Orchestral society committee meeting. Sample containing about 11419 words speech recorded in leisure context

9 speakers recorded by respondent number C141

PS23A Ag1 m (Greg, age 23, doctor) unspecified
PS23B Ag4 m (John, age 49, civil servant) unspecified
PS23C Ag4 f (Pauline, age 47, teacher) unspecified
PS23D Ag4 m (John, age 50, retired teacher) unspecified
PS23E Ag3 f (Julia, age 44, translator) unspecified
PS23F Ag4 f (Liz, age 46, teacher) unspecified
PS23G Ag4 m (Malcolm, age 58, retired school master) unspecified
FXRPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
FXRPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 094001 recorded on unknown date. LocationNottinghamshire: Southwell ( Community Hall ) Activity: Committee Meeting debate

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1] Er apologies for er ... er apologies for absence.
John (PS23B) [2] Er the only ... formal apology I er have is from Judith, we are of course er as yet still missing er Malcolm and Liz.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [3] [...] .
John (PS23B) [4] The
John (PS23D) [5] Liz is just arriving, actually.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [6] Is she?
John (PS23B) [7] Oh good.
John (PS23D) [8] Yes, they were parking just now.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [9] Oh yes. ... [laugh] . ...
Greg (PS23A) [10] Right.
[11] Er.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [12] Excuse [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [13] We will we will wait for Liz.
John (PS23B) [14] [...] .
[15] C come in. ...
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [16] [...] .
John (PS23D) [17] Please feel free to speak up.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [18] [laugh] .
Pauline (PS23C) [19] I haven't eaten yet.
John (PS23D) [20] It's no use talking to that, because
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [21] [laugh] .
Pauline (PS23C) [22] [laughing] I haven't eaten yet. []
John (PS23D) [23] Don't shout too loud because you get ... somebody'll have to listen to all this .
Pauline (PS23C) [24] Turn it off and start again.
Greg (PS23A) [25] Evening Liz.
Malcolm (PS23G) [26] Hello.
Pauline (PS23C) [27] Start again.
Greg (PS23A) [28] I'm afraid we've nicked the comfy seats.
[29] Sorry about that.
Malcolm (PS23G) [30] O o over here?
John (PS23B) [31] Ei either of those, yes
Malcolm (PS23G) [32] Right.
John (PS23B) [33] I'm sorry we er ... the other ones have been taken.
Greg (PS23A) [34] You haven't missed anything at all.
Malcolm (PS23G) [35] [laugh] .
Greg (PS23A) [36] The minutes of the meeting held on the first
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [37] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [38] of May nineteen ninety three. ...
John (PS23B) [39] Er ... sorry ... . [reading]
[40] Present secreta chairman, secretary, Julia, Judith.
[41] Apologies were received from Phil, Malcolm, John and Pauline.
[42] Er minutes of the meeting held on the tenth of January were read and approved.
[43] The secretary reported that the charge for the Great Hall for the fourth of November nineteen ninety two was thirty pounds, that but that in future the charge will be forty pounds.
[44] It was noted that on two occasions members of the committee collected subscriptions in the treasurer's absence.
[45] It was also noted that Isobel has rejoined the orchestra for two rehearsals.
[46] A G M fifth of May, the draft reports of the treasurer and secretary were noted.
[47] It was agreed that the new committee should be recommended to appoint a press secretary.
[48] Judith and Julia will discuss with Malcolm the duties of the treasurer.
[49] Concert held at School on twenty fourth of March, this was agreed to have been successful.
[50] ... [cough] Concert to be held in Holy Trinity Church on tenth of July, the conditions listed in the Reverend Mark 's letter were noted.
[51] John 's offer to prepare a programme was accepted with pleasure.
[52] It was agreed that the rehearsal will be at four o'clock and ... the concert at seven thirty, allowing sufficient time for a picnic in between. []
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [53] [cough] .
John (PS23B) [54] [reading] The programme may include some or all of the following, Strauss Pizzicato Polka, Souza Stars and Stripes, Schubert Overture in B Flat, Davis Solemn Melody, Elgar Minuet, Vaughan Williams Household Music, Haydn Horn Signal Symphony, Bach Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring.
[55] John has offered to play Debussy's Petite Suite for two pianos, other solos may include [...] piano trio []
Greg (PS23A) [56] [laughing] Should be a good trick if he can do it []
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [57] [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [58] [reading] [laughing] the [...] will show the Reverend Mark [] []
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [59] [...] .
John (PS23B) [60] [reading] a draft programme for his approval as soon as it is available.
[61] Concert to be held in the Great Hall on third of November.
[62] The following items may be included in the programme.
[63] Vivaldi Guitar Concerto, Rossini William Tell Ballet Music, Mozart Flute Concerto Number two, songs by Heather , a wind quintet.
[64] The chairman will ask Jimmy if he would like to play a cello concerto, and the secretary will ask Malcolm if he would like to play the [...] .
[65] Carols for Everyone, eighteenth of December nineteen ninety three.
[66] The secretary will again ask the [...] to confirm that they are willing to sell tickets.
[67] He will also contact the Boys' Brigade, to see if they'd be prepared to play, and S O S transport international, to obtain more information.
[68] W I piano, it was noted that the W I are now trying to replace the hall piano.
[69] Any other business, it was agreed that the new committee should be asked to consider the possibility of holding meetings after rehearsals rather than on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.
[70] The meeting closed at four O three P M. [] ...
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [71] Er. ...
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [72] [sniff] .
John (PS23B) [73] I think you're meant to ask if that's a true record.
[74] Not that any of us [...] was
John (PS23D) [75] Yes.
John (PS23B) [76] here, very much.
[77] So [...]
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [78] [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [79] Yeah, well I I would say that was a very true record, I was here, I think that's a
Pauline (PS23C) [80] Yeah.
John (PS23D) [81] true record.
Greg (PS23A) [82] I wasn't. [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [83] Yeah.
[84] Yeah.
Pauline (PS23C) [85] [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [86] You weren't here.
Greg (PS23A) [87] Tt.
[88] Right, thank you Mr Secretary.
[89] Matters arising.
[90] ... Several things come [laughing] straight to mind [] . [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [91] Do do you want to take them, or or shall I remind you of what the headings were?
Greg (PS23A) [92] Er y erm ... well the three things I've got down here, piano, I I notice the piano's arrived.
[93] Er which is very good.
[94] Is there only one key?
John (PS23D) [95] Mhm.
Greg (PS23A) [96] Not that we've found it really matters, we've been
John (PS23D) [97] Yeah.
Greg (PS23A) [98] able to get into it anyway.
[99] But er [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [100] Mm.
John (PS23D) [101] Well of course, yes .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [102] [laugh] .
Greg (PS23A) [103] That's fine.
[104] The the tickets and the chad d did er
John (PS23B) [105] Could I could I just go back on on the piano please.
Greg (PS23A) [106] Yes.
[107] Yes, you [...] .
[108] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [109] Erm could could I suggest that the committee might like er to ask me to right to the W I to thank them for getting a new piano?
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [110] I think that's a
John (PS23B) [111] I think it would be prudent.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [112] I think that's a
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [113] [...] .
John (PS23D) [114] I would certainly think it's a good idea.
Greg (PS23A) [115] Good evening Malcolm.
Liz (PS23F) [116] Good evening.
[117] I know I've been er elected vice, I intend to display all the er vices, sloth, idleness,
John (PS23B) [118] [laugh] . ...
John (PS23D) [119] [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [120] lack of punctuality.
Greg (PS23A) [121] Well that's ... [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [122] Erm, you're being recorded by the way.
John (PS23B) [123] Would you like to sign this to say that your words are being recorded and you don't object .
Greg (PS23A) [124] That's just like a clarinet player [...] .
John (PS23B) [125] [...] I don't give a damn.
Greg (PS23A) [126] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [127] I'm sure that [...] .
John (PS23D) [128] But you've got to sign, otherwise
Liz (PS23F) [129] Oh. ...
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [130] Same also Liz, if you don't mind.
Greg (PS23A) [131] So yes, if you could write to the ... if you could write to the Women's Institute, that would be very good.
[132] Thank you.
John (PS23B) [133] Well I will when I've got my pen back .
Greg (PS23A) [134] Right, that's fine. ...
John (PS23B) [135] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [136] Oh dear, what a shambles.
Julia (PS23E) [137] What's that scribble?
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [138] [laugh] .
Pauline (PS23C) [139] Like a doctor's signature. [laugh] .
Greg (PS23A) [140] Thank you very much, I think you can read mine. ...
John (PS23B) [141] Sorry, er ch [...] could we raise that [...] under
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [142] [...] .
John (PS23B) [143] under Carols for Everyone?
Greg (PS23A) [144] Yes, if you want
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [145] It's er
Greg (PS23A) [146] yes, that can come along later. ...
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [147] [cough] .
John (PS23B) [148] Er er there was something else, I I sorry Greg y you were going to raise
Greg (PS23A) [149] Oh, the Boys' Brigade, but that can that can also you
John (PS23B) [150] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [151] were going to write to them
John (PS23B) [152] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [153] as well.
[154] ... Erm
John (PS23B) [155] I think all I think most of the other things I the only ... er one I I would like to raise is that it was agreed that the new committee should be recommended to appoint a press secretary.
Greg (PS23A) [156] Yes, well that's the next item of course. ...
John (PS23B) [157] It is isn't it?
[158] I
Greg (PS23A) [159] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [160] I'd forgotten I'd put that on the agenda.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [161] [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [162] How clever I am at these things.
[163] Yes. ...
Greg (PS23A) [164] No other matters arising?
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [165] [...] .
John (PS23D) [166] Okay.
Greg (PS23A) [167] Number three, actually, it it's not number three
John (PS23B) [168] There's two number threes, aren't there ?
Greg (PS23A) [169] There are two number threes.
[170] Appoint appointment of press secretary.
[171] Appointment of press secretary erm this was decided last time, that a press secretary would be a very good idea, er to try to achieve more publicity for the orchestra, not just for er concerts, but perhaps for recruitment purposes too.
[172] ... We now need to appoint someone.
John (PS23B) [173] I I should say, I I s I have today, because it was things were running a bit late, written to the the three usual papers,
Greg (PS23A) [174] Mhm.
John (PS23B) [175] er the Chad, [...] Newark Advertiser, with er the usual useless information that they don't do much with.
[176] And er so we we're covered to date,
Greg (PS23A) [177] Right.
John (PS23B) [178] but I would like someone ideally to take take over from now on.
[179] ... So that's where we go from here.
[180] I don't know whether anyone is jumping with joy at the thought. ...
Julia (PS23E) [181] Ooh that's quite good. [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [182] Well I could I could er I could probably take on that task if you wish, cos it's easy enough to actually write letters to people, cos I can just ask my secretary [laugh] to do that.
Pauline (PS23C) [183] [laugh] .
Greg (PS23A) [184] So that's ac it's actually quite easy
John (PS23B) [185] It
Greg (PS23A) [186] and I certainly wouldn't mind doing that.
John (PS23B) [187] Well,i if if you you could combine it with with with the chair, that would be,
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [188] [...] .
John (PS23B) [189] Gosh.
Greg (PS23A) [190] No reason why not.
[191] The only thing I don't know i
Liz (PS23F) [192] [...] make sure make sure that this secretary gets a ch suitable [laughing] honorarium at Christmas [] .
Greg (PS23A) [193] [...] our staff get very well treated here.
