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[Mark Hall School: religious studies lesson for eleven-year-olds]. Sample containing about 6065 words speech recorded in educational context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C31

PS1ML Ag2 f (No name, age 30+, teacher) unspecified
PS1MM X m (Steve, age unknown) unspecified
F7RPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
F7RPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 078401 recorded on 1992-09-30. LocationEssex: Essex ( school classroom ) Activity: religious studies lesson year seven (eleven year olds) school lesson

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(PS1ML) [1] Oh did they?
[2] I must just jump up and down on Mrs when I see her at lunch time.
[3] Emma, is Emma here today?
[4] Oh she's with Mrs is she?
[5] I see ... now we've got lots to do this morning, you're going to need to ignore what's going on behind me, ah, it's not happening, right, as I said to you at the very beginning of September I'm the star, so you pay attention to me.
[6] That was the correct thing to do, very well though, you saw the look and you decided.
[7] On the board this morning we're going to have a bash at thinking about some targets, we're going to have a bash think about, how you think you've done so far?
[8] One of the two tasks that I've set you since we met in September, what are the two big tasks that we've concentrated on?
[9] One should be in your file already and it should be finished and the other one you're going to give to me today.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [10] Our passport and our diary
(PS1ML) [11] Your passports and your graphs.
[12] There the two big pieces of work that we've done together so far, in a minute I'm going to give you a printed sheet ...
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [13] We had to do, do jobs
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [14] so you owe me ten minutes and normally when you come into my room you say I'm sorry I'm late.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [15] I'm sorry I'm late
(PS1ML) [16] You don't look as if you mean it, sit down please because my lesson started ten minutes ago ... there's one over there Now in a minute I'm going to give you a printed sheet and it's going to ask you how well you think you're doing.
[17] Have you been able to complete the survey on belief, have you been able to get it done by a deadline.
[18] What does the word deadline mean?
[19] Let's have hands up, what does the word deadline mean?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [20] The time when it has to come in.
(PS1ML) [21] Yes, the time when it has to come in, the day I say I want to collect it, now you might need to say to yourself, oh dear, Mrs said the deadline was, have I met it?
[22] No, or yes I'm mega brilliant, yes I did meet the deadline.
[23] Now I'm going to help you with it and what I suggest we do this morning when I give you these sheets will you please write your name and today's date at the top of the sheet and I put the date on the board, and then can you please resist the temptation to start, start writing over the rest of the sheet until I've gone through it with you.
[24] You can certainly have a read but please resist the temptation to write on it.
[25] Right the sheets are coming round, when you get yours, your name on it and today's date on it please, that's all, I've already punched holes in it so it's ready to go in your file ... Now is there anyone who does not have one of these sheets, it says at the top year seven, module one, survey on belief.
[26] Is there anyone who does not have a copy in front of them?
[27] Please write your name and the date.
[28] The date is on the board ... Oh, we'll do that later that one, get you another one ... good, most people seem to of done that.
[29] If you have a look at the sheet you can see there are six sections and then on the right hand side there are two columns, one is headed up pupil the other is headed up teacher.
[30] In a moment when I've explained what each of these sections mean, I'm going to ask you to put your signature in the column says, that says pupil.
[31] Each time you think you have succeeded in accomplishing that task.
[32] Now when I sign my name ... that's what I do, they're my initials, that's all I need you to do.
[33] Now you might decide that you want to put, I don't know F B, Fred Bloggs like that, that's fine, you do not need to write your full name.
[34] A simple signature is fine, and then I, when I'm satisfied that I have seen that work in your file done in the way you say you've done it, I will sign the teacher column on your sheet ... Okay, let's start going down these six sections.
[35] Section one says, now for this everybody we're thinking about the survey you did in the form room, from which you did your graphs, saying to people do you believe in god, have you visited a place of worship, is everyone clear about the piece of work we're thinking about, speak to me.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [36] Yes
(PS1ML) [37] Yes, good.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [38] I didn't do it
(PS1ML) [39] You didn't do the class survey?
