BNC Text F8M

[Norwich City College: drama course meeting and lecture]. Sample containing about 5846 words speech recorded in educational context

11 speakers recorded by respondent number C54

PS1PG Ag4 m (Francis, age 50+, lecturer) unspecified
F8MPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
F8MPS001 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
F8MPS002 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
F8MPS003 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
F8MPS004 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
F8MPS005 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
F8MPS006 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
F8MPS007 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
F8MPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
F8MPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 081801 recorded on 1992-11-18. LocationNorfolk: Norwich ( Norwich college ) Activity: drama lecture acting

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [1] We'll wait two more minutes till [...] class ... turns up.
(F8MPS001) [...]
(F8MPS002) [2] I don't think hers is coming, let's just face it!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [3] Can I ask you to do something for me today please?
[4] And that is when I, when I call the register ... for the purposes of me [...] assessments and things ... I need to know your particular course tutor.
[5] So when you ... say yes you're here could you call up with the name of your tutor so I can the tutor down so I
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [6] Our course tutor?
Francis (PS1PG) [7] er course tutor.
[8] You know, you let
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [9] That's one of these problems that the modules system's actually
(F8MPS002) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [10] created for itself.
(F8MPS003) [11] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [12] [...] !
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
(F8MPS002) [13] Did you show us?
(F8MPS003) [14] Mm.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
(F8MPS002) [15] Because we haven't got a [...] .
(F8MPS007) [16] [...] ?
(F8MPS004) [17] You did!
(F8MPS005) [18] Yes you did! [...] the other day!
(F8MPS004) [19] Yeah.
[20] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [21] Who?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [22] Do you live close to your teacher?
(F8MPS004) [23] Yeah.
(F8MPS003) [24] Yeah.
Francis (PS1PG) [25] I say ... have you got the [...] student number yet?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [26] Yeah, it's with, I've got it.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [27] Nikki!
[28] Melanie's got one.
[29] [...] , she's lending me one cos I haven't
Francis (PS1PG) [30] You haven't got one?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [31] I'm scene five ... there was
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [32] line eight
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [33] Line eight.
Francis (PS1PG) [34] line eight.
[35] Okay?
[36] Is Nikki here?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [37] Cos I don't think [...] .
[38] No, can I next week?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [39] Right, we'll do the register now please and if you could just erm tell me the ... [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [40] Let's have a look!
Francis (PS1PG) [41] name of your course leader.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
(F8MPS004) [42] Do you want me to do the [...] ?
[43] Or can I just
Francis (PS1PG) [44] Sorry!
(F8MPS004) [45] I've learnt Nikki's [...] ?
Francis (PS1PG) [46] Please?
[47] What's your name?
(F8MPS004) [48] Claire .
[49] ... Do you want me to do them?
Francis (PS1PG) [50] Oh yeah.
(F8MPS004) [51] It's only ... one or two [...] .
Francis (PS1PG) [52] Oh yes we [...] last time.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [53] Right, tell me Claire.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [54] I didn't do it!
[55] I told them.
[56] I didn't do anything!
(F8MPS004) [57] Nine two five
Francis (PS1PG) [58] Nine two five
(F8MPS004) [59] O two
Francis (PS1PG) [60] O two
(F8MPS004) [61] O nine six.
Francis (PS1PG) [62] O nine six.
(F8MPS004) [63] That is the right one [...] this time.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [64] No, isn't it [...] ?
(F8MPS004) [65] No!
[66] What are you gonna say, sorry?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [67] What?
Francis (PS1PG) [68] Alright.
[69] Can we have a little bit of hush please!
[70] Are we ready?
[71] Here we go!
[72] Sarah .
(F8MPS002) [73] Yeah!
Francis (PS1PG) [74] Course tutor?
(F8MPS002) [75] Esther ... erm [...] Esther.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [76] Who's that?
Francis (PS1PG) [77] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [78] Esther.
(F8MPS002) [79] Esther.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [80] Nikki ?
(F8MPS003) [81] Yeah I've got erm Esther [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [82] Did you have to make that?
Francis (PS1PG) [83] Lisa?
(F8MPS004) [84] Esther.
Francis (PS1PG) [85] Melanie ?
(F8MPS005) [86] Yes.
[87] Julie .
Francis (PS1PG) [88] Ginny ?
(F8MPS006) [89] Erm, yes, Julie.
Francis (PS1PG) [90] Julie.
[91] ... Jonathan.
(F8MPS007) [92] Julie .
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [93] I think I can [...] sir.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [94] Sarah ?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [95] Yes!
[96] Julie.
Francis (PS1PG) [97] Julie.
[98] ... Victoria ?
[99] Nope!
[100] Nikki ?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [101] Karen ?
(F8MPS007) [102] Look out there you could multiply them.
Francis (PS1PG) [103] Lisa .
Francis (PS1PG) [104] Judy .
Francis (PS1PG) [105] Rachael .
(F8MPS000) [106] Yes, Julie.
Francis (PS1PG) [107] Sharon .
(F8MPS001) [108] Yep!
Francis (PS1PG) [109] Could you tell me your course leader?
(F8MPS001) [110] Pardon?
Francis (PS1PG) [111] Your course leader?
(F8MPS001) [112] Oh, Suzanne.
Francis (PS1PG) [113] Suzanne?
(F8MPS001) [114] , I think.
Francis (PS1PG) [115] ?
(F8MPS001) [116] Yeah.
Francis (PS1PG) [117] is it?
(F8MPS001) [118] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [119] I think the course leader ... is [...] .
Francis (PS1PG) [120] Paula .
