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Missprint planning meeting. Sample containing about 14672 words speech recorded in business context

6 speakers recorded by respondent number C86

PS1S1 Ag2 f (Wendy, age 25, lexicographer) unspecified
PS1S2 Ag1 f (Clare, age 21, transcriber) unspecified
PS1S3 Ag1 m (Derek, age 24, transcriber) unspecified
PS1S4 Ag1 m (David, age 24, transcriber) unspecified
FM2PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
FM2PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 085001 recorded on 1993-03-28. LocationNorth Yorkshire: York ( Meeting room ) Activity: Planning meeting

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1] Excellent.
[2] Right.
[3] Presents.
[4] Erm ... presents.
[5] Present one is for Derek.
[6] ... Erm
Clare (PS1S2) [7] Whee!
Wendy (PS1S1) [8] you have to fill in the rest of that and give it back to me.
[9] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [10] Erm sure, no problem.
Wendy (PS1S1) [11] I've no idea whether you made a note of your mileages to Leeds and back, but please make something up .
Derek (PS1S3) [12] No, but I know how many miles I know how many miles it is to Leeds and back .
Wendy (PS1S1) [13] Right.
Derek (PS1S3) [14] That's not a problem.
Wendy (PS1S1) [15] Well please make something up and fill it in.
[16] Erm ... and er I'll take that away
Derek (PS1S3) [17] [whispering] Okay. []
Wendy (PS1S1) [18] with me today.
Derek (PS1S3) [19] Okay, I shall fill
Wendy (PS1S1) [20] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [21] that in now.
Wendy (PS1S1) [22] [laughing] and then you'll see it again when I finally pay you. []
Clare (PS1S2) [23] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [24] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [25] [laughing] But not before!
[26] And I
Derek (PS1S3) [27] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [28] won't be paying you until I've got some money, []
Derek (PS1S3) [29] Well,
Wendy (PS1S1) [30] I'm afraid.
Derek (PS1S3) [31] Leeds is ... Well it's actually not Leeds it's ... Garforth [laughing] and then it's Leeds and it's back [] .
Clare (PS1S2) [32] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [33] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [34] [laughing] I don't know. []
Derek (PS1S3) [35] [whispering] That's twenty five.
[36] Fifty. []
[37] ... Call it fifty miles.
Wendy (PS1S1) [38] Whatever.
[39] ... Write down some appropriate mileages and that's ... super.
[40] Erm ... my next prezzie is sort of more of the same actually.
[41] I've got some expenses claim forms cos I thought it would be a good idea to be able to claim expenses,
Clare (PS1S2) [42] Yep.
Wendy (PS1S1) [43] on a form ...
Clare (PS1S2) [44] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [45] [...] you know.
[46] Well, whatever.
[47] ... [voices in background] Erm we nearly knocked over Simon [laughing] on our way here.
[48] I was driving along t ... you know t telling David that all the time ... that that people are on the roads practising how to drive and becoming better drivers there are people like that wally there crossing the roa Oh, it's Simon [] .
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [49] [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [50] Oops.
Derek (PS1S3) [51] Excellent.
Wendy (PS1S1) [52] I'll tell him about that later.
[53] I should have just put my foot down and knocked him over.
Derek (PS1S3) [54] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [55] It'd've served him right for being such a spaced-out hippy.
Clare (PS1S2) [56] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [57] But erm ... there you go.
[58] Do you want to grab a couple of those
Derek (PS1S3) [59] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [60] and then then ... those are for the Derek and Clare symbiote.
Derek (PS1S3) [61] Right.
[62] Erm
Clare (PS1S2) [63] Thank you.
Wendy (PS1S1) [64] Erm ... new version of the Spoken Cor Corpus Consent Form that has a little space for tape numbers.
[65] It's not desperately important but
Derek (PS1S3) [66] What's a reasonable amount to claim per mile by the way?
Wendy (PS1S1) [67] Christ knows.
[68] I've got to phone the Inland Revenue tomorrow and ask them what the maximum
Clare (PS1S2) [69] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [70] that they'll allow us to claim.
[71] They have set amounts.
[72] Oh,
Derek (PS1S3) [73] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [74] what's what er C C's your car?
Derek (PS1S3) [75] Er thirteen hundred.
Wendy (PS1S1) [76] Thirteen hundred.
[77] Righty ho.
[78] Cos it I gather there's sort of two or
Derek (PS1S3) [79] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [80] three bands.
Derek (PS1S3) [81] There must be.
[82] Makes sense.
Clare (PS1S2) [83] [tut] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [84] So actually could you make a note on there somewhere, erm sort of underneath the [reading] at per mile [] or something ... that's it's er [...] .
Clare (PS1S2) [85] It's very exciting, I can fill one of these in.
Wendy (PS1S1) [86] Excellent.
Clare (PS1S2) [87] Whee!
Wendy (PS1S1) [88] I hope you have the receipt.
Clare (PS1S2) [89] I do have the receipt, yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [90] Otherwise, as it says
Clare (PS1S2) [91] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [92] on the top, [laugh]
Clare (PS1S2) [93] [reading] Remember to attach all receipts and note all mileages.
[94] This claim will not be paid in the absence of the relevant documentation . []
Derek (PS1S3) [95] That do?
Wendy (PS1S1) [96] So there!
Clare (PS1S2) [97] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [98] Brilliant.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [99] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [100] Clapped out V W Jetta.
[101] I don't think they care how clapped out it is actually.
Wendy (PS1S1) [102] Erm ... David, have some of those.
Clare (PS1S2) [103] It's not clapped out.
[104] It's lovely.
Derek (PS1S3) [105] It's done [...] one thousand miles .
Wendy (PS1S1) [106] You guys can have [papers slapped on table] those.
David (PS1S4) [107] Thank you .
Clare (PS1S2) [108] Right.
[109] Thank you .
David (PS1S4) [110] Ooh excellent.
[111] [...] some real paper.
Wendy (PS1S1) [112] Erm ... and then we can have one of these each.
David (PS1S4) [113] Ooh.
Wendy (PS1S1) [114] Which are ... erm ... This is actually me being bored this afternoon.
Clare (PS1S2) [115] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [116] It might be an idea to just make a note of ...
Derek (PS1S3) [117] Jeez.
Wendy (PS1S1) [118] what the counties are that we're covering,
Clare (PS1S2) [119] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [120] and ... about how many words we want from each one.
[121] It basically winds down to about ninety thousand words from each county.
Derek (PS1S3) [122] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [123] Erm ...
Clare (PS1S2) [124] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [125] but I haven't, because they haven't, broken down Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales into separate counties.
David (PS1S4) [126] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [127] Mhm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [128] Erm ... if you add all that up it comes to about three million words. [...]
Clare (PS1S2) [129] Great.
Derek (PS1S3) [130] Three million?
Wendy (PS1S1) [131] Yeah.
David (PS1S4) [132] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [133] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [134] Which is probably the most realistic estimate of what we're collecting.
Derek (PS1S3) [135] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [136] Erm although we may be collecting more than that, and we may be collecting less than that.
[137] I think three million is a fairly reasonable amount
Clare (PS1S2) [138] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [139] to assume.
[140] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [141] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [142] ... don't want to be sort of too [laughing] enthusiastic about the number of words, just in case it turns out that they can't [...] [] .
Derek (PS1S3) [143] Oh erm ... [reading] Not Tyneside or Northumberland except for businesses [] ?
Wendy (PS1S1) [144] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [145] Ah.
[146] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [147] That's because Maureen erm
Derek (PS1S3) [148] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [149] has collected in those areas fairly extensively.
Derek (PS1S3) [150] Right.
[151] Er what you had down
Wendy (PS1S1) [152] And is going to carry on collecting in those areas .
Derek (PS1S3) [153] What you had down on the previous one was er ... schools and ... businesse Schools, businesses and something else, I think, that she'd collected
Clare (PS1S2) [154] No.
Derek (PS1S3) [155] from.
Wendy (PS1S1) [156] She she's collected
Derek (PS1S3) [157] Certainly schools and
Wendy (PS1S1) [158] from schools, erm the university,
Derek (PS1S3) [159] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [160] Erm I mean sh she ended up her description of
David (PS1S4) [161] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [162] what she'd collected by saying that she hasn't really gone to any
Derek (PS1S3) [163] It's just that ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [164] businesses, so
Derek (PS1S3) [165] er ...
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [166] [whispering] [...] . []
Derek (PS1S3) [167] I was thinking of asking Monica if she could record something from the the Model Car Club and
Wendy (PS1S1) [168] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [169] their club meetings.
Wendy (PS1S1) [170] Oh that'd be okay I think.
David (PS1S4) [171] Is that ... Monica?
Derek (PS1S3) [172] Yes.
David (PS1S4) [173] Erm she's alread already asked her Dad but
Derek (PS1S3) [174] Right.
David (PS1S4) [175] but they don't have ... meetings.
[176] They they Meetings take
Derek (PS1S3) [177] [...] .
David (PS1S4) [178] place during the evening er as very sort of at the [...]
Derek (PS1S3) [179] Right.
[180] Okay.
David (PS1S4) [181] [...] it wouldn't work.
[182] And we've
Derek (PS1S3) [183] Right.
David (PS1S4) [184] missed the A G M.
Derek (PS1S3) [185] Okay.
David (PS1S4) [186] It was earlier this year.
Derek (PS1S3) [187] Fair enough. [whispering] [...] . [] ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [188] Erm anyway I mean that's just a guideline ... really.
[189] Erm ... I'm going to or I've I've started every time a recording comes in making a note of where it's from and what type of recording it is,
Clare (PS1S2) [190] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [191] and once I've got
Derek (PS1S3) [192] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [193] I've got the word count from each one I'll be able to sort of tot up and tell you when to stop collecting from that area.
Derek (PS1S3) [194] Well we're gonna have North Yorkshire sewn up pretty soon.
Wendy (PS1S1) [195] We are.
[196] Erm which is good.
Clare (PS1S2) [197] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [198] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [199] Then we can start with [laughing] the rest of Yorkshire [] .
[200] I l I gave Eddie a load of the bumph ...
Derek (PS1S3) [201] Excellent.
Wendy (PS1S1) [202] and told him to go away with it and think about what he could do, and er mentioned money to him, and he liked the idea.
Clare (PS1S2) [203] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [204] Erm ...
Derek (PS1S3) [205] Yes.
[206] Eddie has a er a very large bank balance but unfortunately it's not his money .
Wendy (PS1S1) [207] Not his. [laugh] .
David (PS1S4) [208] [laugh] .
[209] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [210] [laughing] Yes, and it's guaranteed by his parents isn't it? []
David (PS1S4) [211] Mhm.
Derek (PS1S3) [212] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [213] So er Eddie has a vested interest in getting some money from somewhere.
Derek (PS1S3) [214] Yes.
David (PS1S4) [215] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [216] [...] candidate. ...
David (PS1S4) [217] The map that's in the back of what they gave us ... looks as though it might [...] blown up [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [218] I've given up on that idea actually.
[219] Erm I think writing it down's probably ... just as reasonable .
David (PS1S4) [220] Oh no.
[221] I mean it doesn't actually
Derek (PS1S3) [222] [...] oh!
David (PS1S4) [223] need to be very big, [...] we just need some coloured pins [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [224] [laugh] .
[225] Oh my pen's gone walkies.
[226] Bugger .
Derek (PS1S3) [227] Here, borrow that.
Wendy (PS1S1) [228] I want my pen.
[229] There it is, I've found it.
Derek (PS1S3) [230] [laugh] Okay.
[231] Erm
Clare (PS1S2) [232] No pleasing some people is there .
Wendy (PS1S1) [233] Well I No I thought I'd better find it cos otherwise I'd walk off without it and then you'd get my pen, and I
Clare (PS1S2) [234] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [235] bought this as a company pen.
Derek (PS1S3) [236] Oh right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [237] I've got a receipt and everything .
Clare (PS1S2) [238] This is a company Bic! [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [239] [laugh] .
[240] [laughing] It's true! []
Derek (PS1S3) [241] Well we'd return it to the company then wouldn't we?
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [242] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [243] It just might be [laughing] a bit short of ink when we do [] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [244] Yes.
Clare (PS1S2) [245] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [246] Well the ink belongs to the company too.
Derek (PS1S3) [247] Well we'll use it [laughing] on company business [] .
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [248] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [249] [laughing] Erm where were we?
[250] I've completely lost track now, and it's all
Clare (PS1S2) [251] [tut] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [252] your fault. []
Derek (PS1S3) [253] I'm sorry.
Clare (PS1S2) [254] So you've given a breakdown of th roughly how much
Wendy (PS1S1) [255] Yes.
Clare (PS1S2) [256] ... word count we need from each area.
Wendy (PS1S1) [257] Yeah.
[258] I mean it it's
Clare (PS1S2) [259] Which is very helpful
Derek (PS1S3) [260] It it goes further south than I thought it did.
Wendy (PS1S1) [261] Yeah.
[262] Erm ... the the
Derek (PS1S3) [263] Er cos I I wouldn't have in I When I was making the the analysis I w wasn't including Hereford and Worcester and I wasn't
Wendy (PS1S1) [264] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [265] including Warwickshire.
Wendy (PS1S1) [266] Well what they've done basically is they've drawn erm ... This list contains all the counties bar erm the sort of Tyneside area
Derek (PS1S3) [267] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [268] in their supra-regions erm North
Derek (PS1S3) [269] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [270] and Midland.
Clare (PS1S2) [271] Mm.
David (PS1S4) [272] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [273] And the Midland actually goes down to sort of the top of ... erm Cambridgeshire,
David (PS1S4) [274] Oh right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [275] and then slightly south
Derek (PS1S3) [276] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [277] and west of there,
Derek (PS1S3) [278] Right.
[279] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [280] down to the south the south tip of Wales pretty much.
[281] I mean it's two thirds of the country.
Clare (PS1S2) [282] Yeah.
David (PS1S4) [283] Hereford.
Wendy (PS1S1) [284] It's not two thirds of the population but it's two thirds of the [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [285] Richard .
David (PS1S4) [286] Richard's in Hereford.
Derek (PS1S3) [287] Yes.
David (PS1S4) [288] Warwickshire.
[289] Isn't Sam in Warwickshire?
Derek (PS1S3) [290] Er Sam is in Warwickshire, yes.
David (PS1S4) [291] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [292] I'm going to get an address for Sam anyway cos I I want to get in touch with him
David (PS1S4) [293] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [294] about GOD.
David (PS1S4) [295] Yes.
[296] Is the Captain still there, or is he somewhere else?
Derek (PS1S3) [297] [laugh] .
[298] The Captain is in Coventry.
David (PS1S4) [299] Right.
Derek (PS1S3) [300] Er ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [301] I have to ask, [laughing] now that you've said that []
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [302] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [303] It's a i it's a game design project.
Wendy (PS1S1) [304] [laughing] Okay. []
Derek (PS1S3) [305] It stands for Gamer's Own Design.
Wendy (PS1S1) [306] Fine.
Derek (PS1S3) [307] It's creating a game background in six days .
David (PS1S4) [308] Six days.
Wendy (PS1S1) [309] Yes.
[310] Okay.
Derek (PS1S3) [311] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [312] [...] .
[313] What do you do on the seventh day?
Derek (PS1S3) [314] Rest.
Clare (PS1S2) [315] [whispering] Rest. [] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [316] Not game frantically?
Clare (PS1S2) [317] No.
David (PS1S4) [318] No.
[319] No, no.
Derek (PS1S3) [320] It was suggested that everybody relax a lot.
David (PS1S4) [321] After staying awake for a hundred and forty four hours [...] .
