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[BNC Project: weekly progress meeting]. Sample containing about 9551 words speech recorded in business context

6 speakers recorded by respondent number C59

PS1RA Ag2 f (Wendy, age 25, lexicographer) unspecified
PS1R7 Ag2 f (Clare, age 27, secretary) unspecified
PS1R8 Ag1 m (Derek, age 24, chemist) unspecified
PS1R9 Ag1 m (David, age 24, physicist) unspecified
F8UPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
F8UPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 083201 recorded on 1993-03-21. LocationYorkshire: York ( house in York ) Activity: weekly meeting

Undivided text

Wendy (PS1RA) [1] [...] Erm ... yeah.
[2] Well I Ooh.
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [3] [laugh] Yeah, that needs to be signed and then we can use ... these and any future occasions when we're all in the same place.
Derek (PS1R8) [4] Okay.
Wendy (PS1RA) [5] At the same time.
[6] ... What a very left-handed ...
Clare (PS1R7) [7] Person.
Wendy (PS1RA) [8] writing position you have.
Clare (PS1R7) [9] Yeah.
David (PS1R9) [10] Yes.
Wendy (PS1RA) [11] Yeah.
[12] ... That's a v
Derek (PS1R8) [13] How can you be very left handed?
Wendy (PS1RA) [14] Well no, no it was the writing position which is ... very typically left-handed, rather than you being very
Derek (PS1R8) [15] Ah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [16] left-handed if you see what I mean.
Wendy (PS1RA) [17] That that's the
Clare (PS1R7) [18] You curl round.
[19] Yes.
Wendy (PS1RA) [20] Rather than turning the paper but curling your hand round.
[21] Erm it's a product of repressive seconda or er primary education isn't it.
Derek (PS1R8) [laugh] [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [laugh]
Clare (PS1R7) [22] You will be right-handed.
[23] No I won't. [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [24] You will be right-handed dammit and we won't let you turn your paper.
Derek (PS1R8) [25] Yes.
[26] I had a teacher for all of three months tried to make me write with my right hand.
[27] Didn't last.
Wendy (PS1RA) [28] It happens.
[29] Erm ...
Clare (PS1R7) [30] Minutes of the last meeting.
Wendy (PS1RA) [31] Yeah they're not really minutes, they're they're just what I could remember afterwards.
[32] I was going to make the minutes up from the tape you see.
Derek (PS1R8) [laugh]
Clare (PS1R7) [clears throat]
Derek (PS1R8) [33] Oh yes.
David (PS1R9) [34] Ah.
[35] Of course.
Wendy (PS1RA) [36] Er [laugh] of course.
[37] Okay, well ... I think what we did was ... erm ... Right we talked about the list of exclusions, things that we can't record because Maureen's already done them.
Clare (PS1R7) [38] Mm.
David (PS1R9) [39] [whispering] Yes. []
Wendy (PS1RA) [40] Erm now I was supposed to check and I'm afraid I haven't, whether we still need to get sermons from Scotland and Liverpool.
Clare (PS1R7) [41] Okay.
Wendy (PS1RA) [42] Erm ... but I will check.
[43] I've got to talk to them tomorrow.
Clare (PS1R7) [44] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [45] Erm ... I've got a note, or I had a note to write to the ... admin at the university and I have done, erm saying that ... Derek's been approaching people, apologising for not writing beforehand and saying that Derek's been approaching people and if they've got a problem they should write back P D Q.
[46] Oh and by the way how about recording ... erm meetings of the administration erm
Clare (PS1R7) [47] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [48] [...] .
[49] I haven't written to the head of the Linguistics Department.
[50] Erm but I don't think that's as important.
[51] But I will do it.
[52] But I might do it by talking to them rather than by writing to them.
[53] It's friendly.
[54] Erm ... Oh dear this is going to be a long list of things I was supposed to do but didn't. [laugh]
Clare (PS1R7) [55] [laugh] Don't worry.
Wendy (PS1RA) [56] Erm ... we talked about David's attempt to get union meetings.
[57] Erm
Clare (PS1R7) [58] Mhm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [59] Colin rang Colin rung back and said erm ... no way Jose.
Derek (PS1R8) [60] Oh.
Clare (PS1R7) [61] In regards to what?
Wendy (PS1RA) [62] Erm ... to regard er Recording trade union union meetings.
Clare (PS1R7) [63] Ah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [64] Er which is fair enough.
Derek (PS1R8) [65] Did he say why?
Wendy (PS1RA) [66] Did he say why
David (PS1R9) [67] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [68] when you talked to him?
David (PS1R9) [69] He said he said erm ... he thought people might be less willing to ... to speak at the meeting if they knew it was being recorded, which seems entirely reasonable [...] .
Derek (PS1R8) [70] Yeah. [cough]
Wendy (PS1RA) [71] Erm ... yeah I mean you know
David (PS1R9) [72] There's nothing we can really do to [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [73] No.
[74] Er whatever reasons people give we have to accept as reasonable reasons.
[75] Reasonable re Yeah.
[76] Whatever.
David (PS1R9) [77] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [78] ... Erm ... I've also got a note here to write to Karen .
[79] Which I again haven't done.
David (PS1R9) [80] Right. [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [81] Erm have you been doing anything else at work
David (PS1R9) [82] Erm
Wendy (PS1RA) [83] about getting mock interviews or interviews or whatever?
David (PS1R9) [84] No I haven't.
[85] Erm [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [86] Right, okay.
[87] Well I'll ... maintain that as a note to er ... write to this person.
[88] Erm Clare suggested that Mike record that presentation he's doing.
[89] I asked him, he was negative, erm and I've I've got a feeling he never even turned up [laughing] for it anyway. []
Clare (PS1R7) [90] Erm ...
Wendy (PS1RA) [91] He was quote ill unquote.
Clare (PS1R7) [92] It's next week it's
Wendy (PS1RA) [93] It is?
Clare (PS1R7) [94] Friday next week.
Wendy (PS1RA) [95] I'll badger him again.
Clare (PS1R7) [96] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [97] Erm I'll be talking to him tonight.
Clare (PS1R7) [98] You try him again.
Wendy (PS1RA) [99] So I'll jump up and down on his metaphorical toes and see what happens.
[100] Erm I tried phoning James the the place where he's actually doing this training course.
Clare (PS1R7) [101] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [102] And the legendary E , who's the person I wrote to there,
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [103] is erm ... stunningly hard to track down.
[104] Er really quite impressive actually.
[105] Erm ... they obviously have the right person teaching this management course if you know that's one of the ... prime functions of a manager is to be unavailable at all times. [laugh]
Clare (PS1R7) [106] That's right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [107] Erm so she is in fact unavailable at all times.
[108] So I'm going to keep trying on Monday.
Clare (PS1R7) [109] Mhm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [110] Erm ... somebody, and I think it was Derek, and I put down Derek as a guess, was supposed to be getting a list of local area MPs to whom I can then write.
Derek (PS1R8) [111] Aha.
[112] I didn't.
Wendy (PS1RA) [113] You didn't.
Derek (PS1R8) [114] I completely forgot about it.
Wendy (PS1RA) [115] No problem.
Derek (PS1R8) [116] I shall write it down this time.
Wendy (PS1RA) [117] Good-oh.
Derek (PS1R8) [118] Erm
Wendy (PS1RA) [119] I was supposed to and again haven't asked Spike about finding out erm ... when and where by-elections are coming up.
Derek (PS1R8) [120] I don't think there are any coming up.
[121] They would be very big news at the moment given how small the government majority is.
Wendy (PS1RA) [122] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [123] Given the last two terms, the government had over a hundred majority, a by-election wasn't important.
Wendy (PS1RA) [124] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [125] With a twenty-one majority it becomes important cos all it needs is eleven by-elections.
Wendy (PS1RA) [126] Yeah.
[127] There are council elections in York coming up in May.
[128] Erm
David (PS1R9) [129] [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [130] Council elections are something that we need to look at in other areas.
Clare (PS1R7) [131] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [132] Erm but I'm not sure how we go about that.
Derek (PS1R8) [133] I shall enquire er if ... th there's Well ... I'll I guess I'll get in touch with erm ... the er town hall in York
Wendy (PS1RA) [134] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [135] and ask about council elections.
[136] Er who ... who the candidates have to er ... make their candidacy known to, who's the returning officer and so
Wendy (PS1RA) [137] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [138] on and that way you can find out who the candidates are, and once we know who the candidates are we can start going out and seeing if they have public meetings or whatever.
Wendy (PS1RA) [139] Yes.
[140] Yeah.
[141] Erm ... I think it would be useful to try and find similar local elections erm ... in other areas.
[142] Well obviously it'd be useful.
[143] But I don't know how we'd go about that other than just writing to town councils.
[144] Just writing general letters to to ... town councils.
Derek (PS1R8) [145] Well ... there's no reason not to do that since we'll also be wanting to see if we can tape council meetings.
Wendy (PS1RA) [146] Mm.
David (PS1R9) [147] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [148] So it's a it's a double ...
Wendy (PS1RA) [149] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [150] ... use.
Wendy (PS1RA) [151] Everywhere has a town council doesn't it?
Clare (PS1R7) [152] Yes.
Wendy (PS1RA) [153] Everywhere that's got a postal address has a [laughing] town council [] at that post town really doesn't it.
[154] I mean ...
Derek (PS1R8) [155] Yes.
