General practitioner's surgery: medical consultation. Sample containing about 745 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C139

PS237 X m (Doctor, age unknown, doctor, other participants are doctors patients) unspecified
FXNPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
FXNPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
FXNPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 093816 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanarkshire ( G.P.'s surgery ) Activity: Medical consultation

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (FXNPSUNK) [1] Come in, come in, come in.
(FXNPS000) [2] [...] nice to see you.
Doctor (PS237) [3] Well what can we do for you today?
(FXNPS000) [4] Oh, I've a ... infection in my gum Dr .
Doctor (PS237) [5] In your gum?
(FXNPS000) [6] Up here.
Doctor (PS237) [7] Yeah.
(FXNPS000) [8] [...] tablets and noticed that, I don't know, [...] .
Doctor (PS237) [9] Let's have a look and see what they've done to you.
[10] ... Aye, the Sofradex not doing very much for that is it?
(FXNPS000) [11] No, I've never taken them, I've just, I stopped taking them.
Doctor (PS237) [12] Aye, I don't think they're doing very much, do you.
(FXNPS000) [13] You see I've had it here, I take it quite often, I take [...]
Doctor (PS237) [14] Right.
(FXNPS000) [15] sores, Dr gave me these to clear them, and it does clear them up.
Doctor (PS237) [16] Eventually.
(FXNPS000) [17] Eventually, [...]
Doctor (PS237) [18] Right [...] .
(FXNPS000) [19] but I was getting bacteria and germ, you know,
Doctor (PS237) [20] Mhm.
(FXNPS000) [21] and I'd rather [...] so I so I put a description in, asked for a description yesterday,
Doctor (PS237) [22] Right.
(FXNPS000) [23] cos that would give the rest of my
Doctor (PS237) [24] Right.
(FXNPS000) [25] my things.
[26] So she said it wouldn't be done till tomorrow morning, but I need something,
Doctor (PS237) [27] Right.
(FXNPS000) [28] And I've been up till, I've been paining me all night Doctor ,
Doctor (PS237) [29] Aye.
(FXNPS000) [30] I'm just wondering if it's my teeth or that it's just my blood that's doing it .
Doctor (PS237) [31] I think I think it might be s the the teeth, it'd be worth getting the er dentist to have a wee look at your your plate,
(FXNPS000) [32] Mhm.
Doctor (PS237) [33] because there might be a wee rough
(FXNPS000) [34] It seems to be catching up here.
Doctor (PS237) [35] Aye, might be a wee rough bit in
(FXNPS000) [36] It was all rubbing, and really painful all night Dr .
[37] And will I take these Sofradex?
Doctor (PS237) [38] Yes, yes, keep on with those just now.
[39] And
(FXNPS000) [40] I was going to take them, I was going to take them, and I said, Oh I'd better, I'd better see Dr first .
Doctor (PS237) [41] Aye, get [...] Daktarin ... erm ... gel ... and put that on
(FXNPS000) [42] Mhm.
Doctor (PS237) [43] three times a day ... between meals.
(FXNPS000) [44] Do I just spread it on my plate, you know?
Doctor (PS237) [45] Aye, just a wee drop on your
(FXNPS000) [46] A wee drop, on
Doctor (PS237) [47] on your finger
(FXNPS000) [48] [...] and just cotton bud it and rub it ?
Doctor (PS237) [49] and and rub it round top of your plate, just put straight from
(FXNPS000) [50] Awfully painful.
Doctor (PS237) [51] Oh aye because you're right into the flesh.
(FXNPS000) [52] It is.
Doctor (PS237) [53] Right into the flesh.
(FXNPS000) [54] Do I take these as they're prescribed here Doctor ?
Doctor (PS237) [55] Yes, aye, two ... fou one or two four times a day.
[56] Yes, one four times a day.
[57] Fine, yeah, aye .
(FXNPS000) [58] Just take, just take, I was gonna take them, I says, [...] I couldn't stand the pain any longer,
Doctor (PS237) [59] Yeah.
(FXNPS000) [60] it really was, put me off food and everything Dr .
Doctor (PS237) [61] Aye, oh yes, when you can't, when you can't eat it's not much fun.
[62] Here we are now.
(FXNPS000) [...]
Doctor (PS237) [63] And how's, how's young Dr doing, is he?
Doctor (PS237) [64] Dr , is he doing alright ?
(FXNPS000) [65] [...] haven't seen him, it's Dr I think that's attended me the last time.
Doctor (PS237) [66] Aye.
(FXNPS000) [67] I haven't seen him, I think I've doc seen Dr once.
Doctor (PS237) [68] It was a wee, it's it was last year when you saw him I think, Dr
(FXNPS000) [69] No.
Doctor (PS237) [70] , was it not?
(FXNPS000) [71] No because I got my gallbladder out [...] in January.
Doctor (PS237) [72] Aye.
[73] It's it was before
(FXNPS000) [74] So
Doctor (PS237) [75] that that you'd seen him.
(FXNPS000) [76] Aye.
[77] Seen that much [laugh]
Doctor (PS237) [78] That looks like Dr .
(FXNPS000) [79] Ah I seen .
Doctor (PS237) [80] That's right.
[81] Aye, it was November,
(FXNPS000) [82] November.
Doctor (PS237) [83] the last time you saw Dr
(FXNPS000) [84] Oh it was
Doctor (PS237)
(FXNPS000) [85] Aye, well I seen him, He came up to see me when I was in ,
Doctor (PS237) [86] Mhm.
(FXNPS000) [87] when I was in getting my gall bladder removed.
Doctor (PS237) [88] It's turned you into a human being yet?
(FXNPS000) [89] Oh [...] [laugh] [...]
Doctor (PS237) [90] [laugh] No.
(FXNPS000) [91] Will I just pout the gel on or
Doctor (PS237) [92] Yes.
(FXNPS000) [93] can I? [...]
Doctor (PS237) [94] Just just put the gel, don't don't wash your mouth out with anything.
(FXNPS000) [95] No, I was using some, I was washing with a mouthwash in the morning.
Doctor (PS237) [96] No,
(FXNPS000) [97] Oraldene.
Doctor (PS237) [98] no.
(FXNPS000) [99] No?
Doctor (PS237) [100] No.
[101] Leave it, leave it alone,
(FXNPS000) [102] Leave it?
Doctor (PS237) [103] leave it alone.
[104] Use your
(FXNPS000) [...]
Doctor (PS237) [105] Yes, aye, just use your gel and your your er Sofradex tablets, yeah
(FXNPS000) [106] [...] sofradex tablets, just take what's in the [...]
Doctor (PS237) [107] just take what's [...] .
(FXNPS000) [108] [laugh] [...] I seen Dr , Monday, he was [...] a clinic for before I went beck, a week on Friday for [...] injections.
Doctor (PS237) [109] Again?
(FXNPS000) [110] Again. [...]
Doctor (PS237) [111] Absolutely.
[112] In the bin.
[113] That's the best place for it.
(FXNPS000) [114] [...] took him two reactions,
Doctor (PS237) [115] Aha.
(FXNPS000) [116] [...] to get platelet, to get platelets, two reactions [...] .
Doctor (PS237) [...]
(FXNPS000) [117] I must have screamed. [laugh]
Doctor (PS237) [118] [...] Away and [...] yourself.
[119] Right
(FXNPS000) [120] Thanks very much Doctor, thank you.
Doctor (PS237) [121] Bye Mrs , cheerio now. [recording ends]