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[Teachers' conference: discussing assessment procedures]. Sample containing about 5736 words speech recorded in educational context

9 speakers recorded by respondent number C25

PS1M4 Ag3 m (Andrew, age 40+, teacher) unspecified
PS1M5 Ag2 f (Angela, age 30+, teacher) unspecified
PS1M6 Ag2 m (Paul, age 30+, teacher) unspecified
PS1M7 Ag3 m (Rod, age 40+, teacher) unspecified
PS1M8 Ag4 m (Don, age 50+, teacher) unspecified
PS1M9 Ag3 m (Alan, age 40+, teacher) unspecified
PS1MA Ag2 m (Terry, age 30+, teacher) unspecified
F7GPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
F7GPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 078001 recorded on 1992-09-03. LocationNorthumberland: North Shields ( Ralph Gardner high school ) Activity: discussing assesment procedures

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Andrew (PS1M4) [1] A teacher needs a kid needs to have a teacher comment about its progress in some ... specific area of literacy ... such as a syntax
Angela (PS1M5) [2] Mm.
Andrew (PS1M4) [3] or its spelling or its grammar ... then ... you as its subject teacher should make a
Angela (PS1M5) [4] Opportunity's there.
Andrew (PS1M4) [5] comment to that effect
Angela (PS1M5) [6] Mm.
Andrew (PS1M4) [7] specifically ... and tailored to that child.
Paul (PS1M6) [8] I'm sorry I don't like the ... the term literacy, I don't, I think it's too er ... [...] ... I think right, you need
Angela (PS1M5) [...]
Paul (PS1M6) [9] their spelling
Rod (PS1M7) [10] Er, literacy is ... it's one of the general skills, I'm sure it's down as literacy ... numeracy's the other one
Paul (PS1M6) [11] It may be but, yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [12] but, but then we are con , if the argument on the one hand is we should conform to what the government's saying and I'm saying that's what the government says as one of the general areas we should address ... I can't be wrong both ways if you follow my drift?
[13] You can't have your cake
Angela (PS1M5) [14] Mm.
Rod (PS1M7) [15] and eat it!
Angela (PS1M5) [16] Well on the attainment targets for English they, what they've done is they put the spelling and punctuation underneath presentation
Don (PS1M8) [17] Mm.
Angela (PS1M5) [18] they talk about surface features but I mean that's gonna be e even more [...] for people to understand.
Andrew (PS1M4) [19] Well jus just to lighten the mood for a moment and to go along with high-falooting words ... here are some
Angela (PS1M5) [20] Ha!
Andrew (PS1M4) [21] high-falooting words for ... weak, oh poor rather, poor ... here we go, atrocious, abominable, execrable
Unknown speaker (F7GPSUNK) [laugh]
Angela (PS1M5) [22] [laugh] Oh, execrable, yeah I like that [] !
Andrew (PS1M4) [23] there are better one's
Alan (PS1M9) [24] That's crap!
Unknown speaker (F7GPSUNK) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1M4) [25] there are better ones to come.
[26] Unredeemable
Unknown speaker (F7GPSUNK) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1M4) [27] flagrant, egregious
Alan (PS1M9) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1M4) [28] abysmal, lamentable, excruciating, deplorable, disreputable
Angela (PS1M5) [29] [...] is nice.
Andrew (PS1M4) [30] unsavoury, louche, diabolic
Alan (PS1M9) [31] Louche?
Unknown speaker (F7GPSUNK) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1M4) [32] Listen, [...] listen, listen, listen
Don (PS1M8) [...]
Angela (PS1M5) [33] What's this?
Andrew (PS1M4) [34] flagitious!
Angela (PS1M5) [35] God, that sounds rude!
[36] That's [...]
Andrew (PS1M4) [37] heinous, illiquidous
Don (PS1M8) [38] [laughing] Ooh ah [] !
Andrew (PS1M4) [39] navarious, pernicious, and finally odious and obnoxious!
Unknown speaker (F7GPSUNK) [laugh]
Alan (PS1M9) [40] [laughing] Oh well [...] [] !
Angela (PS1M5) [41] [laughing] Ah yeah [] !
Unknown speaker (F7GPSUNK) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1M4) [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [42] Can we settle for odious stroke obnoxious and then move up the [...] .
Unknown speaker (F7GPSUNK) [laugh]
Paul (PS1M6) [43] I'd love to [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [44] Thank you for bringing a little bit of light in.
Don (PS1M8) [45] Execra
Angela (PS1M5) [46] Mm.
Alan (PS1M9) [47] [laughing] That's great that one [] !
Rod (PS1M7) [48] Right ... erm
Alan (PS1M9) [49] [laughing] That's disgusting [] !
Rod (PS1M7) [50] To ... how we doing [...] ?
Don (PS1M8) [cough]
Angela (PS1M5) [51] Are you, are you seriously
Don (PS1M8) [...]
Angela (PS1M5) [52] saying to me right, as a parent you choose a qualification, you like ... pulling out your personal C V, and as a educationalist that literacy is a high-falooting word?
Paul (PS1M6) [53] To ... some people it might be, yes.
Rod (PS1M7) [54] I I
Angela (PS1M5) [55] Bloody hell!
Rod (PS1M7) [56] Well I think, you know
Angela (PS1M5) [laugh]
Don (PS1M8) [57] That's ... that's not very good English!
Angela (PS1M5) [58] [laughing] I I []
Don (PS1M8) [...]
Angela (PS1M5) [59] If [...] today, it is perfectly
Rod (PS1M7) [60] but
Angela (PS1M5) [61] appropriate [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [62] with all due respect we will meet that
Don (PS1M8) [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [63] more and more once we have to put descriptions of levels down, there will be words
Don (PS1M8) [64] Mm.
Rod (PS1M7) [65] there that they don't understand and it's
Don (PS1M8) [66] But that
Rod (PS1M7) [67] going to be educational programme.
Paul (PS1M6) [68] But I think this is this is something the kids will use as well.
Angela (PS1M5) [69] The [...] , they make it so obvious.
Alan (PS1M9) [70] Yes, but the ki , if the kid's gonna say well ... what's literacy?
[71] And you say, you know
Andrew (PS1M4) [72] That's right [...] .
Alan (PS1M9) [73] and you say well
Angela (PS1M5) [74] Reading, writing and spelling.
Alan (PS1M9) [75] You're a, you're a ... it's all, you know
Angela (PS1M5) [76] [laughing] And all that stuff [] .
Alan (PS1M9) [77] your English!
Angela (PS1M5) [78] Yeah!
Andrew (PS1M4) [79] Yes.
Rod (PS1M7) [80] Or or or language, not English
Alan (PS1M9) [81] Yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [82] but ... language.
Angela (PS1M5) [83] Language.
Andrew (PS1M4) [84] Yeah.
Alan (PS1M9) [85] You see because if you start doing it like that ... I mean, you could say ... th th the mathematical skills, you could say well he's good on number, but his graph work is poor and ... you know, he di , you know, you cannot ... you can't
Don (PS1M8) [86] Yeah.
