Nottinghamshire Oral History Project: business meeting. Sample containing about 7229 words speech recorded in leisure context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C163

PS263 X u (No name, age unknown, interviewer) unspecified
PS264 X m (No name, age unknown, security guard) unspecified
FYGPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
FYGPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 095802 recorded on unknown date. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham () Activity: Business Meeting

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Unknown speaker (FYGPSUNK) [1] [...] right.
[2] How long have you been living in the flats for?
(PS263) [...]
(PS264) [3] Yeah how long is it, since you came to live in Flats, how many years ago.
[4] Remember you were telling me.
(PS263) [5] About fifteen.
(PS264) [6] About fifteen years ago.
[7] You remember that's right.
(PS263) [8] Yeah.
(PS264) [9] So erm where had you lived before?
[10] What other place did you live before you came to to ?
(PS263) [11] Oh dear I forget now duck.
(PS264) [12] I remember you telling me you came to [...] from the Republic of Ireland.
(PS263) [13] I was in terraced houses.
(PS264) [14] Yeah.
(PS263) [15] Terraced houses .
(PS264) [16] [...] was in [...] ?
(PS263) [17] Eh?
(PS264) [18] Was that when when you lived in the republic of Ireland?
(PS263) [19] Yeah.
[20] Erm No I haven't been in Ireland duck.
[21] [...] over here.
[22] I've been over here since [...] sixteen.
(PS264) [23] Yeah so what happened before you were sixteen [...] up to sixteen you lived in I in the Republic.
[24] ... When was it were you born were you born You were born in the Republic of Ireland.
(PS263) [25] Pardon?
(PS264) [26] You born in the Republic of Ireland?
(PS263) [27] Er Oh I was born in Ireland .
(PS264) [28] Yeah.
(PS263) [29] Yeah.
(PS264) [30] And you stayed in Ireland until what age, until you were?
(PS263) [31] Oh I was c come [...] come for a holiday.
[32] And I'd aunties over here
(PS264) [33] Mhm.
(PS263) [34] So I come over here
(PS264) [35] Yeah.
(PS263) [36] and I went and then I come over tak g got jobs you know, in hotels.
(PS264) [37] Mhm.
(PS263) [38] Yes.
(PS264) [39] And how Yeah.
[40] And but when did you get hold of your new f when you got the jobs in the hotels, [...] was that when you first came across here?
(PS263) [41] Yeah.
[42] Yeah.
(PS264) [43] And how was your memories you know, from when you actually lived in Ireland, up until when you were sixteen, what are your memories of there?
(PS263) [44] Of you er you mean of Do you mean of over here?
(PS264) [45] Of there, No, before you came across, before you came across to England.
[46] When you lived in the republic of Ireland.
(PS263) [47] We my suggestion is they're as bad as English people now.
[48] [...] they have took h home from England.
[49] England and Ireland is nearly whatsername, is that any good?
(PS264) [50] So did you t did you like it in Ireland, I mean, did did you like it when you lived in the Republic of Ireland or did Did you like living there?
(PS263) [51] Well we didn't get much pa pay.
(PS264) [52] You didn't?
(PS263) [53] When we come home [...] hol holiday,
(PS264) [54] Yes.
(PS263) [55] and then we wrote home to mam that we'd found a job, and that were it.
(PS264) [56] Mhm.
[57] Where did you work, whereabouts did you work?
(PS263) [58] At [...] .
(PS264) [59] Have you lived in different parts of England?
(PS263) [60] Yeah.
[61] I lived in different parts duck.
(PS264) [62] What other p what other parts?
[63] So you've not only lived in Nottingham.
(PS263) [64] [...] .
(PS264) [65] Er how long did you live in London?
[66] Quite a while or
(PS263) [67] Oh quite a while love.
(PS264) [68] Mhm.
(PS263) [69] I was working in hotels.
(PS264) [70] Mhm.
[71] So how long did you
(PS263) [72] I married t I married to the whatsername baby.
(PS264) [73] Yeah.
(PS263) [74] [...] .
(PS264) [75] And did you w er when did you actually get married, how many years ago was it you got married?
(PS263) [76] Oh
(PS264) [77] How old were you w how old were you when you get married were you?
(PS263) [78] Twe twenty.
(PS264) [79] You were twenty.
[80] And how how many kids did you have?
(PS263) [81] Two.
(PS264) [82] Just two.
(PS263) [83] Just two b two by the men [...] two two of them [...] own.
(PS264) [84] Mhm.
(PS263) [85] Er one is up er I'm no good at thinking of names.
[86] Up by that school [...] round the corner.
(PS264) [87] Mm.
(PS263) [88] You know the one, the [...] one that's up .
(PS264) [89] Mhm.
(PS263) [90] They've got good jobs.
(PS264) [91] Mhm.
[92] What jobs have they got?
(PS263) [93] Er well they're responsible for all writing.
[94] They go round to the the place where they work, er they go there to know if they've done the job properly.
(PS264) [95] Yeah.
(PS263) [96] And then they come back in, and they're doing all the writing.
(PS264) [97] Mhm.
(PS263) [98] You know what I mean?
(PS264) [99] Yeah.
(PS263) [100] They're doing pen work.
[101] Good jobs good money .
(PS264) [102] Mhm.
[103] So do you see them often?
(PS263) [104] Pardon?
(PS264) [105] Do you ma do you manage to see them often?
(PS263) [106] Er well I've seen me s er the son down here on Saturdays.
(PS264) [107] Mhm.
(PS263) [108] Bringing the children with him and
(PS264) [109] And where is it where does he live?
(PS263) [110] Not far from here.
[111] I'm trying to tell you duck.
[112] ... It takes about ten minutes in the car.
[113] I forget the name duck.
(PS264) [114] Mhm.
(PS263) [115] It's not far.
(PS264) [116] What what job did your husband have?
(PS263) [117] Oh he was [...] in a big er whatsername, in town.
[118] A big building.
[119] I never go into anything duck.
[120] All I know is he's got a good [...]
(PS264) [121] Your husband like your husband, when your husband was living?
[122] What about your husband?
(PS263) [123] Oh he he had his own You mean my husband?
