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[Storytelling workshop]. Sample containing about 6882 words speech recorded in educational context

6 speakers recorded by respondent number C14

F72PS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
F72PS001 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
F72PS002 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
F72PS003 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
F72PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
F72PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 077201 recorded on 1992-07-15. LocationTyne & Wear: Newcastle ( Primary School ) Activity: Storytelling workshop Teaching

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [1] Just on the floor at the front here, would you people just pick up one or two of the things that you have in front of you and hold them up above above your heads please.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [2] Oh.
(F72PS000) [3] So that everybody behind you can see what they are.
[4] Turn them around in your hands.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [5] [...] a minute.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [6] And what are they?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [7] Shells.
(F72PS000) [8] Shells which have been gathered from all over ... the seashore.
[9] ... Just put that to your ear [...]
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...] ...
(F72PS000) [10] Do you hear anything?
[11] ... Could you, can you hear anything?
[12] You can't.
[13] I can hear a train go by.
[14] I wonder if that was [...] .
[15] Not that one
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [16] Can't hear anything.
(F72PS000) [17] that's a razorbill.
[18] [...] Right [...]
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [19] Shh
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [20] Right.
[21] Well, good afternoon everybody.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [22] Good afternoon.
(F72PS000) [23] Well, time for some introductions.
[24] My name is Chris.
(F72PS001) [25] And my name is Ivan.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [26] Hello.
(F72PS000) [27] Some of you may know Ivan already.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [28] Me.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [29] You do?
[30] Well you are very fortunate people.
[31] But none of you will know my friend over here whose name is Donald.
(F72PS002) [32] Hello.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [33] Hello Donald.
(F72PS000) [34] Wh who I think is a friend of Noddy's.
[35] At any rate, he is got very big ears, and I'll tell you why.
[36] Because he goes around the country with his tape recorder finding out what's going on.
[37] And he's very interested in collecting would you believe not just stories
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [38] Shells.
(F72PS000) [39] Not shells, but words. ...
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [40] Oh.
(F72PS000) [41] And he's collecting lots of words to put into a very large book.
[42] But he's not a spy.
[43] He's a gatherer and a sharer of words.
[44] Just as you might be a gatherer and sharer of ... stories.
[45] Are you, any of you, gatherers of stories?
[46] Some of you are.
[47] Well I've got some stories that I'd like to share with you but ... there's a condition.
[48] If I tell you a story you'd have to agree to tell it to somebody else.
[49] Do you think you could do that?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [50] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [51] No I couldn't.
(F72PS000) [52] You couldn't?
[53] Well will you try and listen to these stories and see if you think there's one that you like that you might like to share?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [54] Mm.
(F72PS000) [55] Alright.
[56] Now the first story that I've been asked to tell specially comes not from this country ... we'll just let our lads here get dressed because you, you knew that the story was gonna come from a very hot country did you?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [57] No.
(F72PS000) [58] You took your clothes off for it.
[59] Well the story that I have to tell you to begin with ... comes all the way from a very hot and very large continent.
[60] ... Does anybody know any large continents where it's a very very hot place? ...
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [61] Oh the centre line of the earth.
(F72PS000) [62] What's that called, the centre line of the earth?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [63] Mm
(F72PS000) [64] D'you know?
[65] ... I can't remember [...]
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [66] The equator.
(F72PS000) [67] The equator.
[68] Well done.
[69] Is that the word you were thinking of?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [70] Yeah.
(F72PS000) [71] Great, you took the word out of her brain.
[72] Put it back later.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [laugh]
(F72PS000) [73] A hot country which has the equator running through it.
[74] The country I'm thinking of is ... Africa.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [75] Oh that place.
[76] Right.
[77] Would you like to hear a story from Africa?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [78] Yeah.
(F72PS000) [79] Alright.
[80] Some of you may know this story.
[81] I wonder if you do?
[82] It's the story all about a man who had two very nice daughters.
[83] [wolf whistle] An excellent choice.
[84] The man's name was Mufaro .
[85] And he had two daughters, and their names ... were Manyara and Nyasha .
[86] Mufaro was a very proud father.
[87] Both his daughters were very beautiful and he also thought they were very wise.
[88] But Manyara, when she was alone with her sister Nyasha, was not always very nice to her.
[89] She bullied her.
[90] One day she said, I'll become the queen and then you'll have to do everything I say.
[91] You can be my servant.
[92] ... Alright said Nyasha.
[93] If that's what's going to happen I'd be pleased to work for you.
[94] But don't go around being so cross.
[95] ... Everybody likes you better than they like me ... said Manyara, the elder sister.
[96] That's not true, people like you as well said Nyasha.
[97] But don't go around being cross or you'll only make enemies for yourself.
[98] Nyasha never told her father that Manyara was being nasty to her because she didn't want to upset him.
[99] Nyasha had one place where she was very very happy though.
[100] Outside their little house ... she had a little plot of land.
[101] And that's where she did her gardening.
[102] She grew yams ... she grew millet ... she grew vegetables and sunflowers ... and the food she shared with all the family.
[103] And one day ... when she was working in her little garden ... slithering between the vine yams there came a green snake.
[104] Now in Africa ... you must be careful of snakes because some of them are poisonous.
[105] But Nyasha knew this snake and she wasn't afraid.
[106] My friend, Nyoka come to me she said.
[107] You are very welcome here.
[108] You will keep away all the little creatures that would like to eat my vegetables.
[109] You can come here any time.