(F8MPS002) [121] Yep!
Francis (PS1PG) [122] Course leader?
(F8MPS002) [123] Suzanne .
Francis (PS1PG) [124] Zoe ?
(F8MPS003) [125] Yep!
[126] That'll be Esther.
[127] Sorry, it'll be Esther.
Francis (PS1PG) [128] Be Esther?
(F8MPS003) [129] Yeah.
Francis (PS1PG) [130] What, for both of you?
(F8MPS003) [131] Yeah.
[132] Science.
Francis (PS1PG) [133] Okay.
[134] ... Right.
[135] Zoe , did we get that?
(F8MPS003) [136] Yeah.
Francis (PS1PG) [137] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [138] Esther.
Francis (PS1PG) [139] Esther.
[140] ... Claire ?
(F8MPS004) [141] Yes!
Francis (PS1PG) [142] Who?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [143] Course leader.
(F8MPS004) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [144] Esther!
(F8MPS004) [145] Oh Esther! [laugh]
Francis (PS1PG) [146] Nikki ?
(F8MPS007) [147] No!
(F8MPS005) [148] Esther.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [149] Christine ?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [150] Yes! [...] .
Francis (PS1PG) [151] Dianne ?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [152] Christine?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [153] We don't know.
[154] Hang on a minute.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [155] Amanda ?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [156] And Steve ?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [157] No!
Francis (PS1PG) [158] No, right.
[159] Okay?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [160] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [161] Right!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [162] Right.
[163] Has anybody actually started ... their assignment?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [164] No.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [165] [...] doing course work.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [166] I haven't!
[167] We've got too much workload.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [168] [...] , I got loads of observations here.
Francis (PS1PG) [169] I know you have.
[170] I know.
[171] Erm
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [172] I shan't be doing it? [laugh]
Francis (PS1PG) [173] to help you ... for the ones that are going to do it ... and I hope you are.
[174] I know you've got a lot of work to do.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [175] Haven't got time!
Francis (PS1PG) [176] Erm ... we'll have to go through some extra things in relation to it, today ... so that you'll be able to
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [177] Ha?
Francis (PS1PG) [178] have some more information.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [179] You give them in, they have be in next week!
Francis (PS1PG) [180] Well, yes [...] is next week.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [181] I don't think we've gotta make [...] to get through next week.
Francis (PS1PG) [182] Well
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Francis (PS1PG) [183] do your best.
[184] If for any reason
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [185] Well [...] !
Francis (PS1PG) [186] if for any reason it would help if you had an extra week
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [187] Yeah!
Francis (PS1PG) [188] and bring it
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [189] Good!
Francis (PS1PG) [190] on the last session.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [191] Yeah that'll be alright.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [192] It's better [...] .
Francis (PS1PG) [193] Good!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [194] Everything, everything
Francis (PS1PG) [195] Also today
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [196] everything you do that day!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [197] Yeah, observations, that's good!
Francis (PS1PG) [198] Alright?
[199] So if it helps don't bring it back [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [200] Right!
[201] The one to one today ... altogether now ... room!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [202] Room!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [203] What?
Francis (PS1PG) [204] The one to one today.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [205] Oh!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [206] Oh good!
[207] Help me do it, just [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [208] Right!
[209] The one to one subject today is in fact the City College
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [210] The college.
Francis (PS1PG) [211] where you are.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [212] And the audience is [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [213] And ... why you are here ... do you like it?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [214] No!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [215] No.
Francis (PS1PG) [216] Have you met interesting people since you've been here?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [217] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [218] What do you think of the facilities?
[219] Can I have some hush please!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [220] John!
Francis (PS1PG) [221] What do you think of the facilities?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [222] Pretty interesting! [laugh]
Francis (PS1PG) [223] What kind of social aspects are there at college?
[224] Are there enough for you?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [225] No.
Francis (PS1PG) [226] And how would you improve them?
[227] Has it been a pleasant experience?
[228] And how does the college equal generally from your point of
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [229] A dream!
Francis (PS1PG) [230] view?
[231] Okay?
[232] That's the subject ... have we got equal twos?
[233] Yeah, two, two, two, two.
[234] Yes we have.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [235] Can't do that!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [236] Right!
[237] Don't matter who speaks first?
[238] So when your ready ... off you go.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [239] Right, you two, ready?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [cough]
Francis (PS1PG) [240] Quite everybody!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
(F8MPS005) [241] This is Jane.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [242] I'll start again!
Francis (PS1PG) [243] Right.
[244] Good!
(F8MPS005) [245] This is Jane.
[246] Jane [...] for two years ... she's enjoyed the course so far ... but she thinks
(F8MPS006) [247] Yeah.
(F8MPS005) [248] but she thinks there could be a lot of improvement around college ... like ... the mobiles ... they could be ... in better ... condition.
(F8MPS006) [...]
(F8MPS005) [249] more like the tables and chairs and
(F8MPS006) [250] And the curtains.
(F8MPS005) [251] and the curtains we could have those in.
[252] And, the thing that she er ... the subjects, there should be more ... different variety of subject she said
(F8MPS006) [253] Mm.
(F8MPS005) [254] taken in college.
[255] But she's enjoyed it so far.
[256] And ... with us, she's met loads of people and she goes out with them a lot ... through college so
(F8MPS006) [laugh]
(F8MPS005) [257] and she really likes, she does, she likes it so far.
[258] The only thing that she would change, she doesn't like all the work!
(F8MPS006) [laugh]
(F8MPS005) [259] But erm ... enjoyed it so far.