Alan (PS1M9) [87] you can't be that [...]
Don (PS1M8) [88] Alan me for me, mathematical ... but I accept what you're saying that you mean ... numerical for most of that alphabetical as as opposed to
Andrew (PS1M4) [...]
Don (PS1M8) [89] No, I said that.
Rod (PS1M7) [90] Wi with with with all due respect ... you know we we we're talking about the precision of the word and when you actually come to a ten point scale there will be some imprecision anyway in the ... is it a six?
[91] Is it a five?
[92] Is, d'you know what I mean?
Angela (PS1M5) [93] Mm.
Rod (PS1M7) [94] So I I I think there's going to be some balancing anyway.
Don (PS1M8) [95] You you're discussing this and that instead of putting presentation
Paul (PS1M6) [...]
Don (PS1M8) [96] I put [...] and neatness.
Andrew (PS1M4) [97] [...] it's possible ... then
Alan (PS1M9) [laugh]
Angela (PS1M5) [98] Pardon?
Andrew (PS1M4) [99] then
Don (PS1M8) [100] instead of putting presentation I put [...] and neatness.
Paul (PS1M6) [101] It's like you know, [...] do we read them though [...]
Don (PS1M8) [102] Mm.
Andrew (PS1M4) [103] Mm.
Andrew (PS1M4) [104] She does.
Don (PS1M8) [105] Well it's a that's
Rod (PS1M7) [106] Right.
Don (PS1M8) [107] just a fact.
Paul (PS1M6) [108] Mm.
Don (PS1M8) [109] Instead of presentation I put writing and neatness
Paul (PS1M6) [110] [laughing] Ah, yeah [] !
Don (PS1M8) [111] to make it easy.
Andrew (PS1M4) [112] It's our duty anyway to get these words though ... the last minutes of discussion have been possibly the most valuable ... cos if we cannot ... use language accurately
Angela (PS1M5) [113] It's about language, it's important!
[114] Yes it is!
Andrew (PS1M4) [115] then we're not doing our job then are we?
Angela (PS1M5) [116] Yes!
[117] You're absolutely right!
Rod (PS1M7) [118] That's right, but the trouble is using language accurately ... with all due respect ... is is to some degree
Don (PS1M8) [119] That's a
Rod (PS1M7) [120] from where you're standing.
Don (PS1M8) [121] terrible expression with due respect!
Rod (PS1M7) [122] With limited respect
Unknown speaker (F7GPSUNK) [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [123] Is it it depend on where you're where you're standing doesn't it?
Don (PS1M8) [124] [laughing] When really it means with no respect [] !
Rod (PS1M7) [125] Oh that's unkind!
Don (PS1M8) [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [126] Wouldn't be sitting here going through this process if I if I hadn't got no respect for your [...] !
Angela (PS1M5) [127] Could we have punctuality down there?
Rod (PS1M7) [128] Well I was goi
Angela (PS1M5) [129] I would quite
Rod (PS1M7) [130] T
Angela (PS1M5) [131] like that.
Rod (PS1M7) [132] Right.
Don (PS1M8) [133] Colour coded pencils for the classes!
Rod (PS1M7) [134] Ca can we just go through
Angela (PS1M5) [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [135] at the moment we've got effort and behaviour acceptable, we've got numeracy acceptable and we've got literacy acceptable ... with reservations but, tough cookie!
[136] We've got attendance ... I was going to suggest that we made that attendance stroke punctuality
Don (PS1M8) [137] Mhm.
[138] If you get that all in.
[139] Be in on time.
Angela (PS1M5) [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [140] Yes?
Angela (PS1M5) [...]
Paul (PS1M6) [141] Yes
Don (PS1M8) [142] Mm.
Andrew (PS1M4) [143] I agree.
Paul (PS1M6) [144] Yes.
Don (PS1M8) [145] So so ca can I ... effort, what about this concentration bit, that was a query?
Rod (PS1M7) [146] Er
Paul (PS1M6) [147] Mm.
Rod (PS1M7) [148] what was on the orig , what did we have on the ori , I'm not saying the original list is like, is right Paul, I had something in there about homework, whether people wanted
Paul (PS1M6) [149] No.
Rod (PS1M7) [150] The the premise on this was ... what ... what do parents, and I know the words are wrong but at least it moved people along way ... er er er what do parents want to know about their youngsters?
[151] Er, very simple ... and
Don (PS1M8) [152] It's hardly our authority
Rod (PS1M7) [153] that was my feeling?
Don (PS1M8) [154] is it?
Rod (PS1M7) [155] Sorry?
Don (PS1M8) [156] Hardly [...] .
Rod (PS1M7) [157] No , well I'm I'm saying to you the same sort of things, in general skills and abilities there are certain things that we required to put in ... the er ... numeracy the literacy ... er, to some degree attendance and punctuality, although we don't have to do it on a subject specific basis ... erm ... we, everybody wants ... to know about he young ,ho ... whether their youngsters are trying i.e. effort ... ha , whether they behave in lessons.
[158] Erm ... do we want ... areas like working with others, do we want homework?
[159] I mean, that's what you're saying
Paul (PS1M6) [160] Not on skills.
Alan (PS1M9) [161] Not those two.
Rod (PS1M7) [162] You don't
Angela (PS1M5) [163] You did.
Rod (PS1M7) [164] want homework?
Paul (PS1M6) [165] No
Don (PS1M8) [166] Yeah.
Paul (PS1M6) [167] I don't want homework.
Don (PS1M8) [168] No, I don't want homework.
Paul (PS1M6) [169] No
Rod (PS1M7) [170] Nobody seems to want homework in.
Don (PS1M8) [171] No.
Rod (PS1M7) [172] Why's that?
Andrew (PS1M4) [173] It's spontaneous ... doing it off their own back.
Don (PS1M8) [174] Well how do you make a comment ... on how the kids done a homework?
Angela (PS1M5) [whispering] [...] []
Don (PS1M8) [175] It's very difficult on a ten point scale
Andrew (PS1M4) [whispering] [...] []
Don (PS1M8) [176] wha what's ten for some kids
Rod (PS1M7) [177] Sorry?
Don (PS1M8) [178] may be three for another.
Alan (PS1M9) [179] We have a homework policy that is accepted in the schools.
Don (PS1M8) [180] We don't need comments!
Rod (PS1M7) [181] No , I'm just asking I'm not
Alan (PS1M9) [182] Yes.
Rod (PS1M7) [183] I'm not trying to be [...]
Don (PS1M8) [184] Mm mm.
Rod (PS1M7) [185] I'm just asking
Angela (PS1M5) [186] Testing us.
Rod (PS1M7) [187] why?
[188] Well I haven't, I haven't got an axe to grind [...] !
Angela (PS1M5) [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [189] Andrew, homework?
Andrew (PS1M4) [190] I think that it isn't a general skill it at needs to be commented on, I think that it needs to commented on I think that it ought to be commented on in the ... comment box.