[322] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [323] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [324] In whatever way they felt appropriate.
Wendy (PS1S1) [325] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [326] And I'm not going to expand on that cos the [laughing] tape's running [] .
Clare (PS1S2) [327] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [328] Good good.
[329] Good good.
[330] Actually erm ... erm [laughing] just to butt in t here [] .
Derek (PS1S3) [331] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [332] Who was it?
[333] Aaron I think was saying yesterday that it would be a good idea to get at least one tape of some erm stoned people.
Derek (PS1S3) [334] [laughing] Right. []
Wendy (PS1S1) [335] Because people use
Clare (PS1S2) [336] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [337] language differently when they're
Clare (PS1S2) [338] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [339] under the affluence.
Clare (PS1S2) [340] [laughing] Affluence. []
Wendy (PS1S1) [341] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [342] Indeed.
Clare (PS1S2) [343] It it's very true .
Derek (PS1S3) [344] Well we know who to talk to don't we?
Clare (PS1S2) [345] Yes. [laugh]
Derek (PS1S3) [346] [laugh] .
[347] We'll get you a
Wendy (PS1S1) [348] What?
Derek (PS1S3) [349] a tape of somebody under the affluence.
Clare (PS1S2) [350] [laughing] That's the one, yes. [] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [351] [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [352] [sigh] After having hear his discourse on ... the wonders of interchangeable brain chips and the lunar landscape just above the ceiling border in thirty Road, I think he would probably be ... quite a good candidate.
Derek (PS1S3) [353] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [354] You'll ask him then?
David (PS1S4) [355] [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [356] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [357] Yeah.
[358] I
Wendy (PS1S1) [359] Right.
Derek (PS1S3) [360] I had other people in mind as well actually.
[361] [laughing] But er []
Wendy (PS1S1) [362] Well I I mean I was thinking you know er it's probably a good idea for for erm Well I've heard it proposed by people who do these things
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [363] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [364] that it's a good idea for when people are intending to get stoned in a heavy way to have a baby-sitter, so there's no reason why the baby- sitter couldn't sit there [laughing] with a tape recorder [] .
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [365] [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [366] [laughing] It's true. []
[367] Yes.
David (PS1S4) [368] Nobody else in the room is going to stop them.
Clare (PS1S2) [369] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [370] But the erm the best thing would then be for the when the these people came round again to listen to the tape, [laugh]
Clare (PS1S2) [371] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [372] and have power of veto over it.
[373] As always. [laugh]
Clare (PS1S2) [374] Oh yes.
[375] Yeah, I think they'd probably have to listen
David (PS1S4) [376] Ah.
[377] Yes it's a point.
Clare (PS1S2) [378] to what they've said because
David (PS1S4) [379] Point, they can't be under the affluence when they sign the consent form or [...] .
Clare (PS1S2) [380] Mm.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [381] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [382] Yeah.
[383] Erm
Clare (PS1S2) [384] [laughing] No, no, no, you are not Captain James T Kirk of the Starship Enterprise. [] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [385] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [386] [laughing] Does he do that too? [] [laugh]
Derek (PS1S3) [387] I don't think he does but I can think of people who would.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [388] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [389] Erm ... well, I mean that that would be ... be erm
Clare (PS1S2) [390] Yeah.
[391] The other thing my father said when I was
Wendy (PS1S1) [392] ... interesting for want of a
Clare (PS1S2) [393] speaking to him was that erm the place he where he's recording in Scotland erm ... tends to have an unusual vocabulary.
Wendy (PS1S1) [394] Yeah.
Clare (PS1S2) [395] Occasionally swear words are interspersed with functional words like it's and mine but [laughing] i it tends to be [] very heavily orientated towards the the less ... nice side of the language up there.
Wendy (PS1S1) [396] That's alright.
Clare (PS1S2) [397] So I said to him it was fine,
Wendy (PS1S1) [398] Yeah.
Clare (PS1S2) [399] because you know the kind of material we're recording bad language isn't gonna get an appropriate representation, and he's not to worry about it on that
Wendy (PS1S1) [400] Yeah.
Clare (PS1S2) [401] account.
Wendy (PS1S1) [402] But I mean that's entirely reasonable .
David (PS1S4) [403] Mm.
Clare (PS1S2) [404] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [405] Erm as long as we don't mind transcribing them, and I for one don't.
Clare (PS1S2) [406] No.
Wendy (PS1S1) [407] I mean I have met people who really objected strongly to transcribing swearing.
[408] Erm ...
Clare (PS1S2) [409] It wouldn't worry me.
Wendy (PS1S1) [410] But ... I don't
David (PS1S4) [411] [...] . [laugh]
Wendy (PS1S1) [412] Well, yeah.
[413] Well we're all young enough not to be bothered by it.
David (PS1S4) [414] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [415] I mean it's the obviously it's the
David (PS1S4) [416] That's true.
Wendy (PS1S1) [417] older generation that were brought up in under different whatevers,
Clare (PS1S2) [418] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [419] mores or whatever, that that would object to it.
[420] [laughing] And since I swear like a Navvy anyway,
Clare (PS1S2) [421] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [422] it would be hypocritical to object really. []
[423] [laugh] . Erm ... erm erm erm.
[424] Well I've sort of got a note to say who did what this week, so I could tell you what I've done this week and then you could tell me what you've done this week.
Clare (PS1S2) [425] That would be good .
Wendy (PS1S1) [426] Then everybody will know.
Clare (PS1S2) [427] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [428] Erm ... I've got lots of people collecting tapes on my behalf.
[429] The the careers service came up with two tapes which was nice.
[430] Mike came up with a tape, which was nice.
[431] Erm ... he claims the battery ran out before he got to his ... presentation on the course but I don't necessarily believe him.
[432] The battery was flat but I don't think it was a tape and half flat.
[433] I think it was
Derek (PS1S3) [434] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [435] This has been switched on all afternoon and left flat.
[436] Erm [laugh]
Derek (PS1S3) [437] Mm. [cough]
Wendy (PS1S1) [438] But.
[439] My Dad in Nottinghamshire has Nottinghamshire fairly sewn up.
[440] ... Which is nice .
Derek (PS1S3) [441] That's good.
Clare (PS1S2) [442] That's great.
Wendy (PS1S1) [443] Erm he's wandering around collecting [...]
David (PS1S4) [444] [cough] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [445] quite happily and enjoying himself thoroughly and not going to school, which I think are are three excellent things.
[446] Erm ... and my father-in-common-law in Liverpool is also running around frantically recording, but he's getting a limited variety of recordings, mainly educational.
[447] Erm have you made contact with your human in Liverpool?
Clare (PS1S2) [448] I haven't.
[449] I'm hoping he will ring me this afternoon.
[450] I ... this evening.
[451] I've left another phone message for him,
Wendy (PS1S1) [452] Right.
Clare (PS1S2) [453] so it's very much a case whether he actually gets in contact with me.
Wendy (PS1S1) [454] Good oh.
[455] Right.
[456] Erm ...
David (PS1S4) [457] [tut] According to the last reference I looked up, erm Merseyside erm ... is about [...] as big This is an old reference,
Wendy (PS1S1) [458] Mm.
David (PS1S4) [459] but erm a tenth of that No sorry, three tenths of that is on the Wirral.
Clare (PS1S2) [460] Mm.
David (PS1S4) [461] Which erm
Derek (PS1S3) [462] So that means we need thirty thousand words from the Wirral.
David (PS1S4) [463] My parents live in the Wirral.
[464] ... And they're taking a tape away on Saturday.
[465] A machine away on Saturday.
Derek (PS1S3) [466] Right.
[467] Excellent.
Wendy (PS1S1) [468] Do you want more tapes for them to take away?
David (PS1S4) [469] I've got ten.
[470] I've haven't used any of them.
Wendy (PS1S1) [471] Right.
[472] Erm I mean I can I Actually I haven't got all that many left, which I think is
Derek (PS1S3) [473] Sorry.
Wendy (PS1S1) [474] wonderful.
David (PS1S4) [475] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [476] Er but I mean tell them if they need to buy anything to get the receipts,
David (PS1S4) [477] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [478] then you can claim
David (PS1S4) [479] Right.
[480] [tut] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [481] ... for it.
[482] But I I've got to In fact I'll make myself a note here and now, I've got to talk to and I'll get them to send some more tapes.
David (PS1S4) [483] [yawning] Right. []
Wendy (PS1S1) [484] We can never have too many.
Clare (PS1S2) [485] No.
Wendy (PS1S1) [486] Ho ho.
[487] Erm ... [...]
Derek (PS1S3) [488] Well we could, but if we get too many we can go into business selling them or something.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [489] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [490] Well I think we have to give them back actually.
[491] They've got British National Corpus written on them.
Clare (PS1S2) [492] [laugh] .
[493] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [494] We should probably give them back when [laughing] we've finished with them [] .
Clare (PS1S2) [495] If you do end up with er an extra box of ten or something erm could you label them up for me?
Wendy (PS1S1) [496] Yeah.
[497] No problem.
[498] ... It's no problem.
[499] Erm ... [...]
Clare (PS1S2) [500] And [...] start the sequence as well. ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [501] [whispering] [...] [] .
[502] I decided it was a good idea to write things down rather than depending on the tape because erm I'm not actually going to get round to transcribing the tape quickly enough to use it as minutes.
Clare (PS1S2) [503] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [504] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [505] Erm ... Yes well I've got lots of people recording everywhere which is nice.
David (PS1S4) [506] Fine.
Clare (PS1S2) [507] Great.
Wendy (PS1S1) [508] Erm David, I wrote to Margaret at the Employment Training Unit,
David (PS1S4) [509] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [510] so I hope to hear from her this week.
David (PS1S4) [511] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [512] Still nothing from the Conference Office.
Derek (PS1S3) [513] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [514] But I'm not gonna worry about that until halfway through the week and then I'll write to them.
[515] Do you have an address ... for them ?
Derek (PS1S3) [516] Er ... it'll be ... er University of York Conference Office, er Heslington Hall,
Wendy (PS1S1) [517] Right.
David (PS1S4) [518] [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [519] Y York, Heslington, York,
David (PS1S4) [520] [...] University Road.
Derek (PS1S3) [521] Y O one five D D.
Wendy (PS1S1) [522] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [523] Er
Wendy (PS1S1) [524] Erm I know all that actually, so
David (PS1S4) [525] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [526] Is there a human?
Derek (PS1S3) [527] ... No.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [528] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [529] Not that I know about.
Wendy (PS1S1) [530] You don't know a name. [...]
Clare (PS1S2) [531] [laugh] .
[532] No.
[533] They're all synthetics.
Derek (PS1S3) [534] I went in
Wendy (PS1S1) [535] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [536] I went in and spoke to one of the secretaries who said she would er she would do it and send us material.
Wendy (PS1S1) [537] Right.
[538] Okey-doke.
[539] Erm ...
Derek (PS1S3) [540] There wasn't a [...] contact, no.
Wendy (PS1S1) [541] Okay.
[542] Erm ... [...] .
[543] [tut] This week, in fact tomorrow, I'm going to splash out an unbelievable amount of money and buy a transcription machine.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [gasp]
Wendy (PS1S1) [544] This transcription machine is going to be lent to be Derek and Clare, who can argue about who has it where and when.
[545] Erm [laugh] it'll come with a set of headphones and a little doohickey for er ...
Clare (PS1S2) [546] Mhm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [547] turning the output into mono because at the moment it's stereo and it'll only come through one earhole.
[548] Erm ... Cos most of the
Derek (PS1S3) [549] [laughing] [...] . []
Clare (PS1S2) [550] Oh!
Wendy (PS1S1) [551] Actually most these tapes are recorded in stereo aren't they?
Derek (PS1S3) [552] Yes.
Clare (PS1S2) [553] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [554] That's okay then.
[555] Erm I most of the tapes that I've had in the past have been recorded mono, erm and I've needed a little doohickey to turn the ... erm output into mono as well cos it's awfully off-putting spending seven and a half hours with the stuff coming in through one ear only. [laugh]
Clare (PS1S2) [556] [laugh] .
[557] Sensory deprivation.
Derek (PS1S3) [558] Doohickey being the technical term for this is it?
Wendy (PS1S1) [559] Yes, and I've no idea how to spell it actually.
David (PS1S4) [560] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [561] I'm gonna have real trouble with that.
[562] Erm you can transcribe this one. [laugh]
David (PS1S4) [563] D D double O
Derek (PS1S3) [564] D double O
Clare (PS1S2) [565] D double O
David (PS1S4) [566] [...] C K E Y.
[567] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [568] You sure?
[569] How do you spell dooberry then? ...
Derek (PS1S3) [570] D O O B E R R Y.
[571] Dooberry.
David (PS1S4) [572] I'm not I'm not Erm I don't know.
[573] I think it's
Clare (PS1S2) [574] No, I wouldn't agree with that.
David (PS1S4) [575] it's B R E Y.
[576] But certainly erm Or no [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [577] Doohickey is D double O is it?
Clare (PS1S2) [578] Yes.
David (PS1S4) [579] D double O H I C
Wendy (PS1S1) [580] Good oh!
David (PS1S4) [581] K E Y.
Wendy (PS1S1) [582] Okay.
David (PS1S4) [583] I've come across that one before [...] .
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [584] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [585] [laughing] You sure it wasn't me that wrote it? []
Derek (PS1S3) [586] I'll tell you what,sin since I'll be [laughing] going along to Boston Spa we'll check in the dictionary [...] [] .
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [587] [laugh] . [voices in background]
Derek (PS1S3) [588] They've got in on the shelves there.
Wendy (PS1S1) [589] I think we need soundproofing for [laughing] these meetings [] .
Derek (PS1S3) [590] [laugh] .
David (PS1S4) [591] At some point it'll be at the University.
[592] [tut] The Oxford English [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [593] But it won't be arriving there until they get this Well they have the C D ROM, they just haven't got it up and running [...] .
David (PS1S4) [594] Erm well they haven't got it networked yet but they have the C D ROM players there already .
Derek (PS1S3) [595] Yeah.
[596] But they ha I I I I went
David (PS1S4) [597] [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [598] up and talked to the guy [...] sitting in front of them and he said Yes we've got it but we haven't got it on those yet.
[599] So they have the C D ROM, they just haven't managed to [...] yet.
[600] ... Or something. [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [601] Right.
[602] Do I take that to mean there's gonna be a online dictionary?
Clare (PS1S2) [603] Yeah.
[604] [...] dictionary.
David (PS1S4) [605] There'll be an online computer-based dictionary.
Wendy (PS1S1) [606] How will you be able to get at it?
[607] Through an ordinary Vax account?
Derek (PS1S3) [608] No.
David (PS1S4) [609] No.
Wendy (PS1S1) [610] No. [...]
Derek (PS1S3) [611] You've got to go
David (PS1S4) [612] [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [613] into the library and go up and sit at the C D ROM terminal [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [614] Right.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [615] [...] .
David (PS1S4) [616] I don't think you need a password for it.
[617] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [618] You don't.
Wendy (PS1S1) [619] Ah.
David (PS1S4) [620] And er ...
Clare (PS1S2) [621] So a bit li It will be a bit like the
David (PS1S4) [622] And you don't need a ticket to get into the library.
Wendy (PS1S1) [623] No you don't.
[624] I've got a ticket anyway.
[625] I've got a graduate ...
David (PS1S4) [626] Ah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [627] thing.
Clare (PS1S2) [628] It would be a bit like the library's erm index facility.
Wendy (PS1S1) [629] Mm. ...
Clare (PS1S2) [630] Interesting.
Derek (PS1S3) [631] So.
Wendy (PS1S1) [632] I hope it'll crash less often than the index [...] .