[110] And she made a little dint in the ground which filled with some water and became a little pool for the snake to drink out.
[111] ... As she worked in her garden Nyasha, who was so happy, sang a song.
[112] Not only to herself, not only to the vegetables but also to Ny
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [singing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [sings a song]
(F72PS000) [113] And she pulled up the weeds and she pulled up the teasels.
[114] And she ... gathered the vegetables [...] .
[115] And every time she sang her song the people knew that she'd be coming back [...] .
[116] And that's the reason they believed why her vegetables and her yams grew so [...] .
[117] ... One day a messenger came from the great city ... more than half a day's journey away across the river, to say that the great king had decided that he would like to have a wife.
[118] And a proclamation went out to everyone who lived far and near to say that he was looking not only for a beautiful wife, but also the most worthy wife that could be found.
[119] And he wanted all the girls who were interested to come to the great city.
[120] Manyara took her father to one side.
[121] Father she said, please don't send Nyasha.
[122] She would be so lonely to be without you.
[123] It would break her heart to have to go away, even to be wife to a king.
[124] I tell you what father, I'm your eldest daughter, I will go to the city, and I will become queen.
[125] And then you will have Nyasha to look after you.
[126] My child, said Mufaro her father, that is very kind of you ... but the king is the person who is going to choose.
[127] He is the one who'll decide who is most worthy, so you must both go.
[128] And that is what was decided upon.
[129] Well, that night everyone went to sleep because if there was going to be a wedding everybody in the village would surely have to go.
[130] And everybody knew that that would be a great journey.
[131] But Manyara was not happy.
[132] She got up at night and she set off towards the city all by herself, travelling through the forest.
[133] She had never travelled alone through the forest at night before.
[134] And she was a little worried.
[135] And she was a little afraid.
[136] There were animals who lived in the forest who went out hunting only at night.
[137] She set off with only a little food ... and she hadn't gone far when a small boy appeared right in the middle of the road.
[138] Please, he said, I am so hungry.
[139] May I have some food.
[140] Boy, she said, you're in my way.
[141] Get out of my way.
[142] I am going to the city.
[143] I am going to become your queen.
[144] Move.
[145] Now!
[146] And she brushed past him and continued down the road until she came to a place where two paths crossed and there was a little clearing.
[147] In the middle of the clearing, on a stone, sat an old woman ... who smiled at her and said hello Manyara.
[148] You're very welcome.
[149] Take that road to the city but be careful.
[150] The trees may bend and seem to laugh at you.
[151] Do not laugh back.
[152] And when you get further towards the city, on a little rise of the land, you'll meet a man with his head under his [...] under his arm.
[153] Be careful.
[154] And do not be rude to him in any way.
[155] Goodbye.
[156] How do you know my name?
[157] Said Manyara.
[158] And my journey is no business of yours.
[159] You foolish old woman.
[160] And she turned and went on down the path.
[161] And no sooner had she done that than the trees began to wave their branches towards her.
[162] And they seemed ... to laugh at her.
[163] ... Ha, she said, and laughed back as though trying to be brave, trying to be strong.
[164] But the trees still echoed in her ears.
[165] And then she came to a small rise in the land and there was a man, his head under his arm.
[166] ... You're in my path she said.
[167] Get out of my way.
[168] I am going to be a queen, and I do not people ... speak to people who displease me.
[169] And she walked around him, did not look at him.
[170] And she arrived in the city.
[171] Next morning Nyasha awoke back in her home village, the younger sister.
[172] There was great commotion outside.
[173] People were worried.
[174] People were bustling here and there.
[175] They were all looking for Manyara.
[176] Where could she be?
[177] What could have happened to her.
[178] Wait!
[179] Called someone.
[180] Here is her footprint on the path leading towards the city.
[181] She must have left already said Mufaro.
[182] We must all follow.
[183] And Nyasha and all her family and everybody from the village made a long long line and set off through the forest.
[184] They hadn't gone far when at the side of the road they saw a small boy.
[185] ... Little boy, she said.
[186] You look so hungry to me.
[187] Here ... take this food.
[188] And she offered him half of the yam that she had brought with her.
[189] Thank you, he said.
[190] And on they travelled through the forest until they came to a place where the roads crossed and there sat an old woman resting on a stone.
[191] ... She smiled at her.
[192] Old woman, she said ... you look tired.
[193] And the woman smiled but pointed at the direction that they were to go.
[194] Thank you said Nyasha.
[195] Here ... share my sunflower seeds with me.
[196] And she gave her a packet of sunflower seeds.
[197] And on they travelled until they reached the rise in the land.
[198] And Nyasha ran up to the top of the rise and saw the land and the city all below her.
[199] Oh father she said, this is so beautiful.
[200] I've never seen such a beautiful country in my life.
[201] Surely there must be some wonderful things happening here.
[202] Lead on said her father, and he lead the way till they came to the flowing river.
[203] Carefully they crossed the river and they made their way into the city.
[204] But no sooner had they got to the city than they heard a loud shriek of a girl's voice.
[205] And Manyara came rushing out of the temple.
[206] Don't come she said.
[207] Don't come.
[208] Stay where you are.
[209] Oh Nyasha my sister please, do not go into the temple.
[210] There is the most dreadful monster in there.
[211] He has five heads.
[212] And it's telling you about me.
[213] It's telling you all about [...] .
[214] Nyasha said don't worry my sister.
[215] We must not be afraid.
