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[Audio Description Action Group: meeting]. Sample containing about 13815 words speech recorded in business context

8 speakers recorded by respondent number C22

PS1LG Ag2 m (Robert, age 30+, arts officer) unspecified
PS1LH Ag2 m (Brian, age 30+, theatre manager) unspecified
PS1LJ Ag4 f (Iris, age 50+, audio services) unspecified
PS1LK Ag2 f (Jane, age 30+, social worker) unspecified
PS1LL Ag3 f (Cathy, age 40+, social worker) unspecified
F7CPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
F7CPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
F7CPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 077802 recorded on 1992-09-01. LocationUnknown ( meeting room ) Activity: meeting of audio description action group meeting

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Cathy (PS1LL) [1] No
Jane (PS1LK) [2] No, right
Iris (PS1LJ) [3] Ah
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [4] they won't do
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [laugh]
Cathy (PS1LL) [5] they won't do a thing for the children in their old blind school because R B E A have got so much money we don't put our [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [6] Yes, aha, yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [7] money into the school
Jane (PS1LK) [8] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [9] cos there they can do it themselves
Iris (PS1LJ) [10] I agree they shouldn't buy the tickets because they're the
Jane (PS1LK) [11] They shouldn't
Iris (PS1LJ) [12] ones that have provided us, have a go at [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [13] They are loaded they're loaded
Jane (PS1LK) [14] Well there is other things they do want you on special, er pantomime before the school breaks up you know
Cathy (PS1LL) [15] They of course
Brian (PS1LH) [16] Mhm
Jane (PS1LK) [17] perhaps we could organize it or something
Brian (PS1LH) [18] A target one for kids and one for
Jane (PS1LK) [19] Yes
Iris (PS1LJ) [20] Yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [21] A standard audience
Cathy (PS1LL) [22] We should get back to R B A, they're the ones who supply the equipment
Robert (PS1LG) [23] Yeah
Brian (PS1LH) [24] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [25] they've got one of them
Cathy (PS1LL) [26] and that, none of their children go, maybe, maybe that's a way
Iris (PS1LJ) [27] Absolutely
Cathy (PS1LL) [28] to do it.
Robert (PS1LG) [29] Well I think that would be worth looking into
Cathy (PS1LL) [30] Yes
Iris (PS1LJ) [31] Right, definitely
Robert (PS1LG) [32] if Brian could make the sort of
Brian (PS1LH) [33] Oh contact the
Iris (PS1LJ) [34] Oh yes that's a good idea
Cathy (PS1LL) [35] Yes, yes get a letter out and come back to me [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [36] What about, to go back to the idea of scheduling and things
Jane (PS1LK) [37] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [38] Scheduling, yes
Robert (PS1LG) [39] I mean
Cathy (PS1LL) [40] Yes Doris is seeing to that
Robert (PS1LG) [41] the difficulty is is we need a mechanism, but the
Cathy (PS1LL) [42] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [43] difficulty is we, what we I think need to do is, is establish who is actually arranging dates
Cathy (PS1LL) [44] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [45] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [46] I mean, I think we're stuck, we're obviously stuck with a
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [47] on the sixth
Jane (PS1LK) [48] Oh yes, yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [49] and the thirty nine and that
Iris (PS1LJ) [50] Right
Robert (PS1LG) [51] for the variety of reasons, but I think what's obviously important is if there is any more date arranging going on
Jane (PS1LK) [52] Yes, yes
Robert (PS1LG) [53] by whoever
Jane (PS1LK) [54] Mm
Robert (PS1LG) [55] that there is that sort, kind of, everybody keeps in touch with everybody else erm
Iris (PS1LJ) [56] I think that's diff you see I, I don't think that's possible for everybody to keep in touch with everybody else, I think you've got to have one person, that everybody looks to, to say, right [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [57] All the dates are centre that, one person is that one
Robert (PS1LG) [58] I mean it could work on that basis then, that if, for example, I'm just thinking about, well just from my point of view, when i was arranging that date in Stirling with the Oxford people, I could of said well, Thursday's okay with me is it okay with you until I've checked with
Jane (PS1LK) [59] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [60] whoever it is upstairs
Iris (PS1LJ) [61] Right
Robert (PS1LG) [62] kind of thing
Iris (PS1LJ) [63] Mhm and provided it's only one person it's not that difficult
Cathy (PS1LL) [64] It's not that difficult
Iris (PS1LJ) [65] It's not you see because every person [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [66] Have to check it with everybody
Brian (PS1LH) [67] Yes, you'll have to buy a chart for that one person
Jane (PS1LK) [68] Yes, the only thing is that, that in, in each city now
Iris (PS1LJ) [69] Mm
Jane (PS1LK) [70] well Glasgow and Edinburgh anyway cos
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [71] that's the other thing now
Jane (PS1LK) [72] you need perhaps someone in each area to be coordinating
Iris (PS1LJ) [73] again yes
Jane (PS1LK) [74] all the de you know, because they've got the describers, whoever is in charge of the describers knows when they can spare people, oh no I can't do that week because we've
Iris (PS1LJ) [75] Right
Jane (PS1LK) [76] already got tied up
Robert (PS1LG) [77] Yes, that's right
Jane (PS1LK) [78] so it really has to be the person in each city erm who then gets together with a general coordinator.
Brian (PS1LH) [79] For this in Edinburgh there is a sort of a forum where er organizations are set themselves round the table and say this is what, the sort of idea that we're gonna do for the next year and a half
Cathy (PS1LL) [80] Right
Jane (PS1LK) [81] Mhm, yes
Brian (PS1LH) [82] so that we don't clash with each other statistically
Jane (PS1LK) [83] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [84] So you don't have
Brian (PS1LH) [85] so we could take it from that stage even
Cathy (PS1LL) [86] Aha yes
Jane (PS1LK) [87] Yes
Iris (PS1LJ) [88] Yes that's, that's it you see
Cathy (PS1LL) [89] Mhm
Brian (PS1LH) [90] I've been trying to spot room for that
Robert (PS1LG) [91] Is this what's erm
Jane (PS1LK) [92] Try and take it back a step yes
Iris (PS1LJ) [93] Aha
Robert (PS1LG) [94] As a kind of clash diary
Iris (PS1LJ) [95] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [96] but it's also linked, I mean the other thing that I've got at the back of my mind, is a kind of nightmare, is that when we were talking about the Festival around about March ... that you know, we spoke to Ingy er you know as a group and then that was all fine and we kept er going along and then, and then there was that sort of dreadful phone call I had from Linda along the lines as I'm not sure if I've got any describers [laugh]
Jane (PS1LK) [97] That's right, because it's August
Cathy (PS1LL) [98] Oh yes
Robert (PS1LG) [99] because it's August
Jane (PS1LK) [100] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [101] you know, part of me was thinking well just a minute you know this service is if blind people can offer describers, but on the other hand people are entitled to go away on holiday
Jane (PS1LK) [102] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [103] Exactly, mm
Robert (PS1LG) [104] and so you know it is a sort of, I mean it's exactly what Iris is saying it's a meeting with minds in a way because we need to know that, that
Jane (PS1LK) [105] Yes, because in that case you could of, we could of drawn in people, describers from Perth
Robert (PS1LG) [106] Yes Connie
Jane (PS1LK) [107] who knows next year we'll be, we say Glasgow or
Iris (PS1LJ) [108] That's right
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [109] but, but people should also be aware that the Festival is always in August [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [110] Yeah quite
Jane (PS1LK) [111] Exactly, yes [laugh]
Cathy (PS1LL) [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [112] Yes, and, and I'm prepared to, I mean
Cathy (PS1LL) [113] And these people all live in Edinburgh
Jane (PS1LK) [114] Yes exactly
Iris (PS1LJ) [115] That's why they're all tired
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [laugh]
Jane (PS1LK) [116] Rent out their houses
Cathy (PS1LL) [117] That's right
Robert (PS1LG) [118] I mean I was thinking that you can actually with Linda actually you know because I loiter Linda today's meeting obviously
Cathy (PS1LL) [119] [laugh] She was on holiday
Robert (PS1LG) [120] and you know
Cathy (PS1LL) [121] Yeah [laugh] I thought that was lovely
Robert (PS1LG) [122] they said she was on holiday, you know, erm and you know, so I mean
Jane (PS1LK) [123] Mm
Iris (PS1LJ) [124] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [125] maybe this year because it's you know the first kind of year of it
Iris (PS1LJ) [126] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [127] and maybe next year people will take their holidays another time
Iris (PS1LJ) [128] Mm
Robert (PS1LG) [129] but there are all these kind of variations to build into this problem, I mean I don't know we could, I feel we could almost talk, talk around this for, for hours
Iris (PS1LJ) [130] Mm
Robert (PS1LG) [131] to sort of see some way around it, but I mean it's a, it's a problem of the scheduling both by the theatres
Iris (PS1LJ) [132] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [133] because you know the other thing to take into this is the
Iris (PS1LJ) [134] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [135] sort of thing we've talked about as well with, with the Edinburgh and Glasgow Kings
Iris (PS1LJ) [136] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [137] the Kings theatres in towns where by and large they're showing the same shows
Brian (PS1LH) [138] Mm
Iris (PS1LJ) [139] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [140] and sometimes they go to Glasgow first
Iris (PS1LJ) [141] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [142] and then they go to Edinburgh
Iris (PS1LJ) [143] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [144] and sometimes they go from Edinburgh to Glasgow
Cathy (PS1LL) [145] And they usually go to Aberdeen
Robert (PS1LG) [146] sometimes they go to Aberdeen
Iris (PS1LJ) [147] That's right, yes
Robert (PS1LG) [148] sometimes they come to Edinburgh and then go away for six months and come back to Glasgow
Jane (PS1LK) [149] Yeah
Iris (PS1LJ) [150] Yes, yes that's right
Robert (PS1LG) [151] and I'm quite keen to sort of have that
Iris (PS1LJ) [152] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [153] I mean you're never going to control, you're never going to be on top of it but I mean
Iris (PS1LJ) [154] No
Jane (PS1LK) [155] Oh no it's not, never, doubt it
Robert (PS1LG) [156] like Alligator Gun for example I know is coming to the, to the Kings up the road here quite soon and then it's going to Glasgow later on, and I keep thinking every time this sort of thing, thing's happening I keep thinking we could be dealing with these
Iris (PS1LJ) [157] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [158] we could actually be doing
Iris (PS1LJ) [159] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [160] you know, erm this, sometimes they go to the Theatre Royal to complicate things, but you know,
Iris (PS1LJ) [161] Mm
Robert (PS1LG) [162] Playhouse and things but it's different theatres, but
Iris (PS1LJ) [163] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [164] you know I just keep thinking the stuff's on the way round and there ought to be some way of doing it, but I, you know, I mean maybe Brian's idea of the, the, the organizations in the ci ci but that doesn't help me you know with a, with a
Brian (PS1LH) [165] You still need a key person who's going to
Jane (PS1LK) [166] Yes you do
Iris (PS1LJ) [167] You still need, yes
Jane (PS1LK) [168] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [169] to sit on the information
Iris (PS1LJ) [170] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [171] I think so, there's got to be one person I mean I thought about this long and hard and there's just no way, it cannot be done by committee it would not work cos then
Jane (PS1LK) [172] No it won't
Cathy (PS1LL) [173] you've got people phoning oh, but I told er Linda
Jane (PS1LK) [174] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [175] oh, but I told Iris, oh but I told Jane
Jane (PS1LK) [176] That's right
Cathy (PS1LL) [177] and you've got all this people not, you know
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [178] And the information just never comes
Cathy (PS1LL) [179] Never gets together
Jane (PS1LK) [180] Everybody
Iris (PS1LJ) [181] That's right
Cathy (PS1LL) [182] so it's got to be one person and it's got
Iris (PS1LJ) [183] you're all little bits, innit?
Cathy (PS1LL) [184] to be soon because that's already
Iris (PS1LJ) [185] Mm, be soon
Robert (PS1LG) [186] Yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [187] happened
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [188] but that's gonna happen again
Robert (PS1LG) [189] Yeah, I think it'll happen again in the spring
Cathy (PS1LL) [190] it's only a matter of time
Robert (PS1LG) [191] At least we've got dates here for the Lyceum for
Iris (PS1LJ) [192] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [193] till April
Iris (PS1LJ) [194] Yes and I've got Brampton till November
Robert (PS1LG) [195] so we can sort of put those into our
Iris (PS1LJ) [196] September
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [197] I think what I personally think what you need is a coordinator in Glasgow, a coordinator in Edinburgh to get together with a general coordinator who's going to cover Perth, Stirling
Iris (PS1LJ) [198] Yeah
Jane (PS1LK) [199] Aberdeen, erm and get together and decide what they want, discussing dates
Robert (PS1LG) [200] Yeah
Jane (PS1LK) [201] because the coordinator are the ones who know if they
Robert (PS1LG) [202] what's
Jane (PS1LK) [203] have to describe and
Robert (PS1LG) [204] Yes and the people on the ground, well Linda is obviously the, the other recorder
(F7CPS000) [205] Yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [206] and you're obviously
Iris (PS1LJ) [207] I'm hoping that Wendy 's going to be
Jane (PS1LK) [208] Oh
Iris (PS1LJ) [209] at Glasgow, yes
Robert (PS1LG) [210] If she's going to take over, well obviously if those two come together
Iris (PS1LJ) [211] if she doesn't get a job [laugh] , I hope she doesn't get a job, that's not very nice thing to say, she's so good, so
Cathy (PS1LL) [212] You know Wendy she's so good at it these
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [213] she'll coordinate the Glasgow ones and erm
Jane (PS1LK) [214] Right
Iris (PS1LJ) [215] that'll save me phoning up to say can I have a script please
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [216] And that for you to take them all
Iris (PS1LJ) [217] That's right
Cathy (PS1LL) [218] Aha
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [219] Well the other thing that's in the back of my mind is I happen to know that Cath is just taking on a new worker
Cathy (PS1LL) [220] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [221] would she be able to ... is this a full time worker you've got?