(F8MPS006) [260] You said that!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [261] [laughing] You said []
(F8MPS005) [262] Stop it!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [263] Yeah, [...] !
Francis (PS1PG) [264] Okay.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [265] Yes.
Francis (PS1PG) [266] [...] ?
Francis (PS1PG) [267] This is Rach , she went to college ... Ealing [...] ... it's a bit of a hole!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Francis (PS1PG) [268] Some people are okay.
[269] Erm, hasn't really been an unpleasant ... experience
(F8MPS000) [270] Yes it has!
Francis (PS1PG) [271] Which has been [...] .
Francis (PS1PG) [272] Okay.
[273] Next two.
(F8MPS004) [274] Right, this is Melanie.
[275] She thinks the college is a complete hole!
(F8MPS005) [276] Oh!
(F8MPS004) [277] And ... that it's very disorganised ... and ... you never know where you are ... regarding rooms.
[278] And that erm ... she thinks tutors don't converse enough ... er ... to find out what's going on.
[279] Erm ... but she thinks ... she's made
(F8MPS005) [280] Aha.
(F8MPS004) [281] lots of friends ... and it's ... a really nice friend!
[282] Me!
Francis (PS1PG) [283] Erm
(F8MPS005) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [284] right, okay.
[285] Next two.
(F8MPS002) [286] This is Sharon ... and ... she's doesn't mind college, it's a bit of a dump!
(F8MPS001) [287] Oh!
(F8MPS002) [288] She'd change it.
[289] Erm ... by starting all over again ... really.
[290] Put everything ... organised.
[291] Erm
(F8MPS001) [292] That's about it.
(F8MPS002) [293] that's about it innit?
(F8MPS001) [294] Mm mm.
Francis (PS1PG) [295] What would you do Sharon?
(F8MPS001) [296] What would I do?
Francis (PS1PG) [297] Yeah.
(F8MPS001) [298] I'd put all the rooms in ... erm
(F8MPS002) [299] order.
(F8MPS001) [300] order.
[301] [laughing] That's it [] !
Francis (PS1PG) [302] Order?
(F8MPS001) [303] Yeah, cos they ain't in order are they? [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [304] No.
(F8MPS001) [305] Well that's what I'd do.
Francis (PS1PG) [306] Do you think it's actually the planners?
[307] Okay, next two.
(F8MPS007) [308] This is Ginny, and she doesn't really like college.
[309] She thinks it's very disorganised.
[310] The facilities are okay.
[311] She's met lots of really, very interesting people.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
(F8MPS006) [312] Apart from one!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
(F8MPS007) [313] Thank you!
[314] Erm, an improvement to be made ... in the mobiles.
[315] There's not much time for socialising ... as it's a long day until five, plus work at home.
[316] And that's about it.
Francis (PS1PG) [317] Alright.
[318] Next two.
(F8MPS004) [319] Oh erm ... this is Zoe.
[320] Mm, and she's doing a B-Tech first diploma in [...] .
[321] Erm, she thinks this college is alright and she enjoys coming.
[322] Erm, she thinks our course would be better if it was spread out over four days and not three.
(F8MPS003) [323] Mm.
(F8MPS004) [324] Erm, she's met some nice people.
[325] I mean, she's made a lot of friends.
[326] But she thinks ... the college is disorganised but the facil , facilities are okay.
Francis (PS1PG) [327] Right.
[328] Next two.
(F8MPS002) [329] This is Nikki.
[330] She's here to do a course care and [...] .
[331] She doesn't like the course ... they think the college is alright.
[332] Met quite a few people ... and she uses the town centre for ... erm ... she thinks the, they could improve on the mobiles.
Francis (PS1PG) [333] Oh right.
[334] And the last two.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [335] This is Dianne, she's doing an apex course for one year.
[336] She's met a lot of friends here ... and ... and likes to meet them in the canteen.
[337] Erm, she enjoys staff here and thinks they're friendly.
[338] And she doesn't think it needs improving.
Francis (PS1PG) [339] Right.
[340] And ... change over and off you go.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [341] Go to your pair [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [342] Right.
[343] Off we go!
(F8MPS000) [344] This is Lisa.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [345] Shh!
[346] Shh!
(F8MPS000) [347] She ... first ... [...] in ... Kent.
[348] She likes college.
[349] Would be better if ... spread over four days because she ... cannot
Francis (PS1PG) [350] Socialise.
(F8MPS000) [351] socialise so much.
[352] Mobiles could be made ... smar ... ter ... as there's no exams at the end.
[353] Could have ... shorter hours cos of the ... [...] .
Francis (PS1PG) [354] Right.
[355] Fine.
[356] Next two.
(F8MPS001) [357] This is Sarah.
[358] She had one year of [...] and she thinks ... erm ... it's boring, bit of a dump!.
[359] Erm
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
(F8MPS001) [360] she thinks college is alright ... and she's met quite a few people ... and she likes loads of [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
(F8MPS001) [361] But ... she thinks sho could be improved, but it's okay.
[362] And er ... she thinks the er mobiles should definitely be removed!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
(F8MPS001) [363] And improved [...] .
Francis (PS1PG) [364] Right!
[365] Next two.
(F8MPS006) [366] This is Nikki.
[367] She thinks that the college is alright but it's a bit of hole!
[368] And the facilities are alright.
[369] And it's ... totally disorganised!
[370] She's met loads of really nice people and doesn't know where to put her eyes while the blokes walk past!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
(F8MPS006) [371] And [...] , the canteen could be larger ... and erm
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [372] Yeah.
(F8MPS006) [373] could be a wider range of [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [374] Yeah.
Francis (PS1PG) [375] Right.
