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  1. Tape 082803 recorded on unknown date. LocationLothian: Edinburgh ( Studio ) Activity: Television Discussion

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Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [1] Scottish women have spent a great deal of time discussing the pros and cons of being an older women, but what's it like being young in Scotland in nineteen ninety two? [introduction music]
(FLKPS000) [2] Everyone here was born after nineteen sixty eight, the year of revolution according to someone.
[3] The sixties were in full swing and we all lived, whether we like it or not, in a permissive society.
[4] So here we are, the children of the revolution, what do they think of the world, of the Scotland that they live in?
[5] That's what we'll discover tonight, and let's start with a question, a pretty straightforward one.
[6] Are you enjoying life at the moment?
[7] Button one for yes, and button two for no.
[8] And, the majority, eighty three say yes!
[9] Why?
[10] [sigh] Who said yes, and what are enjoying about it?
[11] Yes?
(FLKPS001) [12] That fact that in,a two years time I can go on to do the subjects that I want to do at the University in Scotland of my choice.
[13] I will be able to do what and, law which is what I want, and I'll be able to practice it in Scotland ... erm, which is something that I think's really, really good!
(FLKPS000) [14] Okay.
[15] Any more yes's?
[16] Why?
[17] Why are you enjoying life?
[18] Or are they all private reasons?
[19] Yes?
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [laugh]
(FLKPS002) [20] No, I've got another couple of years and then I'll be able to do what I like, when I like, with no parents on my back!
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [laugh]
(FLKPS000) [21] [laugh] Do you know, what about the no's?
[22] Who said no?
[23] Why aren't you enjoying life?
[24] Yep?
(FLKPS003) [25] I still don't think there's enough sexual equality because erm, a couple of years ago I studied mechanics, and when I left college I found it very, very difficult to get on a mechanics course so I'm back again doing computing to try and get a job.
(FLKPS000) [26] Would you prefer to be a mechanic?
(FLKPS003) [27] Yeah, I would have in the first place, but it was just ... impossible!
[28] You know, nobody wants to take on a girl!
(FLKPS000) [29] Seriously?
(FLKPS003) [30] Yeah, honestly!
(FLKPS000) [31] What about the computing?
[32] I mean, is that gonna be easier?
(FLKPS003) [33] Oh I like , [laughing] yeah, I like ma [] , you know computing but I would, I preferred mechanics.
(FLKPS000) [34] Yeah.
[35] What about th er, gender equality?
[36] I mean, er er has anybody else had a similar experience?
(FLKPS004) [37] I think it's actually got better.
[38] I'm a second year ... civil engineering student
(FLKPS000) [39] Mhm.
(FLKPS004) [40] at the moment, and I think I would be ... some people would ... not have let me do that, I think, in the past
(FLKPS000) [41] Mhm.
(FLKPS004) [42] but at the moment most of the people I know are saying, go for it!
(FLKPS000) [43] Mm.
[44] But do you think you'll get a job as a civil engineer at the end of it?
(FLKPS004) [45] Yeah!
(FLKPS000) [46] Yeah.
[47] Yes?
(FLKPS005) [48] I was doing veterinary for two years ... and ... I wrote away to companies but they just weren't all that keen to ge give girls a chance.
(FLKPS000) [49] Is that a common experience?
[50] Yes?
(FLKPS006) [51] I'm actually a journalist, erm
(FLKPS000) [52] Mm.
(FLKPS006) [53] I work in a newspaper that used to be male dominated and now ... I would say three quarters of the wo , three quarters of the people on the news desk are now women.
[54] Erm, doors are opening, slowly ,
(FLKPS000) [55] Mm.
(FLKPS006) [56] but they are opening for women now.
(FLKPS000) [57] What difference do you think it makes that three quarters of the news desk are women?
(FLKPS006) [58] Well it makes, it makes a difference in the content, it makes a difference in the topics that we cover, that we're interested in.