[40] Really
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [41] because I was away
(PS1ML) [42] You were away for all of it?
[43] In which case it would be pretty silly to fill that in wouldn't it?
[44] Pretty silly, because you haven't done that piece of work, so perhaps what you would like to do if you would like to follow it with us, then I will give you back, I think I might have your survey here, and you can at least see what we've been talking about and then on that we can write absent for this piece of work, does that make sense, good.
[45] Everybody else then, number, section one [reading] Can you collect information for use in a class [] Now we've got several ways of doing this, first of all, were you able to collect information for the class survey, whoever's fiddling with a pen please don't, it's driving me nuts.
[46] Could you collect information for the class survey?
[47] Were you able in other words to go round and talk to people to get their answers and record your answers on their grid, if you think yes you did do that, sign your name now, in section one, where it says survey.
[48] If you don't think you can do it, then I'd leave it blank if I were you, cos otherwise you're telling fibs aren't you?
[49] ... Who thinks they were able to collect information for the survey?
[50] Hands up, oh brilliant, boys you not sure?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [51] No
(PS1ML) [52] Not sure, okay, hands down everybody.
[53] What are you not sure about?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [54] I didn't get all the names
(PS1ML) [55] Right, so you had a problem getting everybody's name, what problem did you have?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [56] The same as Malcolm
(PS1ML) [57] You had the same problem as Malcolm, so, would it be fair to sign that or would it be more sensible to leave it blank?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [58] Leave it blank
(PS1ML) [59] Why?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [60] Because we didn't finish it
(PS1ML) [61] Right, that makes sense, good, sensible.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [62] I, I, I, I did it, but I only missed out the two people that were away.
(PS1ML) [63] Right, so, it wasn't your fault that they were away was it?
[64] So did you do the survey?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [65] Did it.
(PS1ML) [66] So what you gonna do?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [67] Sign it.
(PS1ML) [68] Brilliant, you're gonna sign it, brilliant.
[69] Right next part of section one, [reading] did you collect the information ... by the deadline [] which means were you able to complete it in your form time with your form tutor and bring it to the lesson so that you could start on the s on the graph.
[70] You have a think about it, if you think yes I did, I spoke to everybody, I got their answers and I was able to bring that sheet to Mrs lesson, sign it.
[71] Did you think mm, no, I had one or two names I left off, I was too busy doing something else, I was away, then you can't sign it can you?
[72] Because you did not meet the deadline and you've just told me that deadline means the day I said I wanted it.
[73] Everybody okay with that?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [74] Yeah
(PS1ML) [75] Speak to me
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [76] Yes
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [77] I was away, but I completed it, so
(PS1ML) [78] By the deadline?
[79] Sign it.
[80] Okay, third part [reading] did you collect the information after the deadline [] if you did, sign it.
[81] If you didn't, if you met the deadline leave it blank, only you know the answer to that.
[82] Next one [reading] I did not complete the survey [] not because people were away, if people were absent that's not your fault, what reasons might there be for you not completing the survey, hands up ...
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [83] I didn't get time to go round all the people
(PS1ML) [84] You didn't get time to go round to everybody, that's one, you were too busy chatting the girls up, yeah
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1ML) [85] others
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [86] I was away
(PS1ML) [87] I was away, I, I was absent, so sign it.
[88] Any more
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [89] I done most of them but I left the sheet at home in my coat.
(PS1ML) [90] I did most of them but then I left the sheet at home, sign that bit.
[91] Right, yes, so you weren't able to complete it because you left the things at home, you weren't very well organized, okay, so sign that part.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [92] Shall I sign it, er cos I didn't get all the names? ...
(PS1ML) [93] Yes, anybody else not sure, please don't write on your pencil case.
[94] Anybody else not sure?
[95] Okay, we've done section one, well done.
[96] Section two, oh big word here, collate.
[97] [reading] I can collate information and present the information as a table [] .
[98] What on earth do you think the word collate means?
[99] It's a very sort of secondary school type word isn't it?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [100] Is it to collect all the information you've got
(PS1ML) [101] It does mean collect, sort of, er, you're talking to me everybody, it does sort of mean collect, anybody else?
