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Old Harlow W.I. Meeting. Sample containing about 6824 words speech recorded in leisure context

6 speakers recorded by respondent number C124

PS224 X f (Margaret, age unknown, secretary) unspecified
PS225 X f (Vera, age unknown) unspecified
PS226 X f (Gloria, age unknown, Is the speaker.) unspecified
PS227 X f (Mildred, age unknown) unspecified
FX6PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
FX6PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 092201 recorded on 1992-10-15. LocationEssex: Old Harlow () Activity: W.I. Meeting Skincare talk

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [1] [...] Margaret?
Margaret (PS224) [2] Yes.
[3] That sort of
Mildred (PS227) [4] Right.
[5] The Christmas luncheon, we've had the menu come from Mr .
[6] But this is the menu.
Margaret (PS224) [7] Oh!
[8] Here it is.
Mildred (PS227) [9] And erm ... we've talked about it in committee and ... decided on the menu that is six forty.
[10] Which is the usual sort of Christmas menu, and then there is a choice of er starters ... and also desserts, cheese and biscuits and celery, coffee, tea or dinner, and dinner mints.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [11] Six forty plus V A T [...] .
Mildred (PS227) [12] Yes I'm, coming to that.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [13] Oh sorry!
Mildred (PS227) [14] Er yes, er the six forty is plus V A T.
[15] Now they've got V A T as erm ... seventeen
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [16] seventeen and a half.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [17] Yes.
Mildred (PS227) [18] And with the wine that brings it up to about eight pounds.
[19] But we will ... subsidise it from the jumble sale, so ... Amy, I hope you have a good jumble [laughing] sale [] !
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Mildred (PS227) [20] So that the overall cost each member will be six pounds.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [21] Oh right!
[22] Yeah, six.
Mildred (PS227) [23] Erm ... next we , er month, the tickets for the luncheon will be on sale ... er, from Rose.
[24] And when you buy your ticket, if you're a vegetarian ... please tell Rose ... or if you want salad instead of hot vegetables, tell her, and then we ... can sort it out with Mr .
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [cough]
Mildred (PS227) [25] Right?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [26] If you could get the right money it would be appreciated.
Mildred (PS227) [27] Yes.
[28] Please bring the right money cos that's such a
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [29] Having just given a lot of money back ... [laughing] [...] [] .
Margaret (PS224) [30] Yes.
[31] That is handy if you could bring just the six pounds.
[32] You know, and erm ... then that will be fine.
[33] And that's on erm
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [34] Second [...] isn't it?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [35] The, er second of
Mildred (PS227) [36] The second of December isn't it?
[37] Helen?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [38] I don't know.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [39] Yeah it must, yes.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [40] November.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [41] What day would that be?
Mildred (PS227) [42] I'm just coming to that.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [43] It is on Wednesday.
[44] It is on a Wednesday, the second of September.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS224) [45] I mean, December, sorry!
Mildred (PS227) [46] December.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [47] Now, that would have been a W I committee day ... so we've had to alter the committee to the Tuesday, so I'm afraid they'll be no handy craft on Tuesday the first ... of December.
[48] No handy craft ... because we have to have the hall for a committee meeting.
[49] Cos there's too many of us to go in the little room.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [50] Well can't you send the, the handy craft in the little room Joe?
[51] Because most of us will be on the committee.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [52] Er committee
Mildred (PS227) [53] Right.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [54] which could go in the other room, if they don't want
Mildred (PS227) [55] Yes.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [56] [...] .
Mildred (PS227) [57] Oh well there will be handy craft.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [58] Yes that's fine.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [59] Yeah.
Mildred (PS227) [60] Fine.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [61] Yeah?
Mildred (PS227) [62] Yes, that's great!
[63] Fine thank you.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [64] The Essex News to Mrs today if you want to order it, it's ten copies for pound ... and Home and County, as you well know, has gone up to ten pounds twenty pence.
[65] Which is rather a lot I think.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [66] It is.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [67] Is there anything coming down?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Mildred (PS227) [68] Nothing.
[69] No.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [70] Not on offer?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [71] Ah!
[72] We've got nothing on offer!
[73] The coffee morning tombola made forty pounds, which was very good!
[74] And erm ... Maisy and Freda say that they would still like a few bottles and that for the stall ... please.
[75] Er, the donation for the Lion we have sent, I dunno if you've sent it, have you ro ... Rose?
[76] Fifty
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [77] No I haven't, yet.
[78] No.
Mildred (PS227) [79] No.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [80] Cos erm ... th the cheque book is [...]
Mildred (PS227) [81] Oh yes!
[82] With the auditor.
[83] Well we're going to donate to the Lions fifty pounds from the Victorian Fayre.
[84] ... There'll be a Christmas Fayre meeting on Tuesday the third November at two thirty in the hall here.
[85] And, that's for stall holders and anybody that would like to come and along and offer their services of help.
[86] Please.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [87] What date's this?
Mildred (PS227) [88] Th , Tuesday the third of November.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [89] And if you've got any money left ... [laugh] ... er ... the calendars and diaries Brenda has taken the names today ... and the money at the same time when you order.
[90] ... Because the orders have to be in so that, when Rose goes to headquarters she can fix them up.