[59] Erm, women don't just want to write about knitting, erm
(FLKPS000) [laugh]
(FLKPS006) [60] baking ... which
(FLKPS000) [61] Yeah.
(FLKPS006) [62] one journalist, one famous Scottish journalist told me ... when I wo , when I, when I had ambitions to be a journalists, oh don't go into journalism because you're a women and all you'll get to write about is fashion!
(FLKPS000) [63] Mm.
(FLKPS006) [64] But that is not the case, it's not the case.
(FLKPS000) [65] Do you think readers notice the difference?
(FLKPS006) [66] Yes.
[67] Aha, I do.
[68] We
(FLKPS000) [69] Why?
(FLKPS006) [70] I mean we get enough letters about the, the, the pieces that our women write.
(FLKPS000) [71] Yeah.
[72] Up there.
(FLKPS007) [73] Well I'm doing a one year course for drama and media performance and
(FLKPS000) [74] Yeah.
(FLKPS007) [75] like ... years gone past it's always been ... male dominated but ... this year, there's actually more girls taking it up.
[76] None of these males ... and, I found like, the tutor, he's a male, and he is really bad about ... females being actors!
[77] He, he picks on us to say how determined we are to actually go into the profession because he knows ... that er, although there are more parts for females there it's harder for ... somebody to stand out.
(FLKPS000) [78] Mm.
[79] Mm.
[80] So although th th the equality of opportunity may be there the attitudes maybe haven't changed that much, or have they?
[81] What do you think?
[82] Yes?
(FLKPS008) [83] Well I think ... if you look at the main jobs in Britain, all the managers are ... male, and I think it's, it's gonna change when we do have females and males in all these ... erm, these jobs that are managing the main N H S, social work
(FLKPS000) [84] Mm.
(FLKPS008) [85] all things like that.
(FLKPS000) [86] Yes?
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [87] Erm sorry, just to come back, er I work for an amateur theatre company
(FLKPS000) [88] Yep.
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [89] and really, I mean ... you know, you can talk about male, female bias as much as you like but there's an awful of actresses, and not, you know, a lot fewer actors and a lot better parts for men.
[90] And it's something which is difficult to cope with, but I work in a kind of environment where ... it just is sexually biased, that's the way it goes!
[91] It's not ... something that can be changed, like maybe management ... but erm ... it's it's just that, you know, to be careful, that if you're doing these things, there's some things which, I think women can do, and a lot of things that women should be doing, maybe there's other things which just aren't there for them just now.
(FLKPS000) [92] The thing we've all got to concentrate on, is the opportunity should be there, and they should be there for us
(FLKPS000) [93] Mm.
(FLKPS000) [94] to do it, and it starts a lot earlier, it starts when you're at school and the fact that ... that women are told that you can do, like home economics an , and sewing and all that, and then they're not encouraged to go into engineering courses.
[95] And if that's gonna happen then how are women gonna be able to get on into higher education
(FLKPS000) [96] Mm.
(FLKPS000) [97] and how are they gonna be able to get the jobs?
(FLKPS000) [98] The equality of opportunity and equal pay for work of equal value and all those things are ... are are are issues which er ... have been fought over for the last twenty years.
[99] Now can I ask a self-indulgent question, I mean, how well do you think the women, ten, and twenty, and thirty years older than you have done ... in, in achieving a better deal for women your age?
[100] Up there?
(FLKPS001) [101] Well I was given a really big chance ... a while ago, it was by a single parent who was an editor of the community newspaper, I'm now the business and production manager, I'm a single parent, my wee boy's three.
[102] She lets me take time off, I mean she's really understanding.
(FLKPS000) [103] Yeah.
(FLKPS001) [104] I think that's what we need is more understanding bosses.
(FLKPS000) [105] But it was a women helping you?
(FLKPS001) [106] Mhm.
(FLKPS000) [107] That's a now I've had that experience.
[108] May I ask you a, a voting question actually on that?
[109] I wonder what you think?
[110] Do you think at the moment women have equal opportunities in Scotland?
[111] Do women have equal opportunities in Scotland?
