, and any group without a prisoner at all goes to the head of the list and be allocated straight away, but we could request a second prisoner and that case would be put to the bottom of the list, so when the other groups who, who've got no prison will take priority now, but we, we could request a second prisoner if we so wanted so you are talking about a motion at the A G M, but it's not really necessary
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [252] Oh I see.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [253] it is [...] .
(DCHPS000) [254] The possibility's always there, but
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [255] The possibility's there if we wish to take that up.
(DCHPS000) [256] Yes, I've always, I've always understood, understood more recently the reason why that there would always seemed to be enough prisoners, when we know there really must be enough prisoners throughout the world is that the betting procedure and they're making quite sure they're the right people takes time and money and effort, erm, that's part and also there are some areas of the world now, where, where there aren't as many prisoners as there were, there are very few, there are very few prisoners of conscience in Latin America because they don't put them in prison they just get rid of them, they just disappear and there are practically, practically none from Latin America countries, cos of these, these disappearances rather than being put in prison, erm, but it's a sort of combination of reasons I think but er quite a long time now, ten, fifteen years I think groups have only had one prisoner, whereas when I first joined and Ann's there, we had three didn't we at one time?
(DCHPS004) [257] Yes, oh yes
(DCHPS000) [258] So, that was when there were far fewer numbers of groups than there are now.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [259] Mm.
(DCHPS000) [260] Mm, so I'll see.
[261] But anyway, our, our prisoner, we, we, we are fairly sure he's been released, he's a, we had him for about two was it one or two years?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [262] About eighteen months I think.
(DCHPS000) [263] Yes and on the whole recently we've had prisoners who been imprison for sort of two or three years, we've, we've made up petitions, we've sent postcards and we've, we've written letters and er they've been released in reasonably short space of time, but then mostly the prisoners which, who haven't had a very long sentence, unlike the one I mentioned on the way here tonight [...] , have the Russian who had been in thirty years
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [264] Ooh.
(DCHPS000) [265] erm and he was released and he came to Harlow and we meet him and that was, that was very good, erm, but we haven't had one like that, you know for a long time.
[266] Erm just noticing press we did, say last time that would be, that Sabir's release would be [...] mention in the press, did you manage that?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [267] Yeah , yeah,
(DCHPS000) [268] Oh.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [269] Well, well I'll do it in the
(DCHPS000) [270] Yes, yes, [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [271] Erm
(DCHPS000) [272] Right
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [273] Sorry, got to, got, a, clarifying on that then, what, who we writing too on that I'm, I'm [...] .
(DCHPS000) [274] Who do you think you're writing too?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [275] I
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [276] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [277] Erm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [278] I mean, I, I was very much got the impression from her I, I'm sorry I didn't get a name, the chap I was speaking to, but erm ... it, he, he was very distinct that we should get a letter from I S and that have conformation and, and, er and send it on, you know, that, they all should also should get a copy, so it, it strikes me we should perhaps write a [...] write to I S and perhaps send a copy with a covering letter to British Section
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [279] I got
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [280] erm ... and brochures sort of thing you know.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [281] Do you think we should go to I S [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [282] Yes, British Section .
(DCHPS000) [283] That [...] an idea , yes, we, if we let them both know then, then erm, we might we might speed things up.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [284] Yeah, yeah, then , yeah.
(DCHPS000) [285] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [286] Erm, see if, if there's a ... a hitch and also get er something out.
(DCHPS000) [287] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [288] Get things moving.
(DCHPS000) [289] Yes, because it'll be nice, us, it's, I mean they, abode there is a lot oth , there is, there is a lot of other work now, there prisoner are prisoner of [...] is still fairly central isn't it, [...] he or she to be, to be er, the work we do.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [290] The most sort of personal thing I suppose, erm, let the group open [...] .
(DCHPS000) [291] Right, now if we look on, erm we come to Regional Action Networks, another reason why Amnesty seems not to allocate more than one prisoner and all now is that they have expanded the ways in which we deal with prisoners and the world is more or less been divided up into areas, erm, of smaller regions and groups are asked to choose one or two regions to deal with particularly and we, we have for quite a long time now erm been concerned with Southern Africa and Central America and we get information through on prisoners and what's happening in those two regions, so John do you have anything else on Africa at all?
(DCHPS002) [292] Erm, I have nothing at all through me, erm, no action's come and er no information really, there is this change of co-ordinates up erm
(DCHPS000) [293] You mention that.
(DCHPS002) [294] [...] co-ordinates up, erm, you know, I haven't yet had contact from ... er ... no, I thought I'd been given a new name, but, no I haven't had con any contact from my new co-ordinator yet, erm, but that wasn't in my mind when I spoke on Thursday about Christmas, perhaps I ought to pursue that one in time for the next meeting and see [...] what's happening in South Africa and are getting it in South America for [...] .
(DCHPS000) [295] Yes.
(DCHPS002) [296] Erm, I'll, well perhaps pursue that
(DCHPS000) [297] Mm, mm.
(DCHPS002) [298] for the ne , in time for the next meeting, erm there was, what's full name [...] for er not sending in a return or couple of returns erm at the last meeting and I've dealt with that and sent them off, have they sent you anything else?
(DCHPS000) [299] [laugh] No, thank god [] .
(DCHPS002) [300] Right erm
(DCHPS000) [301] [...] .
(DCHPS002) [302] but er, I have nothing, nothing, er no actions at all which is mysterious to me, I, why nothing's going on I don't know.
(DCHPS000) [303] Yeah, right, thank
(DCHPS002) [304] I'm jealous of Peter he always has much more
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [305] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [306] Are you kidding?
[307] It's, I, I mean these, these, the work with, with the original action network seems to, seems to come and go, you've got a very large amount at one point and then nothing for sometime, it just depends er, I think which country they're targeting and how much there is, because we had quite a lot on Malawi didn't we during the early part on last year not much on South Africa recently, as if they don't quite know what to do, you know with the situation there it's not quite er clarified.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [308] Mm.
(DCHPS000) [309] Right, now Peter do you have anything on Central America this time?
(DCHPS006) [310] Erm not a great deal, no actions
(DCHPS000) [311] Mm, mm.
(DCHPS006) [312] er, so I've a, isn't it, it's a case of no news is possibly good news again, erm, I'm trying to get in touch with the National Co-Organiser for Carl and John without er any success erm, I know he was going to the erm, the British Section just erm, he was gonna check on them and what actions were forthcoming but er, I haven't heard about that erm, I dare say there's some on the way erm, the erm, the other few points were erm Jackie's talk last month she mentioned that erm she was gonna give sort of the more forms sort of side presentation and stuff at their centre in North London, I've gotta date for that now, it's erm the eighteenth of March, which is a Wednesday so eh, I'll certainly be going, if anybody else is interested that's er, that's the date ... er, it's, it's not entirely to do with [...] but it, it has a link in, erm we were mentioning campaigns last month, I believe there's a fourth coming one on, indigenous peoples, which, er, it's, it's all sort of triggered off by erm the er five hundredth anniversary of Columbus discovering the Americas erm, the erm cast and the whole of all the sort of the Region and Action networks and the Americas are, erm gonna have a big link in with that campaign so, erm, I, I'd really like to see us sort of getting involved with that, yes, and, I mean, I'll be involved to an extent anyway, cos some of the actions that I'll getting will be sort of addressing the issue of indigenous people's but erm, erm, they if, if nobody else is wiling to take it on, I'll, I'll, I'd certainly be prepared to erm, sort of co-ordinate that campaign, erm, having said all that, erm I mentioned to a few people that erm, erm in the process of buying a house, so erm I could be moving in well hopefully as little as two months time so erm, I mean if er [...] is as quite as it has been for the last few months, I probably won't have any problems, but erm, sod's law it's bound to pick up just as I'm moving house
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [313] [laugh] .
(DCHPS006) [314] so erm,
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [315] Is the house local or erm?
(DCHPS006) [316] yeah it is local so I'll still be coming to the group, I mean it's erm, going, I mean erm just bear that in mind I might need sort of some help with coordinating cards and things, and erm, particularly if we do opt into the campaign, er it might be advisable for somebody else to do it, or at least sort of give me assistance.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [317] What is [...] ?
(DCHPS000) [318] [...] .
(DCHPS006) [319] It, ah sorry .
(DCHPS000) [320] I, I, I don't mention it .
(DCHPS006) [321] It's Central America's special action, stands for it's, gives another regional action network, erm, right, I think that's it.