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [633] [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [634] [laughing] I doubt it. [] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [635] [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [636] Er
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [637] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [638] Right.
[639] That'll be useful resource actually.
Clare (PS1S2) [640] So
Derek (PS1S3) [641] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [642] Erm
Clare (PS1S2) [643] Derek and I will organize ourselves about the transcription machine and
Derek (PS1S3) [644] Mm.
[645] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [646] Fine.
[647] That's excellent.
[648] Erm I'll also be buying ... erm ... your keyboard, some tapes and ... a couple of ribbons.
Clare (PS1S2) [649] Er keyboard five ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [650] Not tapes.
[651] Tapes.
[652] Disks.
Clare (PS1S2) [653] five disks and one ribbon.
[654] Yes please.
Wendy (PS1S1) [655] And a ribbon.
Clare (PS1S2) [656] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [657] Keyboard, five disks and one ribbon.
[658] I already made a note of that actually but
Clare (PS1S2) [659] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [660] ... Five disks.
David (PS1S4) [661] [whispering] [...] one ribbon. []
Derek (PS1S3) [662] [whispering] [...] . []
Wendy (PS1S1) [663] Okay.
[664] I checked and it is forty nine ninety five
Clare (PS1S2) [665] Brilliant.
Wendy (PS1S1) [666] for the keyboard.
Clare (PS1S2) [667] So I reckon I reckon the total of that will be just over sixty quid .
Wendy (PS1S1) [668] Yeah.
[669] Should be.
[670] Should be.
[671] And I'll check about discounts.
Clare (PS1S2) [672] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [673] And ... possibly buy some stuff myself if that's what necessary to get it over a discount price.
[674] [whispering] I also need some disks. [] ...
Clare (PS1S2) [675] I've done various things on my computer today and I can successfully make ASCII files.
Wendy (PS1S1) [676] Good.
Clare (PS1S2) [677] Reas reasonable sized ASCII files.
Wendy (PS1S1) [678] Good.
Clare (PS1S2) [679] So I reckon I could d do an entire transcription on Locoscript,t
Wendy (PS1S1) [680] Right.
Clare (PS1S2) [681] convert the whole thing into an ASCII and just ... pass you the disk .
Wendy (PS1S1) [682] Yeah.
[683] If you find yourself with a file that's big enough to manipulate but too big to turn into an ASCII file, cos it does use a lot of ...
Clare (PS1S2) [684] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [685] its processing to turn make a file into an ASCII file, don't worry, just give me the original.
Clare (PS1S2) [686] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [687] Erm because I've got erm a seven hundred and twenty
Clare (PS1S2) [688] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [689] K drive .
Clare (PS1S2) [690] So it should be able to sort it out .
Wendy (PS1S1) [691] As well as the two hundred and seventy two K stupid little three- inch disks.
[692] Erm
Clare (PS1S2) [693] [laugh] .
[694] Yeah. [laugh]
Wendy (PS1S1) [695] [laughing] Which I don't approve of in the slightest. []
Clare (PS1S2) [696] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [697] But I'd prefer to get ASCII files
Clare (PS1S2) [698] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [699] because then I don't have to do anything to them.
Clare (PS1S2) [700] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [701] [...] .
Clare (PS1S2) [702] I'll bear that in mind because that will save me start splitting documents up
Wendy (PS1S1) [703] Mm.
Clare (PS1S2) [704] and and transferring each part of the document into ASCII files.
Wendy (PS1S1) [705] Yeah.
[706] ... Erm yeah.
[707] Whatever's easiest for you
Clare (PS1S2) [708] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [709] erm ... is probably also going to be easier for me.
[710] Erm we've done mileage and expenses claim forms and given you the bits and pieces.
Clare (PS1S2) [711] Mhm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [712] David doesn't need any packaging any more so I don't have to remind myself to ...
Derek (PS1S3) [713] Well we've got all that packaging over there
Wendy (PS1S1) [714] get it .
Derek (PS1S3) [715] if you do need it.
David (PS1S4) [716] Right.
Derek (PS1S3) [717] They sent us nearly a box full of it .
Wendy (PS1S1) [718] That that was why I had a note for myself, but it's not necessary any more cos his parents are coming up .
Derek (PS1S3) [719] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [720] Erm somebody on my behalf please, erm preferably Clare actually who has a computer,
Clare (PS1S2) [721] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [722] an Amstrad,f for which I can give you my letterhead and formatting and you can then write letters for me.
[723] Good.
[724] I like it.
Clare (PS1S2) [725] I can yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [726] Need somebody to talk to the D T I, since this was a D T I funded project, why don't we get them to let us record i a meeting or two.
Clare (PS1S2) [727] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [728] Erm ... parish council.
[729] The What's On page in the local paper.
[730] Public talks ... and things.
David (PS1S4) [731] Aha.
Wendy (PS1S1) [732] And the Clerk of the Court in York and in other towns.
[733] Those are the things that occurred to me.
Derek (PS1S3) [734] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [735] They could all be contacted.
[736] Parish A couple of parish councils in Nottinghamshire have been very happy to let my Dad record their open meetings.
David (PS1S4) [737] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [738] And I don't see any reason why other Parish Councils shouldn't either.
Derek (PS1S3) [739] Well there's erm a Fulford parish erm er council news sheet keeps turning up here
Wendy (PS1S1) [740] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [741] anyway and everybody just takes one look at it and after everybody in the house has taken one look at it it gets thrown in the bin, if it lasts that long.
Wendy (PS1S1) [742] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [743] So I'll grab the next one and go along and contact them.
Wendy (PS1S1) [744] Right.
David (PS1S4) [745] Yes, we get er an Osbaldwick [...] one.
[746] Erm ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [747] Right.
Derek (PS1S3) [748] Right.
[749] Things everybody else has done I suppose.
[750] Erm ... you know just about everything that I've done.
[751] I've erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [752] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [753] ... hassled the Conference Office Monday.
[754] Er ran into Tony who's going to talk to his church people about religious meetings there.
[755] Er did the seminar. ...
Clare (PS1S2) [756] Eventually.
Wendy (PS1S1) [757] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [758] Eventually.
[759] Okay.
[760] How were we to know there were gonna be two Hilton Hotels in Leeds?
Wendy (PS1S1) [761] There's only one in the bloody phone book!
Clare (PS1S2) [762] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [763] There's j I looked in the phone book, there is only
Derek (PS1S3) [764] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [765] one.
Clare (PS1S2) [766] You sent the recorder off to your father as well.
Derek (PS1S3) [767] Sent the r yes, sent the recorder off up to
Wendy (PS1S1) [768] Great.
Derek (PS1S3) [769] Scotland, and as I say er said before they got er some taped seminars [...] taped sermons which they can send down.
Wendy (PS1S1) [770] Right.
Derek (PS1S3) [771] Erm ... that's the ... most obvious things.
[772] Something that occurred to me this week.
[773] Erm ... apparently one of the services that gets offered at Thompson Travel Agents
Wendy (PS1S1) [774] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [775] is that er you can go in and you can sit and you can talk to them about what you want for a holiday
Wendy (PS1S1) [776] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [777] and they'll talk back to you about what your best options are and and do a s a sort of interview.
Wendy (PS1S1) [778] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [779] So rather than sit at the counter and do it they they have rooms which you can go to and ... erm get interviewed
Wendy (PS1S1) [780] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [781] and talk about all their holiday options and how to tailor a holiday for them.
Wendy (PS1S1) [782] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [783] Erm it might be worth contacting them ... as being a professional consultation.
Wendy (PS1S1) [784] Right.
[785] Do it. ...
Clare (PS1S2) [786] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [787] Right.
[788] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [789] Or somebody do it.
[790] It's just erm I'm
Derek (PS1S3) [791] I w I was just wondering if you wanted to write them a letter first [...]
Wendy (PS1S1) [792] Okay, Clare [laughing] can write a letter [] .
[793] I'll I'll be [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [794] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [795] If if you've got
Clare (PS1S2) [796] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [797] the time.
[798] Have you the time ... erm to write letters ?
Clare (PS1S2) [799] I do have the time.
[800] If you can bring me a er I don't know a disk with your
Wendy (PS1S1) [801] I'll bring you all the disk with all the formats and whatever on it .
Clare (PS1S2) [802] Yeah.
[803] And if you tell me who to write to I sh I shall get to it and do it .
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [804] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [805] I'd I'd like you to write letters for me at least this week cos I'm going to be
Clare (PS1S2) [806] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [807] horrendously busy all week this week .
Clare (PS1S2) [808] Th that's no problem at all
Wendy (PS1S1) [809] That'll be nice.
Clare (PS1S2) [810] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [811] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [812] Yeah.
Clare (PS1S2) [813] Erm what I'll do actually seeing as I'm I get easy access to the town centre is I will go in there and see if they will agree to it, and if they won't
Wendy (PS1S1) [814] Right.
Clare (PS1S2) [815] I will say Well can I send you some information ... a letter and that sort of thing ?
Wendy (PS1S1) [816] Yeah.
Clare (PS1S2) [817] I'll do it that way round .
Derek (PS1S3) [818] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [819] Okay.
Derek (PS1S3) [820] Okay. [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [821] Right.
[822] Have you got erm ... paper?
[823] Or I'd better provide you with some paper.
Clare (PS1S2) [824] If you could provide me with some paper .
Wendy (PS1S1) [825] All all the bits and pieces.
Clare (PS1S2) [826] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [827] I'll do that.
[828] Okay.
[829] [whispering] Er stationery.
[830] With an E. []
Clare (PS1S2) [831] Cos you haven't stopped. [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [832] Pardon?
Clare (PS1S2) [833] Because you haven't stopped.
Wendy (PS1S1) [834] What?
Clare (PS1S2) [835] You're not stationary. ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [836] I'm lost actually. [laugh]
Clare (PS1S2) [837] Don't bother.
Wendy (PS1S1) [838] It's [...] . [laugh]
Clare (PS1S2) [839] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [840] I was in bed until what I thought was midday today and turned out to be [laughing] one o'clock [] .
Derek (PS1S3) [841] And it was one o'clock. [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [842] [laughing] And I haven't really recovered from the shock. []
Clare (PS1S2) [843] Erm this week I've ... got a positive answer from B R about
Wendy (PS1S1) [844] Yes.
Clare (PS1S2) [845] recording there and [...] that's good .
Wendy (PS1S1) [846] [...] very excited about it.
Clare (PS1S2) [847] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [848] It's brilliant.
Clare (PS1S2) [849] Yeah.
[850] I was very pleased about.
[851] And I'm meeting with appropriate people in B R on Monday to decide when they will let me record.
Wendy (PS1S1) [852] Mm.
Clare (PS1S2) [853] And then it's just a case of providing them with tapes and tape recorders and they will wander off an and do the tapes for us.
Wendy (PS1S1) [854] Excellent.
Clare (PS1S2) [855] So that's good news.
[856] Erm my father received the recorder and tapes and is enthusiastic about getting recordings for us, and that's all set up for whilst he's in Scotland [...] next week .
Wendy (PS1S1) [857] How long's that going to be?
Clare (PS1S2) [858] Erm he's in Scotland for about the next month, but I've asked him to do the recordings in the next week.
Wendy (PS1S1) [859] Right.
[860] Then what's gonna happen to the recorder?
Clare (PS1S2) [861] He'll send it back to me
Wendy (PS1S1) [862] Okay.
Clare (PS1S2) [863] and I will probably ,
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [864] [...] .
Clare (PS1S2) [865] unless I hear from my contact in Liverpool, send it out to Manchester.
Wendy (PS1S1) [866] Right.
Clare (PS1S2) [867] Next.
Wendy (PS1S1) [868] Okey-doke.
[869] Super.
[870] Erm did I say this last week?
[871] I may have done, I may not have done.
[872] When you send them send them Parcel Class but insure them for the ... top amount,
Clare (PS1S2) [873] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [874] which er it costs one pound something for [phone rings] the insurance.
[875] Erm it's about three quid to send them Parcel Post.
Clare (PS1S2) [876] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [877] That that seems to be the most reasonable way of doing it, rather than sending it registered,
Clare (PS1S2) [878] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [879] which doesn't actually do anything except tell you that it got there.
Clare (PS1S2) [880] That's right.
[881] Yeah.
David (PS1S4) [882] [...] .
Clare (PS1S2) [883] Er it does seem crazy to send them all round the country without insuring them.
Wendy (PS1S1) [884] Yeah.
Clare (PS1S2) [885] So ... I'll see to that. [door knock]
Wendy (PS1S1) [886] Ah.
[887] It is one of us.
[888] Hello.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [889] Telephone for Mr .
Derek (PS1S3) [890] Excuse me.
Clare (PS1S2) [891] Yes.
[892] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [893] A popular guy.
Clare (PS1S2) [894] Cos I'm hoping cos I've got a in Manchester [...] get me some recordings from the public library.
Wendy (PS1S1) [895] Right.
Clare (PS1S2) [896] Their meetings hopefully ,
Wendy (PS1S1) [897] Mm.
Clare (PS1S2) [898] and their talks.
Wendy (PS1S1) [899] Mhm.
Clare (PS1S2) [900] So that will be some stuff from Manchester as well.
Wendy (PS1S1) [901] Great.
[902] Good.
[903] ... Super.
David (PS1S4) [904] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [905] Right.
David (PS1S4) [906] Erm
Clare (PS1S2) [907] That was my achievements for the week.
Wendy (PS1S1) [908] Well I think that's The the B R thing certainly is a big achievement.
David (PS1S4) [909] Erm ... right.
[910] Derek and I went to ... the Guildhall.
Wendy (PS1S1) [911] Yes.
David (PS1S4) [912] Erm and Derek was mildly successful erm and got ... a ... vague sort of agreement from the Deputy Returning Officer
Wendy (PS1S1) [913] Right.
David (PS1S4) [914] about erm information about the upcoming candidates for the council elections.
Wendy (PS1S1) [915] Mm.
David (PS1S4) [916] Erm and the receptionist was not at all useful
Wendy (PS1S1) [917] [laugh] .
David (PS1S4) [918] in giving me information about the weddings.
[919] Erm she wasn't entirely with it.
[920] So erm I didn't find out anything about the weddings.
Wendy (PS1S1) [921] Right.
Clare (PS1S2) [922] [laugh] .
David (PS1S4) [923] [cough] .
[924] Erm ... So erm I'm going to ask my mother where one gets a marriage license [...] .
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [925] [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [926] Don't do that David, she'll
David (PS1S4) [...]
Clare (PS1S2) [927] go white overnight.
Wendy (PS1S1) [laugh]
David (PS1S4) [928] [laughing] I will start [] from scratch ... on them.
Wendy (PS1S1) [929] Don't you just don't you go the Registry Office?
David (PS1S4) [930] I really don't know.
Wendy (PS1S1) [931] I think there's just a Registry Office isn't there ?
Clare (PS1S2) [932] I I have no idea.
Wendy (PS1S1) [933] I've never done it so I don't
Clare (PS1S2) [934] No. [laugh]
Wendy (PS1S1) [935] know.
[936] [laugh] [laughing] And I don't Intend to either. []
[937] Erm ... Yeah, I imagine if you just look under Registry Office in the phone
David (PS1S4) [938] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [939] Book there'll be ... [tut] something.
David (PS1S4) [940] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [941] Mm.
Clare (PS1S2) [942] The thing I did fail
Wendy (PS1S1) [943] [...] .
Clare (PS1S2) [944] to do this week was I did actually see my landlord and meant to ask him about recording some tutorials ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [945] Mm.
Clare (PS1S2) [946] for us.