[216] We have come here to see the king and we must all go into the temple.
[217] Her father Mufaro comforted his eldest daughter.
[218] While Nyasha bravely went into the temple and there ... sitting on the throne that was made only for the chiefs there sat ... not a king ... not a prince
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [219] A queen.
(F72PS000) [220] not a man
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [221] A snake?
(F72PS000) [222] not a woman ... but a small, green snake.
[223] ... Nyoka said Nyasha.
[224] What are you doing here?
[225] And the snake spoke to her.
[226] I ... am not just a snake he said.
[227] For I am indeed ... and as he spoke he changed ... into a young, handsome man
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [228] The prince.
(F72PS000) [229] with beautiful black skin ... and a lovely smile on his face.
[230] I am your king, he said.
[231] But I am also Nyoka, your snake.
[232] I am also the boy who you met in the jungle.
[233] I am also the woman who sat at the crossroads.
[234] And I know you to be beautiful and to be most worthy to be my wife.
[235] Will you please become my queen?
[236] And Nyasha agreed.
[237] What a wedding there was to be.
[238] The king's mother and sister took her to their hut and they prepared the finest clothes for her.
[239] And she baked some bread with the millet flour that she had brought from her own garden.
[240] And there was a marriage.
[241] And there was a great feast.
[242] And their father became the happiest man in the whole kingdom.
[243] Nyasha lived with Nyoka her husband in the palace.
[244] And Manyara ... worked as their servant.
[245] ... That story comes from the Shona people of South Africa.
[246] And the names in the story are very important.
[247] The father's name was Mufaro.
[248] And in the Shona language that means ... happy man.
[249] Nyoka ... in Shona means a
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [250] No.
[251] It means a snake.
[252] I didn't know that you spoke African languages but you do now.
[253] It means a snake.
[254] But what do you think the girls' names meant?
[255] I've written it under here so I'm not going to hold it very close.
[256] What do you think the oldest girl's name meant?
[257] Her name was Manyara.
[258] What do you think she was like?
[259] Their father was certainly a very happy man.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [260] Shake.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [261] Ashamed.
(F72PS000) [262] Ashamed.
[263] You can read very well can't you?
[264] Did you read it from here?
[265] ... Did you?
[266] ... It doesn't matter.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [267] I saw some of it.
(F72PS000) [268] Well done.
[269] It doesn't matter.
[270] Manyara means ashamed.
[271] Could you think of any other words that we could use to describe Manyara the eldest sister?
[272] What was she like?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [273] Nasty.
(F72PS000) [274] Nasty, yes.
[275] Anything else?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [276] You thought she was wicked?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [277] Horrid?
(F72PS000) [278] Put your hands up please and then I'll know who to hear. ...
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [279] Despicable.
(F72PS000) [280] Despicable.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [281] Brave.
(F72PS000) [282] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [283] Brave.
(F72PS000) [284] Brave?
[285] You thought she was brave.
[286] Why was she brave?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [287] [...] she went in the woods.
(F72PS000) [288] Because she went in the jungle all alone?
[289] Yes.
[290] Very good.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [291] Er horrid?
(F72PS000) [292] Horrid.
[293] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [294] Nasty.
(F72PS000) [295] Nasty.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [296] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [297] I forgot.
(F72PS000) [298] It doesn't matter.
[299] Put your hand up again when you remember again.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [300] Selfish.
(F72PS000) [301] Selfish.
[302] Yes, quite right.
[303] That's, you tell me one.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [304] Horrid.
[305] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [306] A bully.
[307] Yes.
[308] I think she was a bit of all those things. [...]
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [309] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [310] [...] herself.
(F72PS000) [311] She always thought of herself.
[312] Quite right.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [313] [...] got no manners.
(F72PS000) [314] She had no manners.
[315] Yes you're all absolutely right.
[316] Just sit still.
[317] Put your hands up if you've got something to say then we can hear.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [318] Scary.
(F72PS000) [319] Scary?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [320] Yeah.
(F72PS000) [321] She might have been if she was going at you wouldn't she?
[322] And what were you going to say?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [323] Ill-mannered.
(F72PS000) [324] Ill-mannered.
[325] Quite right.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [326] Silly.
(F72PS000) [327] Silly.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [328] And rude.
(F72PS000) [329] Rude.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [330] She didn't think of anyone else except herself.
(F72PS000) [331] Quite right.
[332] Thank you very much indeed for saying that.
[333] Yes.
[334] And her name Manyara meant ... ashamed.
[335] But what about the younger girl who became the queen?
[336] Her name was Nyasha.
[337] Have you read this one?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [338] No.
(F72PS000) [339] Have you read this one?
[340] You haven't.
[341] Alright.
[342] Well now what d'you think that name would mean?
[343] What was she like, Nyasha?
[344] The younger girl.
[345] The girl who worked in the garden.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [346] Nice.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [347] Merry.
(F72PS000) [348] Merry.
[349] Oh I like that word.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [350] Kind.
(F72PS000) [351] Kind.
[352] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [353] Nice.
(F72PS000) [354] Put your hand up first and then we'll know who to listen to please.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [355] Nice.
(F72PS000) [356] Yes.
[357] I like that.
[358] Have you got a word for her?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [359] I want everybody to give me a word for the younger, younger girl.
[360] Yes everybody.
[361] You sit on your bottom first, you're kneeling up.
[362] I'm gonna to speak to you in a minute.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [363] [...] kind.
(F72PS000) [364] Kind.
