General practitioner's surgery: medical consultation. Sample containing about 575 words speech recorded in public context

6 speakers recorded by respondent number C138

PS236 X m (Doctor, age unknown, doctor, other participants are doctors patients) unspecified
FXMPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
FXMPS001 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
FXMPS002 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
FXMPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
FXMPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 093815 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanarkshire ( G.P.'s surgery ) Activity: Medical consultation

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (FXMPSUNK) [1] Hello, what's that, you been, have you been writing letters?
(FXMPS000) [2] Aye.
(FXMPS001) [...]
Doctor (PS236) [3] That for me, thanks very much, that's nice, oh can I have that as well Natalie?
[4] Well now, what have you been doing to your eyes?
(FXMPS000) [5] She's been screaming all [...] ear.
(FXMPS001) [6] Eh.
[7] Eh.
[8] [...] in my ear.
Doctor (PS236) [9] Your ear?
[10] What, is that that ear sore?
[11] Is it?
(FXMPS001) [12] No.
Doctor (PS236) [13] No?
(FXMPS000) [14] It's this one.
Doctor (PS236) [15] Is it the other one?
[16] Let's have a wee look in with my torch .
(FXMPS000) [17] [...] [...] .
(FXMPS001) [18] No.
Doctor (PS236) [19] Sit on your Gran's knee.
(FXMPS000) [20] Come on sweet.
(FXMPS001) [21] No.
Doctor (PS236) [22] Just a min just
(FXMPS000) [23] Come on he's gonna look in my eye.
(FXMPS001) [24] No, no.
Doctor (PS236) [25] Look.
(FXMPS000) [26] Natalie,
Doctor (PS236) [27] Look.
(FXMPS001) [distressed child noises throughout the next few exchanges]
(FXMPS000) [28] it's gonna look in my eye.
Doctor (PS236) [29] Look
(FXMPS000) [30] Oh look, this is where we're getting [...] .
[31] ... Oh look Natalie.
[32] Behave, come on .
Doctor (PS236) [33] Natalie look, look.
(FXMPS000) [34] Oh [...]
Doctor (PS236) [35] Look, it's just a wee light .
(FXMPS000) [36] Look at the wee light.
Doctor (PS236) [37] Look it's just a wee light.
(FXMPS001) [...]
Doctor (PS236) [38] It's not, it's not gonna be sore for ... sit up.
(FXMPS000) [39] Come up and sit on your Gran's knee for a wee while.
[40] [...] Oh Jamie, Jamie.
Doctor (PS236) [41] That's it, just a wee while, we're not, we're not gonna [...] you.
[42] That's a wee girl.
[43] That's it.
[44] ... Yeah, you've got a very ,
(FXMPS002) [...]
Doctor (PS236) [45] that's it.
[46] All done.
(FXMPS000) [47] That's it.
Doctor (PS236) [48] It's all done.
[49] You were crying, you were just getting on weren't you, you were just getting on?
[50] You were just getting on?
(FXMPS001) [laugh]
Doctor (PS236) [51] You were just getting on, weren't you?
[52] You were just getting on.
(FXMPS000) [53] She thought I was coming up with my eye.
Doctor (PS236) [54] Aha.
[55] ... What about your Grannie [...] , we'll give your Gran some nice medicine or some nasty medicine?
(FXMPS001) [56] No.
Doctor (PS236) [57] No?
[58] [laugh] Would you like some nice medicine?
(FXMPS001) [59] No.
Doctor (PS236) [60] Would you not?
(FXMPS001) [61] Gran.
Doctor (PS236) [62] Your Gran, right.
[63] What's your Gran's name?
Doctor (PS236) [64] Will we give her nice medicine or nasty medicine?
(FXMPS001) [...]
Doctor (PS236) [65] Nasty medicine? [laugh] [laugh]
(FXMPS000) [66] Oh thank you very much Natalie, her eyes [...]
Doctor (PS236) [67] Yes, aye, it's the same.
[68] I think she's got trouble with her sinus in here, and it's blocked the tube
(FXMPS000) [69] Aye.
Doctor (PS236) [70] here and here and that's where the trouble's coming from.
(FXMPS001) [71] Just see just see wee black things in my eye.
Doctor (PS236) [72] Yes.
(FXMPS000) [73] Wee black [...] yeah .
Doctor (PS236) [74] Wee black things, that's right.
[75] That's right.
(FXMPS000) [76] Oh she was screaming this morning.
Doctor (PS236) [77] Ear drum instead of being straight up and down like that, it's pushed a way out,
(FXMPS000) [78] Ah.
Doctor (PS236) [79] it's stretched [...] , squeezing it from the inside.
(FXMPS000) [80] And her mummy and daddy's away at work, and I said, If I leave it till [...]
Doctor (PS236) [81] [whispering] Hey [...] are they? []
[82] Making lots of pennies for you?
(FXMPS000) [83] Well they [...] now.
Doctor (PS236) [84] Oh aye.
(FXMPS000) [85] He was made redundant .
Doctor (PS236) [86] Now then.
[87] ... One two three, she's what, she's four now?
(FXMPS000) [88] Four.
(FXMPS001) [89] I see the [...] .
Doctor (PS236) [90] That's the bad one, he's always in a bad mood isn't he?
[91] He's
(FXMPS001) [92] That one [...] .
Doctor (PS236) [93] No.
[94] Can you see Thomas?
(FXMPS000) [95] Where's Thomas the Tank?
Doctor (PS236) [96] No, that's
(FXMPS000) [97] That's
Doctor (PS236) [98] not Thomas the Tank Engine at all, you're just kidding me on.
[99] No,
(FXMPS000) [100] No.
Doctor (PS236) [101] no.
(FXMPS000) [102] I cannae see it either. [laugh]
Doctor (PS236) [103] Where is he?
[104] Come on, no, [...] .
(FXMPS000) [...]
Doctor (PS236) [105] Look, here, can you see this, look, one two three, up you go.
(FXMPS000) [106] Oh yes
Doctor (PS236) [...]
(FXMPS000) [107] at the very top.
Doctor (PS236) [108] Right at the top, look, right at the
(FXMPS000) [109] Natalie.
Doctor (PS236) [110] top, look.
(FXMPS000) [111] Nat , that's him .
Doctor (PS236) [112] Yeah, that's Thomas, you silly thing.
(FXMPS001) [laugh]
(FXMPS000) [laugh]
Doctor (PS236) [113] That's the wee cookie.
[114] Who's a silly?
[115] Who's a silly [...] ?
(FXMPS001) [laugh]
(FXMPS000) [116] Right thanks very much .
Doctor (PS236) [117] Right, okay, right.
(FXMPS001) [laugh]
Doctor (PS236) [118] I'll come and tickle you again.
(FXMPS001) [119] No.
Doctor (PS236) [120] Oh,
(FXMPS000) [121] Say, Bye.
(FXMPS001) [laugh]
Doctor (PS236) [...]
(FXMPS000) [122] [...] Come on, [...]
Doctor (PS236) [123] And here I come to get you. [...]
(FXMPS001) [laugh]
Doctor (PS236) [124] Right, okay Mrs . [recording ends]