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  1. Tape 094201 recorded on 1993-07-12. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( Radio Broadcasting Studio ) Activity: Radio Talk Show debate

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Lisa (PS23K) [1] [advert] on this Friday afternoon and you'll hear the latest video news.
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(PS23H) [8] [...] rain, some showers by midday.
[9] The afternoon will then have some good sunny spells.
[10] Dry tonight, and cold.
[11] Temperature high today of just, come on get up, sixty three degrees fahrenheit.
[12] Sunny at first tomorrow but then the forecast for the rest of Tuesday, More showers expected. [advert]
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[28] An irresistible softness with an inner strength that made them million sellers.
[29] They seemed in total harmony, but then one of them wanted to be free.
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[38] Wibble. [advert] [jingle]
Rob (PS23J) [39] [...] work aren't they.
[40] [singing] Ha ho ha ho [] Take a whole record to pump the tyres up.
[41] ... Fleetwood Mac [laugh] and Big Love.
[42] [jingle] As we say good morning to Lisa.
Lisa (PS23K) [43] Good morning Rob.
[44] Well one subject that I think a lot of us shy away from, is mental illness.
[45] And we don't seem to be very tolerant in our society, of people who are a bit different.
[46] Part of the problem is that most of us don't know very much about mental illness and we tend to see very negative images around us and on television.
[47] Something like schizophrenia for instance is widely misunderstood.
[48] Even the idea that people have a split personality isn't strictly true.
[49] Now this coming September there's going to be a mental health awareness week, but if you'd like to get involved before that, then the Nottingham branch of the , want to encourage anyone who's interested to visit them.
[50] Now their motto is, A positive response to mental illness, and are heavily involved in the awareness week.
[51] They're also there to help anyone who's had experience of mental illness, or who cares for someone who's mentally ill.
[52] Just call us for more details about the group, and their next meeting, which is on July the sixteenth.
[53] And finally , a local furniture project, are opening a new twelve bed hostel for young people who are homeless.
[54] It's seen a the first stage towards living more independently for many young people, and they're offering quick access to a bed for the night.
[55] Now need you help, because they hope to offer a lot more than just a roof over the heads.
[56] They need donations of books and magazines, board games, a T V, bedding and sewing machines.
[57] Almost anything in fact they'd be able to use to help these young people.
[58] Please call us if you can donate any of these items, at the Trent F M Care-line, on . [jingle] [break in recording]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [59] A car is stolen every minute, and the frightening reality is that your car could be next.
[60] If you leave your car, even if not for long, you should be taking necessary precautions.
[61] Always lock your car whenever you leave it, even if only for a moment.
[62] If you have an alarm or security devices, remember to set them, and close all windows.
[63] Also have your windows etched with the registration or vehicle identification number.
[64] This will deter the car thief.
[65] Remove all personal belongings from the car when you leave.
[66] And it's also important to never leave young children or animals in a parked car, because if windows are closed, there is a grave danger of suffocation.
[67] I myself know only too well what it's like to have a car stolen, so as a car is one of our most valuable possessions, it pays to take care of it at all times.
[68] Even if you think you're only h leaving it for only a minute.
[69] A minute is long enough for a thief.
[70] We have a leaflet available with a useful checklist for you to keep.
[71] If you'd like a copy just phone us at the Careline and the number to call is [jingle] [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [72] [...] kept the er the press fairly busy in the last week.
[73] Cropping up now and again in the nationals from Nottingham, has been the story of the mongrel Merv, named after Merv Hughes the Australian cricketer, who tried to grab hold of er Merv on the first day of the test about a week or so ago.
[74] When he managed to er get in er through the gates or wherever under the fence to the Trent Bridge Cricket Ground.
[75] The end of the story though yesterday, as er unfortunately Merv's owner somewhere in Nottinghamshire didn't come through.
[76] [laughing] Maybe too embarrassed.
[77] Maybe just wanted to be rid of the dog. []
[78] Er which is the case unfortunately in er some instances with animals, but it's been as you know perhaps at the R S P C A shelter just down the road there at er , but it's gone now to a happy home in Derbyshire.
[79] And a photo in the press today of sisters, Charlotte, five and Amy, three.
[80] And Merv will join them and their family in Derbyshire with a two year old lookalike, a mongrel named Floss.
[81] The end of the story of Merv. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [82] Coming up next hour.
[83] The first in a series over the next few weeks on Monday.
[84] At around about a quarter past eleven, with Jenny .
[85] Jenny who's on the afternoon show all this week, for Andy who's on the morning show, no hang on the breakfast show for Gary .
[86] Anyway the series is called, A day in the life of your council.
[87] Yes Nottinghamshire County Council, kicking the series off in about twenty minutes from now we're chatting with Mick , who is the boss, the chief executive of the County Council. [break in recording] [jingle]
Phil (PS23L) [88] It's eleven o'clock, I'm Phil .
[89] Detectives are stepping up their hunt for a rapist who attacked a woman at Nottingham's Music Festival at the weekend.
[90] The victim, who's in her twenties, was grabbed as she walked through woodland a few hundred yards from the crowds in Park.
[91] Security forces in Northern Ireland are on full alert ahead of Loyalist celebrations of the twelfth of July.
[92] There have been nine arrests overnight in clashes with police.
[93] Up to a hundred thousand Orangemen are due to march through Belfast to mark the Battle of the Boyne.
[94] Diplomats in Turkey say they're confident, a British engineer and his Australian cousin kidnapped by Kurdish rebels, will be released unharmed.
[95] David from and Tanya who holds both British and Australian passports, disappeared a week ago.
[96] The rebels claim they strayed into Kurdish territory without permission.
[97] Perry from the Australian Embassy in Ankara says, In the past negotiations with the Kurds have proved successful.
Perry (PS23M) [98] After a period of time, the the people who have been abducted have in fact been released unharmed.
[99] We would hope that this will happen er today or as quickly as possible.
[100] Erm and that when that occurs of course we will er we will provide any necessary consular assistance to the couple concerned.
[101] In of course, in close er liaison and conjunction with er the British er Embassy here in Ankara.
Phil (PS23L) [102] The Palestine Liberation Organization says it's had meetings with Israel.
[103] A statement released this morning confirmed there had been contact but details are yet to emerge.
[104] It could be a significant move towards re-engaging the peace process.
[105] U N helicopters have blasted targets in Mogadishou to try to flush out gunmen loyal to Somali Warlord General Adid.
[106] American Cobra and Black Hawf h borg Black Hawd crafts fired missiles and cannons at sniper posts close to where three Italians were killed in an ambush ten days ago.
[107] Reporter Rob says there are many casualties on the ground.
Rob (PS23N) [108] Witnesses er who've who've been on to us have described seeing five people dead, and at least three wounded who were being rushed to hospital.
[109] Those were the Somalis, let me make that clear.
[110] There's no presence of any [...] ground troops in the region whatsoever.
[111] I can tell you that that this area is not far from the area that was hit last month, also in helicopter raids, by [...] forces.
Phil (PS23L) [112] Here detectives in Mansfield are hunting a man who attacked a fifteen year old girl near a hospital.
[113] It happened yesterday afternoon as the teenager was walking along a footpath through Hospital in the town.
[114] M P, Douglas says, Immediate action must be taken to boost staffing levels at the hospital where killer nurse Beverley Allitt worked.
[115] Only two consultants are working on ward four at Hospital a year after a health authority report called for increased supervision.
[116] The transfer tribunal that'll decide the fee for Nigel 's transfer from Nottingham Forest to Liverpool, has been set for July the twentieth in Walsall.
[117] The weather, cloud will build during the morning with a chance of an odd shower by midday.
[118] The afternoon will then have some good sunny spells, although a few showers are also possible.
[119] Today's top temperature seventeen celsius, sixty three fahrenheit. [jingle] [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [120] One night in heaven, eleven minutes past eleven, here on this Monday morning.
[121] Can I just borrow you for a few moments?
[122] I wonder if anybody could help me?
[123] Cos I've got something stuck in me loft, and I don't fancy going to find out what it is.
[124] About a week or so ago, when I was away from the morning show for a week doing a bit of gardening, decorating, and all those things that we all love to take time off.
[125] I mean [laughing] we we spend [] all our life at work, then go home and we do more work.
[126] But I had to go in the loft.
[127] But I hate doing I hate creepy crawlies, I hate spiders and I hate going in the loft.
[128] But I had to pop up there and move back all the bits and bobs and [laughing] the debris [] and everything.
[129] And I shone my torch and I was mortified.
[130] Because on the joist up right at the top near the side of the house, the brickwork, there's erm I don't well I can't describe them but cocoons or something like that.
[131] One is about the size of or the half size of a football.
[132] The other is tapered at one end at the bottom, and it's about the size of a tennis ball.
[133] And they're just hanging there waiting to presumably do something quite nasty. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [134] Stevie Wonder, For once in my life.
[135] Just had a call to say, Robbo, whatever the things hanging in your loft might be, wait until the Autumn, go up with a big stick, and knock them into a carrier bag.
[136] I think that's a good idea.
[137] Actually what I'll do is wait until the Autumn, take a big stick, but send Andy up there and knock them in the bag.
[138] Not me. [jingle] [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [139] We're off to a fabulous start.
[140] Over one hundred new L reg already ordered for August the first, and we're taking more orders everyday.
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[143] It could be the high no trade-in discounts.
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[146] Ask us to explain in fine detail, the benefits of Option, the most popular new way of driving a new car in Britain.
[147] This August chances are the best price in town could be the price.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [148] , wall to wall . [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [149] Attention motorists.
[150] Why pay city centre prices on tyres and exhausts?
[151] Pay low prices at Tyres and Exhausts on .
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Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [153] of Trent Bridge.
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[158] of Trent Bridge.
[159] On . [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [160] I never thought I'd be saying this but I'm now the proud owner of my very first home.
[161] I didn't think I'd ever be able to afford it, but here I am sitting in my own fitted kitchen, in my own centrally heated home.
[162] Up to now I've always resigned myself to rented accommodation, but it's just not the same is it.
[163] Always living in somebody else's house.
[164] Now thanks to Housing Association, I've got my own totally modern two bedroom home, and at last a big helping hand onto the property ladder.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [165] For shared ownership starter homes in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, talk to Housing Association.
[166] Two to three bedroomed houses are available now from just ten thousand seven hundred and fifty pounds.
[167] To find out more call Derby . [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [168] Roads.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [169] Leisure.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [170] Fire and rescue.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [171] Consumer advice.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [172] Nottinghamshire County Council.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [173] Public transport.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [174] Education.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [175] Social services.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [176] Environment.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [177] Covering the whole county.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [178] Tourism.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [179] Sports.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [180] Business support.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [181] Recycling.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [182] Serving the whole community.
[183] Nottinghamshire County Council.
[184] For information about County Council services call free on .
[185] That's freephone . [jingle] [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [186] Thank you for your calls about what's up there in my loft.
[187] Had a call a lady's just left a message on our reception, to say, Robbo, be careful, it may be a nest of wasps.
[188] [laughing] Oh [] don't fancy that.
[189] Just chatting with Jude upstairs here at Trent.
[190] She said, Here seal the loft, you know it makes sense.
[191] Good morning.