John (PS23B) [194] Would be nice if other people do.
Greg (PS23A) [195] But [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [196] Yeah .
Greg (PS23A) [197] But what I what I what I don't know is who the who the contact at these
John (PS23B) [198] No.
Greg (PS23A) [199] various places are.
John (PS23B) [200] I I will give you a note then.
Greg (PS23A) [201] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [202] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [203] Yes, I won't tell my wife, otherwise she'll be furious.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [204] Mm.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [205] [...] .
John (PS23B) [206] Yes.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [207] [laugh] .
Liz (PS23F) [208] [...] normal state of matters, isn't it?
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [209] [laugh] .
Greg (PS23A) [210] So that's that that's that rather awkward item so quite rapidly sorted out, yes .
John (PS23B) [211] It was, yes.
[212] And John's got us onto the next one I see. ...
John (PS23D) [213] Well, I thought you'd have to be
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [214] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [215] Yes, concert at Holy Trinity church, which is of course our next concert.
[216] ... Erm these are the these are our publicity posters.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [217] Right.
Greg (PS23A) [218] Yeah.
John (PS23D) [219] There are a few at ... that size.
Julia (PS23E) [220] Mm.
Greg (PS23A) [221] Very nice.
Julia (PS23E) [222] Nice [...] .
John (PS23D) [223] And that is er one of the programmes ... which are now being printed.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [224] Oh lovely.
Julia (PS23E) [225] Have you done those?
John (PS23D) [226] Thank you very much.
[227] No, Jill did.
Julia (PS23E) [228] Oh, [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [229] [...] efficient.
John (PS23D) [230] Terribly.
[231] She's not very pleased with it.
[232] She asked me to to say that for the record .
Pauline (PS23C) [233] Oh no, it's beautiful.
[234] [...] it's nice to have
Greg (PS23A) [235] I think it's not I
Pauline (PS23C) [236] the erm actual churches
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [237] Mhm.
Greg (PS23A) [238] I think it's excellent.
Julia (PS23E) [239] Yes, I think it's [...] .
John (PS23D) [240] But she's actually been in bed for five days.
Greg (PS23A) [241] [...] .
[242] Oh very nasty.
John (PS23B) [243] Well I I would like to propose that the again we we er we thank Jill for this.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [244] [...] .
John (PS23B) [245] I don't intend to write, if [laughing] you don't mind [] .
Greg (PS23A) [246] Well supposedly she'll come tomorrow night anyway
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [247] Ah.
Greg (PS23A) [248] and do some work [...] .
John (PS23B) [249] Oh lovely.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [250] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [251] It's an excellent poster
Pauline (PS23C) [252] Lovely.
Greg (PS23A) [253] and I will endeavour to advertise this.
Julia (PS23E) [254] Do you want us
Pauline (PS23C) [255] Can we take these?
Julia (PS23E) [256] to take some to to hang around [...] ?
Greg (PS23A) [257] You can take some and [...] who normally put things where.
John (PS23B) [258] Well that that's the important thing, is we shouldn't ... they shouldn't
Greg (PS23A) [259] [...] .
John (PS23B) [260] just lie around anywhere.
Greg (PS23A) [261] I'll take I'll take a couple for the moment.
Pauline (PS23C) [262] [...] .
John (PS23D) [263] I did about twenty, because I thought well we don't normally sort of adv ... scatter more than
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [264] [...] .
John (PS23D) [265] that do we?
Liz (PS23F) [266] Is there a notice board down at the the [...] that one of those could be put on?
John (PS23D) [267] Oh yes, aha, I will do that
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [268] That's a jolly good idea.
John (PS23D) [269] to oh shall I put that one up as well?
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [270] Mm.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [271] That one [...] .
[272] Anyway. ...
Greg (PS23A) [273] If I take the rest away and try and ... Who normally sticks one in the library, or
Julia (PS23E) [274] It needs a big one doesn't it?
John (PS23B) [275] I [...] .
John (PS23D) [276] I usually do that.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [277] [...] .
John (PS23B) [278] No they no d don't give don't give them big ones ,
Julia (PS23E) [279] Don't they put a big one
John (PS23B) [280] they don't put them up.
Julia (PS23E) [281] That right? [...] .
John (PS23B) [282] Well, they don't put up little ones either, I mean they they they're very loathe to put
Julia (PS23E) [283] [...] .
John (PS23B) [284] They've got so little space.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [285] That's right.
Pauline (PS23C) [286] Pec They're peculiar in the library.
Greg (PS23A) [287] Yeah, libraries are very funny aren't they?
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [288] Mhm.
Greg (PS23A) [289] I find that with our local, but well twist their arm.
John (PS23B) [290] But it's a quest if you take something of reasonable size not too far in advance, you're usually alright.
[291] [...] that right now.
Greg (PS23A) [292] It's three to four weeks, [...] ?
Pauline (PS23C) [293] Solos. ...
Greg (PS23A) [294] [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [295] [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [296] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [297] Erm, the arrangement ... erm I think for this concert arise on the er ... er sheet which we distributed last week and the week before, ... er [...]
Liz (PS23F) [298] Which I have inadvertently forgotten to bring with me.
Greg (PS23A) [299] Doesn't matter we've got some spares.
Liz (PS23F) [300] Ah [...] .
[301] I knew somebody would take the hint.
Greg (PS23A) [302] Not here, but we've got some spares
Liz (PS23F) [303] Ah.
Greg (PS23A) [304] we've got some spares in the [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [305] That's unfortunate.
Greg (PS23A) [306] Erm which I can remember som go something along the lines of rehearsal at four thirty, picnic tea
John (PS23B) [307] F four.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [308] Four.
Greg (PS23A) [309] Beg your pardon.
Pauline (PS23C) [310] Four [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [311] Well
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [312] Sharp.
Greg (PS23A) [313] this is all off the top of my head, four sharp, picnic tea, concert, and go home.
[314] ... Or go back wherever.
John (PS23B) [315] I I anticipate that the concert should be over about nine thirty, although I hope no if we finish nine thirty five no one 's going to
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [316] [...] .
John (PS23B) [317] shoot me.
Greg (PS23A) [318] I wouldn't mind if it's over [...] .
John (PS23B) [319] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [320] Er refreshments, everyone's going to bring their own er packed thing which we're going to share.
John (PS23B) [321] Shou should I I
Greg (PS23A) [322] I should think.
John (PS23D) [323] [...] last time there was some tea around [...] available .
John (PS23B) [324] I I must yes , shall I
Pauline (PS23C) [325] Yes, there was [...]
John (PS23B) [326] I've said on the note that tea will be available, I must admit I didn't check that [...] , but I will do that .
Greg (PS23A) [327] Well the kitchen is still as was.
John (PS23B) [328] That's what I thought, yes.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [329] Alright.
John (PS23D) [330] Yes, but is there somebody going to be climbing all over us saying No no no, you can't use our tea urn, [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [331] Well unfortunately , the lady who lives in the top cottage is now in erm hospital
John (PS23D) [332] Ah.
Greg (PS23A) [333] cos she had her what we think is probably a final stroke, not too long ago.
[334] So erm, she's usually the one who would have staggered round
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [335] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [336] and said, [...]
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [337] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [338] you can't do that, and all the rest of it.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [339] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [340] Erm and the place is like Fort Knox at the moment, cos it's got double sort of ten lever locks on every door, because somebody was pilfering from there,
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [341] Tt.
Greg (PS23A) [342] not too
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [343] Oh.
Greg (PS23A) [344] long ago.
John (PS23B) [345] But I well I will make arrangements for it to be opened of course
Greg (PS23A) [346] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [347] on the afternoon, but I wi when I'm doing that I will check up about the tea urn and
Greg (PS23A) [348] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [349] so on.
[350] Has anyone got anything else they want particularly they'd like?
[351] I mean er d we usually offer a choice of soft drinks.
John (PS23D) [352] Yes.
John (PS23B) [353] Er it might be nice if someone was to er obtain something.
John (PS23D) [354] Okay, well I'll bring some.
Greg (PS23A) [355] Well I'm going to the cash and carry sometime
John (PS23D) [356] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [357] this week, so if you want me to get some ... some squash or something.
John (PS23B) [358] Well, provided someone does, we don't want two, but we do want [laughing] one to bring it.
[359] Yes [] .
[360] Especially for a summer concert on a boiling hot day, [...] .
Julia (PS23E) [361] [...] . [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [362] Oh yes.
Greg (PS23A) [363] I've got I'm going to the cash and carry anyway.
John (PS23D) [364] You're going to the cash and carry, so.
Greg (PS23A) [365] I'm going to the cash and carry, yeah. ...
John (PS23D) [366] I was actually considering getting some of those little boxes. ...
Greg (PS23A) [367] Yeah.
[368] I er
John (PS23D) [369] Or whatever I mean er as well as rather than the
John (PS23B) [370] [...] expensive, [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [371] They're expensive and they're
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [372] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [373] not very nice.
[374] I think we're better off with orange squash, just
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [375] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [376] ordinary orange squash and dilute it down.
[377] To be honest.
John (PS23D) [378] Okay.
John (PS23B) [379] It's certainly more flexible, because you can then
Greg (PS23A) [380] We've got we've got the rest left for use on a Wednesday then [...]
John (PS23B) [381] use [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [382] er er
John (PS23B) [383] Yes.
John (PS23D) [384] There's still quite a big bottle for use on a Wednesday down [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [385] Is there?
Greg (PS23A) [386] Is there?
John (PS23B) [387] Well we want to use that up.
Pauline (PS23C) [388] Mhm.
Greg (PS23A) [389] [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [390] [...] .
John (PS23B) [391] From a hygiene point of view it's [laughing] it must be a little ancient by now.
Greg (PS23A) [392] Well, I don't know, if it's if it's if it's got sugar in, it'll ... [...] it'll be fine.
[393] [...] sugar free one.
John (PS23B) [394] [laugh] . [laughing] [...] [] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [395] [laugh] .
Greg (PS23A) [396] [...] .
[397] We'll see what they've got, if they've got something exciting, I might get more than one exciting squash, so
Liz (PS23F) [398] I'm alright, as long as the tea keeps flowing, I
Greg (PS23A) [399] Cash and carry.
Liz (PS23F) [400] don't care. [laugh] .
Greg (PS23A) [401] [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [402] We we didn't actually get through all the arrangements question, erm,J John a are you w there was some ce uncertainty as to whether or not you were going to be able to bring your adaptable piano?
John (PS23D) [403] Well we'll use the piano that's there.
John (PS23B) [404] You're going to use the piano that's there ?
John (PS23D) [405] Cos it's it's it's for piano duet, not
John (PS23B) [406] Yeah.
John (PS23D) [407] two pianos, cos I was
John (PS23B) [408] The piano there is adequate for the job is it?
John (PS23D) [409] Well, not really, but we'll use it .
Greg (PS23A) [410] Is i is it in tune ?
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [411] [laugh] .
Greg (PS23A) [412] Because if we're going to use it for the ragtime and er
John (PS23D) [413] Well of course it's in tune.
Greg (PS23A) [414] Right.
[415] ... Yeah. [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [416] It's electronic.
John (PS23B) [417] Oh is it?
Greg (PS23A) [418] No, er the piano in the church we're talking about?
John (PS23D) [419] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [420] Oh I'm sorry, oh sorry
John (PS23D) [421] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [422] I thought you were talking about
John (PS23D) [423] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [424] an ordinary piano in the church.
