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[Newcastle University: lecture on word processing]. Sample containing about 2081 words speech recorded in educational context

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F8JPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
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  1. Tape 081301 recorded on 1992-10-27. LocationNorthumberland: Newcastle ( Neacastle university ) Activity: lecture computing

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(PS1PE) [1] Words of wisdom.
[2] What we need to do now is ... make them look interesting ... and we do that ... using the ... what is called formatting options.
[3] And those are actually ... listed on page eight.
[4] So essentially, what we're going to be doing are going through er the lessons that are actually outlined in page eight ... and page nine of your booklet.
[5] Now one of the ... features of Microsoft Word is that a only lets you work with text which is what is called selected ... and if you actually move the cursor down a bit so that it's not at the beginning of a document ... and then we'll follow our way through these various selecting text keys which are outlined in that paragraph, section three six one.
[6] So we u , if we use function key F seven we move through the document one word at a time ... backwards ... and F eight is the complimentary key to that ... we move ... through the document one fa word at a time.
[7] So, just try that.
[8] So as we go through we're acc ... we er accepting one word at a time.
[9] Now F nine doesn't do what it says here actually, that's a ... an error on my part.
[10] If you hit F nine ... it selects the current sentence.
[11] I've actually lost the middle bit of my book!
[12] There it is!
[13] Right!
[14] So, F nine selects the current sentence that you're in.
[15] F ten ... takes you through the document one sentence at a time ... so you can work your way through the document one sentence at a time.
[16] So it's not actually a next paragraph, it's one sentence.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [17] Unbelievable isn't it!
(PS1PE) [18] So you're okay so far?
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [19] Well mine doesn't seem to go through the [...] .
(PS1PE) [20] Does it?
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [21] Yeah.
[22] For F nine.
(PS1PE) [23] Yes, true!
[24] It is one paragraph at a time, so it is correct.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [25] I hope so.
(PS1PE) [26] I was having a job to recognise what was a pa ... er, a paragraph as far as Microsoft Word is concerned is the space between two ... hits of the return key, okay?
[27] Whereas a sentence ... is is the space between er the beginning of er er between two full stops.
[28] A new way of using the English language when you're word processing is absolutely another world!
[29] Okay.
[30] Erm ... if you go shift F nine, or shift F eight ... it goes through the document, I think, one sentence at a time.
[31] Yep!
[32] And shift F seven takes you back through the document one sentence at a time.
[33] ... Shift F nine selects the current line, we've not er stated I think.
[34] ... Yeah, shift F nine ... er ... accepts the current line where the cursor is, is located.
[35] And probably the most useful key of all ... when you're doing global formatting, is shift F ten and you select the whole document.
[36] So if you wanna select all the text you've written,she shift F ten selects the whole document.
[37] And essentially, you only will change the appearance of the text which is appearing in your vers video.
[38] So if you actually want to italicize something, you want to make it bold, you le you have to select it first and then you can carry out the ... tha , the function.
[39] So, if everybody selects the text that they wan of their document and we'll just play around with it ... show you what a mess you can actually create using these formatting keys!
[40] So everybody have document and hit shift F ten ... and they're on page nine now ... if we go, hold down the alt key and type B ... and you'll just see er a shimmer go down the screen ... an ... then you don't actually see anything, but if you alt U, everything appears underlined ... alt K ... converts everything into small capitals ... alt S, strikes through everything ... and alt I ... italicizes all the words.
[41] If you don't press your arrow ... you'll see what a mess you've created in your document!
[42] You've made the text bold ... capitalized, struck through, underlined, and totally illegible!
[43] So you've now actually taken all that nice typing that you've done and rendered it totally illegible!
[44] Fortunately, this is not permanent.
[45] So if you select all the text again, shift F ten, and press the alt space bar, then all of that formatting is removed ... and it takes you back to your text as it was.
[46] So, from basically making it totally illegible you're back to where you started.