[192] Monday morning Trent, it's just gone twenty minutes past eleven.
[193] As we begin for the next few weeks on Monday mornings with Jenny , A day in the life, A day in the life of Nottinghamshire County Council.
[194] And Jenny recently was chatting by the riverside at County Hall to Mick who's the chief executive of Nottinghamshire County Council, about just exactly what does the council do?
Mick (PS23P) [195] It's a very large organization and it provides most of the local government services for the county of Nottinghamshire.
[196] So we serve a population of over a million people.
[197] We provide all of the key services, education, social services, fire, police, highways, libraries.
[198] Very wide range of activities.
[199] So that's a big and complex organization.
[200] But as well as providing services, it's also the council which speaks for the whole county.
Jenny (PS23R) [201] So where do you start?
[202] I mean if somebody wanted to find out about erm a house, or child care, where do they turn?
Mick (PS23P) [203] Erm well in every case, they go to the individual service.
[204] I mean eventually of course if somebody is dissatisfied, and they don't believe that they're getting er what they want, then they may well end up speaking to me, or writing to me, but er it's the first place to start is with the individual service.
[205] So i if it's education, you start with the school.
[206] If it's er social services, you start with the area Social Services Office.
[207] Erm if it's erm er er a highways matter for instance, we've got new area offices for highways matters.
[208] Some very big issues for instance, er like, How Nottinghamshire responded to the prospect of the closure of mines.
[209] Er other big issues are how we actually make the best use of European money.
[210] But of course you move sim in the same day sometimes, from very big issues like that, to very small issues.
[211] Somebody actually writing in, as somebody did yesterday, because they want to deliver erm some w some elderly ladies want to deliver some goods into an area wh where tr traffic restrictions exist, and they want some help so that they can actually park their car whilst they unload. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [212] [...] here this morning, here on Trent.
[213] As we have our brand new part of a Monday morning for the next few weeks.
[214] With A day in the life of the Nottinghamshire County Council.
[215] With Jenny reporting.
[216] This morning chatting with Mick who's the chief executi executive of Nottinghamshire County Council.
[217] And Mick chatting to Jenny about what we can expect over the next few weeks, as we spend a day in the life.
Mick (PS23P) [218] Well we're going to er have a look at all at lots of exciting areas.
[219] Er you're going to look at one of our our gems which is leisure services.
[220] Nottinghamshire has a national reputation for work that it er does in sports and arts.
[221] Er and that's because of a good cooperation between the districts and the County Council.
[222] Erm we've er we you'll be looking at education, our biggest service, and a service which we should which is going through some very profound changes at the moment where we're trying to er increase the resources that are within individual schools so that they can make their own decisions erm about er how they best meet the needs of their youngsters.
[223] And of course you're gonna look at social services, which is one of the most difficult areas.
[224] It's a great county.
[225] Er within it there's a great city and erm we've er g got a very good future.
[226] So er I hope what this er series of interviews will er serve to prove, is both the quality of thinking that's going on about public services, and our very strong commitment to the customers and citizens we serve. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [227] [...] the road system, that'll be wonderful. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [228] The question begs, you have to say, How come when you've just retarmacked a road That's right, electricity board, gas, erm cable T V company? [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [229] It's updated hourly.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [230] [...] southbound's very busy this morning tailback on the [...]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [231] It's the local information.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [232] [...] motorway this afternoon around junction twenty five [...]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [233] It's the news that keeps you on the move.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [234] [...] Nottingham road works with lane closures both ways [...]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [235] It's Trent F Ms traffic and travel with help from on Road.
[236] The driving force that keeps you on the road best. [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [237] As part of the commit [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [238] and rescue.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [239] Consumer advice.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [240] Nottinghamshire County Council.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [241] Public transport.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [242] Education.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [243] Social services.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [244] Environment.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [245] Covering the whole county.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [246] Tourism.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [247] Sports.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [248] Business support.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [249] Recycling.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [250] Serving the whole community.
[251] Nottinghamshire County Council.
[252] For information about County Council services call free on .
[253] That's freephone . [jingle]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [254] Trent F M summer weather with of Trent Bridge, where the forecast is quality kitchens and conservatories.
Rob (PS23J) [255] Okay so it's being fairly cloudy this morning around er, well the last half hour or so and it's going to black [...] for a fair while across lunchtime.
[256] Then those showers dying away er dying away this afternoon for one or two good sunny spells, temperature high today of sixty three degrees fahrenheit.
[257] Tomorrow more of the same sunshine and showers. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [258] [...] Trent and Robbo, Monday, hello in Nottingham lunchtime.
[259] So it's er it's getting very intriguing apparently because in my loft, I am told by a call to our reception just a few moments ago, it's definitely wasps in my loft.
[260] And the gentleman who said that [...] it's quite easy but er they need to handled carefully, but you need to get the council in, who will charge for taking the nest away.
[261] Now I do fishing and ere we go.
[262] [laugh] The grubs inside the nest, he'll take the nest away and the grubs he can use for fishing.
[263] Actually sir, thank you very much indeed for your offer. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [264] [...] of the currant bun is down five P and for a period so is the price of the Mirror newspaper.
[265] Trent F M of course.
[266] Again all absolutely free of charge.
[267] We don't charge you a penny.
[268] No license fee. [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [269] Well here I am in England and hey let me stop right there [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [270] [...] Kiss on my list, on your list, on the shopping list, on everybody's lists [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [271] [...] midday.
[272] Elton John and the excellent Your song.
[273] Start of the Newark festival gig night tonight.
[274] Four local bands play in the castle grounds.
[275] Watch out if you live in and around Newark or you're heading out that way, you must get one of their brochures.
[276] On page ooh eight or nine, striking photo of breakfast disk jockey this week, Andy here from Trent.
[277] at the , at the , at in Newark on the leisure diary. [break in recording] [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [278] [...] the fam [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [279] [...] and fire on ninety six point two and ninety six point five, Trent F M's bigger music mix. [jingle]
Phil (PS23L) [280] It's midday, I'm Phil .
[281] Detectives investigating the rape of a young woman at a rock festival in Nottingham are interviewing some of the thousands of people who attended the event.
[282] The woman was attacked in woodland at Park on Saturday night.
[283] Police are anxious to trace a courting couple who were seen nearby.
[284] Abroad three foreign journalists including a Briton are reported to have been killed by sniper fire in the Somali capital Mogadishou.
[285] Italian radio reports say the others killed were from Germany and Kenya.
[286] The foreign office is warning tourists to avoid Eastern Turkey after Kurdish rebels kidnapped a British engineer and his Australian cousin.
[287] Turkish diplomats say they're hopeful the couple will be freed unharmed after more than a week in captivity.
[288] There's new hopes for the stalled Middle East peace process as the Palestine Liberation Organization confirms it's held direct talks with the Israeli government.
[289] A P L O statement says, A series of meetings have taken place with the personal blessing of it's leader Yassa Arafat.
[290] But no details have yet been released.
[291] Security forces in Northern Ireland are on full alert ahead of the twelfth of July Loyalist celebrations.
[292] Nine people have been arrested in overnight clashes with police.
[293] Up to a hundred thousand Orangemen are due to march through Belfast today to mark the Battle of the Boyne anniversary.
[294] Ken reports.
Ken (PS23S) [295] Nineteen parades are taking place across the province.
[296] The largest in Belfast, but the most sensitive from a security point of view in other areas, where marching Orangemen and their bands will pass close to Nationalist districts.
[297] This is traditionally the most important day in the marching calendar for the Orange order.
[298] At demonstrations they'll be backing resolutions, reemphasizing loyalty to the Crown and continued opposition to the Anglo Irish agreement.
[299] Overnight nine arrests were made across the province when minor trouble flared in several areas.
[300] Petrol bombs were thrown and a number of vehicles set alight, but no one was injured.
Phil (PS23L) [301] New proposals aimed at encouraging parents to take up teaching are expected to be criticized at an education meeting in Nottinghamshire today.
[302] The government wants parents to take a one year training course which would enable them to teach in primary schools.
[303] But Linda , a teacher and council adviser on education, says the idea of a so called mum's army is ludicrous.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [304] It appals me that anybody in government can considerate it appropriate to use terms like mum's army, with the connotations that that has with Captain Mainwaring and his bimbling set of idiots.
[305] They were hugely amusing on the television, it was a wonderful series, but we're actually talking about the education of children here, not high farce on the telly.
Phil (PS23L) [306] Detectives in Mansfield are hunting a man who attacked a fifteen year old girl near a hospital.
[307] It happened yesterday afternoon as the teenager was walking along a footpath through Hospital in the town.
[308] The transfer tribunal that'll decide the fee for Nigel 's transfer from Nottingham Forrest to Liverpool has been set for July the twentieth in Walsall.
[309] Forrest value at three million pounds while Liverpool have offered just one and a half million for the England international.
[310] The weather, sunny intervals this afternoon but also scattered light showers.
[311] The top temperature around seventeen degrees celsius, sixty three fahrenheit, [jingle] [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [312] Trent F M and Be my baby tonight. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [313] [...] minutes past midday with Gloria. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [314] Do you remember what your mum and dad used to say to you all those years ago because, those old adages that they used to give you as kids, certainly rings true.
[315] At the weekend er I thought, I'll make the most of the er the weather, because Saturday we'd got er showers forecast from about lunchtime.
[316] And I thought, I'll get in the garden, get some gardening done.
[317] So I got up, took the dog a walk, got back in, bolted down my breakfast, and then as soon as I'd finished, on the garden digging.
[318] And I'm gonna be like Max Farnham if I carry on like this, from Brookside, with an ulcer, because I thought, Oh I wish I hadn't have done that.
[319] And then remembered my parents years ago used to say, Let it go down.
[320] Let your food go down.
[321] Sit at the table don't move.
[322] And it's really a good idea, so kids, let it go down.
[323] Don't rush off just yet if you're having your lunch, stay at the table and erm let it go down. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [324] [...] we want to know from you, when only fish and chips will do for you.
[325] Okay call Nottingham .
[326] We're gonna play some of the most original calls, all this week on the teatime show, from five.
[327] The early evening sequence with Tim.
[328] We're going to be giving away fish and chip meals, with wine plus A Fish Called Wanda video.
[329] Good idea this.
[330] The top prize is a fish and chip meal.
[331] Off you go in a limo with champagne.
[332] So when it comes round, and the neighbours say, Oh where are you going?
[333] I'm going to the fish shop.
[334] Fish and chips, when they will do, only when they will do for you.
[335] Leave your calls now on Nottingham . [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [336] cars will [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [337] [...] Jenny joins me again this Wednesday on the morning show.
Jenny (PS23R) [338] Did you know that?
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [339] I've been told that before by a hypnotherapist.
Jenny (PS23R) [340] The lines are dropping, trust me.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [341] I can't disagree.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [342] Eight o nine it was very very accurate.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [343] Ten out of ten.
Rob (PS23J) [344] Well I'd say nine out of ten, cos I haven't heard about what turns me on yet.
[345] But I'd say
Jenny (PS23R) [laugh]
Rob (PS23J) [346] that's pretty close. [break in recording] [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [347] [...] department offers a full range of commercial and industrial waste collection services, in containers and skips.