[102] Collate ... means not only collect together but organize it.
[103] Do you remember the tallies we did?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [104] Yeah
(PS1ML) [105] We were collating, so I can collate the information and present the information as a table, how many of you were able to do the tallies?
[106] ... Brilliant, sign it.
[107] ... Number three ... [reading] I can present information in graph form [] ... who's been able to do a bar graph?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [108] I've done a bit of one
(PS1ML) [109] Who's been able to do a bar graph?
[110] ... Brilliant, sign it ... who did pictures to go with their bar graph?
[111] Sign it, so there should be two signatures in that little bit of number three.
[112] You did a graph and you did pictures, if you did the graph one signature, if you did pictures another signature and shall we say, what are we going to call pictures?
[113] What are we going to call that, illustrations, is the word, what are we going to say is acceptable as an illustration?
[114] Hands up, give me some suggestions ... no ideas
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [115] Decorate them
(PS1ML) [116] Decorated accounts for illustrated, pictures, patterns, colours, you filled in all the space, that's illustrated as far as I'm concerned.
[117] ... [reading] Did you work as a member of a group [] , now what do you think that means?
[118] Oops sorry, bash you on the bonce, no it's my album
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [119] Did you work in a group?
(PS1ML) [120] To do what?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [121] To do the graph
(PS1ML) [122] Mm ... some people decided they were going to work as a, as a group on their table, to gather information and when you were doing the tallies last week, you helped each other didn't you, some of you helped, you were talking to one another to help make sure that you got the right number of tallies, if you worked with some other people to get the survey questions and do the tallies, sign it, if you did everything on your own, leave it blank ... is anyone not sure what to do there?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [123] I helped you.
(PS1ML) [124] Oh I don't want the arguments of about who was helped, okay you carry on, you argue, that's alright ... number five, read it and then somebody tell me what it means.
[125] Read it, number five, and someone
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [126] What
(PS1ML) [127] tell me what it means, you've got some secondary school type words there as well it says [reading] has been co-operative and helpful in the classroom [] .
[128] Co-operative, have you worked with other people, as a team, as a pair, have you been pleasant and helpful, have you been a pain in the neck?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1ML) [129] Now if you think you have been pleasant and helpful, you've shared things with somebody, if they asked you a question you didn't bang them on the head, you helped, sign it ... now we come to the real sixty thousand point question, are you ready for this?
[130] Are you really ready for this?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [131] Yeah
(PS1ML) [132] I'm not sure, [reading] has produced all homework, all homework on time [] if you think yes I have, sign it, if you think no I haven't, there's a bit sitting at home and I'm gonna give it in tomorrow, no you haven't have you?
[133] You haven't, if you've got it all in on time, you've brought it all to this and you haven't come out to me saying oh I'm really sorry can I bring it tomorrow, oh I really wasn't sure, oh ...
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [134] Miss you know the graph we done where we were
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [135] if it wasn't completed and we still bring it in can we write it down or?
(PS1ML) [136] Well would you say then that you had finished the homework task on time?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [137] No
(PS1ML) [138] You've answered your own question.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [139] Miss
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [140] I didn't set a deadline for that though did I?
[141] Any more Andrew
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [142] Miss I done it, but I left it at home.
(PS1ML) [143] So, have you done it for the deadline?
[144] Have I got it in my hand today?
[145] You've answered your own question ... okay, you're doing well, now, on the board, can you all look at the board please, shh, lips together, er ... thank you, look at the board, not this bit, that's not for you, this bit, this is your bit this morning.
[146] Targets, give me another name for a target, hands up, another name for a target.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [147] Er, aim
(PS1ML) [148] Aim, that's a good word, aim, more
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [149] Achievement
(PS1ML) [150] Achievement, I think you might say an achievement is when you reach the target, that's been an achievement, yeah.
[151] Another word for a target, we have aim, goal perhaps is one we could use.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [152] Yeah.