[425] Oh right, oh well
John (PS23D) [426] Yes,
Greg (PS23A) [427] that's fine, yes.
[428] Ideal.
John (PS23D) [429] no no, [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [430] Ideal, yeah.
John (PS23D) [431] It's tuneable.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [432] Oh mm yes.
[433] Oh even better.
[434] We can put it down [...] .
John (PS23B) [435] Is it one [...] ?
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [436] [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [437] No, no.
[438] I think it's got a piano and harpsichord, ... John.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [439] Oh.
Liz (PS23F) [440] Well we could use the harpsichord for the Haydn anyway, [...] .
John (PS23D) [441] Oh yes .
Greg (PS23A) [442] Oh yeah, that'd be nice, that'd be great.
John (PS23D) [443] Yeah.
Liz (PS23F) [444] That's alright [...] harpsichord I I heard, it'd [...] . [laugh] . ...
John (PS23B) [445] But what what we can't get is an organ out of it [laughing] which is a pity [] ,
John (PS23D) [446] Well we have got an organ in the church .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [447] There's
Greg (PS23A) [448] There is an organ in the church anyway.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [449] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [450] Ah but that's the devil to try and coordinate that with an orchestra when you're at the other end
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [451] Yes it is isn't it?
John (PS23B) [452] [...] sense of [...] .
Pauline (PS23C) [453] You can't put the devil in a church John, come on .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [454] [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [455] [...] .
John (PS23B) [456] The one thing which we haven't got still are are er bells,
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [457] Mm.
John (PS23B) [458] er other than wh the church ones, which obviously aren't a lot of use to us for this
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [459] [...] can use that .
John (PS23B) [460] Erm I was thinking of phoning John , I don't know if anyone else knows anyone else who might have tubular bells of the right ... pitches ?
Julia (PS23E) [461] What do we want those for ?
Pauline (PS23C) [462] [...] .
John (PS23B) [463] Er In a monastery garden, one of these vital things, it d it you can do it on a piano, but it doesn't really sound. ...
Malcolm (PS23G) [464] Has got any?
John (PS23B) [465] That's a thought isn't it?
Malcolm (PS23G) [466] has probably got some in his shop.
Greg (PS23A) [467] Well, I don't know if tubular bells are what most music shops carry standard.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [468] Mm no.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [469] Mm.
Malcolm (PS23G) [470] Well, he has most percussion stuff. ...
John (PS23B) [471] It wants to be deep o a deep one, I mean i it's
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [472] [...] .
John (PS23B) [473] not just a not a high E, it's got to be a very low E.
Greg (PS23A) [474] Yeah.
[475] Mm.
[476] It'd be worth asking him first, though .
John (PS23B) [477] That's not that's not a bad idea, yes .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [478] Mm.
John (PS23D) [479] [...] John would ...
John (PS23B) [480] Yes.
John (PS23D) [481] come across if he's got access to ...
John (PS23B) [482] Well, I was thinking if he couldn't actually make it, he could actually l like
John (PS23D) [483] It's not really the height of the concert season [...] is it?
John (PS23B) [484] No, it isn't, no.
[485] I'll I'll ask him then. ...
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [486] [...] . ...
Greg (PS23A) [487] Tt er anything on those arrangements?
[488] I don't think so.
[489] Publicity and programmes.
[490] Well, we've got the programmes being printed, haven't we John?
John (PS23D) [491] Yeah.
Greg (PS23A) [492] And the posters, we can ask members of the society to distribute those ... er over the next er
John (PS23D) [493] I ought to ask Malcolm if he c I I don't know what day you'll be in?
Liz (PS23F) [494] Sorry.
[495] The
John (PS23D) [496] [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [497] There's only there's only actually one day I'm not there.
John (PS23D) [498] Ah, so if I
Liz (PS23F) [499] I'll I'll rephrase that,n only one day I [laughing] don't appear [] . [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [500] If if one can go very gentle with [...] , I think in
Liz (PS23F) [501] I [...] .
John (PS23D) [502] the end, we're going to have to seek alternative
Liz (PS23F) [503] Yeah.
[504] [...] . It's a matter
John (PS23D) [505] arrangements, she seems to be getting more and more
Liz (PS23F) [506] Yeah.
John (PS23D) [507] snowed under there .
Liz (PS23F) [508] Yeah.
[509] It's a matter we need [...] .
John (PS23D) [510] Cos they're doing more and more [...] in half an hour.
Liz (PS23F) [511] Yeah.
Greg (PS23A) [512] Is this copying we're talking about?
Liz (PS23F) [513] Yeah.
John (PS23D) [514] This is, yeah.
Greg (PS23A) [515] Yeah, we've got an a I I can copy, but we've only got an A four copier,
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [516] Mm.
Greg (PS23A) [517] which won't er which is just a sort of straightforward copier.
John (PS23D) [518] Yeah. ...
Greg (PS23A) [519] But I can ... c copy there.
Liz (PS23F) [520] The only trouble is, the only other place I know with a photocopier it's one of these typical photocopying ... as we know, you know.
John (PS23D) [521] Well I think the school here does do erm ... er you know outside work
Malcolm (PS23G) [522] We do.
[523] And we have a woman does it.
John (PS23D) [524] Erm yeah.
[525] Well,th that's two [...]
Malcolm (PS23G) [526] Just have to pay , very cheaply .
John (PS23D) [527] Cos I know the woman who does the is the reprographics
Greg (PS23A) [528] How much is it a copy?
John (PS23D) [529] woman down here.
Malcolm (PS23G) [530] Two P I think.
Greg (PS23A) [531] Two P [...] .
Julia (PS23E) [532] Mm.
John (PS23D) [533] Yeah, well that's still
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [534] Yeah.
John (PS23D) [535] about two thousand per cent up
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [536] [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [537] [laughing] on our current system [] . [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [538] [...] getting an awful lot more [...] .
Malcolm (PS23G) [539] Well, I mean sh we could probably do it cheaper, you know
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [540] I wonder whether the [...] would do [...] , you know.
Liz (PS23F) [541] It might.
John (PS23B) [542] I think le let's keep let's keep the the [...] for the carols.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [543] Yes, that's [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [544] [...] [...] that's the one that it's the one that bothers me.
Malcolm (PS23G) [545] Yeah, I mean we could we'll do it cheap we could do it cheap and I could work that out in a private way.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [546] Yes.
John (PS23D) [547] That's the one I'm thinking of .
Liz (PS23F) [548] Yeah, but you mean ano we can do the odds and ends but it's the it's the other one.
Greg (PS23A) [549] Yes, it might be promised for the carols, but it's not
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [550] Yes.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [551] Well. ...
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [552] Yes, we'll see.
Greg (PS23A) [553] [...] .
[554] Right, item four, concert in the Great Hall, third of November nineteen ninety three.
John (PS23B) [555] Y y you'll see at the bottom of the agenda ... that er John and I talked about this the other night, er and there are
Greg (PS23A) [556] The Great Hall?
John (PS23B) [557] at least Yes, the Great Hall [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [558] Ah yes, right, yes right .
John (PS23D) [559] [...] right down the bottom.
Greg (PS23A) [560] Oh yes it's right down the bottom isn't it.
[561] Yeah.
[562] Right.
John (PS23B) [563] And there are a number of possible pieces there,
John (PS23D) [564] Did we talk about this?
John (PS23B) [565] We did.
John (PS23D) [566] [laughing] Ah, right, yes. []
Greg (PS23A) [567] [laughing] Someone must have made the list. [] [laugh] . ...
John (PS23B) [568] Er ... but that's just er something to talk around.
[569] I should say I have one problem, and that is I have the ballet music from William Tell there, but that seems to have walked.
[570] Er n
Malcolm (PS23G) [571] Danced.
[572] [laughing] Danced, danced. [] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [573] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [574] [...] where did it go?
John (PS23B) [575] I I had a set a full set of music which I I er er was at the W I hall, and has now gone.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [576] Oh.
John (PS23B) [577] Where the dickens it's got to.
Greg (PS23A) [578] I remember it [...]
John (PS23B) [579] Someone took it I think.
Greg (PS23A) [580] I remember it being collected in [...] .
Malcolm (PS23G) [581] Well I'll check in case I might have picked it up with my school stuff, to be honest
Greg (PS23A) [582] I remember it being collected in, but er
Malcolm (PS23G) [583] cos I just picked everything up that was in there, thinking it was mine, and [...] .
John (PS23D) [584] Well I haven't got it.
Malcolm (PS23G) [585] So I've probably got it,
John (PS23B) [586] Ah.
[587] If you could put it
Malcolm (PS23G) [588] and I put it straight in my cupboard so I'll go to the cupboard tomorrow and look .
John (PS23B) [589] Ah,c if you could look I'd be very grateful.
Malcolm (PS23G) [590] Yes.
John (PS23B) [591] But someone
Malcolm (PS23G) [592] I'm almost sure in fact, [...] probably have .
John (PS23B) [593] [...] took took some of the took the clarinet parts to transpose them, and they have gone.
Julia (PS23E) [594] I remember discussing that.
John (PS23B) [595] Now someone took them and I don't know who took it intending
Julia (PS23E) [596] But ... not me.
John (PS23B) [597] to transpose them.
[598] No
Liz (PS23F) [599] I shall have a look
John (PS23B) [600] no, I don't know who ,
Julia (PS23E) [601] No.
John (PS23B) [602] I mean I'm not looking at anyone in particular, because I I can't
Julia (PS23E) [603] I remember speaking about it to Malcolm,a and
John (PS23B) [604] remember.
Greg (PS23A) [605] Well who would do that?
Liz (PS23F) [606] Well I shall have a look.
[607] I don't
Julia (PS23E) [608] You you and I discussed whether I I was going to be able to do it .
Liz (PS23F) [609] I don't I can't remember doing I can't remember taking it .
Greg (PS23A) [610] It was quite a long time .
John (PS23B) [611] I am going to raise later a number of [laughing] missing parts that I I [...] [] .
Julia (PS23E) [612] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [613] Quite a [...] .
John (PS23B) [614] [...] it matters for this one, for this concert .
Liz (PS23F) [615] [...] haven't got , but I shall have a look for that.
[616] What was that for, the the Rossini?
Greg (PS23A) [617] William Tell, yes .
John (PS23B) [618] Rossini William Tell .
Julia (PS23E) [619] Oh. ...
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [620] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [621] [...] such a [...] a wonderful piece.
John (PS23B) [622] It would be nice to do it I think, and it would [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [623] I don't know, I mean
Malcolm (PS23G) [624] Well I may have taken it because we
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [625] [...] .
Malcolm (PS23G) [626] had a set at school, and I might have thought that was amongst my set,
John (PS23B) [627] Ah.
Malcolm (PS23G) [628] so in
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [629] It's quite old, it's sort of
Malcolm (PS23G) [630] I'll have two sets at school anyway then, if I've got yours.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [631] [...] of the original.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [632] [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [633] [...] bring the decent [...] .
Malcolm (PS23G) [634] Bring both, [laughing] bring both, yeah [] . [laugh] . ...
Greg (PS23A) [635] Is our is the guitarist w going to be available for the [...] ?
John (PS23D) [636] I have just written down that I must write to him,
Greg (PS23A) [637] Alright, [...] .
John (PS23D) [638] because he has now left school having
Greg (PS23A) [639] Yes.
John (PS23D) [640] finished his exams,
Greg (PS23A) [641] Right.