Wendy (PS1RA) [156] postal towns tend to be the place where the council is.
Derek (PS1R8) [157] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [158] So if I just arbitrarily write to ... a selection in every one of the areas we're covering.
David (PS1R9) [159] [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [160] Yeah.
[161] Seems reasonable.
[162] Erm ... Okey-doke.
[163] Der-de-der-de-der, where are we?
[164] ... Erm ... David did you check with the town hall about
David (PS1R9) [165] No. [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [166] upcoming weddings?
[167] Right.
David (PS1R9) [168] [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [169] That's that's on the list.
[170] Somebody ... erm [laughing] said they were going to, and it wasn't me so it was one of you three, [] said they were going to check if the ball was having a speaker this year.
[171] Erm and
Derek (PS1R8) [172] I definitely didn't say that.
[173] I don't know who
Wendy (PS1RA) [174] Well ... it was men it was
Derek (PS1R8) [175] I I I I
Wendy (PS1RA) [176] mentioned as a plan.
Derek (PS1R8) [177] I can check it then.
Wendy (PS1RA) [178] Erm ... and also check whether any of the college dinners this ... term or year, ... next term whatever, are going to be having a speaker.
[179] Erm ... got a note here that you're you two aren't going away till May.
[180] I
Derek (PS1R8) [181] Uh-huh.
Wendy (PS1RA) [182] presume that's still true.
Clare (PS1R7) [183] It is.
Derek (PS1R8) [184] This is still the case.
Wendy (PS1RA) [185] Erm [laugh]
Derek (PS1R8) [186] Well th it is the case that we're not going we're definitely not going away before May
Wendy (PS1RA) [187] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [188] and we have yet to be contacted erm despite th the fact that at the time we had our last meeting the thing was supposed to be in the post.
Wendy (PS1RA) [189] What thing?
[190] What's happening?
Derek (PS1R8) [191] Er er th th this is this is supposed to be the er the next stage of the travel agents contacting us.
Wendy (PS1RA) [192] Oh right.
Clare (PS1R7) [193] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [194] Erm and er I phoned them on Thursday before our last meeting and to be told Oh it's in the post, we're contacting you.
Wendy (PS1RA) [195] Aha.
Derek (PS1R8) [196] And it hasn't turned up yet.
Wendy (PS1RA) [197] This isn't that thing is it?
Derek (PS1R8) [198] .
Clare (PS1R7) [199] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [200] , whatever.
[201] Oh, right.
Derek (PS1R8) [202] It's er th th
Wendy (PS1RA) [203] I've been [laugh] hearing people moaning about that while I was temping.
Derek (PS1R8) [204] There have not been good things.
Wendy (PS1RA) [205] Yeah.
David (PS1R9) [206] Yeah.
[207] But ...
Wendy (PS1RA) [208] Erm ... Right, okay.
[209] ... Erm ... I've got a note to contact people I know in Wales which again I haven't done but again I shall.
[210] Erm ... I now have a list of all our stock, which means I know where it all is and how much of it there is which is nice but not directly relevant to this meeting.
[211] Erm ... Oh has anybody got any receipts to give to me?
[212] Erm sort of for tapes or ... whatever?
Clare (PS1R7) [213] I've got one but it's not here so I
Wendy (PS1RA) [214] Right.
Clare (PS1R7) [215] shall forward it to you [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [216] Okey-doke.
[217] No rush since I can't afford to pay [...] .
[218] Er [sigh] ... you sent a tape recorder to your dad.
Derek (PS1R8) [219] Er [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [220] You're sending a tape recorder to your
Derek (PS1R8) [221] I'm sending a tape recorder to my dad.
[222] I I I was delayed a little in that.
[223] Basically I I've got a l a l a whole list of things that I didn't get done this week either.
Wendy (PS1RA) [224] Right.
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [225] Erm ...
Derek (PS1R8) [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [226] yeah if you need me to buy the postage direct then
Derek (PS1R8) [227] No.
Wendy (PS1RA) [228] by all means package it up and I'll take away.
Derek (PS1R8) [229] No problem.
[230] No problem,
Wendy (PS1RA) [231] Erm
Derek (PS1R8) [232] I can get it done.
Wendy (PS1RA) [233] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [234] It was just incompetence that I didn't get it done this week.
Wendy (PS1RA) [235] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [236] I'm very annoyed with myself that it's got round to ...
Wendy (PS1RA) [237] [laughing] Okey-doke. []
Derek (PS1R8) [238] the end of the week and I was still thinking it's not done.
Wendy (PS1RA) [239] Erm ... I have sent a t tape recorder to my father-in-common-law in Liverpool, and I need the address for him to send it on to.
Clare (PS1R7) [240] Right.
[241] I down there is a letter to ... my contact in Liverpool.
Wendy (PS1RA) [242] Right.
Clare (PS1R7) [243] Erm
Wendy (PS1RA) [groan]
Clare (PS1R7) [244] that's as much of the address as I know.
[245] In that envelope is a letter explaining ... what I would like. [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [246] Right.
[247] I'll phone my father-in-common-law and get him to look up the address the er postcode in his
Clare (PS1R7) [248] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [249] Thompson's.
Clare (PS1R7) [250] Erm
Wendy (PS1RA) [251] Erm ... Right.
Clare (PS1R7) [252] And er ... that ... is
Wendy (PS1RA) [253] Shall I shall I look at this or or ...
Clare (PS1R7) [254] No no.
Wendy (PS1RA) [255] No I can't because it's sealed.
[256] You're gonna just post that.
Clare (PS1R7) [257] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [258] Erm ... [...]
Clare (PS1R7) [259] It it generally explains to Clive what it is
Wendy (PS1RA) [260] Yeah
Clare (PS1R7) [261] I would like him to do, and I've put information
Wendy (PS1RA) [262] Okay.
Clare (PS1R7) [263] in there for him [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [264] Right, well I'll take that address down.
Clare (PS1R7) [265] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [266] In a moment.
[267] Erm ... Dum-de-dum.
[268] Oh I dug out my, or the company's in fact, membership of P C W World, erm and tomorrow I've got a note to phone them and ask them how much their keyboards are for Amstrads.
Clare (PS1R7) [269] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [270] Erm
Clare (PS1R7) [271] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [272] cos they er they're bound to be cheaper than they are in the shops.
Clare (PS1R7) [273] Okay.
[274] Can you also ask them what their servicing rate is for a a keyboard.
Wendy (PS1RA) [275] Okey-doke.
[276] Right. [...] .
Clare (PS1R7) [277] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [278] [...] do that, I'll listen to this tape through tonight.
[279] Erm ... dum-dum-dum.
[280] That's just a note of what we just did.
[281] ... [laugh] I also didn't ask erm about the status of Eire as a place for getting recordings from.
[282] Something else I'll do tomorrow.
[283] ... Erm ... when are you going to Boston Spa?
Derek (PS1R8) [284] Er it's going to be ... a week on Wednesday now I think.
Wendy (PS1RA) [285] Wednesday week, right.
[286] I phoned and got the address and name,
Derek (PS1R8) [287] Ah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [288] but I haven't written, erm cos I wanted to check exactly what day you'd be going ... before I did.
[289] That's it really.
[290] Erm
Clare (PS1R7) [291] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [292] they're fairly sketchy notes but ... never mind.
[293] This time, I'll try and make up minutes and get them out, cos it helps I think.
[294] Erm ... Right, well, that's basically my input except ... erm Wednesday daytime, what are you doing?
Derek (PS1R8) [295] Er ... I don't have to be doing anything other than er working for .
Wendy (PS1RA) [296] Right, okay.
Derek (PS1R8) [297] Erm
Wendy (PS1RA) [298] ,.
Wendy (PS1RA) [299] Erm explanation.
Derek (PS1R8) [300] [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [301] Erm ... a company called
Derek (PS1R8) [302] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [303] Yes.
Derek (PS1R8) [304] How's that spelt?
Wendy (PS1RA) [305] Erm ... I've already contacted them.
[306] They've said I can record a s an upcoming seminar that's on Wednesday.
Derek (PS1R8) [307] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [308] Erm but if it's during the day I'm not going to be able to get there.
[309] Unfortunately ... nowhere in any of their literature does it actually say what time of day the seminar is.
Derek (PS1R8) [310] Okay.
Wendy (PS1RA) [311] Erm it's in Leeds erm and they know that I'm going but I may need to call them and say that I'm sending somebody else because I can't possibly go anywhere during the day on Wednesday.
Derek (PS1R8) [312] O
Wendy (PS1RA) [313] Cos I've let [laughing] myself in for a day of temping. []
Derek (PS1R8) [314] I can go, no problem.
Wendy (PS1RA) [315] Right.
[316] Well I'll tomorrow morning phone them up find out exactly what time, and register you rather than me if it's ... you know if I can't get to it.
Derek (PS1R8) [317] Okay.
[318] Erm ...
Wendy (PS1RA) [319] And the call you P D Q.
Derek (PS1R8) [320] Okay, we need erm I need an address and ... er it would be nice to know what the seminar's about.
Wendy (PS1RA) [321] It's about ... [sigh] some kind of database structure thing.
[322] It's a selling ... thing.
[323] Erm ... it's actually being done by a company called er for or with and I gather they're trying to sell a database package.
Derek (PS1R8) [324] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [325] Erm ... The address and everything else ... [sigh] they're supposed to be sending.
[326] I hope they do because otherwise no [laugh] none of us is going to be able to get there.
