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[Birmingham College of Food: lecture on food]. Sample containing about 3206 words speech recorded in educational context

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PS1NS Ag3 f (Pat, age 40+, lecturer) unspecified
F8APSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
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  1. Tape 080601 recorded on 1992-10-14. LocationStaffordshire: Birmingham ( Birmingham college of food ) Activity: food lecture menu's

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Pat (PS1NS) [1] Right then!
[2] Leading on from last week ... we were looking at ... menu planning ... and I actually asked you to bring in some menus.
[3] ... Who actually managed to get a menu?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [4] Yep!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [5] Yeah.
Pat (PS1NS) [6] Right, let's have a look!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [7] Well ... that's a shame innit?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [8] What?
[9] Somewhere.
[10] It's only you [...] !
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [11] You might want to use those a little later.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [12] Yeah.
Pat (PS1NS) [13] Right, hold on to them cos you'll want them a little later right?
[14] ... Right!
[15] ... Can anyone tell me what the ... four most common ones are?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [16] Yep!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [17] Yep!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [18] Yep!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [19] Er, plat du jour.
Pat (PS1NS) [20] Right!
[21] Okay then.
[22] What do each of those mean?
[23] Suzanne?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [24] Erm ... the ... table d'hote
Pat (PS1NS) [25] Shh!
[26] Shh!
[27] Shh!
[28] Shh!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [29] is er ... a choice out of the main course is a choice out of two ... and everything else ... is set.
[30] Or is it a choice of two for each course?
Pat (PS1NS) [31] Your telling me?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [32] It's a choice out of two for each one.
Pat (PS1NS) [33] Right.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [34] Erm, the ... er ... cote du jour is a set menu.
Pat (PS1NS) [35] Yes it is, can you expand on that?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [36] Er ... er
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [37] No.
[38] Set price menu.
Pat (PS1NS) [39] Yes, the price would probably be set.
[40] So, I gave you two examples ... and I said that it was often
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [41] Chef du jour.
Pat (PS1NS) [42] Yes!
[43] Good!
[44] Well done!
[45] And
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [46] Set budget.
Pat (PS1NS) [47] It was set which to er ... and it looked different.
[48] It usually the chef's speciality.
[49] Okay.
[50] Erm ... Gareth!
[51] The other two are?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [52] She's covered plat du jour ... and table d'hote.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [53] A la carte 's er ... wide choice of ... choice of food.
[54] Has to wait for food to be cooked and prepare to wait for it.
Pat (PS1NS) [55] Okay.
[56] Did anyone get er er an example of an a la carte?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [57] Yeah.
Pat (PS1NS) [58] Right!
[59] Okay.
[60] Hold on to those.
[61] I want you share those with the group shortly.
[62] And the other one is ... please?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [63] Okay.
[64] And what exactly's that?
[65] What am I gonna get for my money for that?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [66] Erm
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [67] Continental.
Pat (PS1NS) [68] It is continental.
[69] What do I actually get?
[70] What is the [...] way?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [71] Oh accommodation.
Pat (PS1NS) [72] Accommodation, right!
[73] Can you just check that we took down the following.
[74] I think that we actually just had time to talk through these and you didn't actually make notes.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [75] We did!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [76] Yeah we did!
Pat (PS1NS) [77] You've actually taken notes?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [78] Yeah.
Pat (PS1NS) [79] And you did that?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [80] Yeah.
Pat (PS1NS) [81] Right!
[82] Wonderful!
[83] I was just a little curious and she seemed to be er
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [84] Oblivious to [...] !
Pat (PS1NS) [85] [...] .
[86] And you actually took that down.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [87] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [88] Yeah.
Pat (PS1NS) [89] Right!
[90] Wonderful!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [91] Okay then!
[92] Continuing ... with the menu and ... when planning a menu the points to be taken into consideration are ... David!
[93] David .
[94] Okay?