John (PS23D) [642] I have now left school,
Greg (PS23A) [643] Yeah.
John (PS23D) [644] and, well, just about.
[645] And so the only communication I shall have with him is by letter, but er ... it's the third of ...
Liz (PS23F) [646] Nov.
John (PS23D) [647] November isn't it?
Liz (PS23F) [648] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [649] Mm.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [650] [...] .
Malcolm (PS23G) [651] Have you done now? ...
John (PS23D) [652] Oh yeah.
Malcolm (PS23G) [653] I can bring some reports round for you to right then. [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [654] [laughing] Aha ha no. [] ...
Greg (PS23A) [655] [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [656] It's a nasty affliction deafness, you know. [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [657] We we we've still got the parts for the concerto [...] the guitar concerto, yeah?
John (PS23D) [658] Ann said, Ann said to me
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [659] Oh yes.
John (PS23D) [660] the other day she said
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [661] We own the parts.
John (PS23B) [662] Oh do we?
John (PS23D) [663] [...] .
John (PS23B) [664] Oh.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [665] Courtesy of a certain photocopier.
Greg (PS23A) [666] [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [667] [...] .
Malcolm (PS23G) [668] [...] at the moment.
John (PS23D) [669] just just just finished [...] no more course work the last course work I'm ever going to do, she says Erm I've got a hundred and twenty pieces you can [laughing] help me mark [] . [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [670] [laugh] . ...
John (PS23D) [671] The rest of the conversation is not for repetition.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [672] No. ...
John (PS23B) [673] The the Weber parts for the Weber clarinet conc concertino are somewhere between the music library in Nottingham and the library here and should reach me a week tomorrow .
Pauline (PS23C) [674] [laugh] .
[675] Sorry about that, [...] done it.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [676] [...] .
John (PS23B) [677] Well I don't know , they usually co they usually deliver on a Wednesday, so with luck I'll get them tomorrow.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [678] Very good.
John (PS23B) [679] Er it it's really a matter of whether you feel you'd like to do it.
Liz (PS23F) [680] Yeah, no sweat.
John (PS23D) [681] Yes, [...] .
John (PS23B) [682] Good, well okay [laughing] I do [...] [] .
John (PS23D) [683] [...] .
John (PS23B) [684] [...] you'll be lucky, yeah.
[685] Erm it it's not easy.
[686] Er
John (PS23D) [687] [...] you are playing double bass.
Greg (PS23A) [688] Mm.
[689] I think I think the [...] good part for [...] .
John (PS23D) [690] [...] find a piano reduction for this, cos I [...]
John (PS23B) [691] I think there will I think there should be there may well be one, there usually is with the [...] .
John (PS23D) [692] [laughing] I shall make you work. [] [laugh] . ...
Liz (PS23F) [693] [laughing] I thought you'd been doing that for the thirty whatsit of July. []
John (PS23B) [694] But there may be I mean
John (PS23D) [695] [...] warmed up for that.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [696] [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [697] This is just a sort of first list, the one thing ... erm you were going to ask Jimmy?
Greg (PS23A) [698] I have asked Jimmy, and Jimmy has declined,
John (PS23B) [699] Right.
Greg (PS23A) [700] I'm afraid,f for a cello concerto, he declined, I asked him er a couple of weeks ago.
[701] ... Tt so that was a shame ,
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [702] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [703] he I
John (PS23B) [704] We've probably got actually quite a bit of other stuff already, but er
Greg (PS23A) [705] Tt, well if we've got a guitar concerto, a clarinet concertino and possibility of a flute concerto,
Malcolm (PS23G) [706] Mm.
Greg (PS23A) [707] [...] alright.
John (PS23D) [708] Tt we were expressing , John and I, some erm concern that the the same few people seemed to be offering the soloing or ... we'll do something bits.
[709] And maybe it's ... aren't there others who can,
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [710] [...] .
John (PS23D) [711] although we did of course have that disastrous trio, [laughing] that ... came to blows two years ago [] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [712] Yeah, but look
Julia (PS23E) [713] Oh yes.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [714] [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [715] [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [716] Last year, we didn't actually make a lot of noise about erm ... you know, come and do your party
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [717] [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [718] piece business.
[719] ... The year before wh wh
John (PS23D) [720] We did.
Liz (PS23F) [721] [...] we made an awful lot of erm ... noise about erm you know, this is not actually a co a concert, this is come and do your party piece, come and show off, is there anything you'd like to get together?
[722] And when we actually introduced it last year, it was too late ,
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [723] Mhm.
Liz (PS23F) [724] people th there wasn't really enough
Greg (PS23A) [725] Mm.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [726] Time, quite.
Liz (PS23F) [727] Erm perhaps it might be an idea to
John (PS23B) [728] Well I
Liz (PS23F) [729] open it up to the membership.
John (PS23B) [730] Well I wonder if if in fact er tha that this might be a task for the vice chairman t to go round, to to [...]
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [731] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [732] [...] .
Pauline (PS23C) [733] [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [734] If if the vice chairman was to [...]
Liz (PS23F) [735] [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [736] [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [737] I shall do that.
[738] I shall do that.
John (PS23B) [739] Good.
Liz (PS23F) [740] Nae bother.
John (PS23B) [741] You w you will tr we don't want you know va I mean if we get too many, it could go the other way, but we i if we could get three or four items, that would be very nice.
[742] And especially a er they could be from people,
Greg (PS23A) [743] Well I'm sure John and Jimmy and Bill have got something.
John (PS23D) [744] That's what we were commenting on.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [745] [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [746] Yes, that's the point, to get someone [...]
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [747] [...] .
John (PS23B) [748] new new lot, who haven't played before .
Liz (PS23F) [749] I know I realise that, it's alright.
John (PS23D) [750] You see I mean it it did occur to me that er erm on on the three occasions that we've done this now, it always turns out to be er me involved in about just you know either playing the piano or something else in just about everything.
[751] Er,
Liz (PS23F) [752] Yeah, I'm
John (PS23D) [753] it's nice to have other people [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [754] I I'm working I'm working with erm Howard on er er a little ... clarinet minuet [...] actually ... minuet, two clarinets and a bassoon.
[755] ... Erm which would be alright, but then again, the [...]
John (PS23D) [756] The bassoonist doesn't practice.
Liz (PS23F) [757] The r we the bassoonist wo I doubt whether the bassoonist will be there
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [758] Yeah.
Liz (PS23F) [759] anyway, so we could get erm ... he'd better not be there.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [760] Yes.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [761] [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [762] [laughing] Poor lad, the pressure on him. [] ...
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [763] [laugh] .
Pauline (PS23C) [764] [laughing] Why? []
[765] I've lost this. [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [766] It's alright , it's just about three different conversations going on here.
Pauline (PS23C) [767] [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [768] Erm we'll get er you know it's not er ... a very taxing bassoon.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [769] No.
Liz (PS23F) [770] So [...] would be [...] ... I reckon would be
Greg (PS23A) [771] 's pretty good at it.
Liz (PS23F) [772] And and would have a good time playing it, cos i There's enough there, but it's not ... you know [...]
John (PS23D) [773] Alternatively, the chairman could do it on his horn, can't he? ...
Greg (PS23A) [774] Yes, well. [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [775] Or or or the vice chairman could do it on alto clarinet and give somebody else a clarinet part to play.
Greg (PS23A) [776] Now there's a thought, yes, yes.
Pauline (PS23C) [777] Mm.
John (PS23D) [778] Hey that's an idea, we try this [...] as clarinet choir.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [779] Yeah.
Greg (PS23A) [780] [...] clarinet choir can sound quite nice.
[781] ... Most clarinets.
Liz (PS23F) [782] Whichever.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [783] With there being
Liz (PS23F) [784] That's that's that's
Greg (PS23A) [785] [...] double bass solo would be interesting .
Liz (PS23F) [786] that's back to me again , isn't it?
John (PS23B) [787] Would it?
Greg (PS23A) [788] Yeah.
John (PS23D) [789] Yes, it would be alright if we had a decent [laughing] double bass [] . [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [790] [...] need much more strings at the moment.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [791] [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [792] Well we're going to have this guitar concerto, and I was [...]
Liz (PS23F) [793] [...] string player [...] see what we can [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [794] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [795] But erm well
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [796] Right.
Greg (PS23A) [797] So the
John (PS23B) [798] You you're going to try and get some solo out, persuade members to
Liz (PS23F) [799] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [800] Are there any other suggestions for possible works while we're on the arrangements and the programme?
[801] ... I've thought of one which ... I don't I can't remember whether we've ever done that's Rosamunda, Overture to Rosamunda, which
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [802] Erm yeah [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [803] is quite a jolly little piece.
Julia (PS23E) [804] [...] .
John (PS23D) [805] [...] .
John (PS23B) [806] [...] do it , but not a bad idea, yes.
Greg (PS23A) [807] Er ...
Malcolm (PS23G) [808] We did the Fireworks Suite didn't we, [...] ?
Greg (PS23A) [809] [...] .
John (PS23D) [810] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [811] Yeah.
Malcolm (PS23G) [812] We've done that .
Greg (PS23A) [813] [...] Rosamunda. ...
Malcolm (PS23G) [814] Erm
John (PS23B) [815] It's the overture isn't it?
Greg (PS23A) [816] Oh, yeah, I wasn't thinking about doing the ballet music.
John (PS23B) [817] The one which [...] Die Selberhalfe .
Greg (PS23A) [818] Although some of the ballet music, we we actually some of
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [819] That's right.
Greg (PS23A) [820] ballet music's quite good as well.
[821] And not un not unreasonable.
John (PS23D) [822] It was some of the ballet music we did before.
Julia (PS23E) [823] Did we?
John (PS23B) [824] We did the o we did try the overture, I think, er ... but we er we didn't get on very well with it.
[825] It didn't get on very well with us, [...] .
John (PS23D) [826] About time we gave it another whirl.
Greg (PS23A) [827] But some of the ballet music's quite nice as well.
John (PS23B) [828] The the only ... slight concern I've got is there looking at what we've got here, what we really need to add is something which is relatively short and relatively easy,
Greg (PS23A) [829] Mm.
John (PS23B) [830] because I can imagine, looking at rehearsals, what we need are a few sort of easy things to start and end rehearsals with, or for rehearsals when we're a bit thin on the ground, er
John (PS23D) [831] Well the Bach is that.
John (PS23B) [832] The Bach is quite
Pauline (PS23C) [833] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [834] useful for that, yes, in fact several of I suppose [...]
John (PS23D) [835] I've done the wind parts for that, they're they're done and copied. ...
Greg (PS23A) [836] We could er there's the Air for Southwell, we could perhaps play that again.
Julia (PS23E) [837] Oh mm.
Liz (PS23F) [838] Yes, I have to tell you that the Air for Southwell is now in the process of acquiring a beginning and an end.
John (PS23B) [839] Ah.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [840] Ah.
Liz (PS23F) [841] It's actually got sixteen bars of start up at the moment, in short score,
Greg (PS23A) [842] Cos that'd be
Liz (PS23F) [843] which is being sort of developed,
Greg (PS23A) [844] Er cos that'd be very nice.
Liz (PS23F) [845] I've got that broken arm, which I [laughing] had to put in a sling every [laugh] time [] [laugh] . ...
John (PS23D) [846] I think that'd very [...] very good that one.
Greg (PS23A) [847] And a lovely place to play it as well, [...] .
John (PS23B) [848] Oh yes, yes.