(DCHPS000) [322] Right, now, erm, were going to have it on the actual headings as far as the minutes concerned cos we didn't deal with anything very much last time, but the next item on the agenda erm, is usually campaigns and Amnesty erm usually has one or two or more campaigns running on a particular aspect of it's work or a particular country and there was some that really started maybe two or three years ago and which have continued erm in a smaller form since that time.
[323] One of those is a death penalty campaign which was a very big one about two, two to three years ago when we focused particularly on, on the United States and all the other major countries which erm ... which er used the best penalty to fairly large extent, er do we have anything Catherine on that tonight?.
(DCHPS007) [324] Yes yes we do actually.
(DCHPS000) [325] Mm, mm.
(DCHPS007) [326] Erm, a couple of days ago, that's what they call a surprise action
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [327] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [328] What a surprise.
(DCHPS007) [329] we asked for [...] space, and they said oh mid April, and that actually is the next schedule step down [...] action and that's going to be on Europe and that'll run from April till June, erm but from now till April if anybody would like to write the country which [...] is Chile and this is because they're, they suppose that they have extend the death penalty in Chile to include the murder of an off duty police witnesses, at the moment it's only erm, the death penalty only exists for on duty police officers
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [330] [laugh] .
(DCHPS007) [331] so, erm, it's not actually very big, there are about eight addresses here, they do say if anybodies able to write in Spanish [...] [...]
(DCHPS007) [332] if anybody can sort of if you write in English, maybe could send it to you, could get it translated at the Stortford [...] , oh that might be very useful, erm, I mean, I'll certainly do some letters and if anybody else wants to, if they let me know I'll let them have the addresses ... for them, erm, there are fax [...] as well and that suppose to be a quicker way than writing a letter actually than send through a fax, right, erm, if anybody can then we could send them to you and, and ask you to send it on, and we would sort of postage, would be covered would it Margaret?
(DCHPS000) [333] Oh yes it could be, yes, it could, it could be, if it's not too much, not faxed now [...]
(DCHPS007) [334] Yes, so the [...] wouldn't be [...] , no, no .
[335] So if anybody would like to write I'll let them have all the addresses, there are about eight there, so erm, otherwise it's just the urgent action network which is er a constant thing really.
[336] Did one yesterday for a man who was due to be executed today, erm, I don't know whether he was or not, but he probably in a few days time.
(DCHPS000) [337] Which country was that?
(DCHPS007) [338] United States .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [339] United States .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [340] Oh gosh.
(DCHPS007) [341] So er, that's it anyway it's just Chile at the moment.
(DCHPS000) [342] So you'd like people to come to you afterwards if, if they, [...] help, they can .
(DCHPS007) [343] Yes, if they want to, [...] take their address [...] .
(DCHPS000) [344] Right, thank you, erm, now Ross isn't, is there anything further on the thir , last year was the thirtieth anniversary of Amnesty's foundation in nineteen sixty one and we've had a campaign and that, and that still sort of running is there anything more on that?
(DCHPS002) [345] Erm, no there's, there's nothing on that .
(DCHPS000) [346] No, no, no, so perhaps we have finished.
(DCHPS002) [347] Well, I mean, hopefully there, there'd be at least er sort of thing erm in the summery to see what went on during the year
(DCHPS000) [348] Mm, mm.
(DCHPS002) [349] at the moment we have nothing [...] so just have to wait and see.
(DCHPS000) [350] Yeah, right.
[351] Now what about these other campaigns we mentioned last time, did we decide what, or did we leave it till this meeting cos there was India and there was Women's
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [352] Women, yeah I spoke to [laughing] [...] [] and er, it just [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [353] Yes, er I'll [...] campaign.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [354] India we were going to discuss it with [...] .
(DCHPS000) [355] So women you've sent, have you sent up Avriel's name or will send it up.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [356] [laugh] I'll will send it up [] .
[357] Yes.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [358] The late contact [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [laugh] [...] []
(DCHPS000) [359] It wasn't er, it wasn't a very long one was it, it was two or three months was it?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [360] Yeah
(DCHPS000) [361] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [362] I think it was February to April.
(DCHPS000) [363] Mm, actually we had a women's campaign last year didn't we?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [364] Yes we did didn't we?
(DCHPS000) [365] Sort of a continuation of
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [366] We had a fairly good result
(DCHPS000) [367] Yes.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [368] I do recall four out of ten released.
(DCHPS000) [369] Mm, there was quite a lot of publicity given to that wasn't there?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [370] Yes, it was very good ...
(DCHPS000) [371] So you'll let me have that information?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [372] Or shall I, if I send the form off with your name, then they should come straight to you.
(DCHPS000) [373] Right, so what was the situation with India then? that's, that, how long was, how long does that run?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [374] Erm.
(DCHPS000) [375] Can't remember that far.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [376] Erm, I think it was March to about July something like that.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [377] March to July.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [378] Yeah.
(DCHPS000) [379] That's really a matter if, if anybody who's interested enough to take on what we call co-ordination, receiving the material and then you know, telling people what letters are needed.
[380] Erm ...
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [381] Is that running for the same period of time as the Women's campaign, do you know?
(DCHPS000) [382] Seems to overlap it's just slightly longer isn't it?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [383] [...] overlap slightly , March to Ju July.
(DCHPS000) [384] Mm, yes.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [385] Are these the campaigns [...] involve then?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [386] This is receiving the material, passing and sort of distribute it to the people within the group who are interested in writing letters.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [387] And it's mainly just writing letters is it?
(DCHPS000) [388] And advertising it and [...] just anything you can do, er
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [389] You'll be,
(DCHPS000) [390] to [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [391] you'll be, you'll be sent instructions on what, who to write to and it's a matter of sorting those out and erm sending out letters to group members like asking them to write to this person or that person, so that's not too bad, [...] .
(DCHPS000) [392] Are, are you interested then?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [393] [...] some help [...] , brilliant sort of meetings.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [394] Well can I bring, say bring it to the meeting and [...] .
(DCHPS000) [395] Mm, mm, we might even manage, I mean, we, we might talk later on about this, but, perhaps you know have two or three people working on a campaign if, if, if, if it was felt to be better that way, mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [396] Mm, yeah.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [397] You, you've had no news of this indigenous people as a campaign?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [398] No.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [399] I was wondering about that.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [400] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [401] I'm sure it was in last month's news
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [402] No.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [403] Good News letter.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [404] It hasn't been in the, I cover, but I have some information you gave me, it hasn't been in that at all, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [405] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [406] Mm, perhaps it's gonna be a big one?
[407] Making [...] making it, all I know sort of saving it, saving it perhaps to American news.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [408] It is, it is, it's gonna be a really [...] campaign .
[409] I thought it was, the, they're gonna sort of initially kick it off in March
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [410] No, it hasn't.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [411] It hasn't been mentioned, no, these things sometimes get delayed don't they?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [412] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [413] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [414] Delayed.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [415] Is that right?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [416] I think it's gonna get [...] most [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [417] Yeah.
(DCHPS003) [418] Were sending February news letters so if it's starting in March
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [419] Can you give us a copy?
(DCHPS003) [420] [laugh] , think were gonna swop.
(DCHPS000) [421] Right, er Liz would you do an [...] just to receive the information on India and look through .
(DCHPS003) [422] Yes, if ,
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [423] Yeah .
(DCHPS003) [424] if I find it too much, cos I start, I'm starting a full time job again, I, I'll ask to share it hopefully.
(DCHPS000) [425] Yes, yes, it sounds it sounds as it's for a limited time anyway, so, [...] you know
(DCHPS003) [426] Yeah .
(DCHPS000) [427] Good, thank you very much.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [428] Yeah, it says it starts in March .
(DCHPS003) [429] So I, I'm pull your name and address out [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [430] Oh, great ...
(DCHPS000) [431] Well we'll shall wait, we shall wait to hear about it, cos it, I don't see there was anything there was there?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [432] No.
(DCHPS000) [433] Right, so that's India, so that's good, so were, so the campaigns erm [...] we are going to be involved in then er will be the Women's campaign and India campaign.
[434] That's quite good because y often there is a country though, we haven't had many campaigns on countries sort of lately have we, it's been more on different aspects on Amnesty's work so they're obviously going back to picking on countries where they deal, that'll [...] .
[435] Right, now, the next item is the press and we have a press officer, yeah, like to, perhaps say what's been happening a little bit and, and you know talk about the next time.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [436] No, I haven't done anything recently, but today I actually rang publishing one of the papers about Sabri's release and spoke to a guy at the Herald and Post and someone at The Observer, said I hope you put something in this week.