[112] Button one for yes, and button two for no.
[113] And you'd be interested to know that eighty one of you say no!
[114] The nineteen who said yes, where are you and why did you vote yes, there?
[115] Who said yes?
[116] Yes?
(FLKPS002) [117] I don't think I've ever come up against sexism, except from in the classroom when the teacher to, the economics teacher tries to wind us up by saying women would should be chained to the kitchen sink!
[118] But otherwise
(FLKPS000) [laugh]
(FLKPS002) [119] I've had all the opportunities I would want.
(FLKPS000) [120] Okay.
[121] Any other yes's?
[122] Or do you think she's got something to ... to find out later on?
[123] Yes?
(FLKPS003) [124] I think there's always exceptions, but I think ... you've got to believe in yourself and go and do what you want to do ... and if you're saying there's ... opposition, there's gonna be more opposition, if
(FLKPS000) [125] Mm.
(FLKPS003) [126] you've seen it there.
(FLKPS000) [127] Mhm.
(FLKPS003) [128] I know there is exceptions.
(FLKPS000) [129] So it's not that you couldn't fe it's, it was it was actually you who weren't able to find the thing, rather than the thing wasn't available for you, that's the suggestion?
(FLKPS003) [130] No because , I applied for a lot of jobs
(FLKPS000) [131] Yep.
(FLKPS003) [132] and I was better qualified than a lot of ... guys in my class and yet they left college and got a job right away!
[133] And, I applied for loads of jobs and ... nothing ever came back.
(FLKPS000) [134] Okay.
[135] Let me ask you another question, or looking, looking towards the future.
[136] Do you know what you're going to be doing in five years time?
[137] Button one for yes, and button two for no.
[138] And ... thirty five of you say yes, sixty five no.
[139] The sixty five who said no does it worry you that you don't know or is that quite exciting that you don't know what you're going to be doing?
[140] Yes?
(FLKPS004) [141] I think, as a student I don't know what I'm gonna do and with the present ... erm grant system and bursary system it's it's even more frightening because es especially towards women, it does discriminate against women and that's why less women are going into higher education
(FLKPS000) [142] Mm.
(FLKPS004) [143] or further education.
[144] And with the whole child care ... side of things as well, it is frightening!
(FLKPS000) [145] As a, as a student are you managing to cope with er, very limited finances or
(FLKPS005) [146] Well, I'm the women's officer in my college and I
(FLKPS000) [147] Right.
(FLKPS005) [148] this is what I'm fighting for, I'm fighting for equal rights, and I'm fighting to get more women into ... further education cos I think it's ... it's a very basic that we all need to go into ... and it's hard, and the openings aren't there women to go into, you've got to fight for it, yeah!
(FLKPS000) [149] Yeah.
(FLKPS005) [150] Erm, my mother calls me the eternal student because I tell her that there's absolutely no way I'm gonna look for full time employment!
[151] But, now that, I mean I'm in the second year of being a student, and ... I took on the position of women's officer for the we , for the west of Scotland area
(FLKPS000) [152] Mhm.
(FLKPS005) [153] and ... I just don't want to move out of being a student because I find that, that more and more problems are, you know I'm coming up with because, like Melanie saying there is problems with child care, there is erm positive discrimination against women, and we are ... always discriminated on ... the sexual harassment in the college is unbelievable and ... we have to campaign against this and that's what's gonna keep me being a student.
(FLKPS000) [154] Might be useful to find out how many here actually do have children.
[155] Do you have children?
[156] Button one for yes, and button two for no.
[157] And, of this hundred fourteen of you have children.
[158] Now, you may vote in fo on this question as well, do you have or want children?
[159] Button one for yes, er and button two for no.
[160] So if you've got children vote yes on that one, if you want children.
[161] And, of this hundred ... three don't knows, that seems reasonable.
[162] Seventy six say yes!
[163] That's something to be sure of, I don't think I was sure.
[164] Twenty one say no and that's something to be sure of as well.
[165] How do you know that you don't you twenty one who said no?
