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Strangers - talk by PC Bruce: Talk/presentation. Sample containing about 1102 words speech recorded in educational context

3 speakers recorded by respondent number C91

PS1SG X m (pc bruce, age unknown, police officer) unspecified
FM8PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
FM8PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 085601 recorded on 1993-03-19. LocationEssex: Harlow ( Fawbert & Barnard School ) Activity: Talk/presentation

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [1] not his hair, not other things about him, obvious ... things about him. ...
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [2] His colour.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [3] What colour was he?
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [4] Erm white.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [5] Good lad.
[6] He was white.
[7] ... Obvious things about him again that you might forget, obvious things. ...
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [8] He had a moustache.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [9] He had a moustache, yes, but I'm talking about really obvious things that we might forget.
[10] ... Policemen would remember but you might forget, obvious thing ... he was white ...
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [11] Slim.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [12] Good girl.
[13] He was slim.
[14] And we have done this before haven't we?
[15] [laugh] Yeah he was slim, what else was he?
[16] Was he ... right at the back.
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [17] Quite tall.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [18] He was quite tall.
[19] Obvious things about him you forget, right?
[20] He was white ... slim and quite tall, yeah?
[21] Then you can give him the clothes, right [...] I want the clothes.
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [22] Erm dark ... no light brown leather jacket.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [23] Light brown leather jacket, we'll see in a minute on the video [...]
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [24] He had black jeans on and white
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [25] Cords.
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [26] shoes.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [27] Black jeans and white cords, we'll see if you're right, it's gonna be on in a minute.
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [28] Black shades.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [29] Black shades, when do you mean black shades, like mirror shades yeah?
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [30] Yeah.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [31] Right, well done.
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [32] Erm he was in his thirties.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [33] He was in his thirties, I would put him in his early thirties, yeah, I'd say he was younger than me.
[34] Yeah [...]
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [35] He had brown hair.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [36] He had brown, see if you're right in a minute.
[37] See if you're right. ...
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [38] He had a moustache.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [39] He had a moustache, yes.
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [40] He had a blue car and
pc bruce (PS1SG) [41] He had a blue car, stop it there, I'll ... stop it there, he had a blue car.
[42] ... What is important about the car?
[43] You've gotta remember.
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [44] Oh [...] !
pc bruce (PS1SG) [45] Yeah, what have you got to remember about the car?
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [46] Registration.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [47] Good girl, the registration number, yeah we had [...] before ... once or twice.
[48] Right all hands down ... and no guesses, no guesses, what was ... the number?
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [49] Oh!
[50] Oh!
pc bruce (PS1SG) [51] No guesses, what was the number?
[52] ... There you go my man.
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [53] M J B three six seven X.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [54] Is he right or is he wrong?
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [55] Right.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [56] Who says he's right? ...
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [...]
pc bruce (PS1SG) [57] Who says he's wrong?
[58] ... Top of the class, well done.
[59] M J B three six seven X.
[60] Cos I've caught you out on that before, yeah.
[61] What else do you remember about the man?
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [62] He had a deep voice.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [63] He had a deep voice, yeah.
[64] I think we've got all of it haven't we?
[65] But the important points, what?
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [66] His shoes were like plimsoll [...] .
pc bruce (PS1SG) [67] His shoes were like plimsolls, fair enough, yeah, we'll [...] ... But the impoi important things to remember, if you can, was his car ... his number plate, yeah?
[68] He was white ... he was slim and he was a tall man.
[69] Yeah?
[70] Very important.
[71] Okay you may not have ever seen him, he may just have been sitting in the car, then remember his colour ... maybe his moustache ... and then the type of car he had.
[72] Can anyone, top of the class, what kind of car was it?
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [73] Oh!
pc bruce (PS1SG) [74] Shh shh shh.
[75] What type of car was it? ...
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [76] Volkswagen.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [77] Volkswagen what? ...
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [78] Polo?
pc bruce (PS1SG) [79] No, you're guessing.
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [tut] [sigh] ...
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [80] It was a hatchback.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [81] [...] ... It was a hatchback.
[82] You're gonna see it again [...]
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [83] No it's not it's the other one innit? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [84] It was blue.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [85] Blue, yes, blue.
[86] If you didn't see it, it's a tricky one but ... there's a good way, we've brought up a good point as well, if we look at the car ... when the car comes up, who said Polo?
[87] ... Cos it's not a Polo, it's a Jetta, it's the one with the boot but if you can't remember what it is ... you can either, did you know the difference between a car with a boot and a car with a hatchback?
[88] ... Do you know the difference?
[89] Do you know the difference?
[90] If you don't say, say you don't know the difference and I'll explain.
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [91] I don't.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [92] You don't?
[93] A hatchback is where all the back comes up here like a Fiesta ... yeah?
[94] And where ... a boot is where only the booty bit comes out the, the, the glass window doesn't come up as well.
[95] Understand that?
[96] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [97] Yeah.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [98] A hatchback is where it all comes up and it all swings up, the whole back swings up doesn't it?
[99] What's that, like a ... Ford Fiesta?
[100] A little, little Peugeot
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [101] A Sierra.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [102] No, a Sierra, a Sierra ... the whole lot comes up, yes, but they've now changed to a Sapphire and the Sapphire is just the boot, yeah?
[103] So you can explain, if you don't remember the car ... remember if it was a hatchback or a boot.
[104] It comes in handy, [...] know ... a blue car and I think it has a boot, I can't tell you the type of, don't make it up, if you don't kn know, don't make it up.
[105] White, slim, early thirties, very tall man, yeah?
[106] Very.
[107] Would you have said he was slim or very slim?
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [108] Slim.
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [109] I thought he was very slim actually.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [110] I'll go with you, I'd say he was very slim, he was a very slim man.
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [111] Thank you
pc bruce (PS1SG) [112] No it's not being horrible to anyone, skinny wasn't he?
[113] Yeah?
[114] [...] . We'll see how well we got on and how we didn't.
[115] ... See what we've got.
[116] [video comes on] ... Whitey type trainers, plimsolls, yeah that's close enough innit?
[117] ... Who said black trousers?
[118] ... Are they black?
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [119] No, grey.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [120] Grey [...] you could say they were dark, if you didn't know for definite you could say they were dark trousers.
[121] ... If you don't know don't make it up, don't guess.
[122] Who said moustache?
[123] ... Well done.
[124] ... [...] ... yeah?
[125] The glasses, well done.
[126] ... Whitey type, I don't know what they are ... casual shoes.
[127] M J B three six seven X, well done.
[128] It's a Jetta, a V W Jetta.
[129] ... [video] ... Right, when you start ... your holiday ... been coming here now years and years and years and every year I show you that video, you know that video off by heart, you should do ... so when you play, play safe, that's all I'm saying, play safe.
[130] Enjoy yourself ... but play safe.
[131] If someone approaches you ... and you don't know them, someone you don't know ... is a stranger.
[132] Did you see how nice the man was when he started to talk to Jason ... oh I'll go and help you ... how friendly he was ... he was conning him, he was tricking.
[133] Just remember play safe, someone you don't know is a stranger, yeah?
[134] Now I've frightened you, all have a nice holiday, but play safe.
[135] Yeah?
[136] Will you do that for me?
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [137] Yeah.
pc bruce (PS1SG) [138] Good stuff.
[139] I'll see you later.
[140] Take care.
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [141] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (FM8PSUNK) [...]
pc bruce (PS1SG) [142] You're getting too good, I've gotta che