[849] Of course.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [850] Mm. ...
John (PS23D) [851] Well, if what we're looking for is another time [...]
John (PS23B) [852] Well I think we've probably got enough, something's got to go , oh we've got too too much some of
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [853] Yes.
[854] Yes.
John (PS23B) [855] these things will have to go, but almost
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [856] [...] .
John (PS23B) [857] certain usually, we
Greg (PS23A) [858] Well I could volunteer the Air for Southwell.
John (PS23B) [859] try things and we discover some things don't work very
Greg (PS23A) [860] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [861] well, and we drop them and we add other things [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [862] We usually have a fair bit of time to do it.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [863] [...] to look at it, so.
John (PS23B) [864] Er yes, yes, some of them will come and some of them will go, and er
Greg (PS23A) [865] And a lot's going to depend on the number of solo items of course I should think, so
John (PS23B) [866] Yes, oh yes, yeah.
[867] ... Er
Greg (PS23A) [868] Now copying musi so so the exactly what we [...] ?
John (PS23B) [869] Yes, the copying music, what I'm asking for is not so much copying there,ag it's it's the old friend transposition, well it's partly copying, but it's mainly transposition of erm horn, trumpet and clarinet parts
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [870] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [871] which tend to be written in every key other than the one we want them.
[872] ... So ... some things we're alright for, I don't know about the clarinet concertino, I've no idea what that'll come in.
[873] Jesu Joy ,
John (PS23D) [874] [...] .
John (PS23B) [875] you're doing, John .
John (PS23D) [876] Yes, it's done.
John (PS23B) [877] Oh gosh .
Greg (PS23A) [878] One in D one in E, one in B [...] ,
John (PS23B) [879] Good.
[880] Erm the Mozart flute concerto needs
Greg (PS23A) [881] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [882] doing,
Greg (PS23A) [883] Yeah, I can
John (PS23B) [884] there are really it's a question there of trying to sort out who does what in there, there are ... horn parts, there are no clarinet parts, of course, there are two two ob ... is it two oboes two horns, I can't remember offhand?
[885] Erm ... tha that's all wind parts.
Greg (PS23A) [886] So we need some clarinet parts?
John (PS23B) [887] We need some clarinet parts, yes.
[888] I I think the best thing to do with the flutes is to put them along with the first ...
John (PS23D) [889] [...] you want to put [...] on clarinet?
Greg (PS23A) [890] And put two ... second on viola?
[891] ... Second on viola, perhaps?
[892] Doubling just perhaps just doubling viola? ...
John (PS23D) [893] Well in that case I'll play viola.
Greg (PS23A) [894] Or double or double viola and horn.
John (PS23B) [895] Well they could do second oboe .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [896] [...] .
John (PS23B) [897] I mean if they're not [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [898] [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [899] [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [900] In fact, presumably one also needs to do the transposition of first oboe and second oboe in case the the oboe isn't there?
John (PS23D) [901] That's true.
Greg (PS23A) [902] Mm.
John (PS23D) [903] Yes.
Liz (PS23F) [904] Cos if you cut out the first oboe part, you're in a little bit
John (PS23B) [905] That is that is crucial, yes.
Greg (PS23A) [906] Yeah. [...] .
John (PS23B) [907] So it's oboes to clarinet , I haven't got the parts in here but I can if I n if someone is going to volunteer to clarinet, horns ... horns will stay at horns, but horn two presumably on trum what are the what are we going to give the trumpet to do?
[908] Usually it's a horn part. ...
Greg (PS23A) [909] Yeah. ...
John (PS23B) [910] He's not got much choice really about it.
Greg (PS23A) [911] No he hasn't really no, I yeah, trumpet for the horn, yeah.
John (PS23B) [912] Which one goes better,ho horn one or horn two?
[913] Or do you want to have a look at them first?
Greg (PS23A) [914] Just [...] .
[915] I mean you can imagine what th the horn parts are playing in something like thirds fifths and sixths ,
John (PS23B) [916] It sounds odd [...] yes.
Greg (PS23A) [917] [...] up and down the intervals I mean it is a bit of a muchness really.
[918] I mean the trouble is if you put the trumpet erm, if you put the trumpet too low, it's it's it doesn't sound good and it goes out of tune,
John (PS23B) [919] Yeah.
Greg (PS23A) [920] you put the ti the trumpet too high it sounds very much out of place.
John (PS23B) [921] You don't [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [922] So er
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [923] Tricky.
Greg (PS23A) [924] It is tricky really.
John (PS23B) [925] So it er you know
Greg (PS23A) [926] And probably the best thing to do is say is say, Trumpet plays horn two, and plays quietly all the way through,
Pauline (PS23C) [927] Mm.
Greg (PS23A) [928] actually that's actually quite hard work.
John (PS23B) [929] You can say it.
Greg (PS23A) [930] It's actually quite hard work on the trumpet, [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [931] [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [932] [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [933] Well it's j it's just the same problem as playing string parts on on wind instruments, you
Greg (PS23A) [934] Yeah.
Liz (PS23F) [935] by the time you've finished, you you you you've
Greg (PS23A) [936] You're killed.
Liz (PS23F) [937] you've really had some playing.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [938] Mhm.
Greg (PS23A) [939] The trouble is with the second horn parts, they often often have a wider register ... gap, and the first horn part which tends to waver up and down in vaguely the same place while the second sort of goes woo woo woo, [...] jumps up and down.
John (PS23B) [940] Wh what I'd like to do please, is
Greg (PS23A) [941] [...] the trumpet.
John (PS23B) [942] i if someone would like to volunteer to do these transpositions,
Greg (PS23A) [943] I'll I'll do the brass, the horn trumpet whatever ... is necessary for that .
Liz (PS23F) [944] And I'll do the [...] stuff [...] .
John (PS23B) [945] If I may, I'll give them to you tomorrow with Post-Its telling you what to write, what to transpose it to .
Greg (PS23A) [946] That'll be fine, yeah.
[947] I mean there's no huge hurry for those, is there, really at the moment so? ...
John (PS23B) [948] We need Well, we need to have it ready
Greg (PS23A) [949] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [950] after for
Greg (PS23A) [951] Yes.
John (PS23B) [952] after this concert, this is the point this is why we've
Greg (PS23A) [953] Oh yes, oh yes.
Greg (PS23A) [954] got f we've got a month to do it in.
Liz (PS23F) [955] Now, just as a matter of interest, whilst I remember, how are we off for manuscript paper?
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [956] [...] point.
Greg (PS23A) [957] I've got quite a bit at home.
John (PS23D) [958] We could always print some more.
Greg (PS23A) [959] But er
Liz (PS23F) [960] Well I was sort of erm
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [961] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [962] It'd be cheaper to buy it, actually .
Liz (PS23F) [963] [...] progressing, aren't they?
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [964] No.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [965] [...] is it really?
Malcolm (PS23G) [966] I've got a boxful that I never use.
Greg (PS23A) [967] Oh.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [968] [...] .
Malcolm (PS23G) [969] Yeah, I'll bring it in and you can have it.
[970] Yeah, you can have it .
Liz (PS23F) [971] No no, it's just as long as you've got a supply somewhere.
[972] No no I
Malcolm (PS23G) [973] Yeah.
Liz (PS23F) [974] don't want it. [laugh] . ...
John (PS23B) [975] Well could you could you bring it in?
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [976] [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [977] [...] .
Malcolm (PS23G) [978] I'll bring it tomorrow.
[979] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [980] [...] please, cos I [...] appreciate more manuscript paper.
John (PS23D) [981] I've I've got enough enough stuff in our house without any erm any extra.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [982] Good.
John (PS23B) [983] So we're alright there .
Greg (PS23A) [984] [...] a while to transpose, [...] I've been printing stuff on card recently, [...]
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [985] [laugh] .
Liz (PS23F) [986] Poor lad, [...]
Greg (PS23A) [987] And then you just photocopy from the card, and it's a nice [...] , and you keep the card, you don't give that out .
Liz (PS23F) [988] [...] great stuff.
[989] [...] . Well it's easily identified [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [990] Yes.
John (PS23B) [991] Well we're probably alright for the other things for the time being, but we may need [...] about the the Weber erm [...] .
John (PS23D) [992] [...] alright.
Greg (PS23A) [993] Yes, if we're doing the Weber [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [994] Why [...] .
John (PS23D) [995] Oh sorry, horn and [...] .
John (PS23B) [996] Yeah, horns and er er the optional clarinet may be an [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [997] The horn [...]
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [998] [...] .
John (PS23B) [999] [...] I would doubt it, yeah.
Greg (PS23A) [1000] What key's the clarinet part in?
John (PS23B) [1001] I if er
John (PS23D) [1002] Oh god it's in F, ... so it's in E flat.
[1003] ... Orchestral.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1004] [...] .
John (PS23D) [1005] Or or what it is ,
Greg (PS23A) [1006] It'll be [...] .
John (PS23D) [1007] it's a min it's actually minor, and I've got
John (PS23B) [1008] Well this is the one with the business I had with the library.
[1009] They said, No
Greg (PS23A) [1010] I suppose it could be E flat, couldn't it?
John (PS23B) [1011] there isn't one in E flat, there's one in C minor.
John (PS23D) [1012] Yeah, C minor, [...] yeah.
John (PS23B) [1013] And actually they've got two miniature scores in the library, one of which said it was in E flat, and the other one said it was in C minor, so you pays your money and you takes your choice, erm
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1014] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1015] it it's very strange, I've never come across
John (PS23D) [1016] If it if it actually [...] actually finishes on clarinet F, which is the E flat,
Liz (PS23F) [1017] It's probably E flat.
John (PS23B) [1018] I I I've always called it the E flat,
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1019] Mm.
John (PS23B) [1020] [...] but there's one score which un un unambiguously calls it in C minor on the [...] , and it starts in C minor, so
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1021] It it starts in C minor.
[1022] It starts
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1023] [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1024] [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [1025] [laughing] What the one the one []
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1026] [laughing] The one on the roof yeah. []
Greg (PS23A) [1027] John, can I ask you full rehearsals during the holiday period, was was there any particular point you're considering about that?
John (PS23B) [1028] Well, just concerned about the usual thing that obviously many people are away on holiday then, er I I'm wondering if ... th anyone anticipates any particular problems this year, or if anyone thinks we ought to do anything ... by way of special arrangements ?
John (PS23D) [1029] I I may not be away very often this summer.
Malcolm (PS23G) [1030] I don't think I will be [...] .
Julia (PS23E) [1031] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [1032] No, no.
Liz (PS23F) [1033] Well I I shall be away for a while this summer, so hard lines. [laugh] .
Greg (PS23A) [1034] I'll I'll actually be here, cos i if we get some builders in, we're
Liz (PS23F) [1035] Er I don't see
Greg (PS23A) [1036] not going anywhere in a hurry.
[1037] Till July and August.
Liz (PS23F) [1038] I don't see any point in adding complications to life.
[1039] Just let it run.
Julia (PS23E) [1040] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1041] Right, okay.
[1042] That's what I like to hear.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1043] [...] easy [...] who's going to be here next week isn't it?
John (PS23D) [1044] Yeah.
Pauline (PS23C) [1045] [laugh] .
[1046] Tomorrow
John (PS23B) [1047] Well, yes, that's what we usually do, yes, but
John (PS23D) [1048] Mm.
Julia (PS23E) [1049] Why?
[1050] ... What's wrong with next week?