[365] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [366] Generous.
(F72PS000) [367] Generous.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [368] Someone's not scared.
(F72PS000) [369] Someone who's not scared.
[370] Yes what's the word for someone who's not scared?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [371] Brave.
(F72PS000) [372] A brave person.
[373] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [374] Friendly.
(F72PS000) [375] Friendly.
[376] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [377] She says thank you and please.
(F72PS000) [378] Quite right.
[379] Do you?
[380] ... Excellent.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [381] Erm ... forgotten now.
(F72PS000) [382] Bother.
[383] Sorry, come and [...] .
[384] Give me another one.
[385] Yes, what was your word you were gonna say?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [386] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [387] She was okay.
(F72PS000) [388] She was okay.
[389] What do we mean when we say okay?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [390] That that she's not too nice and she's not too horrible.
(F72PS000) [391] She's not too nice, she's not too horrible.
[392] Yes.
[393] Cos okay can mean lots of things can't it?
[394] What were you gonna say?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [395] She thinks of other ... people.
(F72PS000) [396] Quite right.
[397] Yes.
[398] And what were you gonna say?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [399] Helpful.
(F72PS000) [400] Helpful.
[401] Yes, good.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [402] She wasn't rude.
(F72PS000) [403] She wasn't rude.
[404] She was dead canny I reckon.
[405] What's
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [406] What were you gonna say?
[407] ... Where you just having a little stretch?
[408] It doesn't matter, if you haven't got a word don't worry.
[409] Right.
[410] Everybody sit still for a minute and ... what were you gonna say?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [411] Gentle.
(F72PS000) [412] Gentle.
[413] That's a lovely word too.
[414] I wish people would come up and say things like that
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [415] Generous.
(F72PS000) [416] The name, and generous ... the name Nyasha actually means mercy.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [417] Well it's got some different meanings that and you may be able to talk about that another time with your teacher.
[418] And I will leave this with you here ... so you can leave that for another time.
[419] Cos teachers have got so many things to think about towards the end of term.
[420] Well ... that story came all the way from Africa.
[421] Would you like to hear another story?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [422] Yes. [...]
(F72PS000) [423] You, you would?
[424] I tell you what, would you like to just go an sit behind on that chair over there and you'll be more comfortable.
[425] ... Just you.
[426] You take your legs with you.
[427] Alright?
[428] Then you've got nobody to bump into, over there.
[429] Good. ...
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [430] I don't want [...]
(F72PS000) [431] You, you don't?
[432] Right, you go to sleep now, alright?
[433] Are you asleep?
[434] Oh dear.
[435] ... Cos this next story that I would to share with you ... is about a boy who I must have everybody sitting on their bottoms all alone please.
[436] And try not to touch anybody else during the story.
[437] Alright?
[438] ... Good.
[439] ... Now ... this story is about a boy who lived with his mother.
[440] ... I don't know when this story star ... are you ready boys?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [441] No.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [442] Yeah.
(F72PS000) [443] Can you sit nice and still please, on your bottoms, without touching anybody next to you.
[444] ... I don't know when this story started ... but it certainly happened a long time ago.
[445] It wasn't in your time, and it wasn't in my time.
[446] ... But it was a time when the boy and his mother, who lived in a little cottage just outside the town, had to earn their living ... from growing their own vegetables and doing what they could to help other people in order to make a living.
[447] ... He liked the cottage they lived in very much indeed.
[448] He liked the garden that they had very much indeed.
[449] He liked the path to the town.
[450] He liked the countryside all around.
[451] And he was so happy that he said to his mother one day, mother ... I want to live for ever.
[452] Oh my goodness she said, I can't help you there.
[453] You'll need to go and get some advice ... from the head wife at the end of the village.
[454] And at the end of the village there lived an old woman who was very very wise and said if you want to live for ever then you must speak to the person who's the oldest person I know.
[455] Go and speak to the old man of the woods.
[456] ... So up to the woods and there in the woods he heard the sound of an axe.
[457] Now do you know what the sound of an axe is like?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [458] [...] and trees.
[459] Old man he said, can you help me please?
[460] And the old man stopped and put his axe down.
[461] ... I want to live for ever t said the boy.
[462] Ah, said the old man.
[463] I'm going to live ... for as long as this forest remains standing.
[464] And it was a huge forest and it went for ever.
[465] And he put his axe into the tree again and the boy thought ... he's gonna chop down all these trees soon.
[466] Is there anybody else please ... who's going to live for a long time?
[467] Ah said the old man of the woods, there's the old man of the lake.
[468] And he is higher up the hill.
[469] So the boy climbed up the hill till he came to an enormous lake.
[470] ... Then in the lake an old man came up from under the water and took a great scoopful of water ... and drank deeply.
[471] ... The boy had never been more surprised in his life.
[472] Old man, he said, do you live here?
[473] I do said the old man who's hair was almost down to his waist.
[474] And I shall live here said the old man until I have drunk this whole lake dry.
[475] The lake was enormous and very very deep.
[476] And the old man drank again.
[477] ... Oh said the boy, you seem so thirsty.
[478] Eventually you'll have eaten and drunk all this lake.
[479] Is there anybody who's going to live for even longer than that?
[480] Ah said the old man, there's one other person.
[481] It could be the old man of the mountains.
[482] Go and ask him.
[483] And so he climbed to the mountains and there, high in the mountains, in an old stone building lived a man with hair ... down below his waist.
[484] Old man are you gonna live for a long time?