(PS1ML) [153] Now at the bottom of your sheet, shh, shh, I, there are two boxes, one is for me to scribble in, the other one is for you to write neatly in, I'm the only one here who's allowed to scribble.
[154] I would improve this work by, in front of you this morning, most of you have got your graph.
[155] The bar chart that was the result of the survey we did ... you need to look at that piece of work and ask yourself a question, is this piece of work the best thing I have ever done?
[156] If the answer is no, then you need to think about how you could improve that piece of work, somebody is speaking ... now it's bad enough you owe me ten minutes ... if it's not the best piece of work you've ever done, why isn't it?
[157] Now have a look at the work now, hands up and see if you could tell me, just looking at your work, is there some way you could of improved it.
[158] If I said right you've got a second chance this morning, how could you improve that piece of work in front of you now.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [159] Handwriting.
(PS1ML) [160] Handwriting, I could make my handwriting neater, larger, I could try joining my handwriting have the letters joined, some people are still more comfortable printing in year seven.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [161] Illustrations.
(PS1ML) [162] Illustrations, I could put some illustrations in, I could use more, I could use colour, I could make more detailed illustrations, yes ...
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [163] Spelling.
(PS1ML) [164] Spelling, I could have improved this work by checking the spelling carefully with a dictionary.
[165] I could of improved this spelling by engaging my brain when I did my homework doing it on my lap in front of Neighbours.
[166] How else could you improve that piece of work?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [167] By colouring
(PS1ML) [168] You could use far more colour, make it bright and cheerful, make it yell at me, come on Mrs mark me, I dare you.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [169] Erm you could of underline down by the bottom
(PS1ML) [170] Did you underline the dates, titles?
[171] Did you put your name on it or have you done an anonymous piece of homework?
[172] Now, on the board I have listed some possible targets.
[173] You are going to decide now, by looking at your graph how you could improve this piece of work and I want you to write the target you decide on, it could be more than one, in the space that says [reading] I would improve this work by [] , you're to write that now please, off you go ... and while you're doing that let's get the register done, shh, shh ... shh, shh ... Sarah
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [174] Here Miss
(PS1ML) [175] Malcolm
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [176] Here Miss
(PS1ML) [177] Dawn
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [178] Here Miss
(PS1ML) [179] Shaun
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [180] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [181] David
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [182] Yes
(PS1ML) [183] Rachael
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [184] Yes
(PS1ML) [185] Emma
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [186] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [187] Emma
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [188] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [189] Eleanor
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [190] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [191] Ian
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [192] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [193] Joanne
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [194] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [195] Aaron
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [196] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [197] Heidi
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [198] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [199] Paul
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [200] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [201] David
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [202] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [203] Carl
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [204] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [205] John
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [206] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [207] Kylie
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [208] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [209] Jodie
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [210] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [211] Jonathan
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [212] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [213] Sara
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [214] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [215] Gemma
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [216] Yes Miss
(PS1ML) [217] Sabrina
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [218] Miss
(PS1ML) [219] Hannah
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [220] Here Miss
(PS1ML) [221] Andrew
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [222] Here Miss
(PS1ML) [223] Keith
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [224] Here Miss
(PS1ML) [225] Nick
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [226] Here Miss
(PS1ML) [227] Ann, Karen
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [228] Here Miss
(PS1ML) [229] Shaun
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [230] Here Miss ...
(PS1ML) [231] Has everyone done that then?
[232] ... [children talking amongst themselves] Right ... [children talking amongst themselves] Is that a word you want on the board?
[233] Concentration, here we go, okay
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [234] Long word
(PS1ML) [235] Long word, big word, secondary school word ... [children talking amongst themselves]
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [236] How do you spell demonstration Miss?
(PS1ML) [237] It's on your chart ... Can I just write this on the wall, then I'll come back ... Right, pens down everybody then please, pens down ... who's feeling very brave this morning?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [238] Me
(PS1ML) [239] You could live to regret this, hands down, hands down.