(DCHPS000) [437] Mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [438] And I actually found that it was, it was better to actually talk to them than just send them
(DCHPS000) [439] Press release .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [440] their press release , so I might do that in future, send out a release and then follow it up on the phone call.
(DCHPS000) [441] Cos you've got contacts now you know that, you know who the people are .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [442] Yeah, yeah , speak to them.
(DCHPS000) [443] Mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [444] But I found at Herald and Post the actual reporters have only been meeting and I've been sending all the erm all the paper work to Harlow and Bishop's Stortford, but they're just sort of the erm, the advertising people so erm, that's why we've not had anything in the papers.
(DCHPS000) [445] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [446] Though I've found out now.
(DCHPS000) [447] Mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [448] Have they moved to Luton recently somebody reported?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [449] I don't know.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [450] [...] , had a conversation about this [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [451] Well when I rang about news was it June last year, they were still at Harlow.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [452] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [453] They used to be in [...] they've all gone over to Luton.
(DCHPS000) [454] We do get bits in don't we from time to time?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [455] Yeah, yeah, [...] recently.
(DCHPS000) [456] No.
[457] I think they, if they, I mean as long as they know we are going to tell them or give them something each month they ought, ought to begin to look out for it [laugh] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [458] No, it's just a bit of , you know the press release that [...] .
(DCHPS000) [459] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [460] Especially if only goes in advertising section.
(DCHPS000) [461] Yes I think we, we started doing that originally because er the people from the Epping group said they did that every month didn't they, they, they issued a press release and sent it to all the local papers, that seems to be the way of doing it.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [462] Mm.
(DCHPS000) [463] And if you found that, you know, if find that
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [464] Yeah, [...] I might of thought still send out omitting the letter actually this month.
(DCHPS000) [465] Mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [466] Probably.
[467] So I hope really there should be something in those two, and I'll try the Citizen and The Star tomorrow.
(DCHPS000) [468] Mm.
(DCHPS001) [469] Try speaking to Steve at The Star.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [470] At The Star?
(DCHPS001) [471] Yeah, he's quite useful, he's good at that sort of thing ... erm ...
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [472] So this [...] I thought about doing something on the erm, the new schools' group what we ... when we finish the [...] .
[473] [...] cos I get some details from [...] they like that sort of thing.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [474] Well.
(DCHPS000) [475] If you're happy with that?
[476] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [477] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [478] Yes [laugh] , yes.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [479] Yeah, I, I start [...] at the moment [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [480] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [481] Yeah.
(DCHPS000) [482] Yes, have you, I mean if you, ask Kate then Kate can come, come [...] to these four [...] .
[483] Good.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [484] If we can do the Insemination things [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [485] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [486] Did I tell you about that?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [487] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [488] When we went, it was really funny, when we went to do the, the talk erm, afterwards when we were all sort of getting together and having a chat, they're telling me about, they do artificial, they artificial inseminate pigs
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [489] Inseminate pigs .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [490] don't you, up at [...] with a cork and a bit of cotton wool.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [491] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [492] And [...] and John and I were just in fits.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [493] [laugh] . [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [494] It's not part of the [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [495] No, [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [496] What item were we on?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [497] [laugh] .
(DCHPS000) [498] Right, so, were hap were happy with that then?
[499] So, we'll, we'll, we'll do something on, on, on the on Hockerill school group, if, if you're happy with that?
[500] Yes, we have had other school groups but they, this is the thing, this, I mean, it could happen with you, as, as people move on and leave school er you need to encourage people lower down the school to get interested and then, then it'll, it'll carry on otherwise they tend to drop.
[501] Right, now we've come I think to future events, erm, and we need to just try and list anything you know that's coming up so, partly so that we've actually got it down writing and we can look back on it.
[502] So we noted last time that I booked the library in Bishop's Stortford for two periods, this year for display, we've booked the er street collection in Bishop's Stortford for July, now are there any other dates we need to mention [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [503] No, we [...] we got the Harlow street collection though, erm ... seventeenth of October.
(DCHPS000) [504] Seventeenth of October.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [505] Yeah.
(DCHPS000) [506] These, these two collectors are, are our main big fund raising events, erm, we, we have got, we have got erm, is that over, we have got over five hundred haven't we in Harlow I'm, and Bishop's Stortford haven't we?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [507] Erm, in fact we've got five hundred and twenty seven that
(DCHPS000) [508] Is that Bishop's Stort ?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [509] Harlow one.
(DCHPS000) [510] In Harlow.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [511] The last of the collection is Harlow, last intake.
(DCHPS000) [512] Mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [513] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [514] And that, and that was a bit of a [...] all year so that's, that passed [...] .
(DCHPS000) [515] Yes.
[516] Erm, and we, we find although Amnesty does run er door to door collection which we are always encouraged to join in [laugh] which we never have [] , which is I think always in June, in June now, it's good time, it's a good time of year for it, but that means going round putting envelopes in doors, going back and collecting them, the arguments on the doorstep about Amnesty [laugh] , er going back again if people are not in and we, we as a, relatively small group covering a very big area we, we haven't felt able to do that, and we actually find that by standing in the street with each person having a tin for one or two hours, we can do quite well that way and er, that's, that's [clock strikes] .
[517] They say Wednesday erm activity at Latton Bush, thanks for sending that information, I've sent off the letter and said that we will take a stall and if anyone's free to help
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [518] Me.
(DCHPS000) [519] on the seventh March.
(DCHPS004) [520] Which day?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [521] Wo Women's day?
(DCHPS000) [522] Mm, International Women's day.
(DCHPS004) [523] What day of the week?
(DCHPS000) [524] Erm, I think it's a Saturday Ann the seventh.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [525] The seventh of March?
(DCHPS000) [526] But even if no one else can help I will take part in it.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [527] Where, is that the Playhouse [...] .
(DCHPS000) [528] I think it's, [cough] excuse me, I think it's at erm, it's a [...] I think it's at Latton Bush, I'm not, I'm waiting for the
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [529] It's been at the Playhouse in past years though.
(DCHPS000) [530] Oh, well maybe.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [531] No, it wasn't, wasn't at [...] last year was it?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [532] Was it?
(DCHPS000) [533] Well last year I did it at Latton Bush .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [534] Well what, what's the date?.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [535] The seventh.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [536] The seventh of March.
(DCHPS000) [537] Erm, so that's going to be before our next meeting isn't it?
[538] So erm, if anybody wants to help contact me [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [539] Yes, what time, how much is, how much the day is it all day?
(DCHPS000) [540] I haven't any details either than what she said .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [541] No .
(DCHPS000) [542] Erm, shall we erm see, what shall we do about this, it's Saturday the seventh of March, on a Saturday
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [543] As I say I'll take a stall and I'll be there all day if anyone can help me.
(DCHPS000) [544] Right , well perhaps I, perhaps people could as actually come and speak to me afterwards, if they, if they think they could help at all, that's International Women's Day and all the local organisations have been asked to take part
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [545] Certainly , it's, it's for your [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [546] It was quite good last year.
(DCHPS000) [547] Yes, and we could sell our products and that's sort of thing.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [548] Yeah our things , [...] .
[549] And that's a good way of advertising our [...] .
(DCHPS000) [550] Mm, right, we've got a list, ah, you probably know, there's a list, a list isn't there, of, of sort of sale products, have you had that at all?, thing that came with us, with your, with [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [551] No .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [552] Yes I got it, but you may not of had it.
(DCHPS000) [553] I will pass it on, I will pass it on to you.
[554] We, we sell quite a lot of Amnesty products, a lot, a lot of clothing in every
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [555] [...] on tonight.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [556] Yeah.
(DCHPS000) [557] Tee-shirts and er sweat shirts and all sorts of things so we can take them along, so that's, that's Saturday the m , seventh of March, if you think you can help at all see Avriel afterwards.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [558] [...] have you got a date?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [559] Yeah, got a couple.
(DCHPS000) [560] Anything you [...] we got some of those things, tell me, I'll bring it along [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [561] Mm, yeah, [laugh] .
(DCHPS000) [562] Right any other future events that ought to be mentioned.
[563] Erm, I suppose I don't know whether we ought, whether we should mention it here, erm, the, the National A G M is a future event really isn't it?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [564] Yes, [...] .
(DCHPS000) [565] Erm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [566] [...] brought it with me.
(DCHPS000) [567] Er.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [568] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [569] And what are the dates again, I think it's the weekend before Easter isn't it I think?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [570] Er, oh.
