General practitioner's surgery: medical consultation. Sample containing about 759 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C130

PS22X X m (Doctor, age unknown, doctor, other participants are doctors patients) unspecified
FXDPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
FXDPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
FXDPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 093807 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanarkshire ( G.P.'s surgery ) Activity: Medical consultation

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (FXDPSUNK) [1] Hello [...]
(FXDPS000) [2] It's me again, with this head of mine.
Doctor (PS22X) [3] What have you been doing to your head now?
(FXDPS000) [4] I've already been up at your [...]
Doctor (PS22X) [cough]
(FXDPS000) [5] You says it was inflammation of the nerves in the
Doctor (PS22X) [6] Aye.
(FXDPS000) [7] [...] .
[8] It's not been away at all.
Doctor (PS22X) [9] Has it not?
(FXDPS000) [10] No.
Doctor (PS22X) [11] Let's get it x-rayed
(FXDPS000) [12] Eh.
Doctor (PS22X) [13] and see what's going on.
[14] Let's see
(FXDPS000) [15] I thought it was a [...] .
Doctor (PS22X) [cough]
(FXDPS000) [16] I took it off [...] Doctor, and I I take
Doctor (PS22X) [cough]
(FXDPS000) [17] so mind the wee er nerve pills that you gave me mamma .
Doctor (PS22X) [18] Mhm.
(FXDPS000) [19] Och, I can't remember, Diazepam, took one of them at [...] , whether it's nerves or what
Doctor (PS22X) [20] Mhm.
(FXDPS000) [21] I don't know.
Doctor (PS22X) [22] Ah that's a nerve, that's a nerve getting inflamed up the back there .
(FXDPS000) [23] Well it took the pain away like that.
Doctor (PS22X) [24] Let's get this thing sorted and see.
[25] Aye, your stomach and back .
(FXDPS000) [26] And it had been going, you see me stomach as well.
Doctor (PS22X) [27] Yeah.
(FXDPS000) [28] I've been burping an awful lot, in my stomach.
Doctor (PS22X) [29] What's worrying you?
(FXDPS000) [30] Och, I don't know.
[31] ... I haven't the foggiest.
Doctor (PS22X) [32] Have [...]
(FXDPS000) [33] I feel awfully depressed as well.
Doctor (PS22X) [34] Right.
(FXDPS000) [35] Whether it's this pain that's doing it I know I don't know.
Doctor (PS22X) [36] Let's get this head of your x-rayed and see what's going on.
(FXDPS000) [37] I don't know what's causing it.
[38] Just not going away, even the tablets that you gave me, they wasn't even taking it away, it, away like [...] .
Doctor (PS22X) [39] The [...] ?
(FXDPS000) [40] Aye, [...] .
[41] ... [cough] ... I mean for a while I think it was maybe my glasses, but these are just new
Doctor (PS22X) [42] No.
(FXDPS000) [43] lenses I've got. [cough] ...
Doctor (PS22X) [44] Now then.
(FXDPS000) [45] I thought [...] the change of life would be starting on me as well.
Doctor (PS22X) [46] Well this is the other thing that could could be starting.
(FXDPS000) [47] Ah.
Doctor (PS22X) [48] You're a bit young.
(FXDPS000) [49] Ah but even me ma me mammy she was young and all, [cough] she was thirty seven.
Doctor (PS22X) [50] She was just thirty seven, was she ?
(FXDPS000) [51] Aye.
Doctor (PS22X) [52] Well
(FXDPS000) [53] When she started to change.
Doctor (PS22X) [54] Yeah.
[55] ... You're getting near, you're getting near .
(FXDPS000) [56] Ah slowly but surely.
Doctor (PS22X) [57] Well let's get you something to
(FXDPS000) [58] Can you give me something to do for it Doctor?
Doctor (PS22X) [59] Aye.
(FXDPS000) [60] I don't like to ask you but me mam asked you me to ask you if you could give her something for to give her some energy, she's sleeping all the time now.
[61] Why did you give her sleeping pills?
Doctor (PS22X) [laugh]
(FXDPS000) [62] No, she
Doctor (PS22X) [63] Cannae get awake?
(FXDPS000) [64] She's not been taking them, she's been able to sleep at night but she's sleeping all day and all.
Doctor (PS22X) [65] [whispering] Right. []
(FXDPS000) [66] Just something for to pep her up a bit.
Doctor (PS22X) [...]
(FXDPS000) [67] But I I I'm at [...] early in the morning so me mammy says, Why don't you try one of the [...] Diazepam that I've got.
[68] I took one and it took it away.
Doctor (PS22X) [69] Disappeared?
(FXDPS000) [70] Aye.
Doctor (PS22X) [71] Ah well it's definitely, it's sounds like a, if it's doing it that it sounds like an inflammation on the nerves right enough.
(FXDPS000) [72] Aye, took it away no bother.
Doctor (PS22X) [73] Mhm.
[74] Now that's for your mum.
(FXDPS000) [75] That's my mam.
Doctor (PS22X) [76] [whispering] Mrs , so there's no mistake. []
[77] And that's Mrs .
(FXDPS000) [78] Okay.
Doctor (PS22X) [79] And now yourself, er
(FXDPS000) [cough]
Doctor (PS22X) [80] Now this is the stuff er very like Valium
(FXDPS000) [81] Aye.
Doctor (PS22X) [82] and the Diazepam, er but it's nice and gentle it's easier
(FXDPS000) [83] As long as it doesn't make me sleep.
Doctor (PS22X) [84] No your alright, it won't knock you out, this it the thing, this is the great thing about this.
[85] And you take this every day,
(FXDPS000) [86] Every day .
Doctor (PS22X) [87] one after your cup of tea in the morning
(FXDPS000) [88] Aha.
Doctor (PS22X) [89] And one after your cup of tea at six o'clock.
(FXDPS000) [90] Right.
Doctor (PS22X) [91] And you take that over to and get
(FXDPS000) [92] Any time?
Doctor (PS22X) [93] some x-rays.
[94] Aye, any time after er I guess half past nine in the morning.
(FXDPS000) [95] Right.
Doctor (PS22X) [96] Just give it to the lassie and she'll put you through straight away.
(FXDPS000) [97] Mhm.
Doctor (PS22X) [98] Get your x-rays done and they'll send the results over to us in a week .
(FXDPS000) [99] To just to out-patients that I go to
Doctor (PS22X) [100] Aye.
(FXDPS000) [101] Aye.
Doctor (PS22X) [102] You know the first when you go in.
(FXDPS000) [103] Ah just as you go in it's just er
Doctor (PS22X) [104] First one on the right
(FXDPS000) [105] Right, aye.
Doctor (PS22X) [106] hand side.
[107] And they'll check that out for you and we'll see what's happening but it's just in case there's any arthritis or anything like that that's
(FXDPS000) [108] Aye.
Doctor (PS22X) [109] causing it, er or some dry rot setting in.
(FXDPS000) [110] [laugh] nice.
Doctor (PS22X) [111] Get it, get it organized, make it
(FXDPS000) [112] Okey-dokey.
Doctor (PS22X) [113] organized dry rot.
(FXDPS000) [114] Right thanks very much Dr .
Doctor (PS22X) [115] Right?
[116] Okay.
[117] Right but get your mum started on that, get her,
(FXDPS000) [118] Get her up and going, [...] .
Doctor (PS22X) [119] get her going .
[120] [laughing] Right, []
(FXDPS000) [121] Many thinks, cheerio.
Doctor (PS22X) [122] right cheerio now. [recording ends]