Cathy (PS1LL) [222] Yes she is a full time worker
Robert (PS1LG) [223] Working beside you
Cathy (PS1LL) [224] She's full time worker and er she's a clerical typists, typist so
Robert (PS1LG) [225] And so she's more or less chained to a desk then is she?
Cathy (PS1LL) [226] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [227] Nine to five?
Cathy (PS1LL) [228] Or whatever
Robert (PS1LG) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [229] because that's the other problem with people like me is, I'm all over the place all the time.
Cathy (PS1LL) [230] Yes she can certainly
Robert (PS1LG) [231] I've only got a part time back up you see
Cathy (PS1LL) [232] she could certainly erm offer any, you know, assistance in whatever way ... the only thing is that erm
Iris (PS1LJ) [233] She doesn't really know the theatres so that's the thing
Cathy (PS1LL) [234] No, no, now she doesn't know any theatres and she doesn't no that's
Iris (PS1LJ) [235] Yeah, you see that's , we really need someone who's involved to be honest
Cathy (PS1LL) [236] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [237] Yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [238] no, be honest about that, certainly doesn't, she's there, she's certainly there and can offer any assistance you know erm
Robert (PS1LG) [239] I'm just thinking maybe of a central diary or something, that someone would keep, someone who you know you could relay them with phones
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [240] say what's happening on the twenty third of January
Cathy (PS1LL) [241] I mean I er, if Wendy is dealing is goi well perhaps going to be dealing with a
Iris (PS1LJ) [242] Yes, aha
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [243] do you feel that leaves you freer to
Jane (PS1LK) [244] Well I'm freer to do, I mean I, I got, I wanted to be free because I was getting tied up with that and I was getting tied up with persons, but not agreeing everything
Robert (PS1LG) [245] Mm
Jane (PS1LK) [246] and I felt I was being spread in so many directions erm, that erm I wanted to get rid of the Glasgow coordination
Cathy (PS1LL) [247] Aha
Jane (PS1LK) [248] so
Robert (PS1LG) [249] You could tell the day
Jane (PS1LK) [250] Yeah, mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [251] Shall we try that then?
Cathy (PS1LL) [252] You see Iris has got an answer for you
Jane (PS1LK) [253] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [254] Yes that's another thing
Cathy (PS1LL) [255] and you can't say this, because I've got to say this for you
Iris (PS1LJ) [256] [laugh] That's right
Cathy (PS1LL) [257] because you're blind Iris I've got to say because
Iris (PS1LJ) [laugh]
Cathy (PS1LL) [258] You know, I mean, I'm just thinking out loud, it has to be someone that you can leave messages with
Iris (PS1LJ) [259] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [260] so that's the thing
Jane (PS1LK) [261] You've got to get hold of them too
Cathy (PS1LL) [262] You've got to be able to
Iris (PS1LJ) [263] Yes, aha ...
Cathy (PS1LL) [264] erm, I certainly am worried about it, cos I can see, and see when it starts getting out of hand like this, see
Iris (PS1LJ) [265] Yes, yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [266] when it starts going wrong you'll get you'll get
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [267] going ah, wait a minute
Iris (PS1LJ) [268] Yes exactly
Robert (PS1LG) [269] Exactly
Cathy (PS1LL) [270] and blind people go wait a minute you know, I want to go to this and I want to go to that
Robert (PS1LG) [271] Cos the other thing that's worrying me coming up is Christmas
Iris (PS1LJ) [272] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [273] Oh that'll be a nightmare
Iris (PS1LJ) [274] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [275] because there's that thing
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [276] you were saying about, the visits
Iris (PS1LJ) [277] Visits, yes
Robert (PS1LG) [278] and, and our friend in Glasgow West Society not
Iris (PS1LJ) [279] Oh yes
Robert (PS1LG) [280] organizing tickets and
Iris (PS1LJ) [281] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [282] Remember last year remember all that
Robert (PS1LG) [283] the only, the only date is the sixth
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [284] we landed up with no idea of the description, on one of the pantomime performances because he wouldn't arrange the date and then
Jane (PS1LK) [285] Well I mean the thing is, as soon as the Citizens open the box office for pantomime, I phoned them and said
Cathy (PS1LL) [286] Good
Jane (PS1LK) [287] open and book
Cathy (PS1LL) [288] good
Jane (PS1LK) [289] now
Cathy (PS1LL) [290] yes
Jane (PS1LK) [291] and what did he do, he didn't book now
Cathy (PS1LL) [292] Oh no
Jane (PS1LK) [293] and the first time by
Cathy (PS1LL) [294] I don't wish
Jane (PS1LK) [295] the time he phoned he could only get Friday of the first week
Cathy (PS1LL) [296] Oh that's hopeless for children
Jane (PS1LK) [297] now I can't say no
Cathy (PS1LL) [298] Of course not
Jane (PS1LK) [299] because we have, because it's for the children, so I said we'll do it, but that gives us an awful crush to get it in Friday the first week
Cathy (PS1LL) [300] Exactly, and also it's
Jane (PS1LK) [301] and he said I have to admit I didn't act on your phone call and I felt like braining him I really did
Iris (PS1LJ) [302] Surprise, surprise
Cathy (PS1LL) [303] Why couldn't you of just said yes well you, well you just
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...] [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [304] two years running you
Jane (PS1LK) [305] Two years running, yes, last year we did two separate audio
Cathy (PS1LL) [306] Last year we did two, two separate audio descriptions
Jane (PS1LK) [307] He shouldn't mess it up
Robert (PS1LG) [308] Well I think this is another case actually where I think in, in that
Cathy (PS1LL) [309] Yes it is
Robert (PS1LG) [310] situation that, you know, hopefully by next Christmas we'll we'll maybe be a bit
Jane (PS1LK) [311] Maybe, maybe we'll get a coordinator who will just say I'll book the seats for you
Brian (PS1LH) [312] It's not far away
Robert (PS1LG) [313] Yes quite, exactly and
Cathy (PS1LL) [314] You owe us
Iris (PS1LJ) [315] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [316] We'll, we'll move it into a position where, you know, maybe we can bring the Sid, Sid on this well as well and say
Iris (PS1LJ) [317] Just send the bill to Glasgow then
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [318] that's right
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [319] maybe, maybe it's something that which may emerge as well with you
Iris (PS1LJ) [320] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [321] if you talk successfully to the R B A
Cathy (PS1LL) [322] Yes oh yes watch, watch yourself over Christmas it's very complex, yes because I mean the whole point innit is to have the audio description and also it should be, it should into the runs, so that
Jane (PS1LK) [323] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [324] so that it is
Robert (PS1LG) [325] People will have time
Cathy (PS1LL) [326] nearer, nearer to Christmas because Christmas Eve would actually be the perfect time to do for children
Jane (PS1LK) [327] Yes, exactly
Cathy (PS1LL) [328] I mean children just get more and more excited
Robert (PS1LG) [329] Yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [330] and, and er, Alan, Alan actually said to me last year why I don't see the importance of audio description anyway
Jane (PS1LK) [331] Eh
Cathy (PS1LL) [332] oh well I mean that was red rag to the bull
Robert (PS1LG) [333] I don't think he ever, ever has, has he?
Jane (PS1LK) [334] Well I've got people on my committee who are on R B A board
Cathy (PS1LL) [335] Oh
Jane (PS1LK) [336] and they, that's why we got the equipment of course and they all support it and Jim supports it
Cathy (PS1LL) [337] Jim's
Jane (PS1LK) [338] so there shouldn't be any problem
Cathy (PS1LL) [339] No
Jane (PS1LK) [340] through that
Cathy (PS1LL) [341] The chairman
Robert (PS1LG) [342] Mhm
Jane (PS1LK) [343] There shouldn't be any problem, but I mean he won't ... won't
Robert (PS1LG) [344] Right
Jane (PS1LK) [345] instruct the school to do anything about it
Cathy (PS1LL) [346] No
Jane (PS1LK) [347] but we might be able to convince him.
Robert (PS1LG) [348] So what we've agreed then is that,f f you're hoping that Wendy
Jane (PS1LK) [349] Wendy
Robert (PS1LG) [350] is that E or I?
Jane (PS1LK) [351] she actually [spelling] []
Iris (PS1LJ) [352] Yes
Jane (PS1LK) [353] she actually volunteered, ha
Iris (PS1LJ) [354] Oh she's sweet
Robert (PS1LG) [355] Would take over the coordinator and Linda
Iris (PS1LJ) [356] Linda
Jane (PS1LK)
Robert (PS1LG) [357] through here
Jane (PS1LK) [358] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [359] Yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [360] and obviously
Cathy (PS1LL) [361] And my offer of help still stands for Wendy
Robert (PS1LG) [362] Right,
Cathy (PS1LL) [363] because
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [364] the typing
Robert (PS1LG) [365] that Iris will still keep the diary as it was
Iris (PS1LJ) [366] Yes, lovely
Robert (PS1LG) [367] Iris would actually and maybe what we should do is buy a diary
Iris (PS1LJ) [368] Yep
Robert (PS1LG) [369] and I could have it a year diary in fact
Iris (PS1LJ) [370] Yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [371] because that's the sort of seasons you guys tell me what
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [372] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [373] erm ... and you know and that would be their kind of bible [laugh] get one with a lock on [laugh]
Iris (PS1LJ) [374] Yeah [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [375] and er, you know we, we would just have to
Iris (PS1LJ) [376] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [377] set up that mechanism that you know
Iris (PS1LJ) [378] Aha, yes
Robert (PS1LG) [379] everybody and, you know
Jane (PS1LK) [380] Everybody checks them
Robert (PS1LG) [381] everybody checks with those three people
Cathy (PS1LL) [382] Yes I think so
Robert (PS1LG) [383] I mean in a way the purse thing is a bit more ... distant
Jane (PS1LK) [384] A slight more distant, yes
Robert (PS1LG) [385] but non the less if you're
Iris (PS1LJ) [386] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [387] I mean you're still gonna have a
Jane (PS1LK) [388] But Stirling isn't for instance, they'll want to consider their pantomime again
Iris (PS1LJ) [389] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [390] Yeah, yeah, so you know we need to sort of pull that together
Jane (PS1LK) [391] It's very important for the equipment as well if we're using the [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [392] Yes, it's the [...] as well
Iris (PS1LJ) [393] Exactly, yes, yes exactly
Robert (PS1LG) [394] all by and large I mean it's almost certainly
Iris (PS1LJ) [395] it's getting it from one place to the next
Jane (PS1LK) [396] Oh for instance, for instance
Cathy (PS1LL) [397] Same equipment for the same blind people
Jane (PS1LK) [398] Well come the twenty
Robert (PS1LG) [laugh]
Jane (PS1LK) [399] come the twenty fourth of September
Iris (PS1LJ) [400] Give it to the blind and they can take the equipment
Robert (PS1LG) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [401] equipment in Oc in Stirling then from Glasgow back
Cathy (PS1LL) [402] See
Jane (PS1LK) [403] induction
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [404] see
Jane (PS1LK) [405] which is a nuisance
Cathy (PS1LL) [406] now, well it's a nuisance but thank goodness at least it's there
Jane (PS1LK) [407] It's there
Cathy (PS1LL) [408] Yes but not they won't like you going back
Jane (PS1LK) [409] but it's, you know, it is a you won't like going back, no I don't like it either
Robert (PS1LG) [410] Mm
Jane (PS1LK) [411] if we had our, our second system in each city then
Cathy (PS1LL) [412] There we go
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [413] that's right
Jane (PS1LK) [414] Yes, mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [415] you can imagine, I mean
Robert (PS1LG) [sneeze]
Cathy (PS1LL) [416] come in and use it as a
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [417] centre and the phone and never thinking there that
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [418] yes
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [419] that's bad
Cathy (PS1LL) [420] That'll help and also for any the other coordinator unless they've got a problem because er
Robert (PS1LG) [421] Well can I say then that Iris will keep a diary
Iris (PS1LJ) [422] Right
Robert (PS1LG) [423] which is also the equipment diary, that, with back up from your
Iris (PS1LJ) [424] Yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [425] Yes, yes, it's a lot of work
Robert (PS1LG) [426] So, right I'm just wary of the time
Cathy (PS1LL) [427] Mm
Robert (PS1LG) [428] it's twenty past three
Cathy (PS1LL) [429] Mm
Jane (PS1LK) [430] Right
Robert (PS1LG) [431] erm, moving on, erm ... audio description in Scotland, no ... er since this, the last meeting, yes Cath and I have been talking about all that money, we had an entertaining day out
Cathy (PS1LL) [432] Entertaining day out
Robert (PS1LG) [433] and to cut a long story short, we went to see three possible funders, er funder one was T S B Foundation, where to cut a long story short I'm pretty sure that T S B er we, we have to put an application in for October I think we'll, we'll buy us another system ...