[91] ... Margaret have you done the flower list?
Margaret (PS224) [92] Yeah.
Mildred (PS227) [93] Oh!
[94] You have?
Margaret (PS224) [95] Mhm.
Mildred (PS227) [96] About the flower list erm ... you know, when it comes to the winter time and you've got, you're getting flowers and they're expensive and that ... a display of dried flowers is quite adequate to bring ... because, come January time flowers are quite expensive.
Margaret (PS224) [97] Thank you everybody who said they would do them for next year.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [98] Mhm.
Mildred (PS227) [99] Erm, there are five committee members retiring.
[100] I dunno why!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Mildred (PS227) [101] Must be me!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Mildred (PS227) [102] They are ... Janice , Win ... Mrs ... Margaret , and Rose .
[103] Erm ... so we wish to thank them all, or I wish to thank them all very much for all their hard work and support they've given me.
[104] Erm ... which I couldn't have managed without them.
[105] So erm ... the voting papers are out today so please erm ... go round and get peoples' names.
[106] But you must ask the person, don't put just somebody's name down, thinking they might go on the committee, erm, you must ask them first before you put their name on the ... list.
[107] And then perhaps, Margaret, you'll collect them will you?
[108] And bring them up later?
Margaret (PS224) [109] Yes.
Mildred (PS227) [110] Thank you.
[111] Erm ... I don't know if anybody was erm ... keen to go to Denman after whe , our outing there which was most enjoyable?
[112] Erm, so if anybody would like to erm put their hand up that would like to go to Denman this coming ... year ... er, please do so or let Margaret know.
[113] Is there any takers?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [114] Er, will there be a bursary?
Mildred (PS227) [115] Yes.
[116] A bursary of a hundred pounds, yes.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS224) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [117] Oh!
[118] There's erm
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [119] You have to be a member for two years.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [120] Yes.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [121] And not if you've been before.
Mildred (PS227) [122] No, that's right.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [123] Well Janice ... and Margaret sa
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [124] Becky .
Mildred (PS227) [125] No , Becky .
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [126] Becky .
Mildred (PS227) [127] And we'll talk about this in committee and ... let you know.
[128] Okay?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [129] Okay.
Mildred (PS227) [130] Vera, would you like to say som , oh!
[131] I have to thank Vera for the holiday to Scarborough, not that I went.
Vera (PS225) [132] It's, it's not next Saturday! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Mildred (PS227) [133] No.
[134] [laughing] No [] !
[135] Never mind.
Vera (PS225) [136] I mean it's, it was next Saturday.
Mildred (PS227) [137] Oh yes!
[138] Well it was, it was from then.
Vera (PS225) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [139] [laugh] ... Erm, we wo , I would wish to thank Vera cos it's a lot of work for erm, a lot of worry ... and I do hope that you all enjoyed it.
[140] Now, Vera you want to say a word don't you?
Vera (PS225) [141] Thank you.
[142] First of all, I expect ... most of you have heard ... that the proposed holiday to Torbay has had to be cancelled ... cos we didn't have enough support.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [143] Oh.
Vera (PS225) [144] And er ... if you'll bear with me, I'm having competition about this, with these holidays here I haven't got anything as cheap as that probably.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [145] Oh have you?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [146] Yes Vera!
[147] But those holidays, they're in February!
[148] But
Vera (PS225) [149] And they're only two nights.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [150] Yes!
[151] But we don't
Mildred (PS227) [152] Ah!
[153] But some
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [154] want two nights in the middle of winter!
Mildred (PS227) [155] somebody is [...] a bit later on in the season ... but they're overnight travel by coach I would have thought.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [156] No good!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [157] Vera?
Vera (PS225) [158] Right.
[159] Oh!
[160] So that's sorted [...] .
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [161] I wouldn't have thought they'd be brought forward either.
Vera (PS225) [162] No.
[163] I shouldn't think so.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [164] It is ho , well you know, I suppose [...] .
Vera (PS225) [165] Anyway , I have erm ... started to arrange a holiday, if you can bear it, for next September, to Newquay.
[166] The price er wi , we depart on the eleventh of September ... for eight days ... the usual ... additions, you know, the coach from here, and everything.
[167] And the price is two hundred and thirty three pounds ... with four pounds cancellation fee.
[168] Er, I've got ... a couple of brochures here, if you like to have a look at ... but don't, please, take them away.
[169] And I've got some itineraries ... which you can take away, if you want.
[170] If you'd like to come and get one in tea time.
[171] Er, I should like to the names ... next month ... and I hope you'll all support us because ... the numbers are going down ... and if we don't get sufficient numbers, it'll have to cancelled like the Torbay one.
[172] And that's rather a pity because we've been doing these holidays for a long time now, and I think, those people have enjoyed themselves?
[173] Say yes!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [174] Yes! [laugh]
Vera (PS225) [175] [...] ... Erm, I think that's all I can say to you today.
[176] Names next month.
[177] And come and get an itinerary if you want one.
[178] Okay?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [179] Ah.
[180] Thank you.
Vera (PS225) [181] Thank you.
Mildred (PS227) [182] Right.
[183] Thank you!
[184] Essex News erm ... well we couldn't really find anything very exciting in it!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh] ... [...]