Don (PS1M8) [191] Yeah like ... he never
Rod (PS1M7) [192] Right.
Don (PS1M8) [193] handed in a piece of homework
Andrew (PS1M4) [194] Yes.
Don (PS1M8) [195] all year!
Andrew (PS1M4) [196] Yes.
Rod (PS1M7) [197] Would yo would would
Andrew (PS1M4) [198] Yes.
Rod (PS1M7) [199] I, when I do the comment thing ... put in ... would we, I say I, that's conceited!
[200] Would we put some guide lengths on on things
Andrew (PS1M4) [201] Yes.
Rod (PS1M7) [202] that might be commented upon?
Don (PS1M8) [203] To give
Andrew (PS1M4) [204] Yes.
Don (PS1M8) [205] people starters
Andrew (PS1M4) [206] Yes.
Don (PS1M8) [207] for five.
Angela (PS1M5) [208] Mm.
Don (PS1M8) [209] Yes.
Rod (PS1M7) [210] Mhm.
Don (PS1M8) [211] Homework, things that might be commented on in this
Paul (PS1M6) [212] Yes.
Don (PS1M8) [213] section, art, colour of your socks
Andrew (PS1M4) [214] Yes.
Angela (PS1M5) [215] I have put on my er, general skills and abilities, working with others ... I wanted some social
Don (PS1M8) [216] Could we not
Rod (PS1M7) [217] Is this
Don (PS1M8) [218] summarise that
Rod (PS1M7) [219] is this
Don (PS1M8) [220] and put the collectively
Rod (PS1M7) [221] are they
Don (PS1M8) [222] put a collective noun for that which
Andrew (PS1M4) [223] I
Don (PS1M8) [224] is what Paul was saying
Paul (PS1M6) [225] It's
Don (PS1M8) [226] a minute ago isn't
Angela (PS1M5) [227] Mm.
Don (PS1M8) [228] it?
Paul (PS1M6) [229] It's
Angela (PS1M5) [230] It's , what did you say?
Rod (PS1M7) [231] Paul.
Angela (PS1M5) [232] Pardon?
Paul (PS1M6) [...]
Don (PS1M8) [233] Horrible!
Rod (PS1M7) [234] It's it's got to be ca ... often work sideways from working with this door open?
Don (PS1M8) [235] No
Paul (PS1M6) [236] No, I just
Don (PS1M8) [237] No.
Paul (PS1M6) [238] opened the door ... about a minute ago.
Don (PS1M8) [239] No, I think that ... so social skills
Angela (PS1M5) [240] [...] then.
Don (PS1M8) [241] perhaps
Angela (PS1M5) [242] Yeah, some ... some of it in.
Don (PS1M8) [243] Social skills.
Rod (PS1M7) [244] We are required in the same way as we require numeracy and literally ... literacy, literally!
Don (PS1M8) [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [245] to have something that indicates how the youngster gets on with others, I'm sure that's one of the general skills and ability.
Don (PS1M8) [246] Social skills, yeah ... I think summarises the whole lot together.
Angela (PS1M5) [247] Mhm.
Don (PS1M8) [248] How you get on with other people.
Paul (PS1M6) [249] What about listening skills and ... and speaking skills?
Rod (PS1M7) [250] Well hang on, social skills.
Angela (PS1M5) [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [251] Cos these'll have to be clarified to some degree.
Don (PS1M8) [252] You're gonna have a great deal of [...] .
Paul (PS1M6) [253] Body language!
Don (PS1M8) [...]
Paul (PS1M6) [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [254] But, but the words will be in, the clarification needs to be for
Angela (PS1M5) [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [255] as a as an addendum for for staff doesn't it?
Alan (PS1M9) [256] Yes, a clarification is for the staff not for the parents!
Rod (PS1M7) [257] Oh no!
Paul (PS1M6) [258] Well, obviously not!
Angela (PS1M5) [laugh]
Don (PS1M8) [259] Ca can I
Angela (PS1M5) [laugh]
Alan (PS1M9) [260] Or we'll be writing the whole books for them!
Angela (PS1M5) [laugh]
Don (PS1M8) [261] So concentration's there, okay.
[262] Could I, can I say something about
Paul (PS1M6) [263] Have faith in our prayers!
Rod (PS1M7) [laugh]
Don (PS1M8) [264] I think that we should be aware of what these levels ...
Andrew (PS1M4) [laugh]
Don (PS1M8) [265] mean.
[266] I think that we must ... whe when we're, we we must come to some sort of consensus in the staff as to what the levels mean ... in inverted commas.
Angela (PS1M5) [267] Can I ... suggest belo , below average ... rather than poor?
Paul (PS1M6) [268] I'm afraid I don't like that average.
Angela (PS1M5) [269] I know it isn't ideal
Paul (PS1M6) [270] Ooh no.
Angela (PS1M5) [271] but it's ... er it's ... a little bit better than poor.
Paul (PS1M6) [272] I prefer poor
Don (PS1M8) [273] I like poor.
[274] I like poor.
Paul (PS1M6) [275] Mm.
Don (PS1M8) [276] Let's have a vote on it.
[277] Below average?
[278] Execrable?
[279] Poor?
Angela (PS1M5) [280] Oh not poor, come on!
[281] How, how can you possibly like poor?
[282] The negative connotations of a word like that, come on!
Don (PS1M8) [283] But some of them
Alan (PS1M9) [284] Well
Don (PS1M8) [285] are bloody poor!
Alan (PS1M9) [286] well wo well one out of ten is indicating that they're poor!
Angela (PS1M5) [287] I ye yes ... and I agree with that, but we're supposed to be communicating with the little bastards right
Don (PS1M8) [288] No, no I'm sorry!
Angela (PS1M5) [289] in a sensitive way right, emphasising the positive
Andrew (PS1M4) [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [laugh]
Don (PS1M8) [290] No, no we're supposed
Angela (PS1M5) [...]
Don (PS1M8) [291] to be communicating with the parents!
Paul (PS1M6) [292] Parents [...]
Angela (PS1M5) [293] Exactly little bastards, that's what I said!
Alan (PS1M9) [294] But we're not pandering ... it's not pandering to the kids!
Unknown speaker (F7GPSUNK) [laugh]
Angela (PS1M5) [295] [shouting] I agree with you ... but you, I mean, if [...] , well you might as well say shite!
[296] Levels one, two and three are shite [] !
Andrew (PS1M4) [297] Can I ... Can I
Angela (PS1M5) [298] I mean if you're going to take that to the ultimate lengths
Don (PS1M8) [laugh]
Angela (PS1M5) [299] the way that you lot are going on
Don (PS1M8) [300] Why Shite, you know, the word is shit!
Angela (PS1M5) [301] It's bloody John Wayne's version of educational terminology!
Rod (PS1M7) [302] With all, with all, with all due respect
Don (PS1M8) [303] Oh [...]
Paul (PS1M6) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F7GPSUNK) [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [304] Sold to Angela's er ... mini outburst
Angela (PS1M5) [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [305] I I ... can we leave the word poor and below alone for the moment ... so that
Angela (PS1M5) [306] Right sir.