(PS264) [124] Yes before yeah before he passed away.
(PS263) [125] He was buying and selling.
[126] Got his own car own van and had one or two working for him .
(PS264) [127] Mhm.
[128] Mhm.
(PS263) [129] And er you st see he had [...] like this
(PS264) [130] Mhm.
(PS263) [131] and every now and again he had to take off er he had to come off [...] poorly.
(PS264) [132] Mhm.
(PS263) [133] And in the end it died.
[134] It was shrapnel they call it.
(PS264) [135] Yes.
(PS263) [136] Took shrapnel in his arm.
[137] [...] . God fo when he when he died, I nearly dies and all.
[138] I tried to [...] go away. [...] .
(PS264) [139] [...] [cough] So how do you you know, [...] you lived in the flats for fifteen years.
(PS263) [140] Yeah.
(PS264) [141] How how how has it actually erm varied I mean, is the s is it the same are the flats the same as when you first moved in or have they changed ?
(PS263) [142] No far from it duck.
(PS264) [143] What was it like when you first moved in?
(PS263) [144] When I first moved in, they were nice people.
(PS264) [145] Yeah.
(PS263) [146] When I say nice people, people that well you know what's come from all the different countries, from out there.
[147] Can I I can't mention names can I?
[148] I can't mention names [...]
(PS264) [149] How's it Yeah.
[150] So what was it like when you fir when you saying when you first came h here.
[151] It was you liked it didn't you, you liked it here when you first came.
(PS263) [152] Yeah they were all nice people.
(PS264) [153] Mhm.
(PS263) [154] They never took [...] causing bothers and all s that. [laugh]
(PS264) [155] So wh what was it In what way do you know, I mean is it the About the flats themselves, I mean are they are they the same, or have they gone What about the flats are they are they any different to w when you first came here ?
(PS263) [156] You mean you mean about repairs and things ?
(PS264) [157] Yeah that kind of thing I mean how was that wen you first
(PS263) [158] Yeah well they were all right when we first come in but eventually
(PS264) [159] Mhm.
(PS263) [160] th quite a lot wanted seeing to.
[161] And then they used to leave it and let us wait and this that and the other you know.
[162] But eventually they had them done.
(PS264) [163] Mhm.
(PS263) [164] [cough] .
(PS264) [165] Did you f did you feel did you feel safe living in the flats now?
[166] Do you feel safe?
[167] Or not I mean, do you feel do you think you have to lock a door, or [...]
(PS263) [168] I I don't [...]
(PS264) [169] You don't think
(PS263) [170] No.
(PS264) [171] Did you when you first came in?
(PS263) [172] I was alright when I first came in because I'm under the doctor under the h hospital at the moment.
(PS264) [173] Mhm.
(PS263) [174] And you're frightened of every little thing.
[175] That happens.
[176] And they do happen and all.
(PS264) [177] Yeah, what kinds of things happen that you know, that make you feel unhappy? [...]
(PS263) [178] Well [...] by yourself [...] to open the door.
[179] Once once I opened the door and I were knocked back and all me rent and [...] .
(PS264) [180] How long ago was that?
(PS263) [181] Er that's qui it was quite a while ago, but it happened .
(PS264) [182] Mhm.
[183] Yeah.
(PS263) [184] [...] we had that [...] that kind of thing.
[185] Going into wh where there's only one person.
[186] And you know who was doing it.
(PS264) [187] Mhm.
(PS263) [188] [...] mention names.
[189] You can't mention names can you?
(PS264) [190] So when it happens [...] what happened when it happ When that happened to you, what did you do?
(PS263) [191] [...] reported it [...] and they send him out the flats.
(PS264) [192] Did y did it happen did when when it happened to you when this happened to you, when you had things stolen from you.
[193] Someone came to the door.
[194] So what who did you go to?
[195] Did you get any help?
(PS263) [196] Yes I got help.
(PS264) [197] Yes.
[198] Who?
(PS263) [199] It was [...] it still happened.
(PS264) [200] To you?
(PS263) [201] It still happened to other people and all.
[202] Especially old people.
[203] Old people.
[204] Not people that could [...] that can defend themselves that can what's the name of it if they could Well they've broken old people's doors in and took their money and [...] and hit them and whatsername [...] .
(PS264) [205] Mhm.
[206] Do you so you see yourself the fact that you're living here on your own, in the in the flats, makes you feel more vulnerable.
[207] [...] feel more vulnerable [...] living in here on your own?
(PS263) [208] You mean frightened?
(PS264) [209] Yeah I think yeah.
(PS263) [210] Yes yes.
[211] [...] they take them in and that's it.
(PS264) [212] Mhm.
(PS263) [213] [...] got all these [...] .
(PS264) [214] Do you think Yeah.
[215] Do you think it's do you think what do you think of the flats to live you know, as a senior citizen, do you think it's suitable for senior citizens to live in the flats?
[216] Do you think it's a good place for senior citizens to live, these flats?
(PS263) [217] Yes.
[218] If they didn't take the wrong people in at the end.
(PS264) [219] If they didn't?
(PS263) [220] Take the wrong people in the the whatsername.
(PS264) [221] Mhm.
[222] So what kind of people live here that we what's what's made it go you you said that it's got one of the s what are the kind of things that go on now, that wo didn't go on before?
(PS263) [223] Well [...] tried to go across the road and get get a bit of shopping.
[224] Well in the evening they can't do do that now.
[225] They've got to stop behind the doors.
[226] They're frightened to death.
[227] [...] bus stops [...] going to get off.
[228] Aye they're from up town.
[229] Drunk. [...]
(PS264) [230] Does that happen Have you had that a few times is it?
(PS263) [231] Aye.
[232] first I took [...] out didn't I.
[233] [cough] Even when you go out at the daytime [...] .
[234] [...] on they're own.
(PS264) [235] Mm.
[236] How many t I mean er how many times has have you have you had have you had have you had problems with people [...] you know when you told me about w that incident when someone came to the door and took your r took your rent off you?
(PS263) [237] Yeah.
(PS264) [238] Has it has it happened other times as well or
(PS263) [239] Oh two or three times.
