BNC Text F75

[Mounting a picture: demonstration]. Sample containing about 606 words speech recorded in educational context

3 speakers recorded by respondent number C17

PS1L0 Ag4 m (Andrew, age 46, teacher) unspecified
F75PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
F75PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 077401 recorded on 1992-07-16. LocationNorthumberland: North Shields ( Ralph Gardner high school ) Activity: demonstration of mounting a picture

Undivided text

Andrew (PS1L0) [1] Kelly.
[2] You are once again doing it completely and utterly wrong.
[3] [...] at the wrong place again.
[4] Kelly you have been using
Unknown speaker (F75PSUNK) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1L0) [5] Kelly, you've done it again.
Unknown speaker (F75PSUNK) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1L0) [6] Can you walk the right way, no, now do it right Kelly.
[7] Let's see you actually do something for a change. [...] .
Unknown speaker (F75PSUNK) [8] How do you do this one down here?
Andrew (PS1L0) [9] You should have.
Unknown speaker (F75PSUNK) [...]
Andrew (PS1L0) [10] What else have you been doing wrong Kelly?
[11] [...] . You've been using a brush instead of a spatula for spreading glue.
Unknown speaker (F75PSUNK) [12] The spatula [...] .
Andrew (PS1L0) [13] Right.
[14] Now ... I hope that ... only Kelly has been doing things as desperately wrong ... as Kelly has been doing them.
[15] Looking around at all the [...] there are a whole lot of people who have left the same even border all the way round instead of having an even border top and sides and leaving a bigger border at the bottom.
[16] Which you'll remember you were told to do so that there's a space For your name.
[17] Sarah stand up and come over here.
[18] Sam, will you stop doing that please my love and come across here so that you two don't [...] .
[19] I'm using a white colour pencil here ... in order to ... draw a line from [...] to the work that is being mounted on here.
[20] And you might say that the word has not been mounted on there.
[21] No it hasn't because we [...] .
[22] ... Can you see what I'm doing without me having to [...] ?
[23] Or are you baffled by what you see? ...
Unknown speaker (F75PSUNK) [24] [...] ?
Andrew (PS1L0) [25] Mm?
[26] [...] No.
[27] [...] it's a demonstration and the, the line itself ... is like framed within a frame.
[28] And I should imagine that the ... light paper's the backing paper and that I've already glued my work on the ... [...] paper and my ... my picture is already glued just there.
Unknown speaker (F75PSUNK) [29] Can I have my sellotape back?
Andrew (PS1L0) [30] And I'm now drawing
Unknown speaker (F75PSUNK) [31] Sorry.
Andrew (PS1L0) [32] a white line about half a centimetre from the edge of the ... work being put on.
[33] Right this is a ... decorative line round the sides of [...] .
[34] Does that make sense?
[35] Just a white line.
Unknown speaker (F75PSUNK) [...]
Andrew (PS1L0) [36] Now you can make that look even smarter by making a second white line on the outside.
[37] ... And then moving the erm ruler slightly away from the border ... for the second line ... over the top of it which makes it thicker.
[38] So you've got a thin white line on the inside and a thicker white line on the outside.
[39] That's point one.
[40] Point two is this, that I made the bottom border there ... er ... about [...] be exactly five centimetres.
[41] And I'm going to ... put a guide line which is one erm er half ... a centimetre from the side there [...] .
Unknown speaker (F75PSUNK) [...] ...
Andrew (PS1L0) [42] Yes Christine, can I help you? ...
Unknown speaker (F75PSUNK) [...]
Andrew (PS1L0) [43] I've put two very ... faint white lines there in white.
[44] You could use ordinary pencil, are you alright Bruce?
[45] Have you lost something?
Unknown speaker (F75PSUNK) [46] Aye I was just [...]
Unknown speaker (F75PSUNK) [...]
Andrew (PS1L0) [47] You then write your name in block capitals.
[48] What's your name?
[49] Jane?
[50] J A Y N
Unknown speaker (F75PSUNK) [51] [...] ?
Andrew (PS1L0) [52] Yeah.
[53] So imagine you were writing Jayne here ... J ... now it's a very long name, Jayne and you have to put the title on there too, so I couldn't put it all in capital letters on this occasion could I?
[54] Probably that was a little bit on the, the large side anyway so ... I would use lower case as well on this one, a bit like, a bit like junior school writing.
[55] Do you know what I mean?
[56] ... Then it'll fit on very easily.
[57] You have to use your common sense.
[58] But you can see how a white pencil on that paper, that's going to look quite smart.
[59] Without, without the picture.
[60] So ... that's the next stage.
[61] Go. ...
Unknown speaker (F75PSUNK) [...]