[947] But unfortunately I did remember afterwards, having erm ... berated myself for this that he is actually based in London at the
Wendy (PS1S1) [948] Ah.
Clare (PS1S2) [949] moment and so is out of our catchment area.
Wendy (PS1S1) [950] Right.
Clare (PS1S2) [951] But I di One of the people that's moving back into my house is a supply teacher in the York area, so I will probably talk to him
Wendy (PS1S1) [952] Right.
Clare (PS1S2) [953] about whether he can get any classroom situations
Wendy (PS1S1) [954] Mm.
Clare (PS1S2) [955] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [956] S
Clare (PS1S2) [957] Do we still need stuff from schools in
Wendy (PS1S1) [958] Yes.
Clare (PS1S2) [959] the York area?
Wendy (PS1S1) [960] Yeah.
Clare (PS1S2) [961] That's good.
Wendy (PS1S1) [962] Sue's erm ... current school Sue 's current school have made positive-but-need-to-be-paid-for-it noises, so I'm going to telephone ... their headmaster.
Clare (PS1S2) [963] That's the first
Wendy (PS1S1) [964] [...] .
Clare (PS1S2) [965] time we've come back with a need-to-be-paid isn't it?
[966] Good heavens.
Wendy (PS1S1) [967] Erm ... [sigh] Actually it's not.
[968] The Careers Service wanted erm to be paid as well.
[969] They the Careers Services actually asked me who if anyone was going to make money out of it, and I said Well yes, me.
Clare (PS1S2) [970] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [971] Erm [laugh]
Clare (PS1S2) [972] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [973] and they said Well in that case could we make some money out of it?
[974] So I just gave them the statutory amount per tape
Clare (PS1S2) [975] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [976] erm and they put it in their Christmas Fund or something.
Clare (PS1S2) [977] Excellent.
Wendy (PS1S1) [978] Erm ... but I I wasn't actually that surprised that the school er at a school asking to be paid for the tapes because erm [laughing] they've got to get their money from somewhere
Clare (PS1S2) [979] That's right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [980] and they ain't getting it off the Government at the moment [] . [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [981] They they deserve it to a certain extent.
Wendy (PS1S1) [982] Yeah.
Clare (PS1S2) [983] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [984] Erm so I've got to telephone him ... tomorrow and sort sort of make happy and erm forthright noises about money.
Clare (PS1S2) [985] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [986] Erm and he may then let Sue record a couple of lessons.
[987] Erm ...
David (PS1S4) [988] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [989] I'm ge starting to get a bit upset about not getting letters back from people.
[990] I know I shouldn't really cos I shouldn't expect them to come back at all, but [sniff] it annoys me when
David (PS1S4) [991] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [992] you know three weeks ago I wrote to Scarborough College and the buggers haven't written back, even to acknowledge my letter. [sniff] .
Clare (PS1S2) [993] It's a it's a bit downheartening.
[994] [whispering] It's ... not nice. []
Wendy (PS1S1) [995] [...] . ...
Clare (PS1S2) [996] The one thing I wanted to erm bring up in this meeting,
Wendy (PS1S1) [997] Yeah.
Clare (PS1S2) [998] which you you've obviously had a mind to because you've done the breakdown about the various other regions,
Wendy (PS1S1) [999] Mm.
Clare (PS1S2) [1000] is what we're going to do about start collecting ... in other regions, because we're getting to the stage where we've almost got North Yorkshire ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [1001] Yeah.
Clare (PS1S2) [1002] wrapped up .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1003] I've been hoping to leave it erm and see what happens.
[1004] And what seems to be happening is that we're gradually remembering people we know in other regions and
Clare (PS1S2) [1005] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1006] starting with them as a basis.
Clare (PS1S2) [1007] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1008] Erm [tut] probably the most fair way to do this ... erm I mean fair to our friends and relatives in other r parts of the country, is to ask them if they could either send us their local papers or
Clare (PS1S2) [1009] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1010] a copy of their local phone book.
[1011] For which I'll pay.
Clare (PS1S2) [1012] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1013] Erm because those I mean the l a local Yellow Pages Or a local Thompsons actually, those are nice and narrow ,
Clare (PS1S2) [1014] Thompsons are better.
[1015] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1016] erm ... [laughing] and have postcodes in [] [sniff] Erm are very good ways of getting in touch with local organizations.
Clare (PS1S2) [1017] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1018] Erm ...
Clare (PS1S2) [1019] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1020] I mean I mean I've written a letter to my cousins in South Wales asking them if they can point me at ... any places that might record, but I'll actually make the contacts .
Clare (PS1S2) [1021] You've you've done South Wales have you?
Wendy (PS1S1) [1022] Well I haven't I wouldn't say I've done it, I've just [laughing] asked them to make
Clare (PS1S2) [1023] [laughing] You've made a contact in South Wales. []
Wendy (PS1S1) [1024] asked them to make a contact.
[1025] I mean But by all means
Clare (PS1S2) [1026] [whispering] Okay. []
Wendy (PS1S1) [1027] make more contacts.
Clare (PS1S2) [1028] Yep.
[1029] I can do.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1030] I don't think we have a problem We're not gonna not gonna have a problem with places getting asked twice.
Clare (PS1S2) [1031] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1032] Erm ... I don't
Clare (PS1S2) [1033] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1034] think that's going to be a problem at all.
Clare (PS1S2) [1035] I will try and get something like that brought up from North Wales
Wendy (PS1S1) [1036] Right.
Clare (PS1S2) [1037] at the beginning of next term because I know somebody in North Wales at the moment [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1038] Right.
[1039] I've I've written to a friend in in Anglesey
Clare (PS1S2) [1040] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1041] as well erm but ... I mean if those come to anything at all they'll only come t gonna come to something fairly local aren't they.
Clare (PS1S2) [1042] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1043] On Anglesey and in Pembroke.
Clare (PS1S2) [1044] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1045] Pembrokeshire.
[1046] So ... you know Wales is a big cou big ... Well it's not a big country at all but it's big compared to a county, so
Clare (PS1S2) [1047] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [1048] That was a positive response by the way from Scotland
Wendy (PS1S1) [1049] Good.
Derek (PS1S3) [1050] and that my parents have the thing, it arrived Thursday morning,
Wendy (PS1S1) [1051] Good good.
Derek (PS1S3) [1052] and er they're making recordings.
[1053] They've got in touch with the three people that they've got at
Wendy (PS1S1) [1054] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [1055] schools and they'll They probably won't manage anything in the next week because the schools are going on holiday at
Wendy (PS1S1) [1056] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [1057] the end of the week,
Wendy (PS1S1) [1058] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [1059] but they will be ... quite happy to make recordings er and so that's three different schools in the west of Scotland.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1060] Excellent. ...
Clare (PS1S2) [1061] When's the first consignment of Scottish tapes?
Derek (PS1S3) [1062] Erm ... don't know.
[1063] ... Don't know when they're coming.
[1064] But ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [1065] Right.
Derek (PS1S3) [1066] anyway, erm ... there will be tapes on the way and they're consulting with other people too, ... so. [clapping]
Wendy (PS1S1) [1067] Right.
[1068] When ... Actually I should probably mention this.
[1069] When tapes come into me I have a listen to the beginning and end of them all to sort of see what sort of quality they are [...]
Derek (PS1S3) [1070] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1071] erm ... and also to try and work out [laughing] which speakers are which []
David (PS1S4) [1072] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1073] so that I can check that against the form and get the form
Derek (PS1S3) [1074] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1075] back to people if I have a problem with it.
[1076] Erm where I find I can't understand the regional accent I'm going to give them back to the person [laughing] who recorded them []
Derek (PS1S3) [1077] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1078] and say Here, you transcribe this.
Clare (PS1S2) [1079] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1080] So I've got a feeling you're going to end up transcribing a lot of the north of the border stuff.
Derek (PS1S3) [1081] I don't think so.
[1082] But anyway.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1083] Well.
Derek (PS1S3) [1084] No problem.
[1085] I can do that .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1086] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [1087] It's only four hundred thousand words. [laugh]
Wendy (PS1S1) [1088] The younger the people get, I find that not wanting to be erm ... whatever, regionalist or anything like that,
Derek (PS1S3) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1S1) [1089] but I find that Or ageist, but the younger people get the more problem I have with their accents.
Clare (PS1S2) [1090] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1091] Erm and the further west in Scotland and the younger they get the [laughing] more problem I have with their accents [] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1092] [laugh] .
[1093] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1094] I don't know why this should be.
Derek (PS1S3) [1095] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1096] [laughing] Erm but it's true. []
Clare (PS1S2) [1097] I mean one of getting round that is erm for Derek and I to transcribe them because then it's fairly easy for me to turn round and say Listen to this.
[1098] What did he [laughing] say [] ? [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1099] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [1100] [whispering] Yes. []
Clare (PS1S2) [1101] So that'll be
Wendy (PS1S1) [1102] Yeah.
Clare (PS1S2) [1103] One way of working that .
David (PS1S4) [1104] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1105] Erm I mean that sounds seems quite reasonable to me.
[1106] Erm it also means that in the case of tapes that have come from your parents you're more likely to know one or two of the speakers and therefore have a less difficult time sorting out which one of these twelve
Derek (PS1S3) [1107] Actually
Wendy (PS1S1) [1108] speakers is ... this
Derek (PS1S3) [1109] I
Wendy (PS1S1) [1110] [laughing] person on the list [] . [laugh]
Derek (PS1S3) [1111] I I can think of a I can think of a few th of them who are going to be completely incomprehensible [laughing] to you [] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1112] Good.
[1113] You can have all of those.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1114] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1115] And welcome.
[1116] We don't mind at all. [...] .
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1117] [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [sigh]
Wendy (PS1S1) [1118] Erm yeah.
[1119] I mean er ... I'll I'll still need them to come to me for er entering
Derek (PS1S3) [1120] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1121] into the books and everything
Clare (PS1S2) [1122] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [1123] No problem.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1124] but then you can have them back.
Derek (PS1S3) [1125] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1126] Erm I don't know if I gave you, and if I didn't I need to, ... the things that I've called recordings logs, that are different than meeting logs.
Derek (PS1S3) [1127] Yes.
[1128] You
Wendy (PS1S1) [1129] Can you get people to fill Or f do yourself fill those in rather than the meeting logs?
Derek (PS1S3) [1130] Right.
[1131] I was I was
Wendy (PS1S1) [1132] Because
Derek (PS1S3) [1133] filling up my supply of each.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1134] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [1135] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [1136] Erm ... unless it's actually a meeting ... that you're recording use the other things cos they're just they've got bigger spaces for writing down what people's first words were and stuff like that,
Derek (PS1S3) [1137] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1138] erm and I just find them easier to cope with.
[1139] I'm gonna check with ... whether we actually need to fill in a meeting log for every recording situation ,
Clare (PS1S2) [1140] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1141] or whether some kind of statement about who's there and what they're doing is enough.
Derek (PS1S3) [1142] Mhm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1143] Cos I think these meeting logs are a pain in the neck cos they've got ... the you know the boxes are about this big and you need to be a spider to write in them.
Derek (PS1S3) [1144] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1145] And a small one at that.
[1146] Erm ... and th the bit for notes isn't
Derek (PS1S3) [1147] And we wouldn't want any spiders around would we?
Wendy (PS1S1) [1148] big enough.
[1149] No we wouldn't want any spiders around.
Derek (PS1S3) [1150] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1151] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [1152] Moving swiftly along. [laugh]
Clare (PS1S2) [1153] That's speciesist that is.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1154] Pardon?
[1155] Specieism.
Clare (PS1S2) [1156] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [1157] Speciesist.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1158] Speciesist.
Derek (PS1S3) [1159] You're discriminating
Wendy (PS1S1) [1160] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [1161] against them on the grounds that they're they're crawly
Wendy (PS1S1) [...]
Derek (PS1S3) [1162] little things.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1163] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1164] That they're th No,th I'm not I'm discriminating o against them on the grounds that they have legs that do that.
[1165] That's what I I've thought about it for a long
David (PS1S4) [1166] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1167] time and that's what I find horrific about spiders, crabs, all most crustacea in fact.
[1168] Erm yellow centipedes, ... erm
David (PS1S4) [1169] [cough] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1170] And if anybody comes up behind me and does that I scream and elbow .
Derek (PS1S3) [1171] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1172] [laughing] It's true. []
[1173] [laugh] . Empirically tested.
[1174] Just ask Spike.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1175] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1176] Erm
Clare (PS1S2) [1177] [laughing] All those present [] have been warned. [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1178] [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [1179] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1180] [laughing] Yes.
[1181] So don't bother. []
[1182] Erm ... Erm erm erm.
[1183] ... I seemed to have worked my way down to the bottom of my list.
[1184] Erm ...
David (PS1S4) [1185] Congratulations.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1186] Thank you. ... [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [1187] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1188] [laughing] It wasn't a very full list cos erm [] ... er it didn't occur to me until about seven o'clock this evening that I had to go out quite soon and then I just ran around frantically doing things [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1189] You thought it was still six didn't you?
Wendy (PS1S1) [1190] W erm no really.
[1191] Well ... it was still light so it hadn't di I didn't really realize how late it was getting.
[1192] Er I was still slobbing around in my dressing-gown and you know yesterday's clothes and so I I I thought I'd better ... get up and do stuff.
[1193] [sniff] . Erm ... yeah.
[1194] So I'm I'm a bit unprepared, but that's everything I think that I have to say.
Clare (PS1S2) [1195] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1196] Can we go through ... Unless anybody else has anything to say? ...
Clare (PS1S2) [1197] No.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1198] Right.
[1199] Can we go through erm ... what we're going to do this week so I can make a note of it so I'll know this week, rather than last week when I didn't so I didn't.
[1200] ... Now does anybody know
Derek (PS1S3) [1201] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1202] shorthand?
Clare (PS1S2) [1203] [sigh] Not that anybody else but myself could read back.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1204] Er I don't know shorthand but I thought y somebody who did know [laughing] shorthand would probably have a less hard time than I do writing down notes [] .
Clare (PS1S2) [1205] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1206] [laughing] Erm but it probably wouldn't [] make much difference.
[1207] Erm
Clare (PS1S2) [1208] I I've learnt the Pitman school but to a basic level and a long time ago and a lot of it is now forgotten. [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1209] Fine.
[1210] [laughing] Not a problem. []
[1211] ... [sniff] Erm ... okay.
[1212] What are we gonna do this week?
[1213] I'll write it down your names.
David (PS1S4) [1214] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1215] Underneath them I'll write down what [...] to do.
Derek (PS1S3) [1216] Oh.
David (PS1S4) [1217] You don't need one for me.
Derek (PS1S3) [1218] Another another point .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1219] Don't I?
[1220] Oh.
[1221] No, you're you're off limits this week aren't you?
Derek (PS1S3) [1222] Another point about erm ... what we did this week, we went down to the Guildhall.
David (PS1S4) [1223] I mentioned that.
Derek (PS1S3) [1224] [...] .
[1225] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1226] Yeah.
[1227] David was saying .
Clare (PS1S2) [1228] Mhm.
Derek (PS1S3) [1229] Right. [cough]
Clare (PS1S2) [1230] This week.
[1231] Erm after my meeting on Monday I shall hopefully start recording at B R.
[1232] ... And I will ... continue to pursue trying to get a contact with Clive in Liverpool ... and ... probably have the tape recorder and tapes returned from my father.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1233] Right.
Clare (PS1S2) [1234] Which I will then turn around and put to good use, ... most probably in Manchester.
[1235] If you can ... let me know who you want me to write to or give me a source book to start
Wendy (PS1S1) [1236] Yes.
Clare (PS1S2) [1237] writing letters from I will also start on the letter writing for you.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1238] Okay.