[327] Erm it's at some venue in Leeds.
[328] They're actually based in London.
Derek (PS1R8) [329] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [330] Erm but I'm gonna talk to them tomorrow ... and sort of finalize the arrangements for that.
Derek (PS1R8) [331] Mhm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [332] If it's in the evening I can go.
[333] If it's in the daytime I'm going to have to send you.
Derek (PS1R8) [334] [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [335] Should be about three hours of recording to be got from them.
Derek (PS1R8) [336] Okay.
Wendy (PS1RA) [337] Erm which would be very nice indeed.
[338] Erm it's something we haven't got any kind of ... you know we haven't got represented yet.
Derek (PS1R8) [339] Okay.
Wendy (PS1RA) [340] Erm ... does anybody have on any of their various computers a large map of England?
David (PS1R9) [341] No.
Derek (PS1R8) [342] No but I've got an atlas.
Wendy (PS1RA) [343] Well I I want to have a big ... picture of England on the wall on which I can start to tick off bits as we get them.
Clare (PS1R7) [344] Would a black and white photocopy of a map [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [345] I haven't the remotest idea cos I don't know how it would come out.
[346] I imagine it
Derek (PS1R8) [347] [...] come out quite well.
Wendy (PS1RA) [348] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [349] Depends which map it is.
Wendy (PS1RA) [350] Oh my goodness.
Clare (PS1R7) [351] [laugh] A man of many maps yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [352] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1R8) [353] [...] useful having them around.
[354] Unfortunately I usually use ... road atlases for maps of Britain.
[355] Now that's a British map but it's in two bits.
Clare (PS1R7) [356] [laugh] Maps of France, the States.
[357] [...] other places.
Wendy (PS1RA) [358] It's not really desperately important cos I can do it by using a list rather than a map but it's just somehow easier to refer to
Derek (PS1R8) [359] Britain.
Wendy (PS1RA) [360] A map on the wall.
Derek (PS1R8) [361] That's going to be too complicated to photocopy really.
[362] I just want erm you know an outline.
[363] Never mind, it's not a problem.
David (PS1R9) [364] There's an outline in the stuff they sent you.
Clare (PS1R7) [365] Yeah couldn't you blow that up.
Wendy (PS1RA) [366] Yes I probably could it's rather scratchy. [laugh]
David (PS1R9) [367] [...] The S U has a
Derek (PS1R8) [368] That's our best other one.
David (PS1R9) [369] poster machine.
Wendy (PS1RA) [370] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [371] If you actually want to use this.
[372] Er actually it's too mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [373] It's it's too fiddly to, you know I'd be wanting to write on it so.
Derek (PS1R8) [374] Well
Wendy (PS1RA) [375] Erm
Derek (PS1R8) [376] Okay er
Wendy (PS1RA) [377] [...] bit too fiddly.
Derek (PS1R8) [378] I'll see if I've got a map around or can get a really cheap map and just put it up.
Wendy (PS1RA) [379] I'm probably best doing a blow up of the map they sent.
David (PS1R9) [380] Yes [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [381] Doesn't have major towns.
Derek (PS1R8) [382] That's it, I'll get a get a cheap tourist map of Britain,
Wendy (PS1RA) [383] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [384] and get the S U poster machine.
Wendy (PS1RA) [385] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [386] It's only, about a pound fifty isn't it.
Wendy (PS1RA) [387] It really wants to be one without the roads marked.
Clare (PS1R7) [388] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [389] This is the this thing
Derek (PS1R8) [390] Well.
Wendy (PS1RA) [391] I just want one with erm spot for towns.
Clare (PS1R7) [392] Areas [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [393] And s so I can draw on the areas
Derek (PS1R8) [394] We well we we can doc we can doctor the poster, I can get the poster in here, overlay those and and get the towns marked on that you want.
David (PS1R9) [395] Erm I have a map stencil
Wendy (PS1RA) [396] True.
Derek (PS1R8) [...]
David (PS1R9) [397] It's got the major cities on it. [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [398] How big's that.
David (PS1R9) [399] Well it's not very big but you could blow it up
Derek (PS1R8) [400] But it could be made into a poster.
Wendy (PS1RA) [401] True fact.
David (PS1R9) [402] Put whatever on it that you want.
Wendy (PS1RA) [403] Well it's not an immediate problem, it just occurred to it'd be nice to have you know I've I'm writing a list of the recordings as they come in and where they've come from.
Derek (PS1R8) [404] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [405] But it'd be nice to have some sort of pictorial representation of It'd just be easier to see which areas we've got to cover.
[406] Erm Okey-doke.
[407] How's your week gone, tell me all about it.
Derek (PS1R8) [408] were incompetent, erm the people who were supposed to bring up the recording thing at the station meeting didn't.
Wendy (PS1RA) [409] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [410] And I only found this out when I went in and talked to the station manager, and he looked very confused.
Wendy (PS1RA) [411] Uh huh.
Derek (PS1R8) [412] Even more so than he had done the previous time, I said didn't you hear this about this at the station meeting and he said it hadn't been brought up.
Wendy (PS1RA) [413] Huh.
Derek (PS1R8) [414] So I explained to him and he was very nice, er but one of the things that they'd said that they would do, is get all the news broadcasters er to sign consent forms
Wendy (PS1RA) [415] Uh hm
Derek (PS1R8) [416] when they did their broadcasts.
[417] And they didn't.
Wendy (PS1RA) [418] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [419] So I've got to chase all of them up and most of them are going to have gone home for Easter.
Wendy (PS1RA) [420] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [421] However, er I can I have all their names, I know how to contact them.
Wendy (PS1RA) [422] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [423] And I can get round to doing that this week, I started trying on Friday but most of them were of course hitting the road.
Wendy (PS1RA) [424] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [425] Erm so I'm making some progress there.
[426] Also he recommended somebody else's programs cos there's somebody who comes in and and does their their talking about political things
Wendy (PS1RA) [427] Uh huh.
Derek (PS1R8) [428] for a couple of hours each week.
Wendy (PS1RA) [429] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [430] Erm and another idea that I had, the conference office, there I was getting a little down about al all the students [...] knock at the door, excuse me.
Clare (PS1R7) [431] Erm to continue with this train of thought.
Wendy (PS1RA) [432] Yes, the conference office.
Clare (PS1R7) [433] Erm we realized that with the students going for Easter there would be a lack of seminars
Wendy (PS1RA) [434] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [435] and general meetings and speeches on campus, but [laughing] remembered of course it's conference season. []
Wendy (PS1RA) [436] Yes.
Unknown speaker (F8UPSUNK) [laugh]
Derek (PS1R8) [437] So with it being conference time, we can get lots of companies who are turning up and giving conference presentations, lots of academic types.
[438] Er there will be educational and business seminars of various sorts going on.
Wendy (PS1RA) [439] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [440] And I can approach the conference office to find out what's here, and I can then go after each of the different categories we're looking for, or each of the conferences.
Wendy (PS1RA) [441] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [442] Go after all the various speakers.
Wendy (PS1RA) [443] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [444] Because they are going to be from all over the country.
Wendy (PS1RA) [445] How many conferences are there generally?
Derek (PS1R8) [446] Er during Easter there are probably about five big ones on.
Wendy (PS1RA) [447] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [448] Th they aim at one big conference per week or slightly more.
Wendy (PS1RA) [449] Right.
Clare (PS1R7) [450] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [451] And
Wendy (PS1RA) [452] So just go for each one then,
Clare (PS1R7) [453] Yes.
Derek (PS1R8) [454] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [455] if there's you know the volume's that small.
Derek (PS1R8) [456] The other thing er is that all those conference's are going to be packed full of business men.
Wendy (PS1RA) [457] Yes that's true.
[458] From various parts of the country.
Derek (PS1R8) [459] Exactly.
Wendy (PS1RA) [460] Yes.
Derek (PS1R8) [461] Er, and that was my brainwave of the week, basically.
Wendy (PS1RA) [462] Yes that's a very very good idea.
Derek (PS1R8) [463] So I'm I'm not only going to be asking the conference office about what's there, but I'm going to be going and asking individuals [...] even if we can't record your keynote speech here, will you be able to record us interviews, will you be able to record us whatever else.
Wendy (PS1RA) [464] Yes.
[465] Yes that would be very good.
[466] Erm would it be an idea perhaps to put something up on notice boards that the conference people are going to see.
Clare (PS1R7) [467] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [468] Mm Yes.
Wendy (PS1RA) [469] You know a sort of a er a fairly low content, high impact thing.
[470] You know one
Clare (PS1R7) [471] Just to put it in mind.
Wendy (PS1RA) [472] one side on the 's headed paper.
[473] Are there conference notice boards?
Derek (PS1R8) [474] There generally are
David (PS1R9) [475] Yes.
Derek (PS1R8) [476] yes.
Clare (PS1R7) [477] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [478] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [479] I have to track them down cos they put them in obscure places sometimes, but there are conference notice boards.
Wendy (PS1RA) [480] Yes.
David (PS1R9) [481] The one is in the corridor that goes from the porter's lodge to the stairs up to.
Derek (PS1R8) [482] Yes.
Wendy (PS1RA) [483] Mhm.
Derek (PS1R8) [484] Yes I know that one.
[485] And there's the one is out just diagonally out from the porter's lodge.
Unknown speaker (F8UPSUNK) [486] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [487] Yes so I'll put together erm a erm something on notepaper, that we can put up on
Derek (PS1R8) [488] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [489] the conference notice boards.