Rod (PS1M7) [307] Angela can reflect
Angela (PS1M5) [308] Yes sir.
Rod (PS1M7) [309] upon it
Angela (PS1M5) [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [310] and come up with other alternatives
Paul (PS1M6) [311] What
Rod (PS1M7) [312] we get what you're saying but at the moment ... er ... can, can we stick on skills and abilities and try and
Alan (PS1M9) [313] Right.
Rod (PS1M7) [314] get in here.
Angela (PS1M5) [315] Sorry!
Andrew (PS1M4) [316] I'm I'm stuck for a word I've I've asked ... Angela, I can't explain to her what I mean ... it's awful when you, when you got a word at the back of your mind ... it's one of those words where ... ki , a kid ham ... anybody, any person ... can ... er, realise that something needs doing and do it without ... being told to do it.
[317] Er, they have ... er, a se se
Paul (PS1M6) [318] Independence?
Angela (PS1M5) [319] Sense of responsibility.
Paul (PS1M6) [320] Some sort of a level of independence.
Alan (PS1M9) [321] Responsibility.
Andrew (PS1M4) [322] No.
[323] ... None of those things.
[324] More creative than that.
[325] Er ... you know, perhaps if ... Baden Powell might have appr approved it, of it you know it's it's
Angela (PS1M5) [326] Weird? [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [laugh]
Angela (PS1M5) [327] [laughing] I'm being [...] [] !
[328] Go on, carry on.
Don (PS1M8) [329] I don't know what you're getting at, what what
Andrew (PS1M4) [330] You don't do you, no?
[331] Never mind, as an extra skill.
Rod (PS1M7) [332] O okay.
Don (PS1M8) [333] Oh as an extra skill?
Andrew (PS1M4) [334] As an extra skill, yes.
Don (PS1M8) [335] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1M4) [336] Perhaps it's so rare amongst
Rod (PS1M7) [337] At the moment
Don (PS1M8) [338] children that er, this [laugh] it seems unlikely that er
Angela (PS1M5) [339] Stickability?
[340] That's a Brownie
Andrew (PS1M4) [341] No!
Angela (PS1M5) [342] term.
Rod (PS1M7) [343] At the moment
Don (PS1M8) [344] [laughing] Dib, dib, dib, that's a
Andrew (PS1M4) [345] [...] , no.
Don (PS1M8) [346] scout term [] !
Rod (PS1M7) [347] I think, I think you're all getting a bit tired are you not?
Alan (PS1M9) [...]
Angela (PS1M5) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1M4) [348] Well the cab firm said we could [...] .
[349] I'm sorry to have brought this down to [...] !
Rod (PS1M7) [350] At the moment we have
Angela (PS1M5) [351] What have we got?
Rod (PS1M7) [352] i effort ... behaviour
Angela (PS1M5) [353] Yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [354] literacy, numeracy, attendance, punctuality and social skills.
Angela (PS1M5) [355] Right.
Alan (PS1M9) [356] Well
Rod (PS1M7) [357] Is
Alan (PS1M9) [358] writing and neatness can just be called presentation.
Rod (PS1M7) [359] Right.
Alan (PS1M9) [360] Er
Angela (PS1M5) [361] Give us again what you've got, I want ... effort, behaviour
Rod (PS1M7) [362] Effort, behaviour ... literacy, numeracy ... attendance, punctuality, social skills and ... presentation.
Alan (PS1M9) [363] And have we not gotta take care that we don't ... we don't have such an enormous list
Angela (PS1M5) [364] [laughing] Oh yeah [] !
Alan (PS1M9) [365] [laughing] that people are gonna be going [...] [] !
Rod (PS1M7) [366] Well , all that, all we've got at the moment Alan is a list of things that we feel should be in there
Don (PS1M8) [367] But
Rod (PS1M7) [368] it may well be that you'll say well, we want to put these in a specific order
Don (PS1M8) [369] Aha.
Rod (PS1M7) [370] or or that we want to leave some of these out.
[371] All I'm ... trying to do at the moment ... is to sort of get
Angela (PS1M5) [372] Is do like a shopping list.
Rod (PS1M7) [373] ideas of er
Don (PS1M8) [374] Aha.
Rod (PS1M7) [375] a shopping list
Don (PS1M8) [376] [...] on there because I I I I, this following instructions I remembered why I put it now ... we are, but one you were saying that
Paul (PS1M6) [377] Pardon?
Don (PS1M8) [378] we're obliged to report on social skills and so forth
Rod (PS1M7) [379] Mm.
Don (PS1M8) [380] one of the most important things that bias report on is problem solving, and that was my ... attempt at ... problem solving.
Angela (PS1M5) [381] [laughing] Is it [] !
Andrew (PS1M4) [382] The word that I'm looking for ... is
Don (PS1M8) [383] Problem solving?
[384] No?
Andrew (PS1M4) [385] No!
[386] That's two words!
Don (PS1M8) [387] Ah shit! [laugh]
Andrew (PS1M4) [388] One word which ... includes problem solving
Rod (PS1M7) [389] Can fo , can we for the moment you have a a specific task Andrew
Andrew (PS1M4) [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [390] which is to come up with a word
Angela (PS1M5) [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [391] can we put ... can we put problem solving in for the moment?
Andrew (PS1M4) [392] Mm.
Rod (PS1M7) [393] Do we agree that we want something that that that that says
Don (PS1M8) [394] Well you see following instructions ... isn't really problem solving ... but it's sa ... partly a long line and the kid's would know ... what it means ... mm, that they know
Angela (PS1M5) [395] I mean I would put that under ... group work and social skills and no er ... the way I would approach it but it may not apply [...] .
Paul (PS1M6) [396] I quite
Angela (PS1M5) [397] D'you see?
Paul (PS1M6) [398] like problem solving.
Rod (PS1M7) [399] We ... I'll have to
Andrew (PS1M4) [400] Alright, well go and
Rod (PS1M7) [401] go bu
Andrew (PS1M4) [402] do some then!
Rod (PS1M7) [403] I'll have to back through my
Don (PS1M8) [404] Instead of
Rod (PS1M7) [405] general skills
Don (PS1M8) [406] alright, problem solving, at last!
Rod (PS1M7) [407] So at the moment we've got one, two, three, four, five six
Don (PS1M8) [408] There's only an extra [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [409] so seven eight
Andrew (PS1M4) [410] Fine.
Don (PS1M8) [411] There's only an extra one there!
[412] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven
Angela (PS1M5) [413] We could leave literacy, numeracy no?
Don (PS1M8) [414] there's only an extra one there.
Rod (PS1M7) [415] Literacy, numeracy, we have nothing
Don (PS1M8) [416] Fo ... nothing for co , concentration's out ... and literacy's in ... following instructions is out, problem solving's in ... er, mathematical's numeracy ... er, social skills is extra.
Rod (PS1M7) [417] And presentation I've got.