[485] I am he said.
[486] I shall live here until these mountains crumble into the sea.
[487] Oh that's a long time said the boy.
[488] Can I come and live with you and help you?
[489] You may, said the old man.
[490] And he did.
[491] But after many many years, the boy suddenly got worried.
[492] I want to see my mother he said.
[493] I want to go and see the place where I was brought up, my little house, the garden and the road to town.
[494] I want to go back and visit her.
[495] No said the old man.
[496] Don't do that.
[497] Stay here with me or you might be sorry.
[498] ... The boy thought for a mom
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [499] Me.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [500] I don't.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [501] Not me, not me.
(F72PS000) [502] Not you?
[503] Why would you like to live for ever?
[504] ... What would you want to do?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [505] What would you want to do?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [506] Go on holiday.
(F72PS000) [507] Go on holiday.
[508] Where to?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [509] Different countries?
[510] Lovely.
[511] What would you do if you could live for ever?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [512] I'd go to Tenerife and stay there for ever.
(F72PS000) [513] Why, what would you do in Tenerife?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [514] Er ... [...]
(F72PS000) [515] Play on the beach.
[516] What would you do?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [517] Go in the caves.
(F72PS000) [518] Which caves?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [519] Shh I'm listening to somebody else.
[520] ... Put your hands up and then I'll be able to listen to you.
[521] I'm listening to somebody else now.
[522] Sit down please, on your bottom.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [523] The cave what my dad chose is where I'd go.
(F72PS000) [524] Really?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [525] Yes. [...]
(F72PS000) [526] [...] a good father there.
[527] Well done.
[528] And what did you find in the caves?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [529] Erm some of the things what you get.
(F72PS000) [530] Wonderful.
[531] Who else could tell me something else they'd like to do if they could live for ever?
[532] What about you?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [533] To see what kind of animals there was next.
(F72PS000) [534] To see what animals came next.
[535] Yes.
[536] Good answer.
[537] And what about you.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [538] You'd live in?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [539] You'd live in, in Disneyland would you?
[540] Why would you like to go to Disneyland?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [541] To see all [...]
(F72PS000) [542] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [543] They have loads of rides.
(F72PS000) [544] Loads of rides.
[545] Yes there would be wouldn't there?
[546] And would you g like to go on rides for ever and ever and ever?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [547] Yes.
(F72PS000) [548] You wouldn't get tired?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [549] No.
(F72PS000) [550] No?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [551] I would just [...]
(F72PS000) [552] My goodness me.
[553] What about you?
[554] Just a minute.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [555] I'd like to see the people that came next.
(F72PS000) [556] You'd like to see the people that came next?
[557] Would you?
[558] ... And what about you?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [559] I [...] see Disneyland.
(F72PS000) [560] You would would you?
[561] Good.
[562] Yes lots of people would like to see Disneyland.
[563] What about you?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [564] Shh shh I'm doing some listening now.
[565] Shh.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [566] I would like to stay the same age so I could play football.
(F72PS000) [567] Football for ever?
[568] But you wouldn't have any teeth if you stayed the same age.
[569] You'd still have your tooth missing.
[570] ... You'd like to stay your age and play football for ever?
[571] Oh what an interesting wish.
[572] And what about you?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [573] I'd like to [...]
(F72PS000) [574] You'd like to help the animals?
[575] What a very nice person you must be.
[576] Good.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [577] I would like to go to EuroDisney and stay there.
(F72PS000) [578] To EuroDisney?
[579] My goodness.
[580] What a lot of travelling you've all got to do.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [581] [...] helping animals.
(F72PS000) [582] Really?
[583] How nice.
[584] Good, even the fierce ones?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [585] Yeah.
(F72PS000) [586] Even the poisonous ones?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [587] You don't mind sharks?
[588] ... Ooh you're a brave person to what about you?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [589] What were you gonna do?
[590] What would you like to do?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [591] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [592] I've forgotten.
(F72PS000) [593] You've forgotten.
[594] Alright.
[595] And two more people over here I want to talk to.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [596] Shh shh shh.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [597] I'd like to ... I'd like to [...] in the world.
(F72PS000) [598] Look after everything in the world?
[599] Very useful.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [600] To see the what, sorry?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [601] The carrot dance?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [602] Characters.
(F72PS000) [603] The characters.
[604] Oh I understand.
[605] Right.
[606] Excellent.
[607] Good.
[608] Right ...
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [609] I would like to be a air pilot for ever.
(F72PS000) [610] An air pilot?
[611] Alright.
[612] Just si now just ge just hands down for just one minute please.
[613] Cos I've just got to check ... are we alright up to three.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [614] Up to three, right.
[615] Listen.
[616] There's time just to squeeze in one more story if you'd like to hear it.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [617] [...] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [618] Some people say yes and some people no, say no [...] .
(F72PS000) [619] Well Ivan has brought along this harp [harp music] which is actually an Irish harp which has come a very long way.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [620] I've played it before.
(F72PS000) [621] You've played a harp before?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [622] Yes, that one.
(F72PS000) [623] Excellent.
[624] Well if Ivan falls asleep will you take over?
[625] ... Excellent.
[626] Good.
[627] Would you like to hear a story that has a harp?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [628] Yes.
(F72PS000) [629] Sit down on your bottoms everybody now please.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [630] And we'll see what you think of this story here.
[631] ... In Scotland ... by the shore there lived a fisherman who's name was Angus.