[95] What things do you think you need to consider then ... when you're putting together a menu?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [96] They like a lot of food that's popular.
Pat (PS1NS) [97] Popular food.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [98] Mm.
Pat (PS1NS) [99] Good!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [100] Choice.
Pat (PS1NS) [101] Appearance and choice.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [102] Nutrition
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [103] Baked potato.
Pat (PS1NS) [104] Alright!
[105] Just one at a time!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [106] Nutrition.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [107] No, time.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [108] Go good balance.
Pat (PS1NS) [109] Who said balance?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [110] Me.
Pat (PS1NS) [111] Okay.
[112] Balance in what way?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [113] Well [...] ... I mean, well that's it, you know ... selection of everything like the starch foods
Pat (PS1NS) [114] Is that balance or variety
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [115] plenty of [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [116] Variety.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [117] Don't know.
Pat (PS1NS) [118] Okay.
[119] Oh
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [120] But you need a balance as well, like protein and [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [121] [...] If I put there ... balance.
[122] Yes, you're quite right!
[123] ... What else do you need to consider?
[124] Something that's very important ... that you need consider.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [125] Type of customer [...] .
Pat (PS1NS) [126] Well done!
[127] You actually need to consider ... this person ... because, if you haven't got that person ... i.e. customer ... there's little point in having a menu ... unless you're going to sit and read it yourself!
[128] Okay?
[129] So you need to consider that very carefully.
[130] So ... first things first then ... the people for whom the meal is intended.
[131] And it can determine certain things ... Right!
[132] Type of food to be served ... and type ... and the number of covers.
[133] Why do we need to consider the type of food to be served?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [134] So people [...] they always keep, the customers that always arrive ... if you're in a restaurant.
[135] You never know
Pat (PS1NS) [136] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [137] what type of [...] .
Pat (PS1NS) [138] Can I have a look at those menus that some of you brought in did i , cos we've got some with a la carte did anybody get sort of erm ... a pub grub menu or ... No, you all went for the ... top of the range.
[139] Who's got the menu [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [140] I've got a Beefeater one.
Pat (PS1NS) [141] Right!
[142] Where's the [...] have one?
[143] ... Who had that copy er, a la carte?
[144] That's fine I'll give it you back I won't er ... I won't take it away from you!
[145] Martin!
[146] [...] ... Who had the [...] a la carte?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [147] That was from [...] .
Pat (PS1NS) [148] And that was a la carte?
[149] Right!
[150] You hold on to that and you and you can, sort of talk it through.
[151] With that, hold on to that.
[152] Right!
[153] Can you give us the prices of, have they got prices?
[154] A la carte?
[155] That's right!
[156] Are you listening?
[157] A la carte then?
[158] Just give me a [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [159] In the erm ... the starters, melon in [...] four ninety five ... avocado pear is five forty five ... frog's legs, ten ninety five ... and, that's the most expensive starter.
Pat (PS1NS) [160] Right.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [161] Erm, yep!
[162] And then it's ... soups starting at three forty five, five forty five ... and then it's on to main course.
[163] Fish, twelve ... salmon is twelve ninety five ... Dover sole is twenty two ninety five.
Pat (PS1NS) [164] Okay, you can stop there, that's lovely thank you!
[165] Right!
[166] At Pizzaland we can have starter for ... one pound thirty if we want!
[167] And, we can have ... a main for ... seven pound fifty- ish.
[168] Can you see the ... the range of price, but also ... obviously pizzas ... and command a lower ... price ... than things on an a la carte menu.
[169] Oh right, this is a fixed one.
[170] Good!
[171] We'll use that in a moment.
[172] Now ... so the type of food that you offer ... will reflect the type of establishment.
[173] You wouldn't really expect to get ... a la carte style food ... in a pizza ... establishment.
[174] Okay?
[175] What about the time, where do I put the time?
[176] Bearing in mind this is in relation to customers.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [177] Time of day it is.
