General practitioner's surgery: medical consultation. Sample containing about 615 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C129

PS22W X m (Doctor, age unknown, doctor, other participants are doctors patients) unspecified
FXCPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
FXCPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
FXCPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 093806 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanarkshire ( G.P.'s surgery ) Activity: Medical consultation

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (FXCPSUNK) [1] Well Mr .
(FXCPS000) [2] Good morning.
Doctor (PS22W) [3] What can I do for you today sir?
(FXCPS000) [4] [cough] I was down last week ... I had er from Saturday er my ear was all clogged up, terrible pain.
[5] And I was taking a course of antibiotics.
Doctor (PS22W) [6] And your your brains are still a bit dubious.
(FXCPS000) [7] So
Doctor (PS22W) [8] Let's have a look in and see what you've done to the poor old thing.
[9] [whispering] You're alright [...] [] ... Still ... still not right, still not right.
(FXCPS000) [10] [...] awkward between your
Doctor (PS22W) [11] And you, you're frightened with your dog all the time?
(FXCPS000) [12] Yeah.
Doctor (PS22W) [13] Are you frightened when you're on the phone?
[14] That you can hear yourself
(FXCPS000) [15] I can hear myself talking all the time.
Doctor (PS22W) [16] Quite clearly?
(FXCPS000) [17] What, on the phone?
Doctor (PS22W) [18] Aye.
(FXCPS000) [19] I haven't really noticed that.
[20] No.
Doctor (PS22W) [21] You didn't notice any
(FXCPS000) [22] No.
Doctor (PS22W) [23] What what about when you're lying in bed at night?
(FXCPS000) [24] No, it's just a dullness all the time
Doctor (PS22W) [25] Just a dullness all the time .
(FXCPS000) [26] Aye.
Doctor (PS22W) [27] Right.
[28] We're gonna get you some special drops to use er there there s is there's still a bit of the eardrum's a wee bit blocked
(FXCPS000) [29] Mhm.
Doctor (PS22W) [30] looking.
[31] And we've got to lift that off
(FXCPS000) [32] Aha.
Doctor (PS22W) [33] to get a look underneath the [...] er right. ... [...]
(FXCPS000) [34] I mean I'm finding that you know through it because I'm sort of straining all the time I'm getting terrible headaches and all of the
Doctor (PS22W) [35] That's right.
(FXCPS000) [36] rest of it [...] cos obviously at work you're ... straining every minute
Doctor (PS22W) [37] That's
(FXCPS000) [38] of the day.
Doctor (PS22W) [39] Let's get , get some of the good old fashioned stuff. ...
(FXCPS000) [40] Would it have came off a cold or something?
Doctor (PS22W) [41] It's probably come off a cold [...] , it's er, there there's a tube in there, and the other side.
[42] ... If you could cut yourself down through the middle, there's you're ears on the outside there and there's a wee channel that goes in
(FXCPS000) [43] Aha.
Doctor (PS22W) [44] and at the bottom of that there's what's called the eardrum.
(FXCPS000) [45] Aha.
Doctor (PS22W) [46] Now in the inside of that it opens out, there's an opening in the bone and that leads down ... among other things into a tube down here, now that is connected up further down to the sinuses across
(FXCPS000) [47] Aha.
Doctor (PS22W) [48] here so if you get a a heavy cold, some of this gunge that runs down the back of your throat gets into this tube and
(FXCPS000) [49] Right.
Doctor (PS22W) [50] blocks up this tube, comes right up into the back of your eardrum, blocks
(FXCPS000) [51] Yeah.
Doctor (PS22W) [52] up that wee bit there, and I think this is what I'm seeing,
(FXCPS000) [53] Yeah.
Doctor (PS22W) [54] is this stuff lying in the bottom there.
[55] You can see the level,
(FXCPS000) [56] Aha.
Doctor (PS22W) [57] across the bottom of your eardrum, and it's like standing and you're [...] ,
(FXCPS000) [58] Aha, that's exactly what it feels like, you keep sort of thinking [...] Aha, something like that to help.
Doctor (PS22W) [59] If you could only stretch or you know turn your head a certain way it would run out.
[60] But I'm almost certain that's what I'm seeing
(FXCPS000) [61] Aha.
Doctor (PS22W) [62] in there.
(FXCPS000) [63] That that was the initial feeling that I got, it was like a build up of pressure in it, but on the inside and not in the outside [...]
Doctor (PS22W) [64] Mhm.
[65] That's right, [...] it's a similar to hat you get if you go flying when you've got a cold .
(FXCPS000) [66] I was gonna say that.
[67] Aha. [laugh]
Doctor (PS22W) [68] I'm almost certain that's what's doing it to you so let's see if we can get through to it with that,
(FXCPS000) [69] Right.
Doctor (PS22W) [70] get it broken up for you.
(FXCPS000) [71] Aha.
Doctor (PS22W) [72] Now it's a bottle, two drops in the morning, wee bit cotton wool, just to stop it running out, don't
(FXCPS000) [...]
Doctor (PS22W) [73] put it inside,
(FXCPS000) [74] Aha.
Doctor (PS22W) [75] right?
[76] In the morning and then before you go go to bed at night.
(FXCPS000) [77] Right.
Doctor (PS22W) [78] Okay?
(FXCPS000) [79] No bother.
Doctor (PS22W) [80] Right [...] right .
(FXCPS000) [81] [...] Bye bye.
Doctor (PS22W) [82] Cheerio now. [cough] [cough] . [recording ends]