[348] They also clean drains and even do M O Ts.
[349] For competitive rates and reliable service call on Nottingham . [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [350] [...] past midday.
[351] There's going to be an open arm wrestling competition at the public house in Chilwell tomorrow.
[352] Yes.
[353] Tuesday the thirteenth of July.
[354] Weigh-in is between [laughing] weigh-in [] [laugh] That's what it says here.
[355] Quarter past seven until a quarter to eight.
[356] All winners will receive a trophy.
[357] There will be a charge of fifty pence.
[358] All proceeds will be donated to the Centre for the mentally handicapped.
[359] Good on you.
[360] Thanks for raising the money.
[361] It's the public house.
[362] Hello to the gang there.
[363] In Chilwell, quarter past seven through until seven forty five tomorrow night for the weigh-in.
[364] And there's going to be an open arm wresting contest.
[365] For both men and women I think.
[366] Oh go on why not? [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [367] [...] to me.
[368] Well low pollen count over the weekend, the forecast expected to remain low.
[369] Although some sunny intervals are likely this afternoon, there'll also be one or two mainly light scattered showers.
[370] Cold last night.
[371] It's gonna be cold tonight, clearing and fairly chilly, temperatures down at just forty three.
[372] Sixty three is the temperature high expected in Nottinghamshire this Monday afternoon.
[373] Tuesday dry with sunny spells at first, then clouding as the day continues. [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [374] Trent F M summer weather with [break in recording]
Phil (PS23L) [375] [...] a young woman at a rock festival in Nottingham's Park.
[376] The employment secretary tells Nottingham bosses, Treating staff properly will save money.
[377] And the government's so called mum's army proposals for teaching youngsters are expected to come under fire at a meeting in Nottingham later today.
[378] Those stories plus the rest of the main news on Trent F M at one. [jingle] [break in recording]
Lisa (PS23K) [379] [...] well you might have heard stories about elderly people going out shopping in the middle of the night.
[380] Or walking around with their clo without their clothes on or putting toast in the kettle.
[381] Now some of the stories sound quite funny, but it is a serious problem for a lot of people.
[382] Apparently thirty seven thousand elderly people suffer from Alzheimer's disease, and that's just in this region.
[383] And in fact it's not just the elderly who are affected, you could be in your forties or your fifties as well.
[384] Now it can be quite a frightening disease especially for the sufferers families.
[385] Eventually the person may not even recognize their friends or relatives.
[386] So of course it can be quite a shock when you discover that your mum or maybe your aunt has Alzheimer's disease.
[387] If you or anyone you know is in this position and you need help, support and information, then you can contact the Alzheimer's disease Society.
[388] And if you live in the area, you could get involved with a new branch that's just opened in that region.
[389] If you want any more details at all, you just need to pick up the phone and call us here at the Trent F M Careline on [jingle] [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [390] [...] called wonderful world.
[391] So it's musical chairs this week on Trent.
[392] Breakfast with Andy for Gary .
[393] Me on the morning show Robbo in the afternoon all this week.
[394] Er bigger than the smaller ones still presumably, one until five with Jenny.
[395] Five until nine with Tim .
[396] All this week the late show nine until one, including that midnight love affair with Adrian . [advert] [jingle] [break in recording]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [397] [...] one, it's Jenny for Andy, pass it on. [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [398] Eighty three a big hit for Toto, Africa and before that [shouting] Take That [] and their new single Pray looking gorgeous as ever and [...] Take That the g older they get, the more classy and good looking they get.
[399] And don't you agree with that girls?
[400] Eleven and a half minutes to three o'clock in the afternoon.
[401] Afternoons from one with Jenny for Andy all this week till Friday.
[402] And if you're feeling peckish, well what do you enjoy most as a bit of a takeaway treat?
[403] We'd like you to tell us when fish and chips will do for you.
[404] Call us now on Nottingham or Derby .
[405] We'll play some of the most original calls and give away fish and chip meals Mm.
[406] With wine plus A fish called Wanda videos.
[407] All fishy stuff here.
[408] the top prize is fish and chips and a Limousine with champagne.
[409] But you're not allowed to spill any tomato ketchup in the limousine cos they'll be very cross with you.
[410] So call Trent F M now on Nottingham or Derby and tell us, from you, when, only fish and chips will do. [jingle] [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [411] [...] on Trent F M the big mix.
[412] From cool cloudy summer ninety three Monday twelfth of July playing The Who from nineteen sixty eight.
[413] Now er on the air at five o'clock mister Tim with drive at five and the early evening sequence, and we're gonna chat to him in the next thirty minutes because he's been out shopping today and he's spent quite a lot of money on some brand new clothes.
[414] Find out more very soon. [break in recording]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [415] It's Jenny for Andy , pass it on. [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [416] [...] afternoon on Trent F M.
[417] Hey we got there we got there.
[418] Gabrielle, Dreams, and the Lemonheads, Mrs Robinson.
[419] And I'm very pleased I'm gonna have a bit of a result this afternoon.
[420] Erm I did give out a plea about two hours ago that I lost my umbrella at the music festival this weekend.
[421] A black lethal looking umbrella with a very strange hook on the end.
[422] Someone's phoned in to say they found it on the grass.
[423] Oh.
[424] In front of the big top there.
[425] That's all been cleared away and er thank you very much.
[426] They're bringing it in tomorrow so just shows just goes to show that if you put a plea out on the radio, you prayers can be answered sometimes.
[427] My umbrella has now been found.
[428] I'm a happier person for that.
[429] On the air at five o'clock very soon Tim driving you home plus the early evening sequence till nine.
[430] Nine till one for me on the late show Adrian .
[431] And one till six early hours of Tuesday Mark . [jingle] [break in recording]
(PS23H) [432] [...] five, we have the latest on the hunt for a rapist who struck in Park just yards from a free outdoor music festival.
[433] And also Nottinghamshire's teachers explain why they think parents shouldn't be allowed to teach in primary schools.
[434] For these stories plus the rest of the news, join me Ben for the extended bulletin at five on Trent F M. [jingle] [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [435] [...] delicate.
[436] Desire and Terrence Trent D'Arby together, Delicate oh.
[437] Well look at the time you see I did promise at one o'clock to make five o'clock arrive earlier, quicker and we got there in style for the past four hours.
[438] Thank you for you company.
[439] It's for all week so I'll see you tomorrow afternoon.
[440] Tuesday's afternoon show one till five with Jenny .
[441] Stand by Tim here after the news update at five o'clock to take you home in style. [break in recording]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [442] [...] and ninety six point five, this is Trent always playing a bigger music mix. [break in recording]
(PS23H) [443] [...] the headlines.
[444] A British journalist is killed in Somalia.
[445] The hunt continuing for a rapist who struck just yards from an outdoor music festival in Nottingham.
[446] And later why parents shouldn't be allowed back in the classroom.
[447] Good afternoon I'm Ben .
[448] Aid workers in Somalia say today's American led assault on the capital Mogadishou which left around seventy dead and two hundred injured, is unforgivable.
[449] Helicopter gunships fired missiles at what they thought was a command centre of warlord General Adid.
[450] But innocent civilians are among the casualties.
[451] In a violent backlash a number of journalists, including a British photographer, were killed by rampaging mobs.
[452] Mike from the charity says, the Americans have made a terrible mistake.
Rob (PS23J) [453] The deaths of er these people today er that's going to totally er isolate er the the Somalis from us and erm what happened today I believe was a a unforgivable.
[454] Er I've seen er a list of twenty seven names today and I have grave doubts about whether this was a command structure of er General Adid's.
[455] Er I think there may have been a mid mistake made today and I hope that this is investigated fully.
(PS23H) [456] It's hoped a British engineer and his Australian cousin, kidnapped by the Kurdish rebels in Turkey, could soon be set free.
[457] diplomats working for their release say they hope the pair will be out within days if not hours.
[458] Zena a Kurdish representative in London says the two are safe and well in a secret guerilla camp.
Lisa (PS23K) [459] There is no doubt about there will be no harm whatsoever.
[460] Er they are er they will be er very well treated, they will be offered the same er facilities as the guerillas have or even better fa better better treatment in some cases.
[461] One shouldn't think of they will be er they will be harmed.
(PS23H) [462] Detectives hunting the rapist who attacked a young woman at a Nottingham f music festival at the weekend, have been interviewing some of the thousands of people who attended the event.
[463] The woman was grabbed as she walked through woodland in Park.
[464] Danny reports.
Phil (PS23L) [465] The victim who's in her twenties had strayed away from the crowds of people attending the music festival, at about ten o'clock on Saturday night.
[466] Detective Sergeant Andy says she wandered across a nearby golf course.
Perry (PS23M) [467] She actually went part of the way with er a male friend who had gone to chaperon her.
[468] He'd stayed some three hundred yards away from her when she actually crossed over in the golf course into er a wooded area.
[469] Where she was attacked by a male er who who pushed her down to the ground, and raped her, and then made off.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [470] Mhm.
Perry (PS23M) [471] We don't know in which direction, but made off from the scene.
[472] We've had a good festival this year with no major incidents at all, and this has really spoilt it for everybody.
Phil (PS23L) [473] The attacker is thought to have blonde or peroxide shoulder length hair and was wearing a tweed type jacket.
[474] Police are particularly anxious to trace a courting couple who were seen nearby at the time of the attack.
[475] The say it's vital the rapist is caught before he strikes again.
(PS23H) [476] M P Douglas says immediate action must be taken to boost staffing levels at the hospital where killer nurse Beverley Allitt worked.
[477] Only two consultants are working on ward four at Hospital a year after a health authority report called for increased supervision.
[478] Mr. says he's looking into the matter.
Lisa (PS23K) [479] The problem that is now faced apparently is that there is not a sufficient number of paediatric specialists available to give clinical care.
(PS23H) [480] Do you think your constituents should be concerned?
Lisa (PS23K) [481] I think that they are right to want a sufficient number of qualified paediatric specialists in the hospital.
[482] They're right to want that.
[483] And if [...] the manager of the Hospital and I have already dictated a letter to him on this er point and I plan to speak to him today.
[484] It's a matter for the management team to address and to address urgently.
(PS23H) [485] Nottingham Crown Court has been hearing allegations that a taxi driver raped a lesbian passenger after picking her up from a nightclub.
[486] Mark has this.
Rob (PS23N) [487] The court was told the woman became pregnant and had to have an abortion.
[488] Twenty five year old Zia of denies raping the woman in December nineteen ninety one.
[489] She told the court she'd been with two girlfriends to the Nightclub in Nottingham city centre, where it was a monthly gay night.
[490] It was alleged she was raped in the taxi near Trent Bridge.
[491] The court heard the accused told the police that sexual intercourse had taken place with the woman's consent.
[492] The trial continues tomorrow.
(PS23H) [493] Richard Branson is accusing British Airways of a new round of dirty tricks against his airline Virgin Atlantic.
[494] He is telling the European commission that British Airways offers incentives to travel agents to push B A at the expense of other carriers.
[495] The cases of five men convicted in Nottinghamshire of crimes they claim they didn't commit are being highlighted as part of a campaign organized by human rights group .
[496] Speakers at a rally this afternoon have called for the release of hundreds of prisoners they claim are innocent.