Cathy (PS1LL) [434] Only because the guy had lost his sight in Korea
Robert (PS1LG) [435] Mm
Jane (PS1LK) [436] Oh good
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [437] good [laugh]
Cathy (PS1LL) [438] So you should always send me
Robert (PS1LG) [439] Yes definitely definitely
Jane (PS1LK) [440] Of course
Cathy (PS1LL) [441] too late
Jane (PS1LK) [442] Oh yes I think you're right
Cathy (PS1LL) [443] if I hadn't of been blinded he was out the door
Robert (PS1LG) [444] So, er meeting number two was with Geoff from Carniki Trust and he er welcome, welcomed
Cathy (PS1LL) [445] Robert's, Robert's got a [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [446] us very warmly and erm
Cathy (PS1LL) [447] Oh yes
Jane (PS1LK) [448] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [449] and he's encouraged us to put an application in to do more, more so with the training side of things
Jane (PS1LK) [450] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [451] you and I will need to sort
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [452] ourselves on that, that's new
Cathy (PS1LL) [453] Er we just need to get the money and
Robert (PS1LG) [454] Yeah erm, yeah I know it's, it's writing the application a little bit
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [455] so that, that will be quite good, erm and lastly we went to meet with Sandra from Youth Out, fund employed theatrical fund, which was a meeting we weren't really allowed to have, and this is certainly not for the record
Cathy (PS1LL) [456] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [457] erm because I'd phoned up and asked for them, er my secretary had phoned up and asked for a meeting with her but the response was we're not allowed to meet with you, so we said okay, cos it's public money and things
Cathy (PS1LL) [458] It'll give us the edge, public money
Robert (PS1LG) [459] and then we arrived, [laugh] we arrived at
Cathy (PS1LL) [460] This is good
Robert (PS1LG) [461] where the Carniki Trust is in Dunfermline having just managed to get there on the petrol in the tank erm
Cathy (PS1LL) [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [462] we happened to go up the stair and er, the door was answered
Cathy (PS1LL) [463] The door was shut
Robert (PS1LG) [464] by this woman, who said, you know, who are you?
[465] What you want?
[466] So we said were Robert and
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [467] she sort of gave me an odd look
Cathy (PS1LL) [468] Aha
Robert (PS1LG) [469] went away and came back and said oh Mr will see you in a minute and it turned out it was Sandra
Iris (PS1LJ) [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [470] because Youth and Carniki I knew are in the same building, which is why we wanted to see you
Iris (PS1LJ) [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [471] and she said while, since you are here, I can meet with you
Cathy (PS1LL) [472] We won't talk to you
Robert (PS1LG) [473] I bump into a lot of people at conferences, so I haven't been able to write formally to thank you for the meeting because I don't want anything on the record then
Cathy (PS1LL) [474] She made us tea as well
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [475] Oh good, I read in today's newspaper
Cathy (PS1LL) [476] Oh
Jane (PS1LK) [477] erm on the train coming through that Esso have withdrawn the sponsorship from sports in Scotland
Robert (PS1LG) [478] Oh really?
Iris (PS1LJ) [479] Oh
Cathy (PS1LL) [480] Oh really?
Jane (PS1LK) [481] and they're going to concentrate on community
Cathy (PS1LL) [482] Ooh
Robert (PS1LG) [483] Ooh
Iris (PS1LJ) [484] ooh
Jane (PS1LK) [485] I thought we're a community
Robert (PS1LG) [486] Everybody likes that one [laugh]
Jane (PS1LK) [487] Esso immediately
Cathy (PS1LL) [488] Nice one
Iris (PS1LJ) [489] Esso, mm
Jane (PS1LK) [490] get in touch with Esso, oh yes
Brian (PS1LH) [491] Small flurry of ayes
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [492] That the one with the tiger or is it Shell?
Jane (PS1LK) [493] That's it
Robert (PS1LG) [494] Tiger
Iris (PS1LJ) [495] Esso's the tiger
Robert (PS1LG) [496] Esso's the tiger
Cathy (PS1LL) [497] Esso's the tiger
Jane (PS1LK) [498] Esso's the tiger, yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [499] Put a tiger in your audio description
Jane (PS1LK) [500] Yes
Iris (PS1LJ) [laugh]
Jane (PS1LK) [501] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [502] so and UFAF, UFAF is, is a, in fact UFAF I felt quite pleased about in a way because we'd, we'd analyzed Maggie and I had analyzed the documents and Jane and I and Graham and I had spoken about it as well, that they are principally interested in unemployed volunteers
Jane (PS1LK) [503] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [504] but not impulsively, but the, what I did have a concern about and I think we'll have to be a bit careful about this as we go forward is that, the audio description project is about audio description, youth and funding is about volunteers
Cathy (PS1LL) [505] Yes, she's quite clear in [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [506] whilst the two er obviously
Cathy (PS1LL) [507] Aha
Robert (PS1LG) [508] fit together
Cathy (PS1LL) [509] It's the way you [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [510] it's not quite the same
Jane (PS1LK) [511] No
Robert (PS1LG) [512] so it's not exactly like you're trying to put you know you're trying to put a right hand onto a left hand, but it, it's a certain element of that, erm having said that what do you think?
[513] I mean do you think she's going to respond well?
Cathy (PS1LL) [514] Oh definitely, aha Donna made out about that
Robert (PS1LG) [515] Yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [516] she said, she's very into Alan and she knows his work
Jane (PS1LK) [517] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [518] cos he's
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [519] I phoned Alan, erm their rehab unit
Jane (PS1LK) [520] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [521] is back to back, with Carniki in Dunfermline
Jane (PS1LK) [522] Yes, that's right
Cathy (PS1LL) [523] so you see she sees him coming and going, she sees the blind people coming and going, so hence the kind of yeah, so is that's it
Iris (PS1LJ) [524] Oh I knew that
Cathy (PS1LL) [525] so
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [526] I didn't know that
Cathy (PS1LL) [527] so that was
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [528] alright, there you are, you see so that's information on giving out.
Cathy (PS1LL) [529] Share this information, so no, I think she'll help and I think he'll help erm because of you, because obviously very committed to that
Robert (PS1LG) [530] Yeah
Iris (PS1LJ) [531] Aha
Cathy (PS1LL) [532] That should be quite good, but it's not enough of course
Robert (PS1LG) [533] No, I mean that, you know, that, that all kind of gets off the ground
Cathy (PS1LL) [534] Aha
Robert (PS1LG) [535] er, what, the next thing that I've agreed with, with Mary
Cathy (PS1LL) [536] Mm
Robert (PS1LG) [537] is that once obviously there is a specialist application to UFAF, to, to their forms
Cathy (PS1LL) [538] Mm
Robert (PS1LG) [539] there'd be a not quite a specialist application to Carniki, Carniki will be linked to UFAF
Jane (PS1LK) [540] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [541] due to the timing we have to apply to Carn , well the deadline for Carn Carn the deadline for UFAF comes first
Jane (PS1LK) [542] Yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [543] but will be considered second
Jane (PS1LK) [544] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [545] Mhm
Jane (PS1LK) [546] Not till December it's not considered
Robert (PS1LG) [547] That's right , the Carniki is the deadline is end of September and they'll considered it in October
Cathy (PS1LL) [548] Aha I see
Robert (PS1LG) [549] but it will become Carniki decision will be conditional on UFAF application, I think
Cathy (PS1LL) [550] Ah, which is a bit iffy
Jane (PS1LK) [551] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [552] but should be okay
Robert (PS1LG) [553] but since Geoffrey is actually one of the UFAF trustees as well it will all quickly fit in together
Jane (PS1LK) [554] It's all intermingled, yes
Iris (PS1LJ) [555] Oh yes
Robert (PS1LG) [556] But once we've agreed is, once, once I've done the work, we have done the work, I have done the work with you helping me, er I've written this application, what I want to do is turn that into a much more general one and then I can write to you know maybe twenty, twenty five trusts on a more general basis
Jane (PS1LK) [557] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [558] saying you know, we need a sum of money and Mary will help me with the marketing of that and hopefully after that we would, go on enough to keep us going, so hopefully by the time Christmas comes
Jane (PS1LK) [559] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [560] I mean we'll, we'll obviously have to sort of keep a, keep an eye on all this all the way through
Jane (PS1LK) [561] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [562] Can I say, I, I can express concern about that because I think that in terms of funding I've written A short term and B long term erm I think we've got a short term problem and
Robert (PS1LG) [563] Yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [564] I speak on behalf of Playback not as Playback itself, but as Playback being part of the Regional Council that can a bit, now I was at a meeting this morning where I, I sort of absolutely had to read the riot act about Playback because they do not have a set budget whether you know this or not, they don't have a standard budget as they should have, we've fought for this for years, what we do is, we survive through crisis to crisis, now some money has been extracted from the Playback budget and whilst I have to share two bits of Playback, you know, the, the actual Playback charitable, voluntary bit, and the Regional Council, I mean they, I, I can say that they do not have a backing of money that they can fall back on, too many backs there, but I mean really I would say that I would be concerned if it was Christmas before we were ready, I, I can't help but think if we could and I mean, very, very happy to work with, with anybody and everybody on this to try and get these things pulled up quite quickly, I mean if it's forms to be filled in then
Robert (PS1LG) [565] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [566] you know application and that, surely we could maybe tackle that quickly and then
Robert (PS1LG) [567] Sure, well
Cathy (PS1LL) [568] we would be in a position to have this letter because I'm getting anxious, I've written a logo first and then this long term, short term and they're connected
Robert (PS1LG) [569] Yeah, right
Cathy (PS1LL) [570] I think we need to move a bit faster
Robert (PS1LG) [571] Well when I say Christmas I mean that's actually decision, I mean we can't hurry the meeting that you've had and we can't hurry the meetings one we get
Cathy (PS1LL) [572] Yes decisions, no, no, no for the actual post of
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [573] all that stuff I appreciate that, but the actual raising of money and something
Robert (PS1LG) [574] Yeah, well, no I'm thinking that these, these applications have to be in both of them by the end of September and I don't
Jane (PS1LK) [575] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [576] see why the, the second string of the trust letters shouldn't be going out straight away after
Cathy (PS1LL) [577] Aha
Jane (PS1LK) [578] Straight away, yes
Robert (PS1LG) [579] But again you're always linked, you're always linked to
Cathy (PS1LL) [580] Aha, yes cos again I'd go for assistance on that, you know
Robert (PS1LG) [581] deadlines, a lot of these trusts only meet once a quarter
Cathy (PS1LL) [582] I know
Robert (PS1LG) [583] and you might get lucky
Jane (PS1LK) [584] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [585] Yeah
Jane (PS1LK) [586] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [587] and get in
Cathy (PS1LL) [588] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [589] but you might you know miss it by a week and got three months, two months, three weeks at the most
Cathy (PS1LL) [590] I just er, it would just be, I, I just, just would be concerned
Robert (PS1LG) [591] but your
Cathy (PS1LL) [592] you know
Robert (PS1LG) [593] Yeah, yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [594] that, that Playback's left, you know, for, for a very long time because I think you'll agree and
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [595] I know it was a decision taken by Playback and that you
Robert (PS1LG) [596] Hang on Cath, Cath
Jane (PS1LK) [597] Playback had been
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [598] now been paid back
Robert (PS1LG) [599] Playback have been paid back
Cathy (PS1LL) [600] Have they completely?
Jane (PS1LK) [601] Yes we have, yes, the same as the Edinburgh Society, yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [602] Oh well, then, I, that really takes away my short term concern then
Jane (PS1LK) [603] Aha
Cathy (PS1LL) [604] That's fine because that wasn't running
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [605] the Edinburgh Society had given us some money, that's not me
Cathy (PS1LL) [606] My clock's going bananas you know
Robert (PS1LG) [laugh]
Jane (PS1LK) [607] Mine doesn't make that noise now
Cathy (PS1LL) [608] No, that's my clock going bananas
Jane (PS1LK) [609] Nothing over here
Iris (PS1LJ) [610] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [611] Yeah well that's fine then, sorry I take away my
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [612] I should of maybe actually asked the question
Robert (PS1LG) [613] Has Jane had enough
Cathy (PS1LL) [614] first because erm
Robert (PS1LG) [615] Leave it there, right
Cathy (PS1LL) [616] That's why you meant
Jane (PS1LK) [617] You mentioned logo there and erm I think that's where
Cathy (PS1LL) [618] Now again, can we go back to that because
Jane (PS1LK) [619] but I think this, this comes down to the
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [620] RNIB, I mean if we want a logo it should be an audio description logo for the country
Iris (PS1LJ) [621] Yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [622] For the, for everybody
Jane (PS1LK) [623] don't you think so?
Iris (PS1LJ) [624] Yeah it should be national
Jane (PS1LK) [625] A national one
Cathy (PS1LL) [626] Except
Robert (PS1LG) [627] Well
Cathy (PS1LL) [628] except then if you're writing off for money to places like Telecom and it's a national logo
Robert (PS1LG) [629] Can you not have a national logo which is kind of personal wise
Jane (PS1LK) [630] Oh I mean, I know that in America and all the different cities have their own logos
Robert (PS1LG) [631] Okay
Jane (PS1LK) [632] so maybe we could do that here
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [633] on the logo front when Linda wrote to me and said she couldn't come to this meeting
Jane (PS1LK) [634] Yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [635] she said I have enclosed a, a draft of a logo and she didn't, I have seen it because Jane's got one
Cathy (PS1LL) [636] Who is this?
Robert (PS1LG) [637] Linda
Iris (PS1LJ) [638] Linda
Robert (PS1LG) [639] Linda had a contact who'd done something
Cathy (PS1LL) [640] Linda had done one because remember but Alex did one way back which would not
Robert (PS1LG) [641] of course and at college
Jane (PS1LK) [642] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [643] say was wonderful, but I think we should maybe try and just gather them together and
Jane (PS1LK) [644] but the sooner , the sooner we get a logo the sooner
Cathy (PS1LL) [645] soon
Jane (PS1LK) [646] I can get placards made to put above our heads
Cathy (PS1LL) [647] So lovely, get it
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [648] out there
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [649] but if we have Linda's just, just that
Brian (PS1LH) [650] Mm, with information on
Jane (PS1LK) [651] Yes exactly
Robert (PS1LG) [652] Can you find it?
