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[Birmingham College of Food: student union induction speech]. Sample containing about 1452 words speech recorded in educational context

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  1. Tape 080502 recorded on 1992-10-14. LocationStaffordshire: Birmingham ( Birmingham college of food ) Activity: student union induction speech

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Joey (PS1NR) [1] Birmingham Polytechnic offer all their facilities absolutely free of charge to us so get yourself down in the entertainment bar in Aston.
[2] Er make full use of all their fields ... as well as their indoor gyms, leisure centre, swimming pool etcetera.
[3] Birmingham University don't let us use their stuff free of charge.
[4] Er it's thirty six pound a year to be a member there but if you are a keen sportsman their facilities are well worth using because it's a ... very very good sports centre indeed.
[5] Aston University haven't got an awful lot of good stuff in the way of indoor facilities.
[6] They've got a good seven a side outdoor astroturf pitch which we can hire fairly cheaply.
[7] But er I wouldn't recommend that too highly [...] .
[8] Sporting teams, you all look a sporting bunch to me ... specially that chubby chap there in the middle ... er I've got contacts with not only all the local football, rugby, cricket clubs etcetera, but also the teams that sort of how do I put this ... represent people in er ... the city on, on a, a good sporting level, I E Mosely Rugby Club, Aston Villa Football Club, so whatever your standard is in any sport come and see me and I shall sort out exactly ... what you want.
[9] Of course the college has its own teams as well.
[10] Er football, rugby ... basketball [...] are popular ones.
[11] Er any team that you do want to join, there is also a team available.
[12] If you actually want to set up the society yourself, find ten little friends, come along, ten people giving the number you need to form a society ... one pound each for membership, I shall give you all the er relevant data and you can start up your side in whatever it be as long as it doesn't contravene union policy on sexism, racism etcetera.
[13] And I'm sure you wouldn't.
[14] Er that's briefly enough on sport, I'm gonna move on to entertainment facilities now.
[15] The bar, the guild bar downstairs ... currently not open at the moment I grant you, but hopefully, with a bit of luck, tonight is the grand opening tonight.
[16] And what a wonderful place, what more can be said about the bar?
[17] Free with your guild card which you will carry with you everywhere I know, cheap beer, brilliant atmosphere, incredibly good DJs
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [laugh]
Joey (PS1NR) [18] erm we're always looking for people to come along and have a go so if you wanna put your name down you can have a Saturday night and spin those wheels.
[19] [...] excellent atmosphere, friendly barmen
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [laugh]
Joey (PS1NR) [20] He's alright your [...] friend there.
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [laugh]
Joey (PS1NR) [21] He's just a bit grumpy, he's a bit grumpy at times, excellent barmen er I'm usually down there s sampling the, the Diet Coke or some such wondrous thing like that.
[22] Er and you will definitely get to know lots of people down there and it's a good focal point for the Guild.
[23] I must point out about isn't just the Guild ... a lot of people think it is but it is a good focal point to find out what's going on and meet people.
[24] Er on a slightly bigger scale entertainment again as we're only a small [...] college, we do tend to liaise with the bigger education establishment in the city, I E Birmingham University, Central England ... University formerly Birmingham Polytechnic and Aston University.
[25] They have fairly regularly staged, what you might call bigger bands who play the university circuit as such ... and they're always, you know, dying for people to come along so there'll,th there'll be lists published at what time, what events are on at these places ... if you wanna go and do that and if you wanna go to the top notch bands, Birmingham's a good venue for that with the [...] Leisure Centre, the M I A ... the N E C, the K G B etcetera etcetera ... all that stuff there so there's always plenty to do, don't, don't feel restricted just cos we're in er the middle of the city centre in this college and there doesn't seem a lot to do, there's a lot going on.
[26] A free legal service is offered by the Guild.
[27] It's a, a firm of city centre solicitors, they're very very good indeed er I recommend it thoroughly.
[28] It er doesn't have to be a problem related to college, any problem you've got ... er come and see me, it's as well to take advantage of it cos those of you who have been involved in legal wranglings before will ... [...] it's quite an expensive business, so [...]