[632] ... He'd been a fisherman all his life.
[633] He had his own little boat and do you know ... where farmers make farrows on the land, the only mark that was left behind by Angus was the mark where he pulled his boat up on to the shore every day that the weather was not too rough.
[634] The thing that he loved most of all in the whole world ... was the sea.
[635] And he would sing to himself in his house or in his boat the song which his father had taught him many years ago. ...
(F72PS001) [sings a song]
(F72PS000) [636] He sang about his love of the sea.
[637] Every now and then Angus would go into the town.
[638] He'd drink a dram with his friends.
[639] But they would say to him Angus, isn't it about time you found yourself ... a wife?
[640] Someone to share your life with?
[641] ... He shook his head [...] .
[642] I could never love anyone who wasn't like the sea.
[643] Wild ... free.
[644] He loved the sea so much.
[645] ... One day, it was close to midsummer, a day not unlike today.
[646] Angus had been to the town and he made his way back to his cottage along the shore.
[647] As he went he heard the music of the sea.
[648] [...] he heard the sounds of some other voices singing on the shore.
[649] As he came up over the rise he thought he heard a beautiful song.
[650] Some girls were dancing and singing on the beach, leaping in and out of.
[651] As they played and as they sang and as they danced they made no mark on the sand at all.
[652] Angus was ... entranced.
[653] He hadn't heard such a beautiful sound ... he hadn't seen such a beautiful sight.
[654] ... As he moved his way down on to the beach, he clumsily knocked the stones and the girls saw him and rushed to the rocks where they picked up not clothes, but sealskins which they wrapped around their bodies and then dived back into the sea.
[655] Except for one girl who ran towards the rock where Angus was leaning, not just on the rock but also on a sealskin.
[656] Please, she said ... that's my skin there.
[657] Let me have it back.
[658] I must go with my people.
[659] I must have it.
[660] Please give it back to me.
[661] The skin was so beautiful to touch and the girl had such a beautiful face.
[662] No he said, I can't give it back to you, you're the person that I've been looking for all my life.
[663] Please, please come and live with me.
[664] Please come and be my wife.
[665] I must go back to the sea, she said.
[666] That's where I live.
[667] ... But Angus had hold of the skin.
[668] And although she was sad, she knew that she had to go with him and she did.
[669] Up the shore they walked.
[670] And she shuddered when her feet first touched the grass.
[671] ... Back into the cottage he showed her the way and gave her so
(F72PS001) [sings a song]
(F72PS000) [672] The children had heard this song many times but they were always sad that it sounded such a ... lonely song.
[673] And while they played in the barn and while their mother sang ... the girl found something behind the haystack.
[674] It was soft, softer than anything she had ever touched before.
[675] She held it to her face and it was so beautiful.
[676] She told her brothers and they too put their faces into the soft sealskin.
[677] Mother, mother they called, come and see what we've found.
[678] And they all held out the sealskin towards her.
[679] Oh my children she said.
[680] She dropped the bowl that she was using to the floor.
[681] Thank you.
[682] She put the sealskin round her body and she kissed each of her children.
[683] And she hugged her daughter very tight.
[684] Never forget me my dear she said.
[685] I will always help you in your future life.
[686] But boys ... you must all tell your father that he must look after you now.
[687] Goodbye.
[688] And she took the skin and she ran down to the shore ... and she put on the skin, dived back into the sea.
[689] A seal's head bobbed up from the waves and Angus was pulling on his oars, heaving the skiff back to the shore.
[690] A seal called out to him, goodbye Angus, goodbye.
[691] Look after the children for me.
[692] Farewell, farewell.
[693] The seal dived away and a moment later two seals appeared together in the water and swam away together.
[694] The children told their father what had happened but he knew.
[695] But ... whenever Angus and his daughter went out in the boat fishing for their lives to keep themselves fed, it seemed that a seal swam in front of the boat and lead them towards the places where the fishes were thickest in the sea in that part of the coast.
[696] And they never forgot their mother.
[697] And they never forgot ... how important the sea was in their lives.
[698] Now that is the story of a seal wife.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [699] Yeah.
(F72PS000) [700] Thank you all for listening.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [701] Well.
[702] That's the end of our stories.
[703] And somebody has got a question.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [704] Yeah, my dad works in Scotland.
(F72PS000) [705] Well I never.
[706] I wonder if he's ever seen a seal?
[707] And there are lots of people who live in Scotland who tell stories all about the seals.
[708] Have any of you ever seen a seal?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [709] Shh.
[710] Good.
[711] Now one or two people have got something they want to ask.
[712] So let's listen please.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [713] And those people who've got their hands up ... boys!
[714] Can you be quiet please, so that we can hear the people who want to speak.
[715] I think before we ask any other questions, we'll ask everybody to just have a stretch.
[716] Everybody ... two arms and a big stretch and everybody have a big yawn.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [717] Ooh [...]
(F72PS000) [718] Ooh.
[719] Now ... is there anybody here ... who was born as an animal?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [720] Everyone was.
(F72PS000) [721] And so were you born as an animal?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [722] Yes I was.
(F72PS000) [723] What animal are you most like?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [724] A dinosaur.
(F72PS000) [725] A dinosaur.
[726] That's very interesting.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [727] I'm a monkey.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [728] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [729] A human, you're a human being?
[730] Alright.
[731] I just wanted to make sure [...] .
[732] Right so [claps hands] everybody, listen please.
[733] Boys.