[240] Right, you're feeling very brave would you like to read out for us what your targets are
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1ML) [241] Go on, big voice
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [242] Not crossing out, spelling, getting my homework in on time, asking for help when I'm not sure and presentation
(PS1ML) [243] They're biggies to go for, how many was that altogether? ...
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [244] Five
(PS1ML) [245] Five, ooh five, and you've got witnesses now and it's been recorded.
[246] Who else is feeling brave?
[247] Who else is feeling brave?
[248] Oh suddenly we're all cowards, go on go for it, what's yours?
[249] ... Big voice
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [250] More tidy illustrations, and better handwriting I could underline my titles.
(PS1ML) [251] Right so you're only ask that you didn't underline and that your illustrations could be better as well and the handwriting is a bit spidery, right, good, brave, right, go on
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [252] I could have wrote better
(PS1ML) [253] Oh shout at me I'm a bit deaf over here
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [254] I could have wrote better, I could of done much better illustrations
(PS1ML) [255] Right, so you could of written, when you say you could of written better, what do you mean?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [256] Hand write better
(PS1ML) [257] So you could, the handwriting could of been neater, fine and then you want to pay some attention to your illustrations in the future, that's good, come on then shout at me, it's the only time you're allowed.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [258] None of the crossing out, handwriting,org organizing my homework so it is handed in on time ...
(PS1ML) [259] So homework hasn't, always in on time, okay that's very brave cos you know that's the death penalty hand, having hand, what do I do when, when you don't hand homework in?
[260] I'm gonna jump up and down on you aren't I?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [261] Throw us out the window
(PS1ML) [262] Out the window, absolutely, right come on then, shout, shh
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [263] Do better illustrations and colour it, colour it in a lot neater
(PS1ML) [264] Right, so, better pictures, more colour, good, one more
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [265] I put down more concentration
(PS1ML) [266] And getting my homework in on time
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [267] Yeah
(PS1ML) [268] Mm ... yes, well I think they sound like good targets, is, has anyone looked at their work and said I worked my socks off for that, I could not have improved it, I've left that section blank ... so everybody thinks they could of improved that piece of work, good, that's what this is all about, getting better.
[269] Right, will you please put your ... assessment sheet, which is what we have done and your graph together ... and put them in the centre of the table, at the end of the lesson I'm going to have those in ... centre of the table ... no I don't want those, they go in your file.
[270] Ah, I don't need you to come out, put the things I'm going to have in the centre of the table ... Right, let's have you quiet again then, shh ... shh, I want you to listen ... shh, I want you to listen ... Big boys will you read that first one, big boys, loudly, I want everyone to hear it.
[271] Now, sit down, pen down please, you want to listen, now to do this, no fidgeting ... pens should be down and you should be concentrating ... there are going to be three pieces of writing done by people your age and a bit older, that you are going to listen to.
[272] Later you are going to have an opportunity to do some writing similar to the pieces you have heard, however, if you have been fidgeting and not concentrating, you won't know what to do ... big boys.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [273] [reading] I wonder why people are here on earth.
[274] I wonder why they haven't burnt.
[275] I wonder what is the point of living.
[276] Why are we talking, taking and why are we giving.
[277] These are the questions to the puzzled men, man.
[278] Why the world's here, why it began.
[279] Why are there wars and why do we fight.
[280] Why are there things wrong and why are things right.
[281] These ultimate questions have puzzled us so, what are the answers does anyone know?
[282] Why is there living and why is there dying, why is some people laughing and why is some, some people crying.
[283] Why some countries rich and some countries poor, what is this thing life and what's in it for us and what's it all for.
[284] Is there a heaven up in the sky and wh why, where do we all go when we die []
(PS1ML) [285] Thank you
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [286] Paula
(PS1ML) [287] Thank you,
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [288] thirteen
(PS1ML) [289] Thank you, and that's written by a thirteen year old ... pretty good ah, let's have a male voice amongst all of this.
[290] Get yourself here ... big boys and that one.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [291] [reading] If I ruled the world everyone would sing and shout, war and bombs are the things I would throw out.
[292] Little children need to starve no more as I would give them a big food store.