Mildred (PS227) [185] The [...] club went to Bournemouth.
[186] Er ... Shakespeare and Cadbury World ... and a Swiss wonder.
[187] Well that's in February, I mean who would go in February to Switzerland?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [188] And erm ... there's a five day tour to Dunoon and the Cars of Bute on the first of March.
[189] Half board, a hundred and nine pounds.
Vera (PS225) [190] Getting a little competition aren't I?
Mildred (PS227) [191] But there's no takers though Vera, have you noticed?
Vera (PS225) [192] No.
Mildred (PS227) [193] I'm only trying to sell the time then!
[194] Ha!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Vera (PS225) [195] But you have to do a dance when you want to fill ta time in!
Mildred (PS227) [196] Oh well!
[197] That'll be the finish!
[198] Erm, we've got [...] for friendship, Harlow's name is mentioned.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [199] Oh!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [200] Well I think that's about all.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [201] I'd, I'm afraid that's all this month in Essex News.
[202] Have you got anything else Margaret, at the moment?
Margaret (PS224) [203] No.
Mildred (PS227) [204] Erm, has the speaker come?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [205] Yes.
Mildred (PS227) [206] Right!
[207] We'll wait then thank you.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [208] Did you get that message Margaret ... that I shall be away?
Margaret (PS224) [209] Yes I did.
Mildred (PS227) [210] And you told [...] ... [...]
Margaret (PS224) [211] I've put it in my diary.
Mildred (PS227) [212] Oh good!
[213] I've just got
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [214] Looks like you won't have a
Margaret (PS224) [215] Will she be, will she be standing there?
Mildred (PS227) [216] Er
Margaret (PS224) [217] Will she be standing there?
Mildred (PS227) [218] Yes.
[219] Aha.
[220] Probably won't understand a word I said!
Margaret (PS224) [221] She will.
Mildred (PS227) [laugh]
Margaret (PS224) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [222] I feel such a natural!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [223] Yeah, it was [...]
Mildred (PS227) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [224] It's [...] innit?
[225] Ray .
[226] Ray.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [227] Oh!
Mildred (PS227) [228] Margaret this is your seat.
Margaret (PS224) [229] Just put it there cos she wants you to [...] .
Mildred (PS227) [230] Oh is it?
Margaret (PS224) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [231] Oh really?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [232] If all these people about were to be quiet
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [clears throat]
Mildred (PS227) [233] I shall
Gloria (PS226) [234] I was told the ring the bell so I did.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Mildred (PS227) [235] Yeah.
Gloria (PS226) [236] Good afternoon ladies!
[237] It's very nice to see you all here this afternoon.
[238] My name is Gloria ... and I run a beauty salon which is at the end of the high street ... by R D
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [239] Argins the
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [240] Mm.
Gloria (PS226) [241] jewellers.
[242] Okay?
[243] I've been there two years now.
[244] And Carol has, she joined me in June.
[245] So this is Carol .
[246] So, if any of you would like to come and see us ... at the salon ... we will both be there and very happy to see ... and answer any of your questions.
[247] I would like, at this point, to say thank you for Sh , to Sheila,sh , Sheila , she popped in to ask me would I ... do this er ... talk for you this afternoon.
[248] So, thank you to Sheila for asking me, and letting us come to your ... meeting this afternoon.
[249] It's been a pleasure.
[250] Now, the topic that Sheila asked me to talk about was skin care.
[251] Now, er, there is no ... what can I say?
[252] There is no ... skin care is a very basic thing.
[253] You don't have to worry, there is no, I can't think of the word that I want to use.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [254] [laugh] ... Never too late to start.
Gloria (PS226) [255] Well it's never too late to start with good skin care.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [256] I hope so.
Gloria (PS226) [257] So what is skin care?
[258] What we must do to have good skin is to cleanse, tone, and moisturize.
[259] How many of us do ... cleanse, tone and moisturize?
[260] How many of us here use soap and water?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [261] Yes.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Gloria (PS226) [262] Okay.
[263] If you use soap and water, that's fine.
[264] But really, soap is very drying on our skin ... and if you didn't use soap and you use a cleanser ... you would certainly find a difference immediately.
[265] You don't realize how drying soap is.
[266] So we do try to avoid using soap.
[267] So what we use as a cleanser, is either a cleansing milk ... or a cleansing cream.
[268] Now, today I've got two types of products with me, one is Gloria M products that we're going to use as a demonstration, and the other dermatological products that we're going to use as a dem demonstration.
[269] So I'd like two ... volunteers later on to come and have their faces cleansed, toned, and moisturized.
[270] And then you can go and tell all your friends how it feels, okay?
[271] Now, the Gloria M products, in that range, we have a cleanser, which is cucumber cleansing milk.
[272] Now, all these products are water soluble which means they can be rinsed off with water.
[273] Gone are the days when you've got these thick creams that you couldn't get off unless you used an alcohol toner to remove them.
[274] So, a cleansing milk ... a little a amount in the palm of your hand ... put over the face, then rinsed off with warm water and then you can dry your face with a towel ... and you would feel then, perhaps, that you'd really washed your face.
[275] Then you must cle ... you must ... use the toner after that.