[47] So what we've been doing is we've been taking words and we've been changing their appearance.
[48] We've underlining them, italicizing them, whatever ... this is what is called character formats ... and these are eliminated or removed with the alt space bar.
[49] The next set of features that are actually mentioned erm ... relate to ... the way in which paragraphs are laid out.
[50] So, if we actually have everything highlighted again and we'll actually not follow the list as in the book we'll, if you type in alt C ... all your text moves to the centre ... go alt R ... everything moves to the right ... and alt L again it takes you back to left justified.
[51] So now we're altering the space ... the words actually placed on the page.
[52] Go alt N ... and you can see what's happening is your text is actually being indented one tab stop at a time ... so it ends up as a narrow thin ribbon of text skating down the page ... and if you do this really crazily you can end up with a document that is only just one word wide!
[53] It's a great way for producing long banners or waste paper but ... And if you wanna actually reverse this process alt M takes it back ... the other way.
[54] And if you get fed up of moving text one tab stop at a time ... if you go alt P ... you then actually remove all of the paragraph formatting that you add and it takes you back to your starting position.
[55] So when you got paragraph formatting ... you can
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1PE) [56] eliminate paragraph formatting with alt P.
[57] Now has anybody actually got themselves in a total mess?
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1PE) [58] Few ... few hoots of laughter from the back!
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1PE) [59] Let's try another one, is it, go in text highlighted ... try alt T
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1PE) [60] do you know what happens there?
[61] You wha , create what is called hanging indent.
[62] Your text and your paragraphs are indented by one tab stop but accept the first line.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1PE) [63] So we have, looked something like our in our conclusions, you'll find the alt T is actually quite useful
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1PE) [64] because you can go down ... in your first line move to the ... first letter o , after the number, hit the tab key and you've actually lined up the first line along with the rest of your paragraph.
[65] So you produce nice numbered lists, looking very neat!
[66] Okay?
[67] Everything is lined up underneath the tab stop.
[68] Now this kind of ordering text on a page if you're using a typewriter takes quite a lot of skill ... but if you're a, with a word processor it's actually quite easy.
[69] Honest!
[70] Right!
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [71] Oh! [laugh]
(PS1PE) [72] Have you got yourself into a total er
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [73] Yes [...] .
(PS1PE) [74] Right!
[75] Okay.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1PE) [76] Go shift F ten or select [...] ... now go alt P and cancel all paragraph formats.
[77] If you will just wait it takes a bit of time to get back where you want.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [78] Ah!
[79] Yeah!
(PS1PE) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1PE) [80] So however a big a mess you make of things ... however big a mess you make of things everything is usually retrievable.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1PE) [81] So rarely can you actually mess up a document in such a way that is totally irretrievable than the way in which things look.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [82] It's not coming right over [...] .
(PS1PE) [83] Yeah.
[84] Right, fine!
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [85] Can't get [...] anyway.
(PS1PE) [86] Go alt space bar ... should be it.
[87] ... So this is fun learning to format!
[88] If you got mice i , you can also make things easier by actually moving that arrow around until you get to the individual word that you actually want to find and actually then you stop your cursor there.
[89] So, if you've got a mouse you could actually help speed up a lot of this editing but, I said, I've not written in the mouse commands into this schedule because we didn't actually have mice on all work stations when this was written.
[90] So, as I go round I'll show you erm, how to use the mouse ... er a as as and when it becomes er appropriate.
[91] So what you'll have to do now is go back to erm ... page ... eighteen I guess, no haven't got page eighteen have we?
[92] I keep on losing bits of my document!
[93] Yeah, I should get one that ... yeah page ten, it says return to your letter ... and essentially i it tells you all the various formatting ... options that you want to apply to your document to make it look neat and tidy.
[94] So, just go through pa , the er ... commands on page ten and follow the instructions.
[95] And you should actually then produce a letter which is neat and tidy and worthy to send to ... to Doctor ... and not to your cat!