[376] Next two.
(F8MPS006) [377] This is Jonathan, he's a [...] , he likes the [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [378] Quite, the rest of you please!
(F8MPS006) [379] he likes the college most days.
[380] The organisation is getting better.
[381] The facilities are quite good.
[382] I'd like to see ... a bar.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
(F8MPS006) [383] More ... more canteen facilities, all that queuing for food!
[384] Lots of people who meet him ... who he likes and he goes out with them.
(F8MPS007) [385] That's not nice!
(F8MPS006) [386] You said that! [laugh] ... [...] ... they're to put up more ... was it?
(F8MPS007) [387] Trees.
(F8MPS006) [388] More trees.
[389] Better classrooms.
[390] Fag selling machines.
[391] A bigger car park for John's little metro! m [laugh]
(F8MPS006) [392] Better computer facilities [...] .
Francis (PS1PG) [393] Right.
[394] I agree with the last one.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Francis (PS1PG) [395] Next two.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [396] This is Paula and she don't mind college.
[397] Made a lot of friends.
[398] Erm ... it's very organised.
[399] Can't se , that's about it.
Francis (PS1PG) [400] Okay.
[401] Next two.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [402] This is Sarah.
[403] Erm ... she doesn't think the college is particularly special.
[404] Er ... it doesn't look very nice. [...]
(F8MPS007) [405] His influence.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [406] Erm ... she said, she didn't like the course too well [...] and
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [407] [...] .
[408] And erm ... [laugh] ... er ... good place to make friends but at any college you make friends
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [409] and from the Exea, Exeter [laughing] College [] where she ... first knew me, so
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [410] that's about the size of things.
Francis (PS1PG) [411] Right.
[412] Are you dedicated to terms?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [413] Am I?
Francis (PS1PG) [414] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [415] No.
Francis (PS1PG) [416] Because [...] shouldn't be!
[417] Okay, next two.
(F8MPS005) [418] This is Lisa.
[419] And she thinks the college is a disorganised [...] .
[420] Erm ... the course is too jam-packed and she doesn't enjoy it.
[421] [...] . Erm ... she could make plenty of improvements, make it look nicer, more organised ... better rooms ... the people are okay, but that's the only good thing about college is meeting people.
[422] The rooms are badly heated, the facilities are okay and ... and ... it's been, it's been an okay experience so far.
Francis (PS1PG) [423] Right.
(F8MPS005) [424] Erm ... [...] .
Francis (PS1PG) [425] And the last two.
(F8MPS003) [426] This is Claire.
[427] She loves the college!
[428] She's on the B tech first diploma on caring for a year, then she's gonna go to a two year national.
[429] Erm, she thinks it's quite a good course, she likes the tutors and, she likes going out with friends who, who she meets at college.
[430] She has a day off a week.
(F8MPS004) [431] Aha.
(F8MPS003) [432] Erm ... she
(F8MPS004) [433] If I'm lucky!
(F8MPS003) [434] [...] a bit bad!
[435] [laughing] No [] !
[436] But she erm thinks that the way it should be only four days ... rather than three.
[437] And
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [438] Ha!
[439] Lucky [...] !
(F8MPS003) [440] And it could be improved.
[441] The college could be improved a lot.
Francis (PS1PG) [442] Right!
[443] I've [...] all those feelings.
[444] Seems to be all about stop and go!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [445] Right!
[446] Let's now talk for a little while about the assignment.
[447] Maybe, give you ... extra help, extra information.
[448] We'll hand out some paper ... this is not to make one of these long lists or anything, it's basically to help you to make some notes if you wi , require to do so.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [449] Right.
[450] Yeah.
Francis (PS1PG) [451] Would you like to ... hand that for me round Claire?
(F8MPS001) [452] Yes.
Francis (PS1PG) [453] Thanks.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [454] I want to go through the process ... of ... what we really have to do and consider ... to build up the story.
[455] Not just the basic elements but let's ... put one or two things down on paper for yourselves.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [456] Now, as you know ... i when you
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [457] Oh yeah!
Francis (PS1PG) [458] when you paint a picture ... when you paint a picture you put all the information in the picture that you need ... to present the idea to other people.
[459] ... The same thing applies ... when you build up a story ... in words.
[460] You have to build that picture ... in the mind.
[461] Now, if you want to make any notes read them through now, it may be helpful to you if you think can just remember then that's okay by me.
[462] But ... I always find, and I think you probably do, if you write things down you remember them easier and far longer.
[463] Right!
[464] Now what I said to you approximately two minutes to the side ... that's fine ... if you want to know how many words, who kno , who knows roughly how many words in two minutes?
[465] Right!
[466] I'll explain to you.
[467] It is based on ... three words per second ... as the spoken word.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [468] Oh!
(F8MPS007) [469] Oh yeah.
Francis (PS1PG) [470] Alright?
[471] That is the spoken word.
[472] And three words per second is ... the way that television presenters make er, their scripts ... for presenting to the public ... in a news bulletin.
[473] So ... for a minute you have obviously got a hundred and eighty words ... and for two minutes it's double that amount.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [474] I see.
Francis (PS1PG) [475] Okay?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [476] Mm.
Francis (PS1PG) [477] Now I'm not going to be pedantic and say ... anything under two minutes is unacceptable ... two minutes is the guideline just to give you an idea of what ... would be a good idea.
[478] Right?
[479] Okay.
[480] Now ... we're talking about whether it can be a story ... about human beings ... or animals.
[481] It can either be ... looking at the animal as an observer, in which case ... you can talk about the animals and what they are doing.