Don (PS1M8) [418] Presentation is writing
Angela (PS1M5) [419] Yeah.
Don (PS1M8) [420] and neatness.
Paul (PS1M6) [421] Yeah instead of writing and neatness.
Rod (PS1M7) [422] Any further comments?
Angela (PS1M5) [423] Ah, isn't behaviour in, in social skill ... and then we could drop that as a separate one?
Alan (PS1M9) [424] No, I think the behaviour
Paul (PS1M6) [425] No.
Alan (PS1M9) [426] is very important.
Angela (PS1M5) [427] You want to, want to see that separate?
[428] No I'm not saying [...] ?
Don (PS1M8) [429] It may well be a social skill but I think it's
Angela (PS1M5) [430] aye
Don (PS1M8) [431] worthwhile
Alan (PS1M9) [432] It's a one that's
Angela (PS1M5) [433] You want it identified separately?
Rod (PS1M7) [434] We ... we would
Angela (PS1M5) [435] Yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [436] have to ... er er I'll I'll try and come up with some talk of, some sort of definitions, guidelines of, I mean, effort's effort, I do , do you have to explain effort?
[437] Not really cos
Angela (PS1M5) [438] No.
Don (PS1M8) [439] Cos I come back to what I said about five minutes ago?
Rod (PS1M7) [440] Yep.
Don (PS1M8) [441] These levels erm ... they've got to be in the context of the levels ... of the national curriculum or fail to to be valuable.
[442] ... We canna have everybody ... putting ... eights, nines and tens ... and nobody putting ones, twos, and threes because then it it becomes meaningless ... er, in relation to the section [...] ... it's got to bear some relation ... to what sort of standard you expect from a child at at such
Paul (PS1M6) [443] What's this?
[444] For what?
Don (PS1M8) [445] at such an a
Paul (PS1M6) [446] It's for
Don (PS1M8) [447] Well these, these are te , it's a ten point scale
Rod (PS1M7) [448] Mm.
Paul (PS1M6) [449] This effort thing?
Don (PS1M8) [450] Yes, the the the all these
Paul (PS1M6) [451] Oh I didn't know that.
Don (PS1M8) [452] have have to be at ... that's why it's a ten point scale
Paul (PS1M6) [453] Yeah but ... I don't see how that might have to relate to national curriculum er
Rod (PS1M7) [454] Well that was one of the reasons for doing
Angela (PS1M5) [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [455] it on the basis that there's a sort of uniformity and that we're trying to set a
Angela (PS1M5) [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [456] consistent standard.
Alan (PS1M9) [457] Yeah, you've got a ten point scale but with effort we can hardly say ... hey, there's a class there and you haven't, you haven't put anybody down as poor!
Rod (PS1M7) [458] Oh no!
Don (PS1M8) [459] No no!
Rod (PS1M7) [460] Ah, we don't have to
Don (PS1M8) [461] I'm not saying
Rod (PS1M7) [462] apply that
Don (PS1M8) [463] I'm not saying that ... what I'm saying is that ... that we must all have ... at the back of our minds a a sort of considered opinion of what's
Angela (PS1M5) [464] Aye consensus of what [...]
Don (PS1M8) [465] a consensus of opinion of of what levels
Angela (PS1M5) [466] Yeah.
Don (PS1M8) [467] are, yeah.
Angela (PS1M5) [468] Right.
Alan (PS1M9) [469] Well hopefully we already have.
Don (PS1M8) [470] Well I think i , I think it's, I think it's it something that should be
Angela (PS1M5) [471] Emphasised.
Don (PS1M8) [472] emphasised at a whole staff meeting
Alan (PS1M9) [473] Yes.
Don (PS1M8) [474] that we should
Alan (PS1M9) [475] Yes but the , that we needn't worry about at this stage I think.
Paul (PS1M6) [476] What for these?
[477] For these here?
Don (PS1M8) [478] Yeah, because invariably somebody's gonna put ... erm, behaviour eight ... and, everybody else is gonna put behaviour two and it's gonna become meaningless.
Alan (PS1M9) [479] Well no!
Paul (PS1M6) [480] It's gonna happen.
Angela (PS1M5) [481] Well no, cos some classes [...]
Alan (PS1M9) [482] Not necessarily [...]
Don (PS1M8) [483] But eight ... no but eight ... in terms of in terms of behaviour
Angela (PS1M5) [484] Aha.
Don (PS1M8) [485] er, is ... very very good and if you, it's it's level A at G C S E ... in the area.
Paul (PS1M6) [486] Well it shouldn't be like that!
Angela (PS1M5) [487] Ah oh ha no come on Don!
Paul (PS1M6) [488] no it shouldn't , no I disagree with that!
Angela (PS1M5) [489] You can't quantify their
Paul (PS1M6) [490] You can't
Angela (PS1M5) [491] behaviour
Paul (PS1M6) [492] no!
Angela (PS1M5) [493] I can see, I can
Paul (PS1M6) [494] I me
Angela (PS1M5) [495] see the point of having
Paul (PS1M6) [496] Yeah.
Angela (PS1M5) [497] coherence of, er
Don (PS1M8) [498] Mhm.
Angela (PS1M5) [499] like that, but not ... not to that
Paul (PS1M6) [500] Mm.
Angela (PS1M5) [501] fine point, it's classifying the kids too much!
Don (PS1M8) [502] No, I alright, I, yeah
Angela (PS1M5) [503] And in some class rooms the kids are gonna go down for a variety of reasons, they're gonna ... they're gonna work their ticket ... and in other class rooms they won't!
[504] And the gi , that's gotta be reflected.
Don (PS1M8) [505] Oh yeah I I ca ... yeah, I I accept I'm I'm being [...]
Angela (PS1M5) [506] What d'you mean?
Don (PS1M8) [507] finickety but I
Rod (PS1M7) [508] Well I tho though I I take what Don's saying in a general [laughing] [...] [] .
Don (PS1M8) [509] In a general way , yes.
Rod (PS1M7) [510] Actually I wouldn't mind it staying open cos I'm a bit hot.
Don (PS1M8) [511] Right, leave it open.
[512] Yep, leave it open.
Rod (PS1M7) [513] Is that alright?
[514] Andrew could you come and hold this door?
Andrew (PS1M4) [515] Certainly.
Don (PS1M8) [516] It's still
Andrew (PS1M4) [517] I'll put head in [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [518] Erm
Andrew (PS1M4) [519] close it.
Rod (PS1M7) [520] we we've gone over ... er, I mean are we basically happy at that?
[521] So we need to re-draft it ... we ... it needs to be sort of re-drafted in in a format
Angela (PS1M5) [522] Yes, it's thanks very much
Rod (PS1M7) [523] that, that we've got
Angela (PS1M5) [524] for doing that.
Rod (PS1M7) [525] and if I didn't say it strong enough, as Angela's done, it has given us a real basis to work on Don and it is appreciated.
Angela (PS1M5) [526] Mm, it is.
Rod (PS1M7) [527] Yep.
