General practitioner's surgery: medical consultation. Sample containing about 996 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C135

PS233 X m (Doctor, age unknown, doctor, other participants are doctors patients) unspecified
FXJPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
FXJPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
FXJPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 093812 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanarkshire ( G.P.'s surgery ) Activity: Medical consultation

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (FXJPSUNK) [1] Okay, just past [...] sorry Doctor .
Doctor (PS233) [2] Right.
[3] Ah good morning.
(FXJPS000) [4] Good morning.
Doctor (PS233) [5] Morning sir.
[6] What can
(FXJPS000) [7] Aye.
Doctor (PS233) [8] I do for you today Mr ?
(FXJPS000) [9] Well I got that sore arm.
[10] ... And
Doctor (PS233) [11] Right, right.
(FXJPS000) [12] remember you said it would be a rheumatic,
Doctor (PS233) [13] Aha.
(FXJPS000) [14] well I went to physio.
Doctor (PS233) [15] Yes.
(FXJPS000) [16] And er I went six times and it never made any bloody difference.
Doctor (PS233) [17] Oh.
(FXJPS000) [18] So he came to the conclusion that I'd torn a muscle.
Doctor (PS233) [19] Oh right.
(FXJPS000) [20] So I was wondering, can I get it x-rayed?
Doctor (PS233) [21] Yes, sure.
(FXJPS000) [22] Because I'll tell you why, Doc, I mean
Doctor (PS233) [23] Aha.
(FXJPS000) [24] [...] it doesn't bother me, the [...] time it I've [...] pain, until I hit a wrong shot at golf.
[25] Cripes I could've [...]
Doctor (PS233) [26] [...] bad once.
(FXJPS000) [27] No could feel it.
Doctor (PS233) [28] As bad as that right.
[29] Let's get that [...] .
(FXJPS000) [30] And and I was I was in in the grocery [laugh] on Monday morning but erm we were [...] go through a pack of [...] you know.
Doctor (PS233) [31] Aha.
(FXJPS000) [32] And of course they go [...] up here beautiful and I was going to take this apple and they're all gonna fall and I got to that, Jesus it just about.
Doctor (PS233) [33] Right.
(FXJPS000) [34] So I just doesn't like,
Doctor (PS233) [35] That's fine [...]
(FXJPS000) [36] and I'm
Doctor (PS233) [37] Yeah.
(FXJPS000) [38] and I'm in a big competition on the twenty eighth [laugh]
Doctor (PS233) [laugh]
(FXJPS000) [39] [laughing] It's [...] . []
[40] Oh.
Doctor (PS233) [41] We can't have that,
(FXJPS000) [42] No.
Doctor (PS233) [43] we can't have that.
[44] That's not a good sign.
(FXJPS000) [45] so my wife she fell on on on Sunday again.
[46] I'm having an awful problem to herself.
[47] She was up at er what do you call, no yesterday, and she, you know she goes to the clinic then,
Doctor (PS233) [48] Yes.
(FXJPS000) [49] That's just for her blood.
[50] But they they think that she's got an absolute problem.
Doctor (PS233) [51] Oh she's
(FXJPS000) [52] Oh.
Doctor (PS233) [53] got a problem alright .
(FXJPS000) [54] Cos she's covered in that rash always, you remember you saw it once before?
Doctor (PS233) [55] That's right.
(FXJPS000) [56] I can't believe that's right.
[57] And one one day you know it's flared up and the next day it's dead, but they say it's better coming out to the surface .
Doctor (PS233) [58] Yes.
[59] Er.
[60] Is it still up this arm mostly?
(FXJPS000) [61] The right one?
Doctor (PS233) [62] Aha.
[63] Right from here.
(FXJPS000) [64] It's there.
Doctor (PS233) [65] Right from here.
(FXJPS000) [66] Ah.
Doctor (PS233) [67] Up to the shoulder.
(FXJPS000) [68] Well it does when I when I hit the thing, but but that's when it gets [...] when I've got to work it.
[69] Aye .
Doctor (PS233) [70] That's [...]
(FXJPS000) [71] Ah that's what they thought, and [...] I cannae [...] in a long [...] .
Doctor (PS233) [72] No.
(FXJPS000) [73] [...] you know he was honest about it ,
Doctor (PS233) [74] Yes.
(FXJPS000) [75] it's just that I think ... that all happened with my electric going for running away.
Doctor (PS233) [76] Oh I'll tell my wife about that and that'll that'll that'll put put a stop to that piece of nonsense .
(FXJPS000) [77] [laugh] It did, I tried to save it and the damn thing came off, you know the the
Doctor (PS233) [laugh]
(FXJPS000) [...]
Doctor (PS233) [78] mhm.
(FXJPS000) [79] and it was on full power and I tried to save it after this thing came off.