[482] Or, you can take the point of view of the animal and have the animal speaking in a human tongue.
[483] The same as ... I did mention last week, [...] .
[484] A simple structure ... for the plot ... interest ... and also, or possibly it's quite nice to include a little bit of humour.
[485] So [...] straight forward, there's something to create a smile about.
[486] Now, apart from a colourful er, magic of the story line ... you also need a colourful character ... or characters.
[487] To build up a character ... you need to know something about that character, what sort of person that character is ... or what sort of animal that character is.
[488] Is it happy?
[489] Is it unhappy?
[490] Erm ... you need to set the scene.
[491] Now, by setting the scene ... we'll take an example, just a straight course statement, alright?
[492] A girl goes for a walk.
[493] That is ... just a few words ... in your mind you can see a person walking along.
[494] As a story line it's not all [...] because it doesn't say anything about the girl, it doesn't say where she's going, where she's come from ... and what's happening on the way.
[495] So, that's the starting point.
[496] That's the basis of the structure.
[497] From that point on we need to give a name to that person ... we need to give the environment, that is to say is she inside?
[498] Is she outside?
[499] Is she walking in a park?
[500] It is good to know, if it's outside, what the weather conditions are like.
[501] Is it sunny?
[502] Is it cloudy?
[503] Are the skies blue?
[504] Or is it about to snow?
[505] It'll be interesting to know where the girl was going to.
[506] And perhaps where she'd just come from.
[507] Is she doing anything apart from just walking along?
[508] Now, you start that building that information into the first statement of the girl goes for a walk.
[509] You then begin to build up a story line, a structure ... and something which could be called interesting ... and could be the start of interesting idea.
[510] So, using that idea, using that information
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [511] Mm.
[512] Yeah, that's [...] .
Francis (PS1PG) [513] would someone like to tell me how they would actually ... incorporate ... that, that additional information into the first statement?
[514] Who's got an idea?
[515] Who can tell me?
[516] I'll start you off if you like.
[517] Right.
[518] First of all, someone give me a name for the girl.
(F8MPS007) [519] Mildred.
Francis (PS1PG) [520] Mildred.
[521] Mildred it is!
[522] Mildred has hereby been born!
[523] ... One day, Mildred was walking along in the park ... it was very, very hot ... and she was very, very tired!
[524] Okay.
[525] We've established certain things there.
[526] There are other things we can now add to that.
[527] Who will now add to other elements to that story?
[528] It's hot.
[529] She's tired.
[530] She's in a park.
[531] Her name's Mildred.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [532] The bird's were singing and the
Francis (PS1PG) [533] Right.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [534] [...] .
Francis (PS1PG) [535] Yes.
[536] That, that sort of thing's important ... because it gives, it gives, it then builds up original
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [537] ideas and part of the story as well.
[538] Right!
[539] More things please?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [540] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [541] The park was crowded.
Francis (PS1PG) [542] Right.
[543] The park was crowded.
[544] What else?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [545] And say what the people were doing, like you know, there's people ... playing [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [546] [...] ?
Francis (PS1PG) [547] And, the story line could go ... and over the horizon she could see all sorts of very colourful kites flying in the sky ... that other children were flying in that lovely afternoon!
[548] Right.
[549] What other things could ... what could she be doing ... apart from just walking?
[550] What does something that one does sometimes if you're ... contented, maybe happy?
(F8MPS007) [551] Hum?
Francis (PS1PG) [552] Hum.
[553] Right.
[554] Hum or whistle.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [555] A whistle?
Francis (PS1PG) [556] Okay.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Francis (PS1PG) [557] So she was quietly humming to herself.
[558] She seems quite a contented li er, girl, lady.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [559] Have to stop and sit down because she's tired.
Francis (PS1PG) [560] Yes!
[561] She could stop and sit down.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [562] [...] an ice cream.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [563] Get a drink?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [564] She was
Francis (PS1PG) [565] Right.
[566] In the distant she heard ... the sound of an ice cream van ... with it's ... with it's jingly little tune playing ... and she thought ... oh, I'd love an ice cream!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [567] Yeah, I, you may laugh but you see if you're writing stories for a, for a young child ... then you've got to be explicit, you've got to be colourful ... and you've got to talk in a basic language that that child will talk that ... like that at that age.
[568] So, one has to take that on board.
[569] So, that is the idea of building up the structure for a story of that, of that, of that kind.
[570] Now, if you can ... once again, for those who are going to actually do this assignment for me, I hope you are!
[571] Base the idea and structure building on that ... and then increase the incidentals as you go along.
[572] The incidentals being part of ... if you want to incorporate some sort of ... plot sequence or some sort of intrigue ... erm ... that's entirely up to you.
[573] Okay?
[574] The other thing that we mentioned last week as well is the moral ... message ... erm ... be it, safety factors ... to deal with, with children.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [575] Do it [...] as well.
Francis (PS1PG) [576] I mean you know how a lot of, a lot of these stories end, and the moral of the story is, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!
[577] ... Okay?
[578] ... The [...] people here, do you actually like er, telling kid's stories?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [579] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [580] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
(F8MPS007) [581] Yeah.
Francis (PS1PG) [582] It's great innit?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [583] Mm.
Francis (PS1PG) [584] Cos you get a lot of feedback and th and there's a lot of excitement.
[585] Do you have a chance to do it much here?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [586] Yeah, a lot.
[587] Cos
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [588] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [589] our, our [...] are expected to do it.
Francis (PS1PG) [590] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [591] To like [...] of children [...] .
Francis (PS1PG) [592] Good!