Pat (PS1NS) [178] Yes, the time of day ... will depend of menu that you offer but ... what else will it consider?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [179] Time of year.
Pat (PS1NS) [180] Time of year.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [181] Food that is sort of
Pat (PS1NS) [182] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [183] Things that are in season.
Pat (PS1NS) [184] Yes it will.
[185] But think of your customer.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [186] The time people go out to eat.
[187] The time people go out to eat.
Pat (PS1NS) [188] The time people will go out to eat.
[189] If you were going for a MacDonalds how long do you think it would take?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [190] Half an hour.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [191] Depends how much you eat, but assuming
Pat (PS1NS) [192] Alright, depends how much you eat.
[193] A Big Mac, some fries and a coke.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [194] About half an hour.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [195] Half an hour.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [196] Half an hour at the most [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [197] Depends if your [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [198] Right!
[199] Half an hour at the most.
[200] If I went and had ... a meal in the evening ... a la carte, how would you ... envisage it would take to go through that?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [201] An hour and a half.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [202] About [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [203] I it it virtually, you're virtually going to use the evening.
[204] Number of covers.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [205] Depends how many people you're erm ... chef's actually cooked for at the time.
Pat (PS1NS) [206] Yes.
[207] Why would that reflect what you offer?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [208] Cos
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [209] The time.
[210] How long it will actually be.
[211] How long the customer's actually sitting there for his meal.
Pat (PS1NS) [212] That's right!
[213] But also
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [214] How many.
[215] How many it's for.
Pat (PS1NS) [216] How many actual people in at any given time.
[217] Tha that will reflect what you can actually offer.
[218] ... Right!
[219] All important ... cost.
[220] The amount of money that people are prepared to pay for the meal ... plus the overheads and the establishment.
[221] ... And I think we actually got that, somebody said price.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [222] Mm.
Pat (PS1NS) [223] David, a question to you!
[224] You said popular food ... did you not?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [225] Mhm.
Pat (PS1NS) [226] How, how would you find out what is ... what food is popular?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [227] Oh you gotta do it now?
Pat (PS1NS) [228] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [229] Depending on the amount of people [...] .
Pat (PS1NS) [230] No.
[231] So you're just going to compile a menu and you're gonna hope that ... Joe public ... likes what you've put on?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [232] No, you can put [...] .
Pat (PS1NS) [233] Right.
[234] So you sort of do a survey?
[235] You do some research into it.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [236] Yeah.
Pat (PS1NS) [237] If you put ... if you compiled your menu and you then found out that certain dishes weren't being sold ... what would you do then?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [238] Take them off.
Pat (PS1NS) [239] Right.
[240] Good!
[241] Did I actually tell you last week about the feed back [...] ?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [242] Yeah.
Pat (PS1NS) [243] Yes?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [244] No.
Pat (PS1NS) [245] It was the other group I mentioned.
[246] What you've got, you've got your customer ... we've got your menu ... feedback ... and you got your products.
[247] Right, so ... your customer ... has the menus ... you get some feedback, and [...] the feedback you might need to modify your product ... which is really what David's just said.
[248] The fact that you would need to change ... your menu ... if it wasn't ... being used.
[249] That's quite important that you're aware of that.
[250] ... Season.
[251] And I think se ... several people did say that.
[252] ... Use foods in season because they're cheaper.
[253] ... Hot weather ... dishes not always suitable to serve in cold weather.
[254] Although, this summer I don't think it would of had much of an effect.
[255] Yes?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [256] Can I leave [...] ?
Pat (PS1NS) [257] Yes certainly!
[258] ... That okay?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [259] Yeah.
Pat (PS1NS) [260] Right!
[261] ... I've also said that you need to consider the staff.
[262] Why?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [263] What type of restaurant it is.
Pat (PS1NS) [264] When you're putting yo together your menu why do you need to consider the staff?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [265] They can [...] .