Liz (PS23F) [1051] You just stand there and say, Who's going to be here next week ?
Pauline (PS23C) [1052] No, each week.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1053] No no no.
Greg (PS23A) [1054] Oh I see, from week to week, yes yes .
Pauline (PS23C) [1055] I had a meeting last week [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1056] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [1057] Er next er next item
Pauline (PS23C) [1058] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [1059] then, Carols for Everyone, eighteenth of December nineteen ninety three, we have a a draft of carols for organ, paid by our special sub-committee, thank you very much gentlemen.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1060] [laugh] . ...
Greg (PS23A) [1061] [cough] .
[1062] For discussion,
Malcolm (PS23G) [1063] I see we have some erm non-English carols down here.
Liz (PS23F) [1064] Splendid.
John (PS23D) [1065] Aye.
Liz (PS23F) [1066] Masters in this hall, my jug cup of joy overflows .
Malcolm (PS23G) [1067] [...] . [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [1068] That's it, that's why I put it there .
Liz (PS23F) [1069] I accept everything.
John (PS23B) [1070] There was some reason for having it there.
[1071] It's cos we knew that otherwise you'd be complaining .
Malcolm (PS23G) [1072] Because I thought there were complaints about foreign carols.
Liz (PS23F) [1073] Wonderful.
Greg (PS23A) [1074] Is this erm is this a suggested complete list, or are we going to take
John (PS23B) [1075] We need
Greg (PS23A) [1076] so many out of this list?
John (PS23B) [1077] No we need
Greg (PS23A) [1078] I can't remember how many
John (PS23B) [1079] We need, last year,fo we found ab was about the right length.
Greg (PS23A) [1080] Fourteen, yeah.
John (PS23B) [1081] And that was fourteen, if we go over that, it really is too many.
Greg (PS23A) [1082] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [1083] We can certainly substitute for these no problem.
[1084] The things you've got to watch for are, that you keep a decent balance of familiar and unfamiliar ones, people complain whichever way you [...]
Pauline (PS23C) [1085] [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [1086] go either way on that, er you've got to be careful with your number of foreign ones, we've got two down there, which may be one too many, I don't know.
[1087] Er
Liz (PS23F) [1088] Just right.
Julia (PS23E) [1089] Is Jingle Bells a carol ?
Pauline (PS23C) [1090] Well that one doesn't count.
John (PS23B) [1091] No, a carol No it i I'm not going to call it in the programme that, I'm going to call it a song for [laughing] everyone.
[1092] I don't think I would dare er call it a carol [] .
John (PS23D) [1093] There's going to be a competition for the best alternative verse I think.
Greg (PS23A) [1094] Can I can I do you think I could just ask to run through all these, cos er you you put a couple of strange tunes [...]
John (PS23D) [1095] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [1096] so I'm not quite sure how all the ones go.
[1097] I think everyone knows God
Liz (PS23F) [1098] Er would you like to sing these John ?
Greg (PS23A) [1099] Everyone knows God rest Ye,
Liz (PS23F) [1100] Is that a brick-bint brick-b brick-built handle?
John (PS23D) [1101] Brick-built handle, aye .
Greg (PS23A) [1102] While while Shepherds watched, the tune for that is going to be
John (PS23D) [1103] The tune for that is ... John, it's
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1104] Handel.
John (PS23D) [1105] erm
Greg (PS23A) [1106] Handel Mason, it says.
John (PS23B) [1107] Yes, that's Handel arrangement [...] Mason .
John (PS23D) [1108] Page one three five.
Greg (PS23A) [1109] So how how would that go?
John (PS23B) [1110] [...] arranged the American composer, Lowell Mason,
Julia (PS23E) [1111] Who bought him this book?
Pauline (PS23C) [1112] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1113] [...] .
Julia (PS23E) [1114] People expect the normal, [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1115] [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [1116] No, they don't expect the normal [...] ,
Greg (PS23A) [1117] What book is it?
[1118] What book is it?
Liz (PS23F) [1119] they want the normal, but [...] to get.
Julia (PS23E) [1120] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1121] This was my Christmas present about [...] .
Pauline (PS23C) [1122] [...] sing it out.
John (PS23D) [1123] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1124] [singing] While shepherds watched their flocks by night, all seated on the ground [] , you want the rest of it?
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1125] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1126] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1127] [singing] The the the angel of the lord came down, and glory shone around, and glory shone around. [] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [1128] They a they er they're not going to know that are they?
John (PS23B) [1129] Yes.
Pauline (PS23C) [1130] No.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1131] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1132] Well, of course, [...]
Pauline (PS23C) [1133] The choir will sing it won't they?
John (PS23B) [1134] the Americans, this
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1135] [...] we shall [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [1136] So how
John (PS23B) [1137] is the p proper American version.
Greg (PS23A) [1138] So are we going to teach them it on or?
John (PS23B) [1139] Have to.
Greg (PS23A) [1140] Away in a manger, is that going to be a standard tune?
John (PS23B) [1141] Oh yes.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [humming]
Greg (PS23A) [1142] Jingle Bells, Masters in this Hall, how?
John (PS23B) [1143] Swe
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1144] [singing] La la la la la la la la la la la, la la la la []
John (PS23B) [1145] Yes?
Greg (PS23A) [1146] So, O Little Town, the tune?
John (PS23D) [1147] Ah yes, now John that is page three six three.
Julia (PS23E) [1148] Is it as nice as the proper one?
John (PS23D) [1149] It's again it's the
Liz (PS23F) [1150] Proper one?
John (PS23D) [1151] this is the original tune, no, this is the original tune .
John (PS23B) [1152] [singing] La la la la la la la la la la. []
John (PS23D) [1153] Because the man who erm
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1154] [...] .
John (PS23D) [...]
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1155] [...] .
John (PS23D) [1156] it might be an idea [...] what he actually said about this.
[1157] Philip Brooks was director of Holy Trinity church in Philadelphia, erm on, and he was in the Holy Land on Christmas Eve in eighteen sixty five, and he stood in a field outside Bethlehem where the shepherds were supposed to have received the annunciation, and thought of the beginning of O Little Town of Bethlehem.
[1158] And it eventually gestated out, and he wrote it for his Sunday school, and his church organist, Lewis Redner was asked to provide the music, and this is the music which Redner provided
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1159] Aha.
John (PS23D) [1160] for the original.
[1161] And once again, it's American.
[1162] [singing] O Little Town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie. []
Greg (PS23A) [1163] Oh yeah.
Malcolm (PS23G) [1164] Oh yeah.
John (PS23D) [1165] Every American knows it.
[1166] Right?
[1167] Flows nicely.
Greg (PS23A) [1168] [...] do know about that.
[1169] Yes, oh that's nice, yes.
Julia (PS23E) [1170] There aren't too many Americans in .
Greg (PS23A) [1171] [...] .
John (PS23D) [1172] So what? [laugh] .
Greg (PS23A) [1173] Has everyone heard [...] ?
Pauline (PS23C) [1174] No.
Liz (PS23F) [1175] No.
Malcolm (PS23G) [1176] [singing] La la la la []
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1177] [singing] La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la . []
Julia (PS23E) [1178] Is it sung in Latin?
John (PS23B) [1179] Yes.
Liz (PS23F) [1180] Splendid.
John (PS23D) [1181] [singing] la la la []
Julia (PS23E) [1182] Well that's a foreign one then.
John (PS23D) [1183] [singing] la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la []
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1184] [...] orchestrated [...] .
John (PS23D) [1185] [singing] la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la [] .
John (PS23B) [1186] It's it's Holst isn't it?
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1187] Yes.
Liz (PS23F) [1188] Yes.
John (PS23D) [1189] It's the Holst arrangement, although they've got anther version of it in there, which isn't Holst.
Greg (PS23A) [1190] Oh no, [...] the Holst.
John (PS23D) [1191] which they [...] .
John (PS23B) [1192] I think the Holst.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1193] Holst goes above [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1194] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [1195] We've got to have Holst, yes.
[1196] The Virgin Mary had a baby boy,
John (PS23B) [1197] [...] last time, and the problem was starting it.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1198] [singing] la la la la la la la la . []
John (PS23B) [1199] [...] starting it, [...]
Greg (PS23A) [1200] We've done that before haven't we?
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1201] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [1202] We we've got it complete with diddly-dums and all the rest of it.
[1203] The Twelve Days of Christmas, is that the, did we
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [hums tune]
Greg (PS23A) [1204] do that the year before last?
Julia (PS23E) [1205] We did it last year, didn't we?
Greg (PS23A) [1206] Yes, we did it last year?
[1207] No we didn't.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1208] [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1209] We haven't done it for a while.
Liz (PS23F) [1210] We haven't done it for two years.
John (PS23B) [1211] No bu I'm sorry, the other thing I'm sorry I should have said the other thing I'm going on is when things were last done,
Julia (PS23E) [1212] [laugh] .
Greg (PS23A) [1213] Oh yes, yes.
[1214] I've seen I've seen famous sheet before.
John (PS23D) [1215] Yes, we've got a little list, we've got a little list.
Greg (PS23A) [1216] I've seen
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1217] Ah.
Greg (PS23A) [1218] this famous sheet before, yes.
John (PS23B) [1219] The Twelve Days of Christmas was last done in nineteen ninety,
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1220] Yes.
John (PS23B) [1221] before that it had been done in eighty one, eighty two, eighty four, eighty six, eighty eight and ninety, so curiously now, it's it's missed out several years,
Malcolm (PS23G) [1222] Mm.
John (PS23D) [1223] Oh dear.
John (PS23B) [1224] it was getting
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1225] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1226] a bit regular, and now, it's dropped .
Liz (PS23F) [1227] It was, yes, yes.
John (PS23B) [1228] So we really must have that back, and I think we must have it in the ... er traditional tune .
Julia (PS23E) [1229] Three years ago [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [1230] Yes.
John (PS23D) [1231] Well we've got the traditional thing without the modulation to G flat major,
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1232] Oh.
John (PS23B) [1233] [laugh] .
Greg (PS23A) [1234] Can't we do can't we do the old one?
[1235] Oh, I like the [...] one .
John (PS23D) [1236] Every everything always went very quiet at that point.
Pauline (PS23C) [1237] Yeah, yeah.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1238] [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [1239] [laughing] Not a lot of people played it. []
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1240] Tricky for the
Pauline (PS23C) [1241] You'd [...] wrong, and they'd all shut up.
Greg (PS23A) [1242] [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [1243] Should give the audience [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1244] [...] .
John (PS23D) [1245] The org the organist used to carry it for a long way.
Liz (PS23F) [1246] Yeah.
Greg (PS23A) [1247] Il est ne, is that going to be in French or?
John (PS23B) [1248] Oui.
John (PS23D) [1249] Oui, mais c'est formidable.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1250] [singing] Il est ne le divine enfant, []
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1251] [singing] La la la la la la la la, []
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1252] [singing] la la la la la la [] .
Greg (PS23A) [1253] We tried to sing that last Christmas, but [...] .
John (PS23D) [1254] Er Bleak Midwinter we can either have the traditional tune,
Julia (PS23E) [1255] Yes.
John (PS23D) [1256] or Harold Darkey, but the traditional tune is [...] .
Malcolm (PS23G) [1257] We ought to have some traditional ones .
Julia (PS23E) [1258] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1259] I I have a feeling we're we're a a little bit low on familiar things, you see,
Malcolm (PS23G) [1260] Yes.