[276] And the toner really does get rid of ... any of the cleanser that you've left on ... and closes the pores.
[277] Now the fact that you've rinsed off with water anyway, you shouldn't really have any of the cleansing medium on the skin.
[278] So really we use the toner to close the pores ... so that you don't get any creams or any dirt in the pores, so that the skin is nice and clean.
[279] So you cleanse, you tone ... and the most important thing after that ... okay?
[280] Is to moisturize.
[281] Now in the Gloria M products we do the avocado moisturizer or the vitaminized moisturizer.
[282] Now ladies, I don't mind if you don't cleanse properly ... or perhaps you don't even tone ... but the moisturizer is the most important, from my point of view.
[283] I feel that the moisturizer will keep your skin nice and soft.
[284] You won't get any flakiness, you won't get any dryness on the skin if you use a moisturizer.
[285] You don't have to use make up ... but certainly to cleanse and moisturize is very important.
[286] Now with the dermatological products, I actually haven't bought those with me apart from those that we're going to use as a demo ... erm, the have a very nice cleanser called ... special cleansing gel, and if you're used to using soap and water ... it really is very similar to using soap.
[287] You put a little of the gel in the palm of the hand, use water to lather it, put the lather over your face, and then again, rinse off with warm water ... and you feel as if you've used soap and water.
[288] We th , do then have a toner, but you don't necessarily have to use the toner because you've used to water to cleanse off the cleanser.
[289] And then, again, a very important product is the moisturizer.
[290] The moisturizer keeps your skin nice and soft and supple, it doesn't get dry.
[291] Now, don't forget we're coming up to winter, we have the cold winds, we have the rain, if you're not wearing a moisturizer the skin will suffer.
[292] Okay?
[293] It wi , really will get dry, and possibly very red.
[294] You know you get these little red veins on the su , on the ... cheek area ... if you don't wear ... a moisturizer those little red veins can get worse, so we use a moisturizer to try and protect the skin.
[295] So there's no secret about good skin care.
[296] It really is, only, cleanse, tone, and moisturize.
[297] It does depend on the products you use.
[298] If you've got plenty of products at home, fine, use them ... okay?
[299] If you haven't, if you're using soap and water, just think about perhaps, whether you should use a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer.
[300] Alright?
[301] Now, is there anybody here who would like to volunteer to come and have their face, cleansed, toned and moisturized?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Gloria (PS226) [302] Come on!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [303] Yes.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [clapping]
Gloria (PS226) [304] Of course we go back an awful long way don't we?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [305] Yes.
[306] Yeah.
Gloria (PS226) [307] Are you going to tell them how much [...] ?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [308] Er ... about [...] .
Gloria (PS226) [309] Forty years?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [310] Forty years!
Gloria (PS226) [311] Forty years I've known Gloria.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Gloria (PS226) [312] Miss used to be a cam , the, what were you?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [313] Campaigner Chief.
Gloria (PS226) [314] She was a Campaigner Chief when I was a campaigner.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [315] My lovely little girls!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [316] [...] can you Margaret?
Gloria (PS226) [317] Ca , can you see?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Gloria (PS226) [318] Do you want to just [...] round her neck?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [319] Ooh! [laugh]
Mildred (PS227) [...]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Gloria (PS226) [320] Put a band on, just so that we don't ... you know, erm ... squash their hair.
[321] That's it.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Gloria (PS226) [322] Now somebody else, we need another volunteer to try the other products er
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [323] Well I'm thinking
Gloria (PS226) [324] erm
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [325] about it.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [326] Go on!
Gloria (PS226) [327] Just so that we don't get any products on ... the clothes.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [328] Right.
[329] That's it.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Gloria (PS226) [330] So Carol is now using the ... cucumber cleansing milk and she ... if just show the ladies what you're doing Carol, she's just actually tipping it out into the palm of her hand, there's no water necessary, okay?
[331] Rub it into the palm of your hand, and then spread it on to your own face.
[332] It will be nice if you could get somebody to do this for you every day wouldn't it?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [333] Oh yes!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Gloria (PS226) [334] So when you actually are putting it on your own face ... make sure that you rub your fingers all around, especially around the nose.
[335] Okay?
[336] You get a build up of black heads around the nose, and around the chin.
[337] Okay?
[338] So, really make sure you spread it over the whole of the face, rubbing it in with your fingers.
[339] Now Carol's doing this beautifully, and it really does feel nice!
[340] Okay?
[341] She's massaging in the cleanser.
[342] ... And does it feel nice [...] ?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [343] That's lovely!
Gloria (PS226) [344] So once you've got that one, even if you're wearing make up, you can use this cleanser, okay?
[345] It will take the make up, which you might need to use the make up, er the re , er the cleanser ... possibly twice, or three times if you're wearing make up.
[346] Okay?
[347] We normally say cleanse twice anyway.
[348] So you should cleanse with your cleanser twice.
[349] If there is make up on ... from the first erm removal, then you could then take off the make up with the first application and then go over twice more, so it would be three times if you've got quite a lot of base ... or foundation on.
[350] ... Okay?
[351] So ... now Carol's going to use damp pads ... damp cotton wool to take off the cleanser.
[352] Now you at home would actually use ... warm water to splash over your face.
