General practitioner's surgery: medical consultation. Sample containing about 316 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C128

PS22V X m (Doctor, age unknown, doctor, other participants are doctors patients) unspecified
FXBPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
FXBPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
FXBPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 093805 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanarkshire ( G.P.'s surgery ) Activity: Medical consultation

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (FXBPSUNK) [1] [...] ooh well.
[2] Right what can I do for you today [...] . ...
(FXBPS000) [3] Er you sent me on [...] I'm gonna go, and I came up before the receptionist.
[4] She said something about changing it.
Doctor (PS22V) [5] Oh aye right, right that was for your x-rays Robert.
[6] Right, aye, that's right.
[7] ... Starting to show a bit of arthritis, in the knee.
[8] That's what begun you your trouble, down there.
(FXBPS000) [9] Basically like I say it's just when I, when I bend it,
Doctor (PS22V) [10] Mhm.
(FXBPS000) [11] to extension like, you know.
Doctor (PS22V) [12] That's right.
[13] ... [whispering] Thirteenth [] Is this when your line's due Robert?
(FXBPS000) [14] Yeah it's roughly about.
Doctor (PS22V) [15] Round about now.
(FXBPS000) [16] Aye.
Doctor (PS22V) [17] There we are now.
[18] And I think he'll have it in for you.
(FXBPS000) [19] Right you are, thanks a lot, Doctor .
Doctor (PS22V) [20] Okay?
[21] Right.
[22] Just keep that knee moving as much as you can.
(FXBPS000) [23] As I say it's when I take the bandage off at night.
Doctor (PS22V) [24] Aye.
(FXBPS000) [25] [...] to the wife,
Doctor (PS22V) [26] Aye.
(FXBPS000) [27] if you get what I mean.
Doctor (PS22V) [28] Aye.
[29] Listen you you've got
(FXBPS000) [...]
Doctor (PS22V) [30] you've got to watch, don't let it down, bandage it all the time, Robert.
[31] Give yourself an hour or two at night
(FXBPS000) [32] Aye, aha, aye.
Doctor (PS22V) [33] just getting it keeping it moving.
(FXBPS000) [34] Right you are.
Doctor (PS22V) [35] Keep the joint, [...] what's happening is the the the smooth side is starting to get a wee bit rough and if you can keep that rubbing off the other bone it smooths it down.
(FXBPS000) [36] Great.
[37] Aye, aye
Doctor (PS22V) [38] Okay?
[39] So you're taking a file
(FXBPS000) [40] Aye, aye.
Doctor (PS22V) [41] and filing away a rough edge .
(FXBPS000) [...]
Doctor (PS22V) [42] If you do it'll keep moving for years and years and years no problem, but if you let the two of them sit
(FXBPS000) [43] Aye, got you.
[44] They'll seize and that.
[45] Aye.
Doctor (PS22V) [46] They'll they'll weld, they'll weld together Robert and that'll stiffen, stiffen and stiffen as the years go on.
(FXBPS000) [47] Right you are.
Doctor (PS22V) [48] So just keep that slight
(FXBPS000) [49] Aye.
Doctor (PS22V) [50] movement in it.
(FXBPS000) [51] Cheers.
Doctor (PS22V) [52] Okay?
[53] Right you are.
[54] Okay, cheerio now.
(FXBPS000) [55] Ta-ta. [recording ends]