[293] A house for everyone to live in is something else I would give them.
[294] Rain and cold weather would be sent away I would order it to be a hot sunny day.
[295] Christmas, Christmas would be twice a year so we could have lots of good cheer.
[296] There's lots of things I wouldn't like to do if I ruled the world how about you [] ?
(PS1ML) [297] And who wrote that?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [298] Justine eight.
(PS1ML) [299] Eight, thank you ... eight ... [reading] I believe in love, it comes from above, I believe in Santa Claus, every year he does his chores.
[300] I believe in fairies, they flutter like canaries ... I believe in make believe and I believe in ... what do you believe [] ?
[301] You've had two and a bit examples, a thirteen year old with their questions about life, what's it all for, who put us here and what on earth did they put us here for.
[302] An eight year old, if I ruled the world, if I was in charge this is how I would organize things and then and I believe, what I believe in.
[303] What I want you to do between now and the end of the lesson, ah, wait for it, in your rough books, ah ... I want you to start writing down ideas of the things that are important to you, but before we do that, let's just have a few starters on the board, let's have some hands up.
[304] Put your hand up and give me an idea of some of the things you think are important ... what do you believe ... I believe ... do you
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [305] Yes
(PS1ML) [306] Okay, so would it be fair to say some people would want to put that down?
[307] I believe in god ... are there any other things, what do you believe?
[308] I believe that Mark Hall is the best school in Harlow
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [309] Yeah
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [310] Yeah
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [311] No
(PS1ML) [312] Well okay, some people were a bit iffy about that ... What else do you believe in?
[313] Shh ... Steven doesn't believe in anything ... shh ... well you're silent
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [314] Being silent
(PS1ML) [315] Is nothing important to you, don't be smart with me ... is nothing important.
[316] Is there nothing you would like to organize, is there nothing you would like to change about the world, the planet, think ...
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [317] People don't have enough food
(PS1ML) [318] So what would, how would you like to say that?
[319] How can you
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [320] I believe if, we make an effort ... we can give people food.
[321] Did you get this, by, by the way did you get the information yesterday about collecting the bar codes?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [322] One and a half million
(PS1ML) [323] One and a half million saves a six year old little boy's life in a London hospital.
[324] I believe everybody in Mark Hall is capable of achieving that target.
[325] There's my box see if you can fill it.
[326] Okay let's go back to the I believe, what other things would you like to alter to sort out?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [327] I believe the children should have their way once in a while
(PS1ML) [328] Once in a while, once
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [329] [laugh] in a while
(PS1ML) [330] once, no once, I'm not buying that at all.
[331] I believe children, I'm not, I don't like writing this, children er should have, say it again
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [332] Have a fair trial
(PS1ML) [333] er
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [334] a fair trail now and
(PS1ML) [335] er, no, a fair
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [336] trial now and again
(PS1ML) [337] trial or a fair try?
[338] Trial
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [339] trial
(PS1ML) [340] Trial of what?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [341] Always, a fair trial now and again
(PS1ML) [342] A fair trial now and again
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [343] Every day
(PS1ML) [344] No, no
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [345] [laugh] No, every day, every day
(PS1ML) [346] Once er, any more, shh, shh, I'm not writing every day, if you want to alter it you might need to
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [347] Children should be able to drive
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [348] Yes
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [349] What did he say?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [350] Children should be able to drive
(PS1ML) [351] What did he say?
[352] He said I believe children should be able to drive, I think we are now getting
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [353] Yeah, yeah
(PS1ML) [354] into the realms of fantasy ... erm ... just shh, shh, I won't add any more
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1ML) [355] I won't add any more to the board because I think you're starting to get the idea, but one or two others I want you to think about, I believe animals should not be experimented upon for make-up, I believe everybody should be treated with respect.
[356] That seems reasonable doesn't it, for a Wednesday it seems reasonable.
[357] I believe ... I believe Mrs when she says she'll jump up and down on my head if I get my homework in late.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1ML) [358] I believe ... children shh, should not be abused, I believe teachers should not be abused, mm.