[96] ... And just to prove that some students have got the hang of this ... this is a letter that er ... David ... produced ... and, it actually looks quite good!
[97] So, he's only had the same length of time doing this as you have so, by the end of the afternoon you ought to be in the position to print out a really neat ... final version of of of the letter.
[98] One that you'll be proud, proud of.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [99] Can I borrow a book, please?
(PS1PE) [100] Yeah sure.
[101] Also, if anybody's not actually paid me for their book ... that they actually purchased last week, I'm open to accept ... payment today.
[102] So is anybody in immediate problems at the moment or you're o ... Okay, so, I'll, it's your chance now to do some work then for the next ... twenty minutes or so.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [103] Can you accept payments next week?
(PS1PE) [104] Yes.
[105] I'll go on accepting payment until the course finishes
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [...]
(PS1PE) [106] okay?
[107] I'll keep reminding you.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [108] Oh, is it possible to
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [109] Sir!
[110] Copy one disc onto another disc, how come I've done that?
[111] And why is it [...] ?
(PS1PE) [112] You want the file off?
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [113] No, why?
[114] I seem to have gone into this ... exactly the same somehow.
(PS1PE) [115] Well if you copied all the files over.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [116] Well I haven't though.
[117] I ju I jus I haven't been asked to.
[118] But I wonder if I've done something ... copied one to six.
(PS1PE) [119] I bet that has.
[120] ... If you go into DOS ... right!
[121] So you go into A ... [...] cos we've got that disc in.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [122] Yeah, that's the one that I keep [...] .
(PS1PE) [123] Oh.
[124] Then just ask it to list all the files on that disc.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [125] Yeah.
(PS1PE) [126] Yeah?
[127] And then ... there's the next one.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [128] Oh right!
(PS1PE) [129] And that ... now will list the same files on that disc
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [130] Right.
(PS1PE) [131] and in fact ... it ... is more or less the same but you check if some of them are missing.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [132] But then I've lost my [...] .
[133] I've lost
(PS1PE) [134] Well
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [135] all the other things that were on ... this disc originally.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [136] Ee!
(PS1PE) [137] Yeah, originally!
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [138] [...] work.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [139] That one is now on this one, there's nothing [...] on this.
(PS1PE) [140] And you just used all the ... just did that?
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [141] Yeah I just did it as you said.
[142] I did a few of them ... [...] .
(PS1PE) [143] Right.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [144] Well that's alright
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [145] I did that [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [146] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [...]
(PS1PE) [147] I mean ... some of your letters are there aren't they?
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [148] Erm
(PS1PE) [149] There's some of there.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [150] Yeah but ... that's [...] and a couple of ones like that, and that one.
[151] That one, but I actually got onto the ... the server.
(PS1PE) [152] Yeah, but that's what's on the server isn't it?
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [153] Yeah.
(PS1PE) [154] But, then, that's all your files that are available now, I think you've lost
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [155] Some of them must have been on there.
(PS1PE) [156] Have you done your boot?
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [157] No, but that's ... on that one.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [158] This one here
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [159] Oh yeah!
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [...]
(PS1PE) [160] Well ... I think that's happened [...] , it's not like they dis , totally disappeared.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [161] Is there any way you can delete ... like the whole the at once?
(PS1PE) [162] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [163] Right.
(PS1PE) [164] I mean, if you want to say delete ... a temporary file ... press del for delete
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [165] Yeah.
(PS1PE) [166] then star ... that stands for a wild card, that'll do ... all files which have got the ... back up.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [167] Oh right!
(PS1PE) [168] You better go and get some tea Margaret I haven't had a chance yet! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [169] Oh right!
[170] Have you not done your bit yet?
(PS1PE) [171] I've done my bit.
[172] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [173] Oh!
[174] Right!
[175] Come and have a cup of coffee then?
(PS1PE) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8JPSUNK) [...]