Derek (PS1R8) [490] If I can find whoever the senior organizer is for each conference, or whoever is doing the introductory talk,
Wendy (PS1RA) [491] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [492] and nobble them at the start of the conference.
Wendy (PS1RA) [493] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [494] Then they can if they add a two minute spiel on the end of their introductory keynote thing, saying we have somebody here doing linguistics research, if any of your companies can help them.
Wendy (PS1RA) [495] Mm.
Clare (PS1R7) [496] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [497] Then we'll be able to get people that way.
Wendy (PS1RA) [498] Yeah, save us an awful lot of letter writing.
Clare (PS1R7) [499] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [500] Which would be excellent.
[501] Erm I went, I was telling David about this in the car, I went down to Nottingham to and recorded, I've got an hour of recording from erm an organisation meeting
Derek (PS1R8) [502] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [503] in Nottingham.
[504] Erm at which meeting I also contacted or attacked four other people, one a solicitor, erm one running a sort of a a training centre, and two running businesses, one in sort of sales and marketing, and one in production [...] .
[505] All of whom have taken away bumf and seem interested, and in about a week I'm going to follow it up by writing to them.
Derek (PS1R8) [506] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [507] Erm.
[508] That I mean if they all came up trumps that's Nottinghamshire covered basically. [laugh]
Clare (PS1R7) [509] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [510] Erm which is excellent.
[511] Erm and at the very worst I've got you know an hour of recording from their meeting, and their going to let me record the next meeting they have as well.
[512] Er which'll have difference different er attendees.
David (PS1R9) [513] If we positive results from the conferences [...] at Easter, erm during the summer there are a lot of conferences of various sizes, and a lot of professional conferences.
Clare (PS1R7) [514] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [515] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [516] Mhm.
David (PS1R9) [517] Which opens up other areas [...] cover.
Derek (PS1R8) [518] Oh the charity always have their conference in York.
David (PS1R9) [519] Er.
Derek (PS1R8) [520] The General Synod.
Wendy (PS1RA) [521] [laughing] The General Synod. []
David (PS1R9) [522] I'm not I'm not certain that the charity are having one here this year.
Derek (PS1R8) [523] Really.
Wendy (PS1RA) [524] The Synod [...]
David (PS1R9) [525] I heard [...]
Derek (PS1R8) [526] The Synod has been here about three years running hasn't it.
Wendy (PS1RA) [527] Yeah, oh long before that.
David (PS1R9) [528] I heard mention that there isn't a charity conference this year.
[529] Er not that it won't be in York but that [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [530] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [531] I could get the conference timetable for which conferences are booked for the summer at the moment.
Wendy (PS1RA) [532] Yes.
Derek (PS1R8) [533] It might not be complete but it'll certainly give us some of them.
Wendy (PS1RA) [534] It'll give us some clues.
[535] Because writing ahead to any pe any to the organisers would possibly be a useful thing to do, give them a lot of warning.
Derek (PS1R8) [536] Oh yeah.
[537] Right.
[538] That's something the
Wendy (PS1RA) [539] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [540] conference office about.
Wendy (PS1RA) [541] Yeah.
[542] Erm how have things been going with getting lectures?
Derek (PS1R8) [543] Er most of
Wendy (PS1RA) [544] Term's over [...] .
Derek (PS1R8) [545] Yeah that's the thing.
Wendy (PS1RA) [546] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [547] Cos I I got the two science lectures and thought I'll try and get a couple of arts lectures,
Wendy (PS1RA) [548] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [549] a couple of social science lectures.
[550] All the arts and social sciences people had stopped lecturing.
Wendy (PS1RA) [551] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [552] Oh no we don't do any lecturing week nine, or week eight.
Wendy (PS1RA) [laugh]
Derek (PS1R8) [553] We only do one every week seven and one every week five you know.
Wendy (PS1RA) [554] That's right.
Derek (PS1R8) [555] So
Wendy (PS1RA) [556] So we've got about a five week break now, before we pick up again.
Derek (PS1R8) [557] I have have got Dave all sorted out.
Wendy (PS1RA) [558] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [559] He I'm suppo he says to email him, contact him at the start of week zero, because he's goin he he's trying to remember of his own accord, but er ju this is just to give him a kick along in case he's forgotten
Wendy (PS1RA) [560] uh hm.
Derek (PS1R8) [561] or hasn't got it organised.
[562] He's going to record seminars that he is doing, and also seminars other people are doing in the department.
Wendy (PS1RA) [563] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [564] Erm and that's the stuff we'll be getting
Wendy (PS1RA) [565] Right.
[566] Good.
Derek (PS1R8) [567] We should be able to get er at least three hours [...] seminars out of there.
Wendy (PS1RA) [568] That that's about the right amount.
[569] Oh
Derek (PS1R8) [570] We could we could get lots more
Wendy (PS1RA) [571] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [572] but I you said three hours or so.
Wendy (PS1RA) [573] We yeah we don't want to push any one area, er really too much.
Derek (PS1R8) [574] No.
Wendy (PS1RA) [575] I mean we can always go back to places like the linguistics department or or any department on [...] on campus, We can always go back to and get more recordings later.
[576] Which is probably better than getting them all at the same time.
Unknown speaker (F8UPSUNK) [577] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [578] Erm.
Derek (PS1R8) [579] Remember each person in our catchment area should be on tape for one tenth of a second.
Wendy (PS1RA) [580] That's right.
[581] [laughing] Erm [] the law college have expressed an interest, and I'm temping for them this week so I'll chase them.
Clare (PS1R7) [582] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [583] Can the law college also give you any useful contacts about solicitors.
Wendy (PS1RA) [584] I asked and they were non-committal, but erm I'll do some chasing.
[585] They're very very friendly and open people.
[586] Erm in fact incredibly so [laughing] erm [] Very nice place to work actually erm so I'll do a bit of friendly chasing.
[587] I'm that's why I can't go out during the day on Wednesday
Derek (PS1R8) [588] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [589] cos I'm temping there.
Derek (PS1R8) [590] It just occurred to me that Tuesday would be another opportunity to talk to Julian , the guy who comes in and does the S U legal aid stuff.
Wendy (PS1RA) [591] Yes.
[592] Yes that would be a very [...] .
[593] Erm what's the other thing, Yeah the place that I've just picked up erm a part time job, has said I can record as much as I want there.
[594] They often have people in doing talks, so later on this or early next month I'll be able to get a couple of hours talks.
[595] Erm shit that reminds me I've got to write a letter.
[596] To somebody at the Company who's coming to do a talk there.
Clare (PS1R7) [597] Ooh.
Wendy (PS1RA) [598] Erm so that's not immediately but, in the first two or three weeks of next month going to turn into several hours of recording.
Unknown speaker (F8UPSUNK) [599] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [600] Erm and my mother's going to record her theory lessons.
[601] In Nottingham.
Derek (PS1R8) [602] Err I think by the way I've pretty much got all the the areas wrapped up in Scotland if we can just get going and we can get
Wendy (PS1RA) [603] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [604] There may be problems on amount of material from certain things.
[605] But I I've got contacts which can get us academic recordings,
Wendy (PS1RA) [606] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [607] I've contacts who can do business stuff, consultations, after dinner speeches if we're lucky,
Wendy (PS1RA) [608] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [609] club meetings no problem, lots of things.
Wendy (PS1RA) [610] Great.
[611] I've written to Sue's school, Sue's erm Sue 's school where she's currently doing her teacher training,
Derek (PS1R8) [612] Yes er
Wendy (PS1RA) [613] Erm and she's going to mention it to her headmaster as well.
[614] Hopefully they'll let us record lessons.
Derek (PS1R8) [615] It occurred
Wendy (PS1RA) [616] Annual staff meetings there, and Scarborough college I've written to and they they're sounding positive.
[617] Erm I've got a friend doing teacher training there.
[618] [...] be good.
Clare (PS1R7) [619] I approached company and erm am waiting to hear their reply.
Wendy (PS1RA) [620] Right.
Clare (PS1R7) [621] Erm which I will chase up tomorrow morning
Wendy (PS1RA) [622] Uh hm.
Clare (PS1R7) [623] and see if can get hold of a meeting there.
[624] I'm fairly positive about it, but [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [625] [...] good.
[626] I gather you're self-employed or going to become so.
Clare (PS1R7) [627] No.
Wendy (PS1RA) [628] No that's not happening.
Clare (PS1R7) [629] [...] going to work.
Wendy (PS1RA) [630] Oh God, that's a pain.
Clare (PS1R7) [631] It is, it's a bit of a pain.
Wendy (PS1RA) [632] Derek was all sort of ah about it. [laugh] [...] .
Clare (PS1R7) [633] It would be lovely if it would happen,
Wendy (PS1RA) [634] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [635] but the time scale's the problem.
Wendy (PS1RA) [636] Right.
Clare (PS1R7) [637] Because they say it [...] it would be about two months [...] .
[638] So I I'm not holding out a lot of hope for it.
Wendy (PS1RA) [639] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [640] at the moment.
Wendy (PS1RA) [641] Mind you I mean even four months, cos you'd be getting more money.
Clare (PS1R7) [642] That's right [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [643] That's worth doing.
Clare (PS1R7) [644] Yes yeah.
[645] I I would do it if I'm offered the opportunity.
Wendy (PS1RA) [646] Yes.