Iris (PS1LJ) [653] Mm, I've got it somewhere
Cathy (PS1LL) [654] Could you, could you maybe gather Linda's and Alex's and anybody else's that they've got
Robert (PS1LG) [655] Well those are the only two, I mean Linda's, Linda's one is the more
Iris (PS1LJ) [656] I'll give you one
Cathy (PS1LL) [657] Oh, but, ah, well Iris's
Robert (PS1LG) [658] That's three then
Jane (PS1LK) [659] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [660] Three
Iris (PS1LJ) [661] I've got all the bits and pieces of all
Robert (PS1LG) [662] Okay, well put it on the agenda next time
Cathy (PS1LL) [663] Right, yes, please I think that's a wee [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [664] I can't find Linda's
Jane (PS1LK) [665] Aha
Cathy (PS1LL) [666] and if people could get a copy of them all before the next meeting
Robert (PS1LG) [667] Do you have friendly relationships with a graphic designer, at this [...] ?
Jane (PS1LK) [668] Yes, yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [669] we could hopefully try and make a decision
Jane (PS1LK) [670] Yes, yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [671] I mean I couldn't care less, as long as it was something
Jane (PS1LK) [672] must get something
Iris (PS1LJ) [673] Linda's is the mask in the theatre
Cathy (PS1LL) [674] Oh yes
Robert (PS1LG) [675] Not really, but [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [676] with headsets and erm lights
Cathy (PS1LL) [677] That's it, that's it
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [678] and headlights coming, you know, the
Robert (PS1LG) [679] Brian has something to come up with
Jane (PS1LK) [680] Oh do, do
Robert (PS1LG) [681] which is
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [682] yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [683] Ooh
Iris (PS1LJ) [684] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [685] yes please
Jane (PS1LK) [686] Yes please
Cathy (PS1LL) [687] because I just think it would, it's so important to get that bit, that bit goes along with the all the application bit, if we tie those two up together
Jane (PS1LK) [688] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [689] I don't think we'll have a problem with money you see
Robert (PS1LG) [690] Mm
Cathy (PS1LL) [691] but it's got to be done properly and
Jane (PS1LK) [692] One of, one of the things is the, is the, I don't know what the eye is the good thing to have in the, if somehow or other
Robert (PS1LG) [693] Be incorporated it
Cathy (PS1LL) [694] To be quite honest I quite like the iron
Jane (PS1LK) [695] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [696] and I know that's a bit blind and, and I'm usually
Jane (PS1LK) [697] Well
Cathy (PS1LL) [698] saying the opposite, but you do have to remind people what you're doing
Jane (PS1LK) [699] it's, it identifies you really quickly
Robert (PS1LG) [700] Mm
Jane (PS1LK) [701] yeah, mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [702] It does
Jane (PS1LK) [703] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [704] Perhaps, right
Jane (PS1LK) [705] well great if you can get something good, good
Cathy (PS1LL) [706] If you're not so very artistic, all but seems
Robert (PS1LG) [707] Just need to come up with a brief
Iris (PS1LJ) [708] It was more or less something along those lines wasn't it
Brian (PS1LH) [709] Yeah I could, I could
Jane (PS1LK) [710] Something as simple as Linda's [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [711] Linda's?
Brian (PS1LH) [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [712] It did have, yes I, I mean it, it wasn't that, but it was something you know that
Cathy (PS1LL) [713] It was the masks
Robert (PS1LG) [714] theatre masks
Cathy (PS1LL) [715] Should, what they were trying to do was copy the masks that you have in the
Jane (PS1LK) [716] Yes
Iris (PS1LJ) [717] Mm
Cathy (PS1LL) [718] Lyceum ...
Robert (PS1LG) [719] And
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [720] oh so it's a Lyceum over there really.
Brian (PS1LH) [721] No, no, [laugh]
Iris (PS1LJ) [722] Personalize, personalize
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [723] Lyceum has just got a new logo I noticed
Iris (PS1LJ) [724] Oh don't [laugh] no
Robert (PS1LG) [725] said can we have your old one?
Iris (PS1LJ) [726] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [727] Yes, steal it, that'll be fine, I'll steal it
Iris (PS1LJ) [728] No I don't know what I've done with it
Robert (PS1LG) [729] So anyway
Cathy (PS1LL) [730] That's all my fault
Robert (PS1LG) [731] so that's, that's the erm, the funding side of things Graham and I
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [732] We gave the money back
Robert (PS1LG) [733] Yes Graham and I erm, spent time talking about job descriptions which
Cathy (PS1LL) [734] Aha
Robert (PS1LG) [735] if I haven't brought that forward, it's really irritating because I'm sure I've put
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [736] don't seem to of done, so we have done some work on job description, here, I mean it's not been typed up anyway
Cathy (PS1LL) [737] Maybe send them out rather than wait till the next meeting, aha
Robert (PS1LG) [738] I'll send them out erm
Cathy (PS1LL) [739] That'll be good
Robert (PS1LG) [740] it's only draft
Cathy (PS1LL) [741] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [742] so that's done some work on that, and there's now four models for training, one is the, you know, on the job, evenings, training, there's the weekend model of getting people together for the weekend, there's the sort of summer school idea and the other one's the one that Doug keeps reminding me about, which I keep forgetting about which is the distance learning one, er we, I think this is the one he thinks is running in Dundee, that maybe help with because the idea of developing a pack which is kind of trainer proof
Iris (PS1LJ) [743] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [744] so that it could be sent to the folks in Inverness
Iris (PS1LJ) [745] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [746] I'm a bit weary about this but he seems to
Jane (PS1LK) [747] Yes I'm a bit weary about it
Robert (PS1LG) [748] think
Cathy (PS1LL) [749] Audio description at a distance
Jane (PS1LK) [750] Ah yes
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [751] no I don't fancy that at
Brian (PS1LH) [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [752] So anyway those are the four, those are the four models, I mean at, at this stage I don't know
Brian (PS1LH) [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [753] I mean the fourth one the fourth
Jane (PS1LK) [754] One of the, one of the
Robert (PS1LG) [755] I think the first two though, the on the job obviously
Cathy (PS1LL) [756] Oh how
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [757] the weekend is relatively straightforward, the summer school idea is complex and I think the distance is complex
Cathy (PS1LL) [758] It's expensive
Robert (PS1LG) [759] Yeah, exactly
Jane (PS1LK) [760] In some ways wh I, I, I heard, I was listening to a description on Saturday at the serials and I must admit I thought to myself mm
Cathy (PS1LL) [761] Yeah
Jane (PS1LK) [762] we've got more work required here
Cathy (PS1LL) [763] Aha
Jane (PS1LK) [764] Yes, so, it needs someone, I mean I'm always
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [765] hers now, sort of saying why, those, those, but you see if there's nobody to doing that in Edinburgh they're going to slip again ... unfortunately.
Cathy (PS1LL) [766] Yes that applies to hand and that applies right throughout the country
Jane (PS1LK) [767] Absolutely yes
Robert (PS1LG) [768] Yeah, so we need to yeah, we're, we're sort of thinking about it
Jane (PS1LK) [769] Aha
Robert (PS1LG) [770] but er, how you kind of do that
Jane (PS1LK) [771] The other thing I was slightly concerned about it, if it's a slight digression is the fact that the people at the Lyceum at the Assembly Hall last Saturday didn't know, hadn't been told anything about the equipment
Robert (PS1LG) [772] Yeah
Jane (PS1LK) [773] they didn't even know how to put the clip onto the microphone, they were sitting holding the microphones instead of slinging it round their neck, and they've never been told about the equipment, so they needn't
Cathy (PS1LL) [774] I see
Jane (PS1LK) [775] I mean all of them are obviously going to need equipment explained to them
Cathy (PS1LL) [776] They need to understand how the equipment works, aha
Robert (PS1LG) [777] So that's part of the training
Cathy (PS1LL) [778] Aha
Jane (PS1LK) [779] That part, aha
Robert (PS1LG) [780] Yeah ... yeah ... right
Iris (PS1LJ) [781] It's a
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [782] trouble is it's an ongoing, it's a not a bit of training it's an ongoing
Jane (PS1LK) [783] No, the only thing is the thing is the equipment is new to everyone in Edinburgh
Iris (PS1LJ) [784] Of course
Jane (PS1LK) [785] and ... once they've shown, if somebody new comes along one of the old hand
Robert (PS1LG) [786] It'll just pass it on
Cathy (PS1LL) [787] Of course it'll pass on
Jane (PS1LK) [788] Will be passed on , but in this instance they all need to be shown how to work it, yes, mhm, so that concerned me a little bit, apparently because they were holding the mike right up to their mouth and it was distorting terribly [laugh] what's going on up there
Robert (PS1LG) [789] So it's, it's the sort of
Jane (PS1LK) [790] Mm
Iris (PS1LJ) [791] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [792] improper use
Jane (PS1LK) [793] Yes exactly, yes
Robert (PS1LG) [794] right ... so I mean there's, there's obviously more need to be thought through on that and the video I haven't, oh I have done something more about the video
Cathy (PS1LL) [795] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [796] erm, I haven't, I was gonna go and, I tried phoning Lorne one time I was going through to Glasgow just to see if I could, can I have a, can I have a pint with him or something, erm, just to chew it over cos he suggested you know he'd made various helpful suggestions, in the meantime I didn't manage to meet him, but in the meantime I did manage to speak to my father-in-law who has a camcorder and er he will be more than happy to erm, he's also got editing equipment, he would be more than happy you know, to do the home made video that we've talked about, I need to talk to him about this because the obvious place to do will be the Lyceum on one of your shows
Jane (PS1LK) [797] Can you get, can you give me the name erm, the rest of the [...]
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [798] through to Glasgow she was Rose that she lecturers and dramas or something
Iris (PS1LJ) [799] Margaret
Jane (PS1LK) [800] Margaret , can you give me a phone number for her because I thought if they do that they must put her on plays with us students
Robert (PS1LG) [801] Yeah, well that is another possibility we could
Jane (PS1LK) [802] that would be ideal
Iris (PS1LJ) [803] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [804] Certainly I'll
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [805] aha
Robert (PS1LG) [806] Erm
Jane (PS1LK) [807] but she would be ideal
Robert (PS1LG) [808] Let me just put you in the picture there Brian, what, what Lorne has agreed subject to what guarantees have been given
Iris (PS1LJ) [809] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [810] is that, that we as a group can, can er video the production, but it was at Perth, but in this case it would have to be
Brian (PS1LH) [811] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [812] review, erm, subject to getting on commission from the cast and director
Brian (PS1LH) [813] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [814] and all we will be talking about when my father-in-law will be coming along, he's got a tripod, he's got all the gear, it will be just that probably be plonking it on front of the ground circle actually
Brian (PS1LH) [815] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [816] erm
Brian (PS1LH) [817] a bit like slinging a good, we could put it over the front
Robert (PS1LG) [818] Oh that'll be even better then you'll need to talk to him
Brian (PS1LH) [819] I mean you'd asked him to do that
Robert (PS1LG) [820] I mean he's, he has been quite busy
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [821] he's retired, but he's, he's been quite busy with this Festival, but I, I said to him, now what I'll do is maybe come and you and him and Jane maybe kind of will just sort of have a quick confab sometime just talk about what he wants, and he will be kind of happy to do that with obviously we'd have to find a drop of money to pay for the tapes, I mean that wouldn't be huge and expensive.
[822] He's also got editing equipment so it might be the sort of thing that you know like you'll be able to take it away and say you know, this section, that bit and then
Jane (PS1LK) [823] And that, that's right
Robert (PS1LG) [824] meet again with him, maybe go to his house
Jane (PS1LK) [825] Yep
Robert (PS1LG) [826] and spend an afternoon cutting it off as it were
Jane (PS1LK) [827] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [828] I mean if, copying those bits onto a separate tape.
Jane (PS1LK) [829] Yeah.
Robert (PS1LG) [830] What Lorne, has, the concern Lorne has is, is that he doesn't want that tape, finding its way out of our
Jane (PS1LK) [831] Mm, yes
Robert (PS1LG) [832] hands, erm, I mean he's, he's really genuinely concerned, wanting to help us, but I mean he's obviously he's, you know, he is the union
Cathy (PS1LL) [833] Oh yes, absolutely he's quite right about that
Robert (PS1LG) [834] and he has to represent his neighbours , erm ... so erm ... so we would need to guar give guarantees, I think that would have to be
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [835] have to give guarantees that the tape would not be abused, but I mean that in, in, in actuality you know, if it was you doing the training
Jane (PS1LK) [836] That's right
Robert (PS1LG) [837] it comes down for you and you would have to sign documents of, erm, anyway so it's ...
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [838] that's great
Brian (PS1LH) [839] Should be fairly easy to
Iris (PS1LJ) [840] Yeah
Brian (PS1LH) [841] just to record straight over
Robert (PS1LG) [842] Right
Brian (PS1LH) [843] not necessarily on a camcorder
Robert (PS1LG) [844] Right, well we can, we should, we should do that, then.
[845] When do you start again?
Brian (PS1LH) [846] I speak to Stella now
Robert (PS1LG) [847] Do you speak, do you start straight after the Festival we have a gala evening?