[359] Now in your rough books please, start listing all things that you would like changed that you believe are right, that you believe
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...] ...
(PS1ML) [360] Shh, shh go on now, start writing ... How long have you got to do this?
Steve (PS1MM) [361] Well I
(PS1ML) [362] It's a heck of a time isn't it to let
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [363] How many of you are involved in doing it?
Steve (PS1MM) [364] It takes
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [365] But it's not your job then to start
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [366] really so why, why does it go to the next
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [367] and, so, so these are clear words
Steve (PS1MM) [368] What, what the aim
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [369] Yes, you're never gonna get to college, you're never gonna get A, you're never gonna get your A levels
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [370] No, no, it's the necessity before, you know, the university of life is a great teacher, you know, but erm take it while you need it, but in the meantime erm there's a great deal more out there.
Steve (PS1MM) [371] Mm
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [372] And while we're on about it why haven't I seen you
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [373] somewhere
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [374] oh make my
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [375] I always think this is February
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [376] Yes
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [377] being ill, come back to work until he's
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [378] So, so, when ...
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
Steve (PS1MM) [379] Erm Friday
(PS1ML) [380] I knew yesterday morning
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [381] yes and what, what have you got?
[382] Those who you're going to
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [383] I know that when the person who was doing this
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [384] it wasn't going to be appropriate
Steve (PS1MM) [385] Yeah that's why it got probably
(PS1ML) [386] Mm, it might be that she's got
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [laugh]
Steve (PS1MM) [387] Then when
(PS1ML) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [388] It's daft isn't it, yeah
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...] ...
(PS1ML) [389] How many have you got girls?
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [390] One
(PS1ML) [391] One, what is it, it'd better be a good one
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [392] pollution, drug abuse, theft, murder erm the way you're treated by adults, the way we treat one another, equality, no racism, violence, riots, everybody should have a right to an education, everybody should have the right to have their, their teeth filled when they need it, and teachers deserve more pay and more [...] , it's only for instance
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [393] one ...
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [394] no he left erm
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [395] he left about two years ago, he's at
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [396] which I think is that way
Steve (PS1MM) [397] He must of left just after I did
(PS1ML) [398] Yeah and then she left ... I think
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [399] he works part time in a sixth form college
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
Steve (PS1MM) [400] there's nothing he can get out of it [laugh]
(PS1ML) [401] No that's right, but erm, if you want a coffee
Steve (PS1MM) [402] No that's alright
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [403] Shh, shh, erm I can hear squealers, I believe squealers are working ...
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [404] Miss ... David ...
(PS1ML) [405] A course
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [406] but I know that quite often they
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [407] whenever they hear about they automatically
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [408] no, not in the least, good, fine,
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [409] that's lovely, there's no, it's not a ...
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [410] pardon
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...] ... [children talking in class]
(PS1ML) [411] Er, judging by the noise I can hear some people have finished, some people have extremely short statements of about what they think is important and some people have got no statements.
[412] Who's got ... five different things they think they are important, they would like to change, they would like to stay the same, who's got more than five, more than five?
[413] Not many, hands down, not enough.
[414] Planners out ...
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [415] Miss are we doing this?
[416] ... Miss
(PS1ML) [417] Yes ... this is brilliant my goodness, you come to school and you're doing something brilliant, we can't have that
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [418] up to fifty, my goodness, you'll be working for a fortnight
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [419] No, let David, he,
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [...]
(PS1ML) [420] Right planners, now according to me ... this is for ... Thursday, next Thursday week t week one Thursday so homework ... for Thursday ... finish ... writing ... a list er whoever's giggling will you calm down ... of things ... you believe ... are important ... do this in rough ... and I think we'd better underline the next bit, bring it to the lesson ... now, quite seriously if you have only managed to get five or six items at the moment on your list that you think are important, that's not enough, you really do need to be going for a minimum of ten, and if you can't then the next piece of work that we're going to do in the lesson next week is going to be quite difficult.