Clare (PS1S2) [1239] And I will go into the travel agents in town. ...
Derek (PS1S3) [1240] Thomas Cook's.
Clare (PS1S2) [1241] Thomas Cook.
Derek (PS1S3) [1242] That's the these people who apparently do con consultations on
Wendy (PS1S1) [1243] Where are they?
Derek (PS1S3) [1244] individual holidays.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1245] Are they the ones that are
Derek (PS1S3) [1246] They're right se behind beside the Royal Bank on the corner .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1247] The Royal Bank.
[1248] Yeah.
[1249] Thought so.
Clare (PS1S2) [1250] [laugh] .
[1251] And I will see if I can get erm a designer interview holiday consultation taped from them.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1252] Right.
[1253] Okay.
[1254] ... Do they have with an E or not?
[1255] Cook.
Clare (PS1S2) [1256] Er no, without.
Derek (PS1S3) [1257] Er no, Cook.
[1258] There's no E there.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1259] Okay.
[1260] ... It looks wrong, somehow.
[1261] Doesn't matter.
[1262] I don't care.
Derek (PS1S3) [1263] That's the way they do it.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1264] [...] how they spell their name. ...
Derek (PS1S3) [1265] Er
Wendy (PS1S1) [1266] What are you going to do this week?
Derek (PS1S3) [1267] Transcription work.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1268] We hope. [laugh]
Derek (PS1S3) [1269] Erm ... we hope, yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1270] Probably not till till towards the end of the week.
[1271] Erm ... [tut] ...
Derek (PS1S3) [sigh]
Wendy (PS1S1) [1272] Whatever.
[1273] Erm ... I've still got
Derek (PS1S3) [1274] Make suggestions for people I can go out and hassle in the first couple of days of the week.
[1275] Because I
Wendy (PS1S1) [1276] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [1277] Until the Conference Office say yea or nay, there's nothing I can do literally there.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1278] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [1279] Until ... any of the other ones bear fruit, because the Guildhall I can't get anything on the elections till April the sixth, erm I can't get anything from the Scottish tapes until they start arriving, erm whatever.
[1280] So all my sources are in progress but
Wendy (PS1S1) [1281] Right.
Derek (PS1S3) [1282] nothing's about to turn up.
[1283] So suggest something and I can go some ... How about getting some tapes not in North Yorkshire perhaps?
Wendy (PS1S1) [1284] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [1285] Driving over to Leeds or something if we if there's anybody we can contact over there? ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [1286] Erm it's making the initial contacts that's the problem.
[1287] Erm ... I'm I'm in two minds as to whether it's best to always write first or to to phone first whenever possible.
[1288] I think it's probably best ... er probably good to phone first but I'm ... erm worried about phone bills, ...
Derek (PS1S3) [1289] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1290] and how to deal them.
[1291] Phone calls made from non-local phone calls In fact local c phone calls as well made from my house can be made directly onto my business ... Mercury account.
[1292] Erm ... I've got a Mercury account at home and I've got it set up so that after the Mercury number you type in a user code, and one of my user codes is for the business.
Clare (PS1S2) [1293] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1294] So.
[1295] I'm quite amenable to people coming over and using my phone ... for making business-related phone calls.
[1296] Erm ... Particularly
Derek (PS1S3) [1297] Alright then.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1298] if those people also supply me with never-ending cups of tea and coffee while they're there.
Derek (PS1S3) [1299] [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [1300] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1301] Cos that's what I live on during the day is never-ending supplies of tea and coffee.
Derek (PS1S3) [1302] Well ... I don't have any problem with [...] going out.
[1303] How about I could I could go down and just go to some places in Hull on spec.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1304] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [1305] Go into the University and see if there're there are any conferences there that I can ask.
[1306] Because that's not something we want to go through their Conference Office for if we only want to do ... a meeting,
Wendy (PS1S1) [1307] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [1308] something we'd just ask the people who are organizing the conference.
[1309] Erm I could go out to Harrogate and see if there's anything on the Conference Centre there,
Wendy (PS1S1) [1310] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [1311] or phone the Conference Centre [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1312] The the thing is Yeah, I mean anything ... Rather than travelling, telephone, because you have to run up an awful lot of telephone calls before it's worth driving over and doing it
Derek (PS1S3) [1313] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1314] in person.
[1315] And the the time involved in driving over and then wandering around the city ... is [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1316] Yes but if I'm doing nothing else Monday.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1317] Erm ...
Derek (PS1S3) [1318] You know.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1319] Yeah but if you could be doing other things, like phoning ...
Derek (PS1S3) [1320] Yeah.
[1321] ... Fair enough.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1322] F forty places
Derek (PS1S3) [1323] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1324] rather than Or phoning twenty places
Derek (PS1S3) [1325] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1326] rather than visiting three.
Derek (PS1S3) [1327] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1328] Erm ... I I was suggesting to Clare and David that wherever we do know people who don't live in this region we could get those people to, at my expense, send us a copy of their local Thompson Directory, ... which is an excellent resource for getting in touch with local businesses and other organizations.
[1329] But I mean it's a subset of the things that appear in Yellow Pages and also contains all the postcodes we're ever going to need to to use.
Derek (PS1S3) [1330] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1331] So anyone that anybody knows who lives anywhere,
David (PS1S4) [1332] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1333] get them to send their local [laughing] Thompson [] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1334] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1335] Erm ... and I'll ... refund the cost.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1336] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1337] I mean I d I dunno actually.
[1338] Is it possible to phone I imagine it's possible to phone B T and get them to send ...
David (PS1S4) [1339] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [1340] Directories.
David (PS1S4) [1341] Yes.
[1342] It is possible.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1343] Who does Thompsons?
[1344] Is it B T?
David (PS1S4) [1345] Erm no.
Derek (PS1S3) [1346] No.
David (PS1S4) [1347] I think Thompsons is [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1348] Thompsons.
David (PS1S4) [1349] But
Wendy (PS1S1) [1350] Oh.
Clare (PS1S2) [1351] Yes, Thompsons are separate.
David (PS1S4) [1352] there'll be a [...] Thompsons
Wendy (PS1S1) [1353] Yes.
David (PS1S4) [1354] [...] .
[1355] Erm you can There's a list at the back of ... the Yellow Pages on on Yellow Pages and phone books .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1356] For for f Yellow Pages.
[1357] Yeah.
David (PS1S4) [1358] Erm they're all up in the library.
[1359] I don't know if the Thompsons are in the library.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1360] Mm.
David (PS1S4) [1361] They might be.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1362] But it it's inconvenient to go to the library, write down lots of addresses and then come away again.
[1363] I'd like to actually have them on hand.
David (PS1S4) [1364] [tut] Erm you can't afford them.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1365] I can't afford Yellow Pageses or phone books, but Thompsons might be a different matter.
[1366] They might be cheaper cos
David (PS1S4) [1367] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1368] they're smaller.
David (PS1S4) [1369] Erm but there's more of them.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1370] Also Well ... here's another thing.
[1371] Anybody we know, can we get them to send last year's Yellow Pages and Thompsons, which won't
David (PS1S4) [1372] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1373] cost them anything except for postage and and won't therefore cost us anything but postage?
Clare (PS1S2) [1374] Yeah.
David (PS1S4) [1375] That's [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1376] That's a good idea actually.
[1377] Let's do that .
David (PS1S4) [1378] [...] .
Clare (PS1S2) [1379] Yeah.
[1380] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1381] Erm ...
Derek (PS1S3) [1382] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1383] We don't really need to confer on who we're asking because I I'm I don't think [...]
Derek (PS1S3) [1384] If we get duplicate last year's Yellow Pages it's going to be such a problem.
[1385] I mean we'll have a spare one, yes. [laugh]
Wendy (PS1S1) [1386] Oh yeah!
[1387] I mean what a hassle.
[1388] We'll have to take them down the recycling.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1389] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1390] Right.
[1391] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1392] You know.
[1393] Whoa!
[1394] Erm ...
Derek (PS1S3) [1395] In that case I can spend Monday h er making phone calls
Wendy (PS1S1) [1396] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [1397] ... er around probably West Yorkshire.
[1398] I'll take down numbers I'll go to the library and take down num phone numbers and call places in the afternoon.
[1399] And I
Wendy (PS1S1) [1400] Right.
Derek (PS1S3) [1401] can hassle anybody who still around for phone directories and so on.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1402] Mm.
[1403] Do you have a touch-tone ... phone here? ...
Derek (PS1S3) [1404] Yeah.
Clare (PS1S2) [1405] [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1406] Beep-beep-beep-beep-beep.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1407] It it's actually bee-bee-bee-bee-beep?
[1408] In that case I can give you my Mercury my business Mercury number and you can make phone calls on the company from here.
[1409] But only if I really really trust you. [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1410] [laughing] Us. []
David (PS1S4) [1411] Yeah.
Clare (PS1S2) [1412] [laughing] Who you m buy a used car from this man ? []
Wendy (PS1S1) [1413] I do get a fully itemized bill.
Clare (PS1S2) [1414] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1415] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1416] And I've I'm I have no compunctions ,
Derek (PS1S3) [1417] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1418] S as Spike knows, about phoning places that I where I don't recognize the [laughing] number and asking them who the fuck they are and when he called them [] . [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1419] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1420] [...] . [laugh]
Derek (PS1S3) [1421] Well the only one that you have to worry about with me is if it it's a twenty-five-minute
Wendy (PS1S1) [1422] [laughing] O eight nine eight [] . [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1423] er twenty-five-minute call to the States or something .
Clare (PS1S2) [1424] Transatlantic [laughing] [...] yeah [] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1425] [laughing] Just don't do it on my account. []
Clare (PS1S2) [1426] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [1427] Oh it's alright, they don't cost too much.
Clare (PS1S2) [1428] Would that apply to me as well?
David (PS1S4) [1429] What [...] ?
Clare (PS1S2) [1430] Because there's
Wendy (PS1S1) [1431] Have you got a touch-tone phone?
Clare (PS1S2) [1432] No, but I was thinking of using this one here.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1433] Yeah.
Clare (PS1S2) [1434] Because there's a few sort of non-local calls I could make to get
Wendy (PS1S1) [1435] Yeah. ...
Clare (PS1S2) [1436] phone directories sent .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1437] Business calls, do it on the Mercury account.
[1438] I mean Yeah I'll I'll give you the ... [whispering] er no I don't think [...] ... Mercury account [] .
[1439] That's probably more sensible than having people come round to use my phone as well.
[1440] Erm ... it doesn't depend on me being in. ...
David (PS1S4) [1441] Erm ... erm I did and try and use
Derek (PS1S3) [1442] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1443] I don't know it.
[1444] I'll have to
Derek (PS1S3) [1445] Ah.
[1446] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1447] go home and find it out .
David (PS1S4) [1448] Erm did try and erm use it when I first rang Margaret ,
Wendy (PS1S1) [1449] Yes.
David (PS1S4) [1450] er but I couldn't get it to work.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1451] It was a local call.
David (PS1S4) [1452] Aha.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1453] You need to put the S T D code in for a local call .
David (PS1S4) [1454] Oh right.
[1455] That would explain it.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1456] You press the Mercury button, wait for it to finish then O nine O four boo-boo-boo-boom.
David (PS1S4) [1457] Yes [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1458] It'll Mercury are only supposed to be for non-local calls.
David (PS1S4) [1459] Ah.
[1460] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1461] But in fact it doesn't cost any more to
Derek (PS1S3) [1462] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1463] erm ... dial the local S T D code and then use that call d do the call on the S T D code.
David (PS1S4) [1464] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1465] And then it appears on the Mercury bill. [sniff]
David (PS1S4) [1466] Ah.
Clare (PS1S2) [1467] as if by magic .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1468] So as if by magic.
[1469] Puff!
[1470] There it is! [laugh] .
David (PS1S4) [1471] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [1472] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1473] [laughing] You wouldn't believe [] the things that turn up on our bill.
[1474] You really wouldn't.
David (PS1S4) [1475] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [1476] I didn't when I first saw it. [laugh]
David (PS1S4) [1477] Spike Spike didn't ... Spike didn't know why it wouldn't work.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1478] Erm ... right, well, that's why.
David (PS1S4) [1479] Right.
[1480] Fair enough.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1481] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [1482] Right.
[1483] Since I've got to write to Captain Andrew anyway I will get hold of ... addresses of people er like Sam in Warwickshire.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1484] Right.
Derek (PS1S3) [1485] [...] a useful contact.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1486] Where is Captain Andrew?
Derek (PS1S3) [1487] War er C Coventry .
David (PS1S4) [1488] Coventry.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1489] He also will therefore be a [laughing] useful contact [] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1490] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1491] Erm [laugh] if you've lost your [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1492] You want his voice on tape? [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1493] Not necessarily.
[1494] But but he knows people I'm sure .
David (PS1S4) [1495] Also he's in the process of setting up a business.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1496] He is in fact .
Derek (PS1S3) [1497] He is.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1498] Any any part of that is a legitimate ... erm
Clare (PS1S2) [1499] Recording scenario.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1500] You know anything anything
Derek (PS1S3) [1501] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1502] where he talks to people about setting up his business is a legitimate thing to record.
Derek (PS1S3) [1503] And since he's the one initiating the meetings all we have to do is get his consent to erm the her his s signature, and the other people's sort of [...]
Wendy (PS1S1) [1504] Mm.
[1505] And his verb [tape change]
Derek (PS1S3) [1506] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1507] Erm.
[1508] Alright.
Derek (PS1S3) [1509] Some time has passed, for the benefit of the tape.
Clare (PS1S2) [1510] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1511] Thank you.
[1512] Erm ... er so far my list of what we're going to do this week includes ... for Derek erm fi tracking down non-local copies of Yellow Pages by phoning people and hassling people who are about to go home.
Derek (PS1S3) [1513] Right.
[1514] Erm I shall phone the Harrogate Conference Centre since they have a big and er quite famous conference centre.
[1515] ... If I can get hold of the ... erm ... the name If I can remember the name.
[1516] There is a conference centre somewhere out in the wilds of nowhere in Derbyshire which I drove past coming back from Buxton.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1517] If you phone in t erm ... the Talking Yellow Pages and say I need a conference centre in Derbyshire, they'll probably tell you that one .
Derek (PS1S3) [1518] Talking Yellow Pages?
Wendy (PS1S1) [1519] Yeah, it's erm it's not one nine two, it's it's something different.
[1520] Erm you can phone them up and ask them for a Yellow Pages listing and they and they'll give at random a listing from the Yellow Pages in whatever area you ask for.
[1521] You can't ask for a specific ... taxi company or
Derek (PS1S3) [1522] Ah right, okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1523] anything like that, but you can say Can you just tell me the name of two taxis? the number of two taxi companies in this area? and they will .
Derek (PS1S3) [1524] Or you or you could ask for the the number of all the conference centres in
Wendy (PS1S1) [1525] I want a I want a remote conference centre in Derbyshire please.
Derek (PS1S3) [1526] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1527] One that's not in a town.
Derek (PS1S3) [1528] Talking I shall try the Talking Yellow Pages.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1529] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1530] It it it really was, it was the middle of nowhere and we drove by it and ... It's a conference c Conference centre?
[1531] Er [laugh] and But that would be conference material from Derbyshire, if we could
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1532] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [1533] could get that.
David (PS1S4) [1534] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1535] And since we don't seem to have any recordings yet from Derbyshire.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1536] No.
[1537] Is erm ... Where's Doncaster?
[1538] What county is Doncaster in ?
Derek (PS1S3) [1539] Doncaster's South Yorkshire.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1540] Is it?
[1541] [whispering] Right.