[166] Yes?
(FLKPS006) [167] I don't like children!
[168] I don't get on with them!
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [laugh]
(FLKPS006) [169] I just don't get on with them.
[170] I can't ... talk to them or anything so
(FLKPS000) [171] You.
(FLKPS007) [172] I don't want to be tied, I want to leave my options free so that I can do whatever I want, I don't need the extra responsibility, I mean ... I'd like them but I just, I want my career first.
(FLKPS000) [173] Mhm.
[174] Of the yes's, and that's majority, the seventy six ... when?
[175] When do you fancy doing it?
[176] Yes?
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [laugh]
(FLKPS007) [177] Er, the next seven years or after that [laughing] probably [] .
(FLKPS000) [178] Not, so not till you're what?
[179] Thirty odd?
(FLKPS007) [180] Well, I'm only [laughing] nineteen just now [] !
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [laugh]
(FLKPS000) [181] Ah but
(FLKPS007) [182] About twenty five, twenty six I think I'll
(FLKPS000) [183] Yeah.
(FLKPS007) [184] sort of think about it then.
(FLKPS000) [185] Yep?
(FLKPS008) [186] Na , I mean answered a yes to that question, but I don't think it's a matter of do you want or do you no , cos I don't think the choice is there.
[187] I think we have to be freed up to have the choice to bring children into a society where ... that we can go to work, that we can do , you know fulfilling
(FLKPS000) [188] Mhm.
(FLKPS008) [189] experiences and daycare and ... you know, even in ... er child care and so on.
[190] I think, while I say that I want children, and do I have a child, that i , it's not made particularly easy.
(FLKPS000) [191] Mm.
(FLKPS008) [192] You have a job and ... you do the things that kin a ... er, inspire you to go on, you know, you know with er any other opportunity.
(FLKPS000) [193] Up there.
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [194] I have got two children and I'm hoping to go to college when my youngest daughter is three cos I can't get her, can't go until she is three cos the creche won't take them ... until they're out of nappies and three year old.
(FLKPS000) [195] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [196] But I'm desperate to go to college, I mean I love my kids and my kids get everything ... they need, but I can't go, it's holding me back, I can't get ... my two into the creche.
(FLKPS000) [197] Do you think young men think at all about looking after children or or or child care?
[198] I mean i in your experience is it something that you talk about at all with with with men?
[199] Yes?
(FLKPS000) [200] When I ... done a Y T S course
(FLKPS000) [201] Yep.
(FLKPS000) [202] like ... most of the ... the child care was done by the girls, but there was actually a few ... of the boys that decided they wanted to work in the nurseries and ... o eh ... the five that done, there's actually two that we know of a ... are actually doing child care as a career.
(FLKPS000) [203] Really?
(FLKPS000) [204] Yes.
(FLKPS000) [205] Now, that is a change!
[206] And I
(FLKPS000) [207] Yeah.
(FLKPS000) [208] no man of my age who er, who who are doing child care or anything similar.
[209] Any other er ... any other views on this?
[210] Yes?
(FLKPS001) [211] My boyfriend said he would ... stay at home and be the househusband and look after the children and do co co , the cleaning and cooking if I ... stayed at work.
(FLKPS000) [212] Does that appeal to you?
(FLKPS001) [213] No.
(FLKPS002) [214] I'd be quite happy to go to work if erm ... if I had a good job and my boyfriend ... stayed at home, that'd suit me fine!
[215] [laughing] If I could go out to work [] and leave the child and ... and do what I wanted to do, I'd be quite happy with that.
(FLKPS000) [216] Is anybody living in that situation at the moment?
[217] Are there are any er, there any, yes?
(FLKPS003) [218] No, I just started a part-time job and my boyfriend's [...] , come and watch them and he's helping me cleaning the house and everything's clean when I come home.
[219] We just started last week on this ... like that.
(FLKPS000) [220] What one week in?
(FLKPS003) [221] Well, it's every night but it's just a couple of hours a night.