Brian (PS1LH) [848] Er eleventh
Robert (PS1LG) [849] Right, well what I'll do is, if you like, that's it ... this is the erm, erm ... Linda
Jane (PS1LK) [850] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG)
Jane (PS1LK) [851] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [852] friend, who ... I spoke to Cath
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [853] I'll date it ...
Cathy (PS1LL) [854] No I can't and can I tell you, I'm not being funny but I think that's actually maybe quite important, I know this is not the in doubt visually impaired people but
Jane (PS1LK) [855] Oh no
Cathy (PS1LL) [856] I think you'd have to
Jane (PS1LK) [857] oh yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [858] choose something that, a person with a visual impairment might be
Jane (PS1LK) [859] Yes, aha
Cathy (PS1LL) [860] able to catch
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [861] not every one is totally
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [862] but I mean, you know it'll be quite nice, it also be quite nice if it was raised
Jane (PS1LK) [863] Yeah
Iris (PS1LJ) [864] Yes right
Cathy (PS1LL) [865] then it would have a wee
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [866] with it, which would be quite nice for a visually impaired person
Jane (PS1LK) [867] Mm yes
Robert (PS1LG) [868] Mm
Cathy (PS1LL) [869] Just a thought, you know
Jane (PS1LK) [870] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [871] and I'm afraid I'm, I'm not a very artistic
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [872] person as well
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [873] When that went into the paper, that's a similar sort of thing that they use
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS1LH) [874] fair, fair enough
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [875] That's what they used
Jane (PS1LK) [876] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [877] similar
Robert (PS1LG) [878] Yes there's a technique for, for raising it, isn't it?
Cathy (PS1LL) [879] I think there must be because I've seen it several times now and just in, in, you know
Jane (PS1LK) [880] Mm
Cathy (PS1LL) [881] people not necessarily anything to do with visual impairments paper you know
Iris (PS1LJ) [882] Yes
Jane (PS1LK) [883] Yes, indeed
Cathy (PS1LL) [884] it was quite fun
Jane (PS1LK) [885] Mhm ...
Cathy (PS1LL) [886] I suppose it's always much more expensive to do
Iris (PS1LJ) [887] Yes you just write over the top, sort of write over the top of it and it raises off
Robert (PS1LG) [888] That's right, mm
Cathy (PS1LL) [889] But I, I mean, erm I suppose it's best to do it in colour
Iris (PS1LJ) [890] We've got some of the stuff downstairs
Cathy (PS1LL) [891] colour along
Iris (PS1LJ) [892] Yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [893] I suppose it'll cost
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [894] yeah
Iris (PS1LJ) [895] Cost more in printing cost more doesn't it?
Jane (PS1LK) [896] Yeah
Iris (PS1LJ) [897] Yeah an awful lot more
Jane (PS1LK) [898] Yeah, yeah so if [...]
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [899] I mean it is a quite complex problem because once you've
Brian (PS1LH) [900] Once you have a single colour it's okay
Iris (PS1LJ) [901] Yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [902] Yeah a single colour, ah, right, yes, well that maybe quite nice
Robert (PS1LG) [903] Because you want something which is big and small
Iris (PS1LJ) [904] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [905] so that you know you can use it, you know, on your own, publicity material
Cathy (PS1LL) [906] Yes something that'll look good blown up aha
Jane (PS1LK) [907] Yes, yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [908] to do a poster or something
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [909] yes, that's
Iris (PS1LJ) [910] That doesn't immediately occur to me that it's for blind people
Jane (PS1LK) [911] No
Robert (PS1LG) [912] No
Jane (PS1LK) [913] That's what I thought
Iris (PS1LJ) [914] it's like for like, for, for like hearing, a hearing aid person
Jane (PS1LK) [915] Mm
Iris (PS1LJ) [916] that's my initial thought it's not obvious
Cathy (PS1LL) [917] Oh we definitely don't want that cos all the money will go
Iris (PS1LJ) [laugh]
Cathy (PS1LL) [918] the money will go to sign language in Devon
Robert (PS1LG) [919] Can I, can I have a [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [920] What you see are the headphones so you think about hearing
Cathy (PS1LL) [921] Hearing
Iris (PS1LJ) [922] you don't think about sight
Jane (PS1LK) [923] That's right, yes
Iris (PS1LJ) [924] and I think that's, that's quite, quite right ...
Robert (PS1LG) [925] Yes I mean just, I mean this is, you know
Iris (PS1LJ) [926] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [927] this is the quick
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [928] we did for this, and that's
Iris (PS1LJ) [929] Yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [930] why we just put the eyes on the front
Iris (PS1LJ) [931] Mhm
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [932] what we don't want is a
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [933] man with a white stick job
Jane (PS1LK) [934] No, no
Cathy (PS1LL) [935] [laugh] I mean that's
Jane (PS1LK) [936] no, no and we don't, we don't want a green dog either no
Cathy (PS1LL) [937] And a dog oh no watch Graham
Robert (PS1LG) [938] I think that
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [939] yes
Brian (PS1LH) [940] A bit His Master's Voice isn't it?
Cathy (PS1LL) [941] Yes [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [942] Oh no, a guide dog listening
Cathy (PS1LL) [943] His Master's Voice in Hamlet, you know, it's just, stick a who I am on that wee dog, I can remember I can see, I can remember that from
Jane (PS1LK) [944] But the, the dog listening to a big ear instead of a, an earphone
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [945] If guide dogs can sue us
Cathy (PS1LL) [946] Aye guide dogs, I know.
Robert (PS1LG) [947] Now er moving on
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [948] erm I did phone Marcus up and asked why were the
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [949] coming to London and it is something to do with television
Jane (PS1LK) [950] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [951] he gave me a number to phone and I've tried phoning and I've not had a response, but I'll keep trying
Jane (PS1LK) [952] This is a
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [953] that's very difficult to get hold of
Robert (PS1LG) [954] Yeah I haven't managed to get all of them
Jane (PS1LK) [955] Yes, mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [956] Sixteenth of September, no
Jane (PS1LK) [957] The nineteenth
Iris (PS1LJ) [958] Nineteenth
Jane (PS1LK) [959] round about then, mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [960] Right, cos it only dawned on me cos the first of September [...]
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [961] erm the Wakefield meeting that was talked about
Iris (PS1LJ) [962] Right
Robert (PS1LG) [963] on the nineteenth of August was postponed and it's now in a couple of weeks, so I'm gonna go
Jane (PS1LK) [964] Is it now?
Iris (PS1LJ) [965] Right
Robert (PS1LG) [966] in a couple of weeks, whenever it is
Iris (PS1LJ) [967] Right
Jane (PS1LK) [968] Same one I was going to go down to
Cathy (PS1LL) [969] Was that, what was it on?
Jane (PS1LK) [970] Glad I didn't go down to it [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [971] It was about training
Jane (PS1LK) [laugh]
Cathy (PS1LL) [972] Oh it's about training
Robert (PS1LG) [973] I thought that was something else you were going to go to
Jane (PS1LK) [974] Yes
Iris (PS1LJ) [975] Glad you didn't go eh?
Jane (PS1LK) [976] Yes I did, yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [977] Well just as well I'd , that sounds good
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [978] Yeah, Marcus was being quite sort of vague, but Marcus is gonna be here at the end of the month
Iris (PS1LJ) [979] Yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [980] Yes, by the way I'm gonna be able to see Max , I'll tell you that now because I've been dragged off to another conference, I'm actually going down to the, to the rehabilitation workers' phones
Iris (PS1LJ) [981] You haven't been dragged off at all
Cathy (PS1LL) [982] I'm furious
Iris (PS1LJ) [laugh]
Cathy (PS1LL) [983] and Alan's started phoning me up and saying
Iris (PS1LJ) [984] And then you're flying up to Stone Haven
Cathy (PS1LL) [985] sorting out and then I've got to go down to that conference and fly up to Stone Haven
Iris (PS1LJ) [986] Yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [987] that's two
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [988] however it doesn't matter
Iris (PS1LJ) [989] And when are you going to get to Stone Haven?
Cathy (PS1LL) [990] I don't know ...
Jane (PS1LK) [991] I don't think there's an airport in Stone Haven
Iris (PS1LJ) [992] No
Cathy (PS1LL) [993] Oh
Iris (PS1LJ) [994] You're flying into
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [995] what?
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [laugh]
Iris (PS1LJ) [996] She's actually flying to Di's
Brian (PS1LH) [997] Just drop you off in
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [998] I'm not coming
Cathy (PS1LL) [999] You can see it all folks
Iris (PS1LJ) [1000] That's for the thirtieth you're flying into Dave's?
Cathy (PS1LL) [1001] Aha
Iris (PS1LJ) [1002] Well I'll be in Aberdeen
Jane (PS1LK) [1003] Anyway
Cathy (PS1LL) [1004] Oh
Iris (PS1LJ) [1005] and that's Aberdeen airport ... I could maybe pick you up
Cathy (PS1LL) [1006] Yes, let's try and
Jane (PS1LK) [1007] I'm not quite sure I've put my name down
Iris (PS1LJ) [1008] cos I live in Aberdeen, my home's Aberdeen, so I'll be in Aberdeen
Jane (PS1LK) [1009] for that with the thing with the fancy
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1010] Excellent I'll get together with that
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1011] quite right, I can easily be at Dave's Saturday, no problem, I know Dave
Robert (PS1LG) [1012] That's a Saturday is it?
Jane (PS1LK) [1013] That's a Saturday
Iris (PS1LJ) [1014] Yes
Brian (PS1LH) [1015] What's the [...]
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [1016] I don't know
Iris (PS1LJ) [1017] I know
Jane (PS1LK) [1018] I quite like to go, but erm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1019] Well I'll be in
Cathy (PS1LL) [1020] I was telling you [...]
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [1021] I'd loved to have gone you know
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1022] Commodore cos that's where Tom's going
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1023] commercial in Russell Square, next door
Cathy (PS1LL) [1024] Aye next door
Jane (PS1LK) [laugh]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1025] Oh that [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1026] Yeah
Jane (PS1LK) [1027] all the theatres and the country
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS1LH) [1028] There is the, there's the [...]
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [1029] I find that quite useful
Brian (PS1LH) [1030] The erm Scottish Theatre Guide
Jane (PS1LK) [1031] Yes the Scottish Theatre Guide
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS1LH) [1032] I haven't seen one of them for a long time
Iris (PS1LJ) [1033] I'm staying in Aberdeen
Cathy (PS1LL) [1034] Of course
Brian (PS1LH) [1035] That was Scottish, Federation Scottish
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1036] There's a theatre marketing which is closing it, well, sort of shutting up shop at the end of the month, maybe [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1037] So do I, what I like about going home is you can get away [...]
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS1LH) [1038] I haven't seen that for a long time
Robert (PS1LG) [1039] So we're back
Brian (PS1LH) [1040] this isn't a Federation
Iris (PS1LJ) [1041] That's right
Brian (PS1LH) [1042] Marketing Committee
Iris (PS1LJ) [1043] that's right, but if you're actually going home it's easy
Jane (PS1LK) [1044] Cos I seem to remember having so something a long time ago, especially the smaller theatres as well as a touring thing, you know, it'll be handy for you
Robert (PS1LG) [1045] Yeah
Brian (PS1LH) [1046] Mm
Jane (PS1LK) [1047] you know what was going to be where
Robert (PS1LG) [1048] Yeah I think though, I mean it comes back to sort of wanting to know, we're just talking again about what's on
Cathy (PS1LL) [1049] Mm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1050] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1051] we need to know before it's published
Iris (PS1LJ) [1052] That's right
Robert (PS1LG) [1053] you know you need to know like six months before
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1054] I, I won't give up
Brian (PS1LH) [1055] And if everybody does
Robert (PS1LG) [1056] all sorts of
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1057] for finding that out, whether you go through the Arts Council
Jane (PS1LK) [1058] Yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [1059] you see the Arts Council has a finger in most pies, the only way to find out through them, I mean the trouble is, a lot of it, is going to be confidential
Jane (PS1LK) [1060] Mm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1061] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [1062] erm
Brian (PS1LH) [1063] But then if you did it at the stage before, before it gets into the Scottish Theatre Guide you can then make your dates available or you can agree your dates and you can get publicity and that at home.
Cathy (PS1LL) [1064] Yes, cos that's the thing
Robert (PS1LG) [1065] That's the thing
Cathy (PS1LL) [1066] aha
Iris (PS1LJ) [1067] Publicity is the thing
Robert (PS1LG) [1068] So we need to find
Cathy (PS1LL) [1069] Aha
Robert (PS1LG) [1070] But if, if you can find out through Lucy whether or not
Brian (PS1LH) [1071] Mm
Robert (PS1LG) [1072] that publication is still on the go, because if it is gonna carry on, on the go, we can maybe get into the
Iris (PS1LJ) [1073] Yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [1074] editorial of, of the gathering of the information
Brian (PS1LH) [1075] Mhm
Jane (PS1LK) [1076] Yes ...
Cathy (PS1LL) [1077] That would be [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1078] Yeah, right ... erm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1079] cos the publicity is not just for visually impaired people or even for sponsors, it's for theatres too when they're seeing this and saying ooh, I noticed they're doing that, this, this and this
Brian (PS1LH) [1080] Mm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1081] and we're not doing it
Jane (PS1LK) [1082] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [1083] you see and that would be
Iris (PS1LJ) [1084] Yes that's right
Cathy (PS1LL) [1085] that'll be an idea wouldn't it?