[1542] Okay.
[1543] I have a [...] friend in Doncaster.
[1544] But erm ... Yeah I don't know anybody in Derbyshire.
[1545] Nobody lives there do they? []
Derek (PS1S3) [1546] Er lots of people live in the Peak District.
Clare (PS1S2) [1547] B R have
Wendy (PS1S1) [1548] Yeah but nobody we know.
Clare (PS1S2) [cough]
David (PS1S4) [1549] Cumbria.
Clare (PS1S2) [1550] The ... section of B R that I work for
Derek (PS1S3) [1551] Dave .
Clare (PS1S2) [1552] most directly and
David (PS1S4) [1553] And ... [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1554] I'm sorry, say again?
Clare (PS1S2) [1555] The ... particular section of B R
Wendy (PS1S1) [1556] Yes.
Clare (PS1S2) [1557] that I work for erm being the Q S has its main headquarters in Derbyshire, so it's just possible I may be able to get some business contacts in Derbyshire .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1558] That would be good.
Clare (PS1S2) [1559] I'll see what I can do.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1560] That would be very good.
Derek (PS1S3) [1561] I can hassle for business contacts in these areas at conferences as soon as I get to a conference.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1562] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [1563] Basically any conference lets us gets get lots more business contacts.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1564] Right.
[1565] I think I'll I'll not wait for Er if nothing comes in the post tomorrow I won't wait for the conference centre to get in touch with me, I'll write to them tomorrow and drop it in .
Derek (PS1S3) [1566] How about ph how about phoning them?
[1567] Oh you'll dro If you write to i If you write to them and drop it in that's fine then .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1568] Mm.
[1569] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [1570] Cos if
Wendy (PS1S1) [1571] I since you've already contacted them in person, erm phoning them's not going to you know reassure them that we're a bona fide company
Clare (PS1S2) [1572] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1573] erm in quite the way that sending them a letter on headed notepaper is.
Derek (PS1S3) [1574] Okay. [cough] .
Clare (PS1S2) [1575] Plus the fact you don't have a n er contact name so it's going to be more difficult to get connected to anyone [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1576] Yes.
[1577] Yes [...] I'll just end up talking to a secretary whereas something
Derek (PS1S3) [1578] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1579] will be plonked on somebody's
Derek (PS1S3) [1580] Well
Wendy (PS1S1) [1581] desk at some point if I write .
Derek (PS1S3) [1582] if you end up going to the office and it's the same layout as it it it was and the same people there,
Wendy (PS1S1) [1583] Aha.
Derek (PS1S3) [1584] it was the secretary on There was only the one secretary in the office when I went in but there are two desks, one on the left and one on the right, and it's the one at the one on the right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1585] Right.
Derek (PS1S3) [1586] That was who was dealing with ... when I
Wendy (PS1S1) [1587] Okay.
Derek (PS1S3) [1588] went in there.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1589] Okey-doke.
[1590] Erm.
Derek (PS1S3) [1591] I shall also write to the Captain for addresses and and businesses and if he can help us and so forth. ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [1592] Right.
[1593] Are you going to erm ... telephone the Hull Conference Centre as well?
Derek (PS1S3) [1594] Erm I don't know if there's a conference centre but there's a university.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1595] [...] . ...
Derek (PS1S3) [1596] I'll phone Hull Uni then.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1597] I used to have a friend at Hull University but we're doing this a year too late.
[1598] He's graduated.
[1599] [sniff] ... Ah!
[1600] ... My ex head of department's wife used to teach at Hull University.
Derek (PS1S3) [1601] We're not getting into tenuous connections here, but!
Clare (PS1S2) [1602] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1603] No no, I mean Well okay.
Derek (PS1S3) [1604] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1605] Er she's also somebody in my department so
Derek (PS1S3) [1606] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1607] [...] used to teach there and she'd probably know the right person to write to.
[1608] Or to telephone.
[1609] I'll ask her and then get back to one of you two to actually do the letter contact.
David (PS1S4) [1610] Erm Nick's mother erm is in the Psychology Department at Nottingham.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1611] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1612] Little Nick?
David (PS1S4) [1613] Yes.
Clare (PS1S2) [1614] Nick .
Derek (PS1S3) [1615] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1616] I've never heard his surname, he's just little Nick as far as I'm concerned .
Derek (PS1S3) [1617] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1618] Little Nick.
[1619] Erm ...
Derek (PS1S3) [1620] I'll have to phone Nick tonight to see if the Captain has a phone number now rather than just an address cos if I can phone him it'll be a lot easier.
Clare (PS1S2) [1621] Have you spoken to Whit about the ?
Derek (PS1S3) [1622] Yes.
Clare (PS1S2) [1623] Is it this week or next week ?
Derek (PS1S3) [1624] I s it's next week cos he's home this week.
David (PS1S4) [1625] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [1626] Erm if the message got passed
Clare (PS1S2) [1627] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [1628] on ... erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [1629] I mentioned it to him last week er last night actually.
Derek (PS1S3) [1630] Yes.
[1631] Erm he he he does re remember as far as I I can tell.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1632] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [1633] But er basically the message didn't get passed on to him when I left it er ... the last time and he then did the tour Monday not knowing that we could have been recording it because
Wendy (PS1S1) [1634] Ah.
Derek (PS1S3) [1635] nobody'd told him, and then when I got in touch with him ... erm he said no nobody had told him about it.
[1636] So ... And he's doing one er not tomorrow but in a week's time and will be perfectly happy to record it.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1637] Good.
[1638] Good good.
Derek (PS1S3) [1639] So ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [1640] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [1641] I'll go along and be Well actually I'll get him to do that and instead of being bored about the for forty five minutes or whatever I
Wendy (PS1S1) [1642] You can be bored about it when you type the tape. [laugh]
Derek (PS1S3) [1643] Yeah.
[1644] But I I ... that way I only have to hear it once.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1645] Yeah. [laugh]
Derek (PS1S3) [1646] Er and I can I can go and er ... I can
Clare (PS1S2) [1647] Wendy!
David (PS1S4) [1648] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1649] I can go round
Wendy (PS1S1) [1650] [laughing] I just spent three hours last night talking to him and I've I've had enough for the week that's all. [] [laugh]
David (PS1S4) [1651] I can't do it now, I've already done the tour.
Clare (PS1S2) [1652] [laughing] I'm sorry, [] I I took the cowards's option last night.
[1653] Instead of being lured up to Whit's room with you and erm [laughing] other people
Wendy (PS1S1) [1654] [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [1655] last night I said Derek Let's go home [] . [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1656] [laugh] .
[1657] Well it was okay cos Aaron was there, but Whit and Aaron had a bit of a er an argument at one point ,
Derek (PS1S3) [1658] Oh.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1659] and it was a pain cos
Derek (PS1S3) [1660] When doesn't Whit have an argument?
[1661] What were
Wendy (PS1S1) [1662] Well
Derek (PS1S3) [1663] they arguing about this time?
Wendy (PS1S1) [1664] Well they were being Whit was being unpleasant about Aaron, which is calls made from non-local phone calls In fact local c phone calls as Whit t to you know to make comments
David (PS1S4) [1665] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1666] about his appearance or whatever.
[1667] But it was because Aaron said a mildly humorous comment about somebody in one of Whit's photos who turned out to be one of Whit's very good friends.
[1668] ... And er ... Well so what?
[1669] [laughing] She does look strange cos she's got bright white hair and purple lipstick on. [] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1670] Oh right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1671] [laughing] Sorry, but it's true! [] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1672] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1673] [laughing] Erm ... yeah. []
[1674] That's getting off the subject a bit but never mind.
Derek (PS1S3) [1675] Okay.
[1676] Anyway yes, Whit's going to us at some stage and I will wander round town while he's doing his talk and then transcribe it [...]
Wendy (PS1S1) [1677] Right.
Derek (PS1S3) [1678] so I only have to [...] once .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1679] Can erm one of you ... look in this week's Advertiser, and any sort of ... talks and things that are on this week if they've got a phone number to contact, give them a buzz and see if they mind us recording it.
Clare (PS1S2) [1680] Derek?
Derek (PS1S3) [...]
Wendy (PS1S1) [1681] There are some talks happening this week.
[1682] Is it It's the Advertiser that have the What's On section.
Derek (PS1S3) [1683] That was it.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1684] Erm ...
Derek (PS1S3) [1685] Unfortunately that's last week's.
[1686] I'll check our our this week's ones cos they'll be lying around.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1687] Right.
[1688] Okey-doke.
David (PS1S4) [1689] Erm ...
Derek (PS1S3) [1690] Excuse me while I find our papers.
David (PS1S4) [1691] It's ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [1692] Meanwhile.
David (PS1S4) [1693] no good for me because I'm ... working in the evening but Minster F M has a a list of What's On that night every night.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1694] Mm.
David (PS1S4) [1695] Erm I don't know when They they they play it about ... quarter past er no about quarter to seven
Wendy (PS1S1) [1696] Mm.
David (PS1S4) [1697] and then they I think they play it earlier than that as well.
[1698] That's [...] .
[1699] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [1700] It's best to ... find them ahead of time because that gives us a chance to contact them beforehand.
Clare (PS1S2) [1701] Yes.
David (PS1S4) [1702] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1703] I think it's unfair to anybody to show up with a tape recorder and ask them on the spot cos it puts them on the spot.
David (PS1S4) [1704] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1705] Erm I don't like putting people on the spot if I can possibly
David (PS1S4) [1706] No.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1707] avoid it cos you know you lose goodwill that way.
[1708] Erm ...
David (PS1S4) [1709] Erm but
Wendy (PS1S1) [1710] But the Advertiser does have quite a lot of What's Onies.
[1711] What's Onies?
[1712] What the hell's a What's Ony?
Clare (PS1S2) [1713] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1714] Erm [laugh] .
David (PS1S4) [1715] Sorry.
[1716] Just for the record ,
Wendy (PS1S1) [1717] Yes.
David (PS1S4) [1718] is that I E S or I S?
Wendy (PS1S1) [1719] I have not the [laughing] remotest idea David [] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1720] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1721] [laughing] I'm so sorry. []
[1722] [laugh] . It's probably E S actually cos it was it was me trying trying to find a plural for
David (PS1S4) [1723] Ah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1724] What's On. [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1725] I I th I thought I thought it was I S actually from the way you said it the first time, but that was just a guess. ...
Clare (PS1S2) [1726] No comment.
Derek (PS1S3) [1727] Not a guess it's
Wendy (PS1S1) [1728] Well how do you say erm the plural of bus?
Clare (PS1S2) [1729] Buses.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1730] Buses, yeah.
[1731] Sounds like an I S .
Derek (PS1S3) [1732] Busi.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [laugh]
Clare (PS1S2) [1733] Octopodes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1734] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1735] [laughing] Octopodes, [] yes.
[1736] It's the correct plural of octopus.
[1737] Eddie found it out one time.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1738] It thought it was octopi.
[1739] You just went past it.
Derek (PS1S3) [1740] I did?
Wendy (PS1S1) [1741] Yeah.
David (PS1S4) [1742] Yes.
[1743] You just did it again.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1744] [laugh] .
[1745] It's on a left-hand page, ... as you're looking at it.
Derek (PS1S3) [1746] [reading] Minster F M.
[1747] ... Saturday T V.
[1748] Sponsored by. []
Wendy (PS1S1) [1749] No, you you
Derek (PS1S3) [1750] [reading] What's On. []
Wendy (PS1S1) [1751] There you go.
Derek (PS1S3) [1752] That's right.
[1753] Okay.
[1754] We've missed Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday haven't we?
Wendy (PS1S1) [1755] Yes.
David (PS1S4) [1756] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1757] But we've got Monday Tuesday and Wednesday
Derek (PS1S3) [1758] Monday
Wendy (PS1S1) [1759] this week.
Derek (PS1S3) [1760] [reading] Quartermains Terms, Grand Opera House. []
[1761] Er [reading] York Healing Group meet at the Unitarian Church Saint Saviours Gate [] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1762] That would be ... [...] .
Clare (PS1S2) [1763] Interesting.
Derek (PS1S3) [1764] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1765] Oh w are there phone numbers for any of these?
Derek (PS1S3) [1766] Er nope.
[1767] Hang on.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1768] Well they're probably in the in the phone book right?
David (PS1S4) [1769] There are addresses for them.
Derek (PS1S3) [1770] None of none of none of those have phone numbers but all of them have some sort of address.
[1771] [reading] Salvation Army Home League, Gillygate. []
Wendy (PS1S1) [1772] What's one of those?
Clare (PS1S2) [1773] Don't know.
Derek (PS1S3) [1774] [reading] Ouse Harmony Barbershop Chorus [reading+laughing] practice night [] Go on.
[1775] Can we get singing? [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [1776] No.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1777] No.
[1778] It's not a lot of use is it really?
Derek (PS1S3) [1779] [laugh] [...] .
Clare (PS1S2) [1780] It's a bit scripted.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1781] [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1782] [reading] Contemporary and creative dance.
[1783] Sequence dancing.
[1784] Callanetics.
[1785] ... York Buthal Kan Karate Club. []
Clare (PS1S2) [1786] [laughing] No. []
Derek (PS1S3) [1787] [reading] Body Conditioning Stamina and self-defence training . []
Wendy (PS1S1) [1788] Oh yeah, an hour of [grunts] . [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [1789] Ai!
Wendy (PS1S1) [1790] How do you spell [grunts] ?
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1791] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1792] [reading] Low impact aerobics. []
[1793] What the heck [laughing] are low impact []
David (PS1S4) [1794] That's Step .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1795] That's where you don't jump around.
David (PS1S4) [1796] That's Step probably.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1797] You walk around stepping.
[1798] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [1799] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1800] It it's where you don't have to wear body armour.
Derek (PS1S3) [1801] [laugh] .
[1802] [laughing] Boom!
[1803] [laugh] High impact aerobics. []
Wendy (PS1S1) [1804] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1805] [laughing] It's
Wendy (PS1S1) [1806] No it's it's ...
Derek (PS1S3) [1807] it's a different name for Karate . []
Wendy (PS1S1) [1808] It's aerobics for fat people,
David (PS1S4) [1809] Ah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1810] cos it's very bad for fat people to jump up and down, erm
David (PS1S4) [1811] Jump around, yeah
Wendy (PS1S1) [1812] because we have an awful problem with impact when we [laughing] land again [] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1813] [reading] New breed of [...] . []
Wendy (PS1S1) [1814] [laughing] I have terrible trouble with my feet. []
Derek (PS1S3) [1815] [...] .
David (PS1S4) [1816] That's a play.
Derek (PS1S3) [1817] Right.
[1818] [reading] High Tech History, A R C Saint Saviourgate. [] [...]
Wendy (PS1S1) [1819] Get that one!
Clare (PS1S2) [1820] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1821] The A R C.
[1822] Yeah.
[1823] Get that.
[1824] That that'll be a talk.
[1825] Also I noticed there was something by Martin .
[1826] A talk [...] From Rags to Riches .
Derek (PS1S3) [1827] Er ... Neal .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1828] Neal , yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [1829] [reading] Memories of a Removal Man by Neal ,
Wendy (PS1S1) [1830] Yeah!
Derek (PS1S3) [1831] York After Eight Club, Enterprises [...] seventeen
Wendy (PS1S1) [1832] That'll be perfect.
Derek (PS1S3) [1833] Lane. []
[1834] I know where is .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1835] Yeah are in the phone book as well.
Derek (PS1S3) [1836] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1837] Under G for .