[421] I'm going to bring in some illuminated medieval books for you to have a look at, because what you're going to do is to write this out in best on special paper using illuminated letters and if you're very good we will try to get them laminated so that we can keep them as an example of what year seven students can produce as their best work, to say to everybody, hey look at this, this is very good, now we can't do that if I give you a sheet of A four paper and you manage to fill less than a quarter of that space, so you're going to need a minimum of ten different things that you would like to say you think are important, you believe are important, you believe they're valuable and your homework over the next week is to finish that list ... if you want it to rhyme, well yes you can work on it to make it rhyme, if you want to have what we call rhyming couplet, [shouting] er just one moment [] ... I haven't said clear away.
[422] I have not said clear away, it is not the end of the lesson ... and some of you have not worked hard enough to make the end of the lesson ... now if you don't want to make the whole poem rhyme, what you might want to do is to put two lines together at a time and have those rhyming, paired rhymes, rhyming couplets, you can do that.
[423] And what you might need to start thinking about as well is how could you illustrate some of these, already around you in the room, going up, work from year nine where they have started writing that as a complaint to god, moaning about Hurricane Andrew, about earthquakes and floods and so on and they've decided that they're going to illustrate the work they're doing with these paper cuttings of disasters and problems in the world, there's one up here about a gorilla that's been taken from the wild and is in captivity in London Zoo and they said that they think it's wrong.
[424] You need to have a think during the next week about how you can illustrate the lists that you're drawing together, are you going to use newspaper cuttings?
[425] Are you going to do your own drawings?
[426] Are you going to do photographs?
[427] What are you going to do?
[428] If you've said you've, that you think you believe ... whales and dolphins should not be hunted then perhaps you can find a photograph showing those creatures swimming in the open ocean, something to think about.
[429] Are there any questions about that homework?
[430] ... Is there anyone who doesn't understand what they have got to go home and do?
[431] ... Are you sure?
[432] Speak to me
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [433] Yes
(PS1ML) [434] Okay, right, one person from each table, will you please bring me the homework graph and the sheet that you filled out, the assessment sheet.
[435] One person from each table ... yes, thank you ... are there any more?
[436] ... Right can one person from each table please bring me the red files ... Boys can I have your red files please ... What was that?
[437] Was that one of your I believes?
[438] What was that?
[439] ... Er, right, shh ... shh ... er right people, shh ... er you might find that once you start thinking about what you actually believe, it gets quite complicated ... I just want you to listen to this.
[440] [reading] Dear god, everything is so wrong, look, it took you six days to make the world, but does it say in the bible that it took you fifteen days to design it, oh no you just got up and decided to make the world.
[441] When you saw what a disaster you had caused, you could of started again and taken some time, oh sorry I forgot that's not godlike, you probably didn't want to know or is it that you enjoy what you made, a sort of entertainment, better than Home and Away, watching wars and diseases and things.
[442] Here are but three mistakes of your career, you would of at least think entering the world would be safe enough, but even that has its dangers.
[443] You could be born disabled, diseased or dead.
[444] If your so called parents decided to have an abortion that's it, you're history, you never got a chance or a choice.
[445] A nice night's sleep seems like a nice change, but nightmares have habits of popping up, once when I was five I had a dream that my friends and I were being ripped apart and eaten by a giant, now when the time comes to go into that great big C D tea room in the sky, could you change something?
[446] What have drowning, suffocating, bleeding and being run over by a steam roller got in common?
[447] They're all painful
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1ML) [448] Could our bodies glow red when we only have a day left so we could all sit down and wait comfortably and then when we snuff it we could just disappear [] .
[449] And it goes on.
[450] Now some of you were nodding there and some of you were smiling, it might be that you actually would quite like to say you know that I believe it's wrong for people to be born disabled, handicapped.
[451] That year nine student has got quite a lot to say, has written a very nice letter of complaint to god, bending god's ear, say just one minute god.
[452] You need to have a think about those things as well.
[453] You did very well this morning, will you quietly stand.
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [children standing up]
(PS1ML) [454] Okay one table ... two table ...
Unknown speaker (F7RPSUNK) [455] David wait up ...