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Strangers - talk by PC Bruce: Talk/presentation. Sample containing about 314 words speech recorded in educational context

3 speakers recorded by respondent number C92

PS1SH X m (pc bruce, age unknown, police officer) unspecified
FM9PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
FM9PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 085602 recorded on 1993-03-19. LocationEssex: Harlow ( Fawbert & Barnard School ) Activity: Talk/presentation

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [1] long summer break.
[2] I just want you to remember the video, someone you don't know is a?
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [3] Stranger.
pc bruce (PS1SH) [4] Right.
[5] You don't take sweets ... you to don't ... don't take drinks, presents money or
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [6] Don't take anything.
pc bruce (PS1SH) [7] That's right, don't take anything.
[8] You don't get in someone's car ... cos someone you don't know is a?
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [9] Stranger.
pc bruce (PS1SH) [10] What can one say?
[11] They know it already Miss. ...
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [12] You've been here lots of times too haven't you.
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [13] You told us before.
pc bruce (PS1SH) [14] I know I have, yes I know I have.
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [15] [...] been here loads of times.
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [16] And we've watched, and we've watched the video before.
pc bruce (PS1SH) [17] Shh shh shh.
[18] And we've watched the video before, yes, and we keep learning and we keep coming to tell you don't we?
[19] Because ... it keeps happening, boys and girls in their summer holiday keep get getting taken away by people they don't know and nasty things done to them.
[20] So all we want you to do is remember the video ... remember Pippin ... yeah?
[21] And play safely till you come back to school next term.
[22] Play safe and never go with ... strangers.
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [23] Strangers.
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [24] Like James did.
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [25] [...] never.
pc bruce (PS1SH) [26] Like that James did, yes that little boy of three, James did didn't he?
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [27] Two. ...
pc bruce (PS1SH) [28] Two or three whatever, I've just been
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [29] Two
pc bruce (PS1SH) [30] corrected.
[31] Alright.
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [32] Two.
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [33] Who's James?
pc bruce (PS1SH) [34] Thank you Miss.
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [35] Thank you.
pc bruce (PS1SH) [36] Will you do one thing before you go though class?
[37] Will you promise me when you go home tonight ... you be the teachers ... and your mum and dad be the children and you tell them all about Stranger Danger and you tell them ... you're never gonna go with strangers and see what your mum and dad says to you.
[38] Yeah, will you do that for me?
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [39] Yeah.
pc bruce (PS1SH) [40] Well done.
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [41] They don't live with me.
pc bruce (PS1SH) [42] Oh [...]
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [43] I always tell him that.
Unknown speaker (FM9PSUNK) [...]
pc bruce (PS1SH) [44] Good man.
[45] Thank you very much indeed, thanks for your time.
[46] See you later class.