[353] ... Now if you notice Carol's movements, they are always in a an upward direction ... and the reason for this is so that you don't drag the skin, so when you're ... whatever you're doing with your face,whe , when you're cleansing, toning, and moisturize, always try and keep the movements going up ... because you don't want to stretch the face, you don't want to make any ... any loose skin any looser than it is
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [354] Mm mm.
Gloria (PS226) [355] or ... or bring any more erm, little wrinkles or little lines that we have.
[356] ... Now we're going to tone.
[357] And the toner actually closes the pores, because we may have opened those pores slightly by using the cleanser, and also, if there is any cleanser left on the skin the toner will remove that as well.
[358] And the toner we're using is rosemary skin tonic, and that's erm ... from the herb, rosemary.
[359] It feels nice and it's, it is very good for the skin.
[360] ... It usually is cold.
[361] Mm?
[362] ... So once you've cleansed, and once you've toned ... you then make sure that the face is either tissued dry or you can actually pad to your face, after the toner, with a towel.
[363] As long as it's dry before you apply the moisturizer.
[364] ... Have you gone to sleep down there?
[365] [laugh] ... Carol's now going to tissue dry ... the toner.
[366] ... And now the skin is perfectly clean ... and it can be ... ah, it can have ... the moisturizer on it.
[367] ... Carole's using the avocado moisturizer which is very creamy ... it contains avocado oil, which is very good for the skin ... and it's a natural product.
[368] ... If you feel, ladies, that when you put your moisturizer on and the skin is still feeling quite dry, put another application of your moisturizer on.
[369] Alright?
[370] And do make sure you put plenty of moisturizer on the cheeks and on the nose, because they're areas that actually do hit the elements ... more than the other parts of the face.
[371] ... Not to forget the neck, the neck is part of the face ... and this is where we show the ... the lines don't we?
[372] Around the neck.
[373] So if you massage in the neck with your moisturizer with upward movements it will help those lines.
[374] Okay?
[375] It won't take them away ... once they're there they don't disappear, but it does help to ease them, they don't look quite so deep.
[376] Alright.
[377] If you actually massage ... the cream into the ... the neck.
[378] ... Mhm?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [379] Right.
Gloria (PS226) [380] How does that feel?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [381] That's fine.
Gloria (PS226) [382] Yes?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [383] Am I finished with now?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [384] Nearly.
Gloria (PS226) [385] And yo do you want to straighten your hair?
[386] Mm mm.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [387] Right.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Gloria (PS226) [388] Would you like sit down?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [389] Yes.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [390] Oh!
[391] That's it!
Gloria (PS226) [392] Alright? [...]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [clapping]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [393] Thank you very much.
Gloria (PS226) [394] Do you have [...] ?
Mildred (PS227) [395] Can we thank ... Margaret?
[396] Thank Margaret for being a volunteer
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [397] okay?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [clapping]
Gloria (PS226) [398] Please may we have another volunteer?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Gloria (PS226) [399] And this is Molly.
[400] So she's going to have the dermatological products used on her this afternoon.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [401] Do you usually use soap and water on your face?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [402] Yes.
Gloria (PS226) [403] Molly uses soap and water to wash her face so we're going to use ... the cleansing gel which lathers up like soap.
[404] Alright?
[405] And we'll see, we'll ask her what she fe , what it feels like on her skin ... to see if it feels better than soap.
[406] ... So Carol's using the gel and she's making it into a lather.
[407] Alright?
[408] It's just a little gel that you put in the palm of your hand ... use some warm water and lather it up and put the lather over your face.
[409] And again, make sure that you use your finger to go round the nose, and over the fore head, around the eyes.
[410] And another thing about ... directions of, of your hands, upward movements all the time, and make sure with the eye area, go in towards the nose, because if you keep bringing
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [411] Mm.
Gloria (PS226) [412] your movements coming outwards you stretch the skin and you make even more lines come around that area.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [413] Oh that's nice!
Gloria (PS226) [414] So, take your fingers from the outside and move them in towards the nose and round ... so that you don't stretch the skin even more.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [415] Look at your hands!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Gloria (PS226) [416] Perhaps we just need a little more water to make a bit more lather.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [417] [whispering] [...] [] .
Gloria (PS226) [418] Now of course, if you went to a salon
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [419] [whispering] [...] [] .
Gloria (PS226) [420] for a a facial cleanse you would actually laid on a couch, like this, and er have a head band and have a towel round you ... and you have nice soft music playing ... alright?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [421] Mm.
[422] So
Gloria (PS226) [423] And
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [424] sing everybody!
Gloria (PS226) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Gloria (PS226) [425] and then the therapist will actually cleanse, tone and moisturize.
[426] And you would actually, in a facial, you would have a facial massage with aromatherapy oils ... and that's very relaxing, that's very nice.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [427] [whispering] [...] [] ... Sounds like [...] .
Gloria (PS226) [428] So we've got the cleansing gel on and now we're going to remove it.
[429] ... Carol's uses, using sponges to take off the gel.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Gloria (PS226) [430] Yes.
[431] We haven't got any more.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [432] [...] .
Gloria (PS226) [433] The sponges feel nice and soft, they don't drag the skin.