Pat (PS1NS) [266] Yes!
[267] Exactly that!
[268] Whether or the , they've got the ability to cook what you've put on the menu.
[269] It's absolutely crucial!
[270] What else?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [271] Serving.
Pat (PS1NS) [272] Yes, whether they can actually, whether they've got the skills ... to silver serve, if your menu requires that it's silver served ... then, then, yes clearly you would need to consider that.
[273] What else would I need to consider David?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [274] Well I think when you have the customers then you know what type of things ... once you've [...] down you get [...] type of people.
[275] If it's a high class restaurant then you prefer to ... [...] people who know what they're doing.
Pat (PS1NS) [276] That's right.
[277] What else do I need to consider ... along with the staff?
[278] For the benefit of the staff also.
[279] We've looked at whether or not the staff have the skills ... to cook ... and serve, what else do I need the staff to be able to do?
[280] Who's worked in ki , sorry!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [281] Explain all the dishes so that the customer has [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [282] That's right!
[283] Yes, they need to have product knowledge.
[284] Who's been in ... kitchen?
[285] Who's done ... production?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [286] Yeah ah!
Pat (PS1NS) [287] Right!
[288] When you actually went into the kitchen ... what type of things were in there?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [289] The sink.
[290] What else is in there?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [291] Equipment.
Pat (PS1NS) [292] Equipment!
[293] Did you know how all of it works?
[294] Did you use all of
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [295] Not all of it.
Pat (PS1NS) [296] it?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [297] No.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [298] No.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [299] Yeah.
Pat (PS1NS) [300] Okay.
[301] That's something else that you need to be aware of.
[302] It would be no good ... putting together a menu that required ... certain equipment to be used ... and staff didn't have the ability to use it.
[303] ... And that is a summary of that.
[304] ... Another point there ... size and equipment of kitchen and dining room.
[305] It would be no good ... putting together menu ... and arranging to do two thousand covers if you've got ... spacing for twenty persons, would it?
[306] ... By the same token, if your equipment ... is ... small pieces of equipment ... then you would not have the facility ... to do a large volume of meals.
[307] If you think of it in relationship to the size of your cooker at home ... and the size of the convection ... ovens in ... the eighth floor kitchen ... or in [...] ... they're much larger ... and therefore you are more able to cook volume.
[308] ... It's alright.
[309] When I'm actually choosing the dishes that I'm going to put on the menu what things do we need to consider?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [310] Er ... special diets, like vegetarian or
Pat (PS1NS) [311] Er ... yes, we would consider that.
[312] ... What else wha might we consider?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [313] You can take erm ... [...] of how much it's gonna cost.
[314] [...] buy in bulk.
Pat (PS1NS) [315] Yes.
[316] What things do I [...] ?
[317] And that's one we'd look for in se , in season.
[318] But there's something else.
[319] We'll eat with our mouths but we also eat with what else
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [320] Eyes.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [321] Our eyes.
Pat (PS1NS) [322] Our eyes, yes.
[323] So what ... do we have to think of when we actually compile a menu?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [324] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [325] Colour.
Pat (PS1NS) [326] Yes we do.
[327] The colours.
[328] The colour.
[329] ... You need this information to do your exercise that you're going to do for me ... shortly.
[330] ... So, do not repeat the main ingredients.
[331] Avoid food the same colour.
[332] It actually gives you an example there.
[333] And think about the textures of food.
[334] ... Over here.
[335] Is that better?
[336] Can you see now?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [337] Yes.
Pat (PS1NS) [338] And ... something that ... you all mentioned ... nutrition.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [339] No.
[340] It's alright.
Pat (PS1NS) [341] If you were planning a menu ... which would you consider first do you think?
[342] Proteins
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [343] Protein.
Pat (PS1NS) [344] vitamins, carbohydrates?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [345] When you're compiling a dish then?
[346] ... What would you do?