[528] We , pupil, teacher, date ... does that still apply?
[529] Yes, it does doesn't it?
[530] Yes.
[531] I was just thinking about whether people sign but it does, no it still applies.
Rod (PS1M7) [532] Oh Andrew it doesn't ma
Angela (PS1M5) [533] No I mean this guff ... that was ... you know, or stuff ... erm, we've got more categories than we originally started with.
Rod (PS1M7) [534] Well you would just need an extra space or two spaces on the bottom.
[535] D'you want to look at whether ... you put them in any particular order?
Angela (PS1M5) [536] I think you should yeah.
Alan (PS1M9) [537] Yes, I think or I, and things like effort and behaviour
Don (PS1M8) [538] Behaviour.
Alan (PS1M9) [539] are important.
Rod (PS1M7) [540] Well we
Angela (PS1M5) [541] Individual [...] as opposed to things that are hard like.
Rod (PS1M7) [542] We we we finish in five minutes I feel that
Paul (PS1M6) [543] Mm.
Rod (PS1M7) [544] I asked Terry to come along because one of the things I tho I tho ... I hope we might get round to spending a few minutes on was about ... Alan's raised it before about ... records coming in ... er, and what the state of the game is in records coming into us ... and how we're transferring that information, or not transferring that information onto dep onto department's national curriculum ... er ... material
Don (PS1M8) [545] Mm.
Rod (PS1M7) [546] is starting to flow into us.
Paul (PS1M6) [547] Yes.
Rod (PS1M7) [548] Er er and there are i implications for you in as much that ... my simplistic idea would be that ... everything in terms of a subject would be on a separate sheet ... so that
Don (PS1M8) [549] Mhm.
Rod (PS1M7) [550] maths information we had a, a child would go straight to the maths
Alan (PS1M9) [551] Yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [552] department etcetera etcetera.
Alan (PS1M9) [553] But would it?
Paul (PS1M6) [554] Yeah.
Alan (PS1M9) [555] Whether
Rod (PS1M7) [556] Well
Alan (PS1M9) [557] you would
Rod (PS1M7) [558] the point I'm making now is we've got Terry here
Terry (PS1MA) [559] Yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [560] just to give you some background information cos ... we do need to address that, I know it's a side issue from this ... are we fairly happy with that?
Angela (PS1M5) [561] Yes.
Don (PS1M8) [562] Other than
Angela (PS1M5) [563] Poor.
Don (PS1M8) [564] poor.
Don (PS1M8) [565] I'm strongly thinking that at
Rod (PS1M7) [566] What else
Don (PS1M8) [567] some stage you've got to say ... to a kid
Rod (PS1M7) [568] Right, whilst
Don (PS1M8) [569] you are not good!
Rod (PS1M7) [570] you have that on disk
Don (PS1M8) [...] [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [571] how much ... how onerous is it
Angela (PS1M5) [572] I agree.
Rod (PS1M7) [573] for you to do
Don (PS1M8) [574] No I can I can move it, I can [...] , yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [575] Right, so would you do that for us so we
Don (PS1M8) [576] Yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [577] can at some point get together and then
Don (PS1M8) [578] I can't do it here!
Rod (PS1M7) [579] Oh no!
[580] No
Don (PS1M8) [581] No.
Rod (PS1M7) [582] no!
Don (PS1M8) [583] I haven't got a dictionary.
Rod (PS1M7) [584] Well ... you've got Friday night don't be so silly!
Don (PS1M8) [585] Mm.
Rod (PS1M7) [586] Erm
Alan (PS1M9) [587] All over your place on Saturday
Rod (PS1M7) [588] we can we can review that again.
Don (PS1M8) [589] Right okay.
Rod (PS1M7) [590] Aye Saturday morning!
[591] Is that okay?
Paul (PS1M6) [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [592] So tha , thank you very much for that, a little bit heated on occasion but we've got there.
Angela (PS1M5) [593] Good though wasn't it?
Rod (PS1M7) [594] No, I get very offended and upset
Angela (PS1M5) [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [595] and agitated cos I like ... smoothness and light.
[596] Go back to what I asked Terry ... about, just so that you're in the picture really.
Paul (PS1M6) [597] Yeah.
Terry (PS1MA) [598] I think ... one of the biggest problems we've got ... or I've I've had in the last couple of years is that we've got so many primary schools that we get children from ... Spring Gardens and Western ... are now producing national curriculum information for which Marian has ... got.
[599] It's come in in different ways, maths, English and science ... from Spring Gardens is separate ... separate sheets which we can actually take out the files and give ... to each department, there's no problem there ... [...] Saint John's ... again, is separate sheets, Collingwood isn't, it's actually on ... photocopiable sheets, we either cut them up and give them out separately ... in some form or whatever, and what I've, what we hope to do over the next ... maybe this year is to ask them for a ... sheet each, for each subject that we can actually take out of the file and give to each department, so that is has arrived, it ha did arrive last year ... but it arrived in such hotch botch that ... we didn't actually give it out, but we certainly have it this year and Marian and I ... certainly, Marian anyway will get that together and give it out to departments.
[600] I know Paul's been down to Percy Saint John's and they are quite far ahead ... believe it or not they have got separate sheets for most subjects and we'll able to do that ... English at pri Spring Gardens is good, so it maths because that was actually dealt with by erm ... Barbara
Rod (PS1M7) [601] Barbara.
Terry (PS1MA) [602] who is now left, but never the less it's been taken over by
Alan (PS1M9) [603] Yes well the the ne the new girl's very
Terry (PS1MA) [604] Yeah and
Alan (PS1M9) [605] very good as well.
Terry (PS1MA) [606] Yeah to , yeah she's okay, Janice , but there is somebody specifically in charge of each of the areas within the primary schools, they keep changing because they keep leaving but I mean obviously the there is ... it is going on.
[607] The problem I have is putting them into forms and last was a was a specific example because we ended up with our seven G N, and I took the i , the information from each of the primary schools ... and put them into form classes.
[608] Now this year what I've done is actually going to see the form teacher ... and look at the classes and they've actually given me a lot more information this year and hopefully, keep our fingers crossed, the classes are very varied and we have good, we have middling, and we have the not so good and we've tried to keep those like that.
Paul (PS1M6) [609] [whispering] Yeah we are, not so
Terry (PS1MA) [610] It is
Paul (PS1M6) [611] good [] !
Terry (PS1MA) [612] it is
Angela (PS1M5) [laugh]
Terry (PS1MA) [613] well not saying tha , I mean I ... and again I, I think what I need to do is get a sheet again, obviously working with yourselves and Rod ... to get you more information to make sure the classes are not ... and don't get same situation as last year
Rod (PS1M7) [614] Are we in a position Terry then ... for every child ... t to ... for example with years, with with with seven or eight etcetera to say to Alan
Terry (PS1MA) [615] Yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [616] right ... there's a sheet er, that indicates ... er, what we are aware of the mathematical ability ... sorry, the, aye, the mathematical ability o o of every child at ... i.e. from Spring Gardens it will be a separate sheet
Terry (PS1MA) [617] Yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [618] but from ... wherever you said, if they're using one sheet for all three ... we would need
Terry (PS1MA) [619] Yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [620] at the present time to photocopy a couple of extra ones so Angela can have one
Terry (PS1MA) [621] That's right.
