BNC Text F8F

[Newcastle University Department of Marine Biology and Coastal Management: tutorial]. Sample containing about 646 words speech recorded in educational context

5 speakers recorded by respondent number C50

PS1PC Ag3 f (No name, age 40+, tutor) unspecified
F8FPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
F8FPS001 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
F8FPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
F8FPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 081102 recorded on 1992-10-27. LocationTyne & Wear: Newcastle ( Dove Marine Laboratory, Tyne & Wear ) Activity: tutorial

Undivided text

(PS1PC) [1] Doctor 's obviously a more frugal character than me because he had this room and the radiator was turned off.
[2] I have turned it on and it is doing its little best ... but our guests from the south are obviously [...]
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [3] [laugh] ... I'll, I'll [...]
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [...]
(PS1PC) [4] [...] sequins, it sounds like [laughing] Come Dancing [] .
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1PC) [5] Oh I don't know I'm sure [...] say anything rude.
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [6] No ... honest.
(PS1PC) [7] Do they?
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1PC) [8] [...] some voices aren't allowed to er appear.
[9] ... Are you still in here?
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [10] It it's okay carry on it's alright I'm, I [...]
(PS1PC) [11] Right.
[12] Okay I'm sorry I haven't had level three supervision groups before so this is a whole new experience for me
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [13] Well we're very high powered you know [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [...]
(PS1PC) [14] Chris has given me my instructions so
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [15] Oh no
(PS1PC) [16] I'm supposed to first say is th are you finding the course okay and to ask you about your projects.
[17] So course okay so far?
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [18] [...] supervisor. [laugh] [laugh]
(PS1PC) [19] [laughing] [...] [] So Mike have you got your project sorted out?
(F8FPS000) [20] Well it's more or less in hand, yeah.
(PS1PC) [21] What what you're doing?
(F8FPS000) [22] Yeah [...]
(PS1PC) [23] With Stewart?
(F8FPS000) [24] [...] yeah.
(PS1PC) [25] So is it just a continuation of what you've done anyway?
(F8FPS000) [26] Well more or less but he weren't amused at any of the results so
(PS1PC) [27] [laughing] Oh I see right.
(F8FPS000) [28] I've [laughing] got to start again [] .
(PS1PC) [29] That's rotten.
[30] So are y are you just do
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [31] No it's quite fair actually. [laugh]
(PS1PC) [32] are you just doing are you just doing one er sorry j er are you just doing one project ... a t a two term project?
(F8FPS000) [33] Yeah.
(PS1PC) [34] Right so you're s you're sorted out.
[35] Charles what are you doing?
(F8FPS001) [36] Er I'm doing something on wild salmon.
(PS1PC) [37] Oh right.
[38] Who, who are you er with?
(F8FPS001) [39] Er with Gordon.
(PS1PC) [40] ?
(F8FPS001) [41] Yeah.
(PS1PC) [42] Oh right, so what are you, tell us about it, what are you going to do?
(F8FPS001) [43] Erm well ... Alex and I are both doing it but Alex has got his own rivers [laughing] so he's doing it on his own sort of thing
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1PC) [44] Alex
(F8FPS001) [45] and er I'm [] I'm, think I'm doing mine more sort of related to er the eggs.
(PS1PC) [46] Right.
[47] So where
(F8FPS001) [48] Well sort of looking in that, that s er on the Tyne.
(PS1PC) [49] Oh right.
[50] So I mean is this eggs that are put in by the, I mean I ...
(F8FPS001) [51] Er yeah I think it will have something to do with that, yeah.
[52] I've sort of er I've
(PS1PC) [53] So are you just doing a lit is it, is it a two term project as well?
(F8FPS001) [54] Yeah.
(PS1PC) [55] And you're just starting a [...] research?
(F8FPS001) [56] Yeah.
(PS1PC) [57] Right.
(F8FPS001) [58] I've started that, I've gotta, just gotta ... I went and played on the computers yesterday. [laugh]
(PS1PC) [59] You went what?
(F8FPS001) [60] And played on the computers yesterday [...]
(PS1PC) [61] Oh right, oh right.
[62] Have you all, by the way have you all tried this C D rom thing
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [63] Mm
(PS1PC) [64] in the library?
(F8FPS001) [65] It's quite fun.
(PS1PC) [66] It's quite fun, have you tried that?
(F8FPS001) [67] Yeah that's what I tried yesterday.
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [68] Has anyone got anything useful out of it yet?
(F8FPS001) [69] No it's [...]
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [70] Yeah I know but they're not exactly over run with them are they?
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [71] [...] in the library or down here we have to do [...]
(PS1PC) [72] [...] Have you got to be more specific with your requests?
[73] I haven't tried it.
(F8FPS001) [74] Well probably but it do it s I mean it, you either put in ... I, I mean I ... most, most
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [75] You're doing [...]
(F8FPS001) [76] most of the things that I've done have been on Atlantic salmon and you put in Atlantic salmon and you get seven thousand eight hundred
(PS1PC) [77] Yeah.
(F8FPS001) [78] and forty abstracts out [...]
(PS1PC) [79] Right
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [...]
(F8FPS001) [80] forget that.
[81] And you narrow it down and you get zero. [laugh]
(PS1PC) [82] Oh right, right.
[83] Right, so you've got to play about with the system a bit more?
(F8FPS001) [84] I think so I think so.
(PS1PC) [85] Right.
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [86] ASFA I think it's more helpful I think than C D rom isn't it? [...]
(F8FPS001) [87] What's the difference between ASFA and C D rom?
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [88] It's spelt different.
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8FPSUNK) [89] No but ASFA is just on the ... scientific end