Clare (PS1S2) [1838] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1839] [laughing] [...] . []
Wendy (PS1S1) [1840] And he probably he's he's quite a sort of er He supports local
Derek (PS1S3) [1841] So Tuesday evening's gonna be busy.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1842] young businesses and things like that, so
Clare (PS1S2) [1843] Oh no problem then.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1844] he he'd probably be quite
Derek (PS1S3) [1845] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1846] happy about it.
Derek (PS1S3) [1847] [reading] York C V S Training Workshops. []
[1848] Erm [reading] Stop Smoking Group, Clifton Health Centre [] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1849] If they agreed that would probably be good.
Derek (PS1S3) [1850] [reading] Ted Heath Music Appreciation Society. []
Wendy (PS1S1) [1851] I worried about that when I read it.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1852] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1853] [reading] Balan [] Oh Wow!
[1854] I wonder what this one's gonna be.
[1855] [reading] Balance and Harmony, Priory Street Centre. []
Derek (PS1S3) [1856] [laugh] .
[1857] That's all it says.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1858] Om.
Clare (PS1S2) [1859] It's probably
Derek (PS1S3) [1860] [laughing] Two hours [] of going Om. [laugh]
Wendy (PS1S1) [1861] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1862] [laughing] It's not going to be interesting . []
Clare (PS1S2) [1863] [...] be a meditation group .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1864] Yeah.
David (PS1S4) [1865] Quite easy to transcribe [...] .
Clare (PS1S2) [1866] Which wouldn't be easy to ... Though Remember y it it's three Os and two Ms because it's Om ... Om .
Derek (PS1S3) [1867] Om.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1868] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1869] Om.
Clare (PS1S2) [1870] Because the Ms
Derek (PS1S3) [1871] Or in the case of some movies Om [higher tone] . [laugh] .
David (PS1S4) [1872] I'm not [...] that.
Derek (PS1S3) [1873] [laughing] You you didn't join in the harmony. []
David (PS1S4) [...]
Derek (PS1S3) [1874] Erm from Dark Crystal
Wendy (PS1S1) [1875] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [1876] where they come up and Om in harmony
Wendy (PS1S1) [1877] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [1878] and it's quite spectacularly silly .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1879] Yes.
[1880] I know.
[1881] Er er it's ac It occurred to me that what what you were about to say cos Whit ...
David (PS1S4) [1882] Om.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1883] spent a long time showing me his Dark Crystal
Clare (PS1S2) [1884] Om.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1885] book last night.
Clare (PS1S2) [1886] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1887] Er [reading] Vale of York Conservation Volunteers. []
[1888] But that's going to be outdoors.
[1889] Erm ... er [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1890] And we wouldn't want to get the tape recorders wet would we?
Clare (PS1S2) [1891] [laugh] .
[1892] No boys and girls .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1893] Cos it's summertime now
Derek (PS1S3) [1894] Volleyball.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1895] so it's gonna piss it down any minute, right?
[1896] It's now B S T.
Derek (PS1S3) [1897] The the the wettest month in York is April.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1898] Well, whoopee!
Clare (PS1S2) [1899] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1900] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1901] Yeah we're about due for another flood.
[1902] I like it when when wh it floods in town and you can go down and watch foreigners standing looking at the roofs of their cars [laughing] floating down the Ouse and you think Yeah! [] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1903] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1904] [laughing] You're cruel sometimes. []
David (PS1S4) [1905] [...] I was very [...]
Wendy (PS1S1) [1906] Yeah, I just ... Like cashing in on other people's misery .
Derek (PS1S3) [1907] Oh.
[1908] Ooh.
[1909] [reading] Wednesday.
[1910] Namibia.
[1911] A Desert Country by the Sea.
[1912] A talk by Doctor Tom for British Heart Foundation. []
Wendy (PS1S1) [1913] Sounds good.
Derek (PS1S3) [1914] [reading] Folk Hall, New Earswick. []
Wendy (PS1S1) [1915] Well look, I mean why don't I leave it to you to get in contact with
Derek (PS1S3) [1916] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1917] the people in the Advertiser whether by having to go there or by
Derek (PS1S3) [1918] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1919] phoning them up.
[1920] I imagine most of these pl most of these places, if they're organizations, they'll have a phone number in the book .
Derek (PS1S3) [1921] Yeah.
Clare (PS1S2) [1922] Yes.
[1923] They do.
Derek (PS1S3) [1924] We've got ...
David (PS1S4) [1925] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1926] Erm but definitely try
Derek (PS1S3) [1927] Oh!
Wendy (PS1S1) [1928] and get the one at .
Derek (PS1S3) [1929] [reading] Centre for Housing Policy Seminar, Social Research Unit, Seminar Room, Rowntree Foundation Building . []
Wendy (PS1S1) [1930] Yeah.
[1931] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [1932] Erm ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [1933] I mean we could get all of our tal you know all of our sort of public educational informative talks this week if all of those pan out couldn't we?
Clare (PS1S2) [1934] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [1935] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1936] For th for the York area.
Derek (PS1S3) [1937] I I I wonder about these two.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1938] What?
Derek (PS1S3) [1939] [reading] York Twenties and Thirties Social and Activity Club weekly meeting, [] and
Clare (PS1S2) [1940] No, you're not going. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1941] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1942] And [reading] New!
[1943] York Eighteen Plus Group. [] [laugh]
Clare (PS1S2) [1944] No, you're not going! [laugh]
Wendy (PS1S1) [laugh]
Derek (PS1S3) [1945] Oh dear!
Clare (PS1S2) [1946] Oh dear.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1947] Now why's that one opened up?
[1948] Is that because fuck-a-fresher week only comes round once a year?
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1949] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1950] [laughing] People are getting desperate at this time of year. []
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [1951] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1952] [laughing] Could be. []
Wendy (PS1S1) [1953] [laughing] I wonder sometimes . []
Derek (PS1S3) [1954] Oh dear.
[1955] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1956] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [1957] Those two are [laughing] [...] [] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1958] Well I'll leave that to you, erm and if they need letters written or need to
Derek (PS1S3) [1959] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1960] phone me, I'm in tomorrow and Tuesday all day .
Derek (PS1S3) [1961] Yeah.
[1962] There aren't
Clare (PS1S2) [1963] Probably it may be easier if I actually do those letters if they want letters.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1964] Yeah.
Clare (PS1S2) [1965] Because Derek will be able to say to me Look, ... do a letter to here.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1966] Right.
Derek (PS1S3) [1967] Yeah.
[1968] Well I I'll phone them up.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1969] When are you going to be about?
[1970] ... Erm ... are you going to be at home at all tomorrow or here at all tomorrow? [...] ?
Clare (PS1S2) [1971] Erm I'm usually here first thing in the morning and ... [...]
Wendy (PS1S1) [1972] What's first thing? [...] .
Clare (PS1S2) [1973] You know, before nine o'clock.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1974] [...] .
Clare (PS1S2) [1975] That kind of first thing.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1976] Yeah I I usually ... find myself having just deposited Spike at the station at about a quarter past nine and then I'm in town and er able to do things in town.
[1977] But erm cos
Clare (PS1S2) [1978] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1979] I'll I'll get my a disk to you and some
Clare (PS1S2) [1980] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1981] notepaper and stuff.
Clare (PS1S2) [1982] Right.
Derek (PS1S3) [1983] [...] .
Clare (PS1S2) [1984] Actually erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [1985] But I should probably do that when I can come and see you and show you where it
Clare (PS1S2) [1986] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1987] needs to sit in the printer and things like that erm so you don't ... you know ...
Derek (PS1S3) [1988] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1989] end up fiddling with for hours on end to ... work out [...] .
Clare (PS1S2) [1990] Okay.
[1991] I I will be home erm I'll be home at my house as opposed to here erm tomorrow afternoon as from about four o'clock I would imagine.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1992] Right.
[1993] You're on ... Road.
Derek (PS1S3) [1994] Lane.
Clare (PS1S2) [1995] Lane.
Wendy (PS1S1) [1996] Lane?
Clare (PS1S2) [1997] I live literally on the corner as you go out .
Wendy (PS1S1) [1998] That's very convenient isn't it?
Clare (PS1S2) [1999] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2000] [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [2001] It it's the house right on the the left-hand corner just there are you go out .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2002] What's I can't picture it, so what's the address?
Clare (PS1S2) [2003] It's thirty eight Lane.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2004] [whispering] Thirty eight Lane. []
[2005] Well why don't I pop round tomorrow?
Clare (PS1S2) [2006] Sure thing.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2007] At the end of If I w wait until the end of the business day, so
Clare (PS1S2) [2008] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2009] around five or so.
[2010] Er
Clare (PS1S2) [2011] Yeah.
[2012] ... Between four and five you will definitely find me indoors, and I will be at home.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2013] Right.
[2014] Okay.
[2015] Well if I say I'll come at five, cos that gives me a chance to do all the sort of phoning
Clare (PS1S2) [2016] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2017] of businesses.
Clare (PS1S2) [2018] Great.
Derek (PS1S3) [2019] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2020] Erm ... Okey-doke.
Derek (PS1S3) [2021] [whispering] [...] [] .
Clare (PS1S2) [2022] And if you can remember to bring me some headed notepaper as well, so
Wendy (PS1S1) [2023] Th er I haven't actually Yeah I'll bring you some headed notepaper but you shouldn't actually need it [cough] except if people want This person is doing this on behalf of.
Clare (PS1S2) [2024] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2025] Erm all the other stuff I've just got a little header set up in the file on
Clare (PS1S2) [2026] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2027] on a template.
Clare (PS1S2) [2028] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2029] The you know the the little header.
Clare (PS1S2) [2030] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2031] I'm going to have some headed notepaper as soon as I can get the laser printer printing [laughing] out things that I tell it to [] rather than printing out Courier Ten.
[2032] [sigh] I'm having a bit of trouble with Spike's laser printer at work cos it's not a real ... It it says it's a Hewlett-Packard Two Plus but it ain't.
David (PS1S4) [2033] Oh.
Clare (PS1S2) [2034] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2035] So It's actually a Panasonic something and I haven't got the printer driver for it. ...
Derek (PS1S3) [2036] Okay .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2037] And I can't phone up WordPerfect Corp and say ...
David (PS1S4) [2038] Mm.
Clare (PS1S2) [2039] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2040] Can I buy a printer driver for this? because they'll say What's your registration number?
Clare (PS1S2) [2041] [...] they'll say What's your registration number?
Wendy (PS1S1) [2042] and I'll say I haven't got one yet because I can't afford to buy er a non-pirate copy of WordPerfect [laughing] until next month.
[2043] Sorry. []
Clare (PS1S2) [2044] [laugh] .
[2045] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2046] But er anyone who feels like making a headed notepaper and getting it laser printed is welcome so to do.
Derek (PS1S3) [2047] Alright.
David (PS1S4) [2048] Well erm
Derek (PS1S3) [2049] Well when we've got a company logo we should do that.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2050] I've got a company logo.
[2051] It looks like this.
Clare (PS1S2) [2052] There is a company lob =go.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2053] It's dead pretty .
Clare (PS1S2) [2054] Lobo?
Wendy (PS1S1) [2055] Here we go.
Derek (PS1S3) [2056] Company lobo. [...] . [laugh]
Wendy (PS1S1) [2057] Lobo, yeah.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [2058] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2059] [laughing] Let's get one of those. []
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [2060] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2061] Sometimes I feel I could do with one .
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [2062] [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [2063] Yes.
David (PS1S4) [2064] Aha. [...] .
Clare (PS1S2) [2065] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [2066] Oh it
Clare (PS1S2) [2067] Lovely.
Derek (PS1S3) [2068] it's just that it's the ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [2069] [whispering] It looks sort of
David (PS1S4) [2070] Erm ... what we really need er [...] .
[2071] Erm ...
Derek (PS1S3) [2072] But there there's no
David (PS1S4) [2073] The problem is we can't use the can't use the CompServe one. ...
Derek (PS1S3) [2074] Er you could ... you could print one off.
David (PS1S4) [2075] Erm ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [2076] We'd only need one .
David (PS1S4) [2077] For a start erm the typeface we wanted
Wendy (PS1S1) [2078] It looks something like that.
David (PS1S4) [2079] The type face we wanted isn't on the ... the whatsit laser printer.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2080] I'd also like it in shadow
Derek (PS1S3) [2081] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2082] if at all possible.
David (PS1S4) [2083] Oh, yeah.
[2084] Er the other thing is [...]
Derek (PS1S3) [2085] So ... i i it's a standard you know dinky little thing like y you us you use You know the with their little twirly thing and er the you saw the
Wendy (PS1S1) [2086] Oh no.
Derek (PS1S3) [2087] Productions with their little red triangle and dots thing .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2088] No I think I think the word is quite adequate actually .
Clare (PS1S2) [2089] Yeah.
[2090] That's great.
[2091] Y
Derek (PS1S3) [2092] Fine.
David (PS1S4) [2093] the fancy letters the M and the T really need a powerful pack like CorelDraw.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2094] Yeah.
David (PS1S4) [2095] [tut] Which [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [2096] Eddie !
Wendy (PS1S1) [2097] Eddie!
David (PS1S4) [2098] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [2099] Who doesn't have a laser printer.
Derek (PS1S3) [2100] Yes,
David (PS1S4) [2101] No, but
Derek (PS1S3) [2102] but he can do the [...]
Wendy (PS1S1) [2103] But does have CorelDraw.
David (PS1S4) [2104] He does have CorelDraw and erm CorelDraw would use P Postscript ... erm which we can import onto the P Cs and dump onto the ... self-service laser printer.
[2105] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [2106] And a partridge in a pear tree.
Clare (PS1S2) [2107] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2108] I assume you understand what all that means .
David (PS1S4) [2109] At the university.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [2110] [laugh] .
David (PS1S4) [2111] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2112] [laughing] I know what it means. []
Derek (PS1S3) [2113] Erm
David (PS1S4) [2114] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [2115] Well you've got
David (PS1S4) [2116] But it does require me going to see Eddie.
[2117] Erm I'd like to see Eddie cos I didn't get to see him this time or last time .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2118] Well we could we could arrange to drive over
Derek (PS1S3) [2119] Well Eddie's going to be
Wendy (PS1S1) [2120] And see Eddie.
Derek (PS1S3) [2121] Yeah Eddie is going to be busy the whole time
David (PS1S4) [2122] Aha.
Derek (PS1S3) [2123] because he's working for his course.
[2124] He has
Wendy (PS1S1) [2125] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [2126] er course work to do the whole time.
[2127] But erm ... I can phone him er Have you got his number as well?
Wendy (PS1S1) [2128] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [2129] Right, okay.
[2130] Well you could phone him if you
Wendy (PS1S1) [2131] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [2132] wanted.
[2133] Erm and we could say We we need a company logo done.
[2134] Cos i if we said we we needed it in order to get some of this money
Wendy (PS1S1) [2135] Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [2136] that he's going to get some of then erm that might more of an incentive for him to
Wendy (PS1S1) [2137] Well he might for instance let us come over and and play with CorelDraw for an hour in one evening or something like that.
Derek (PS1S3) [2138] How long do you think it would take you to do that on CorelDraw?
David (PS1S4) [2139] Erm ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [2140] Our resident CorelDraw expert.
David (PS1S4) [2141] I could I could do that in an hour.
[2142] I could d I could do a complete letterhead and just that just that logo as an E P S F that you could stick into WordPerfect.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2143] Mm.
Clare (PS1S2) [2144] Ooh.
David (PS1S4) [2145] Erm ...
Derek (PS1S3) [2146] Right.
David (PS1S4) [2147] Ooh.
Clare (PS1S2) [2148] [laughing] Ooh. []
Derek (PS1S3) [2149] Er
Wendy (PS1S1) [2150] [laughing] Then all I need to do is to find a printer driver for Spike's laser printer at work []
David (PS1S4) [2151] Erm well er if it was E P S F you almost certainly could use [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2152] That's true.