(PS264) [240] What's happened?
[241] Same
(PS263) [...]
(PS264) [242] What's happened on the two or three times?
(PS263) [243] Well they go ferreting around don't they.
(PS264) [244] They come in your house?
(PS263) [245] They get in.
[246] Where they get the keys from, I don't know.
[247] Yeah.
[248] ... Oh [...] experience duck.
[249] See there was part of it you've got er you've got to have somebody with you.
[250] [...] They they change everything over don't they, they they don't do this and they don't do that.
[251] I had a dog.
[252] And my doctor my doctor said, You can't have the dog you need because you're sick on and off all the time.
[253] And it'll make you worse.
[254] And I had a cat.
[255] That was told to go out.
[256] You see what you're what you're up against.
(PS264) [257] Mhm.
[258] ... So do you know when you do you know when you erm I mean [...] lived in the flats [...] in the flats for fifteen years, have you managed to make many friends?
(PS263) [259] Well as time went on
(PS264) [260] Yes.
(PS263) [261] These people come in and it was alright and after a little while, it was the old old story.
(PS264) [262] Yeah.
(PS263) [263] I said, Well why'd they do it.
[264] I've got no make make people unhappy and whatsername, break in and take the take your food and everything.
[265] You know what I mean.
(PS264) [266] So that's happened has it?
(PS263) [267] Oh aye.
[268] Up the top and all.
[269] Yeah. [...]
(PS264) [270] So what is it did you used to have more f er was it okay at first I mean you used to have quite a few friends when you first move in?
(PS263) [271] Yeah.
(PS264) [272] And yet now sort of like now
(PS263) [273] I've got no friends now.
(PS264) [274] Is that because those people have moved out or what was the reason ?
(PS263) [275] They mo they moved out.
(PS264) [276] Mhm.
(PS263) [277] They moved out.
[278] ... [...] cos I don't I he I don't think he has owt to do with anybody that knocks on his door.
(PS264) [279] Mhm.
[280] Do your family ever visit you here?
[281] Come come to the flats [...] occasion.
(PS263) [282] Yeah.
(PS264) [283] What do they think of the flats, do they ever say much?
(PS263) [284] [...] got a council house, they're still paying for it.
(PS264) [285] Yeah.
[286] What do they think of these flats?
(PS263) [287] Well i er my son said they were alright.
[288] When I was over there at [...] Walk.
(PS264) [289] Yeah.
(PS263) [290] But er ... the way they were carrying on, just lately.
[291] You're i you get in your bed and you don't know what's gonna happen next time.
[292] You're frightened to go to sleep.
[293] You are.
(PS264) [294] You know when you when you first came in the flats, [...]
(PS263) [295] Yeah.
(PS264) [296] did you get things like milk delivered?
[297] Was milk delivered [...]
(PS263) [298] Yeah I took me whatsername.
[299] Took out the things.
[300] [...] for over there.
(PS264) [301] Was it getting pinched?
(PS263) [302] Aye it were getting pinched off of me [...] cupboard's outside the door.
[303] That was getting pinched.
(PS264) [304] Mhm.
[305] So that that just stopped did it in the end.
[306] It was
(PS263) [307] I had to go and get it up across the road.
[308] [cough] Yeah.
[309] I've had some hard times mhm.
(PS264) [310] So has it got er would you say it's got has it
(PS263) [311] Got worse?
(PS264) [312] got worse you say?
(PS263) [313] Oh yeah.
[314] Yes.
[315] You don't know who you're talking to.
[316] Some of the women's just as bad.
(PS264) [317] What do you mean in what s when you say, You don't know who you're talking to, yeah have you s what what what sense do you mean that?
[318] What do you mean by
(PS263) [319] [...] .
[320] ... [...] ... Then three weeks ago it was a
(PS264) [321] Mhm.
(PS263) [322] another ten pounds pinched out of me purse.
(PS264) [323] When did how did that happen?
(PS263) [324] Ten pound.
[325] Yeah.
(PS264) [326] How did it happen.
[327] Is that outside or
(PS263) [328] In.
[329] They were in.
(PS264) [330] People just ca er
(PS263) [331] There there was supposed to [...] .
(PS264) [332] Mhm.
(PS263) [333] Of course I've had to get [...] .
[334] And then I went in me purse, and the ten pounds was gone out of it.
[335] One one of was white and the other was coloured.
[336] Ten pound. ...
(PS264) [337] How do you sp y how do you you know erm a typical day [...] you know each day, how do you spe I mean, what time to get up normally in the morning?
(PS263) [338] [...] sometimes I don't sleep.
(PS264) [339] Mhm.
(PS263) [340] I'm lying there frightened to death and then I'm worn out [...] .
[341] Now I wa woke up at five o'clock this morning.
(PS264) [342] Mhm.
(PS263) [343] [...] And I'd a breath of fresh air.
(PS264) [344] Yeah.
(PS263) [345] Before see [...] going to work.
[346] And them that's been drinking and that and didn't come b back
(PS264) [347] Mhm.
(PS263) [348] to their own flats.
[349] You you might meet up with some of them.
(PS264) [350] Mhm.
[351] What kinds of things do you do during the day?
[352] What kind of things do you How do you spend your day?
[353] Normally?
[354] I know just now when I came in just now you were doing some housework.
(PS263) [355] Yeah.
(PS264) [356] You were sweeping the floor.
[357] And do y And do you spend quite a bit of time d on housework or n
(PS263) [358] Yeah.
[359] But now I have
(PS264) [360] Yes.
(PS263) [361] a home help come in .
(PS264) [362] Yes.
(PS263) [363] A home help come in.
(PS264) [364] How often does s does er the home help come in?
(PS263) [365] She comes in Mondays and Fridays.
(PS264) [366] Mhm.
(PS263) [367] Mondays and Fridays.
(PS264) [368] So do you find that does that help you quite a bit or
(PS263) [369] Er Oh yeah.
[370] I'm going down the steps three weeks ago, and er one of them front me, the other behind me but how I tripped up I don't know.
[371] I I tripped up and fell down at the side [...] .
[372] And I came against the wall.