Clare (PS1R7) [647] [laughing] It's whether the opportunity arises. []
Wendy (PS1RA) [648] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [649] The other thing I have done is setting down there is various amounts of stuff to go off to my father
Wendy (PS1RA) [650] Right.
Clare (PS1R7) [651] To have sales demonstrations, presentations
Wendy (PS1RA) [652] uh huh.
Clare (PS1R7) [653] recorded in Glasgow.
[654] And erm I'm waiting to contact a friend of mine who works in the library in Manchester.
Wendy (PS1RA) [655] Right.
Clare (PS1R7) [656] He'll have library [...] and library meetings
Wendy (PS1RA) [657] Yes very good.
Clare (PS1R7) [658] recorded in Manchester.
[659] And I have also remembered that I know a deputy headmaster in a school in Wales.
Wendy (PS1RA) [660] Excellent.
Clare (PS1R7) [661] Who I can hopefully
Wendy (PS1RA) [662] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [663] get recordings of Welsh school meetings and classroom interaction
Wendy (PS1RA) [664] Right.
Clare (PS1R7) [665] from.
Wendy (PS1RA) [666] That will be very good.
David (PS1R9) [667] I've just remembered,somethi something's just clicked in my mind, I rang my mother today and she was busy cos she was taking a confirmation class.
[668] She's a catechist at church.
Wendy (PS1RA) [669] Oh yes.
David (PS1R9) [670] The catholic church, it just never occurred to me before.
Wendy (PS1RA) [671] Religious meetings.
David (PS1R9) [672] Every Sunday, every Sunday until Easter.
Wendy (PS1RA) [673] Super.
[674] Erm get on the phone.
[675] Dude.
Derek (PS1R8) [676] I'm about to get on the phone as well
Wendy (PS1RA) [677] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [678] to see if Whit's doing one of his tours of the place tomorrow and what time.
Wendy (PS1RA) [679] Right
Derek (PS1R8) [680] Because if he is that we can get that as an educational presentation.
Wendy (PS1RA) [681] Yes er yeah or a or a dis or whatever.
[682] We a we already asked him about that actually .
David (PS1R9) [683] We we've already asked him he said yes.
Wendy (PS1RA) [684] He said yes he's do it but [...] when.
Derek (PS1R8) [685] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [686] He said he he'd do it.
Derek (PS1R8) [687] That's what I he did agree to it when I I mentioned it to him but I just ha I want to check if he's doing one tomorrow, cos if he's doing one tomorrow it might be tomorrow morning so I'll have to
Wendy (PS1RA) [688] Yes.
Derek (PS1R8) [689] catch him at the right time.
Wendy (PS1RA) [690] Okay.
Derek (PS1R8) [691] I'll phone him now.
Wendy (PS1RA) [692] Okey-doke.
Unknown speaker (F8UPSUNK) [693] Okay.
Clare (PS1R7) [694] Erm.
[695] I've still drawn a blank as far as recording is concerned but I will be to [...] my father.
[696] I've asked for about three hours [...] my contact in Liverpool.
Wendy (PS1RA) [697] Right.
Clare (PS1R7) [698] And mostly [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [699] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [700] And erm numerous [laugh] [...] .
[701] Erm I'm still suffering a little at the moment from a shortage of tape recorders, so if any more are available
Wendy (PS1RA) [702] Right I have
Clare (PS1R7) [703] I can put them to use.
Wendy (PS1RA) [704] One more now, as long as they do go out because erm Oh I've got one that will be coming back from the careers service soon, erm he's supposed to be ringing tomorrow morning.
Clare (PS1R7) [705] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [706] Erm he's had it for about a week and a half now.
Clare (PS1R7) [707] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [708] And he should have gotten three or four hours of interviews and meeting.
Clare (PS1R7) [709] Mm.
Unknown speaker (F8UPSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [710] I'm aiming towards sending off a return on Monday week.
[711] With as much transcribed volume in it as possible.
Clare (PS1R7) [712] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [713] I don't want to send any this is sort of from erm almost from my ego talking now, I don't want to send anything until I've had back from company Group their comments on my
Clare (PS1R7) [714] Yes.
Wendy (PS1RA) [715] initial transcriptions.
[716] Cos I just don't want to send stuff back, knowing that there are things wrong
Clare (PS1R7) [717] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [718] with the way I view the transcription system at the moment.
[719] But if we haven't heard anything back by Monday week I'm going to send whatever we've got.
Clare (PS1R7) [720] Okay.
Wendy (PS1RA) [721] Erm which won't be a vast amount, you know, I was expecting a slow start and we've had a fairly slow start, but you know I'm not worried by that at all.
[722] Erm but yeah Monday week is sort of the deadline for getting [...] returned [...] .
Clare (PS1R7) [723] Okay.
Wendy (PS1RA) [724] And I should have I hope three or four, maybe five tapes to send off then, which would be very very [...] indeed.
[725] Erm
Derek (PS1R8) [726] Whit's out, he's phoning me when he gets back.
Wendy (PS1RA) [727] Right okay.
Clare (PS1R7) [728] If company come through, this week then it could be considerably more, cos I can get interviews, sales demonstrations and [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [729] Great.
[730] Yeah.
[731] I think we I'm assuming that as long as we don't get more than say three hours of one type of recording from each place, we can get as much, apart from that constraint
Clare (PS1R7) [732] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [733] can get as much as we like from each place.
Derek (PS1R8) [734] That [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [735] So three hours or so of lecture, three hours or so of seminar and .
Derek (PS1R8) [736] Well that means each company we can take for twelve hours because there are basically four business related classes.
Wendy (PS1RA) [737] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [738] Er assuming we don't [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [739] Most companies don't have all of them.
[740] Erm
Derek (PS1R8) [741] Company talks, business meetings,
Wendy (PS1RA) [742] Very
Derek (PS1R8) [743] Sales demonstrations and interviews.
Wendy (PS1RA) [744] Yeah.
[745] Very few companies have talks to the company.
[746] Er or done by the company, erm sales demos again we're limited.
[747] Meetings, all companies have them in some way [...] one human being companies.
[748] Erm what was the other one?
Derek (PS1R8) [749] Interviews.
Wendy (PS1RA) [750] Interviews.
Derek (PS1R8) [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [751] Most companies erm.
David (PS1R9) [752] Although not necessarily in the current economic climate.
Wendy (PS1RA) [753] Yes. [laugh]
Derek (PS1R8) [754] Although the news on that looks like it could be improving too.
Unknown speaker (F8UPSUNK) [755] Yes.
Wendy (PS1RA) [756] Oh I'll believe that when I see it. [laugh]
Clare (PS1R7) [757] The the other advantages I can think of at the moment for erm getting company to say yes it the obvious connections to company .
Wendy (PS1RA) [758] Yes.
Clare (PS1R7) [759] And the fact that the person whom I appro I have approached about the project is erm does travel [...] have meetings [...] so [...] which we can record.
Wendy (PS1RA) [760] Yeah.
[761] Right.
[762] Anything else?
[763] Any other sort of reporty type things? or plan type things?
Derek (PS1R8) [764] No I think I was restricted to the one brainwave this week. [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [765] That's okay one a week is fine.
[766] Erm I wanted to ask erm I ga I assume that everyone has read through the bumf that I've been merrily distributing.
Clare (PS1R7) [767] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [768] Yes.
Wendy (PS1RA) [769] Erm how d how do you think that bumf comes across.
[770] Erm I've had one comment from the people in Nottingham, that er we need to have a clearer idea of exactly what we want from people, and then let them go away and and read more detailed bumf in more detail.
[771] I thought I had that in my introductory letter, the one that says we're a small company making recordings, we're currently collecting recordings of erm sort of English as used in everyday situations and we would like to record on your premises if we may.
[772] I thought that covered it but, it may not do.
David (PS1R9) [773] A lot of people I've spoken to have said well what sort of things do you want?
Wendy (PS1RA) [774] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [775] It it's all
David (PS1R9) [776] What do you mean, the English language?
Wendy (PS1RA) [777] Hm.
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [778] Oh dear [laugh] .
Clare (PS1R7) [779] Yes the first questions er.
Derek (PS1R8) [780] something in German
Wendy (PS1RA) [laugh]
David (PS1R9) [781] It is a fairly academic phrase really.
Wendy (PS1RA) [782] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [783] Well how about we prepare something, the sort of thing that I can photocopy ad nauseam and give round er conference guests who turn up, for example, which says you know something like, please help, we are doing linguistic research, we want to make recordings,
Wendy (PS1RA) [784] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [785] if you are involved in any of the following, list all your situations,
Unknown speaker (F8UPSUNK) [786] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [787] er and would be willing to have those recorded for research purposes, erm
Wendy (PS1RA) [788] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [789] please
Wendy (PS1RA) [790] The trouble with a list is that it it erm limits people.
[791] People assume that if if something's not on the list then it's not important or not necessary.
Clare (PS1R7) [792] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [793] Erm I'd prefer to give a definition, rather than a list, so something like any situation where you find yourself talking to people.
[794] You know I mean that's basically what we want it's any situation where people talk to each other, with some kind of agenda in mind.
Derek (PS1R8) [795] Yeah, yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [796] Yes.
Derek (PS1R8) [797] Erm okay,
Clare (PS1R7) [798] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [799] but if you can think of some way to say that and put it down so that we put down something like four sentences on paper and a few examples.
Wendy (PS1RA) [800] What does the erm where's it gone, the er doohickey, erm help!