[80] Aye, it seems I'd have been better letting it run on the blooming thing.
[81] ... And otherwise I mean there's nothing wrong, nothing [...] .
[82] And I cannae let it interfere with my golf, can I?
Doctor (PS233) [83] No.
[84] You've cer got to get things in perspective I mean that
(FXJPS000) [85] [laugh] It's not, it's not only that Doctor it's in your mind, you know you
Doctor (PS233) [86] That's right, yeah.
[87] You've always
(FXJPS000) [88] you've got to, you've got to be at it all the time.
Doctor (PS233) [89] You're always trying to protect it.
(FXJPS000) [90] Ah, are you hitting the wee ball yourself?
Doctor (PS233) [91] Not yet this year,
(FXJPS000) [92] No?
Doctor (PS233) [93] not yet, no.
[94] I've well I've been to er
(FXJPS000) [95] I've been on the Hill twice this year, so.
Doctor (PS233) [96] Have you?
(FXJPS000) [97] Oh aye, I like Hill.
[98] I really
Doctor (PS233) [...]
(FXJPS000) [99] like it.
Doctor (PS233) [100] I've been on it, er, I've had two five holes.
(FXJPS000) [101] Oh is that all?
Doctor (PS233) [102] Yeah.
[103] That's all I've had so far,
(FXJPS000) [104] Mm.
Doctor (PS233) [105] so far.
[106] Now do you know where this x-ray place is, Alan?
(FXJPS000) [107] It's down at the back, [...] not.
Doctor (PS233) [108] No no
(FXJPS000) [109] No.
Doctor (PS233) [110] no no.
(FXJPS000) [sneeze]
Doctor (PS233) [111] I'll just I'll just draw it, draw it out for you.
[112] You know the far end of ?
(FXJPS000) [113] Aye, I've taken my wife there before.
[114] There's a wee hospital on the left .
Doctor (PS233) [115] Union, union, yes.
(FXJPS000) [116] Aye.
Doctor (PS233) [117] On the road between and .
(FXJPS000) [118] That's right
Doctor (PS233) [119] There's the park in there,
(FXJPS000) [120] Aye.
Doctor (PS233) [121] up the hill from the park there's a roundabout,
(FXJPS000) [122] Yeah.
Doctor (PS233) [123] a roundabout there.
(FXJPS000) [124] And you go past it and then turn right, no .
Doctor (PS233) [125] No, no no, no no.
[126] Before you reach it, there's a street in there, just before you reach it.
[127] There there are houses
(FXJPS000) [128] Oh I know, there's a big garage on the left hand side at that rounda
Doctor (PS233) [129] There's a big garage in there.
(FXJPS000) [130] Aye I know.
[131] Doctor I've been there.
[132] Mhm, yeah .
Doctor (PS233) [133] Big garage in there.
[134] Aha, you've been there, [...] garage there, in the street, up here ,
(FXJPS000) [135] Mhm.
Doctor (PS233) [136] in through the gate,
(FXJPS000) [137] Right.
Doctor (PS233) [138] and it's the building, first building on your right hand side.
[139] Just go
(FXJPS000) [140] Great and I
Doctor (PS233) [141] in there, give that to the girl, she'll put you through more or less right away
(FXJPS000) [142] Yes.
[143] Aye I took my wife.
[144] When am I going?
Doctor (PS233) [145] for your x-ray and we'll get that to Anytime.
(FXJPS000) [146] Oh just anytime ?
Doctor (PS233) [147] Anytime.
[148] Yes, aye, it's all changed, it's all changed.
(FXJPS000) [149] I can go
Doctor (PS233) [150] You can go anytime after I think it's nine fifteen
(FXJPS000) [...]
Doctor (PS233) [151] or nine thirty in the morning.
(FXJPS000) [152] Oh great.
Doctor (PS233) [153] Up till four o'clock in the afternoon .
(FXJPS000) [154] Oh great, Doctor, thanks.
Doctor (PS233) [155] So we'll get that checked out for you Alan and we'll
(FXJPS000) [156] Just just to see cos as I say I just can't believe it .
Doctor (PS233) [157] [...] Twenty five per cent of your winnings.
(FXJPS000) [158] Right, right, it's three days at , all expenses if I win here at .
Doctor (PS233) [159] Aha.
(FXJPS000) [160] It's the Scottish erm er er the Scottish er [...] insurance company that runs it, for the whole of Britain.
[161] So aye and so we've got thirty eight guys to beat down here, and er three days at
Doctor (PS233) [162] At the big house.
(FXJPS000) [163] And I'm in the final there. [laugh]
Doctor (PS233) [164] [laugh] Right, Alan.
(FXJPS000) [165] Thanks a lot, [...]
Doctor (PS233) [166] Okay, sir, bye now. [recording ends]