[373] Can you see how me hand is?
(PS264) [374] Mhm.
(PS263) [375] And me shoulder.
[376] Went up at the doctor's
(PS264) [377] Mhm.
(PS263) [378] [...] the hospital twice and they said, There's nowt we can do, it's got to make it right itself.
[379] Well now this was quite a while.
[380] It's still badly, I can't lift it up.
[381] I can't do anything with it.
(PS264) [382] So you I mean you well how did you what kind of erm food wh I mean do you where do you get your loc I mean where do your food from?
[383] I know you you were telling me you you were applying for erm to get meals on wheels, but you ha that hasn't come through yet.
(PS263) [384] Yeah.
(PS264) [385] So what are you doing?
[386] What do you do for meals?
(PS263) [387] I get them across the road but there they're dear.
[388] Oh dear.
(PS264) [389] [...] where do you go.
(PS263) [390] Across the road, down the steps,
(PS264) [391] Yeah.
(PS263) [392] And that green door cos I can't walk too far.
(PS264) [393] So you just go
(PS263) [394] Yeah.
(PS264) [395] And what kind of what kind of things do you eat?
[396] I mean what kind of food do you buy to
(PS263) [397] Er chops,
(PS264) [398] Yeah.
(PS263) [399] potatoes, cabbage, peas, carrots
(PS264) [400] Do you normally get tinned do you get tinned veg or do you or do you buy the erm
(PS263) [401] Sometimes I go to the neighbours to open some tinned stuff for me.
(PS264) [402] Yeah.
(PS263) [403] [...] .
[404] I miss them all.
(PS264) [405] Mhm.
[406] Do you normally have Do you have much for breakfast normally or not?
[407] What do you do for breakfast?
(PS263) [408] I have a cereal.
(PS264) [409] Just some cereal.
(PS263) [410] Cereal milk and ... me boiled egg.
(PS264) [411] Mhm.
[412] Do you ever go in the market?
(PS263) [413] Well no er
(PS264) [414] Indoor market
(PS263) [415] Here?
(PS264) [416] Yeah here .
(PS263) [417] Yeah they come they come once a week don't they?
(PS264) [418] Do you go there eve ever [...] .
(PS263) [419] No I you see would be badl I've got to have somebody with me.
(PS264) [420] Yeah.
(PS263) [421] Because too many people around, it makes me go like this, and I
(PS264) [422] Yeah.
(PS263) [423] fall down.
(PS264) [424] Yeah.
[425] I noticed.
(PS263) [426] Yeah.
(PS264) [427] Do you do anything what do you do on a Sunday?
[428] Do you have a special meal on Sunday?
[429] Do you do anything special on a Sunday or do you eat the same kind of things as you eat a normal day?
(PS263) [430] Well I've got a swe I have a sweet.
(PS264) [431] You have a sweet on a Sunday?
(PS263) [432] Yeah.
[433] You know that tinned stuff.
(PS264) [434] You get a ti so you get the tinned sponges you mean?
(PS263) [435] Yeah.
(PS264) [436] Yeah.
(PS263) [437] And er I have chicken.
[438] ... And I get beef You know it varies
(PS264) [439] Yes.
(PS263) [440] varies.
(PS264) [441] Do you get like do you get the the the chicken, do you get a chicken portion or
(PS263) [442] Er I I get portions sometimes.
(PS264) [443] Yeah.
(PS263) [444] And er If you get a small little chickens you can make them do two days [...]
(PS264) [445] Oh you mean the the s the smalls yeah.
(PS263) [446] The sm the small ones.
(PS264) [447] Mhm.
[448] And do you get those where do you get those from?
(PS263) [449] I get them o over the road.
(PS264) [450] Just over the road.
[451] Butcher's over the road.
(PS263) [452] Yeah. ...
(PS264) [453] Do you have well what about a at at erm dinner time.
[454] You know l you know, lunch?
[455] Do have you have do you do you eat much then or
(PS263) [456] Do you mean for me tea?
(PS264) [457] No no you you you told me about what your tea is. [...] dinner you know in between.
[458] There's there's breakfast then there's lunchtime, then there's evening meals.
(PS263) [459] [...] when I was in that [...] nearly a fortnight.
(PS264) [...]
(PS263) [460] I
(PS264) [...]
(PS263) [461] I used to have sh cereal.
(PS264) [462] Yeah.
(PS263) [463] And [...] .
(PS264) [464] Yeah.
[465] Where did you go away for a fortnight to?
(PS263) [466] See I I forget where the name of the place is.
[467] But I used to live there.
[468] [...] the edge of Nottingham somewhere.
(PS264) [469] Who took you there?
[470] Who was it who took you there?
(PS263) [471] They took me in a car.
(PS264) [472] Wh wh who took you there.
(PS263) [473] Er it all come through .
(PS264) [474] Social this is social services? [...]
(PS263) [475] [...] Yeah took me in to er build me up.
(PS264) [476] To build you up.
(PS263) [477] Yeah.
(PS264) [478] And when you ca yeah so that was How long ago was that?
[479] Was that
(PS263) [480] Oh not too long ago.
(PS264) [481] And so how.
[482] What so what kind of things do you eat now.
[483] [...] you you told us that you had quite a lot [...] meat and veg and things.
[484] Do you have very much to eat at lunch time, in between I mean you tend to eat erm take the take your big meal at lunch time or at night?
(PS263) [485] Er.
(PS264) [486] Tea time.
(PS263) [487] I have it at dinner time duck.
(PS264) [488] [...] dinner time?
(PS263) [489] Yeah.
(PS264) [490] And then what what do you have at tea time?
[491] Do you have very much at tea time or
(PS263) [492] No I don't have too much at tea time.
[493] Er I'm not a big eater.
(PS264) [494] Mhm.
[495] How do you find it erm find like getting by financially on the money that you've got.
[496] I mean how do you do you I mean
(PS263) [497] Well only barely duck.
(PS264) [498] Barely.
(PS263) [499] You've got your your rent.
(PS264) [500] Mhm.
(PS263) [501] You've got your insurance.
(PS264) [502] The so it that the insurance is that for the erm is it er is is the insurance for the in ca in case of theft is that is that is that the insurance you're talking about ?