Derek (PS1R8) [801] The consent form?
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [802] Yes.
[803] I've got it here haven't I.
Derek (PS1R8) [804] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [805] There we go what does this actually say?
[806] Erm [reading] We're asking a large cross section of people and organisations around the country to help by allowing us to record their conversations, meetings broadcasts and so on, both in private homes and on company premises. []
[807] Erm
Derek (PS1R8) [808] Okay in that case what
Wendy (PS1RA) [809] I mean that's poss that's already too detailed
Clare (PS1R7) [810] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [811] really isn't it.
Derek (PS1R8) [812] Well first of all w we've got t if you take out er a large cross section, if you just say, we're asking people and organisations around the country to help us by allowing us to record meetings, broadcasts, er
Clare (PS1R7) [813] Allowing us to record any situation
Derek (PS1R8) [814] interviews and so on, and then bracket you know any situation where people meet er and [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [815] Other way round, any situation where people talk to each other, for instance
Derek (PS1R8) [816] Er
Wendy (PS1RA) [817] I think.
[818] I'd I'd rather put the definition first, and have it develop
Clare (PS1R7) [819] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [820] Okay.
David (PS1R9) [821] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (F8UPSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [822] and then bracket a list.
Clare (PS1R7) [823] If anyone comes up with extra ideas, that we [...] or haven't covered,
Wendy (PS1RA) [824] Yes.
Clare (PS1R7) [825] then they won't feel [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [826] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [827] And er if you are interested in helping us, please er contact this
Wendy (PS1RA) [828] Please! [laugh]
Derek (PS1R8) [829] please contact us at this number, this address, erm or attract the attention of the person who has just given you this flyer.
Wendy (PS1RA) [830] Right.
Clare (PS1R7) [831] I think [...] a very erm and sort of thought provoking, eye-catching statement [...] would be very useful
Wendy (PS1RA) [832] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [833] Because even if you you have sat down and spoken to somebody about the project for five minutes, and given them all the other information,
Wendy (PS1RA) [834] Mhm.
Clare (PS1R7) [835] If they've got that piece of paper on top of, they remember what it was all about.
Wendy (PS1RA) [836] Yes.
Clare (PS1R7) [837] And I think [...] .
Derek (PS1R8) [838] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [839] Yeah.
[840] Okay.
Derek (PS1R8) [841] [...] couple of sentences is, help we w we want help recording these things, can you help us?
Wendy (PS1RA) [842] Right okay well I'll I'll put something together.
Clare (PS1R7) [843] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [844] Erm yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [845] Cos if I've got that to throw around conference guests I think I'll get a massive uptake.
Wendy (PS1RA) [846] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [847] If it's
Wendy (PS1RA) [848] I'll I'll try and rewrite my erm this is something that is not a problem, every time I write a letter it or write my introductory letter it comes out different, so I'll try and simplify my introductory letter as well, I think we'll get a bigger uptake,
Clare (PS1R7) [849] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [850] If people are more aware right from the outset of what we actually want from them.
Clare (PS1R7) [851] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [852] Erm
Unknown speaker (F8UPSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [853] I don't I don't think that the the er four thing bumf thing that includes that long list really need to be altered any more.
Clare (PS1R7) [854] No.
Derek (PS1R8) [855] That seems fine.
Wendy (PS1RA) [856] I mean that's available for people who want more detail about what's going on.
Clare (PS1R7) [857] Mm.
[858] But I I I think you should say a clear and simple statement of what our what we need for the company or person approached is [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [859] Yes.
[860] Yes.
[861] Okay right.
[862] That is a thing to do and I will do it.
[863] Damn it.
David (PS1R9) [864] I think you ought to put the er the word tape into your [...]
Derek (PS1R8) [...]
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [865] Ah.
[866] Sound recordings, audio.
[867] Yeah.
David (PS1R9) [868] Cos all we want is the words.
Wendy (PS1RA) [869] I thought I used the word audio somewhere actually.
[870] er
Derek (PS1R8) [871] It would still be more obvious [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [872] Not on this.
[873] Yeah okay then [...] .
Derek (PS1R8) [874] Erm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [875] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [876] Can you make the
Clare (PS1R7) [877] Anonymity would be very very difficult if it's if it was a video recording.
Wendy (PS1RA) [878] It would really wouldn't it.
Derek (PS1R8) [879] They presumab they presumably think we're very high tech and we can do this [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [880] Oh the sort of thing where you where the faces all have wibbly bits on them.
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [881] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [882] Can you make the very brief leaflet, the one we've just talked about,
Wendy (PS1RA) [883] Yes.
Derek (PS1R8) [884] a couple of sentences, something which will fit on a piece of paper that size, because if you can, we can have that on one bit, and the well to one side or the other we can have the information that we want, and we can photo then photocopy those two things, next to each other
Wendy (PS1RA) [885] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [886] and double it up on A four.
[887] So we can get we can get something with project so that there's a name people will
Wendy (PS1RA) [888] Mm.
Clare (PS1R7) [889] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [890] er [...] and
Unknown speaker (F8UPSUNK) [891] A statement of what we want.
Derek (PS1R8) [892] And then the thing in small print so we we because if we do it on the company 's headed notepaper, all we'll manage ah per photocopy is one sheet.
Wendy (PS1RA) [893] Yes.
Derek (PS1R8) [894] And your print, I I assume your printer doesn't do huge print does it?
Wendy (PS1RA) [895] It does actually.
Derek (PS1R8) [896] It does.
[897] th
Wendy (PS1RA) [898] Yeah fairly big print.
Derek (PS1R8) [899] Okay because
Wendy (PS1RA) [900] Or I can I mean I intend to laser print
Derek (PS1R8) [901] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [902] things at Spike's work next time I can get out there.
Derek (PS1R8) [903] You see if we photo-reduce this, all those addresses just get lost.
Wendy (PS1RA) [904] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [905] One thing one thing we could do is erm reduce or not not photo-reduce but just cut out the middle of a sheet of the headed notepaper, then you get two two ha er two A five things but that way round.
Clare (PS1R7) [906] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [907] Rather than that way round.
Derek (PS1R8) [908] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [909] Er so so
Derek (PS1R8) [910] Okay.
Wendy (PS1RA) [911] landscape rather than portrait.
Derek (PS1R8) [912] So so long as we get something.
Wendy (PS1RA) [913] But I'd I'd rather use the headed notepaper, than that.
Derek (PS1R8) [914] Okay.
Wendy (PS1RA) [915] We'll get better copies off the headed paper, than off the shiny.
Clare (PS1R7) [916] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [917] And
Derek (PS1R8) [918] Anything which says project on it.
Clare (PS1R7) [919] Shiny.
Wendy (PS1RA) [920] But yeah
Derek (PS1R8) [921] Er.
Wendy (PS1RA) [922] But I'd like it to have the company address so that people can follow u can follow up our references without us having to give them the address.
Clare (PS1R7) [923] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [924] Without them having to ask us for the address.
Derek (PS1R8) [925] Mm that's reasonable okay.
Clare (PS1R7) [926] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [927] Erm yeah i l I like people to be able to independently check up on us, because that gives us so much more validity.
Clare (PS1R7) [928] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [929] Yeah.
[930] Er if but if you want to do something like that, to organise something, because if it goes on A five
Wendy (PS1RA) [931] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [932] and that means that I can photocopy them for half the price.
Wendy (PS1RA) [933] Yeah.
[934] Of course.
Derek (PS1R8) [935] And if I'm going to be leafleting thousands of people in conferences, or at least hundreds,
Wendy (PS1RA) [936] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [937] [...] going to make a difference.
Wendy (PS1RA) [938] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [939] Mhm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [940] A any photocopying that needs to be done in great bulk, erm get quotes, and let the company pay for it rather than you paying for it and then pay you back, because I might be able to for instance get an account thingy somewhere
Clare (PS1R7) [941] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [942] and get a further discount.
Clare (PS1R7) [943] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [944] Okay.
Wendy (PS1RA) [945] Erm I mean as it is I I can get photocopying for four P a sheet getting fifty at a time, and that give I get a receipt for that which is better than three P a sheet without a receipt.
Derek (PS1R8) [946] Yes.
Clare (PS1R7) [947] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [948] In terms of tax back.
Derek (PS1R8) [949] Agreed.
Wendy (PS1RA) [950] Erm actually it's about the same, but it looks better in my accounts.
Derek (PS1R8) [951] In that case it's probably best if you handle the photocopying as well because I can't
Wendy (PS1RA) [952] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [953] get anything better than five pence with receipt.
Wendy (PS1RA) [954] Yes okay.
[955] Erm yeah.
[956] Is conference season already under way then?
Derek (PS1R8) [957] Conference season will begin on Monday.
Wendy (PS1RA) [958] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [959] There may be a s there may have been some guests turn up [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [960] Monday tomorrow or Monday week?
Clare (PS1R7) [961] Monday tomorrow.
Derek (PS1R8) [962] Yes Mo Monday tomorrow but that won't that'll be one conference and I I'll be able to well maybe two conferences by the end of the week.
[963] But I'll find out from the conference office who's around [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [964] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [965] At the very least I can find the keynote speaker at each one and chase him.
Wendy (PS1RA) [966] Okay.
[967] okay.
[968] Erm yeah.
[969] Yeah I mean just getting the keynote speech from each one would be nice wouldn't it.