(FLKPS000) [222] Yeah, but I mean you're one week into the regime?
(FLKPS003) [223] Yeah.
(FLKPS000) [224] Yeah.
[225] How's he doing?
(FLKPS003) [226] [laughing] Good [] !
(FLKPS000) [227] Good, which ... Yep?
[228] Yep?
(FLKPS004) [229] Er, I'm a ... first year primary school stu
(FLKPS000) [230] Mm.
(FLKPS004) [231] student and I've actually come across books now, that erm ... don't say the mother cleans the house, it's always a father.
[232] There is lots of books that I've got, either the father or the brother cleaning, and it's not just the mother and the daughter.
(FLKPS005) [233] Yeah I I ... what I'm a bit worried about is whether it's come to the stage where girls are now scared to put their name down to take home economics at school.
(FLKPS000) [234] Because?
(FLKPS005) [235] Because there's like th , the male dominated, like a male dominated in the class
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [laugh]
(FLKPS005) [236] it might never come to that stage.
(FLKPS000) [237] Up there.
(FLKPS006) [238] The thing is er, you can end up feeling like a bit of a, a failure, almost like a traitor to womankind if you do take courses that are traditionally female.
(FLKPS000) [239] Mm.
(FLKPS006) [240] Well I can remember whe when I was at school, physics and maths were clever subjects, they were male subjects.
[241] When er, the headmaster when he was reading out the the subjects that people were taking for highers, and one girl was doing physics, maths and further maths, he said oh, one of our cleverer girls!
[242] So the rest of us who were doing arts or humanities or whatever, weren't as clever because she was doing
(FLKPS000) [243] Mm.
(FLKPS006) [244] the male subject.
(FLKPS000) [245] Mm.
(FLKPS006) [246] And I just think that that's the real danger.
(FLKPS000) [247] Can I sa , I'll ask another question tha , since we're talking about erm ... er, advances er ... which at one time came under the general heading, feminism, would you call yourself a feminist?
[248] Button one for yes, and button two for no.
[249] ... And ... four aren't sure ... forty of you say yes, but the majority, fifty six say no!
[250] Now, that's interesting!
[251] Of the forty who said yes, what do you mean by that when you say you're a feminist?
[252] Yes?
(FLKPS007) [253] I think there's still a need for feminism today, there we
(FLKPS000) [254] How?
(FLKPS007) [255] there were moves made in the sixties but I'm sure that the process is ongoing and we still
(FLKPS000) [256] Mm.
(FLKPS007) [257] need ... we still need feminists today.
(FLKPS000) [258] Mm.
[259] Yes?
(FLKPS008) [260] Now some , somebody famous once said ... erm, I'm called a feminist because I say things that is, to distinguish myself from a doormat.
[261] And I think
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [laugh]
(FLKPS008) [262] and ... the a the idea of of erm ... the butch woman in dungarees, as being the feminist, erm ... and the women that burnt her bra or whatever was a feminist of the seventies, but it doesn't mean to say that the ideas aren't still there, and I still want to be treated as an equal, but I do , I don't see ... that I should change the way that I dress or the way that ... that I want to act
(FLKPS000) [263] Mhm.
(FLKPS008) [264] because of that it's my ideals.
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [265] Mm.
(FLKPS000) [266] Audrey?
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [267] I think it's possible that ... a lot of the women here are saying no because of the stigma that's attached to the word ... feminist ... feminism.
[268] The words the , I mean it has always been stigmatized by men, lesbians, [...] and, you know everything
(FLKPS000) [269] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [270] else, and I think that people have to got sort of clarify what feminism is, and what ... sort of what aspects of it they want to take on.
(FLKPS000) [271] There.
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [272] Erm, I'd like to say Sheena that I, I think it was a difficult question that you asked, are you a feminist?
[273] Cos it's ... it's puts it do , I know you were saying about it's difficult to answer yes or no to a question but i in this case it's really true because ... I answered no but I've I've got erm ... I mean I've I've got a degree in politics and I studied er, I did a a course women in politics
(FLKPS000) [274] Mm.