(PS263) [503] Yeah.
[504] Yeah.
[505] Yeah. [...] .
(PS264) [506] Mm.
(PS263) [507] Oh dear.
(PS264) [508] So is that And what about the electricity bills how do you [...] ?
(PS263) [509] They're they're the [...] whatsername So I'm sending a couple of pound until it's paid up.
[510] In an envelope.
(PS264) [511] This is for what?
(PS263) [512] For for me what was it you asked me?
(PS264) [513] Yeah you were saying about you said you said about erm the insurance, you were saying about that and what you were saying about your electricity.
(PS263) [514] Yeah.
[515] A little while ago it come too much for me cos I'd got a lot to pay.
(PS264) [516] The electricity this is?
(PS263) [517] Yeah this is.
(PS264) [518] Yeah.
(PS263) [519] So I send I'll send a bit each w week fortnight when I get all my money.
[520] [...] I'll pay the bill that way.
(PS264) [521] Mhm.
[522] ... What do you do for things like clothes? ...
(PS263) [523] [...] .
(PS264) [524] You have [...] do you
(PS263) [525] I can't afford to buy new clothes.
[526] I'll go in the shop over there
(PS264) [527] Yeah.
(PS263) [528] [...] that and one or two things I took with me. [...] .
(PS264) [529] So you I mean do you so do you [...] do you go to jumble sales at all or [...] ?
(PS263) [530] Er I'll go across the road duck [...] somebody comes with me.
(PS264) [531] Yeah you go [...]
(PS263) [532] I buy g some good clothes there second hand.
(PS264) [533] Is that at erm at a local shop or or at or at the er church jumble sale do you mean.
(PS263) [534] The church jumble sale [...] whatsernames. ...
(PS264) [535] What d what do you do [...] erm Christmas and Easter?
[536] Holidays such as that.
[537] I mean what do you do normally on those days.
[538] Do you normally stay here or do you go away? [...]
(PS263) [539] I go to me son's.
(PS264) [540] You go to your son's?
(PS263) [541] Yeah.
(PS264) [542] Is your son [...] family?
(PS263) [543] Yeah.
(PS264) [544] What about erm do you ever get any holidays at all? [...] holiday [...] Flats.
(PS263) [545] That that was a holiday that [...]
(PS264) [546] Yeah the one that you had a [...]
(PS263) [547] [...] see my daughter my my daughter in law's a terribly ill woman, she she's got a ki a ki last year, she was terrible with her kidney.
(PS264) [548] Mhm.
(PS263) [549] She was in the hospital a long while.
[550] My son had to stop off of work to see to the t two children.
[551] And when the time come, they got her a new kidney, and it never took.
[552] That's a year ago.
[553] Then they started again, they started to give her another [...] they did, and the same thing happened.
[554] It never took.
[555] They're supposed to take you know.
[556] He had to stop off of work.
[557] To look after the children.
(PS264) [558] Mhm.
[559] How do f what do you think of the cos you know for you know Speaking as a senior citizen, do you what do you think of the facilities loca lo here?
[560] For for senior citizens do you I mean do you think the the the rent [...] up to what they should be or not?
(PS263) [561] The rent?
(PS264) [562] The the facilities the kind of things I mean what what kind of you know the ki erm is erm Would you like more there to be more friendly people or not, do you or do you think there's enough?
(PS263) [563] In what?
(PS264) [564] Liv in the Do you know in the actual flats where you're living here?
(PS263) [565] Yeah.
(PS264) [566] Is there enough do you think enough is provided for?
[567] For elderly people?
(PS263) [568] [...] they should have two doors.
[569] Shouldn't they.
[570] And then what what chance have you got?
(PS264) [571] So you'd like two doors?
(PS263) [572] You should you should have two doors.
[573] They doesn't want to do them.
(PS264) [...]
(PS263) [574] D definitely.
[575] I think that big whatsername riot did you call it?
(PS264) [576] Mhm.
(PS263) [577] Riot.
[578] I was I was in here they [...] they broke the window.
(PS264) [579] They broke your windows?
(PS263) [580] All they broke all the windows went up to all the shops don't you remember?
(PS264) [581] How did that Yeah.
[582] How did it start?
[583] What was what did it start from?
(PS263) [584] God only knows and He won't split.
[585] God only knows.
[586] I'm screaming here in the house.
[587] And the neighbours can't get me.
[588] See the [...] I was on me own.
[589] I were knocked back on the bloody floor.
[590] They pushed us pushed Oh my God it was terrible.
[591] Till three police come and got hold of them.
[592] I landed up in hospital.
[593] What did they do it for?
[594] I I ask you.
[595] Is it because they were out of work or what?
(PS264) [596] And what do you feel, why do you think they did it ?
(PS263) [597] [...] cops out [...] .
[598] They c Oh they came in buses didn't they.
(PS264) [...]
(PS263) [599] Yeah [...] all the flats.
[600] And the shops.
[601] Didn't you have that in your book? [...]
(PS264) [602] Did you Do you know when erm when that happened, was that the first that had ha had anything like that ever happened before?
[603] In all the time you've been in the flats?
(PS263) [604] Not like that Not like that.
(PS264) [605] It hadn't What kind of things had been in the past?
[606] Nothing?
(PS263) [...]
(PS264) [607] See What so that was the first time [...]
(PS263) [608] [...] spoiled everything that were Aft after that
(PS264) [609] Yeah.
(PS263) [610] the shopkeepers didn't know what to do with theirself.
[611] They were wondering whether it was going to happen again.
[612] Course it wore off then.
[613] The the things got better.
[614] They had [...] cleared out.
(PS264) [615] Mhm.
(PS263) [616] And of course the ne evidently some old come along and picked up, you know [...] the shops.
[617] Oh it was terrible.
[618] Terrible the
(PS264) [619] How long did it last for, that trouble?
(PS263) [620] Ooh it was terri t a long time duck. ...
(PS264) [621] Do you used er do you know when you have you have you made much use of the housing office the the the local housing office?
[622] You know the sort of complex here? [...] .
(PS263) [623] I've got one there ain't I?