Robert (PS1LG) [1086] Talking about publications , one of the things from the last meeting is Iris pointed out the number of theatres in here say they do audio description and I've, I've
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [1087] yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [1088] Oh I, I said that to you at the time Robert, I mean I'll be honest and I saw that document and I nearly died and it's the way they say it too
Jane (PS1LK) [1089] I don't suppose [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1090] you know
Robert (PS1LG) [1091] I've been, I've been through them all and er there's only one or two that I've not actually had any contact with actually one way or another.
[1092] Some of them are people that erm ... that I've generally had contact with, in terms of starting to talk to people about it erm, other people are being kind of, what's the word, optimistic, with the truth Likes And The Brides for example , erm
Jane (PS1LK) [1093] Well we have done it
Cathy (PS1LL) [1094] We've done it since they lied about what happens
Jane (PS1LK) [1095] It's like it's like the Arkley one, I want to know, you know and the small and the one Down In The Borders
Robert (PS1LG) [1096] The one that's Down In The Borders yes, I mean that, I've seen so , another piece of print about that one Down In The Borders and erm ... it's, it's not our version of audio description, so I am going to write
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1097] and linked to that I was going to do a new information sheet, I found the old information sheet so I just bring that up to date
Jane (PS1LK) [1098] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1099] I do, I like, do you think I could have a copy of anything you've got to date because lying in my desk this morning is something I have to prepare a briefing note for my chairman and I was thinking about that recent one, but I couldn't put my hand on it Robert, absolutely updated on exactly where we are.
Robert (PS1LG) [1100] I don't think I've got one here, but I could send you one.
Cathy (PS1LL) [1101] Could, could you, thanks, thanks Robert, could you fax it?
Robert (PS1LG) [1102] Yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [1103] Cos he wants it like
Iris (PS1LJ) [1104] Yesterday
Robert (PS1LG) [1105] What does he want it for?
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1106] Oh, well, because this video has come in
Jane (PS1LK) [1107] Of course
Cathy (PS1LL) [1108] it's gone, it's gone to chief execs
Robert (PS1LG) [1109] Oh I see so they want
Cathy (PS1LL) [1110] in the Regional Council and they now want to know all about them see
Robert (PS1LG) [1111] the back ground, yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [1112] so that's good, because it might mean money, it means of having
Robert (PS1LG) [1113] and that's for Counsellor ?
Cathy (PS1LL) [1114] Well no it's the convener, the convener of the whole region
Robert (PS1LG) [1115] Oh right
Cathy (PS1LL) [1116] like you know
Robert (PS1LG) [1117] Yeah, whatever it is
Cathy (PS1LL) [1118] No, ah, more senior than him, it'll go to him too, but it'll be for everybody's
Robert (PS1LG) [1119] So what you want then is the sheet we did a few weeks ago just about the erm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1120] Yeah, give me the update, yes and if you're just updating that a bit, if you're gonna update it then, aha
Robert (PS1LG) [1121] Right, okay
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1122] yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [1123] Cos it'd be nice to show it's happening here, here, here and there, you know.
Robert (PS1LG) [1124] Yeah I'm not sure if it mentions the magic words
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1125] Regional Council, but
Cathy (PS1LL) [1126] Well you'll have to get that fitted in somehow I'll, I'll fit it
Robert (PS1LG) [1127] if, if, if not
Jane (PS1LK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [1128] you can re-type it if you can
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1129] gonna get
Robert (PS1LG) [1130] It's on the computer though, I think we can manage
Cathy (PS1LL) [1131] Oh dear
Robert (PS1LG) [1132] So erm, Advisory Committee being the next item, well we will, we'll have a word from Brian we'll, I haven't approached er David yet in Glasgow meeting, but I will do
Jane (PS1LK) [1133] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1134] and obviously Ingy will let us know when she can come and we can talk a little more about the Festival.
[1135] Erm, I've been thinking that I can't chair this meeting and take the notes and things ... when it becomes, and if it, the fund comes through and it becomes the audio description project as opposed to this group, and you know we will be widening out a little bit, I wonder if we should actually have a chairman type person.
[1136] I haven't spoken to erm, I mean I only thought this coming along in the street, whether there's anybody sort of notable, I mean is it, is, is, is there any value in actually having a figurehead type chairman you know, sort of celebrity type
Jane (PS1LK) [1137] Yes I think it makes a big difference
Robert (PS1LG) [1138] type person who you can
Cathy (PS1LL) [1139] Oh yeah somebody could
Robert (PS1LG) [1140] push forward to
Jane (PS1LK) [1141] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1142] you know snip ribbons and things I dunno, I'm not suggesting will you find out now, but there's something
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1143] yes, interesting angle
Robert (PS1LG) [1144] If there's anybody that comes to mind.
[1145] I thought about Tom on more than one occasion because Tom for so many years was the voice of the royal wedding and erm this and that state affairs and things, state occasions and he only lives in Murrayfield, I mean
Cathy (PS1LL) [1146] A state of affairs is not appropriate at the moment mind you [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1147] [laugh] I heard that
Robert (PS1LG) [laugh]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1148] They were, they were videoing for this
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1149] thing and you know, they were over and some of them were doing something and it is somebody you normally and the news and I said the news and actually sort of frozen and the guy said to me, he must of actually seen me frozen there, he said it's okay, it's okay, it's nothing about whatever her name is, you know [laugh]
Jane (PS1LK) [laugh]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1150] I said oh no, no, he said I've to go to Brussels you know and it'll be all about, oh I thought I was really dreading it
Jane (PS1LK) [laugh]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1151] I, I don't know, I, I think it'll be lovely if you can get up a blind person
Robert (PS1LG) [1152] Mm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1153] Yes
Jane (PS1LK) [1154] Mm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1155] blind actress, a well known blind
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1156] is it that?
Jane (PS1LK) [1157] Was a blind actor
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [1158] he's, dead now I think
Cathy (PS1LL) [1159] Oh is she dead?
[1160] We don't want
Jane (PS1LK) [1161] He is
Cathy (PS1LL) [1162] Oh we don't [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [1163] no she wouldn't she's away, yes, she was away
Robert (PS1LG) [laugh]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1164] Anyway that's what's involved
Robert (PS1LG) [1165] Anyway it's a thought
Jane (PS1LK) [1166] Yes it's a new thought, mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1167] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [1168] I mean there's, there's the practical side of actually having, I mean well there's various aspects of it you could have someone as a figurehead
Jane (PS1LK) [1169] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1170] who never actually did anything apart from this, sort of push forward to receive cheques from
Cathy (PS1LL) [1171] The only thing is to make sure that somebody's going to come along, because the worst possible scenario is like
Robert (PS1LG) [1172] or you could have, or you have
Cathy (PS1LL) [1173] the Society for the Blind in Glasgow who the lord lady profe
Jane (PS1LK) [1174] Oh who never turns up for anything
Cathy (PS1LL) [1175] professed person and they, she, she never turned up at anything
Iris (PS1LJ) [1176] Not even the opening?
Jane (PS1LK) [1177] She never ever turned up at anything
Robert (PS1LG) [1178] Never, so I mean you might as well not bother you know
Jane (PS1LK) [1179] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1180] or whether you actually have
Cathy (PS1LL) [1181] In fact it makes you more stupid
Jane (PS1LK) [1182] Mm
Robert (PS1LG) [1183] you know working type chairman or something, I don't know, anyway it's just for you to think about it
Cathy (PS1LL) [1184] Yes, that's it
Robert (PS1LG) [1185] Right, any other business Iris look forward to the Playback send you about seven hundred pounds
Iris (PS1LJ) [1186] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1187] and so Jane can now report the, now that's been settled
Iris (PS1LJ) [1188] Yes, thank you, thank you
Cathy (PS1LL) [1189] That's really good
Robert (PS1LG) [1190] Erm
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1191] but er
Iris (PS1LJ) [1192] I thought I was a
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1193] yesterday, erm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1194] Aha
Iris (PS1LJ) [1195] something although they were quite, er nothing, nothing to do with er
Cathy (PS1LL) [1196] Aha
Iris (PS1LJ) [1197] and to pop down to do theatre because I see Paula eat before at Perth
Cathy (PS1LL) [1198] Aha
Iris (PS1LJ) [1199] and he assured me it is an
Robert (PS1LG) [1200] Who's this?
Iris (PS1LJ) [1201] ideal little spot to do it audio description from
Robert (PS1LG) [1202] The commentary booth, yeah
Iris (PS1LJ) [1203] Yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [1204] because when Marcus and I went we didn't actually see up there, but we could see from down there and
Iris (PS1LJ) [1205] Yes, yes that's
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1206] yeah
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1207] aha
Robert (PS1LG) [1208] I think we'll be okay on that
Iris (PS1LJ) [1209] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1210] Paul of course is leaving
Cathy (PS1LL) [1211] Oh
Iris (PS1LJ) [1212] Is he?
[1213] Ah
Robert (PS1LG) [1214] to go and do something in Dundee, so they've advertised his job
Jane (PS1LK) [1215] Oh
Iris (PS1LJ) [1216] Oh well we were talking about funding, I've actually got an account for expenses
Cathy (PS1LL) [1217] Oh right
Iris (PS1LJ) [1218] so that's what the money is about and that's where the money came from
Jane (PS1LK) [1219] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1220] Aha
Jane (PS1LK) [1221] I've got I, we're, we're going to get some money from the Ingy fund for the Festival
Iris (PS1LJ) [1222] Mm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1223] Yes
Jane (PS1LK) [1224] plus, erm, plus the expenses from us going from Glasgow, I don't know whether anybody from Edinburgh will have expenses, but erm, what shall, where, where shall I ask her to send this cheque for it, I mean I still, there's still an account open for it in Glasgow for audio description
Cathy (PS1LL) [1225] Aha
Iris (PS1LJ) [1226] Right
Jane (PS1LK) [1227] but I mean who was, Linda would, would be treasurer
Iris (PS1LJ) [1228] Yeah
Jane (PS1LK) [1229] has she got an account there?
Iris (PS1LJ) [1230] Yes
Jane (PS1LK) [1231] It'll probably be better just to get and then she'll the money for the
Iris (PS1LJ) [1232] Yes that's right
Jane (PS1LK) [1233] so I'll get them to send it off to Linda
Iris (PS1LJ) [1234] if we, all the information for Linda comes through me anyway
Jane (PS1LK) [1235] Yes, right, okay, fine
Iris (PS1LJ) [1236] because the address she's put it on is the society's address
Jane (PS1LK) [1237] Oh is it?
Iris (PS1LJ) [1238] Yes
Jane (PS1LK) [1239] Right
Iris (PS1LJ) [1240] which she felt was better than her home address
Jane (PS1LK) [1241] Aha
Cathy (PS1LL) [1242] Oh yes aha
Jane (PS1LK) [1243] right
Iris (PS1LJ) [1244] and I've got the bank book
Jane (PS1LK) [1245] Fine
Iris (PS1LJ) [1246] so the money is
Cathy (PS1LL) [1247] I see
Jane (PS1LK) [1248] I'll get the cheque made payable to and
Cathy (PS1LL) [1249] Hope you're administering this Robert [laugh]
Jane (PS1LK) [1250] and then
Iris (PS1LJ) [1251] Robert knows [laugh]
Cathy (PS1LL) [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [1252] The only question is whether or not Jane has a key to open the drawer in the [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1253] I know I couldn't get the, I couldn't find the key for the desk, no ...
Cathy (PS1LL) [1254] That was her story, alright
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1255] Oh I've forgot to say under advisory committee, I, this has taken so long, I've completely forgot about it.
[1256] We do ... when we set up this group we asked
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1257] for a representative
Jane (PS1LK) [1258] Ah, yes aha
Robert (PS1LG) [1259] and eventually after some searching they nominated someone who then [laugh] resigned from her post not Clare
Cathy (PS1LL) [1260] Clearly because they nominated for [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1261] Right
Robert (PS1LG) [1262] in Stirling, central region, erm changed her job or something so that she no longer her, her voice
Iris (PS1LJ) [1263] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1264] on disability issues and they haven't been able to find anybody else, but what they've said, [reading] despite extensive attempts the convention has not been able to obtain a replacement for this one, due to and buys us time.
[1265] I'm disappointed that we cannot be represented, but sure you will appreciate position.
[1266] Please continue to send papers for any relevant meetings and an attempt will be made to respond to appropriate issues, if there is any specific topic you wish to be considered, please do not hesitate to get in touch [] so I thought that was quite a nice letter seeing as I practically read them all
Cathy (PS1LL) [1267] I would also like a copy of that
Robert (PS1LG) [1268] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1269] because if I enclosed a copy of that with this response to chief execs
Iris (PS1LJ) [1270] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1271] that'll kind of filter its way through into and will cause will certain need some [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1272] Yes I'm not quite sure of how
Cathy (PS1LL) [1273] and they won't like that one little bit, they'll amend them because they've done it
Robert (PS1LG) [1274] Yeah, I mean it's been going on for ages
Cathy (PS1LL) [1275] I don't think that's
Robert (PS1LG) [1276] erm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1277] particularly fair
Robert (PS1LG) [1278] right, I mean I'm not quite sure how Coslow will go about things, I mean the reason we wanted someone from Coslow is cos we wanted someone from the Federation of Scottish Theatre cos we hadn't heard for a while
Iris (PS1LJ) [1279] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [1280] we had Roy and then we had Simon for a bit and then we decided because it wasn't working altogether an Edinburgh person and a Glasgow person
Iris (PS1LJ) [1281] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1282] erm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1283] Well I think it's very important Robert because, I mean as the charter for the arts indicated look at the money that local authorities are spending upstairs to us and really you know we, we are [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1284] Well exactly, I mean we have, we sort of, we, we kind of anticipated that
Cathy (PS1LL) [1285] Oh yes, so I mean come on let's, let's give them another wee push, gently
Robert (PS1LG) [1286] so , I mean we've erm, I mean I've developed a relationship with David at Coslow
Cathy (PS1LL) [1287] Yes that's right
Robert (PS1LG) [1288] so it might be that ... he could come, erm, anyway I'll give you a copy of that
Cathy (PS1LL) [1289] Yes, so that I can just sort of say, you know, we did invite and, that might help
Iris (PS1LJ) [1290] Where are we on
Robert (PS1LG) [1291] I mean I'm not quite sure how Coslow , how do Coslow sort of nominate their representatives like that?