[497] We have this from Caroline .
Mick (PS23P) [498] Anthony from was found guilty of the manslaughter of a seven year old girl in ninety eighty six, and served four and a half years in prison.
[499] He was convicted largely on the basis of a confession which he later retracted.
[500] Since then he's been fighting to prove his innocence.
Jenny (PS23R) [501] They say I'm not safe with children and that that's wrong.
[502] That is very wrong.
[503] And I can't live my life with family now and have children without getting hassle from them.
[504] I feel very angry you know what I mean.
[505] With the way the system is.
[506] Very very angry cos to tell try and tell the truth and not believes is it's is wrong.
Mick (PS23P) [507] Bill who campaigns for the human rights group in Nottingham says there's too much margin for error in the justice system.
Ken (PS23S) [508] The police can't even decide to charge someone, t is the Crown Prosecution Service who must decide whether or not they're going to charge someone.
[509] And I think you know, the C P S by investigating the case must always be aware that these people are innocent.
[510] Then you have the prosecution barrister and there as you know there has been some quite disgraceful behaviour by prosecution barristers, and then the defence council as well.
[511] And so this certainly isn't just the police's fault, this is a very big problem.
Mick (PS23P) [512] Today's protest is designed to draw attention to hundreds of cases of supposed miscarriages of justice.
[513] As far as Anthony is concerned it's too little too late.
Jenny (PS23R) [514] It's very important to me to get my life sorted out.
[515] I need to get myself back on my feet and forget all this and get it all sorted out and so I can live my life again.
(PS23H) [516] That report from Caroline .
[517] Detectives in say a young couple could have vital information on a d fifteen year old girl.
[518] The teenager was walking through the grounds of Hospital yesterday evening, when a man pulled her to the ground and threatened her.
[519] The speaker of the commons will rule today on whether MPs who are Lloyds names can vote on the finance bill.
[520] If she says they can't, the bill which puts into effect the budget, could be wrecked.
[521] Labour MP Peter says that since the bill contains measures to help the battered insurance forty four Tory MPs who stand to gain shouldn't be allowed to vote.
[522] Meanwhile former boxer Henry Cooper has been forced to sell his three Lonsdale belts after losing money as one of the Lloyds' names who suffered in the insurance market collapse.
[523] The belts went under the hammer in a Sotheby's auction in Canterbury fetching forty two thousand pounds.
[524] Henry says he's lost the belts but not what they stand for.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [525] They'll always be in the record books that I am the only man at any weight who's ever won three Lonsdale belts outright.
[526] That's there for ever.
[527] It is sad but I mean er alright er people have you know some of the names in Lloyds they've had to sell everything they've gone skint.
[528] I mean thank God I'm not broke I'm not I'm not skint I'm alright thank you.
[529] This is just gonna secure my future when I retire.
(PS23H) [530] The government's so called mum's army proposals have come under fire at a meeting of teachers and councillors in Nottingham this afternoon.
[531] They're angry over plans aimed at encouraging parents to take up teaching in primary schools.
[532] Linda a spokesperson for the county's education advisory committee says, A one year training course isn't enough to turn parents into teachers.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [533] Just knowing children does not mean that you can teach, that you will be au fait with all the intricacies of the National Curriculum, that you have any degree of pedagogical skill.
[534] There are so many things involved.
[535] Obviously people appreciate that children learn things and they can help them, but the question is, Why?
[536] How?
[537] When?
[538] What is most appropriate?
[539] All of those things need quite a degree of training.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [540] Now the government has said that erm if these proposals are implemented, parents would be given a years training.
[541] Graduates straight out of university can do one year postgraduate training to become teachers isn't that that the same sort of thing.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [542] No in many respects it isn't.
[543] It has taken a hundred and forty years to build a graduate profession.
[544] And we as teachers see no reason why that should be cut away overnight.
[545] We're not saying that people shouldn't have the opportunity to train to teach.
[546] Of course they should.
[547] But why should women, for women t it will be, become second class citizens, and why should our nursery and infant age children be second class citizens too.
[548] The women deserve a right to have a proper training, not a watered down version.
[549] And then as sure as night follows day, they will be paid less.
(PS23H) [550] The employment secretary David has today told company bosses in Nottingham that treating their staff properly will save them money and boost their profits.
[551] Mister was in the city to prevent and Investors in People award to the chemists for encouraging it's staff to take vocational training.
[552] Since the campaign started bosses say it's saved them fourteen million pounds by reducing staff turnover.
[553] And the first deadline for applications for B T three shares expires in a few hours time.
[554] Analysts say the floatation looks like being a success.
[555] More than five million people have registered for part of the government's remaining stake in British Telecom.
[556] But not all are expected to but.
[557] Our headlines again.
[558] Aid workers in Somalia say today's American led assault on the capital Mogadishou which left around seventy dead and two hundred injured, is unforgivable.
[559] In a violent backlash a number of journalists including a British photographer were killed by rampaging mobs.
[560] The weather.
[561] Any showers will soon clear to leave a fine evening, followed by a cold and clear light with light winds.
[562] Tonight's minimum temperatures then, six celsius, forty three fahrenheit. [jingle] [break in recording]
Phil (PS23L) [563] [...] and aid workers in Somalia say today's American led assault on the capital Mogadishou which left around seventy dead and two hundred injured is unforgivable.
[564] Helicopter gunships fired missiles at what they thought was a command centre of warlord General Adid.
[565] But innocent civilians are among the casualties.
[566] In a violent backlash a number of journalists, including a British photographer, were killed by rampaging mobs.
[567] Mike from the charity says, the Americans have made a terrible mistake.
Rob (PS23J) [...] [break in recording]
Phil (PS23L) [568] [...] are predicting a cut in the level of their council tax.
[569] The Tory led authority says they've been so successful in collecting the tax, that they've earmarked a hundred and seventy thousand pounds to help cut future bills.
[570] This is equal to a six pound fifty cut for band D properties.
[571] The weather.
[572] Any showers will soon clear to leave a fine evening followed by a cold and clear night with light winds.
[573] Tomorrow morning it'll be dry wit hazy sunshine but increasing cloud is likely to give outbreaks of rain later in the afternoon.
[574] Tonight maxim er minimum temperature six degrees celsius, that's forty three fahrenheit. [jingle] [break in recording]
(PS23H) [575] [...] cockney Phil Collins.
[576] Oh up the apples [...] pears and all that kind of business.
[577] Genesis who's called Land of confusion.
[578] Trent on a Monday night.
[579] Trent drive Tim with you until seven with drive and the early evening sequence seven till nine tonight. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [580] back of the radiator.
[581] Can you just get up and look under your seat for me for a moment?
[582] No you've not got it.
[583] Oh it's disappeared somewhere.
[584] Eight twenty seven in the morning.
[585] Mm here's Tina. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [...] [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [586] It's Wednesday July fourteenth nineteen ninety three. [jingle]
(PS23H) [587] It's eight thirty, I'm Ben .
[588] Police and MPs have strongly criticized an Old Bailey verdict which allowed a teenage vandal to walk free after he'd admitted stabbing a neighbour to death.
[589] Nineteen year old Joseph from South London said he'd been acting in self defence, and he was cleared of murdering Bob who'd challenging him with a hammer when he found him slashing car tyres.
[590] Three soccer fans from in Jail in Turkey accused of trying to use forged fifty pound notes will learn their fate today.
[591] The three say they were issued the cash by a bank and didn't know it was phoney.
[592] There are claims that more and more people are turning to begging or prostitution in Nottingham because of homelessness.
[593] Aid agencies are targeting the city as one of several in Britain where the number of teenagers sleeping rough is up.
[594] Youngsters at a Nottingham school have become video directors to combat joyriding.
[595] Pupils at the school want the film, which includes police footage and interviews with the relatives of those killed by joyriders, to be shown nationwide.
[596] And multi million pound plans to expand the Centre will and and improve Nottingham City Centre, come under the spotlight today.
[597] It's eight thirty one.
Rob (PS23J) [598] Thank you Ben.
[599] And the forecast says, Although damp and misty at first with some drizzle, the day will become dry.
[600] Dry skies also and some sunshine here and there.
[601] Temperature high this afternoon twenty and sixty eight.
[602] Low twelve that's fifty four.
[603] The air is good today and the outlook is fine at first but a seventy five percent chance of rain by mid afternoon.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [604] Trent F M summer weather with of Tren [break in recording]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [...] [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [605] The fee for the twenty six year old will be decided by a transfer tribunal, after the two clubs failed to agree on the players valuation.
[606] European cup holders Marseille could be thrown out of next seasons competition, because of their involvement in a bribery scandal.
[607] Along with two players and a club official, President Bernard is being accused of trying to bribe a team to throw a match.
[608] Finally cycling and the Tour de France resumes in the Alps this morning.
[609] Spain's Miguel wears the leader's yellow jersey.
[610] Today's sport brought to you in association with 's new supermodel, the .
[611] Go and see it at of Derby. [jingle] [break in recording]
Lisa (PS23K) [612] Time twenty five to nine.
[613] If you are just starting a new job of any kind this morning, your first day, then don't worry, it doesn't matter what you do, the odds on the first two things they'll show you is, where the toilet is, and how to load paper into the photocopier. [laugh] [break in recording]
Lisa (PS23K) [614] [...] Robin Prince of Sherwood should I say at the tonight.
[615] Tribute to Ivor Novello at the , also Robert Plant the in Birmingham.
[616] And Jeff hello good morning.
[617] [...] hello Jeff.
[618] Drives a red Escort, you've got yourself ten pounds on the sticker drive.
[619] Just call reception from nine this morning on . [jingle] [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [620] [...] carnival.
[621] Rob and the Trent Hit Squad van will be in the parade around the town at midday.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [622] Ooh.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [623] [...] you can join our roadshow on the carnival ground Road from two, with Andy .
[624] Saturday in Mansfield.
[625] is the music with Trent F M. [break in recording]
Lisa (PS23K) [626] Good morning, hello, Trent F M here.
[627] How are you?
[628] All right.
[629] Bearing up I hope under the pressure.
[630] And don't forget that this weeks prize draw on the Trent F M and draw, is tickets to see Bon Jovi, live at in September.
[631] But that's not all.
[632] Er you'll get to meet the band in person as well.
[633] All you do is send us your name and address to be here please no later than this coming Friday afternoon's afternoon show.
[634] is the music with Trent F M. [break in recording]
Lisa (PS23K) [635] [...] something special. [jingle] [break in recording]
Lisa (PS23K) [636] [...] Wednesday fourteenth of July nineteen ninety three.
[637] As we say in radio, half way towards the weekend.
[638] It's downhill here on in thank goodness. [break in recording]
Lisa (PS23K) [639] [...] hear Erasure, also Happy Mondays and the Shamen.
[640] [mimicking] Ee's a good, ee's a good [] This coming Saturday night from nine on Trent F M.
[641] [...] this morning at nine thirty Robbo has the morning show.
[642] With his special guest Jenny talking graphology this morning.
[643] And at one the afternoon show from Jenny on Trent F M. [break in recording]
Phil (PS23L) [644] [...] I'm Phil .
[645] police and MPs have strongly criticized a teenage vandal to walk free after he'd admitted stabbing a neighbour to death.