(PS264) [624] Yes [...] do you go to the housing office at all if you have any problems?
(PS263) [625] Yeah well they go home at night time don't they?
(PS264) [626] Yeah so you've g
(PS263) [627] So they're going to [...] ain't they? [...] they go home at night and it's coloured girls, white girls and then there's the men that [...] the cars.
[628] Goes out [...] .
[629] They live just here [...] go down [...] the steps.
[630] There.
[631] Is that what you mean?
(PS264) [632] I'm talking about the housing office.
[633] You know the housing office If say you've got need any repairs or anything, if you've got any problems, do you do you use them at all do you go and go and see them?
[634] It's the housing office, you know that's on the complex.
[635] Just at the front.
(PS263) [636] Yeah you you go tell the [...]
(PS264) [637] Yeah do you go have you been there often?
(PS263) [638] Yeah er and they made you wait wait an hour, duck.
[639] They used to have wet fl floors and everything.
(PS264) [640] Mm.
[641] Have you had a lot of problems with repairs?
[642] What kind of things have gone wrong in the past.
(PS263) [643] Yeah we [...] something wrong with the bathroom.
(PS264) [644] What was it?
(PS263) [645] The taps er at the side are leaking.
[646] Coming in in the corners where the where you go out on the landing.
[647] When I was over there.
[648] Er all the water was coming over the doors.
(PS264) [649] Mhm.
(PS263) [650] Oh I'm glad you asked me that duck, I could tell you plenty about it.
(PS264) [651] Well like what kind of things?
(PS263) [652] Er the water was coming in and you couldn't put mats on the floor.
[653] Couldn't put mats on the floor.
[654] Over the d over the windows it was coming in.
[655] All well we all said it must have been a quick job.
[656] We didn't know what to think did we?
[657] ... Yeah.
[658] Does everybody tell you er that?
[659] Do they?
(PS264) [660] Did the people [...] old people who have problems [...]
(PS263) [661] Yeah.
(PS264) [662] Yeah How how do you feel about the fact the flats are coming down?
[663] ... I mean do you f I mean how do you feel about ha about moving?
(PS263) [664] I feel sick.
[665] I don't want to leave.
(PS264) [666] You don't want
(PS263) [667] No.
(PS264) [668] to leave?
(PS263) [669] I don't want to leave.
[670] So long as I've got somebody now there's nobody along here [...] .
(PS264) [671] Yeah.
(PS263) [672] And I'm sick.
(PS264) [673] Yeah.
(PS263) [674] See when as they took and can't whatsername
(PS264) [675] Mhm.
(PS263) [676] You can't go out on your own, you don't know what's gonna [...] got .
[677] I never let nobody know that I I walked home.
[678] And took a chance.
[679] And I come on to the mi middle
(PS264) [680] Mm.
(PS263) [681] middle.
[682] They pulled the brakes.
(PS264) [683] Mhm.
(PS263) [684] They pulled the brakes and they stopped the car [...] to me.
[685] I fainted.
(PS264) [686] Yeah.
(PS263) [687] You don't put that down do you?
(PS264) [688] When you said You know when you said You know earlier on.
[689] Erm you said to me that that you used used to like it here.
(PS263) [690] Yeah.
(PS264) [691] Then it went then it sort of since then the people it's gone
(PS263) [692] Yeah.
(PS264) [693] But but but since then it's got worse.
(PS263) [694] Yeah.
(PS264) [695] If it's got worse, why is it you'd still like to stay?
(PS263) [...]
(PS264) [696] I know it's not an easy question to ask you but
(PS263) [697] Well I'd say it's because [...] whatsername I don't know what who I'm going to come next to.
[698] That's what
(PS264) [699] Is it the uncertainty I mean are you are you saying it's the uncertainty of what the future'll bring, that's why you feel [...]
(PS263) [700] Yeah yes that's what I mean Yeah.
(PS264) [701] Yeah that's it's just that I want to clarify that.
(PS263) [702] Yeah.
[703] ... Oh it [...] be ever so
(PS264) [704] Do you What do you do do you know if erm if you ever want to get to a phone to see a doctor or wh to get to a [...] the doctor
(PS263) [705] Yeah.
(PS264) [706] or anyone else, what do you do?
[707] How do you I mean do you
(PS263) [708] We well we well
(PS264) [709] [...] telephones and I mean how is it for telephones?
(PS263) [710] Well there was one at the end at en e at the end of er Walk.
(PS264) [711] Mhm.
(PS263) [712] Course you had to run out in snow, run out in rain.
[713] ... Didn't you.
[714] Is that what you mean?
(PS264) [715] Mhm do you have do you have a lo I mean is it is it easy to get to in touch say you want to in an emergency, to get in touch with anyone [...] phone, is it is it easy to get to a phone?
[716] What would you do?
[717] If you wanted to get in touch with the doctor?
(PS263) [718] Well when they brought the doctor for me.
(PS264) [719] Yeah who we who did you go to?
(PS263) [720] Well we went to one of them they went to one of them there.
(PS264) [721] What?
(PS263) [722] There's one out here, one here, but that one has gone, duck .
(PS264) [723] Som did somebody else do that for you?
(PS263) [724] Yeah.
(PS264) [725] Was that a neighbour or
(PS263) [726] Yes a neighbour.
[727] Yes a neighbour.
[728] It might be the letter man that brings the letters.
(PS264) [729] Mhm.
[730] What do you feel you know the fact that that that quite a lot of erm well you were saying e you saying [...] that quite a few quite a lot more coloured people live here
(PS263) [731] Pardon?
(PS264) [732] than when you When you first came here you said there were not many coloured people.
[733] Yet now there are more.
(PS263) [734] Yeah [...]
(PS264) [735] How do you fe there are more coloured people Were there many peopl were there many coloured people when you first came here or just one or two or or none?
(PS263) [736] There were I couldn't see none.
(PS264) [737] You couldn't see any at all.
[738] So how do you feel about that the fact that there are more coloured people [...]
(PS263) [739] [...] Duck, they were coming in, there was some nice ones and some decent ones.
(PS264) [740] Yeah.
