General practitioner's surgery: medical consultation. Sample containing about 110 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C131

PS22Y X m (Doctor, age unknown, doctor, other participants are doctors patients) unspecified
FXEPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
FXEPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
FXEPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 093808 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanarkshire ( G.P.'s surgery ) Activity: Medical consultation

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (FXEPSUNK) [1] Hello [...] what can I do for you today?
(FXEPS000) [2] Er me birth pill and [...] insurance [...]
Doctor (PS22Y) [3] Your insurance [...] as well.
[4] ... There's that.
[5] ... Eh still the twenty five strength isn't it? ... [cough]
[6] Excuse me.
[6_1] I shouldn't have laid that carpet last night.
[6_2] It's loose catching the back of my throat? ... [...]
[7] Now then which birth pis pills is
(FXEPS000) [8] Femulen.
Doctor (PS22Y) [9] Femulen.
[10] ... No problems with it at all?
(FXEPS000) [11] No. ...
Doctor (PS22Y) [12] What about your Betnovate, are you needing any?
(FXEPS000) [13] No, no.
[14] It comes and goes that doesn't it ?
Doctor (PS22Y) [15] Aye.
[16] Aye, that's true, I mean it just
(FXEPS000) [17] Aye.
Doctor (PS22Y) [18] just some days I'll see you and then two or three
(FXEPS000) [19] Aye and it's disappeared again.
Doctor (PS22Y) [20] days and it's disappeared, yeah. [recording ends]