[646] Nineteen year old Joseph from South London said he'd been acting in self defence.
[647] And he was cleared of murdering Bob who'd challenged him with a hammer when he found him slashing car tyres.
[648] His widow Diane says there's been a terrible injustice.
Phil (PS23L) [649] I saw my husband die in front of my eyes.
[650] I was attacked too, and I had to get up next morning and tell my daughter, she didn't have a daddy any more.
[651] I had to go Christmas.
[652] I've had to go through a funeral.
[653] And that man has walked free.
[654] And I think it is totally disgusting.
Phil (PS23L) [655] Baroness will today lead an all party campaign in the House of Lord, demanding a referendum on the Maastricht Treaty.
[656] It'll be the first time she's voted against the government and her former deputy Geoffrey says she's guilty of disloyalty.
[657] The number of teachers retiring early is said to have risen dramatically, with a survey showing a threefold increase since nineteen seventy nine.
[658] The figures come from the head teachers union which is blaming stress caused by the government's education reforms.
[659] Pupils at a Nottingham school have produced a video aimed at stopping joyriding.
[660] Children at the school want the film to be distributed nationally to schools and youth centres to get the message across.
[661] Teacher Paul says the video is hard hitting and comprehensive.
Perry (PS23M) [662] We're interviewing victims of joyriders.
[663] Er mothers who've lost children, people who've been hit by joyriders, who've suffered severe head injuries.
[664] And this is a very powerful video and has elicited tears in adults and pupils.
[665] Who've seen it.
[666] So it is a very emotional and emotive video.
Phil (PS23L) [667] D N A testing is to be used to provide positive identification of the Britons who lost their lives in the Waco cult siege.
[668] Relatives of the thirteen U K citizens still unaccounted for including four Nottingham are welcoming the move.
[669] Three soccer fans from who are in jail in Turkey accused of trying to use forged fifty pound notes, will learn their fate today.
[670] Thirty year old Robin , thirty two year old Paul and twenty three year old Darren , say they withdraw the notes from a bank and didn't know they were phoney.
[671] Robin's mother Dorothy says, the four month wait for their trial in a Turkish prison has been a huge mental strain.
Rob (PS23N) [672] It's very unfair [...] with not knowing it's like anything else.
[673] If you know it's going to happen, you can accept it.
[674] Er but the not knowing is the worst part about it.
Phil (PS23L) [675] Aid agencies are claiming that increasing homelessness in Nottingham is forcing more and more youngsters to turn to begging or even prostitution.
[676] The city's one of several being targeted.
[677] Maureen is manager at House, a day centre for the homeless in Nottingham.
[678] She says many youngsters who've been brought up in care are often incapable of looking after themselves when they leave.
Mick (PS23P) [679] They don't have they life skills to be able to look after themselves.
[680] They find it very difficult to manage a budget.
[681] On the money that they're on.
[682] They find it very difficult to cook for themselves, shop for themselves and generally look after themselves in all the ways that we would accept as being quite normal.
Phil (PS23L) [683] Police are appealing for witnesses after an armed robbery at a building society in yesterday afternoon.
[684] A gunman escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash after threatening an assistant at the Building Society on Road in the town.
[685] Planners will today be told to see if they can find a way to close a vital Nottingham City Centre link road without causing major traffic problems.
[686] Developers want to close Street to extend the Centre, but as part of the City Centre ring road, it carries thousands of vehicles a day.
[687] Scientists have discovered a possible dinosaur nesting area, and an egg which has survived a hundred and forty five million years intact.
[688] A dark patch inside one broken egg could be the remains of an embryo.
[689] Palaeontologists in Denver say the find from the Jurassic period is very important.
[690] The weather damp and misty at first with drizzle.
[691] During the day it'll become mainly dry with brighter skies.
[692] Today's top temperature, twenty degrees celsius, that's sixty eight fahrenheit. [jingle] [break in recording]
Lisa (PS23K) [693] [...] Can't sing can't dance.
[694] I hate that at nightclubs.
[695] I'm just the same.
[696] And when you have to walk out across an open room, and everybody's watching, you start to mice.
[697] And you think, Stop mincing.
[698] And you can't.
[699] Nine O eight, I can't sing, I can't dance, Genesis.
[700] Today is July fourteenth.
[701] Er you can see the Jeff Healey Band at , [...] .
[702] Kelly's Heroes at the [...] , and scratch Trial by Jury in the , Wild Blue Yonder in the and girl's choir at , all part of the festival. [break in recording]
Lisa (PS23K) [703] [...] who you're supposed to be [...] worry until you get there on time.
[704] I really am a worrier.
[705] Twelve minutes past nine in the morning on Trent F M, reasons to be cheerful.
[706] And don't forget all this week on drive time with Tim, he'll be airing some of the best, when only fish and chips will do stories.
[707] Each night six people will win free fish and chips with a bottle of wine.
[708] And also A fish called Wanda on video.
[709] On Friday's show Tim will choose one of this week's winners for the first prize of fish and chips in a Limo with champagne.
[710] Okay. [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [711] Hi [...] [break in recording]
Lisa (PS23K) [712] [...] And don't I lie a lot.
[713] [laugh] It's nine sixteen, that's Gabrielle and dreams.
[714] While we're promoting my own show and blowing my own trumpet, er this afternoon Jenny is on for my for me this afternoon.
[715] And er if you call up the program or fax in for whatever reason, then you can get yourself a free afternoon pack.
[716] What?
[717] Yes.
[718] And in that pack you'll have things like, er a picture of my granddad to colour.
[719] [laugh] We don't give you the crayons, only the picture.
[720] Er also we've got er photographs of the presenters, there's also details of the roadshows for nineteen ninety three.
[721] So basically what I'm saying is, get on the blower and call Jenny this afternoon from One o'clock. [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [722] We've broken through the two [...] [break in recording]
Lisa (PS23K) [723] Adrian including the midnight love affair.
[724] And at one Mark .
[725] It's Wednesday morning, it's nine twenty and right now here's a real inappropriate song. [break in recording]
Lisa (PS23K) [726] [...] once again.
[727] I'm back tomorrow morning from six A M.
[728] Hope you can join me for the breakfast show for Gary and Robbo's next in your day. [break in recording] [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [729] [...] what can I do for you [...] [break in recording]
Lisa (PS23K) [730] You said yesterday that I couldn't speak first.
[731] You go first.
Rob (PS23J) [732] I was just letting the record finish Andy.
[733] Andy.
Lisa (PS23K) [734] Oh.
[735] Oh that was a pregnant pause was it?
Rob (PS23J) [736] I was just letting that record finish.
Lisa (PS23K) [737] Oh very good.
Rob (PS23J) [738] R E M, Shiny Happy People.
[739] Andy how the devil?
Lisa (PS23K) [740] Rob, fine.
Rob (PS23J) [741] Now listen.
Lisa (PS23K) [742] What?
Rob (PS23J) [743] Were you going to say something then
Lisa (PS23K) [744] I was just gonna say you've got twenty seconds.
Rob (PS23J) [745] You've got twenty seconds today as we play what's it called I keep forgetting the name ?
Lisa (PS23K) [746] Oh no.
[747] No.
[748] Clever dick or really thick?
Rob (PS23J) [749] Alright are you ready for this?
Lisa (PS23K) [750] Go on.
Rob (PS23J) [751] Are you've not had a look at my list here ?
Lisa (PS23K) [752] I can see through your page there .
Rob (PS23J) [753] Ooh okay.
[754] You now have twenty seconds
Lisa (PS23K) [755] Yes.
Rob (PS23J) [756] to name
Lisa (PS23K) [757] Yes.
Rob (PS23J) [758] garden tools.
Lisa (PS23K) [759] Garden tools.
Rob (PS23J) [760] Go.
Lisa (PS23K) [761] Rake.
Rob (PS23J) [762] One.
Lisa (PS23K) [763] Lawnmower.
Rob (PS23J) [764] Two.
Lisa (PS23K) [765] Glass of beer.
[766] That is in my garden on a Sunday.
Rob (PS23J) [767] Yeah come on [...]
Lisa (PS23K) [768] Er er trowel.
Rob (PS23J) [769] Three.
Lisa (PS23K) [770] Er hoe.
Rob (PS23J) [771] Four.
Lisa (PS23K) [772] Erm er the one of the little poky dibbers.
Rob (PS23J) [773] Yeah oh five.
Lisa (PS23K) [774] For your herbaceous border.
Rob (PS23J) [775] Yeah.
Lisa (PS23K) [776] Er and that's
Rob (PS23J) [777] Yeah.
Lisa (PS23K) [778] enough.
[779] That's it.
Rob (PS23J) [780] What about what what about shears, what do you think?
Lisa (PS23K) [781] She oh shears yeah .
Rob (PS23J) [782] Yeah. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [783] [...] about a kitchen glove, inside out when you have to [blows] blow them up.
[784] Odyssey, Inside out, from nineteen eighty two, and Debbie Harry can see clearly now.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [785] Mum. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [786] The caravan of love.
[787] So every now and again, we've mentioned this on the morning show before, every now and again along comes a song that like everybody here at says, Oh isn't that just brilliant.
[788] This is one of them there songs.
[789] And it is just brilliant.
[790] Andy was saying, What a great song.
[791] Jenny enthusing about this.
[792] As we now play, on the big mix, Four Non-Blondes, question being of course, what's up? [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [793] [reading] [...] Cancerians.
[794] For Aries today on this the fourteenth day of July.
[795] You certainly aren't in the mood to suffer fools today. []
[796] Don't switch off don't switch off.
[797] [reading] For Taureans, unexpected guests or visitors may train your temper. []
[798] I don't understand that but it says that down on my script here, from morning show astrologer Peter .
[799] [reading] Er for Gemini, another fairly quite day for the most of you. []
[800] And finally phase number one with Cancerians, [reading] A rather strange almost mystical day ahead, with thoughts returning from the past. [] [break in recording]
Phil (PS23L) [801] [...] says the seas at Blackpool and Southport aren't up to scratch, but it's given Formby a clean bill of health.
[802] Chief tourism officer for Blackpool Barry says work is already under way to improve the sea water there.
Jenny (PS23R) [803] This year we've er introduced disinfection.
[804] And then certainly in two and a half year's time, a hundred and seventy million pounds is being spent by Water er putting in a new sewage station.
[805] But er unfortunately, this is something that happened in the past and the government have been prosecuted for it, they've been found guilty, but Blackpool's name has been dragged way down with them.
[806] Aid agencies are claiming that increasing homelessness in
Rob (PS23J) [807] [...] we say we have Nottingham's biggest and brightest music mix.
[808] I think just some of the song's already on the morning show have proved that.
[809] More to come, with the best, the biggest mix.
[810] Twenty four hours a day in Nottingham.
[811] It's eight minutes now past ten, as Trent F M plays Terrence Trent F M and Delicate. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [812] Will be allowed in just about a minute from now to do some air guitarring.
[813] Oh.
[814] And if there is ever such a thing, air drumming.
[815] Stand by around your place of work in a second.
[816] It's eleven minutes past ten with Leo and Virgo and Libra and Scorpio.