(DCHPS000) [571] April
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [572] Run out of hold on.
(DCHPS000) [573] Right, April, April the tenth to the twelfth, is the, is the National Amnesty A G M which is held over a weekend and this year is in Exeter .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [574] Exeter .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [575] The twelfth.
(DCHPS000) [576] Exeter, er so that's the weekend before Easter.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [577] Er of April.
(DCHPS000) [578] And we, we normally have members go, we've had as many as five one year, or was it six, erm, not always that many I think, was it three of you went last year, I think it was three wasn't it?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [579] Three last year.
(DCHPS000) [580] Yes, erm, and, and we, were prepared to subsidise as far as our finances would allow, you know people who are going, but Ex Exeter is quite a long way, so the travel is going to be something isn't it?
[581] Erm
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [582] Well I think
(DCHPS000) [583] who's, who's thinking of going?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [584] I, I, I've booked, erm
(DCHPS000) [585] Oh.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [586] Out comes [...] yeah, so [...] .
(DCHPS000) [587] You thinking of going erm
(DCHPS007) [588] Yeah I eh
(DCHPS000) [589] Peter?
(DCHPS007) [590] should still be going, yeah.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [591] Sari's going.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [592] Sari's going .
(DCHPS000) [593] Oh Sari .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [594] Yes I spoke to her [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [595] Yes, she's definitely going isn't she?
(DCHPS000) [596] Mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [597] Any, anybody else.
(DCHPS000) [598] Anybody else thinking of going?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [599] Any other offers?
(DCHPS000) [600] Cos, cos you're going by car are you or?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [601] I'll, I'll drive yeah, so there are three seats spare in my car, vehicle.
(DCHPS000) [602] So that you [...] Plymouth .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [603] Instead of writing a check, send the cheque [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [604] If you can stand the strain of the noise and diesel engine all that way.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [605] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [606] All the girls in the back.
(DCHPS000) [607] You can get there, you can get there, perhaps, if you can get there
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [608] I've got a seat in the back mate.
(DCHPS000) [609] You can get there on motorway, erm, all the way practically, can't you?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [610] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [611] Mm.
(DCHPS000) [612] You can get there on motorway all the way.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [613] I ha I haven't looked at the round there, yeah, I'm, I'm sure it's not too bad really, you know, you know .
(DCHPS000) [614] M four .
[615] Right is there anybody else cos we have got forms haven't we? [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [616] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [617] It's not that long if that's the case then, er, not that long a journey either.
(DCHPS000) [618] No.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [619] It's motorway all the way.
(DCHPS000) [620] Erm, anybody else interested for it, you said not didn't you.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [621] It's not to late to book I think it says something about surcharge after sixth of March or something on the form doesn't it?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [622] We'll make it [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [623] I don't think she was in [...] no.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [624] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [625] Right, does Saria had a form, she must cos you said she's booked, Peter have you g , Peter you've got forms have you?
(DCHPS006) [626] Don't think she has got a form, no, Alma have you got any spare forms for that.
(DCHPS006) [627] No, I think I've distributed them all, didn't I?
(DCHPS006) [628] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [629] We could get one from British Section couldn't we?
(DCHPS000) [630] You think, I thought you said she's booked, she hasn't booked.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [631] Oh no, she's definitely wants to go, but she hasn't actually filled out the form .
(DCHPS006) [632] Well, she's, she's going to it .
(DCHPS000) [633] Erm, yeah I think she said she'd get one directly.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [634] Erm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [635] I think er, I guess that any individual members would get them in their, erm journal.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [636] Yes.
(DCHPS000) [637] I might, I might, yes, we, I, well, I'll, looks like it [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [638] I'm an individual member, perhaps I've done, got round to opening the [...] .
(DCHPS000) [639] I'm not sure, I'm not sure, they, they have been there [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [640] That's possible .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [641] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [642] Quite happy you know telephone them to send on
(DCHPS000) [643] Ah, right, well, we'll just check, yeah.
[644] Cos that's [...] when, when, when we get to that nearer the date, we could, we could just, you know, when you're confirmed that you've been booked and you're definitely going, erm we could look at the finances and see how much we could afford to, to give, erm, something to each person to help with,eit either with the accommodation or, or the transport.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [645] Mm.
(DCHPS000) [646] Cos the accommodation is quite a bit, isn't it?
[647] It's fifty , sixty or more, probably more this time.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [648] No .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [649] Seventy six pounds .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [650] It's seventy six pounds .
(DCHPS000) [651] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [652] More of sixty five last year.
(DCHPS000) [653] Mm, yes.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [654] Erm.
(DCHPS000) [655] That's nice, I'm, it's very good that people are going anyway, it's got
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [656] That's for the whole weekend
(DCHPS000) [657] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [658] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [659] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [660] Erm, say anything about that?
(DCHPS000) [661] Well it's not sort of place you can get it to, before, before breakfast is it, so er, no.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [662] Mm.
(DCHPS000) [663] It's not, we, we have sometimes gone very early on a Saturday morning to places like Nottingham, but, it's not too far for that.
[664] Right, well that's good, erm, and, so in, in relation to the A G M erm we did, we were asked about putting in motion's erm, are you having to leave the one about the press [...] after what John said?
[665] How do you feel?.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [666] One, what, one that we erm, one, yes, yes, but as a group why don't we review having another prisoner when we got
(DCHPS000) [667] When we got, when we got the next one yes certainly.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [668] Yeah , and then to see.
(DCHPS000) [669] Mm, mm, right and are we, I mean if anybody still wanted to put in a motion, there is still time just about.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [670] Yeah about , just about, yeah [...] .
(DCHPS000) [671] But eh, you'd have to have it sort of written out and more or less ready I think to go.
[672] All groups are invited to send resolution which may or may not be actually debated but erm, we, we don't normally send one in, but some, some groups they send them in, no, no one 's thinking
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [673] Think the closing dates a few days time isn't it?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [674] Thursday.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [675] Thursday, yeah.
(DCHPS000) [676] Oh, right, so it's very close.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [677] Got to be ready tonight, if they're to get it.
(DCHPS000) [678] No.
[679] Right, erm, so, I think, I think, as far as future events that's all what we need to mention?
[680] Now, erm Rose is secretary and she's had things through from er British Section Headquarters and she'll tell us what she's got there.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [681] Erm ... I don't know if this one concerns us, it's about er, a working group for children, do we have, we don't have a working group for children [...] .
(DCHPS000) [682] No, we've never been very close to the [...] now.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [683] I won't obviously [...] .
[684] Erm, I've also received information from the Region, erm with lots of events that's coming up in the East Anglian Region, erm, just run through those quickly, er, there is a workshop on [...] this Thursday at the Courts [...] , erm, there is on Thursday twelfth of March there is er, somebody from the Columbian committee for human rights speaking at an open meeting, that's the fifth ... er, Wednesday first of April there is er somebody called Duncan , he's a paediatric surgeon who works part time as a volunteer at the Medical Foundation for the Care and Victims of Torture who will be speaking at St. Mary's and St. Edmunds group, and that, that's Bury St. Edmunds, and then the next East Anglia Regional Meeting is on Saturday May the twenty third at Bury St. Edmunds again.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [685] May twenty third?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [686] Yeah May the twenty third, it's a Saturday two to five pm at the Friends' Meeting House, Bury.
(DCHPS000) [687] Bank Holiday weekend isn't it?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [688] I don't know.
[689] That's all from Region.
[690] Er, I've also received minutes from the Epping Forest from Redbridge Group and they also have a lobbying workshop erm, that's on the second of March, and they're asking if anybody's interested in that.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [691] Is that an evening?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [692] It doesn't actually say
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [693] I think it's
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [694] but, er, probably would be.
[695] If you're interested could follow it up.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [696] They meet in, don't they meet in Leytonstone or was it Wanstead, somewhere in that area.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [697] Wanstead
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [698] Mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [699] was, was, where they help Islington.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [700] Monday mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [701] Would you be interested in it?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [702] Well I might this, this, the time fitting in with the families, they're, they're likely to come back to
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [703] Okay, well I'll, I put some information not full details [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [704] Right.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [705] Erm, actually there wasn't a lot of detailed stuff, there was erm, materials for gr groups and winter sales
(DCHPS000) [706] Do you want to pass that over to Aida please?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [707] which we have a ... erm, there's a bit about release policy and procedures for local groups, er, groups can help their prisoner with mummy or other erm relief, erm on the Christmas family particularly and it's, it's explaining you know how they do it and the best ways to go about it.