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [laugh]
Joey (PS1NR) [29] I mean you'll have to come and see me about that because it's fairly confidential so [...] but they are very very good.
[30] ... Er what else can I go on about?
[31] Representation.
[32] Now there's a long word for you.
[33] ... Erm ... my job, I, I'm employed by the Union of Students which you have all paid your subscription to so therefore, in effect, you're all my bosses.
[34] ... I'm here to represent you basically as, as your voice with any problem you have, as I mentioned at the beginning.
[35] [...] a problem is a, a lecture, a lecturer, other students, anything of the college ... er I'm the person who takes your voice.
[36] Now you're ... you're welcome to register a complaint yourself but I, I'm a representative on the Board of Governors, the Academic Board Committee etcetera etcetera so I can get these points right up where they belong.
[37] I can also, if I erm come across the same problem a few times I could hopefully work on that and then probably eradicate altogether.
[38] So do come and see me if it's a problem you've got that you think needs sorting out.
[39] Er again on the national level, if you think there's a, a campaign you wanna be involved in or wanna get started I'll put that on to the area N U S who will, if it's a credible case, will put it forward to the National Executive.
[40] But I'm really the person to come and see and I liaise with all these bodies as such.
[41] The annual general meeting our A G M is next week where, where we, we elect all the officers, the Guild officers, who will serve with me, and help me on the forthcoming year.
[42] There are eight positions up for grabs which are vice president, sports officer, entertainments officer ... publicity officer, welfare officer, women's officer and minorities and overseas officer.
[43] If you're interested in standing for any of those or wanna put someone forward to stand for one of those, come to the elections in room six two three, six two four ... Friday the twenty sixth at two fifteen ... twenty third, I'm sorry, at two fifteen and er not only will you get all the, the general info about what I've done so far this year, what I intend to do, what next year's budget's going to be etcetera, that's when those elections are actually held.
[44] So ... do come along to that.
[45] I'll leave it at the moment, I know you've now got a very busy day ahead of you ... lectures to attend and such things like that ... but er has anybody got a question or two they'd like to ask me concerning anything?
[46] ... Don't all rush at once.
[47] This man here.
[48] What's your question sir?
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [49] Do the Guild offer a typing services?
Joey (PS1NR) [50] Not free of charge.
[51] There are, though, numerous students on certain of the third year and degree courses who are trying to
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [...]
Joey (PS1NR) [52] earn a little extra income shall I put it and far from the majority of traditional methods they are to do it legally and set up little typewriting agencies etcetera and if you keep your eye on the notice boards you'll see various [...] .
[53] For instance, you know, contact Carol H N D three F ... er for typing servi they're not free,th they're dirt cheap, about twenty P a page ... for A four.
[54] That's quite a bargain.
[55] Why, don't you like typing?
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [56] No. ...
Joey (PS1NR) [57] [...] rugby.
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [58] No.
Joey (PS1NR) [59] Where can you play rugby?
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Joey (PS1NR) [60] I shall, shall get in touch with Mosely Rugby Club for you.
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [61] Thank you.
Joey (PS1NR) [62] It's taken me long enough god knows but
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [laugh]
Joey (PS1NR) [63] I'll get in touch with them for ... oh dear [...] ... I'll get in touch with them for you.
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [...]
Joey (PS1NR) [64] [...] round the corner no doubt I'm sure.
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [65] Indeed.
Joey (PS1NR) [66] Any other questions ladies and gentlemen?
[67] Okey-dokey.
[68] [...] . A boring society.
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [laugh]
Joey (PS1NR) [69] [...] we haven't got one of those.
[70] No I'm only joking.
[71] Erm thank you very indeed for your time boys, girls, ladies and gentleman.
[72] Er I shall let you get on to your lectures or what other pursuits you have ... and no doubt see you around.
[73] Any problem you've got do come and see me.
[74] Thank you very much indeed.
Unknown speaker (F89PSUNK) [clapping]