John (PS23B) [1261] I'm worried about this.
Greg (PS23A) [1262] But both tunes are very familiar .
Liz (PS23F) [1263] Well come on, you've got Good King Welly, God Rest you merry gentlemen, eh
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1264] [singing] In the bleak midwinter [] ,
Liz (PS23F) [1265] Away in a manger ,
Pauline (PS23C) [1266] I like that [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1267] [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [1268] The only trouble about that, unless you
Pauline (PS23C) [1269] What is the other one?
Liz (PS23F) [1270] start it at about er molto presto, you end up
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1271] [singing] La la la la la. []
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1272] [singing] La la la la la la . []
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1273] That's a problem we ought to sort out.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1274] No.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1275] [singing] La la la la la la la la la la . []
Pauline (PS23C) [1276] Couldn't we rather pick the one tune and [...] the other?
John (PS23D) [1277] That's more of a choir setting though, isn't it really?
Greg (PS23A) [1278] Oh, I dunno.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1279] [...] .
Julia (PS23E) [1280] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [1281] Yeah, well,per perhaps we'll get [singing] Good King Wenceslas looked out. []
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1282] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1283] Did you want to s you started [...] your way through there?
Pauline (PS23C) [1284] No, I'm just listening to the two, yes.
John (PS23D) [1285] Now we were going to do The Holly and The Ivy, but that's why the [...] carol crept in .
Liz (PS23F) [1286] [...] orderly meetings, these.
Pauline (PS23C) [1287] What's that one?
John (PS23D) [1288] [singing] La la la la []
Greg (PS23A) [1289] It's the one
John (PS23D) [1290] [singing] la la la la la la la la [] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1291] No.
John (PS23D) [1292] Erm.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1293] Erm.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1294] [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [1295] It's also choir practice.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1296] [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [1297] [...] .
[1298] Give us an A please.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1299] [singing] La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la. []
Pauline (PS23C) [1300] Are the words in English to that?
John (PS23B) [1301] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [1302] [...] , I Saw Three Ships.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1303] [singing] La la la la la la la la la. []
John (PS23D) [1304] I there is a version by John Rutter in five eight time if you want me [laughing] to find that [] .
Liz (PS23F) [1305] Yes, yes, I'd like to see that.
John (PS23D) [1306] [laugh] .
Greg (PS23A) [1307] I think I've seen that one.
Pauline (PS23C) [1308] [...] .
John (PS23D) [1309] [singing] La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la . []
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1310] One two three four five, one two.
John (PS23D) [1311] [singing] La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la. []
Pauline (PS23C) [1312] I like it, [...] .
John (PS23D) [1313] Lovely it is, it's great, [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [1314] Isn't that one of the carols required?
John (PS23D) [1315] Erm I don't know, it probably is, yes.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1316] There's a horrible Rutter one in there, which was I've never [...] .
John (PS23D) [1317] You can't say horrible.
John (PS23B) [1318] We we usually do do the Rutter one, which begins with a horn solo, which
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1319] No, we [...] .
John (PS23B) [1320] should always worry you, I don't mean now [...] , but in the past
Greg (PS23A) [1321] [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [1322] it's always been, because er it's [...]
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1323] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1324] it's a a horn then bassoon solo, and it it's a most worrying opening for er a because it is
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1325] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1326] it is literally a solo, er unaccompanied.
Greg (PS23A) [1327] It is, it's straight out the blue, yeah.
[1328] Pop .
John (PS23D) [1329] Yes, and everybody else sort of goes, Who?
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1330] [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [1331] Yeah, er I must admit it [laughing] it's alright, but.
[1332] It's it's slightly dicey [] .
John (PS23D) [1333] It's the one that gives you your worst fears, isn't it, when you conduct it, and you go ... and nothing happens.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1334] [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [1335] Then it's start again.
John (PS23B) [1336] Well yes.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1337] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1338] But I I do wonder whether or not there aren't there there aren't enough familiar ones?
Greg (PS23A) [1339] Some of those, some of those are a little bit unfamiliar, especially in the
Liz (PS23F) [1340] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [1341] tunes.
[1342] And and I I wonder if There is an absence of the two biggies, I mean it's always nice to have one which people can really latch onto like er
John (PS23D) [1343] You're talking about
Greg (PS23A) [1344] Hark the Herald
Pauline (PS23C) [1345] [...] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1346] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1347] Hark the Herald i is one which really I
Pauline (PS23C) [1348] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1349] I I p I'm inclined to suggest that it's a pity we haven't got that in, somewhere at the beginning or the end to ... sort of give a bit of beef to it.
Liz (PS23F) [1350] You can get in an awful track .
Pauline (PS23C) [1351] Cu cut out I Saw Three Ships, ... and put Hark the Herald Angels in.
John (PS23D) [1352] But if I Saw Three Ships was in there because it was one of the few in six eight time.
John (PS23B) [1353] Yes, that was the reason for it.
Greg (PS23A) [1354] I think it would be a shame to drop something.
[1355] I mean everyone knows it, it's very familiar.
Pauline (PS23C) [1356] Well drop something else.
Malcolm (PS23G) [1357] Jingle Bells.
Greg (PS23A) [1358] I must admit, if I had if I actually had to say, which of all those would I be most happy not playing, I'd say In the Bleak Midwinter, but
Pauline (PS23C) [1359] Ah.
Greg (PS23A) [1360] it is
Liz (PS23F) [1361] I find In the Bleak Midwinter a dirge if you're not very careful.
Greg (PS23A) [1362] I think it's I it is.
[1363] And a lot of people [...] .
John (PS23D) [1364] I would want to agree , that would be my first out.
Malcolm (PS23G) [1365] I agree.
Julia (PS23E) [1366] Yes.
[1367] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [1368] Because there are some quieter ones, ... O Little Town is going to be a quiet one, Away in a Manger,
Pauline (PS23C) [1369] Yes, but it's not the proper tune is it?
Malcolm (PS23G) [1370] Il est ne.
John (PS23B) [1371] It's of course it's it's the [laughing] original tune [] .
[1372] It's the proper tune.
Greg (PS23A) [1373] [...] .
[1374] It's going to be very quiet if people don't sing it.
[1375] ... Il est ne il est ne is
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1376] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [1377] fairly reflective in places, especially if it's in French, it'll do qu it'll be sort of quite quiet.
[1378] Er
John (PS23B) [1379] We we've dropped In the Bleak Midwinter, and we've added Hark the Herald, yes?
[1380] I I'm trying
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1381] Mm.
John (PS23B) [1382] to make sure I've [laughing] got this right [] , because
Greg (PS23A) [1383] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [1384] it gets complicated if we're really not careful.
John (PS23D) [1385] If Hark the Herald goes at the beginning, it'll need a fanfare won't it?
John (PS23B) [1386] Well, I I was, yes, unless you ... I don't know whether I Saw
John (PS23D) [1387] Must be [...] .
John (PS23B) [1388] Three Ships ends well, I'm not quite sure on that, but the order isn't, I mean the order's just a sort
John (PS23D) [1389] Oh no, the it's
John (PS23B) [1390] of rough and ready one, the order's got to be hammered out.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1391] [...] .
Pauline (PS23C) [1392] I would have thought you needed a nice ... oomph at the end.
John (PS23B) [1393] It's always difficult, you know, the end is
John (PS23D) [1394] Hark the Herald is a good way to end actually.
Greg (PS23A) [1395] Hark the Herald is an excellent ending.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1396] Yes, [...] .
John (PS23B) [1397] Yes, I can't help feeling that would go nicely.
Malcolm (PS23G) [1398] But either would [...] . [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [1399] Well we can have a fanfare at the end, can't we, why not?
Liz (PS23F) [1400] Yeah.
John (PS23D) [1401] This year we decided to end with a fanfare.
Greg (PS23A) [1402] I mean God Rest ye Merry is a very good starter .
Pauline (PS23C) [1403] [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [1404] Yes.
[1405] Why not?
[1406] It's a real ... warmer [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [1407] It's a real belter that one, and Hark the Horrid at the end's fine.
John (PS23B) [1408] Where we could ideally then I think I'd move I Saw Three Ships, if if this is anything like the order,
Malcolm (PS23G) [1409] The middle.
John (PS23B) [1410] to somewhere in the middle, because around er play it between O Little Town of Bethlehem and [...] , because that's a bit we need something a bit more
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1411] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [1412] familiar around there .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1413] Yeah.
Greg (PS23A) [1414] Well what we did last year, we altered the order really quite late, to juggle
Malcolm (PS23G) [1415] Mm.
Greg (PS23A) [1416] to fit in with some of the other things that we [...] .
John (PS23B) [1417] Oh that's the trouble , until you know who what the soloists
Greg (PS23A) [1418] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [1419] are, you er you're wasting your time, really, but it's useful to have some idea.
Liz (PS23F) [1420] We've got opening and a closing.
Greg (PS23A) [1421] Er any other comments on the actual ... draft list of carols
Liz (PS23F) [1422] Nobody listens to the bit in the middle.
Greg (PS23A) [1423] for the mo I mean some of this may depend upon the availability of music.
[1424] Well, will Hark the Herald be an O U P one?
John (PS23B) [1425] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [1426] Yeah.
John (PS23D) [1427] Oh they're always available, yeah, yeah. ...
Greg (PS23A) [1428] Right.
[1429] Cu The the other thing we need to discuss are po things that actually erm ... er I suppose hire or arrangement of music, well the the hiring will be O U P or what we've already got
John (PS23D) [1430] Yeah.
Greg (PS23A) [1431] or re-arranging bits and bobs, [...]
John (PS23D) [1432] Quite a number of these we already have.
Greg (PS23A) [1433] Yeah, were were you planning to
John (PS23D) [1434] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [1435] Yeah, were you planning to just
John (PS23D) [1436] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [1437] the ... O Little Town were you planning to arrange them from the
John (PS23D) [1438] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [1439] what you've got there ?
John (PS23D) [1440] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[1441] That's fine.
[1442] I don't mind volunteering, unless anybody else wants to. ...
John (PS23B) [1443] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1444] [...] .
John (PS23D) [1445] They'll they'll be s they'll be quite simple versions .
Malcolm (PS23G) [1446] You're going to have more time than us by Christmas.
John (PS23D) [1447] Oh I see, yes, it's like that is it?
Malcolm (PS23G) [1448] Yes.
Greg (PS23A) [1449] So there were two things that er well or perhaps more than two from matters arising from the minutes, er ... the Chad for the tickets, I think was one thing that was,
John (PS23B) [1450] Are we on?
Malcolm (PS23G) [1451] We're not going back to [...] are we ?
John (PS23B) [1452] I'm sorry, I'm getting
Pauline (PS23C) [1453] [...] going back to number two.
John (PS23B) [1454] No no no, that's alright.
Greg (PS23A) [1455] We're still on we're still on Carols For Everyone.
John (PS23B) [1456] Yes, I know er I can I just get my bits of paper on there,
Greg (PS23A) [1457] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [1458] Yes, I have at last, ... and the I'm sure that they lied in their teeth, they they assured me they had written to me after my second letter in March, er in fact, and they said they were going to send me a photocopy of that, in fact er she wrote me a letter in June, so I don't believe the other one existed,
Malcolm (PS23G) [1459] Yes, you keep everything, don't you John?
Julia (PS23E) [1460] Mm.
John (PS23B) [1461] Er [reading] With reference to I write to confirm we are very pleased to be able to contribute towards your forthcoming carol concert.