(DCHPS000) [708] Mm, cos there's a special fund available for that, that's particularly why they [...]
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [709] [...] anyway they explain all about it, if it would, if we need it.
[710] Er, there's a mandate workshop.
[711] Oh they, no, sorry, [laugh] , they're offering still a mandate workshop for the group, erm, sending a trainer
(DCHPS000) [712] I'm the trainer.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [713] [laugh] you're the trainer, oh well [] .
(DCHPS000) [714] I've been very bad on this recently, I've really been too busy or tired, but I have got, I have, today I have had arrived oh not today, the last few days, the new mandate workshop, so
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [715] So you've got to read through it and let [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [716] I was gonna say, having spent some months or years [...] well [] .
(DCHPS000) [717] It's all the new bits in about it, yes mind you, there's always, always been a mandate, the mandate workshop was the very first one that's produced, but this is an updated version and changes .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [718] Yeah, have there always been workshops , continue workshops on mandate or?
(DCHPS000) [719] Yes, there's always been a mandate workshop?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [720] Or just when there [...] reviews?
(DCHPS000) [721] No, there's always been a mandate workshop, explaining why, you know, what our mandate is [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [722] You, you did give once to a group a few years ago.
(DCHPS000) [723] Yes, I've done the mandate workshop, yes, and I've done it with other groups too.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [724] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [725] So you've covered a bigger region in the past, not just Stortford.
(DCHPS000) [726] I, I have about five or six groups, I can, I can go and give talks [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [727] So even if we don't [laugh] call on you to, do it, you won't be called [...] [] .
(DCHPS000) [728] And I have a lobby workshop too.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [729] [...] Amnesty's mandate what, what the [...] don't do, or do do.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [730] Will there be any erm talking about lobbying, be in, in erm [...] before and er [...] .
(DCHPS000) [731] I don't know [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [732] Done any [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [733] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [734] So the er lobbying workshops is the
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [735] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [736] That's why they're being cancelled
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [737] [...] Epping Forest and Redbridge are doing, erm, they've got some lobbying workshops
(DCHPS000) [738] Mm, presuming it's got that in mind
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [739] Yeah, I mean he is [...] .
(DCHPS000) [740] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [741] Lobbying workshops would be that combined, erm ... there is er, a one page journalist leaflet which we can order a pound for a hundred, that's it, that's all our journalist [laughing] friends [] .
[742] [...] , yes that's [...] , erm ... yeah, I, last month I received the er, this booklet on the [...] trade and they seemed to be coming out to doing campaign on erm a collection between British training and goods, er and their use abroad erm, and they now, they've got a, a booking form for a fringe meeting at the A G M, if anyone's particularly interested attending.
(DCHPS000) [743] Shall I pass, shall we pass this one [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [744] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [745] Yes, the report on this, this book.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [746] Yes, [...] there are, there are feature on the, just highlighting a couple of case for these, I imagine a problem book
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [747] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [748] and, there is [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [749] It is a good book that I, I've read through that, it's quite an informative.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [750] It was in one of the Sunday [...] .
(DCHPS000) [751] It's called the M S P, the Military Security Police, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [752] Security
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [753] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [754] I could, seems to though they're getting stronger on this than [...] .
(DCHPS000) [755] Mm, it's come to the front of the journal hasn't it [...] section [...]
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [756] Yeah.
(DCHPS000) [757] [...] mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [758] One, one ... er stress in my, on what happens so that, that it's companying it's been manufacturing leg irons that's been going out there to the Nile, hasn't it, wasn't it to [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [759] They didn't mention [...] , they'd mentioned somewhere else, but erm
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [760] Somewhere.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [761] I think it was Central America wasn't it?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [762] Wasn't it Saudi?.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [763] No.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [764] Saudi they had some sort of electronic torture chamber
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [765] Thing [...] electric [...] was
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [766] Oh yeah, the erm, the house of [...] or something.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [767] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [768] Wasn't one of the chair was, though the man held up, held [...] arms was it?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [769] He wasn't an, I think he was [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [770] Oh, perhaps erm
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [771] Got a number of [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [772] yes, mm, one wonders what a British company are doing manufacturing leg irons anyway in the twentieth century [...] . [laugh]
(DCHPS000) [773] No ... when you get to, when you get to the magazine, I'll see [...] on the front cover [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [774] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [775] It's not [...] it's very [...] .
(DCHPS000) [776] Right, anything else from Headquarters?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [777] Erm, I know there's a world [...] conference at the assembly, central hall, Westminster, twenty second of February.
(DCHPS000) [778] It's Bury St. Edmunds interest in Asian we generally go if we've got an Asian prisoner, we haven't, perhaps it's of opinion [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [779] Sorry I missed that, Asian week.
(DCHPS000) [780] As
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [781] [...] conference, on the twenty second of February.
[782] Er raffle tickets, have a raffle ticket.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [783] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [784] I'll give it to Peter, are you interested in that Peter, or [...] .
(DCHPS006) [785] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [786] Er this is erm, er this is the Spring, can't read out what it is, the Spring, this is the great Spring raffle, Amnesty does get quite a lot of money from the raffles, er they start off with just the Christmas one now we have them all through the year I think,
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [787] [laugh] .
(DCHPS000) [788] and they, the first prize is a thousand pounds cash, second prize family holiday cottage in the Isle of Mule and third prize holiday cottage in Norfolk and fourth prize holiday apartment in Cumbria and the, I mean the idea is you take a book and try, if you have a place of work or, or friends that will buy raffle tickets er just try and sell them and er, how much are they? er
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [789] Fifty pence each.
(DCHPS000) [790] fifty pence each, right, erm, and er fill in the slips and either bring them back to us or send them off yourself to Headquarters, shall I put, I'll put those out for anybody who feel they could sell them, it all, it all helps to raise money for Amnesty and helps to get them ... erm spend the money on the new prisoner's.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [791] Yeah, I have a complimentary copy of new internationalist [laugh] I'm not quite sure why they sent them, but []
(DCHPS000) [792] It's on, it's on the [...] right .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [793] Yes , it's, it's got stuff that we could use that's all.
(DCHPS000) [794] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [795] Er, the news letters we get, monthly news letter for groups, er, this one, which is all about what different groups in Britain are doing, can give you ideas .
(DCHPS000) [796] Were not gonna have , were not gonna have quite enough are we this time, I think if perhaps the people who come regularly, erm perhaps could take first, erm I don't know, you, we have ten, is it ten?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [797] Yeah, and I've taken one.
(DCHPS000) [798] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [799] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [800] They are interesting, I mean then, they're, they're, got quite a lot of information on about what's going on
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [801] Yeah
(DCHPS000) [802] within British Section
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [803] Yeah.
(DCHPS000) [804] anyway.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [805] I'll erm, the International news letter which has lots of groups and details about people getting killed.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [806] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [807] What's going on [laugh] .
[808] Erm, and then if anyone wants to look at these, look at the er ninety one annual reports
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [809] Haven't seen them.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [810] and these booklets that are [...] .
(DCHPS000) [811] Has that recently become ninety one, one?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [812] No, we had these two meetings ago, but I bring it with me on meetings for anyone who's [...] .
(DCHPS000) [813] Yes, and people should tell you if they take it, [...] mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [814] Okay, that's all.
(DCHPS000) [815] Right, very good, that's all from Headquarters, right then we move on to then any other business, erm I think mainly it's just the odd verse with arrangements for next meeting, because our next meeting is our own A G M, erm, at, which we erm elect our officers for the next year, er, and there are, are other arrangements to make, erm we sometimes put a little form don't we on the end of the minutes that, people to fill in if they wish to nominate someone, I think we should do that even though very, very rarely gets actually filled in, erm, and we have some post which we have elections for others where we can phone the people who are doing those jobs and, and hope they'll carry on.
[816] And I think the, the erm, the jobs which are elected are the Chair Person and, do we still have a Vice Chair Person? are you still Vice Chair Person?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [817] I [...] .
(DCHPS000) [818] Well John and I are both Chair Person, are Co-Chair at the moment, erm
(DCHPS002) [819] Yeah, we don't, we don't seem to have a Vice Chairman, looking at last years
(DCHPS000) [820] Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps it was because of that we didn't have it, and the treasurer and the secretary are officially erm, and we do have constitution don't we now of course, so we can look at the constitution and see what it says
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [821] [laugh] .
(DCHPS000) [822] erm, I think what those post were, were erm elected and then the
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [823] Means we've got to produce [...] .