[1292] We asked them to put some
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1293] I've no idea, I mean, did they sort of send someone like you
Robert (PS1LG) [1294] who's ... who is an employee
Cathy (PS1LL) [1295] Well for, for example Phil is our, yeah Phil seems to, to go to some of these meetings and, but mainly it's the elected members
Robert (PS1LG) [1296] Yeah
Iris (PS1LJ) [1297] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1298] and it's usually elected in
Robert (PS1LG) [1299] Well Glen isn't in fact an elected member
Cathy (PS1LL) [1300] Ah, right, well, I mean she should be able to give us somebody, God there's, there's ten million of them
Iris (PS1LJ) [1301] I would of thought so that's right
Cathy (PS1LL) [1302] And it helps you
Robert (PS1LG) [1303] Cos I was looking at
Cathy (PS1LL) [1304] with funding, you know, it does help
Iris (PS1LJ) [1305] What about Jimmy ?
Cathy (PS1LL) [1306] because then they go back Jimmy ?
Jane (PS1LK) [1307] Yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [1308] Councillor you know people like that ...
Robert (PS1LG) [1309] Yeah anyway
Cathy (PS1LL) [1310] Yes that would be
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1311] where are we with costing and theatres on the nominal charge?
Iris (PS1LJ) [1312] What are we doing about that?
Robert (PS1LG) [1313] Er, I haven't contacted the Citizens in due course, but erm
Brian (PS1LH) [1314] Yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [1315] that was a
Brian (PS1LH) [1316] you have contacted the Lyceum
Robert (PS1LG) [1317] Have I contacted the Lyceum?
Cathy (PS1LL) [1318] Oh good we're charging the Lyceum
Brian (PS1LH) [1319] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [1320] Erm
Brian (PS1LH) [1321] because we agreed to it [laugh]
Jane (PS1LK) [1322] What was it we said?
Iris (PS1LJ) [1323] Twenty pounds
Jane (PS1LK) [1324] I was gonna
Robert (PS1LG) [1325] What I just want to
Jane (PS1LK) [1326] I was gonna say fifteen
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [1327] To you fifteen
Cathy (PS1LL) [1328] Everybody say a different figure now
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [laugh] ...
Iris (PS1LJ) [1329] I, I have talked
Robert (PS1LG) [1330] Are we to invoice
Iris (PS1LJ) [1331] Brampton Theatre asked me how much it was going to cost, so I, off the top of my head I said twenty pounds
Robert (PS1LG) [1332] Mm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1333] erm thinking that we ought to charge something because to hire the equipment is very expensive
Robert (PS1LG) [1334] Sure
Iris (PS1LJ) [1335] and if we were looking at running costs and replacing things and
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1336] and all the rest of it
Jane (PS1LK) [1337] that's what I'd say, yes, yes
Robert (PS1LG) [1338] of course
Iris (PS1LJ) [1339] to be, to be replacing that, so I said twenty pounds off the top of my head, so Brampton Theatre have agreed to that as well
Robert (PS1LG) [1340] Right
Iris (PS1LJ) [1341] and they will
Robert (PS1LG) [1342] will they pay that as a one er
Iris (PS1LJ) [1343] Yeah, mhm they'll pay
Robert (PS1LG) [1344] Pay each time
Iris (PS1LJ) [1345] Yeah, yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [1346] Will you require
Iris (PS1LJ) [1347] Is that either side each time or is that up until Christmas?
Robert (PS1LG) [1348] Right, presumably if there was a necessity, would there be a necessity to produce an invoice?
[1349] I mean what would your system
Cathy (PS1LL) [1350] Mm, yes
Robert (PS1LG) [1351] require an invoice for that kind of thing?
Brian (PS1LH) [1352] Yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [1353] Oh yes
Robert (PS1LG) [1354] Well what we might have to do is concoct something up on a letter, a stand have you a standard charge?
Brian (PS1LH) [1355] but it doesn't matter whether it was, you don't have to do one
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1356] You'd do it all
Brian (PS1LH) [1357] You could do in advance or you could do retrospectively or
Jane (PS1LK) [1358] Do it as that or you can do it after three months, yes I mean
Iris (PS1LJ) [1359] We could do it up till Christmas, three monthly or something like that
Brian (PS1LH) [1360] Yeah
Iris (PS1LJ) [1361] Mind, we wouldn't want it every time
Jane (PS1LK) [1362] Yes, mm
Robert (PS1LG) [1363] So we need to some time [...]
Brian (PS1LH) [1364] Too much paper work apart from anything else
Jane (PS1LK) [laugh]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1365] Yes, that's right it's a pest
Cathy (PS1LL) [1366] That's good that's good
Jane (PS1LK) [1367] Yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [1368] it just gets a wee bit much
Iris (PS1LJ) [1369] Mm, well it, it keeps you being able to run it so you're
Brian (PS1LH) [1370] Mm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1371] not stuck
Robert (PS1LG) [1372] Yes and
Jane (PS1LK) [1373] That's a hundred and eighty pounds worth there
Iris (PS1LJ) [1374] Yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [laugh]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1375] It's too [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [1376] It's too expensive over, over the holiday season
Iris (PS1LJ) [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [1377] That's right
Brian (PS1LH) [1378] That's another one for Christmas then
Jane (PS1LK) [1379] double
Iris (PS1LJ) [1380] It's certainly cheaper than the way you were doing it
Brian (PS1LH) [1381] It's certainly cheaper than three hundred and fifty quid, they showed up
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1382] that's it exactly and that's crazy
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1383] Right I don't think I've got any other things
Iris (PS1LJ) [1384] You could of bought your own equipment
Brian (PS1LH) [1385] Yeah
Iris (PS1LJ) [1386] by now
Jane (PS1LK) [1387] Yes you could of
Iris (PS1LJ) [1388] it's a shame
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...] ...
Robert (PS1LG) [1389] Erm, oh I have got something else, which is music, erm, at the last meeting I said I've been talking to Simon from the Queen's Hall, about the idea of doing pre-concert notes
Jane (PS1LK) [1390] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1391] Right
Robert (PS1LG) [1392] not, not actually doing an audio description of the conductor
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1393] and again, and again
Jane (PS1LK) [1394] Worried about doing ballet [laugh]
Robert (PS1LG) [1395] One thing, one thing about it, it's crossed my mind a long time ago is er the idea of erm in the half hour or whatever twenty minutes before a concert, doing er concert programme notes
Iris (PS1LJ) [1396] Yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [1397] particularly if there's you know heavy
Jane (PS1LK) [1398] Mm
Robert (PS1LG) [1399] information about a particular piece, so, Simon and I sort of, we were talking kind of fairly casually about that, but erm, what we agreed to do is, this was about the time when we first got the equipment I think and it, it occurred to me that you, and I've checked this now, that you can actually plug a cassette, you know, a Walkman type of player into either the microphone for the
Iris (PS1LJ) [1400] Right
Robert (PS1LG) [1401] radio system or
Cathy (PS1LL) [1402] Aha
Robert (PS1LG) [1403] indeed into the infra red if you were using the, I mean obviously that's a small scale, probably wouldn't, erm, so the idea of actually putting some concert notes onto a tape or indeed doing it live, so anyway Simon is away on holiday, after the Festival but I've arranged Cannon principal and for him and you
Iris (PS1LJ) [1404] Right
Robert (PS1LG) [1405] and his most regular blind patron who you know Mrs
Iris (PS1LJ) [1406] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1407] to
Iris (PS1LJ) [1408] Ann mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1409] to kind of just get together with someone he's identified a person whose name I can't remember but he's got a chamber orchestra
Iris (PS1LJ) [1410] Right
Robert (PS1LG) [1411] what I was interested in knowing in was for example whether he's got his chamber orchestra repeated their same concert five or six times in different cities
Cathy (PS1LL) [1412] Mm
Robert (PS1LG) [1413] I just, it's just a sort of an idea at this stage, I'm not wanting to take up ogres of time on this, but
Jane (PS1LK) [1414] I'm quite weary of doing it with a, with a full set and everything it's, it's, it's, awfully tiring for taking the system
Robert (PS1LG) [1415] Yeah
Jane (PS1LK) [1416] down and, and may well be just one person requiring and you've got somebody else to go down
Robert (PS1LG) [1417] Yeah, well there may be other mechanisms of doing it
Jane (PS1LK) [1418] with it and hand it out week and then at the concert collect it at the end again
Robert (PS1LG) [1419] Yeah
Jane (PS1LK) [1420] it's a kind of thing that I think could be put and take and people could pick up at the box office
Iris (PS1LJ) [1421] Yeah I think so
Robert (PS1LG) [1422] Yeah, well maybe that's what we, we
Jane (PS1LK) [1423] You could pick it up beforehand at the box office
Iris (PS1LJ) [1424] Well maybe that's what you do, yeah
Jane (PS1LK) [1425] Er, yes
Robert (PS1LG) [1426] Erm, you know, maybe it's something we can do in just a one off during the winter
Iris (PS1LJ) [1427] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1428] you know if the SEL are doing concerts on the basis of six or seven of the same, I'm, I, I really don't know enough about it
Iris (PS1LJ) [1429] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1430] and it maybe something that we can get one person to come into Playback
Iris (PS1LJ) [1431] Yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [1432] make up a, a note and then you
Cathy (PS1LL) [1433] How did the home of the brave do their thing?
[1434] That was to do with head sets?
Jane (PS1LK) [1435] Eh, to do with head sets yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [1436] Aha, nothing to do with
Iris (PS1LJ) [1437] And that was picked up
Robert (PS1LG) [1438] Our infra reds there
Iris (PS1LJ) [1439] They're infra red, yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [1440] That's picked up right then
Robert (PS1LG) [1441] So, so there is something [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [1442] I mean Margaret, have you been to it Cath?
Cathy (PS1LL) [1443] No
Jane (PS1LK) [1444] Margaret was at it really she said really it was not much for blind people
Cathy (PS1LL) [1445] No and I've
Iris (PS1LJ) [1446] No it's not
Cathy (PS1LL) [1447] I've spoke to Colin to
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1448] just to try and cope with it
Iris (PS1LJ) [1449] And the crowds
Cathy (PS1LL) [1450] and the aha
Jane (PS1LK) [1451] Yes, aha
Cathy (PS1LL) [1452] very difficult for blind people
Jane (PS1LK) [1453] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1454] No we were not
Iris (PS1LJ) [1455] There was lots of
Cathy (PS1LL) [1456] consulted or asked or involved or anything like that
Iris (PS1LJ) [1457] there's lots of things you could touch
Cathy (PS1LL) [1458] Yes though, yes
Iris (PS1LJ) [1459] which is good
Cathy (PS1LL) [1460] which is good, makes a change, aha
Robert (PS1LG) [1461] So that's the only other sort of bit of sort of
Jane (PS1LK) [1462] The other thing is I mean, erm, the, the Trone did it a couple of years ago, they haven't done it this year they
Iris (PS1LJ) [1463] Er, no, yes
Jane (PS1LK) [1464] recorded they got, somebody recorded
Iris (PS1LJ) [1465] that's right
Jane (PS1LK) [1466] the, the entire winter programme
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [1467] the next three months of programme on tape, several plays there were
Cathy (PS1LL) [1468] Not that you did, erm
Jane (PS1LK) [1469] and I think there was a bit of a up the place
Cathy (PS1LL) [1470] Aha
Jane (PS1LK) [1471] and they had they, we copied them
Cathy (PS1LL) [1472] That's right
Jane (PS1LK) [1473] and we had half a dozen of them at the box office and if anyone, I think we still sent them out if anyone wanted them
Iris (PS1LJ) [1474] Yes
Jane (PS1LK) [1475] but it meant people could go up to the box office and take a tape recorder and sit and listen to them
Cathy (PS1LL) [1476] Right
Jane (PS1LK) [1477] I think they had to take the [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1478] Oh we did that as well, you had the
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1479] Morag does it, Morag does it for them anyway
Jane (PS1LK) [1480] Yes, so it's quite good to have that kind of thing to publicize.
Cathy (PS1LL) [1481] Yes it would be good to get the Trone to do that again, we must have
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1482] again
Jane (PS1LK) [1483] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [1484] cos that stopped
Jane (PS1LK) [1485] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [1486] I mean he was doing that before we ever started audio description and now
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1487] They've been doing it for some time at the Biro, Perth is
Cathy (PS1LL) [1488] Oh yes does, does the Biro
Robert (PS1LG) [1489] At St Andrew's
Cathy (PS1LL) [1490] do the Biro not do it using actors now then as well?
Iris (PS1LJ) [1491] Yes they do
Robert (PS1LG) [1492] they actually use the actors who are going to be there because it's easier
Cathy (PS1LL) [1493] This wasn't, this was just a programme
Iris (PS1LJ) [1494] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [1495] cos Alan says he gets copies of that from the Biro Theatre
Iris (PS1LJ) [1496] Yes that's right
Cathy (PS1LL) [1497] I mean it's a jolly good idea it really is
Robert (PS1LG) [1498] So there are a few initiatives there, but I don't think there's been done anything on the music front though.