[1462] Susan at our Southwell office will help with the sale of the tickets.
[1463] We will also offer a photocopying service, er at a fifty per cent reduction.
[1464] [] that's not really enough for us, but still,
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1465] [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [1466] Er [reading] Our local reporter Caroline er will be contacting me with regard to any suggestions I may have on the editorial side.
[1467] Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance, one Lynn , head receptionist. []
[1468] That's all I know about.
[1469] I wrote her a long long
Malcolm (PS23G) [1470] Sounds very [...] .
John (PS23B) [1471] letter all about it, so she's got no excuse for not knowing
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1472] Mm.
John (PS23B) [1473] what the hell it's all about.
John (PS23D) [1474] Quite good.
John (PS23B) [1475] So they are doing it now.
[1476] Can I ask,i i this is I don't know why I keep asking to [...] work, erm can I write to Mrs to I think we we ought to as it
Malcolm (PS23G) [1477] Please do.
John (PS23B) [1478] were formally
Pauline (PS23C) [1479] Tell her to get lost.
John (PS23B) [1480] relinquish our er er I think
Greg (PS23A) [1481] Thank you thank you for your association with our
John (PS23B) [1482] and saying that we ...
Pauline (PS23C) [1483] Due to last year's [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [1484] No no, we but we
Greg (PS23A) [1485] [...] very diplomatic.
Pauline (PS23C) [1486] [laughing] I I was joking. []
Liz (PS23F) [1487] Leave it to him [...] .
John (PS23B) [1488] [...] very simple reason she can't get she can't argue, this is a charity concert, she charges, the Chad don't, and therefore, from the point of view of the charity, er it makes obvious good sense that we should go to somewhere which is free.
[1489] She can't argue with that.
[1490] All she might do is offer to do it at a lower rate, [laughing] in which case [] ,
Malcolm (PS23G) [1491] Er we don't take any offers
Julia (PS23E) [1492] No.
Malcolm (PS23G) [1493] we we've taken the contract up with the Chad, haven't we ?
John (PS23B) [1494] We've already said
Liz (PS23F) [1495] We've already we've already
John (PS23D) [1496] Yes.
[1497] The real killer will w will be when we try to get her to display one of our posters saying tickets [laughing] available []
Greg (PS23A) [1498] [laugh] .
John (PS23D) [1499] [laughing] in the []
Pauline (PS23C) [1500] Oh no.
Greg (PS23A) [1501] [laughing] Chad office [] .
John (PS23B) [1502] No I think
Pauline (PS23C) [1503] That's alright, I'll go and stick it out one night outside the window .
Julia (PS23E) [1504] [...] .
Pauline (PS23C) [1505] Yes.
[1506] With superglue. [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [1507] I think we'll erm be grateful for that.
Liz (PS23F) [1508] Dignified.
[1509] I think so, yes.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1510] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1511] I mean I think it would be nice to erm
John (PS23D) [1512] Now that's another thought, about posters and things.
[1513] If we want to coat these things at any time in ... erm acetate
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1514] Yes.
John (PS23D) [1515] I know
Pauline (PS23C) [1516] So it can go outside.
John (PS23D) [1517] a
Julia (PS23E) [1518] Oh.
John (PS23D) [1519] machine where there is a machine that you a
Liz (PS23F) [1520] So do I.
John (PS23D) [1521] heat sealing one that you can just run things through and they come out neatly sealed in acetate and waterproof like.
Julia (PS23E) [1522] [...] .
Pauline (PS23C) [1523] Then we can superglue it onto her window and [laughing] it won't get wet in rain [] .
Liz (PS23F) [1524] [...] nasty little vicious streak in you.
Pauline (PS23C) [1525] Yes, I know. [tape change]
John (PS23B) [1526] [...] course, things have happened various things have happened,
Greg (PS23A) [1527] Aha.
John (PS23B) [1528] Mainly ... er that among groups now I've had ... a definite offer from the er Sunday school again, wanting
John (PS23D) [1529] Mm.
John (PS23B) [1530] to do something.
[1531] [...] suggestions
John (PS23D) [1532] There was a suggestion for that wasn't there?
John (PS23B) [1533] Any suggestions er will be duly received, but er we'll come back on that one if we may in a minute ,
Liz (PS23F) [1534] [...] I Saw Three Ships or something in the region or something?
John (PS23B) [1535] Er n no,c c can can I just finish off explaining why it is I'm not writing
Liz (PS23F) [1536] No, I'm going to interrupt you as I usually do.
John (PS23B) [1537] I thought you were yes.
[1538] Erm ... dancers however have now erm raised their lovely legs or er whatever you
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1539] [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [1540] Well, I can't say raised their ugly head can I? [...] dancers, yes.
[1541] Erm, two possibles have come er h have appeared, both of whom er w say they would er, one is is an Appalachian dance group, called Just for Kicks, who I saw at the open
Pauline (PS23C) [1542] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1543] day, who're very good.
[1544] Er, and would make a tremendous din on the Minster floor, and they would be er lovely.
[1545] Er,
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1546] [laughing] [...] . []
John (PS23B) [1547] [...] sweep their legs up like you know, an extraordinary sight, er
Malcolm (PS23G) [1548] [laugh] .
[1549] [laughing] I'm sure it is John. []
Julia (PS23E) [1550] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1551] No, [...] a little like er dolls, sort of marionettes,
Malcolm (PS23G) [1552] Yeah.
[1553] Right.
John (PS23B) [1554] you know they just sort of wave around, I don't know how you do it, it it's incredible.
[1555] Erm and the other one is a is a ... a ladies' morris group from Nottingham, er, sort of clog dancers really I suppose again, who would again be er prepared to come along, er
Malcolm (PS23G) [1556] Have two.
John (PS23B) [1557] I spoke to them, Well I think that would be a bit naughty
Liz (PS23F) [1558] Yes, so do I.
John (PS23B) [1559] I I think if we get one of them we'll be doing very well, and to get two would be perhaps ... a bit naughty .
Greg (PS23A) [1560] We don't want two dancers [...] , but one one set of dancers .
John (PS23B) [1561] But erm I I would like to suggest that the er the morris ones are er possibly our better bet, partly because I I I know one of them, er and er
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1562] [cough] .
John (PS23B) [1563] and she would I think be prepared to as she's in charge of their sort of arrangements for where they dance, er it's easier than ne negotiating with someone who who I've only met once er very briefly.
[1564] So if I may, I would like to negotiate to one or the other if if you will agree er to that, to try and get us a dance group, we've been trying to get a dance group for years
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1565] Mm.
John (PS23B) [1566] and we may now at long.
[1567] But because they're essentially a sort of er a noisy and spectacle spectacle thing, erm that's why I haven't done anything with regard to
Liz (PS23F) [1568] Erm.
John (PS23B) [1569] the Boys' Brigade as yet, although I don't see any real reason why we can't have both, but I wanted to get your views before I [...] .
Liz (PS23F) [1570] Are the clerics going to look down their noses at this? ...
Malcolm (PS23G) [1571] Well, it's traditional English ,
John (PS23B) [1572] Erm that's a
Malcolm (PS23G) [1573] isn't it?
John (PS23B) [1574] That's a good question.
[1575] Perhaps I ought to ask the er ask the provost .
Liz (PS23F) [1576] I I I really I
Greg (PS23A) [1577] I wouldn't have thought he would object, I mean we have used morris
John (PS23D) [1578] Yes, before.
Malcolm (PS23G) [1579] Not like you're using can can, they're doing the can can.
Liz (PS23F) [1580] But under different erm different different er regimes.
Pauline (PS23C) [1581] [laugh] .
Greg (PS23A) [1582] I think it'd be I think it'd be worth asking them .
John (PS23D) [1583] [...] true. [...] .
John (PS23B) [1584] I'd rather ask early rather than late.
Greg (PS23A) [1585] Yeah.
[1586] Yeah.
John (PS23B) [1587] I'll ask
Greg (PS23A) [1588] Be worth be worth enquiring about.
Liz (PS23F) [1589] Alternative medicine's okay, but the old religion's a bit sort of pushing it .
John (PS23B) [1590] No no, I mean you're quite right, erm Well I think they're not going to sing, the last one got away with absolute murder singing,
Liz (PS23F) [1591] [laughing] I know, it was fantastic. []
John (PS23B) [1592] erm but I I think er it was the words they were singing.
Malcolm (PS23G) [1593] Oh I see. [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [1594] Yes.
[1595] But I I think this lot will just dance, er and on the whole, erm mu music
Liz (PS23F) [1596] Behave [...] .
John (PS23B) [1597] is regarded as being essentially something which is neutral, which always seems to me a very wrong thing to say, I I'm sure it's quite incorrect.
[1598] So er we've got also, we pr we must assume the Choral Society.
Greg (PS23A) [1599] Yes.
Malcolm (PS23G) [1600] Must be.
John (PS23D) [1601] Well as as they include it in their prospectus for the year,
John (PS23B) [1602] We can't ask them to come and keep us warm from behind, er keep the draught off us from behind and
Greg (PS23A) [1603] And not do anything.
John (PS23B) [1604] not do anything.
Julia (PS23E) [1605] Oh, they have a purpose, right.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1606] [...] .
John (PS23D) [1607] [...] fact it might be apposite this year to suggest to them that they might like to introduce one or other of the things that we were looking at in there.
John (PS23B) [1608] Yes.
John (PS23D) [1609] I don't know.
[1610] ... Cos we've always
Greg (PS23A) [1611] [...] .
John (PS23D) [1612] well, we we're talking about the choral society, and saying well, sometimes they're a bit inappropriate in what they choose to do, like movements from Christmas oratorios with only organ accompaniment, whereas in There's some
Malcolm (PS23G) [1613] Gets a bit classy doesn't it?
Greg (PS23A) [1614] [...] .
John (PS23D) [1615] Yeah.
[1616] There's some super things in this new carol book ,
Greg (PS23A) [...]
John (PS23D) [1617] which they
Malcolm (PS23G) [1618] [...] .
John (PS23D) [1619] are absolutely
Malcolm (PS23G) [1620] [...] you.
Liz (PS23F) [1621] They make you feel they're trying to raise the tone of the whole proceedings.
Malcolm (PS23G) [1622] That's right, yeah.
John (PS23B) [1623] I'll I'll certainly suggest it, it [...] .
John (PS23D) [1624] Cos Peter might be interested in,
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1625] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1626] Well, I'll I'll gladly
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1627] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1628] I'll gladly suggest it.
[1629] But er
Greg (PS23A) [1630] [...] .
John (PS23B) [1631] I have to say, I I won't take no bets as to what we [laughing] actually get [] .
John (PS23D) [1632] No, [laughing] I agree [] .
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1633] [...] .
Greg (PS23A) [1634] It would be interesting in the orchestra, because the orchestra haven't accompanied a choir before, apart from the congregational singing [...] .
John (PS23B) [1635] Yeah.
[1636] ... As far as the [...] come t to the orchestra now erm,
John (PS23D) [1637] The orchestral solo item.
John (PS23B) [1638] The orchestral solo item, and erm ... I don't know which of us thought of it, but anyway the erm er
John (PS23D) [1639] Er, I know who thought of it.
Unknown speaker (FXRPSUNK) [1640] [laugh] .
John (PS23B) [1641] Alright,
Malcolm (PS23G) [1642] You don't think [...] .
John (PS23B) [1643] [...] La [recording ends]