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [275] and I've re I have quite a high awareness about women's position in society, but ... because of that I feel that I've ... now come to reject the term feminism because ... erm ... I think it's also harming the people who, you know, it's harming the women that are holding on to that er, label because it is label ... and that is erm ... because it's, because it's a label it then ... it's blocking er forms progress for women.
[276] And er ... I think, I I agree, I agree with a lot of the demands that feminist women have made ... but, to kind of congregate it in that way, it's bu , I mean a lot of wha er, white feminists have been attacked for ... excluding black women, and that's one of the examples where ... you know, to be, to say that you're a feminist, it's not just men that you're alienating, you're also alienating other way.
(FLKPS000) [277] How interesting!
[278] Yes?
(FLKPS000) [279] I think feminism was something that was very necessary from, from the last generation and we're now standing on the
(FLKPS000) [280] Mm.
(FLKPS000) [281] shoulders of the last generation
(FLKPS000) [282] Mhm.
(FLKPS000) [283] but we need to make a lot of changes with this concept of feminism.
[284] And, and really erm, develop something new, something that's going to be more equal, something that won't discriminate against men ... and something that er, that isn't associated with ... with ... some more ridiculous aspects of
(FLKPS000) [285] Mhm.
(FLKPS000) [286] of the things that have been associated with feminism.
(FLKPS000) [287] So is it, is it as much the word as the philosophy?
[288] I mean, you suggested the philosophy, you suggested that the term has become devalued because of unfortunate associations which may have been imposed by, by men.
(FLKPS000) [289] I think it is as much that the word is a philosophy, but I don't think we should throw it out of the window altogether, like I say, it's a foundation, it's our ... our foundation stone.
(FLKPS000) [290] History.
[291] Yes?
(FLKPS001) [292] I have a certain degree of sympathy for men because I think you have to take into consideration that men aren't given enough opportunity to feel se , er sympathetic, maybe again is the wrong word
(FLKPS000) [293] Mhm.
(FLKPS001) [294] but to feel sorry for women and put their view forward because, I mean, you still the situation of a Friday when men go down to the pub and you know they're all Jack the Lad!
[295] Men are frightened to put forward their opinion.
[296] I mean, if a man cries he's considered a wimp!
[297] It's erm, even back to school, I mean boys wear blue, girls wear pink, if you see a boy with pink i , you know he's classed as cissy, er, cissy or wimp things like that.
[298] I don't think men are given enough room to express their emotions and feelings about things.
(FLKPS000) [299] Up there.
(FLKPS002) [300] I think it's men that use feminism, or feminist in a derogatory term
(FLKPS000) [301] Mm.
(FLKPS002) [302] and it shouldn't be.
[303] It's something I'm very proud to say that I am, cos I believe in equal rights and that's what feminism is, is believing in equal rights for women.
[304] I mean, I think every women sho , here should be proud to say they're a feminist if they believe in equal rights for theirself , and it's only men that use in the derogatory way.
(FLKPS000) [305] Mhm.
[306] Yes?
(FLKPS003) [307] Erm what I wanted to say is, erm, in response to the lady in the red, was that a lot of feminists have a lot to answer for because, in the sense, men erm can be discriminat , well not discriminated but we can say things about men which are generalizations, whereas if a, one man says one generalized thing about a woman, then he's just, you know chauvinists is everything, and he's got a really bad name to him, so I think it's got to be looked at from both sides.
(FLKPS004) [308] I mean, I'm definitely a feminist, but I'm not a man hater, but I mean I think everyone's looking for the new term and
(FLKPS000) [309] Mm.
(FLKPS004) [310] exactly as Alice said, the new term is womenist, not feminist.
[311] And,a a I mean I think we have, you know, to be feminists because we don't want to be better than men, we just want to be equal.
(FLKPS000) [312] Mhm.
(FLKPS005) [313] Wanna be a person then!