[434] ... And it is important, ladies, to remove all the cleanser, not to leave any on the skin.
[435] So do make sure that whatever cleanser you're using, make sure it all comes off.
[436] Because if it doesn't, your moisturizer, which is very important, isn't working properly.
[437] Because there's not the ingredients in the cleanser that there is the moisturizer and if you have any cleanser on the skin it's blocking the work of the moisturizer.
[438] ... So we've cleansed off the cleanser now ... going to tissue dry ... Now toner is in a spray bottle, so we're going to gently use the spray over Molly's face.
[439] Close her eyes, it's a very gentle spray.
[440] Mm mm?
[441] It's like raindrops.
[442] ... And then we're going to use a very nice cream ... erm called moisture balance ... and that's a dermatological product ... and, and that's for keeping the skin nice and soft, and keeping the wrinkles at bay.
[443] ... And again, when you're putting on the moisturizer, don't forget the neck.
[444] And always use upward movements.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [445] Can you do the neck?
Gloria (PS226) [446] And how's it feeling Molly?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [447] That's really lovely!
[448] You could do this all day long!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Gloria (PS226) [449] It is very relaxing, really.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [450] I tell you something, it's much better than the operating table!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Gloria (PS226) [451] In fact, some people when they do come into the salon they say, ooh it's like an operating theatre!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Gloria (PS226) [452] It's not really.
[453] It's quite pretty in there.
[454] It's just I think, when there's a couch and there's white tissues over the couch it probably can look a little bit clinical.
[455] But certainly, we don't operate.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Gloria (PS226) [456] We don't amputate.
[457] We don't do anything in that line!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [458] Thank goodness for that!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [459] I can [...] ... but it is, but it is nice. [...]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [460] What was tha er tha that one? [...] ?
Gloria (PS226) [461] No, this is the dermatological.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [462] Yes.
[463] Oh.
Gloria (PS226) [464] This has a lemon grass in
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [465] Yeah.
Gloria (PS226) [466] which you can actually smell.
[467] ... Would you like sit up Molly?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [468] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [469] Right.
[470] Back down again.
Gloria (PS226) [471] The only thing, ladies, when you have a facial, your hair get slightly squashed.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [472] [...] with that on.
Gloria (PS226) [473] So don't go to the hairdressers before you us, alright?
[474] Go to the hairdressers after
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [475] Yeah.
Gloria (PS226) [476] we've seen you.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [477] Good.
Gloria (PS226) [478] There we are.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [479] There you go.
Gloria (PS226) [480] Can we have a clap for Molly for
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [481] Yes!
Gloria (PS226) [482] for being our volunteer?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [clapping]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Gloria (PS226) [483] They were just very quick demonstrations, but it does take longer if you come to a salon.
[484] But, with yourselves, do make sure you cleanse properly ... I'm not too worried about your toner, but you must use a moisturizer, just to make sure that your skin is nice and soft and supple.
[485] Okay?
[486] And if you want to wear make up then of course, make up goes over the top of your moisturizer.
[487] Okay?
[488] Erm, I have brought some price lists here, and I think we've got some time, Sheila, what time am I ... finishing?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [489] Erm, well you, it really doesn't matter.
[490] It's up to her. [laugh]
Mildred (PS227) [491] About erm twenty past three.
[492] I dunno what the time is now.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [493] Well I said, you know
Gloria (PS226) [494] It's three o'clock.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Mildred (PS227) [495] It's er ... about quarter past three.
Gloria (PS226) [496] About quarter past
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [497] Yeah.
Gloria (PS226) [498] three.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [499] So that's a little time.
Gloria (PS226) [500] So I've got a little time to speak?
Mildred (PS227) [501] Yes.
[502] Yes.
Gloria (PS226) [503] Erm, if you would like a price list, by all means, at the end you can come up and take one.
[504] Erm, I'll have some brochures going around, some leaflets going round just ... advertizing what we do ... but if, I'd like to just mention to you that erm, there are other, other treatments that we do, of course, at the salon.
[505] We do, a selection of facials, all ... are very nice ... erm, we also do eyebrow shaping, eyebrow trimming, some people would call that ... erm ... and removal of facial hair.
[506] Sometimes, people have problems with doing eyebrows, if they wear glasses
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [507] Mm!
Gloria (PS226) [508] you can't see your own eyebrows can
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [509] No.
Gloria (PS226) [510] you?
[511] And, you take your glasses off to do your eyebrows and
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [512] You can't see them.
Gloria (PS226) [513] you can't see
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Gloria (PS226) [514] you put your glasses on to try and see, and you can't ... pluck the eyebrows because the glasses are in the way ... so we do quite a lot of eyebrow trimming, erm ... at salon.
[515] And what we do with the eyebrows, we don't just use a pair of tweezers ... we actually use wax, so if you've got quite a lot of hair underneath ... your brow, we never take from above the brow, just below, if you've got quite a lot of hair, it can be painful if you're just using tweezers, so what we do now ... we use a little bit of hot wax, which is pink, so we put some wax under the brow, either side, let the wax ... erm, cool and set, and then pull the wax off.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [516] Ooh!
Gloria (PS226) [517] Yes.
[518] And everybody says,so ooh!