(PS263) [741] You know what I mean.
(PS264) [...]
(PS263) [742] Oh my God almighty.
[743] [...] they they used to pay the people to whatsername
(PS264) [744] Mhm.
(PS263) [745] when they come.
[746] They come [...] kicking kicking all whatsernames up and down .
(PS264) [747] Mhm.
[748] Mhm.
(PS263) [749] Oh the messing up and the bins.
[750] Yeah.
(PS264) [751] Mhm.
[752] But do you think that the [...] Yeah so and do you f I mean d Have you managed to make any friends with coloured people on the flats at all?
(PS263) [753] I I that's what I've just said.
[754] They wasn't all like it.
(PS264) [755] Yes you've some you found some [...]
(PS263) [756] Yeah.
[757] Yes.
[758] There is nice ones.
(PS264) [759] Mhm.
(PS263) [760] But there're some rowdies as well.
(PS264) [761] Mhm.
(PS263) [762] They wouldn't stop [...] and think.
(PS264) [763] Mhm.
(PS263) [764] During the period you've lived in the flats, have you found noise a problem or not?
[765] Has it been noisy or not ?
(PS264) [766] Noisy.
[767] Noisy.
(PS263) [768] It has?
(PS264) [769] Yes as time went along.
(PS263) [770] What kind of well what kind of noise do you mean?
(PS264) [771] Er singing, falling out, breaking windows, fighting.
[772] With their wives and things.
(PS263) [773] Mhm.
(PS264) [774] Yes [...] .
[775] You know the fact that what what do you feel about You know the fact that s there some girls you know that work as prostitutes locally
(PS263) [776] Yeah.
(PS264) [777] What do you feel about that I mean what's your view.
(PS263) [778] [...] out there the cars comes and [...] street walking on there [...] .
[779] They haven't stopped it yet have they?
(PS264) [780] I mean what do you feel about
(PS263) [781] The police the police.
[782] Does a bit to the best of my ability but er they're there just the same.
[783] one lot get kicked er out then another lot comes.
[784] I think they should make a place for them.
[785] [...] like they have been.
[786] You know
(PS264) [787] Yeah.
(PS263) [788] Let them A decent place.
[789] And get them off of the streets.
(PS264) [790] So you s you s you're saying so you're saying some kind of actual
(PS263) [791] Yeah.
(PS264) [792] So you not it it's do you say, you're not actually against, you don't mind er you you wouldn't mind them doing what they're doing if they did it away from here.
(PS263) [793] Yeah.
(PS264) [794] That's what you're saying, somewhere actually [...]
(PS263) [795] Yes.
[796] Yes a a proper place.
(PS264) [797] Mhm.
[798] Why do why do think Yeah.
(PS263) [799] Eh?
(PS264) [800] Why do you think it is that that you get erm that you have got quite a few girls that become prostitutes, what do you think the reasons are for it?
(PS263) [801] You see I'm not [...] he goes either [...]
(PS264) [802] Mhm.
(PS263) [803] And they go they go like that.
[804] They go like that.
[805] That's the only way I can see it.
[806] They go out [...] .
[807] And it's Oh I think it's terrible.
[808] I think it's terrible.
(PS264) [809] You go H What do you feel towards the girls?
[810] That get [...]
(PS263) [811] [...] some of the girls they's kicked them out and [...] .
[812] See what I mean it's all mixed up.
[813] [...] . Yeah.
[814] [...] one or two killed on here wasn't there? ...
(PS264) [815] Do you kn erm on the subject of I know last last time I came when I spoke to you that you were saying about you were saying about religion and it was and the fact that you erm go to church.
[816] About going to church.
[817] Do you go often?
[818] To church?
(PS263) [819] Yeah.
[820] When I'm alright I go [...] .
(PS264) [821] Mhm.
(PS263) [822] [...] and the the [...] that goes off there.
(PS264) [823] So do you so do you go together, a few of you together or do you go.
(PS263) [824] Er the catholics goes over there.
(PS264) [825] Mhm.
(PS263) [826] Catholics goes over there and the others go to er ones down protestants down here.
(PS264) [827] Mhm.
[828] So so which is your so so you go to you go to the local catholic church.
(PS263) [829] Yes just past the road.
(PS264) [830] Mhm and do you go how often do you go [...]
(PS263) [831] You go on a Sunday morning [...]
(PS264) [832] [...] Sunday
(PS263) [833] you go to confession.
[834] Then you get communion, then you come home and have your breakfast.
(PS264) [835] Mhm.
(PS263) [836] We fast back home.
[837] When we go [...] country.
(PS264) [838] Mhm.
(PS263) [839] I mean in Ireland.
(PS264) [840] Yeah. [break in recording]
(PS264) [841] [...] Erm you were telling me about religion about the fact that you went to church.
(PS263) [842] Yeah.
(PS264) [843] It do you go each Sunday?
[844] Is it every Sunday you go?
(PS263) [845] Every Sunday yeah.
(PS264) [846] Do you get much do you enjoy going to church?
(PS263) [847] oh yes yeah.
(PS264) [848] Do you.
(PS263) [849] Yes.
(PS264) [850] Mhm.
(PS263) [851] [...] Jesus [...] .
(PS264) [852] Mhm.
(PS263) [853] And then we put the money in the box for the whatsername.
[854] [...] over there and get a communi communion.
[855] [...] whatsername.
[856] And then there used to be [...] talking about [...] and er if you passed by them [...] .
[857] You know shouted [...] .
[858] What are you go what are you going there for.
[859] All [...] .
[860] But you ignored them but in the end we we had to something abo about it.
(PS264) [861] Mhm.
[862] Do you have much contact outs erm do you I mean do you Do you have much contact with people Have you got made many friends?
[863] That you know through going to to church?
(PS263) [864] Oh you make friends [...] you go to chur church
(PS264) [865] Mhm.
(PS263) [866] Yeah.
[867] Of course you do.
(PS264) [868] Do you see many lo are there many local people from the from the flats who go?
[869] With you [...]
(PS263) [870] Not all not all that many from the fl flats.
[871] All around there where them houses is.
(PS264) [872] Yeah.