[734] Donald has still got his ... microphone here and he wants to hear what everybody's got to say.
[735] And if we all talk at the same time, he can't hear anything.
[736] He's come a very long way to see what you've got to say as well as hear the stories.
[737] Now what did you want to say at the back?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [738] Cla some of class seven enjoyed the story that much [...] story about seals before we came in.
(F72PS000) [739] You've heard a story about seals before?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [740] Yes.
(F72PS003) [741] This afternoon we had a story called the seal king wasn't it?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [742] It was all about [...]
(F72PS000) [743] Really.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [744] Yeah.
(F72PS003) [745] It wasn't the same story but it was a story about seals.
(F72PS000) [746] What a coincidence.
(F72PS003) [747] What a strange coincidence wasn't it?
(F72PS000) [748] Oh absolutely.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [749] And what happened in your seal story?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [750] I'm doing some listening over here.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [751] A fisherman caught a seal.
[752] A king seal out of the sea.
(F72PS000) [753] A king seal?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [754] Mhm.
(F72PS000) [755] And what happened to the seal?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [756] And erm [...]
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [757] Shh shh shh.
[758] We're listening.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [759] That's a very good story.
[760] And those stories are very very old.
[761] And for many many years nobody wrote those stories down at all.
[762] So the fact that you've heard those seal stories, two different ones, is very important.
[763] Particularly if you've written them down.
[764] ... You're not supposed to still be yawning.
[765] Alright ... now I just wonder if it might be worthwhile just some people going back to the classroom now or some stay or?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS003) [766] [...] children [...] class [...] .
[767] Children in class [...]
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS003) [768] will you sit down for two more minutes.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [769] [...] all those people going now [...] music.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...] [...]
(F72PS000) [770] [...] Girls, I want everybody down please on the floor.
[771] ... Now, I've got some questions that I'd like to ask you.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [772] Everybody sitting on the floor please.
(F72PS003) [773] Everybody sitting on the floor.
[774] That's [...]
(F72PS000) [775] I've got one or two questions I'd like to ask you ... and I wonder what your reply is gonna be.
[776] Now, in order for Donald to be able to hear the replies as well, we must only have one person talking at a time.
[777] I want you just to close your eyes for one minute everybody please.
[778] And I want you to think about the sound that you, not touching anybody!
[779] ... Sit down on your bottom and close your eyes please!
[780] Everybody else can do it except for you.
[781] ... Now, close your eyes please very carefully.
[782] I want you to think ... not just about the story of the seal wife ... no, on your bottom ... eyes closed.
[783] ... I want you to think about the sounds that you heard.
[784] ... The sounds that Angus heard and the sounds that his wife heard ... and the songs that they sung.
[785] ... Now ... how could you describe those sounds?
[786] What did they sound like to you?
[787] When you've got an idea or something to say, put your hand in the air please.
[788] ... What did those sounds ... sound like?
[789] ... Alright.
[790] Open your eyes everybody.
[791] ... What could those sounds sound like to you?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [792] Gentle.
(F72PS000) [793] Gentle.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [794] The song sounded beautiful and lonely.
(F72PS000) [795] Beautiful and lonely the song.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [796] Soft.
(F72PS000) [797] Soft.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [798] [...] forgotten.
(F72PS000) [799] Doesn't matter.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [800] Wavy.
(F72PS000) [801] Wavy?
[802] That's interesting.
[803] ... What were you gonna say?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [804] Can't remember.
(F72PS000) [805] Quite right, it was very wavy wasn't it?
[806] That's a very good word to use, that one.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [807] Musical [...] .
(F72PS000) [808] Musical.
[809] Now I want you to think about what sort of ... what sort of thing you mean by musical because we know it was musical.
[810] But what did it feel like?
[811] Somebody said wavy, and that was a shape ... almost.
[812] There was a feel to that as well because it was moving a lot wasn't it?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [813] Hands up first please.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [814] It sounded like the sea.
(F72PS000) [815] Like the sea.
[816] And what does the sea sound like to you?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [817] I know.
[818] I know.
(F72PS000) [819] Shh shh.
[820] Everybody might think something different.
[821] ... Is it a gentle sound or a fierce sound?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [822] A soft sound.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [823] A soft sound.
[824] Right.
[825] What were you gonna say?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [826] A kind sound.
[827] I thought it was ... a rolling sound.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [828] I thought it was a rough sound.
(F72PS000) [829] You thought it was rough did you?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [830] Shh shh shh.
[831] Put your hands up if you want to speak please, and then we won't have two people talking together.
[832] Right.
[833] What did you want to say?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [834] Tender.
(F72PS000) [835] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [836] Tender.
(F72PS000) [837] Tender?
[838] That's a very interesting word to use.
[839] Yes.
[840] Why did you say tender?
[841] ... What made you think of a tender thing to say?
[842] ... Sorry? ...
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [843] Gentle.
[844] ... Gentle.
(F72PS000) [845] Gentle, yes that's another ... nice thing to do.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [846] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [847] Bit louder please. ...
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [848] Tingly.
(F72PS000) [849] Tingly?
[850] Yes, that's a good word to use too.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [851] Erm what?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [852] Sealy?
[853] ... Sealy?
[854] Yeah that's interesting.
[855] That's a new word to me, a sealy sound.
[856] Alright.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [857] Soft. [...]
(F72PS000) [858] A soft sound.
[859] Alright.
[860] Another job for your memories to do.
[861] Sit on your bottoms please.