(FLKPS006) [314] I I think erm
(FLKPS000) [laugh]
(FLKPS006) [315] this is a good word because it ... well it's not because of the associations but it stresses the femininity and that's what a lot of ... the sixties feminists lost, I think was their ... own femininity because they saw it as man's ... imposition
(FLKPS000) [316] Mm.
(FLKPS006) [317] of femininity onto them.
(FLKPS002) [318] I think it's far too early to give up the term feminist.
[319] I think, we've still got so much to do, to to get to equality ... it's too early to give it up.
(FLKPS007) [320] And I know it's important to be equal in careers and ... to have equal opportunities and I'm not arguing against that, but I also think that perhaps, in doing so some women ... also lose the pride in ... being a woman, and ... e equality isn't being a man, which I think some feminists take that view, that they're not equal to a man unless they're earning money.
[321] But that staying at home and looking after the children, or whatever and bringing up a family is ... just as ... valuable as a job, or a career.
(FLKPS000) [322] Mhm.
(FLKPS008) [323] Erm, I don't think equality is being a man, I have no desire to be a man.
[324] Erm, but we've talked a lot about erm labels being
(FLKPS000) [325] Mm.
(FLKPS008) [326] negative and excluding people, but I also think that labels ... can be very, very positive and very, very important and that's, I think that's why ... erm, people thought up the word feminism and yeah, okay we have to think about the word and we have to think about what it means for us so ... yeah, a lot of pe , er people don't want to call themselves feminists because the label has such negative connotations, but it does also mean very positive things, it's a way of bringing people together, it's a way of ... supporting each other, it's, you know it's, brings solidarity to the movement ... and people need labels.
[327] I thi , because the society does want to categorise people so easily and so quickly ... erm, it's ... it's a very, erm ... easy, quick way of erm, knowing where stand.
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [328] Yeah, I think it's important like in the nineties ... that we're facing, not like the the legal inequalities that we're, the, faced, the generation, the sixties ... but we're facing attitudes that are ... not
(FLKPS000) [329] Mm.
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [330] changing.
[331] We've now got sexual equality in theory, and ... pay, and jobs and status and stuff, but we're facing attitudes which are much more harder to change.
(FLKPS000) [332] We've talked quite a bit about the, I suppose th th th the women's side of er, of this programme's title, what about the Scottish side?
[333] Right at the beginning someone said they were enjoying life at the moment because they were able to do what they wanted to do in Scotland.
[334] Now, I wonder how many of you, er ... are expecting to stay in Scotland?
[335] Let me ask you that question.
[336] Do you hope to stay in Scotland?
[337] I mean, with forays abroad, I dare say, but would you expect the rest of life to be spent in Scotland, or based in Scotland?
[338] And [sigh] ... those same three people keep abstaining, it's amazing!
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [laugh]
(FLKPS000) [339] Sixty two say yes, thirty five no.
[340] Of the no's, would you like to say why you voted no?
[341] Yes?
(FLKPS000) [342] Basically because the weather's terrible here and I'd [laughing] like to move abroad [] !
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [laugh]
(FLKPS000) [343] So you're gonna be heading for the sun?
(FLKPS000) [344] Yeah.
[345] [laughing] Spain [] !
(FLKPS000) [346] Yeah.
(FLKPS000) [347] Okay, any other?
[348] Er, yes?
(FLKPS001) [349] I have a strong interest in languages, and although now we are trying to teach more languages in school, even in primary schooling, I don't feel that within er ... my, I'm only eighteen at the moment, by the time I'm twenty five things still won't have came far enough along for me to utilize this skill.
(FLKPS004) [350] I would probably end working in Europe as well
(FLKPS000) [351] Mhm.
(FLKPS004) [352] because there's no job opportunities over here, it's ... a lovely country but ... it's simply because of the work factor.
(FLKPS000) [353] So you'll be a civil engineer abroad?
(FLKPS004) [354] [laughing] Yeah [] !
(FLKPS000) [355] Right.