Clare (PS1R7) [970] Mhm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [971] Erm yeah, that's good.
[972] Okay, any other business.
Unknown speaker (F8UPSUNK) [973] [...] 7
Clare (PS1R7) [974] How about a statement of what we intend to do this week, [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [975] Right okay.
Clare (PS1R7) [976] So that you know what we're off to do.
Wendy (PS1RA) [977] Yeah.
[978] Erm well the things I have to do are basically all the things listed on here still.
[979] Ha ha.
[980] Erm that I went through at the beginning you know which is basically write to lots of people
Derek (PS1R8) [981] Okay.
Wendy (PS1RA) [982] phone some other people.
[983] Erm.
Clare (PS1R7) [984] How quickly will you be able to prepare the erm bumf for the conferences?
Wendy (PS1RA) [985] Midweek. [...]
Clare (PS1R7) [986] And something to go along with our information [...] people we speak to [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [987] By midweek er [...] .
[988] Erm yeah, tomorrow's basically horrendously busy and I'm temping the next two days, but I'm free in the evenings.
Derek (PS1R8) [989] Mhm.
Clare (PS1R7) [990] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [991] Unless this company seminar is in fact on Wednesday evening in which case I'm also busy this Wednesday evening.
Derek (PS1R8) [992] Let me know about that whenever you can.
Wendy (PS1RA) [993] Yeah.
[994] I'd actually prefer to send you to that than go to it myself, because I think that would be a better use of time.
Derek (PS1R8) [995] Yeah, that seems reasonable.
Wendy (PS1RA) [996] Erm
Derek (PS1R8) [997] Erm
Wendy (PS1RA) [998] But I'll I'll have to find out from them, it may be that they don't want me to send anybody else to it because I made the initial contact with them.
[999] Erm.
Derek (PS1R8) [1000] Erm okay.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1001] But I will you know [...]
Derek (PS1R8) [1002] So I've got to contact [...] conference office, continue chasing up these people about various student things, that we have we now tapes of we just have to get the consent forms for.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1003] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [1004] Er and look into local M P's and their speaking agendas, council elections round York and see if any of the student events this summer have speakers.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1005] Right.
Derek (PS1R8) [1006] I'm doing company , and I'm contacting Julian on Tuesday.
[1007] And I'm sending all this lot off that didn't get sent off, and contacting I'm being contacted about the place .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1008] Yeah okay.
[1009] Erm
Clare (PS1R7) [1010] I will chase company this week, and see what can be done about er sending that package off to my father [...] recordings will come out of that.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1011] Mhm.
Clare (PS1R7) [1012] And I will be contacted by Clive [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1013] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [1014] So side B
Derek (PS1R8) [1015] more information about [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1016] [...] .
[1017] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [1018] And I will start looking at organising some recordings in Wales, because I I know that's one area where I can get some stuff done.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1019] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [1020] Business, erm church meetings, religious meetings and schools.
[1021] So I will get on to that.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1022] Right.
[1023] ... Okay.
[1024] Erm you're going to talk to your mum.
David (PS1R9) [1025] I'll talk to my mum. [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1026] Yeah.
David (PS1R9) [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1027] [...] good.
[1028] ... And you're going to ...
Derek (PS1R8) [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1029] [laugh] Are you going to try and check about ... er whether you are
Derek (PS1R8) [1030] Yes.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1031] going to be able to [...] ?
Derek (PS1R8) [1032] Well I intend to do.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1033] [...] .
Derek (PS1R8) [1034] Where are you going to be doing that [...] ?
[1035] I'll have to ask [...] .
David (PS1R9) [...] ...
Derek (PS1R8) [1036] I don't know I've never needed
Wendy (PS1RA) [1037] Never tried.
Derek (PS1R8) [1038] to get one yes.
Wendy (PS1RA) [laugh]
Derek (PS1R8) [1039] [laugh] Erm ... how about Well erm the council offices are on ... the the little square at the bottom of Stonegate.
[1040] Stonegate Coneygate
Unknown speaker (F8UPSUNK) [1041] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [1042] Coney Street.
[1043] You know ... in there.
Unknown speaker (F8UPSUNK) [1044] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [1045] Er ... when do you want to go?
[1046] Because if I'm going to check out the council elections and things we may as well go together and do our business there and ... annoy all the people at the council all at once. ...
David (PS1R9) [1047] Aha.
[1048] ... Er you're going to be busy tomorrow because it's the first day of the conference isn't it.
Derek (PS1R8) [1049] Yes.
[1050] I'm going to be busy tomorrow.
[1051] Erm how about I
Clare (PS1R7) [1052] And Thursday probably.
Derek (PS1R8) [1053] How about I contact you tomorrow evening?
David (PS1R9) [1054] Okay. [...] . ...
Derek (PS1R8) [1055] After you get back from work.
[1056] You get back from work about ... tenish? ...
David (PS1R9) [sigh]
Derek (PS1R8) [1057] Ish?
David (PS1R9) [1058] [whispering] [...] half past ten. []
Derek (PS1R8) [1059] Okay I'll contact [...] . ...
Wendy (PS1RA) [1060] Right.
[1061] I will attempt to use that there tape, ta-da, erm to ... note the minutes ... and get those back out.
[1062] ... Erm ... I'll attempt to do that tonight but I don't hold out much hope so don't hold your breath.
[1063] ... Erm ... other than that I'm going to write to [...] .
Clare (PS1R7) [1064] And do the [...] other things that you [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1065] [laugh] Among the four thousand other things that I
Clare (PS1R7) [1066] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1067] also said I was going to do.
[1068] Erm all this and have a life as well.
[1069] Excellent.
David (PS1R9) [...]
Clare (PS1R7) [1070] Is there any of the above that you would like to allocate to ... me for example?
[1071] I'm willing to take on more.
[1072] If there's anything you [...] . ... [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1073] ... Erm I'll have to think about [laughing] it actually. []
Clare (PS1R7) [1074] Yeah.
[1075] Okay.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1076] Erm most of the writing letters and things are follow-ups so I need to do those myself cos I did the originals.
Clare (PS1R7) [1077] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1078] Erm ... Erm erm.
[1079] ... We're just going to write to local councils arbitrarily and and see what comes up.
[1080] [...] need to do that now.
Clare (PS1R7) [1081] Mm.
Derek (PS1R8) [1082] And I will contact
Wendy (PS1RA) [1083] Any tapes that anybody can get to me this week would be ... very very good because ... I was saying er a few minutes ago erm ... I'm intending to send whatever we've got done tomorrow week.
Derek (PS1R8) [1084] I will get something at one of the conferences.
[1085] I don't know how much but I'll get something.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1086] Yeah.
Derek (PS1R8) [1087] And I will er plead for high a fast turnaround time from the Scottish stuff.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1088] Mhm.
[1089] Right.
[1090] ... That would be very good.
[1091] Erm ...
Derek (PS1R8) [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1092] Mm.
[1093] Mhm.
Derek (PS1R8) [1094] Feel free to take any of the [...] . ... [...] ... [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1095] That's right your tape machine came out of one of those boxes.
Clare (PS1R7) [1096] That's right.
Derek (PS1R8) [1097] This ... is the one that's going up to Scotland.
Clare (PS1R7) [1098] That one'll be going to
Derek (PS1R8) [1099] That's ... the one that's going down south.
Clare (PS1R7) [1100] [...] . ...
Derek (PS1R8) [1101] Have one of those and have one of those.
David (PS1R9) [1102] Great.
Derek (PS1R8) [1103] And ...
Clare (PS1R7) [1104] The box may be under the table.
Derek (PS1R8) [1105] Oh.
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1106] [...] the headphones ... togeth Or have you got the headphones already?
Derek (PS1R8) [1107] You've got everything to do You've got the headphones haven't you.
David (PS1R9) [1108] I've got [...] got the machine.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1109] You've got the machine [...] just got the packaging.
Derek (PS1R8) [1110] Aha!
David (PS1R9) [1111] It's just that I'm going to send
Derek (PS1R8) [...]
David (PS1R9) [1112] Erm right.
[1113] I'm going to send one to erm ... [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1114] Yes.
[1115] Erm ... do you want any of the massively helpful packaging that came that all these came in?
[1116] The the the polystyrene doohickeys?
Derek (PS1R8) [1117] Actually it might be an idea.
Clare (PS1R7) [1118] Do they have small boxes as well?
[1119] They they came in [...] ?
Wendy (PS1RA) [1120] They came in massive great big humongous boxes packed with polystyrene actually.
Clare (PS1R7) [1121] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1122] Erm ... [laugh]
Clare (PS1R7) [1123] [laugh] Ooh. [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1124] Well they I think they came by Red Star. [laugh]
Clare (PS1R7) [1125] Ah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1126] Erm
Derek (PS1R8) [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1127] or they came by something where somebody turned up in a little van that wasn't a Post Office van and I had to sign.
Clare (PS1R7) [1128] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [...]
Clare (PS1R7) [1129] Can I I if I can get any tapes to you this week I shall.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1130] Yes.
Clare (PS1R7) [1131] Erm ... I think mine may be a week delayed.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1132] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [1133] Erm I would imagine [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1134] Mhm.
David (PS1R9) [1135] [...] .
Clare (PS1R7) [1136] Transcription machines.
[1137] You were checking about that last time we met.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1138] Yes.
[1139] Erm ... the cheapest I can get them is about two hundred pounds, the fastest I can get them is forty-eight-hour delivery.