[593] And th the stories that you read are all, all for children are they ones that you're reading from a book, or are they ones that you're inventing at the time, or what?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [594] Well most are from a book.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [595] A book.
Francis (PS1PG) [596] From a book.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [597] Normally.
Francis (PS1PG) [598] Normally.
[599] Right!
[600] So, what you need to do is, is, is expand on what you've read ... and then start to invent things yourself.
[601] You will not always have a book available to you.
[602] But it's nice to be able to invent the stories as well.
[603] It's interesting for you apart from the child.
[604] Right!
[605] We are going to do some miming this afternoon.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [606] Oh!
Francis (PS1PG) [607] Which is er ... going to excite our friend here!
[608] Trouble is [laughing] it's a [...] [] !
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [609] Yes.
Francis (PS1PG) [610] Right!
[611] So split up into ... four groups ... as wi with ... we did once before.
(F8MPS007) [612] It goes er
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [613] [sighing] Wah [] !
[614] Oh!
Francis (PS1PG) [615] Sixteen of us ... so it's four in a group.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [616] Are we playing the miming [...] ?
Francis (PS1PG) [617] Are you happy to take groups in that direction ... four, four, four, four?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [618] Yeah.
Francis (PS1PG) [619] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [620] Okay?
[621] So ... the first four there
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [622] Watch what we do.
Francis (PS1PG) [623] okay?
[624] They'll be group A.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [625] Oh no!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [626] That's us. [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [627] The second group ... there, including yourself ... will be group B.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [628] See this [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [629] Yeah I know.
Francis (PS1PG) [630] The four in the corner ... including Zoe
(F8MPS003) [631] Ha!
Francis (PS1PG) [632] will be group ... C.
[633] And the last four up this end will be group D.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [634] That's fi ... that's five in that.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [635] Five.
Francis (PS1PG) [636] So ... five what?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [637] Don't know!
Francis (PS1PG) [638] What is five?
[639] Tell me [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [640] [...] ... is there five people?
Francis (PS1PG) [641] One, two three, four, five.
[642] That's right!
[643] One, two
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [644] Your
Francis (PS1PG) [645] three, four.
[646] That's one, two, three, four.
[647] One, two, three, four, five.
[648] Alright?
[649] Use a five, yeah that is, you're right!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [650] I'm going!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [651] What the hell are you doing like that?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [652] Just thinking of the role plays.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [653] She'll be death of me!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [654] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [655] What?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [656] That.
Francis (PS1PG) [657] One, two, three, four, five.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [658] You will have used them all [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [659] [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [660] Just one over.
Francis (PS1PG) [661] Yeah, I'm putting the extra one in the appropriate place for the role play that's all.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [662] [...] .
Francis (PS1PG) [663] You keep, you keep a volunteer.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [664] Right?
Francis (PS1PG) [665] Okay?
[666] Right.
[667] Before we do the role plays I'd like to discuss them to sort of, so we know exactly what we're gonna do.
[668] The subject for group A, will be ... purchasing an outfit against ... your partner's wishes.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [669] [...] [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [670] Oh yeah, [laughing] don't look [...] [] !
Francis (PS1PG) [671] Purchasing an outfit against your partner's wishes!
[672] And this, at least, mime.
[673] But before we start [...] we'll talk about controlling [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [674] Oh I've done this before!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [675] Oh yeah.
Francis (PS1PG) [676] Group B
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [677] [...] teacher now.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [678] I've done this.
Francis (PS1PG) [679] Group B ... is something totally different.
[680] Erecting and decorating an Xmas tree, a Christmas tree ... and putting the presents on.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [681] We'll discuss that.
[682] Did you hear that group B?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [683] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [684] Yes!
Francis (PS1PG) [685] Right!
[686] Group C ... different once again dressing in a dressing room for a play or any kind of stage production.
[687] I will not tell you what the production will be
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [688] We got ... we got a good then!
Francis (PS1PG) [689] but doing it in mime
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [690] Yeah I know.
Francis (PS1PG) [691] will be interesting.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [692] And group D, and the reason I've allowed the extra person in your group is ... Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, I know there are not eight of you!
(F8MPS007) [laugh]
Francis (PS1PG) [693] It doesn't matter.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [694] Oh!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Francis (PS1PG) [695] It doesn't actually matter that much if you leave out Sno Snow White.
[696] The idea of the seven dwarfs thing is ... you've got the seven dwarfs and I'm sure you can sort out who they are.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Francis (PS1PG) [697] And what I will do is, they are all [...] ... presents ... on Christmas day.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [698] Oh!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [699] Your opening presents on Christmas.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [700] Oh!
Francis (PS1PG) [701] Right?
[702] Okay, let's go back to the beginning.
[703] [...] prepare you now.
[704] ... Body language ... is the most important thing in mime.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Francis (PS1PG) [705] Now, what's a typical, who can tell me what the typical body language is ... that you would prese present or portray if you said ... I don't know?
[706] What would you, what would your body language ... be?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [707] Shrug the shoulders.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [708] The shoulders.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [709] A shrug.
[710] Yeah.
[711] Right, okay.
[712] ... Group A, purchasing ... an outfit against your partner's wishes.
[713] Now, as near as possible you can do that.
[714] ... You can go into a shop and start purchasing this item ... not knowing your partner is there ... and the partner suddenly appears and then ... the confrontation starts ... bearing in mind you are not
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...] [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [715] speaking.
[716] This is mime.
[717] Now, what I would like
(F8MPS007) [718] That's very good!
Francis (PS1PG) [719] you all to try and do this time is to avoid if you can mouthing words, mouthing dialogue.
[720] Mouthing dialogue in mime is an easy get out!