[519] It's really not too painful, it sounds painful, but if you think of the eye area being very small, it really doesn't take long.
[520] The wax is on for about two minutes, and it takes two seconds to pull it off.
[521] And when we pull the wax off, all the hairs are in the wax ... so the majority of the hair is out in one pull.
[522] Then we use our tweezer to actually shape the eyebrow.
[523] And then after that we have some soothing gel put on the eyebrow so that, the skin is slightly pink so that when you actually have a, erm, an eyebrow trim, the soothing gel takes away the pinkness.
[524] And that would last six to eight weeks ladies.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [525] Oh lovely!
Gloria (PS226) [526] It's it's ... very nice treatment.
[527] Erm ... a lot of us are bothered by eyebrows ... some of us have got really long coarse hair that grow in the eyebrows and we take those out as well.
[528] So don't ever be frightened of having an eyebrow trim because it really is a very simple treatment.
[529] And the other part of facial waxing is, on the chin, we tend to get quite a few growing on our chin, and upper lip.
[530] There are two things we can do with hair on the upper lip, we can either bleach it so that it doesn't notice, or we can actually remove it with wax, or we can have electrolysis.
[531] Now electrolysis is the permanent removal of hair by the insertion of a very small needle attached to a machine ... and you press the button on the needle holder which releases current, and that cooks the hair, it actually cooks the root of the hair, but each hair has to be individually treated, so if you've got quite a lot of coarse hair ... it can take a lot of time, and a lot of money.
[532] Okay?
[533] Normally, the time is fifteen minutes, and for fifteen minutes it's five fifty, so if you've got a lot of hair, it's quite coarse, it's going to go on for several months.
[534] So if you didn't really want to embark on that treatment ... we again, use the waxing treatment ... as for the eyebrows, we use ca ho , hot wax on the area that you need, on the chin, on the upper lip.
[535] A small piece of ... warm, of hot wax applied to the area, it's set, pulled off, and the all the hairs come away in the wax.
[536] And it feels really very smooth afterwards.
[537] It doesn't take long, it's just, really, seconds.
[538] It doesn't hurt because it's pulled off so quickly, and when we pull it off, we put our finger straight over the area and it takes the sting away.
[539] So really, it's not ma , you know, don't be frightened about having waxing.
[540] So we do the, waxing for the chin, and for the upper lip.
[541] So, you see, you've got other methods, you've got waxing, you've got bleaching, you've got electrolysis.
[542] But I would think, possibly, waxing would be the thing that, the treatment that perhaps you might consider.
[543] If you are worried about facial hair, they're out in just seconds.
[544] Okay?
[545] So, along with your eyebrows, and along with your facial hair ... and along with your erm ... skin treatment, your facial, you'll feel a new person won't you?
[546] Yes?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Gloria (PS226) [547] Really will feel nice!
[548] And what else do you?
[549] We do manicures, and we do pedicures.
[550] Manicures are,i , are ideal for trimming your nails, pushing down the cuticles, and making your nails look into a nice shape and nice and clean.
[551] You don't necessarily have to have bright coloured polish on at the end.
[552] We can buff them until they shine, or you can have just a natural erm ... base coat on just to give it a shine.
[553] And then we do pedicures.
[554] Now, pedicures is really a manicure of the toes, but what we do with a pedicure, we actually rub away the hard skin that you may have on the bottom of your feet, on the side of your big toe, that's usually where it builds up, or on the ball of the foot.
[555] We are not chiropodists, we don't actually cut away the hard skin because that i is a chiropodist's job, but we certainly do have a good try at trying to get rid of as much hard skin as we can.
[556] We soak the feet in nice, erm, antiseptic soapy water, and when we think the feet have soaked enough for the skin to become soft, we take the feet out and then we rub with a foot file to get rid of the hard skin.
[557] You have a nice foot and leg massage, which really does make you feel nice.
[558] You feel, at the end of the treatment you feel as if you're walking on air!
[559] It's really a very nice treatment.
[560] A after the, the foot and leg massage, erm, we actually cut the toe nails and we file the toe nails ... and again, sometimes toe nails aren't terribly easy to cut yourselves, we can't always get down there can we?
[561] And also, the toe nails get very thick, and quite hard to cut as we get older, so we actually do that for you, we've got toe nail clippers that make it a lot easier.
[562] And once we've clipped the nails, we actually file the nail so that it's nice and smooth and it doesn't catch on your tights or it doesn't catch on the sheets at night.
[563] So, that is another nice treatment that makes you feel better.
[564] Okay?
[565] So that's a, a pedicure, which helps you to have your toe nails nice and short and to get rid of the hard skin.
[566] So what else do we do?
[567] We do ... body massage ... or back and shoulder massage.
[568] Now, if any of you get terribly tense at the back of shoulders which we all seem to do nowadays, if you come for just a back and shoulder massage, we actually work on the back of the neck and along the shoulders using massage movements which helps to relax you, which helps to actually break down the lactic acid that builds up in the muscles that causes you pain.
[569] You don't realize, ladies, how much you sort of, keep your shoulders up ... with tension.
[570] I mean, I do the same thing, I get home at night and I'm like this!
[571] And I think tt!
[572] Oh!
[573] I need a massage!