Iris (PS1LJ) [1499] We do yours from the information that goes out
Brian (PS1LH) [1500] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1501] Morag records it in newspaper
Robert (PS1LG) [1502] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1503] so it's on our tapes anyway
Robert (PS1LG) [1504] Right
Iris (PS1LJ) [1505] so it could go on a separate tape if you wanted that to happen, it's on a Mazda tape
Cathy (PS1LL) [1506] Mm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1507] so it could go on
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1508] tapes, we could do it
Robert (PS1LG) [1509] Right
Cathy (PS1LL) [1510] It's easy for you to have it at the theatre, mhm
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1511] to take a copy from that
Iris (PS1LJ) [1512] Yeah
Robert (PS1LG) [1513] Yeah
Iris (PS1LJ) [1514] Could easily do that
Jane (PS1LK) [1515] I perhaps could
Iris (PS1LJ) [1516] easily do that
Jane (PS1LK) [1517] they could pick from me up here or, even send it out
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1518] yeah could even have some at the theatre and
Jane (PS1LK) [1519] Yes
Iris (PS1LJ) [1520] Morag does it anyway
Robert (PS1LG) [1521] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1522] so there's no point in duplicating it
Jane (PS1LK) [1523] No
Robert (PS1LG) [1524] so in a way that's not really audio description, although it's
Jane (PS1LK) [1525] No
Robert (PS1LG) [1526] obviously
Iris (PS1LJ) [1527] No
Robert (PS1LG) [1528] closely linked, but it's not really
Jane (PS1LK) [1529] But it's always a, a joy for blind people to go to the theatre
Robert (PS1LG) [1530] Yeah
Iris (PS1LJ) [1531] Mhm
Jane (PS1LK) [1532] if they're involved, yes
Iris (PS1LJ) [1533] that's right ...
Robert (PS1LG) [1534] Right, I've nothing else, has anybody else have any other topics?
[1535] Ah, good
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS1LG) [1536] erm
Jane (PS1LK) [1537] That's rather nice, ah nice
Cathy (PS1LL) [1538] It is, it's nice most of them don't work, I've got
Robert (PS1LG) [1539] Date of next meeting?
Cathy (PS1LL) [1540] a lovely one over there
Jane (PS1LK) [1541] Oh
Robert (PS1LG) [1542] Yes I've been looking at that and thinking we'll take it, mm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1543] Its great isn't it?
Jane (PS1LK) [1544] Probably worth a fortune I find
Cathy (PS1LL) [1545] Present it to us yes and doesn't work
Iris (PS1LJ) [1546] Oh and doesn't work, well
Robert (PS1LG) [laugh]
Iris (PS1LJ) [laugh]
Jane (PS1LK) [1547] Maybe because it's not wound up
Iris (PS1LJ) [1548] Is the mouse dead?
Jane (PS1LK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1549] the time of day and er
Jane (PS1LK) [1550] Yeah
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [1551] you're quite right, yes ...
Brian (PS1LH) [1552] Can I ask just a little, it's quite a big question actually, I don't know if anybody will answer it.
[1553] Is there any research
Jane (PS1LK) [1554] Probably not
Brian (PS1LH) [1555] on the size or the whereabouts of the potential markets that we have as a theatre?
Robert (PS1LG) [1556] Well this is something that we have talked about
Brian (PS1LH) [1557] I mean we touched on how we're going to reach some, but is there any
Robert (PS1LG) [1558] this is something we've, we've talked about and in fact Lucy and I have talked about it
Brian (PS1LH) [1559] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1560] actually we, mm, at some length and had a few ideas, erm I've got an appointment with someone at the Arts Council in a couple of weeks that the Arts Council's got a new fund called erm ... consultants in research and I thought I'd make a bid to see if we can get someone
Cathy (PS1LL) [1561] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1562] to research this audience and ways of getting to it
Cathy (PS1LL) [1563] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1564] Mhm
Jane (PS1LK) [1565] Presumably you know roughly how many people are, are already
Cathy (PS1LL) [1566] If you look at the number on the register, I've got three and a half thousand
Iris (PS1LJ) [1567] Already we can give you these numbers I mean we've got [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1568] Yeah, but that doesn't mean anything if you're getting ten people turning up
Iris (PS1LJ) [1569] It doesn't mean anything
Brian (PS1LH) [1570] No, but it means, it means that we know how we've got to gear up
Iris (PS1LJ) [1571] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [1572] Yes to a lot of things
Jane (PS1LK) [1573] I think what we needs is a
Brian (PS1LH) [1574] What we're ready to pitch that sort of thing
Cathy (PS1LL) [1575] That's right, I think what means something is this overall figure and then erm a kind of er an information giving part which points out that what, you know, what seventy five per cent of my twelve thousand had over sixty five
Brian (PS1LH) [1576] Mm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1577] fifty per cent over seventy five
Robert (PS1LG) [1578] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1579] but a piece of research would be very good because that would help in honesty when you're trying to get erm organized with er transport and things
Robert (PS1LG) [1580] Yeah
Jane (PS1LK) [1581] That's why we're saying transport important because the majority of people are over seventy five
Brian (PS1LH) [1582] Sure, but it also goes down to do with erm, matinee and doing the evening performance
Cathy (PS1LL) [1583] But what, that's right
Iris (PS1LJ) [1584] Yes, what should, aha
Cathy (PS1LL) [1585] and there's also
Iris (PS1LJ) [1586] that's right and there's also people who have been to the theatre before that's not an audience who have
Cathy (PS1LL) [1587] Yes, no, oh no
Brian (PS1LH) [1588] And the audience, yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [1589] and it's not like the deaf audience had, had dealing with the
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS1LL) [1590] have a hearing audience, yes that are older, but the deaf audience which is very young, but other audiences and [...] people who have lost their sight
Iris (PS1LJ) [1591] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [1592] have been to theatre
Robert (PS1LG) [1593] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1594] and who really, could, yeah
Iris (PS1LJ) [1595] Who have once enjoyed the theatre , yes
Robert (PS1LG) [1596] The sort of thing is
Iris (PS1LJ) [1597] it's bringing them back
Robert (PS1LG) [1598] Yeah, the sort of thing Lucy and I were talking about earlier is, it was just before I went on holiday so my memory is kind of hazy, it's one where I was going to see the Arts Council and see if they were interested in the idea if they work
Iris (PS1LJ) [1599] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1600] you know this is the initial chat if they're interested, you know, you suddenly put paper and go back to Lucy and say okay, let's write this down
Iris (PS1LJ) [1601] Right, right
Robert (PS1LG) [1602] but I mean it was things like doing questionnaires maybe telephone question phoning people up you know that your three and a half, well not all of them but an example
Iris (PS1LJ) [1603] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1604] and she seemed fairly confident about her questionnaire in developing the right question in questionnaire, but I suppose that would be in conjunction with people like you
Brian (PS1LH) [1605] Mm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1606] Yes
Jane (PS1LK) [1607] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1608] erm to, to sort of engage a response.
[1609] It was, it was as much to do with what kind of things would you like to see
Jane (PS1LK) [1610] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1611] listen to
Cathy (PS1LL) [1612] Yes, cos that's the other bit isn't it?
[1613] Aha
Robert (PS1LG) [1614] as, as, it's the choice aspect of it as well as the sort of, if there was an audio description would you go and you know
Jane (PS1LK) [1615] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1616] what kind of things do you want to have audio described, so there are, I mean there's still quite a bit, but she got quite excited about the idea of involving one of the proper, well not proper, one of the, you know, official professional market research firms, as well in terms of doing this work, maybe, maybe getting money from the Arts Council to actually pay them
Iris (PS1LJ) [1617] Mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1618] to do it, although, whether they have this appropriate kind of sensitivity of not I don't know
Jane (PS1LK) [1619] No, mhm
Robert (PS1LG) [1620] so it, it is a sort of it's a kind of sort of liveish topic it's sort of in one of those stages where it's not actually happening yet because a
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [1621] But I mean erm, I mean it it's blatantly obviously at this
Cathy (PS1LL) [1622] I think there's a, there's
Jane (PS1LK) [1623] point your thinking how can we get people involved.
Cathy (PS1LL) [1624] How can we get the people, yeah.
Jane (PS1LK) [1625] I mean I worked at, as an open afternoon or something where we invite like into the theatre
Iris (PS1LJ) [1626] Yes
Jane (PS1LK) [1627] find out what, feel around the theatre,
Iris (PS1LJ) [1628] Yes
Jane (PS1LK) [1629] get onto the stage, feel a set, talk to some of the actors
Robert (PS1LG) [1630] Talk to the costume people
Jane (PS1LK) [1631] talk to the costume people you know, talk about make up because a lot of
Cathy (PS1LL) [1632] Yes, cos remember at the beginning of all this audio description lots a chat about including all that
Jane (PS1LK) [1633] That's right
Cathy (PS1LL) [1634] I was horrified because you know it's like bringing blind people in, doing all this, but something like that, open day, whatever, that'll be wonderful
Jane (PS1LK) [1635] That would
Cathy (PS1LL) [1636] that'll be great fun
Iris (PS1LJ) [1637] Yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [1638] would encourage people to
Robert (PS1LG) [1639] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1640] That's right, if you're organizing something like that and thinking about it from now, this is only the first of September, but
Jane (PS1LK) [1641] Yes
Iris (PS1LJ) [1642] Newspeak's already out
Jane (PS1LK) [1643] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [1644] That's right
Iris (PS1LJ) [1645] so the only, the ... that the easiest way for me to do
Jane (PS1LK) [1646] Playback's out yeah
Iris (PS1LJ) [1647] Playback's out as well, the easiest way for us to get to people is through these
Robert (PS1LG) [1648] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1649] tapes
Jane (PS1LK) [1650] Tapes
Iris (PS1LJ) [1651] now the next one doesn't go out until October so you would have to have something in November
Robert (PS1LG) [1652] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1653] to give people time to organize it
Cathy (PS1LL) [1654] I think yeah two, two months ahead
Robert (PS1LG) [1655] That would be okay, I mean
Cathy (PS1LL) [1656] to let you mention it once
Iris (PS1LJ) [1657] two months ahead
Cathy (PS1LL) [1658] let you mention it again
Iris (PS1LJ) [1659] at least two months ahead
Cathy (PS1LL) [1660] and go on about it again
Iris (PS1LJ) [1661] so if you had a date in November that you could give me, time to get people together
Robert (PS1LG) [1662] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1663] I have a huge group of people who meet the first Thursday in every month
Cathy (PS1LL) [1664] Aha
Iris (PS1LJ) [1665] so even to get them there
Jane (PS1LK) [1666] Yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [1667] That would help a lot
Iris (PS1LJ) [1668] would be a good er
Cathy (PS1LL) [1669] Yes getting them in the door is the
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [1670] get them in the door
Cathy (PS1LL) [1671] The blind people respond really
Jane (PS1LK) [1672] wanted to come back, yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [1673] well to somewhere they've been
Iris (PS1LJ) [1674] Yeah
Jane (PS1LK) [1675] That's right
Cathy (PS1LL) [1676] and if they've been there, people have been really nice to them
Jane (PS1LK) [1677] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1678] and it's been good fun, they do want to come back
Iris (PS1LJ) [1679] I have thirty or forty people who meet once a month for
Cathy (PS1LL) [1680] Oh that's excellent
Iris (PS1LJ) [1681] first Thursday in the month
Cathy (PS1LL) [1682] Aha
Iris (PS1LJ) [1683] and we could get them to you
Robert (PS1LG) [1684] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1685] cos their meeting could just be with you
Robert (PS1LG) [1686] Mhm
Cathy (PS1LL) [1687] Yes good idea
Iris (PS1LJ) [1688] for that afternoon
Jane (PS1LK) [1689] That'll be ideal, yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [1690] That'll be ideal
Robert (PS1LG) [1691] Mm, yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [1692] I think that's a wonderful idea
Jane (PS1LK) [1693] Yes
Robert (PS1LG) [1694] easily organized
Jane (PS1LK) [1695] Mhm
Iris (PS1LJ) [1696] If they could see the theatre to see what was going on and an example of audio description
Jane (PS1LK) [1697] Get them into the theatre without a lot of sighted people to push through that's what it's like, yes
Iris (PS1LJ) [1698] Yes, that's right, yes
Cathy (PS1LL) [1699] Yes
Jane (PS1LK) [1700] and find out where the, the la ladies is
Cathy (PS1LL) [1701] Where the loo, it's as simple as that, yes
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS1LK) [1702] all that kind of thing, yes
Robert (PS1LG) [1703] Yeah
Cathy (PS1LL) [1704] It's having that knowledge you know
Iris (PS1LJ) [1705] That's right trying to get people together for that Japanese
Jane (PS1LK) [1706] Let them take [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1707] night
Cathy (PS1LL) [1708] I remember Japanese night
Unknown speaker (F7CPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS1LJ) [1709] but that was very difficult to organize because they, they never give us time and, and
Jane (PS1LK) [1710] That's right, yeah
Iris (PS1LJ) [1711] if you don't have two months, you can't do it
Cathy (PS1LL) [1712] No you can't, you really have time
Iris (PS1LJ) [1713] you've got to have two months, mm
Brian (PS1LH) [1714] So your publ your publishing date for this is October?
Iris (PS1LJ) [1715] First of October it'll go out
Brian (PS1LH) [1716] First of October
Iris (PS1LJ) [1717] Mhm and Iris
Jane (PS1LK) [1718] Probably round about then
Brian (PS1LH) [1719] and then you'll need that