Rod (PS1M7) [622] and Don can have one.
Terry (PS1MA) [623] That's right.
[624] Yeah. [...]
Alan (PS1M9) [625] I don't I don't know that you need to do all this ... I mean, we would like ac ... I mean as far as I'm concerned we would like access to this information ... but I I don't particularly need some pieces of
Don (PS1M8) [626] To keep it.
Alan (PS1M9) [627] paper to keep.
Paul (PS1M6) [628] I think that's very well sa
Don (PS1M8) [...] [...]
Paul (PS1M6) [629] I mean if they can be put in a room or
Alan (PS1M9) [630] You know if the
Don (PS1M8) [631] In the [...]
Alan (PS1M9) [632] if there's somewhere that that we can
Paul (PS1M6) [633] secure room for the staff to just to
Alan (PS1M9) [634] look at.
Paul (PS1M6) [635] look at and browse and take the information that they want rather than putting ... what sounds to me a lot of work on some
Alan (PS1M9) [636] Because in actual fact I would I would be interested
Paul (PS1M6) [637] Mm.
Alan (PS1M9) [638] in not just the maths you see.
Paul (PS1M6) [639] Yeah, yes.
Angela (PS1M5) [640] Mm.
Alan (PS1M9) [641] I would I would want
Angela (PS1M5) [642] Mm.
Alan (PS1M9) [643] to nick the whole [...] , I want to know English as well.
Don (PS1M8) [644] Like English, [...] as well!
Unknown speaker (F7GPSUNK) [laugh]
Paul (PS1M6) [645] Look what I'm saying
Terry (PS1MA) [...]
Angela (PS1M5) [646] What about the small staff room?
Terry (PS1MA) [647] secretary that could be got that way
Angela (PS1M5) [648] Can all the tables
Alan (PS1M9) [649] There is no need for you
Terry (PS1MA) [...]
Alan (PS1M9) [650] to do
Paul (PS1M6) [651] Right.
Alan (PS1M9) [652] an enormous amount
Paul (PS1M6) [653] Yeah.
Alan (PS1M9) [654] of work.
Terry (PS1MA) [655] Right, so in other words, we just take it out of the files, keep the ... children information in the tutor's office and just extract what you want to put in somewhere else?
Rod (PS1M7) [656] But you would put it in alphabetical order
Terry (PS1MA) [657] Order.
Rod (PS1M7) [658] not form order because
Terry (PS1MA) [659] Not form.
Rod (PS1M7) [660] they'll obviously be moving about and tutors can't be faffing round every two minutes if something goes wrong.
Paul (PS1M6) [661] Have to be secure?
Rod (PS1M7) [662] It could go
Paul (PS1M6) [663] Yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [664] mm
Andrew (PS1M4) [665] With respect, will these ... people not be getting SIMS soon?
Terry (PS1MA) [666] They have, all our [...] have got SIMS.
Andrew (PS1M4) [667] So won't this information be on SIMS and can it ju not just be transferred?
Rod (PS1M7) [668] I'm not sure Andrew.
Terry (PS1MA) [669] Erm
Rod (PS1M7) [670] I suppose it must be.
Andrew (PS1M4) [671] Wouldn't that be a better way of keeping anyway?
Terry (PS1MA) [672] Well, possibly.
Rod (PS1M7) [673] But what about the current situation?
Andrew (PS1M4) [674] Fair enough but ... in the future so as not to have to [...]
Don (PS1M8) [675] Why can't just simply pass it round people?
Paul (PS1M6) [676] These people won't be on si ... the the ... some of these primary schools are on?
Rod (PS1M7) [677] Well they are, yeah!
Terry (PS1MA) [678] Spring Gardens and [...] have got SIMS.
Rod (PS1M7) [679] Everybody's had SIMS training now!
Terry (PS1MA) [680] Yeah, they've all got it, [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [681] Er
Terry (PS1MA) [682] all our primary schools have got it.
Rod (PS1M7) [683] Bob was down with his secretary at
Paul (PS1M6) [684] Last time I went in everyone got called!
Terry (PS1MA) [685] Yep, they all that [...]
Paul (PS1M6) [laugh]
Terry (PS1MA) [686] Yeah.
Paul (PS1M6) [687] You're kidding me!
Angela (PS1M5) [laugh]
Alan (PS1M9) [688] Extract it, but keep it in your room alphabetically ... then if the maths department say, hey look, can we have a look at that during the [...]
Paul (PS1M6) [...]
Alan (PS1M9) [...]
Paul (PS1M6) [...]
Terry (PS1MA) [689] Have it there for the first month or something.
Alan (PS1M9) [690] Yeah go
Terry (PS1MA) [691] Well as if , I mean I've got a draw in my filing
Paul (PS1M6) [...]
Terry (PS1MA) [692] cabinet, so as Marian that says
Rod (PS1M7) [693] What er
Terry (PS1MA) [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [694] that
Paul (PS1M6) [695] But filing cabinets tend to put people off.
Alan (PS1M9) [696] No!
[697] We we will ask, I mean it's not gonna be something that's vital
Don (PS1M8) [698] I've used a filing cabinet and it's put me off!
Paul (PS1M6) [699] Yeah.
Alan (PS1M9) [700] but at the minute
Angela (PS1M5) [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [701] We no [...] it'll go
Alan (PS1M9) [702] We will just ask you can we have a look at it for a few days.
Rod (PS1M7) [703] it'll go, it'll all go as it's individual sheets in a box file will it not?
Terry (PS1MA) [704] Mm.
Rod (PS1M7) [705] In a single box file with cap on.
Andrew (PS1M4) [706] Oh well a box, yes.
Rod (PS1M7) [707] It can go in a box file.
Paul (PS1M6) [708] I've got a box file.
Terry (PS1MA) [709] Ah.
Rod (PS1M7) [710] Can we have the box file, if you could bring that in?
Angela (PS1M5) [711] That's saves me bringing it.
Paul (PS1M6) [712] A box file yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [713] That could be kept in tutor's room with
Don (PS1M8) [714] Oh.
Rod (PS1M7) [715] national curriculum ... AT's on
Don (PS1M8) [716] Mm.
Rod (PS1M7) [717] it and it's
Terry (PS1MA) [718] Yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [719] there
Alan (PS1M9) [720] Mhm, oh yeah!
Rod (PS1M7) [721] sheet on the top so
Unknown speaker (F7GPSUNK) [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [722] if somebody takes it away
Paul (PS1M6) [723] Yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [724] they
Angela (PS1M5) [725] Oh
Rod (PS1M7) [726] sign and leave the sheet.
Angela (PS1M5) [727] that's a good idea.
Alan (PS1M9) [728] Yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [729] And
Don (PS1M8) [730] Here here!