[873] So it's mainly from the houses [...]
(PS263) [874] Yeah.
[875] Yeah.
(PS264) [876] Mhm.
[877] ... Do you know any others erm [...] tell you about erm you know some of the some of the times when you've been affected by crime.
[878] Erm what do you think of the police?
[879] What kind of job do you think the do in in the flats?
(PS263) [880] Well they're doing the best [...] they've got them with the [...] .
[881] Walking around all night.
[882] ... I erm They start at six o'clock and finish at six I think.
[883] No finish about about nine o'clock.
(PS264) [884] Yeah.
[885] That's the security.
(PS263) [886] Yeah.
(PS264) [887] That's the security people [...]
(PS263) [888] Yeah well they're different than the other policemen.
(PS264) [889] They're di Yeah they're diff What about the actual police themselves, you see this is the security.
[890] Then there's the police.
(PS263) [891] Yeah.
(PS264) [892] What about the actual police themselves?
[893] When you Do you see much of them?
(PS263) [894] Oh yeah.
(PS264) [895] [...] You do?
(PS263) [896] Yeah you do.
[897] Yes.
(PS264) [898] Mm.
(PS263) [899] They're a Somewhere round here over there
(PS264) [900] Yeah.
(PS263) [901] [...] somebody's in somewhere over there that's go t drugs.
(PS263) [902] And then the police goes and all the the real police.
[903] And they're going up and down there, trying to catch hold of them.
[904] [...] Swearing.
[905] Oh my God the dog's ba barking and nobody [...] .
[906] Ju that's just lately.
(PS264) [907] Mhm.
(PS263) [908] No sleep.
[909] [...] coloureds play music until six o'clock in the morning.
(PS264) [910] Has there been has there been a problem with music on late?
[911] Has that been a problem that you've had often or [...] .
(PS263) [912] [...] Yeah there has.
[913] [...] the daytime [...] but not at nighttime.
[914] Cos there is people here that at work.
[915] But they don't consider nobody.
[916] And just lately they got as they do er whatsername.
[917] They come on y on your door and insulting you and one thing and another so There's nowt you could do.
[918] You couldn't stop them.
(PS264) [919] Do you think the police I mean do you think they should be.
[920] What do you think Are they ke What do you think are the major problems they should be concentrating on?
[921] What are the bi what are the crimes that the police [...] should be concen
(PS263) [922] Well you you need when they do harm they
(PS264) [923] Yeah what kind of things should the police What are the most i What do you think are the major problems the major crimes in the flats?
[924] That the police should be concentrating on?
[925] What are the major problems for for you as a tenant?
(PS263) [926] You mean now
(PS264) [927] What are the kind of things I mean is it What what are the kind of things d that you think the police should be putting their efforts into stopping?
(PS263) [928] Stop it Well they did stop it didn't they?
(PS264) [929] Stop what?
(PS263) [930] They stopped it in the end didn't they?
(PS264) [931] Stopped what What are you t
(PS263) [932] Stopped them from what [...] in our flats.
[933] They stopped them
(PS264) [934] Did they [...]
(PS263) [935] They went ar they went around all the houses.
[936] Went around, duck.
[937] [...] the blacks and the whites, they've all gone together.
[938] [...] . Oh dear.
[939] You didn't know whether you you didn't know whether you got day or night.
[940] Frightened to go out and do a bit of shopping. [...]
(PS264) [941] Was that was that during the riot.
[942] What you said that that what you said [...] about the riots, was that is that what you're talking about the riots [...] the worry.
[943] Is that what you're talking about now when you're saying about the about erm you didn't know what to About being frightened you've said a few times.
(PS263) [944] Yeah.
(PS264) [945] Was it during the riots that you
(PS263) [946] Yeah.
[947] Yeah.
(PS264) [948] Yeah.
(PS263) [949] I were coming home one day with the with the with me shopping.
[950] And [...] and took the bag out of me hands.
[951] And me other bag with me money in.
[952] Course I'd never carry that bag again. [...]
(PS264) [953] How long ago was that?
(PS263) [954] Oh it's not all that long ago, duck.
[955] ... That woman at the corner was she has her bag pinched often.
(PS264) [956] Mhm.
[957] So do you think you do you think the police do a lot er do enough to help help you with those type of problems?
(PS263) [958] Oh yeah.
(PS264) [959] They do [...]
(PS263) [960] They do their best.
(PS264) [961] Do their best.
(PS263) [962] They go through hell and fire with you.
[963] Yeah they do.
(PS264) [964] What do you think about th Yeah.
(PS263) [965] Pardon?
(PS264) [966] What do you think about the government?
[967] Do you think the what do you think of the government
(PS263) [968] No I tell you what I think about the [...] the govern government.
(PS264) [969] Yeah?
(PS263) [970] It's no good since Margaret Thatcher go in.
(PS264) [971] Mhm.
[972] What has it what has it what ways are you critical?
[973] What do you think [...]
(PS263) [974] Well for a start they're all [...] .
[975] For a start.
[976] They got no [...] putting a bit of best clothes on and having a good time breaking in in people's houses and one thing and another.
[977] They've got no money.
[978] They've got no jobs.
[979] They they'll wa going around hungry.
[980] Well that's my estimation.
(PS264) [981] Mhm.
[982] Do you v well do you vote at elections?
(PS263) [983] Yeah.
[984] I do vote.
(PS264) [985] So how do you think yo how do you think you'll Do you think you
(PS263) [986] [...] I don't I don't whatsername for all.
(PS264) [987] You mean [...]
(PS263) [988] I get [...] I get [...] out of it.
(PS264) [989] Mhm.
(PS263) [990] I don't she'd be brought in any more.
(PS264) [991] So who would [...]
(PS263) [992] She's all for the p she's all for the whatsernames.
[993] Er money people.
[994] [...] people who've got money she's all she'll look after them but she's not looking after them blokes.
[995] Now.
(PS264) [996] Mhm.
[997] So how do you think you'll vote when it comes to the election?
(PS263) [998] I'll vote for the right person won't I.
(PS264) [999] Mhm.
[1000] So you so you wouldn't vo So what you're saying is woul [recording ends]