[862] I want you to think back to the story of Mufaro
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [863] Mufaro [...]
(F72PS000) [864] And the two girls ... I beg your pardon?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [865] Er what story [...] ?
(F72PS000) [866] The story of the African sisters
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [867] Oh yes.
(F72PS000) [868] who went to the king.
[869] The older sister, Manyara, left her village and went all alone through the forest to the city, all by herself.
[870] ... What was that jungle like?
[871] ... What did it feel like?
[872] What did it sound like?
[873] ... Who can think of a word to describe that jungle and that girl all by herself.
[874] You can use more than one word if you want.
[875] ... I want everybody to think of a word please.
[876] Can you think of a word to describe that jungle where the girl went?
[877] ... Well you kept thinking about it.
[878] We might ask to hear some of those sounds again in a minute [...] .
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [879] Scary.
(F72PS000) [880] Scary.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [881] Well you can just say it again.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [882] Scary.
(F72PS000) [883] That's fine. ...
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [884] Very ... very scary. [...]
(F72PS000) [885] But, tell me again, later.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [886] Windy.
(F72PS000) [887] Windy.
[888] A bit windy maybe.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [889] Spooky.
(F72PS000) [890] Spooky.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [891] Rustly.
(F72PS000) [892] Rusty.
[893] That's interesting.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [894] No rustly.
(F72PS000) [895] Rustly.
[896] I beg your pardon.
[897] Rustly.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [898] Terrifying.
(F72PS000) [899] Terrifying.
[900] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [901] Echoy.
(F72PS000) [902] Echoing.
[903] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [904] Scared.
[905] Really really scared.
(F72PS000) [906] Scared.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [907] Creepy.
(F72PS000) [908] Creepy.
[909] Boys, can you think of some words to describe it?
[910] Well if you can play, you can also think.
[911] So I'm gonna ask both of you for a word specially in a moment to describe what it was like for that girl in the jungle.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [912] Scary [...]
(F72PS000) [913] In a moment.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [914] Spooky.
[915] Have you got a word [...] ?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [916] Scary.
(F72PS000) [917] Scary.
[918] We've had scary already.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [919] Tangly.
(F72PS000) [920] Tangly?
[921] Oh that's an interesting word.
[922] Tangly.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [923] Oh yes, what's yours?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [924] Er ... dark?
(F72PS000) [925] It was certainly dark.
[926] And would you like to be in that jungle?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [927] No.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [928] I would.
[929] Yeah, yeah.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [930] All by yourself?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [931] [...] with their heads under their arms?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [932] Yeah. [...]
(F72PS000) [933] Not now.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [934] I'm still listening.
[935] I'm still listening.
[936] Shh shh shh.
[937] I'm still listening.
[938] Three more words.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [939] Horrible.
(F72PS000) [940] Horrible.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [941] Erm I forgot.
(F72PS000) [942] I forgot.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [943] Frightening.
(F72PS000) [944] Frightening and
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [945] Oh yes.
[946] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [947] [...] Sometimes when it's a little bit silent it can be frightening can't it?
[948] And ... sorry, what did you want to say over here please?
[949] ... What was, did you have a word?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [950] Right.
[951] Alright, we'll ask them.
[952] Did you have a word as well to describe what it was like in that jungle?
[953] ... Cos I think you're good at words.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [954] I've got a feeling that you're very good at talking.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [955] How would you describe, if you'd been through that jungle ... what would you have said?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [956] Right let's hear the boys' two words then.
[957] What word were you gonna say for the jungle?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [958] Terror. ...
(F72PS000) [959] I've struck dumb this ... cracked it.
(F72PS003) [960] Isn't that strange.
(F72PS000) [961] We've cracked it.
[962] The first time ever.
[963] If you don't tell us this word now
(F72PS003) [964] First time [...] and [...] haven't got a word.
(F72PS000) [965] you're not allowed to speak for the rest of the week.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [966] [...] he's hiding over there.
(F72PS000) [967] No he's not hiding cos he's just ... at the back.
[968] And what's your word gonna be?
(F72PS003) [969] [...] not very good at hiding.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [970] Dark.
[971] [...] . Pardon?
(F72PS000) [972] What's your word going to be?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [973] [...] horrid.
(F72PS000) [974] Horrid.
[975] Alright fine.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [976] [...] dark.
(F72PS000) [977] Dark.
[978] Well done.
[979] And your last word?
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [980] Spiky.
(F72PS000) [981] Spiky.
[982] Very good indeed.
[983] Hands down please.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [984] Now listen
(F72PS003) [985] Will you please stop [...]
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [986] We just want to say thank you very much to all of you for coming and listening.
[987] But there's one thing that you have to remember.
[988] I said at the beginning that you were gonna come and listen to our stories ... you also had to
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [989] tell other people the stories as well.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [990] Well, next time you're babysitting you can tell the baby.
[991] So we've only got one thing more to do for you.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [992] Everybody.
[993] We've only got one thing more that we can give to you and that's a good clap to show you how much we've appreciated you listening.
[994] Thank you very much indeed.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [995] [clapping] Thank you [...]
(F72PS000) [996] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...] [clapping]
(F72PS000) [997] Alright.
[998] And Donald's gonna go and take away all those words and he's gonna put them all into a dictionary all by himself.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]
(F72PS000) [999] Right now everybody, without making any other sound and leaving the shelves just were they are, can you all stand up.
[1000] ... Don't move just stand up.
Unknown speaker (F72PSUNK) [...]