BNC Text FX7

General practitioner's surgery: medical consultation. Sample containing about 287 words speech recorded in public context

5 speakers recorded by respondent number C125

PS22S X m (Doctor, age unknown, doctor, other participants are doctors patients) unspecified
FX7PS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
FX7PS001 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
FX7PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
FX7PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 093801 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanarkshire ( G.P.'s surgery ) Activity: Medical consultation

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (FX7PSUNK) [1] [...] I've got [...] ,
Doctor (PS22S) [2] What was that to help us?
(FX7PS000) [...]
Doctor (PS22S) [3] Oh yes.
(FX7PS000) [4] Are they going to hurt [...] Dr [...] .
[5] See the powders you give me to [...] .
Doctor (PS22S) [6] Yes.
(FX7PS000) [7] My toilet's [...] in my toilet's in.
[8] When I take one of them it seems to run in all the time know what I mean Doctor?
Doctor (PS22S) [9] Aye.
(FX7PS000) [10] Erm every time I get off my toilet it's awfully hot.
Doctor (PS22S) [11] It's burning is it?
(FX7PS000) [12] Aye I'd [...] .
Doctor (PS22S) [13] Aha.
(FX7PS000) [14] You know what I mean?
Doctor (PS22S) [15] Burning down the side right.
[16] Well that's that's
(FX7PS000) [17] Going out for a [...] I have a big [...] cos I was [...] on my own there, it's like a a ... a heavy pain, crushing [...]
Doctor (PS22S) [18] Aye down at the bottom of your back, right let's get that sorted.
(FX7PS001) [19] It's crab [...] .
(FX7PS000) [20] Getting awfully [...]
Doctor (PS22S) [21] Never.
(FX7PS001) [22] Aye [...]
Doctor (PS22S) [23] They don't [...] they don't make crab at the end.
(FX7PS001) [24] Yes, awfully crabby [...] .
Doctor (PS22S) [25] Don't don't believe that.
(FX7PS001) [26] He's jumping down everybody throat [...] .
Doctor (PS22S) [27] What's he getting crabby about?
(FX7PS001) [28] The pain
(FX7PS000) [29] Cos it is [...]
(FX7PS001) [30] When he's apologizing [...]
Doctor (PS22S) [31] Let's get you something to ease the pain and try and get the underside sorted as well.
(FX7PS000) [32] Cos I says to [...] who did that?
[33] Was it the therapist?
[34] I see me I've been coming off my [...] and she turned round and says, No.
[35] She said, You'd rather [...] , she said [...]
Doctor (PS22S) [36] Aye that's right, that's right, aye, but er ... sixty six we can do something about that nowadays. [...]
(FX7PS001) [37] He's actually been there to [...] .
[38] He just
(FX7PS000) [39] [...] because I'm getting older you know what I mean.
Doctor (PS22S) [40] Ah you're getting older, away for goodness sake, you're hardly twenty one yet you silly old
(FX7PS000) [...]
Doctor (PS22S) [laugh]
(FX7PS000) [42] I wish I was twenty one [...] .
Doctor (PS22S) [43] Well you never know.
(FX7PS000) [...] [laugh]
(FX7PS001) [44] Actually [...]
Doctor (PS22S) [45] Ah, ah don't worry about that, okay?
(FX7PS001) [46] Cheerio.
Doctor (PS22S) [47] Right cheerio now. [recording ends]