[817] For Leo, [reading] Don't spend the day clock watching or tomorrow you're going to be very much snowed under [] .
[818] For Virgo, [reading] Fate takes a hand today when a delayed or missed connection may lead to a contact that may eventually prove to be very beneficial.
[819] Libra, if you're prepared o take a chance today, it may be the start of something er fairly prosperous [] .
[820] And finally for Scorpio, [reading] It's a day to make peace with those you've fallen out with, because it really isn't much fun having all that bad feeling around [] .
[821] Okay.
[822] Air drumming, air guitarring here on Trent F M, nineteen seventy seven, Eddie and the Hotrods, Trent plays, Do Anything Ya Wanna Do. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [823] [...] in two parts on Central.
[824] Was it called split at birth?
[825] Some thing like that with er the two kids that were mixed up at their birth.
[826] And wasn't it so sad.
[827] My wife, my spaniel and I, we sat there watching that with our handkerchiefs.
[828] Er it spoilt it a bit when that guy in the glasses came on half way through.
[829] [laughing] Trevor McDonald. []
[830] As Gary and I have mentioned so many times, I wish they'd stop doing that.
[831] They're trying to er knock or they were trying to knock News at Ten on the head.
[832] One of the best suggestions I heard was to er change it to Channel Four.
[833] So you have to news if you want to watch it.
[834] Brilliant you can er actually dip into that at ten o'clock on Channel Four.
[835] But then you can watch a film and a series on Central all the way through, without having to wait from about five minutes to ten, almost, not literally, but almost through till about er five to eleven. [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [836] of Trent [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [837] On Rob 's morning show, join me Jenny this Monday, the nineteenth of July, when I'll pop down to the Urban Traffic Control Centre in Nottingham City Centre, to switch on all those traffic lights. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [838] [...] from you handwriting.
[839] It's it's quite unbelievable, I mean you sit here and people go away and say, I can't believe that Jenny's just got all that from a page of writing.
[840] Jenny my guest at about a quarter past eleven.
[841] [reading] Sagittarius, you could spend much of today putting other people's mistakes right, and this will get you down. []
[842] For Capricorn, [reading] You could learn a lot about like today from the company of older people [] .
[843] For Aquarius, [reading] There's an air of misinformation about.
[844] Maybe you're not getting the full story and all the facts [] .
[845] And finally for Pisceans, [reading] Today finds you at your most creative [] . [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [846] [...] in the last twenty four hours, and it will continue to be low in the next twenty four hours.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [847] Trent F M summer weather with of [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [848] [...] be a bit of sunshine expected and temperatures back up to near normal at sixty eight degrees fahrenheit. [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [849] [...] hello, taking tea some time this afternoon.
[850] Er blonder than the darker ones on the afternoon show all this week for Andy .
[851] Between one and five.
[852] Early evening sequence, five until nine with Tim .
[853] Check out Adrian sounding very good last night, playing the best with our biggest mix of music.
[854] In for Jenny including the love affair.
[855] Adrian nighttime at nine. [break in recording] [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [856] [...] gets under way on Saturday the thirtieth of October, and for just seventy five pounds, you can be on board the M S , which'll be your floating hotel for three days of relaxation and entertainment.
[857] Once in Bremen, you can experience one of the largest fairs in Northern Germany, and sample a marvellous mixture of beers wines and fabulous foods in a great party atmosphere.
[858] The Trent F M trip to Hamburg and Bremen.
[859] For seventy five pounds can you afford to miss it?
[860] Call today. [break in recording]
Phil (PS23L) [861] [...] for fraud.
[862] Three soccer fans accused of using forged banknotes, have ben set free by a judge after spending four months in a Turkish jail.
[863] And detectives are hunting two youths who raped a teenage girl while she was camping in .
[864] Those stories plus the rest of the main news on Trent F M at one. [jingle] [break in recording] [jingle]
Rob (PS23J) [865] Careline's Madonna lookalike, here's Rachel.
Ken (PS23S) [866] Not quite Rob.
[867] Well good afternoon.
[868] Well we've got a few details of some drop in centres this afternoon.
[869] And the first one is based at a project called and it's for unemployed people in .
[870] That's an area that relied heavily on mining for jobs, and now the coal fields are being shut down, a lot of people are being left without careers.
[871] If you're in that situation, you might find a visit to useful.
[872] There's details of courses and job opportunities, and perhaps you can get some advice on the type of job that you'd be good for you.
[873] If you know the type of this you're looking for, then you can get free use of paper, stamps and a telephone, in fact anything that'll get you that ideal position.
[874] The centre can also give advice on benefits, which is obviously really important when you've just lost your job.
[875] If you want to know when the centre's open, and what happens on each day, then just give us a ring and we'll pass on the details.
[876] And the second drop in centre is based at the newly relaunched project.
[877] The idea behind their centre, is to give people with H I V and Aids some breathing space.
[878] And time to either discuss their illness with people who understand how they feel, and the way that people react, or to just relax and forget all about the fact they're living with it.
[879] The team at the project have set up some times when everyone can pop in, as well as a special session on Wednesday mornings which is only for women and children.
[880] If you're interested in spending some time with people who know what you're going through, or you just want to watch a video, then you don't need to make an appointment.
[881] All you need to do is find out when they're open, which you can do by phoning us.
[882] To find out more about the drop in centre at for unemployed people, or the sessions at the project, then call us here at the Trent F M Careline on Nottingham . [jingle] [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [883] [...] Pet Shop Boys, we've also just played here on Trent, Queen brilliant seventy four, Seven seas of rye.
[884] We're waiting for the lost and founds.
[885] Black and white adult cat wearing a collar found in the area, on the twelfth of July.
[886] We've lost a blue budgie in the .
[887] A black and white fluffy cat in and a German pointer.
[888] Which way?
[889] That way.
[890] A German pointer lost in the area.
[891] [jingle] On [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [892] That was [...] [break in recording]
Rob (PS23J) [893] We have Lisa who is the queen of the Careline, dancing along to that particular song.
[894] It's the doc, Mister [...] and Sing Hallelujah.
[895] It's Trent at three minutes to one.
[896] With Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. [break in recording]
Phil (PS23L) [897] [...] a man carrying a bomb's arrested in London.
[898] A former sheriff of Nottingham has been jailed for fraud.
[899] Three soccer fans accused of using forged banknotes have been set free by a judge in Turkey, and inflation's dropped to its lowest level in thirty years.
[900] Good afternoon I'm Phil .
[901] Police say they've caught a terrorist red handed on his way to plant a bomb.
[902] Officers arrested him in North London, close to the scene of last year's Staples Corner blast.
[903] As George reports, when he was seized, he was carrying an explosive device.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [904] Scotland Yard says it was a joint operation between members of the metropolitan police and the security services.
[905] Just after nine o'clock this morning, a man carrying a bag was challenged, close to a bus stop in North London.
[906] When the holdall was opened it was found to contain a bomb.
[907] The man was immediately arrested by anti-terrorist officers.
[908] He's now being held at Paddington Green top security police station.
Phil (PS23L) [909] A former Sheriff of Nottingham has been jailed for fraud.
[910] was convicted of stealing nearly ten thousand pounds from the city council during a twenty month period.
[911] And reports.
(PS23H) [912] Forty four year old became Nottingham's first Asian sheriff in May nineteen ninety one, but he was by then already stealing from various arts organizations.
[913] He was forced to resign, and eventually convicted of four theft and seven forgery charges.
[914] Handing down a twelve month sentence, and ordering him to pay twenty thousand pounds costs, Judge Charles told , his downfall and subsequent exposure was a punishment in itself.
[915] has paid back eight thousand pounds of the money he stole.
Phil (PS23L) [916] Three Nottinghamshire soccer fans accused of using forged banknotes by police in Turkey, have been freed.
[917] The four were arrested after travelling to watch an England World Cup game four months ago.
[918] Ben reports.
(PS23H) [919] Thirty year old Robin , thirty two year old Paul and twenty three year old Darren , left their homes in to travel to Turkey to support England last March.
[920] They'd been issued with Sterling by Lloyds Bank.
[921] On arrival in Turkey, the three became aware of a police campaign to stamp down on counterfeiters.
[922] They offered to help, but three of their fifty pound notes were fakes.
[923] All were arrested.
[924] It was the beginning of a four month ordeal as the painfully slow Turkish legal system swung into action.
[925] At today's hearing the Turkish judge finally allowed the men to go free while continuing the trial.
[926] He decided that guilty or not, the time they'd served was enough.
[927] Robin 's mother Dorothy says now, she can't wait to see her son again.
Rob (PS23N) [928] Unbelievable.
[929] You can imagine the relief, excitement, everything just rolled into one.
[930] It was fant fantastic.
(PS23H) [931] Are you celebrating?
Rob (PS23N) [932] We will as soon as they ... get [...] foot here on England's soil, we'll definitely be celebrating.
[933] But we will be tonight anyway.
[934] I just can't believe it.
[935] It's the news that we knew that's all that it could turn out to be, but it was just waiting to hear for it officially and going all through these months.
[936] The weight has been been un unreal.
(PS23H) [937] Now officials are frantically trying to find the men a flight home.
[938] Meanwhile, it's not clear if they'll get any compensation for their ordeal.
Phil (PS23L) [939] Detectives are hunting two youths who raped a teenage girl while she was camping in .
[940] The attack happened in the early hours of Sunday morning, but details have only just been released.
[941] Detective Constable Ian says the girl was in a tent when the youths burst in and attacked her.
Rob (PS23J) [942] A teenage girl was camping out with a number of friends on field at , which is situated between Lane and Lane.
[943] The group were approached by two males who were not known to them, and the female was asked to enter the tent, and both youths took turns in entering the tent, where a serious sexual assault took place on the female.
[944] It is felt that the persons responsible are in fact local, although both youths stated that they were from the Nottingham area.
Phil (PS23L) [945] It's thought one of the youths is called Mike or Dave, he's white about five foot ten with light curly hair, and was wearing dark jeans, a dark top and a baseball cap.
[946] The other could be called Jay, he's of mixed race, about five foot six with dark curly hair, and was wearing dark jeans and a dark bomber jacket.
[947] Inflation's fallen again to a new thirty year low, and now stands at one point two percent, down from one point three percent.
[948] Danny reports.
Lisa (PS23K) [949] During June, sharp falls in the price of seasonal foods like fruit and vegetables, contributed to the heavy slide in inflation.
[950] And the start of the high street summer sales, with clothing and household goods being discounted, also played a part.
[951] After removing the effects of falling mortgage rates, the underlying inflation rate, the one the treasury watches was unchanged at two point eight percent.
[952] It could be the figure will turn out to be the low point of the trend, although if the pound continues to strengthen, that'll be good news for the government's control over inflation.
Phil (PS23L) [953] A hard hitting video aimed at stopping joyriding is released today.
[954] It's been produced by children at the school in Nottingham, and pupils hope the film will be distributed nationally.
[955] Ian reports.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [...]
Phil (PS23L) [956] The video's main aim is to persuade young people not to steal cars.
[957] Teacher Paul .
Perry (PS23M) [958] This is a very powerful video and has elicited tears in adults and pupils.
[959] Who've seen it.
[960] So it is a very emotional and emotive video.