[721] Because you just stand there and hope someone's gonna read your lips so you don't have to do anything with your body!
[722] But this time can you concentrate more on what you are going to do with your body ... to actually tell people ... via your body ... or give them a good idea of exactly what you mean
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [723] Yes.
Francis (PS1PG) [724] to say.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [725] Yes. [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [726] Try and remember what you had originally on your ... on your gesture list.
[727] Try and remember what certain things mean.
[728] What nervousness means ... or what it can mean.
[729] And also ... what things like, folding your arms means.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [730] Right.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [731] What talking behind your mouth means.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [732] Looking up and looking down.
[733] If you're not sure of anything ... and you haven't got your things here ... please ask.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [734] Oh could I have one?
Francis (PS1PG) [735] Mm?
[736] You wa you wanna have a look?
[737] I haven't got the [...] for a moment so you'll have to use this one.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [738] Thank you!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [739] Right, Group B
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [740] Have you?
Francis (PS1PG) [741] erecting and decorating a Christmas tree ... and putting on the presents.
[742] Now, I would suggest you start that ... physically bringing in the Christmas tree.
[743] Let's say it's a fairly tallish one.
[744] If it's a fairly tall one then obviously on it's side it's gonna long.
[745] Try and think, work out how heavy that tree would be ... and how difficult it is actually to get a large tree into ... a lounge, living room, dining room, call it what you will!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [746] Call it a [...] !
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Francis (PS1PG) [747] Erm ... let's say that the family ... are involved in decorating the tree.
[748] Now, when you're putting on the presents ... there are little, there are other areas within putting on the presents that you can possibly include ... like ... a present's going on the tree, you happen to see your name in it ... on the tag, right?
[749] And what does one do ... one picks it up ... start rattling it like the devil to find a ... work out ... what it is!
[750] Now, these are basic ideas, I want you to add to these ideas.
[751] Right!
[752] Group C ... dressing for a play or any kind of stage production in the dressing room.
[753] You're all in the same dressing room.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [754] Now
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [755] it's quite important ... to be very specific about how you do this because ... it's not just a matter of putting on clothes
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [756] Oh!
Francis (PS1PG) [757] I mean for one production you may need a wig ... another production you won't.
[758] I mean, if you can imagine what the process of a dame in pantomime goes through ... to get all that gear on ... then that is the sort of thing you've got to try and do in mime.
[759] A few weeks ago ... we were talking about lifting objects and the size of the objects.
[760] If you lifted a large laundry basket ... think about the size of a laundry basket, think about where the hands would go ... then down, lift it up ... and if it's full of laundry then it's obviously going to be heavier than if it was empty ... but that's the size.
[761] The difference being, that if it's a saucepan then obviously a saucepan you lift it with one hand ... and ... if it's full of hot water or something then you'd have to be careful.
[762] Think about the [...] , think about the sizes, think about the weights and think about what it's gotta be used for ... and that ... is really got to relate to the dressing in the dressing room because there's all sorts of things there, there's jewellery, there's hats.
[763] Right!
[764] Going on to group D ... the dwarfs, the seven dwarfs.
[765] Happy, Grumpy
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [766] Dopey.
Francis (PS1PG) [767] Dopey.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Francis (PS1PG) [768] Sleepy.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [769] Sneezy.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [770] Ah.
Francis (PS1PG) [771] And then take which, which one
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [772] And there's [...] isn't there?
Francis (PS1PG) [773] you want to use.
[774] Now ... and I said ... alright!
[775] Opening presents on Christmas morning ... it's not just a case of opening presents is it?
[776] I mean, one opened a present, yes but
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [777] but ... are you happy when you're opening it?
[778] Are you hapen ha are you happy when you see what it is?
[779] Or is it one of those presents which
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...] [yawn] [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [780] [laughing] Take the [...] [] !
Francis (PS1PG) [781] and you can't think of an anything that you would like less!
(F8MPS007) [782] Handkerchiefs!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [783] For the, for the, for the tenth year running Jonathan has just got a pack of white handkerchiefs!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [784] Yes!
(F8MPS007) [785] What have I got this year though?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [786] Not white, just green!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Francis (PS1PG) [787] Right!
[788] So erm
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [789] one can in interpret ... one's attitude in relation to opening the presents ... in different ways.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [790] Their faces.
Francis (PS1PG) [791] Did you do it happily?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [792] What do you do [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [793] I mean you must still be half asleep in which it could be ... [...] himself.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [794] Okay?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [795] Now, this time ... we'll think about it
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [796] Oh!
Francis (PS1PG) [797] carefully before we do it.
[798] So can you get in your groups now to discuss exactly what you're going to do, how you're going to do it.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [799] Very, sort of slow.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [800] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [801] Don't just take the basic subject today.
[802] Think of ... really think hard about you're going to do.
[803] Include something in it which ... no one else is expecting.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [804] Quite difficult wasn't it?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [805] Yeah.
Francis (PS1PG) [806] If you take a facial expression ... anyone of the seven dwarfs ... and you want to try and give a dramatic idea how to present that face or that attitude ... to do it just by standing there without curtains opening on you and all that sort of thing it's quite diffi , it's quite difficult!
[807] But, there are various ways you can do that.
[808] If there was a long line of people ... number of seven for the seven dwarfs ... and they were all standing there side by side and they had their ... hands over there face like so ... and the ... altogether, at the same time, in unison ... they parted the hand ... to reveal ... the facial expression ... that ... is more of a dramatic experience to people looking ... than just by standing here [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Francis (PS1PG) [809] Alright?
[810] So that you are actually creating the drama for the people that are looking at you.