[347] Select chips and plan it round the chips?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [348] No.
Pat (PS1NS) [349] No.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [350] You'd plan it around the main course ... the main ... the main meat.
Pat (PS1NS) [351] Meat?
[352] Why meat?
[353] Suzanne?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [354] Because ... meat's the main ... [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [355] [...] .
Pat (PS1NS) [356] Gareth?
[357] Which would you plan first?
[358] If you're planning a dish, which would you ... proteins, the vitamins, the carbohydrates.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [359] Protein.
Pat (PS1NS) [360] Protein?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [361] I say vitamins first.
Pat (PS1NS) [362] Vitamins, carbohydrates.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [363] No!
[364] All that meat's got a [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [365] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [366] All that meat's got a lot of
Pat (PS1NS) [367] Protein.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [368] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [369] Yeah protein.
Pat (PS1NS) [370] Protein?
[371] Protein.
[372] Does anyone know why protein?
[373] Yes?
[374] Oops!
[375] Steady!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [laugh]
Pat (PS1NS) [376] Why protein?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [377] Erm ... it's the most beneficiary to the body.
Pat (PS1NS) [378] Yes!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [379] And also, you wouldn't want a piece of bro , broccoli!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [380] No that's iron!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [381] No, [...] .
[382] No, to me [...] piece of broccoli [...] .
Pat (PS1NS) [383] People do!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [384] Yeah, but then it's
Pat (PS1NS) [385] Yeah.
[386] I ... if you've ever dieted ... then you'll be aware that ... you actually ... reduce the carbohydrates, but you need to retain protein and vitamins.
[387] Because those are essentials
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [388] Right.
Pat (PS1NS) [389] for the ... the good order of the body.
[390] Basically.
[391] And ... therefore ... when you're looking at the nutritional value ... you need to be ... very aware ... of that.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [392] Yes.
Pat (PS1NS) [393] So you need to be aware of too many carbohydrates.
[394] Plan your protein first, vitamins and minerals second, and then your carbohydrates.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [395] Right, when you've completed that ... you have a menu compilation exercise in front of you.
[396] [reading] From the items in the list below prepare to luncheon menus.
[397] One menu should be a four course table d'hote with two choices for each course ... plus vegetables.
[398] And the other should be a set six course menu for a business lunch [] .
[399] You can't ... actually repeat any of them ... when, in your menu compilation.
[400] There is adequate there in ar order to be able to do the exercise.
[401] Now, based on the information that you've just taken down ... you need to give thought to the way in which you compile those.
[402] Off you go!
[403] ... You can do it within twos ... or threes.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [404] That's not fives and sixes, that's twos or threes!
[405] So David and Gareth and David and, I don't know your name [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [406] Terry.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [407] Terry.
Pat (PS1NS) [408] Terry.
[409] Right!
[410] David, Terry and
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [411] You'll be all up, Kieran, Kieran you've got somebody behind you.
[412] Two.
[413] Two.
[414] Daisy you can join up there.
[415] Three.
[416] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [417] Group threes isn't it?
[418] Group of three.
[419] This group's three.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [420] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [421] So you got to remem , you got to think of colour ... texture ... you can write all over the sheets if you want to.
[422] As long as you use the ones on the sheet ... and you come up with ... the two selection menus.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [423] Yes, put everything on it.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [424] Make out a [...] from both?
Pat (PS1NS) [425] Well you've got to make that [...] , I'm going to tell you, you need to think about it.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [426] There isn't a list [...] ... so that you will need to sort of think it through.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [427] Are we not allowed to use the same things twice?
Pat (PS1NS) [428] That's right.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [429] Oh!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [430] And so if you use the ... whatever ... what is it you wanted to use in yours?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [431] Right ... so have a look, [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [432] It's actually quite helpful isn't it, to have
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [433] Yeah.