Alan (PS1M9) [731] Yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [732] But when you
Don (PS1M8) [733] Jolly good!
Rod (PS1M7) [734] when you did make the point about not having information I was concerned about that
Paul (PS1M6) [735] Oh yeah!
Rod (PS1M7) [736] it was an oversight
Paul (PS1M6) [737] Yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [738] on my part ... that didn't get passed down ... and it is important that's [...] .
Paul (PS1M6) [739] But we
Don (PS1M8) [740] Execrable!
Paul (PS1M6) [741] Yeah!
[742] I mean we were [...]
Angela (PS1M5) [743] [...] !
Paul (PS1M6) [...]
Alan (PS1M9) [744] If we cheated about not having it back ... you know, when parents came in June ... but we don't need it immediately ... you know, it doesn't have to be photocopied so that we all
Rod (PS1M7) [745] But the
Alan (PS1M9) [746] have it within the first term.
Rod (PS1M7) [747] but for the from a tutor's
Paul (PS1M6) [748] It is!
Rod (PS1M7) [749] point of view when the information's been com ... when so it's coming in and being sorted ... it is better that it's done at that particular time
Terry (PS1MA) [750] Oh yes otherwise, yeah
Rod (PS1M7) [751] rather than filing everything away then having
Terry (PS1MA) [752] Yeah.
Rod (PS1M7) [753] to stop and go to files and taking it out.
[754] It's one
Alan (PS1M9) [755] Yes
Rod (PS1M7) [756] of those jobs
Alan (PS1M9) [757] but
Rod (PS1M7) [758] you're better off doing [...]
Alan (PS1M9) [759] but Terry has enough on his plate without having to ... to separate them into maths and this that and the other and photocopy bits and pieces!
[760] Because we don't ne , we don't
Terry (PS1MA) [761] Yeah.
Alan (PS1M9) [762] them permanently, we
Terry (PS1MA) [763] Yeah.
Alan (PS1M9) [764] just need to look at them!
Terry (PS1MA) [765] That's right, yeah.
Terry (PS1MA) [766] Yeah.
Andrew (PS1M4) [767] The be all and end all!
Rod (PS1M7) [768] Right, mine is a
Alan (PS1M9) [769] Cos I will copy down anything that I think
Terry (PS1MA) [770] Yeah.
Alan (PS1M9) [771] is important!
Rod (PS1M7) [772] Angela?
Angela (PS1M5) [773] Yes!
[774] In the va , in the various schools that I've worked in I I've
Rod (PS1M7) [775] Right.
Angela (PS1M5) [776] made a list of all
Don (PS1M8) [777] Is that two?
Angela (PS1M5) [778] er, six ... erm, I've made a list of all the different words that are used for crap on reports right?
[779] Special needs, cause for concern ... inadequate, unsatisfactory, below average and weak
Don (PS1M8) [780] Unsatisfactory?
Angela (PS1M5) [781] and does , do any of them sort of leap out and you think yes, yes I love it?
Don (PS1M8) [782] No.
Rod (PS1M7) [783] In a sense I like below average, I'm concerned about getting the two damn words in, isn't that pathetic really!
[784] Below average is the best of
Angela (PS1M5) [785] Can't we just ... back it along a bit so that Andrew can ... you know
Andrew (PS1M4) [786] Certainly.
Rod (PS1M7) [787] Could you call it beverage?
Andrew (PS1M4) [788] Yes certainly ... tha that can start there, finish there
Angela (PS1M5) [789] I thought it was er?
Andrew (PS1M4) [790] and they'll be loads of room to fit in
Angela (PS1M5) [791] Below average.
Don (PS1M8) [792] I shall leave poor in when I do it because I can't get it in!
Andrew (PS1M4) [793] That's fine.
Don (PS1M8) [794] Mm.
Andrew (PS1M4) [795] I I ... I know a good doctor
Rod (PS1M7) [796] I take what you're saying.
Andrew (PS1M4) [797] by the way!
Don (PS1M8) [laugh]
Andrew (PS1M4) [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [798] It's in the spirit of trying to be positive ... I'm
Angela (PS1M5) [799] Aha
Rod (PS1M7) [800] Yeah.
Angela (PS1M5) [801] it's important, all those sort of things add up.
Don (PS1M8) [laugh]
Terry (PS1MA) [802] Certain people missed that joke.
Paul (PS1M6) [803] No, I didn't miss it!
Rod (PS1M7) [804] Thank you very much
Angela (PS1M5) [...]
Paul (PS1M6) [805] I just ignored it!
Rod (PS1M7) [806] just gone a couple of minutes over, let's go and [...] .
Angela (PS1M5) [...]
Paul (PS1M6) [...]
Don (PS1M8) [807] [laughing] Chose to ignore it [] !
Angela (PS1M5) [808] [laughing] What did you say [] ?
Don (PS1M8) [809] [laughing] [...] [] !
Angela (PS1M5) [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [810] Angela would you like to put a couple of kisses down.
Angela (PS1M5) [kiss]
Rod (PS1M7) [811] Thank you very much.
Andrew (PS1M4) [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [812] You tinkers!
Paul (PS1M6) [813] I'm backing it, am I backing it?
Angela (PS1M5) [814] I'm mi I'm not gonna stay here
Andrew (PS1M4) [815] You're backing it, you're backing it!
Angela (PS1M5) [816] listening to all this guff!
Rod (PS1M7) [817] What the hell am I doing now?
Angela (PS1M5) [818] God!
Paul (PS1M6) [819] Ask Terry, what are we doing
Terry (PS1MA) [820] Er
Paul (PS1M6) [821] next?
Terry (PS1MA) [822] we're doing controller
Angela (PS1M5) [823] Oh
Terry (PS1MA) [824] [...] next, the programme
Angela (PS1M5) [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [825] Oh I see!
Unknown speaker (F7GPSUNK) [...]
Rod (PS1M7) [826] It's quite intense this isn't it?
Paul (PS1M6) [827] What are doing?
Angela (PS1M5) [828] Yes it is.
Alan (PS1M9) [...]
Terry (PS1MA) [829] Well yes, you're doing something on your own aren't you?
Rod (PS1M7) [830] I mean, I thoroughly enjoyed this morning
Angela (PS1M5) [831] Have you gotta stay SATS now?
Rod (PS1M7) [832] well I was ... not lost but ... and then this afterno , it's quite dif
Paul (PS1M6) [833] Initiative.
Rod (PS1M7) [834] mentally draining.
Paul (PS1M6) [835] Initiative.
Angela (PS1M5) [836] I quite enjoy myself doing these.
Paul (PS1M6) [837] the word I'm trying to think of.
Angela (PS1M5) [838] [...] report.
Rod (PS1M7) [839] Ah, but I get I get embarrassed because you people are so cruel!
Alan (PS1M9) [...]
Angela (PS1M5) [laugh]
Rod (PS1M7) [840] So rude to each other!
Angela (PS1M5) [841] [laugh] You little li