(DCHPS002) [824] [...] . [...]
(DCHPS000) [825] Right, we, we, we did actually draw, or we not draw, we, we adopted a constitution during the year and the officers that are erm elected are the Chair, the Secretary and the Treasurer, erm and other, together with other such officers, yeah to [...] to determine by general meeting, erm, so it's really only those three, er and we have sometimes had Advice Chair if there's only been one Chairman haven't we, one Chair person erm ... so I think people need to say if they don't wish to carry on the jobs they're doing and if anybody wishes to nominate anyone in a particular post then slip at the bottom of the minutes could be filled in and either brought to meeting or sent back to the Secretary.
[826] Erm, I think I will give up being Chair this time, I've done it too long, too long, and I've had it John as Co-Chair during the year and I hope that he'll be able to carry on as, as Chair Person, I think really I've done it, done it for long enough erm, and we'll have to ask, we hope, we hope the Treasurer just taken over will carry on
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [827] [laugh] .
(DCHPS000) [828] erm, and if anybody else has any other post they, they're interesting in doing in taking on or, or would like to help with that could be said as well couldn't it?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [829] Well are we then not going to have another Co-Chair?
(DCHPS000) [830] Well it depends how you want to deal with it, I mean erm, this, the, the, the I think it was just my idea last year of, of sort of erm sharing some of the load I think at that point and hoping that someone could perhaps take over, erm, this just says the following should be elected, A, Chair, B, Secretary and C, Treasurer, but erm
(DCHPS002) [831] Well, I, will, you know, I mean, will carry on as Chairman, but I, I'd welcome [...] competition in the post if anyone's interested
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [832] [laugh] .
(DCHPS002) [833] but, it's unfair saying that I erm, I, [...] continue in my inefficient way if you're all willing to put up with me.
(DCHPS000) [834] I think if, if you are going to be the only Chair Person then there should be a, there, there should be a, a Deputy so if you're not able to take the chair, there is somebody else .
(DCHPS002) [835] Perhaps, yeah, yeah, yeah , erm
(DCHPS000) [836] Somebody could perhaps sat and
(DCHPS002) [837] Perhaps that's that's a good idea .
(DCHPS000) [838] that, that person ought to be elected as well.
(DCHPS002) [839] Mm, what under, that'll be a what Vice Chairman or
(DCHPS000) [840] Well was to be Chairman, was to be [...] Vice Chair now under these this new [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [841] Is it in the constitution?
(DCHPS000) [842] It isn't in the constitution, no.
(DCHPS002) [843] No it isn't is it?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [844] [laugh] .
(DCHPS000) [845] No, but you
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [846] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [847] Mm.
(DCHPS002) [848] Not, not very good at drawing up constitutions are we?
(DCHPS000) [849] It does actually say together with other said officers and committee members as shall be determined by a general meeting, so if we wish to elect or choose somebody else we can do.
[850] Erm, but there's be a good idea to have
(DCHPS002) [851] She's taken someone's [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [laugh] ...
(DCHPS000) [852] Well I think, we'll, we'll see what, we'll see what comes, if somebody else wishes to compete, compete for the Chair, the post of Chair, erm, then you may perhaps like to invite them to share the Chair with you, or, or, they can become the, the Vice Chair.
(DCHPS002) [853] Erm, erm, only too willing to welcome competition cos they're all to aware of my short comings, mm.
(DCHPS000) [854] Mm.
(DCHPS002) [855] Erm, so.
(DCHPS000) [856] Well, if, if there isn't anybody else who wishes to ... compete with you for the Chair, er, then I think there ought to be a Vice Chair.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [857] Yeah.
(DCHPS000) [858] Right.
[859] Now the other thing about, about the meeting is erm, we sometimes arrange for sort of special refreshments or something different in that line, it's at Ann's house, erm do you want, do you want us to do anything about that Ann or?
(DCHPS004) [860] Yeah, interested in any spare wine glasses please.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [861] Sorry?
(DCHPS000) [862] Bring some spare wine glasses, I've , I've got some wine glasses.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [863] Wine glasses
(DCHPS000) [864] What we have, wine and soft drinks and
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [865] What you want six?
[866] Cheese and biscuits?
(DCHPS000) [867] A little bit of that yes, to have afterwards mm?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [868] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [869] Cracker wheat.
(DCHPS000) [870] Cheese ...
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [871] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [872] Cheese and biscuits, she's saying.
[873] What do, do you want help with that Ann, would you like people to bring some or, or, or what?
(DCHPS004) [874] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [875] Mm, well confir you can confirm with Mary, I think Mary's offer to [...] possibly.
[876] Shall I, shall I leave you and Mary to sort that out?
(DCHPS004) [877] Okay.
(DCHPS000) [878] Between you, mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [879] What date is it? [...] .
(DCHPS000) [880] I'm not sure what date it is, I haven't got it on here have we really.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [881] Is it the tenth?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [882] No the eleventh.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [883] The tenth.
(DCHPS000) [884] Yes, it's not going to be the same day because it's a leap year.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [885] It's the tenth then [...] . [...]
(DCHPS000) [886] So it'll be what, what did we say the tenth what did we?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [887] Mm.
(DCHPS000) [888] Right.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [889] Tenth of March.
(DCHPS000) [890] Tenth of March.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [891] Where's that then?
(DCHPS000) [892] That'll be at erm ... Ann I've forgotten your number .
(DCHPS004) [893] .
(DCHPS000) [894] That's fine, what's the address?
(DCHPS004) [895] Oh sorry [laugh] , ninety four.
(DCHPS000) [896] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [897] Is this all [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [898] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [899] Yeah. [...] .
(DCHPS001) [900] Get rid of that on tape, yeah, [...] we won't be transcribed.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [901] Why you writing it down for?
(DCHPS001) [902] So, that [...] the next meeting.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [...]
(DCHPS000) [903] Right, that's, good, that's it [laugh] , without, without your tape recorder.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [904] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [905] Right, erm, so, now that's, that's er the A G M, now erm, any other business?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [906] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [907] Right, let see, erm, er, who's got their notes?
[908] Ann, did you say yes?
(DCHPS004) [909] I said yes.
(DCHPS000) [910] Right, Ann, you gonna start?
(DCHPS004) [911] Well, this, I told you about this French boy that phoned, that contacted me, he's erm, [reading] my name is , I'm nineteen, I'm a student at Harlow College, I'm studying English foreign language and Law A Level, if there's an Amnesty International I would like to set up a group in the college ... I hope you're involved in local groups are writing you to receive [...] about me, [...] and information about the local group [] .
[912] So I ... well ... I sent him er our sheets, er sheet about the group and the minutes and er I contacted Michael er, who said he'll be very happy to help in, so I er phoned up this chap and said, gave him Michael's number and said erm he'd like to come to this meeting tonight, he said yes, so I went to pick him up and I just couldn't find that blinking house, anyone who knows Harlow, he's in Parsonage Leys, I just couldn't find the number it was , I just couldn't find anything less than thirty seven
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [913] [laugh] .
(DCHPS004) [914] and I had, got [...] pick up two so I, I just had to give up, I phoned him up when I got here, apologise, he hasn't been in touch with Michael yet, I don't know why not, er, though why, er sorry
(DCHPS001) [915] Erm, there used to be .
[916] Sorry, there used to be a group at the College I think.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [917] Yes, yes.
(DCHPS004) [918] Well there used to be that's right, [...] with you John, [...] talking about college group just about that time [...] .
(DCHPS002) [919] Erm ... yes and it's, it's funny thing I haven't sent things to the College with, with the other stuff that went out, but, er we have, I have spoken to Michael about College, yeah I mean [...] .
(DCHPS000) [920] So we didn't, yeah well if we've got someone's who's interested in starting a group, that's the time which to start, we did, yeah, but there was a group, er previous thing but I think that, there was one girl who was very er keen, but I think when she left it probably lapsed.
(DCHPS002) [921] Mm,
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [922] But.
(DCHPS002) [923] yeah, yeah, I did, did discuss it with Michael, I'd forgotten that, I just remembered now .
(DCHPS004) [924] Maybe, maybe I don't know if he's shy or anything, why he hasn't phoned up Michael yet, perhaps I ought to ask Michael to phone him then, he does [...] , yes.
(DCHPS000) [925] Maybe, yes , we have, we have approved school or er student group officer so we should perhaps let him [...] you know, perhaps we should, perhaps we should come back to him or Michael could.
(DCHPS004) [926] Mm.