Pat (PS1NS) [434] two or three, you can have a look at what they ... the way in which they're put together which why I [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [435] Right, well you [...] , how you going to use it?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [436] Well I'm not going to actually tell you because I'll ... ruin the solution to this.
[437] So, if I start to tell you ...
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [438] you need to think it through.
[439] Okay?
[440] So, it's,i it's not going to be as I [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [441] The things that you would get out [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [442] Daisy!
Pat (PS1NS) [443] That's better [...] .
[444] It'd be certain things you would have as starters and then [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [445] How many, how many [...] ?
Pat (PS1NS) [446] Right!
[447] Do you think I about the [...] ?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [448] Yes. [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [449] Well, have you got some [...] ?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [450] Oh you can't use, you can't use your
Pat (PS1NS) [451] No you can't use anything twice.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [452] No.
[453] Can't use anything twice.
[454] I ,yo i , I mean [...] if you use in one ... [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [455] Well, I shall be interested to see what you can get.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [456] You've found a certain [...] Paul?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [457] Yeah, but I mean [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [458] Can we erm ... does it have to be all on here or can we use [...] ?
Pat (PS1NS) [459] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [460] Can you copy that and just what's on there?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [461] Can you put [...] to it?
Pat (PS1NS) [462] No you can't!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [463] Right!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [464] No, we're not gonna take forever [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [465] Can you put, add things?
Pat (PS1NS) [466] No!
[467] Copy it all down.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [468] I haven't any [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [469] There is a solution!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [470] We can't use ... the same things twice?
Pat (PS1NS) [471] No, you can't use the same thing twice.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [472] You can't use the same thing twice and coffee doesn't count as a course!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [473] Just put it ... you you'll need to get that ... so what's the problem?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [474] Well then it'll be a course on it's own.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [475] Impossible!
[476] You've gotta get [...] haven't you?
[477] You've got to think about it!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [478] Cheese and biscuits [...] ?
Pat (PS1NS) [479] Cheese and biscuits can be a course.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [480] Could we have, er [...] ?
Pat (PS1NS) [481] Can you?
[482] You tell me!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [483] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [484] And don't forget you're thinking of colour ... texture
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [485] So you've got set menu and you've got table d'hote menu.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [486] Right!
[487] Well that's got a starter and it's [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [488] How you doing?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [489] Just the starter now cos she's [...] .
Pat (PS1NS) [490] Let's see.
[491] What's it called?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [492] Erm ... [...] .
Pat (PS1NS) [493] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [494] Please worry about listing them.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [495] Right. [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [496] [...] than one, two, three, four, five, six.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [497] Take a look at those.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [498] Well [...] your table d'hote.
[499] That's not the choice is it?
[500] It, it actually says to you ... two choices for each course.
[501] Read the instructions!
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [502] Yes Colin!
[503] You had a six [...] on table d'hote, you've got give me three choices.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [504] As you long as [...] ?
Pat (PS1NS) [505] Yes you can.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [506] Do you have to use all the vegetables?
Pat (PS1NS) [507] I think you'll probably be able to.
[508] Yes.
[509] Bearing in mind you're looking for colour and [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [510] It's possible to use ... all the items.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [511] Keep in mind ... one quarter.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [512] You got it?
[513] I'm glad there's [...] !
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [514] Right!
[515] Did you all manage to complete it?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [516] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [517] Right!
[518] I want you to bring it in it's completed state to next week's lesson please?
[519] So, whoever you're working with ... Shh!
[520] Shh!
[521] Shh!
[522] Whoever you're working with ... you need, as a pair or a three-some to bring the solution with you next week please?
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [523] Also, Shh!
[524] Shh!
[525] Shh!
[526] Shh!
[527] Also you will need to bring menus with you next week ... for comparison.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS1NS) [528] Right!
[529] If there's anyone in your group that suddenly reappears ... they need to see Sally for their [...] assignments.
Unknown speaker (F8APSUNK) [...]