Phil (PS23L) [961] Sixteen year old Francesca worked on the project.
Perry (PS23M) [962] The joyrider that we interviewed, he was fairly upset and he wished that he'd never done it in the first place.
Rob (PS23N) [963] I went to climb into the car, through the windscreen [...] .
[964] And then the car caught fire
Perry (PS23M) [965] The parents didn't have any sympathy for people that joyrided, and they couldn't understand why they did it.
Mick (PS23P) [966] The last time I spoke to Daniel was on the evening of the accident.
[967] From the time the car hit him, he never regained consciousness.
Phil (PS23L) [968] Pupils Emily and Sarah .
Jenny (PS23R) [969] I've always had very strong feelings against joyriding, but I think it's made me more aware of the consequences.
Ken (PS23S) [970] I think if the video was made by people of the age that were joyriding, it might deter them more than parents saying, Don't do it.
Phil (PS23L) [971] The idea was the brainchild o schools liaison officer P C
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [972] It's message is to think before going into a car.
[973] Think about the possibilities, think about the consequences, it may not be you, it may be an innocent life.
Phil (PS23L) [974] The school needs at least three thousand pounds in sponsorship to distribute the video to other schools, youth clubs and community projects.
Phil (PS23L) [975] Home Secretary Michael Howard is demanding a report on the case of a teenage vandal who walked free from court after admitting stabbing his neighbour to death.
[976] Bob died after brandishing a hammer at the youth who was slashing car tyres in South London.
[977] Clare reports.
(PS23H) [978] Nineteen year old Joe whooped with delight when the Old Bailey jury acquitted him.
[979] High on drink and drugs he stabbed Rob through the heart.
[980] The music teacher was carrying a mallet, claimed he acted in self defence.
[981] Mister 's widow Diane says the decision's disgusting.
Phil (PS23L) [982] The whole justice system stinks.
(PS23H) [983] Police and politicians are demanding urgent changes in the law.
[984] Tory backbencher David .
Rob (PS23J) [985] I support, up to a point, er vigilantes because I think they're helping to protect society.
(PS23H) [986] Home Secretary Michael Howard is calling for a report on the case to see if there are any lessons to be learnt.
Phil (PS23L) [987] It's claimed more and more young people are turning to prostitution and begging on the streets of Nottingham as homelessness continues to increase.
[988] A survey of aid agencies has targeted the city, as one of many throughout Britain where the number of under twenties sleeping rough is on the up.
[989] Danny reports.
Lisa (PS23K) [990] The survey, which has been carried out nationwide, concludes that the homelessness epidemic is no longer confined to London.
[991] Mark who was born in the capital, has been living rough in Nottingham.
Phil (PS23L) [992] I came up from London.
[993] There was nothing for me going on down there, so I come to [...] Nottingham to give it a try.
Lisa (PS23K) [994] How have you come to be homeless?
Phil (PS23L) [995] I got evicted from my last place I was at.
[996] So I was Been on the streets now for about eight years.
Lisa (PS23K) [997] Nottingham spokesman for housing charity , Tim says it's a major problem.
Perry (PS23M) [998] We've noticed that the numbers of young homeless people who are coming to see us have risen and risen over the last few months and few years.
[999] And it's all a situation that was predicted back in nineteen eighty eight when the government cut benefits for sixteen and seventeen year olds.
[1000] At the time, voluntary organizations like said, If you take away young people's money, you take away their ability to find housing.
[1001] What will happen is you'll have homeless people on the streets begging.
[1002] And that is precisely what has happened.
Lisa (PS23K) [1003] Maureen is a manager at House a day centre for the homeless on in Nottingham.
[1004] She says the governments recent care in the community legislation, has forced many people with mental health problems, onto the streets.
Mick (PS23P) [1005] I think it's made it more difficult for people to be monitored when they're er taking medication.
[1006] I think that's a problem, they're on medication they're all perfectly fine.
[1007] But if if their medication's not being taken correctly then obviously that creates problems.
Lisa (PS23K) [1008] It's estimated that up to two hundred and fifty people use House on a daily basis.
Phil (PS23L) [1009] Sport, the draw for the European Football competitions has given Manchester United a trip to Hungary.
[1010] Rangers meet the champions of Bulgaria.
[1011] John reports.
Rob (PS23N) [1012] United's return begins with a first round tie against , with the opening leg away, while Rangers start at against .
[1013] And Welsh face a qualifying tie with Cork City.
[1014] The gunners will face either Odens of Denmark, or Slovenians Publicum, with Aberdeen also meeting a preliminary round winner.
[1015] In the UEFA Cup Aston Villa have a tough trip to Slovan Bratislava.
[1016] Norwich are paired with Dutch club and Hearts who gained a surprise place yesterday, play Athletico Madrid.
Phil (PS23L) [1017] The main news again this lunch time.
[1018] Police say they've caught a terrorist red handed on his way to plant a bomb.
[1019] officers arrested him in North London.
[1020] A former Sheriff of Nottingham has been jailed for fraud.
[1021] was convicted of stealing nearly ten thousand pounds from the city council during a twenty month period.
[1022] Three Nottinghamshire soccer fans accused of using forged banknotes by police in Turkey have been freed, and inflation's fallen again to one point two percent.
[1023] The weather, the rest of today's likely to remain rather cloudy with a chance of more rain at any time.
[1024] the top temperature nineteen degrees celsius, sixty six fahrenheit. [jingle] [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1025] F M dancing through the afternoon in style, playing Haddaway.
[1026] Gonna say a big hello to J.
[1027] and this is a big afternoon hello to you from Clare. [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1028] [...] big in nineteen ninety one, Colour Me Badd and All For Love.
[1029] Three and a half minutes left of your lunch hour, quick get back to work.
[1030] It's Jenny the 's hits, Andy 's slot one till five till Friday afternoon on Trent F M.
[1031] And I suppose being predictable about it all, I better play this for you if you're on your way to an aerobics keep fit class some time this afternoon, or this evening.
[1032] Here are the Pointer Sisters just for you. [break in recording]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1033] The opportunity to help investment and to help employment directly, then they should be prepared to cut erm interest rates, as our European partners have been doing.
Phil (PS23L) [1034] Lady Thatcher's marked the day of her rebellion against the government by unveiling a plaque to the suffragettes at the commons.
[1035] She plans to defy the party whip for the first time in her political career.
[1036] Des reports.
Mick (PS23P) [1037] There was a heavy irony in Lady Thatcher's fulsome tribute to the women who had campaigned for the vote.
Jenny (PS23R) [1038] Without the work they did, I could never have been Prime Minister, others could never have been cabinet ministers, nor would we have as many women members of parliament as we have today.
Mick (PS23P) [1039] But she wouldn't explain why she's using her vote against the government in tonight's debate on a referendum on the Maastricht Treaty.
Phil (PS23L) [1040] Pupils at a Nottingham school have turned video [...] [break in recording]
Phil (PS23L) [1041] Police believe the handbrake on the van failed.
[1042] The driver ran after the vehicle as it gathered speed, tried to warn people on Street to get out of the way.
[1043] No one was injured in the accident.
[1044] The weather, the rest of today is likely to remain rather cloudy with a chance of more rain at any time.
[1045] Most of this evening and overnight will be dry.
[1046] It'll turn quite misty with just light winds.
[1047] Meanwhile today's top temperature reaching around nineteen degrees celsius that's sixty six degrees fahrenheit. [jingle] [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1048] In the middle of your week, this is Wednesday's afternoon show, one till five, it's Jenny on Trent F M.
[1049] Seven minutes past two playing Jonathan Butler and his Lies from nineteen eighteen seven.
[1050] So welcome to hour two, the afternoon version of the 's own with those hunky young things World's Apart. [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1051] for saying hunky young things.
[1052] I'm sorry I know Andy wouldn't normally say things like that.
[1053] But remember I am not Andy .
[1054] Alright then nice young things.
[1055] Nicish young things they are.
[1056] World's Apart and their Wonderful World.
[1057] Jenny in the afternoon till five making sure that it arrives quicker than ever.
[1058] In case you're finishing work at five and you're not then I'm sorry about that it hasn't worked out right has it.
[1059] [laugh] Two thirty we've got Rachel with the Careline.
[1060] After three your afternoon tea, and the mystery movie quiz, all here on Trent F M. [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1061] [...] six on Trent F M on a Wednesday afternoon, your mid week magic.
[1062] A couple of calls and er one dedication to do now, for another person who's claimed their afternoon show pack full of goodies including programme schedules, photos of the D Js.
[1063] Oh maybe signed as well.
[1064] Road show schedules and lots more and granddad goodies as well if you phone up this show for any reason at all, as long as it's a nice reason.
[1065] Er gotta say, Hello and a happy third wedding anniversary to John and Hazel in .
[1066] So John and Hazel , hello happy wedding anniversary for three years in .
[1067] Lots of love and best wishes.
[1068] From Jill, Eric, Catherine, Andrew and Rose who made the call for you. [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1069] For your new [...] [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1070] [...] Sybil the brand new one there, Beyond your wildest dream.
[1071] Half past two on a Wednesday afternoon on Trent F M as we join Rachel at the Careline.
Ken (PS23S) [1072] Carol is a member of which is a group that help people with Leukaemia and other blood disorders, like Hodgkin's disease.
[1073] And it's usually help with the disease that her members want.
[1074] Not with [...] things like the shopping.
Ken (PS23S) [1075] Mainly it's straight on with the illness.
[1076] They don't really talk about what's happened in the past, all they're bothered about is what's happening to them at present.
[1077] We don't give out medical advice, cos we're not qualified for that, but we do sit and listen to them and they talk about different things and what they've got to go through.
[1078] We can give them booklets, information on you know what to expect
Ken (PS23S) [1079] is different from other groups because as well as giving people someone to chat to, the can give some people financial help, which Carol thinks is really important.
Ken (PS23S) [1080] At least when the financial stress is alleviated, they can get on then with going to the treatment for leukaemia or a blood disorder, whether it's chemotherapy, radiotherapy whatever.
[1081] Erm they can then feel that their family's being looked after as well, so it helps them not to worry about that side of it.
Ken (PS23S) [1082] Carol became involved with the group because she knew someone with Leukaemia and wanted to help.
[1083] But coping with the disease can be distressing for both the patient and their helper.
Ken (PS23S) [1084] I think a lot of people do realize that with chemotherapy, you do lose your hair.
[1085] But it's alright just you know knowing about that, but when it's actually going to happen to you, it's something totally different.
[1086] You do try and use them through that, and try and make them more confident in themselves, they're you know people do accept this a lot more today, than they used to, erm and you know they needn't feel quite so self conscious.
Ken (PS23S) [1087] There is some positive news though.
Ken (PS23S) [1088] In children's leukaemia particularly the cure rate is really high now, so that's wonderful.
[1089] And the different stages of ages, the cure rates are getting a lot better.
[1090] So it's not not not all of it is terminal, and not everybody's gonna die with it.
Ken (PS23S) [1091] are there for everyone with the disease and other blood disorders, and they always need helpers.
[1092] If you know a little about cancer, feel you could cope with all the emotions involved, and you'd like to give them a hand, then Carol would love to hear from you.