[356] Well of course there's a great tradition of Scots leaving Scotland and and maybe there's nothing wrong with that, I mean, there's there's no shame in leaving is there?
[357] I mean, of those of you who want to stay, the sixty fi , the sixty two ... er wha , why do you want to stay?
(FLKPS002) [358] I love Scotland and I wouldn't leave.
[359] Par partly because I'd get homesick, and I just love the whole of Scotland!
[360] I mean, I could go from anywhere, Lowerick down to the borders and I'd ... I'd be, I'd feel at home, but I wouldn't feel ... I mean, I went down to ... England for something like four days, and like from Berwick,ma , about it must be about ten miles from Berwick to the Scottish, the Scotland thing and I was a ... craning my head out the bus window to see it!
(FLKPS000) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [laugh]
(FLKPS002) [361] I was, I just love Scotland so much!
(FLKPS000) [362] Yes?
(FLKPS002) [363] I feel a sense of loyalty, that after erm ... the ... education department has paid four years for me to
(FLKPS000) [364] Mhm.
(FLKPS002) [365] learn my trade that I ought to stay here and put something back into the industry again.
(FLKPS000) [366] What's your trade?
(FLKPS002) [367] Erm, I'm in ... government manufacturing.
(FLKPS000) [368] Right.
(FLKPS002) [369] And, I'd like to stay up here and ... sort of keep the industry going.
(FLKPS000) [370] Yes?
(FLKPS003) [371] That's a very important point!
[372] It's sad to see that so many people feel that they have to move away.
[373] And job situation maybe is that, but I think we should stay here and fight, and demand that we have the industries up here so that people from Scotland can stay and better, better theirselves here ... rather than move away.
(FLKPS000) [374] Mhm.
(FLKPS004) [375] So far I've really enjoyed my life ... well no major complaints anyway, and so I'd like to bring my children up here enjoying their life as well.
(FLKPS000) [376] Mhm.
(FLKPS005) [377] Stu , I mean I live in Glasgow, the chances of me leaving Glasgow are pro ,pre pretty slim but ... yeah, I certainly don't want to stay in Scotland because of any loyalty, that I don't think it's given me very much other than a lot of experience, a lot of struggle, a lot of opportunities ... to stand alongside ... working class people and fight against, you know, the injustices.
[378] But I think I'll stay here ... but I see myself as a internationalist as well.
(FLKPS006) [379] I think that the money that is actually getting put into Scotland in tourism, I mean I come from Sterling and
(FLKPS000) [380] Aha.
(FLKPS006) [381] it's, Sterling is gonna be quite, really good ... in the future for jobs and for everything.
[382] Erm, I just love Sco Scotland, I think it's got a lot to offer, it's beautiful place!
[383] I don't think I would leave Scotland within the the near future because I love Iron Bru too much, and I [laughing] wouldn't get in some other places or []
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [laugh]
(FLKPS000) [384] Yes?
(FLKPS007) [385] Well, I know there are like, problems for women, they're discriminated against, but I think if you've got the drive and the motivation I think you can overcome these problems.
[386] Mm.
(FLKPS000) [387] Ah, hands always go up when I'm about to finish the programme and you've been so
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [laugh]
(FLKPS000) [388] I'll give you a er, just a couple.
[389] Yes?
(FLKPS008) [390] It's actually women of our age group that has gotta take the responsibility for to make changes, so that women in the next generation have got that opportunity that we did nah have till now ... and that's the whole point of it.
(FLKPS000) [391] Aha.
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [392] I was just gonna say, we've been talking about equality a lot tonight
(FLKPS000) [393] Mm.
Unknown speaker (FLKPSUNK) [394] and although things may not be brilliant for, in the workplace at the moment, but we're we're making a move, we're getting a, a foot in there.
[395] In years to come they're gonna be the managers ... so hopefully we can make it better for someone else.
(FLKPS000) [396] A great positive note on which to end, and so we must I'm afraid.
[397] Thank you very much indeed!
[398] Thank you for joining us.
[399] Goodbye. [closing music]