[574] But Carol and I never seem to get time to be able to do these things on each other, but we have had the treatment so we do know that ... massage really does help you to relax.
[575] So that's another treatment perhaps, that you might like to consider.
[576] It doesn't mean that you've got to take all your clothes off, not at all!
[577] You lie on your front and we actually take, ask you to take either your dress or your blouse off ... and we put towels over you.
[578] If you're wearing a bra we just undo your bra, okay?
[579] And then we work on the back.
[580] There's nobody else there, there is nobody else looking at you.
[581] A, a curtain is used to screen you off, and if it's a very cold day we've got infra-red heat ... we've got a lamp above the he , the couch and ... we actually put on the infra-red heat so we warm you up first before you start, before we start ... so your body is feeling nice and warm and you're feeling relaxed, we have nice music playing and it does help ... right, with the tension that builds up on the shoulders.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [582] Oh!
Gloria (PS226) [583] So that's something else to think about.
[584] I'm telling you all this, and perhaps you don't have to erm ... pay for any of these treatments ... we do gift vouchers, so if you've got anybody who wants to buy you a gift of any sort, you could always say well, I fancy erm ... an eyebrow trim, or I fancy a pedicure ... perhaps they would like to buy you a gift voucher and then you can come in and it could be a present for you.
[585] So you wouldn't necessarily have to pay out for these treatments, you see.
[586] So erm ... you know, if you, if you ... er, don't know what ... to say to your family to buy for Christmas, why not come and have a eyebrow trim and they can buy you a gift voucher for that?
[587] So, you know, we're always there, Carol and I will actually help you, if you'd like to pop into the salon ... and ask about the ... gift vouchers.
[588] A gift voucher can be of any value.
[589] Alright?
[590] You don't have to actually look at the price list and say ... oh well I'll have ... a back and shoulder massage, which is ten pound, you don't have to have anything for ten pound, you can have it as little as five pounds, two pound fifty, we don't mind, it can go towards a treatment.
[591] Or, if that person buys you a gift voucher and you don't necessarily want to have ... a treatment that states on the gift voucher, you can come and exchange it for products.
[592] We're not worried, we're not actually keeping you to anything that's ... down on the gift voucher.
[593] But perhaps it would be nice if somebody gave you a gift voucher for Christmas and it said an eyebrow trim, and you were dying to have an eyebrow trim but you didn't know where to come, and perhaps you were a little bit frightened about having one, so, it might, you know, get you to come into the salon.
[594] And now that you know that Carol and I are there ... erm, you know somebody to speak to, cos sometimes you go into a shop and you're not really sure who's there, and when you see a face that you recognize it helps you doesn't it?
[595] Are there are any questions you would like to ask?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [596] What kind of erm ... aromatherapy do you pu put on your face?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [597] A what?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [598] Aromatherapy on your face?
Gloria (PS226) [599] Yes.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [600] Aha.
Gloria (PS226) [601] You know the therapy oils?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [602] Aha.
Gloria (PS226) [603] Erm, when we do a skin treatment we actually do a skin analysis ... and we use the appropriate ... erm, aromatherapy oils for the particular skin we're working on.
[604] We have a selection of er three small bottles and they have a mixture of essential oils in them
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [605] Mm.
Gloria (PS226) [606] and it does depend on what skin type we're treating.
[607] Sometimes we're se , we're treating a very sensitive skin, sometimes we're stre , we're treating a very dry skin, or it could be dry and sensitive.
[608] So it does depend on what skin type, and we actually choose the erm ... aromatherapy oils according the skin type.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [609] Yeah.
Gloria (PS226) [610] And, I must say ladies, they do smell very nice!
[611] And when we are actually doing the massage i ... the massage itself is relaxing but to have the sweet smelling ... erm, essential oils being used as well, it really is very nice!
[612] ... Any more questions?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [613] [whispering] [...] [] .
Gloria (PS226) [614] Do you know where we are at the top of the high street?
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [615] Not really no.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [616] I know where you are.
[617] But I wondered if everybody else knew.
Gloria (PS226) [618] Okay.
[619] Do you er, actually know erm ... where the George is?
[620] Or it used to be the George.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [621] Mm.
Gloria (PS226) [622] The big white building at the other side of the er, pedestrian crossing.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [623] Yes.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [624] About five yards.
Gloria (PS226) [625] If you just continue five yards, that's right
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [...]
Gloria (PS226) [626] and then Jasmine Flowers is in the corner, and then the salon is just at ... er it ... joins on to Jasmine Flowers.
[627] It has a black canopy over the front ... and it says Health and Beauty Salon, with a telephone number ... and at the side of the door it says Gloria M.
[628] And please, if you come up to the door and the ... times of opening says closed on there, we're not closed, it's just sometimes we've forgotten to change the closed to open.
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Gloria (PS226) [629] But do come in.
[630] You know, sometimes we walk in first thing in the morning and we start straightaway and we forget to turn the er ... closed to open.
[631] So, you know, mind you, we've left it now and it says open ... and we're not, we're here with you!
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (FX6PSUNK) [632] Are you open every day?
Gloria (PS226) [633] We are open Tuesdays through to Saturdays.
[634] We close all day Monday, Tuesday's we're there from nine thirty to five thirty.