(DCHPS002) [927] Well, shouldn't, shall I
(DCHPS000) [928] Should imagine, mm.
(DCHPS002) [929] take that number from you, cos I'll, I'm probably going, probably be seeing Michael this week, [...] .
(DCHPS004) [930] Do you want the letter?.
(DCHPS002) [931] Yes, okay.
(DCHPS000) [932] Right, that's fine, well I, that would be very good if there was a group at the coll at the coll at the college, there ought to be one at the college
(DCHPS002) [933] Mm.
(DCHPS000) [934] of all, of all the
(DCHPS002) [935] Mm.
(DCHPS000) [936] you know.
(DCHPS004) [937] Oh, he's only, he's only there till September till
(DCHPS000) [938] Oh, great.
(DCHPS004) [939] he's only there till the Summer, by the way.
(DCHPS000) [940] Yes, well perhaps we could get it going quickly then
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [941] [laugh] .
(DCHPS000) [942] Right, erm, now, er, do you want to say something?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [943] I did, yes, erm, when erm, we thought our prisoner was finished the co-ordinators wrote to me and said would I be interested, would our group be interested in erm, writing to Yugoslavia's still, because with the Civil War going on there's lots of cases coming up, for example there was a whole hospital full of patients that were taken prisoner ... I don't know if they were actually physically removed or whether they were held in the hospital without access to medical treatment for something like ten days, and erm, Saria did say she'd help me last time and I wrote back and said yes, two of us could write once a month, well they're taken that very liberally [laugh] and, and, got two or three things from the already and erm, if anyone else is interested in writing an odd letter say once a month to Yugoslavia maybe they could erm, let me know later on. [...] .
(DCHPS000) [944] Good, that's fine, right, any other business?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [945] Shall we have just a quick Lisa and Dean want to tell us what's going, cos they've had you, had the first meeting now, haven't you?
[946] Do you want to tell us what interest there was.
(DCHPS002) [947] I, I was about to ask the same thing, yeah .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [948] Are you going to, [...] interest [...] .
(DCHPS004) [949] Well I called a meeting but I didn't think I advertised it well enough because there was a lot of interest and then I think we held it at the wrong time as well didn't we,
(DCHPS005) [950] Mm.
(DCHPS004) [951] we held it after prep, so we've organised another one for tomorrow lunch time and erm ... and lot more people express interest because of that, we haven't actually got any letters yet.
(DCHPS005) [952] No, that's [...] so when we leave there should be more interest.
(DCHPS000) [953] Mm, mm, good, good.
(DCHPS004) [954] And I'm intending to, to hold a few more assemblies as well to sort of get interest going again because it's been a while since we did an assembly on it, so if we do another one, that usually gets it going again doesn't it?
(DCHPS002) [955] What you run assembly's with on, particular topic then.
(DCHPS004) [956] Yeah , well we'll take erm Michael gave us say erm a, an assembly sheet didn't he and we just read from that, and that got a lot of interest from that.
(DCHPS005) [957] Yeah
(DCHPS000) [958] Mm, good ...
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [959] How many teams were suppose to meet [...] out of that?
(DCHPS004) [960] It was about twelve people.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [961] How many is that?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [962] [laugh] .
(DCHPS004) [963] There were a lot more people than that.
(DCHPS005) [964] That was last week.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [965] I was gonna say, there were a lot more people when we went to school.
(DCHPS004) [966] There are a lot more people than that, there, I only put one advert .
(DCHPS002) [967] Well that's, that's, lot more people who are interested .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [968] Right.
(DCHPS002) [969] Even so, that tell us .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [970] Ah right, well yeah, I suppose
(DCHPS002) [971] Advertise in Stortford
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [972] Twelve is a working number.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [laugh] ...
(DCHPS000) [973] Oh well I hope, I hope it goes right tomorrow.
(DCHPS004) [974] Yes.
(DCHPS000) [975] Yes, good, good, just keep in touch with us and know how things are going.
(DCHPS002) [976] Yeah.
[977] Are you, you keen to keep in touch keep, keep coming to the meetings or?
(DCHPS004) [978] Yeah, mm, mm.
(DCHPS004) [979] Yeah.
(DCHPS002) [980] You found it's [...] contact, yeah, good, erm
(DCHPS000) [981] Right, now, erm
(DCHPS002) [982] smashing.
(DCHPS000) [983] anything else you want to bring up?
(DCHPS002) [984] Erm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [985] Yeah.
(DCHPS000) [986] Right, Rose, next leave your bit.
(DCHPS002) [987] Oh, I, I got something right come on.
(DCHPS000) [988] Go on Rose.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [989] Yes, I had a request from speaker at Birchwood High School and have a name of somebody there, I think it's a teacher or pupil but
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [990] A lot of people would say [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [991] Did you send it out to them Rose?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [992] you know when we did that [...] .
(DCHPS002) [993] Yeah, I think I do, yeah Birchwood [...] .
(DCHPS000) [994] That was Margaret Dane, what it was, yes.
(DCHPS002) [995] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [996] the name of the person is Linda ... er
(DCHPS002) [997] What, what, was it a request for a speaker?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [998] Yeah.
(DCHPS002) [999] Yeah, right why have they sent that to you?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1000] Yeah, cos Michael's name went off to that batch that was sent out.
[1001] You know there, [...] , I, I wasn't actually in, but that was the message I got so.
(DCHPS000) [1002] Cos you see, perhaps it didn't get to that teacher, you see, that's what happens, the letters don't always get to the right people.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1003] Yeah, mm
(DCHPS000) [1004] Although
(DCHPS002) [1005] What's the name?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1006] Linda .
(DCHPS002) [1007] Mm, I've got a Mr, head of Humanities Mr I .
[1008] There we go, so who, who is, this person is I don't know, that's their name I have now, that's a [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1009] Yeah, [...] .
(DCHPS000) [1010] So that'll be a speaker [...] day .
(DCHPS002) [1011] Okay.
(DCHPS000) [1012] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1013] Will, will you follow that up?
(DCHPS000) [1014] You, you've got the name of the person have you?
(DCHPS002) [1015] Erm, [...] shout that out again and
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1016] Erm, Birchwood high school.
(DCHPS002) [1017] No, the, the, I've got all that
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1018] Linda
(DCHPS002) [1019] Linda , yeah.
(DCHPS000) [1020] Yes, it'll be worth following that up, cos that's, that's one of the erm, they, they've done quite a lot of work of Amnesty and general studies in the past, there was a sheet of sort of quotes of, how good the Amnesty [...] was, and there was one from the teacher at Birchwood or what, what's Margaret Dane School, so erm, yes, if, if you could definitely follow that up erm John
(DCHPS002) [1021] Yeah.
(DCHPS000) [1022] cos that'll be a very useful school to have interest [...] .
(DCHPS002) [1023] Erm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1024] Erm I also have a letter er from a Kate , I'm not sure from which school she goes to, but she's fourteen and she's going to one of the local schools,
(DCHPS000) [1025] Mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1026] but, erm, she was hoping to come to the meeting this evening, but she phoned at the last minute and said she couldn't make it, but erm, I don't know if it would be more appropriate perhaps for the schools groups to get in touch with her and I
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1027] Did she leave her name and [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1028] Er, yes, but I, it's at home.
(DCHPS000) [1029] Yes, could you, perhaps you could find out which school she's at
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1030] Yes, okay.
(DCHPS000) [1031] Erm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1032] could give her a ring, find out what school she's at and then
(DCHPS000) [1033] And then if, if it's fine with her, we'd have some, well you'd let you know, [...] contact [...]
(DCHPS002) [1034] [...] , what's the time [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1035] Alright, yeah, okay.
(DCHPS002) [1036] Right.
(DCHPS000) [1037] Because it's, I mean ... it would be very good if we could have several schools
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1038] Yeah.
(DCHPS000) [1039] interested.
[1040] Er ... have you got, all these people waiting to be told [...] .
(DCHPS002) [1041] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [1042] Right, I hope, we won't be to long now, perhaps if we could just bring up the item you wanted to mention.
(DCHPS002) [1043] Yeah, erm, right, yeah, that's all the other items, erm ... what's been er been going through my head recently is, is er the, looking at the pattern of the meetings and the way the meetings are arranged and, and how, erm, at the last meeting we had a speaker er and that I think, we all found that quite interesting and the one, one from Central America that things [...] and I feel we ought to have that much more frequently than we do have er, a, either a speaker or a focus of some sort of meetings erm, so I think that's something I'd like to raise and get the A G M at the next meeting I think similar thing we ought to consider there.