David (PS1S4) [2153] [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2154] [...] .
[2155] Which that isn't. [...]
Derek (PS1S3) [2156] But
Wendy (PS1S1) [2157] But the University have Wor WordPerfect don't they?
[2158] Online.
Derek (PS1S3) [2159] Yes.
[2160] The university have WordPerfect
David (PS1S4) [2161] Yes.
Derek (PS1S3) [2162] on the machines.
David (PS1S4) [2163] Yes. ...
Derek (PS1S3) [2164] So
Wendy (PS1S1) [2165] This could work couldn't it?
David (PS1S4) [2166] Could work .
Derek (PS1S3) [2167] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2168] Okay.
Clare (PS1S2) [2169] It's a cunning plan.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2170] It is actually.
[2171] I have a cunning plan My Lord .
Derek (PS1S3) [2172] Let's get let's just get it on [...] though.
Clare (PS1S2) [2173] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2174] Erm okay let's get Eddie [...]
David (PS1S4) [2175] Erm I I reckon I reckon I could do it in an hour.
[2176] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [2177] The thing is if we can get that erm and ... We can al we could also put it on business cards is another thing .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2178] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [2179] I can go and get a run of business cards done at some point.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2180] Mm.
[2181] [whispering] Ooh that's something
Derek (PS1S3) [2182] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [2183] else I have to do is find a somebody that'll do cheap photocopying.
[2184] Get like an account with somebody.
[2185] [] u w
David (PS1S4) [2186] Erm ... I mean it really requires a P C and a copy of CorelDraw.
[2187] Erm ... however
Wendy (PS1S1) [2188] I've got A P C.
David (PS1S4) [2189] You have a P C.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2190] Erm But I'd
David (PS1S4) [2191] Er however
Wendy (PS1S1) [2192] I'm running low on [laughing] memory now [] .
Clare (PS1S2) [2193] [laugh] .
David (PS1S4) [2194] Yes.
[2195] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [2196] And I can't yet afford a P C.
David (PS1S4) [2197] Erm
Clare (PS1S2) [2198] Mm. [laugh] .
David (PS1S4) [2199] I can't afford a new copy of CorelDraw.
[2200] However I might be able to get erm the copy that I Eddie's copy isn't entirely legal erm and I got it for him.
[2201] I might be able to get another copy of it.
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [2202] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2203] How big is it?
[2204] I mean is it a massive program?
[2205] I imagine it'd be quite huge .
David (PS1S4) [2206] Erm it it was compressed onto six disks.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2207] [gasp] .
David (PS1S4) [2208] But that includes three I think three disks were full of ... erm ...
Derek (PS1S3) [2209] Sample stuff isn't it. [...]
David (PS1S4) [2210] clip-art.
[2211] ... Which we don't need.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2212] Mm.
[2213] Erm ...
Derek (PS1S3) [2214] Yeah.
David (PS1S4) [2215] we don't need any clip-art.
[2216] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [2217] Which means it's on three disks .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2218] Can it run off the disks?
[2219] Can it run off
David (PS1S4) [2220] No.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2221] It can't.
David (PS1S4) [2222] Be Because it's compressed.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2223] Because it's compressed.
David (PS1S4) [2224] Erm ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [2225] I mean how big
David (PS1S4) [2226] But you don't need to keep it.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2227] Well, how big will that decompress into?
David (PS1S4) [2228] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [2229] Well the total amount on three disks is what, two meg ?
Wendy (PS1S1) [2230] If I have it I'd wanna keep it.
[2231] [laughing] You know what I'm like. []
[2232] I haven't got two meg of memory.
[2233] I've got about a meg and a half.
[2234] And that that fills up my hard disk.
Derek (PS1S3) [2235] Well that
David (PS1S4) [2236] Aha.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2237] So that
David (PS1S4) [2238] Right.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2239] you couldn't use it.
[2240] It fills it up
David (PS1S4) [2241] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2242] too much to be used.
Derek (PS1S3) [2243] Right.
David (PS1S4) [2244] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [2245] And that's including my on-disk compression thing that that erm
Derek (PS1S3) [2246] Oh dear.
David (PS1S4) [2247] Oh.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2248] fiddles around with
David (PS1S4) [2249] Dear.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2250] all sort of crap.
Derek (PS1S3) [2251] Right.
David (PS1S4) [2252] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [2253] Well that Actually that's on my disk cos we did have two the the disk partitioned and it's my half of it that's got a meg and a half left.
[2254] I don't know what Spike's half's got left.
Derek (PS1S3) [2255] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2256] But er probably not very much .
Derek (PS1S3) [2257] Knowing Spike not much.
David (PS1S4) [2258] [...] .
[2259] Knowing Spike it's probably not much.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2260] [laugh] .
Derek (PS1S3) [2261] However
David (PS1S4) [2262] Okay.
[2263] I'll speak to Simon.
[2264] I'll speak to Simon erm about borrowing his P C at work.
Derek (PS1S3) [2265] Doug has a P C. ...
David (PS1S4) [2266] Right.
[2267] Okay.
[2268] Doug has a P C.
[2269] I will
Derek (PS1S3) [...]
Wendy (PS1S1) [2270] Go get Doug, see what he's Yeah.
David (PS1S4) [2271] Just see how much space he's got.
[2272] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [2273] And tell him it's temporary. [laugh]
David (PS1S4) [2274] Yeah.
[2275] And I'll see if I can get a copy of CorelDraw.
[2276] Because it will be a lot easier than going over to Bradford.
[2277] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [2278] Yeah.
[2279] Although it would be nice to go over to Bradford.
Clare (PS1S2) [2280] Yes.
David (PS1S4) [2281] And it means that we could make changes if we needed to.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2282] That's true.
[2283] Yes.
[2284] Er
David (PS1S4) [2285] Er now, the source was at university which means that he's gone gone home.
[2286] He's at Court, he might not have gone home.
[2287] ... Not Court, erm ... House.
[2288] ... Might not have gone home.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2289] I thought they were planning to er ... make term time only.
David (PS1S4) [2290] [whispering] [...] . []
Clare (PS1S2) [2291] No idea.
David (PS1S4) [2292] I don't know.
[2293] ... Erm ... [tut] I'll see Erm I know that Richard has a copy of that and Eddie has a copy [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2294] Mm.
David (PS1S4) [2295] [whispering] I'll see ... what I can do. []
Wendy (PS1S1) [2296] Right.
David (PS1S4) [2297] Erm ... I will buy a copy of it when I have ... access to a P C.
[2298] Erm ... erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [2299] How much is it?
David (PS1S4) [2300] The new one is about two hundred and sixty pounds
Wendy (PS1S1) [2301] [sigh] .
David (PS1S4) [2302] for the big one.
[2303] Er a hundred and ninety five for the smaller version which doesn't have a [...] .
[2304] [laugh] It's a bit excessive.
[2305] ... But it's the best package in existence. ...
Clare (PS1S2) [2306] Mm.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2307] They've got it at the Law College and I've I've spent some lunchtimes fiddling with it and thinking I want!
[2308] I want!
[2309] I want!
David (PS1S4) [2310] It's very easy to do pretty things with it.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2311] Mm.
[2312] ... Did you did Wasn't it CorelDraw that you guys used to make the erm ... badge for our Cop Two Thousand game?
David (PS1S4) [2313] Erm ... yes.
[2314] Eddie did that, yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2315] Mm.
[2316] Yes I've still got that somewhere. [...]
David (PS1S4) [2317] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [2318] In fact [laugh] ... I may even have them [...] be in here.
[2319] [...] . No they're not.
[2320] [laughing] They were really good. []
Derek (PS1S3) [2321] Doug's P C isn't suitable because the monitor's crap.
[2322] Steer's
Unknown speaker (FM2PSUNK) [2323] [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [2324] P C would possibly get it [...] .
David (PS1S4) [2325] In what sense is the monitor crap?
Derek (PS1S3) [2326] Er it won't do colour, erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [2327] It doesn't need to.
[2328] It's a black and white logo.
Derek (PS1S3) [2329] it it it it it's it's it's also got a erm er It's got no mouse ... for the computer.
[2330] It's ... Anyway Steer's might get it running,
David (PS1S4) [2331] Okay.
Derek (PS1S3) [2332] er but there're some really nifty ones in the Chemistry Department which cou Doug could borrow for an hour and a half of an evening.
[2333] [laugh] So.
David (PS1S4) [2334] I'm not a fr free in the evening.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2335] No.
[2336] We need it
Derek (PS1S3) [2337] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2338] er when Derek when
Derek (PS1S3) [2339] But
Wendy (PS1S1) [2340] David's free.
Derek (PS1S3) [2341] But weekend?
David (PS1S4) [2342] Maybe, yeah.
[2343] ... Yeah.
Derek (PS1S3) [2344] Cos er an hour and a half on a Saturday evening.
[2345] ... We could ... manage it.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2346] Mm.
David (PS1S4) [2347] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [2348] We can get a P C
Wendy (PS1S1) [2349] If we can do this ourselves I'd really like to .
David (PS1S4) [2350] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2351] Erm cos
David (PS1S4) [2352] Er
Wendy (PS1S1) [2353] I I definitely don't wanna pay ... you know somebody
David (PS1S4) [2354] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2355] like sixty quid just to make a logo that we can do ourselves.
David (PS1S4) [2356] Yeah.
[2357] Yeah. [sniff]
Derek (PS1S3) [2358] Th there is no w er problem whatsoever about getting a P C which is of suitable capability.
David (PS1S4) [2359] Right.
Derek (PS1S3) [2360] And we just need Doug to be around t ...
David (PS1S4) [2361] Well.
[2362] If ... erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [2363] Or if Simon can bring one home from work .
David (PS1S4) [2364] Doug's Doug's machine has reasonably high graphics doesn't it?
[2365] It's not C G A?
Derek (PS1S3) [2366] Er ... no, Doug's machine is crap.
[2367] Steer's is quite good as far as I can tell. ...
David (PS1S4) [2368] Er erm [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2369] I've got a V G A.
[2370] [laughing] [...] bloody space. []
[2371] I dunno, I could I could back up and remove WordPerfect, which frees about another meg [laughing] and a half of memory [] . [laugh]
David (PS1S4) [2372] Erm well it it was on It was compressed onto three disks, so I guess it's probably going to be about four meg.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2373] Mm.
Derek (PS1S3) [2374] Well.
[2375] Doug's machine has four and a half meg free.
David (PS1S4) [2376] It doesn't need a mouse and ... it will run on a C G A.
[2377] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [2378] Well, I think it might work then.
[2379] ... But I can't guarantee it.
Clare (PS1S2) [2380] Suck it and see as my Grandmother used to say to me. [laugh] .
David (PS1S4) [2381] Indeed.
[2382] Okay,
Wendy (PS1S1) [2383] Pardon?
David (PS1S4) [2384] I'll chase that up this week cos it won't take [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2385] What did she use to say?
Clare (PS1S2) [2386] Suck it and see.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2387] [laugh] .
[2388] [laughing] Don't tell that to Spike! [] [laugh] .
Clare (PS1S2) [2389] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2390] [laughing] Bless him!
[2391] [] .
[2392] Erm ...
Clare (PS1S2) [2393] [laugh] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2394] Moving quickly on.
[2395] Erm okay I've got a list of what Derek's gonna do, I've got a list of what Clare's gonna do.
[2396] Erm ... I'm gonna come round tomorrow and bring ...
Clare (PS1S2) [2397] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2398] some letter writing stuff.
David (PS1S4) [2399] And David's gonna convalesce.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2400] David's gonna convalesce.
David (PS1S4) [2401] David's gonna convalesce.
[2402] Yes.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2403] Erm ... it'll be alright I'm sure .
David (PS1S4) [2404] I know.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2405] You'll be fine.
Clare (PS1S2) [2406] Don't worry.
David (PS1S4) [2407] Erm ... [cough] ... Yes and I'll chase up ... chase up erm a copy of CorelDraw.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2408] Right.
[2409] And I'm going to get some tapes to Clare and the letter writing stuff, find out about a photocopying account, talk to about more tapes, ... transcription notes, erm meeting log forms, demographic transcription, and editing of transcription that we do.
David (PS1S4) [2410] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2411] Gonna write to the University Conference Office, ... erm and talk to the head of Sue's school or write to the head of Sue's school.
Derek (PS1S3) [2412] Erm ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [2413] That sounds reasonable.
Derek (PS1S3) [2414] You're going to give us your M Mercury account number.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2415] Mercury account number.
[2416] Oh yes I've got a further list down here.
[2417] [reading] Mercury account number, talk to Connie ... erm who used to be at Hull.
[2418] And I'll leave the talking to Eddie about CorelDraw for
David (PS1S4) [2419] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2420] for other people to do.
David (PS1S4) [2421] [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [2422] Right.
[2423] Should I phone him up then?
David (PS1S4) [2424] No.
[2425] Not yet.
[2426] Not
Wendy (PS1S1) [2427] Wait until David's erm ... researched getting a computer in York .
David (PS1S4) [2428] Cos it would be easi it's a lot easier to do it here.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2429] Cos i i it takes it would take an entire
Derek (PS1S3) [2430] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2431] evening to go out to Keighley.
David (PS1S4) [2432] Erm
Wendy (PS1S1) [2433] Er in fact it would take an entire evening to go out to Keighley.
[2434] It's a bloody long way.
David (PS1S4) [2435] Whereas it's ...
Derek (PS1S3) [2436] Yeah.
David (PS1S4) [2437] it's a lot more convenient [...]
Wendy (PS1S1) [2438] [laughing] [...] . []
David (PS1S4) [2439] could come round here ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [2440] Mm.
David (PS1S4) [2441] [...] .
Derek (PS1S3) [2442] Mm.
David (PS1S4) [2443] Erm ... I mean it'll take a while to install [...] .
Wendy (PS1S1) [2444] Mm. ...
David (PS1S4) [2445] [whispering] Waiting for the program to install. [] ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [2446] Right.
[2447] Well I'll leave that with you ... to see what what comes out.
[2448] But I mean in the meantime we're quite happy quite happy carrying with with the silly little letterhead that I've got cos it says
David (PS1S4) [2449] Yeah.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2450] who we are.
[2451] It's just I'd like something [...] printed .
Derek (PS1S3) [2452] What about the P Cs ... in the P C room in Langwith?
David (PS1S4) [2453] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [2454] All you need's a Vax account.
David (PS1S4) [2455] Yeah but they don't have very much memory in them.
[2456] They don't have enough memory ... in them to load up very much.
Derek (PS1S3) [2457] And you can't put it on c you can't put it
David (PS1S4) [2458] If you if you network them you've got hardly any, and even er unnetworked I think they've only got two meg.
Derek (PS1S3) [2459] But you can't do something clever like dump it all onto ... my scratch quota for example?
David (PS1S4) [2460] No.
[2461] Erm
Derek (PS1S3) [2462] Okay.
[2463] Ah well. ...
David (PS1S4) [2464] No you can run They're big enough to run a diskful of game but not something that takes more than one disk.
[2465] Erm ... er
Derek (PS1S3) [2466] Okay. ...
Wendy (PS1S1) [2467] [whispering] Right. []
[2468] Are we done?
David (PS1S4) [2469] I think we are.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2470] Right.
[2471] Shall we go away then?
David (PS1S4) [2472] Mhm.
Derek (PS1S3) [laugh]
Wendy (PS1S1) [2473] Erm ...
Derek (PS1S3) [2474] Okay.
Wendy (PS1S1) [2475] Okay. [tape change]