[1093] For more information just call us here at the Trent F M Careline. [jingle] [break in recording]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1094] It was the culmination of what seems to be an elaborately crafted police operation.
[1095] It's understood detectives have had the man under surveillance for some time.
[1096] He was in a car, a blue escort that police stopped by putting a black cab across the road.
[1097] Local people heard armed police shouting at the man, Get out get out.
[1098] He was forced out of the car where he dropped the bag containing the explosives.
[1099] Another man, a social worker got caught up in the melee and was forced out of another car, but police released him when they realized he was not connected.
[1100] Eye witnesses say they've never been so scared in their life.
Phil (PS23L) [1101] A former Sheriff of Nottingham has been [break in recording]
Phil (PS23L) [1102] yet another sign Britain's economy is on the mend.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1103] Inflationary pressures in the British economy are now under extremely good control.
[1104] We saw on Monday, factory gate prices going up less than people expected, today, prices in the shops going up less than people expected.
[1105] That's good news in itself, but it's also good in that it provides a bedrock on which we can build sustainable recovery of output and and job creation.
Phil (PS23L) [1106] Home Secretary Michael Howard is asking his officials to closely examine the case of a teenage vandal who walked free from court despite admitting he killed a vigilante.
[1107] The jury found Joseph stabbed Bob in self defence.
[1108] He'd been slashing car tyres when approached him with a hammer.
[1109] Ten special telephone lines installed to deal with enquiries about the Nottingham based Trust have been jammed since they were switched on this morning.
[1110] A television documentary screened tomorrow will show how thousands of children were shipped abroad during the nineteen fifties and sixties.
[1111] The weather, the rest of today is likely to remain rather cloudy with a chance of more rain at any time. [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1112] One with a tent as well for added independence.
[1113] Lulu and her [...] from earlier on this year [singing] Independence [] .
[1114] Seven past three welcome to hour three of your 's own.
[1115] It's Jenny for Andy in the afternoon's pass it on, and stay right where you are until five o'clock. [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1116] [...] on Trent F M as we play Let 'Em In.
[1117] Eleven minutes past three o'clock, best time of the afternoon of course, Jenny's afternoon tea.
[1118] Well on er Monday we had some chocolate cake, yesterday we had scones cream and strawberry jam, and today we find on the desert trolley, just for you as a big treat, all this week at this time every single day on Trent F M, a little bit of something nice and naughty, but we don't mind.
[1119] Right then today I think I'm gonna treat you to lovely apricot cheesecake.
[1120] Can you imagine the lovely er biscuit base, the cheesecake, and the apricots and cream all on top.
[1121] Can you picture it now.
[1122] Scratch and sniff your radio as we speak, and to drink we've got some apricot herbal tea.
[1123] And we're going apricot mad for a Wednesday, we are, midweek indeed.
[1124] So Jenny's afternoon tea, if you hang on in there, I will kindly donate a slice of my apricot cheesecake.
[1125] But you know what they're like they're a bit sloppy to cut. [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1126] So what makes [...] [break in recording]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1127] We have Harold Pugh Harold Pugh .
(PS23H) [...]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1128] Harold what's your problem?
(PS23H) [1129] I've done a terrible thing and I'm being chased right now Vic well more or less like you know .
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1130] Yeah.
(PS23H) [1131] There's some fellas after me right who want me blood serious you know they [...] don't let 'em catch me Vic please .
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1132] Harold Harold calm yourself down.
[1133] Harold
(PS23H) [1134] Don't let 'em catch me.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1135] calm down and tell us all about it .
(PS23H) [1136] Ooh God.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1137] Harold have you done anything to upset them?
(PS23H) [1138] Well obviously I have it wh what I did was I put a bit of hummus in each of their handbags right
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1139] Oh.
(PS23H) [1140] and I nicked the centre out of their biros you know. [...]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1141] Oh.
[1142] Harold you're in a terrible mess and
(PS23H) [1143] Well I wasn't thinking straight there .
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1144] I know you obviously weren't Harold.
[1145] Harold there's nothing I can do for you, but a Cadbury's boost [...] [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1146] Slowing things down on a busy Wednesday afternoon on Trent F M.
[1147] Oh lovely Aztec Camera, How men are.
[1148] Prince, Strollin' and the Ramones from nineteen eighty.
[1149] Twenty five minutes past three o'clock.
[1150] Jenny with you till five o'clock and er as usual it's time to play the mystery movie quiz.
[1151] Three clues to a certain film, and I'll tell you the answer in about half an hour's time, just before four o'clock.
[1152] Er testing your cinema and your film knowledge now.
[1153] Clue one.
[1154] It is a U S film released in black and white in nineteen sixty.
[1155] So we're going back in time a bit today for the mystery movie quiz.
[1156] A U S film released in black and with in nineteen sixty.
[1157] Clue two, it's directed by Billy Wilder, who actually directed so many films.
[1158] He's the director of this mystery movie was directed by Billy Wilder.
[1159] And er clue three.
[1160] The story basically surrounds an ambitious clerk, and his strange home life, and private life, and work life basically.
[1161] The story of an ambitious clerk, strange home life that he has with a a lover or two.
[1162] Er so a U S film in black and white released in nineteen sixty, directed by Billy Wilder, and the story of an ambitious clerk and his strange home life.
[1163] Which are we talking about?
[1164] Which film for Wednesday's mystery movie?
[1165] Think about it and I'll compare notes with you very soon. [advert]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1166] So what makes new [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1167] [...] these things on Miss Deborah Harry.
[1168] Forty eight years old, she doesn't look it she doesn't sound it looking in good and sounding as good and great as ever.
[1169] That is I can see clearly now, at twenty eight minutes to four o'clock, midweek, on a muggy Wednesday afternoon on Trent F M, and your weather for the rest of today, the fourteenth of July.
[1170] Likely to remain cloudy, odd spot of rain in places sometimes.
[1171] And er most of the evening and overnight dry and cloudy.
[1172] Highest temperature today, a mild nineteen degrees celsius, lowest temperature tonight going down to thirteen. [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1173] [...] attention, turn the volume up to this very loud.
[1174] And cough loudly.
[1175] Rod Stewart, Have I told you lately that I love you.
[1176] On Trent F M the big mix.
[1177] Good afternoon and welcome.
[1178] Midweek magic with Jenny till five.
[1179] Afternoons from one.
[1180] And now repeating the clues to Wednesday's mystery movie. [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1181] [...] love.
[1182] [...] dedications [...] Hello to Sue and Alan of , who are busy working apparently, from Kelly.
[1183] So from Kelly to you two, busy working hopefully you haven't slipped off now.
[1184] Sue and Alan of , Hello and good afternoon from Trent F M.
[1185] The 's own continues till five o'clock then Tim the drive at five till nine.
[1186] Nine till one, on the late show all this week for me Mister Adrian .
[1187] Including the love affair at twelve, and one till six A M early Thursday morning, it's Marky Mark . [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1188] Four minutes left of this afternoon's 's own.
[1189] Babysitting for Andy till Friday it's Jenny on Trent F M playing Johnny Hates Jazz.
[1190] Okay then let's compare notes, let's get this out of the way.
[1191] Did you get the answer right, thinking about it in your place of work or at home?
[1192] Wednesday's mystery movie.
[1193] The clues, U S film in black an whit released in nineteen sixty, directed by Billy Wilder, the story of an ambitious clerk and his strange but funny home life.
[1194] Starred Jack Lemmon and also Shirley McClaine.
[1195] Yes you've guessed it.
[1196] Wednesday's mystery movie, the wonderful, fabulous film, the apartment.
[1197] If you said, The apartment, congratulations you clever person you.
[1198] Up to the four o'clock news with Sniff in the tears, dedicated to me. [break in recording]
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1199] [...] pointing a gun at er at a ca blue car saying, Get out the car.
[1200] Get out the car.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1201] Another man, a social worker, got caught up in the melee and was forced out of another car, but police released him when they realized he was not connected.
Phil (PS23L) [1202] A former Sheriff of [break in recording]
Phil (PS23L) [1203] [...] debate on a proposal to have a referendum on the Maastricht Treaty.
[1204] Lady Thatcher will be leading a campaign for the referendum and voting against the Tories for the first time ever.
[1205] Special telephone lines installed to deal with enquiries about the Nottingham based Trust, have been jammed since they were switched on this morning.
[1206] A television documentary to be screened tomorrow will show how thousands of children were shipped abroad during the fifties and sixties.
[1207] The ten phone lines have been swamped since they were opened, and social services chairman Joan says more calls will follow.
Rob (PS23J) [1208] I anticipate there will be outcry when people see the drama.
[1209] And there's gonna be many many many thousands of worried parents whose children were put up for adoption, whose children vanished, brothers and sisters who said, I thought I had a brother.
[1210] Who will be wanting to know more.
Phil (PS23L) [1211] National Heritage secretary Peter is being blamed for dropping a bye election clanger after suggesting the Tories are resigning to losing Christchurch.
[1212] Mister says if they're defeated at the polls, it would hasten a general election which Labour could win.
[1213] The weather, the rest of today is likely to remain rather cloudy with a chance of more rain at any time.
[1214] Most of this evening and overnight will be dry.
[1215] It'll turn quite misty with just light winds.
[1216] The outlook for tomorrow, dry at first but a strong chance of rain later.
[1217] Meanwhile today's top temperature, nineteen degrees celsius, sixty six fahrenheit. [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1218] singing We are happy, on Wednesday fourteenth of July, nineteen ninety three, on Trent F M and skipping down the yellow brick road of life with Deanna Carol and her Special kind of love.
[1219] Seven minutes past four.
[1220] Hour four of today's 's own.
[1221] Jenny for Andy until five o'clock. [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1222] [...] on my street at the moment.
[1223] In about two or three weeks they're gonna be digging up every inch of pavement and every inch they can get their hands on.
[1224] Oh dear me.
[1225] So if I'm late for work one day, you'll know why, I've probably fallen down a hole somewhere.
[1226] Trent F M playing New Order, Ruined in a day, on this Wednesday afternoon the fourteenth of July, eleven minutes past four o'clock. [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1227] [...] contraflow on the M one between junctions thirty four and thirty five in South Yorkshire.
[1228] In Nottingham on the A one, a contraflow near has lane closures on the bypass.
[1229] In Derbyshire, the A fifty two in has a temporary thirty miles per hour speed limit, and temporary traffic lights in operation.
[1230] Driving you home or driving to wherever you want to go to in style on Trent F M, more updates later.
Unknown speaker (FXTPSUNK) [1231] Trent F M traffic and travel with of Not [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1232] Tim with the early evening sequence of course, with more news of how you can win fish and chips.
[1233] Nine o'clock on the late show babysitting for me all this week, Adrian and then one o'clock till six o'clock during the early hours of Thursday the fifteenth of July, to keep you company, it's Mark . [break in recording] [advert]
Lisa (PS23K) [1234] video hire chart, update you on the new releases, and give you the chance to win one of the top ten films.
[1235] So listen this Friday afternoon and you'll hear the latest video news.
[1236] With video magic, where even the best films are just one pound for two nights. [break in recording]
Jenny (PS23R) [1237] [...] five hey.
[1238] Thirty six minutes to go.
[1239] Yippee. [recording ends]