[811] Okay?
[812] ... Let's go on to another subject which is ... another subject we'll be dealing with today.
[813] And I'd like you, if you haven't destroyed them totally, to use the little piece of paper I gave to you all.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [814] Oh!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [815] I didn't, didn't have one!
Francis (PS1PG) [816] If you would like another piece
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [817] It's alright, I've just looked at mine.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [818] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [819] [...] whatever it is that changed.
[820] I mean, you can't do stories one side can I?
Francis (PS1PG) [821] I, no, no, no, I didn't need it back.
[822] It's for your benefits.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [823] I'd like you to write things down because I think you're gonna remember them, he says, hopefully!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [824] I've lost it!
Francis (PS1PG) [825] If that happens to be on a piece, piece of paper and you want to keep your [...] it might be a benefit to you later on.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [826] It's there, look.
Francis (PS1PG) [827] Right!
[828] We'll end up today by talking a bit about children's role play.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [829] Yeah.
Francis (PS1PG) [830] Now, in the past, so far, this term we've covered areas such as the bus role play, which I suspect you remember ... the shop role play ... of which I'm sure you remember.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [831] Mm.
Francis (PS1PG) [832] Now, have you, you, you obviously heard of the home corner, yep?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [833] Yes.
Francis (PS1PG) [834] Right you know what a home
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [835] Yes, very well!
Francis (PS1PG) [836] corner is.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Francis (PS1PG) [837] I'm sure you do.
[838] What we want to do now, can we stand on these ideas and put down on paper ... some more ideas of what circumstances and situations you could use ... for children's role play.
[839] Areas which would benefit the child ... possibly educate the child in a different direction, a different way.
[840] Ways of explaining to a child ... or showing things for a child, or showing a child how to do things.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [841] Such as?
Francis (PS1PG) [842] Such as buying an ice cream.
[843] ... [...] has a great education value for children, it helps to form their personality and character, it allows them to exercise their imagination and explore the world of fantasy.
[844] When a child plays a game and assumes another character it enters into a form of role play which in itself is a dramatic experience!
[845] This is all part of the learning process.
[846] With guidance and the use of role play children can begin to experience many of life's situations.
[847] Now, incorporate in your play, there is the, there are the benefits of dressing up ... using ... clothes that may well be available or using ... er, specific ... outfits as well.
[848] Dressing up helps to, helps children to find a simple way of changing role and to establish their own identities.
[849] Dressing up can help a shy sh a shy child to lose his in inhibi in inhibitions.
(F8MPS006) [850] Inhibitions.
Francis (PS1PG) [851] Thank you so much Jane!
[852] What a child is [...] by anxiety to play out his fears.
[853] Wearing specific copies of uniforms also gives children the opportunity to try out occupational roles, such as astronauts, or nurses ... as well as fancy roles like robots, or witches.
[854] Right!
[855] So if you can start writing your list of, you have examples already ... of other areas that you think could be ... interesting, useful ... educational, helpful to a child ... either as in a group ... or maybe it's two children!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [856] In role play?
Francis (PS1PG) [857] For role play.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [858] Yes, it's a role play?
Francis (PS1PG) [859] Yep!
[860] Role play subject.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [861] [singing] Mm mm mm, mm
Francis (PS1PG) [862] Sarah?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [863] mm mm mm [] .
Francis (PS1PG) [864] What have you got?
(F8MPS002) [865] Erm
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [866] Good!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [867] You've got on your list.
(F8MPS002) [868] Yeah
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [yawn]
(F8MPS002) [869] er ... I've probably got everyone else's, I've got car racing [...] .
Francis (PS1PG) [870] What sorry, sorry?
(F8MPS002) [871] Car racing.
[872] When somebody
Francis (PS1PG) [873] Car racing?
(F8MPS002) [874] wants to [...] .
Francis (PS1PG) [875] What, as a racing driver you mean?
(F8MPS002) [876] Yeah, that's
Francis (PS1PG) [877] Yeah.
(F8MPS002) [878] right.
[879] Erm, a farmer [...] .
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [880] I know what I've got.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [881] [...] nursing and doctor.
Francis (PS1PG) [882] What have you got?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [883] Yeah.
Francis (PS1PG) [884] Mm?
[885] Nurse and doctor.
[886] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [887] Cos ac , they like that [...] .
Francis (PS1PG) [888] Anything to do with the hospital?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [889] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [890] Doctors one of course.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [891] Yeah, doctors one [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [892] Is a very good idea!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [893] Dianna's here for you.
Francis (PS1PG) [894] Dianna's here.
[895] Yes of
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [896] Can I have a word with you please?
Francis (PS1PG) [897] You may indeed!
[898] We're about to finish so please come in.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [899] [...] close the door. [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [900] Yeah in a minute.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [901] How long will you be?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [902] Right, we'll wait outside.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [903] Alright.
Francis (PS1PG) [904] Couple of minutes.
[905] ... The benefits of a role play for children particularly are
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [906] or rather is a play, the role play results in a child getting used to experiences a, experiencing a situation which is gonna be helpful to that child.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [907] And often the situation is one that
(F8MPS007) [908] Cheers!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [909] Ha!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [910] Thank you!
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [911] That's alright.
Francis (PS1PG) [912] Your very polite aren't you?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [913] [...] !
Francis (PS1PG) [914] Right!
[915] Next week
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [916] next week once, before you go!
[917] Before you go!
[918] Next week if you'd like to bring some more music tapes ... for next week.
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]
Francis (PS1PG) [919] Okay?
Unknown speaker (F8MPSUNK) [...]