Clare (PS1R7) [1140] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1141] Erm ... if I want them quicker than that they cost more.
Derek (PS1R8) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1142] Why?
[1143] Who knows.
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1144] Erm
Derek (PS1R8) [sigh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1145] ... that's two hundred pounds ... not including the stupid little setdphones you get with them because they're crap.
[1146] =3u
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1147] [...] .
[1148] Erm ... I have two sets of headphones that can be used with Two spare sets of headphones that can be
Clare (PS1R7) [1149] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1150] used with transcription machines.
[1151] Decent ones that are comfortable to wear [...] .
Clare (PS1R7) [1152] Rather than the ones that try and pull your ears
Wendy (PS1RA) [1153] Erm
Clare (PS1R7) [1154] off your head.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1155] Yeah.
[1156] I do have a transcription machine for minicassettes.
[1157] If anybody can record onto minicassette please do.
[1158] I have some minicassettes.
Clare (PS1R7) [1159] Ooh that that reminds me [...] .
[1160] I asked my father about his answerphone.
[1161] There's no way of removing the erm tape.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1162] Right.
Clare (PS1R7) [1163] So [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1164] [...] .
[1165] But it's generally the kind where you can record notes onto them.
Clare (PS1R7) [1166] Yeah. [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1167] Erm where you can get the tape out.
Derek (PS1R8) [1168] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [1169] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1170] Erm I've got a well Mike has it but [...] erm ... a ... transcription machine that takes minicassettes and also has a recording thing with it that makes ... absolutely excellent recordings.
[1171] Really totally awesome ones.
[1172] Erm ... it can hear from the other side of the of Mike's living room it can hear the person on the other end of a telephone connection ... which is is is is
David (PS1R9) [whistling]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1173] quite impressive actually.
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1174] Erm ... so that's available as another recording machine and there's a small supply of minicassettes to go with it.
Clare (PS1R7) [1175] I can get more because my father does have a minicassette recorder and a stock of tapes.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1176] Right.
Clare (PS1R7) [1177] Erm if if they are useful I will ask him to box them up and send them.
[1178] ... The transcription that you're going to do, erm ... mm how how [...] ?
Wendy (PS1RA) [1179] David has done some transcription this week, erm and I've done a bit, ... erm and that's basically, well we've got one side of, you've got one side of ... those lectures to do erm and I've got some of the recording that I made on ... Thursday to do and that and that [...] .
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1180] Erm so
David (PS1R9) [1181] [...] also [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1182] Yes.
David (PS1R9) [1183] I know I know [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1184] Want to have a look back at them.
Clare (PS1R7) [1185] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1186] Have a look back at [...] .
David (PS1R9) [1187] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1188] Erm ...
Clare (PS1R7) [1189] So so you'll take care of the transcription [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1190] For the moment yes.
[1191] Erm ...
Clare (PS1R7) [1192] Okay.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1193] I mean as soon as we've got enough tapes in that we can't between us transcribe them in a week I buy another record er another transcription machine
Clare (PS1R7) [1194] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1195] ... erm [...]
Derek (PS1R8) [1196] Right.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1197] [...] .
[1198] But I [laughing] want to avoid [] if possible ... erm ... teaching sort of the old version of the system of conventions.
Clare (PS1R7) [1199] Yes.
[1200] Yes I understand yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1201] If if at all possible.
Clare (PS1R7) [1202] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1203] Erm ... but this is the only area where where have ever been slow in
Clare (PS1R7) [1204] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1205] ... getting that to me.
Clare (PS1R7) [1206] But [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1207] Er for no apparent reason.
Clare (PS1R7) [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1208] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [1209] [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1210] I mean that's one reason why I'm setting Monday Monday week as the date ... [...] final date for making the first return.
[1211] I think I could probably send a return on Tuesday ... erm but I'd rather wait because if I can send stuff properly done rather than you know done to the latest or or the the pre-latest system then ... I will.
Clare (PS1R7) [1212] It makes more sense [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1213] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [1214] Erm if you could contact me erm ... as soon as possible regarding the cost of either servicing or replacing
Wendy (PS1RA) [1215] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [1216] my keyboard I would like to get my system up and running erm
Wendy (PS1RA) [1217] Right.
Clare (PS1R7) [1218] because I've got [...] for it.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1219] What's wrong with your keyboard?
Clare (PS1R7) [1220] Erm it's tired basically.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1221] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [1222] Erm ... keys on it stick.
[1223] It's fully functional but
Wendy (PS1RA) [1224] Mm.
Clare (PS1R7) [1225] if there's some way of [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [laugh]
Clare (PS1R7) [1226] Mm. [laugh]
David (PS1R9) [1227] Seriously, W D Forty.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1228] Erm yeah actually pull pull all the keys off and and ...
David (PS1R9) [1229] Works.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1230] and get in there with a
David (PS1R9) [1231] [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1232] stiff paintbrush.
Clare (PS1R7) [1233] Right.
David (PS1R9) [1234] Erm it works on ...
Clare (PS1R7) [1235] Okay.
David (PS1R9) [1236] electrical [...] .
Clare (PS1R7) [1237] [laugh] If you could get me a quote I shall see what D I Y I can do and then find out how much it's [laughing] going to cost me to buy a new
Wendy (PS1RA) [1238] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [1239] one because I've buggered the last one up. []
Wendy (PS1RA) [1240] Right.
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1241] I'll do that tomorrow as well.
Clare (PS1R7) [1242] One thing I must ask you about just while I'm thinking about it.
David (PS1R9) [1243] [...] .
Clare (PS1R7) [1244] Erm ... I have LocoScript for
Wendy (PS1RA) [1245] Yes.
Clare (PS1R7) [1246] ... my Amstrad at present.
[1247] Will you be able to provide me with a ... erm [...] WordPerfect ... package? [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1248] Not on the Amstrad.
Clare (PS1R7) [1249] Okay.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1250] I I'm using LocoScript on the Amstrad and it's adequate and I can then just port ASCII text files across into WordPerfect .
Clare (PS1R7) [1251] Right, fine.
[1252] Erm I don't use the same disks as you.
[1253] I actually use the Amstrad disks.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1254] That's okay, I've got both drives.
Clare (PS1R7) [1255] [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1256] I can convert [...] .
Clare (PS1R7) [1257] So it's perfectly fine for me to transcribe on
Wendy (PS1RA) [1258] Oh yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [1259] this Amstrad
Wendy (PS1RA) [1260] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [1261] in LocoScript and you can ... [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1262] You can use erm ... er cut and paste, you know blocks and
Clare (PS1R7) [1263] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1264] erm phrases for ... in fact quite adequately to speed up the transcription.
Clare (PS1R7) [1265] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1266] Erm
Clare (PS1R7) [1267] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1268] it's not as nice as the macros on WordPerfect but it's ... adequate.
Clare (PS1R7) [1269] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1270] Erm ... [...] .
David (PS1R9) [1271] Erm ... [...] .
[1272] Erm ... I had a problem with the Amstrad keyboard [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1273] It's so tight.
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1274] [...] this big.
[1275] It's so dinky.
Clare (PS1R7) [1276] [laugh] [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1277] It's got as many keys on it as an I B M erm ...
Clare (PS1R7) [1278] Mm.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1279] erm you know enhanced keyboard and it's this big. [laugh] ...
David (PS1R9) [1280] Perhaps because I don't touch-type I did have a problem [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1281] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [1282] [laugh] It's relatively simple.
[1283] You just count five buttons to the left [...] ... after the nine [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1284] [...] .
[1285] Yeah. ... [...] .
Derek (PS1R8) [1286] That would be the four.
[1287] ... Five buttons to the left.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1288] I knew what she meant.
Clare (PS1R7) [1289] The other left.
Derek (PS1R8) [1290] [laugh] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1291] This left.
Unknown speaker (F8UPSUNK) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1292] I mean she di did did demonstrate which left she meant.
Unknown speaker (F8UPSUNK) [laugh]
Clare (PS1R7) [1293] Yes.
[1294] Five
Derek (PS1R8) [1295] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [1296] buttons to the left.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1297] Yeah.
[1298] It makes perfect sense.
Clare (PS1R7) [1299] Using my right hand.
[1300] [laughing] I mean []
Wendy (PS1RA) [1301] Yeah.
Clare (PS1R7) [1302] what do you expect?
[1303] Okay.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1304] I mean that's my left.
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1305] Over there.
[1306] ... Mm.
[1307] ... Anyway.
Clare (PS1R7) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1308] Yeah.
[1309] Okay.
[1310] Right, fine.
Derek (PS1R8) [...]
Wendy (PS1RA) [1311] [...] .
Clare (PS1R7) [1312] That that's the er [...] .
Wendy (PS1RA) [1313] It's an Eight Two Five Six?
Clare (PS1R7) [1314] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1315] Yeah.
[1316] ... No problem.
[1317] Erm ... right, well I think that's about it.
[1318] Erm ... [...] .
Clare (PS1R7) [1319] No, that's that's all the business I had.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1320] Right.
[1321] I I want to push off erm because I've got [laughing] a lot of work to do tonight. []
[1322] So I'll [...] .
Clare (PS1R7) [1323] On a on a serious note, if there is anything you want to delegate, you know where to find me, shout.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1324] Yeah.
[1325] ... I will.
[1326] ... Yes I certainly will.
[1327] Erm ... that's it.
Clare (PS1R7) [1328] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1RA) [1329] Hit it.