[1044] Erm, quite how we arrange cos this, as Margaret says there's a lot of business to get through on occasions, but er, this, this meeting seems to had a lot, but, you know, er whether we could alternate er a business meeting with a, a, a speaker so I thought functional meeting every two months and a speaker attending er, er the other month, erm, I'm really sussing it open for ideas, what, what do other people feel and
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1045] Maybe we should have speaker on a separate night [...] .
(DCHPS002) [1046] mm, well, this, or is everybody happy with the, the format as it is? er.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1047] Is it not [...] but er
(DCHPS002) [1048] Yeah.
(DCHPS000) [1049] Speaker's a very good idea, but difficult to organise,
(DCHPS002) [1050] Mm.
(DCHPS000) [1051] I think a, every so often it'll be very interesting, very sort of, we did try this once didn't we?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1052] This, this has cropped up before, oh yes this idea of trying to change this .
(DCHPS002) [1053] Michael , Michael started the ball rolling in my mind, er, yes he, he, I, one thing erm [...] yesterday, erm one thing he, he started to coming to more meetings last year and erm I think he'd seen one or two people come along and not,
(DCHPS000) [1054] Mm.
(DCHPS002) [1055] a couple of new people come along and then, not, not follow up
(DCHPS000) [1056] Yes, there can be.
(DCHPS002) [1057] mm, erm, and he wh you know he is thinking well is this, is that the reason erm, so er, I don't know, you know, er, I, I think perhaps it's worth looking at, perhaps we can all thing about it and have a look at it at the A G M.
(DCHPS000) [1058] I think, I think it would be a good idea to have, as every sort of maybe every two or three meetings to have something a bit different erm, and we do, we do find if we want to get through the business quickly
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1059] We can.
(DCHPS000) [1060] we can, we can.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1061] We can.
(DCHPS002) [1062] [...] pressure.
(DCHPS000) [1063] We can do, we've just got to, I mean we've just got to ask everyone to give a very brief report erm on another occasion and then it can be kept very short, I think though, there are, there are times when, when, you know, we do want to hear what's going on with sort of er networks and campaigns, we do need that time as well don't we, er so we can't, I don't think we can always do it.
(DCHPS002) [1064] Well I'm, yeah, ern I wondered about sort of Executive Committee and er, I know you're not very keen on that idea and it, it does tend to remove information from the ordinary members, if, if, you have a small group of people dealing with the business and, a, a separate lead.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1065] We have had that in the past haven't we?
[1066] We
(DCHPS000) [1067] I can't remember.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1068] Remember we used to have a prisoner group didn't we, when I first came so that the
(DCHPS000) [1069] What groups, yeah groups for particular things on, on the, you know like campaigns or prisoners there were special groups dealing only with this those, they met on there own, not [...] there weren't any
(DCHPS002) [1070] Schools groups.
(DCHPS000) [1071] yes, the schools group, yes, I mean, that, that could operate more, in fact we could have, instead of having just talking about the, about the India one, er instead of having one person [...] at it, it could be a group of, of three perhaps, er [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1072] But then they'd still presumably report back to the main group about what they'd been doing.
(DCHPS000) [1073] Yes .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1074] Yes.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1075] So you're really, in a way, you're not much difference than where you started.
(DCHPS002) [1076] I think Margaret's right, if, if we really want to get through the business we can and however busy we are, erm [...] .
(DCHPS000) [1077] I wouldn't we wouldn't to [...] every time, but I mean it can be, it can be just a very brief report on what's happened, you know, if we want to get through.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1078] If we said, like, if we, every second month say or every third month, then we, we knew we were going to have a speaker, we could the time before we could then do the business more thoroughly and carefully so that the month of the speaker we could just go through it very quickly .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1079] [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1080] Alternatively to, alternative to, to speaker, can we get erm, you know, brief films about different countries and, political systems and so on.
(DCHPS002) [1081] Mm.
(DCHPS000) [1082] Yes, yes we have the video too, we have, we have the erm the Amnesty video and we, there are, there are schools videos to.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1083] Do, do, do they do different videos for different countries?
(DCHPS000) [1084] Not, they're not, no, the one I've, the one the group has is, is a general one it's on Amnesty's work .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1085] Oh, I see .
(DCHPS002) [...]
(DCHPS000) [1086] Yeah, yeah, there probably are ones on different countries.
[1087] I'm not sure that Amnesty does produce on, on, one particular country.
(DCHPS002) [1088] [...] erm, we have.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1089] [...] other organisations that
(DCHPS000) [1090] Yes they might, yes, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1091] Though even that's the sort of thing that on T V that er
(DCHPS000) [1092] We can video ourselves.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1093] that's right.
(DCHPS000) [1094] Mm, [...] , mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1095] Yeah.
(DCHPS000) [1096] Yes, there are a lot, mm
(DCHPS002) [1097] There's all these workshops Margaret.
(DCHPS000) [1098] Yes, I, I, I have about twelve workshops.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1099] [laugh] .
(DCHPS000) [1100] On all kinds of things.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1101] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [1102] On all kinds of things, yes.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1103] I enjoyed that very much that last one.
(DCHPS000) [1104] What was that one?
[1105] What was that one?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1106] [...] it was about death penalty wasn't it?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1107] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [1108] [...] there's all sorts like, like recruiting, making contact with the schools, er, lobbying, er, there, there about ten or twelve different workshops now, almost on almost every aspects, so and that would be something that we could give, if, if these weren't [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1109] But there has to be one guarantee in [...] because I think once we had rather good one, about six people kept, you can never tell how many [...] come, I mean you'd want maybe bigger, more than, more space in this room.
(DCHPS000) [1110] Well, we've, have got another room maybe we might sometimes be able to use haven't we?
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1111] Well we could use the [...] .
(DCHPS000) [1112] Or your dining room, yes.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1113] it's probably better that
(DCHPS000) [1114] Mm, we often need to use one more than one room for those.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1115] Mm.
(DCHPS000) [1116] Mm.
(DCHPS002) [1117] Though we do seem to be doing quite well in numbers.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1118] Yes, we have lately, yes.
(DCHPS002) [1119] Better than last year.
(DCHPS000) [1120] That suddenly, I mean it means you divide into smaller groups quite often, and, and have discussions on [...] you can, yeah. [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1121] Speak on what you've got.
(DCHPS000) [1122] No, might be my speech, do we need a, meet, meet in a more public place, erm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1123] No, no, we can't.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1124] [laugh] .
(DCHPS002) [1125] But you, erm
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1126] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [1127] Yes, yes, you, you.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1128] Erm, your business would take care of itself if we have that pressure of booking it, [...] .
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1129] I honestly think it would.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1130] I think if anything, I'm sure it would.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1131] Yeah, mm, sure.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1132] I think.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1133] I'm sure that it would ... make us more careful the months before.
(DCHPS000) [1134] Mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1135] Right, going on the streets think it would, going to find that many people that, that could speak to [...]
(DCHPS002) [1136] That was
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1137] erm, sort of relative.
(DCHPS002) [1138] Yeah, that, that needs something if you actually set up a system and then a business meeting one month and a speaker the next, it puts a lot of pressure on one of us or some of us to, to [...] , erm, this is true.
(DCHPS000) [1139] Maybe, maybe, maybe if, I think it sounds as if people would, would like that, you know, at least every few months perhaps to have something different
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1140] Yes.
(DCHPS000) [1141] maybe, maybe, people could just be thinking or, you know if they hear of somebody who might be able to come and give a talk like your friend who, who was very good, erm, you know, we could make a note of it and, or ask people, you know, could talk to talk or something that sort.
[1142] Mm, mm, that sounds a possibility, I think, I think it is interesting to have someone like that you know
(DCHPS002) [1143] Mm.
(DCHPS000) [1144] Like we had you know, who could talk about experiences you know, in a, in a particular country where there are human rights and problems, good.
[1145] Right erm, so that's it, is that all the
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1146] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [1147] business?
[1148] Yes, just, just, remind people the next, the next meeting erm, is Tuesday the tenth of March, we always meet on a Tuesday evening and it will be at Ann's house in Harlow, which is , said on the tape [laugh] .
[1149] Must be of benefit.
Unknown speaker (DCHPSUNK) [1150] [...] .
(DCHPS000) [1151] Right, er, people can take what bits from tables they want them, or, I've got s , I've got one [...] put out, erm, shall we open that door a bit, it's getting a bit hot in here, erm, don't know if Mary wants any help out there.
[1152] Good.