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Flower-arranging demonstration. Sample containing about 7417 words speech recorded in leisure context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C173

PS1VP Ag5 f (Anna, age 60, retired) unspecified
PS1VR Ag4 f (No name, age 55, retired) unspecified
G3XPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
G3XPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 088801 recorded on 1993-07-01. LocationNottinghamshire: Southwell ( flower club ) Activity: flower arranging demonstration

Undivided text

Anna (PS1VP) [1] I'll be erm I'll be absolutely [...] I'm sorry but [...] the dreaded lurgy [...] so erm I'll do my best.
[2] Erm can I just go [...] shapes and colours.
[3] And that's [...] effort we're going to do them tonight.
[4] So first of all I'm going to do a triangle of mixed [...] and erm and [...] the red foliage compliments it.
[5] And this is the berberis the purple berberis as you know.
[6] ... [...] ... Wouldn't stand up would it.
[7] It's been awfully hot to try to keep decent flowers and foliage grey, and I've sprayed it with water and I don't think it's entirely satisfactory.
[8] Now ... do our best.
[9] ... Ooh these were lovely just now [...] gardens.
[10] If you want us to answer any questions, perhaps you'll er you'll tell us. ... [...] plant somewhere.
[11] ... Right, now when I've cut it it all curved the right way [laugh] .
[12] All these bits, it's having to go the other erm ... I'm so glad you asked us this evening because we do need some practice.
[13] We've been in flowers most of our lives but not demonstrating, which we're finding a bit, a little bit er different.
[14] ... Erm you know the [...] don't you?
[15] ... [...] Er I had this in soak all night because it, it dries up quickly.
[16] And er then it seems to keep quite a long time if er if you do that.
[17] ... This has a lovely [...] , but er I think I'm going to put it in the back because my er arrangement is rather heavy, and I don't want it to fall over.
[18] ... We had er er quite a few catastrophes today with the flowers.
[19] And er coming here I found that I hadn't er put any of my vases in, so I had to go back again [...] .
[20] ... [...] This is one of the purple [...] .
[21] It's tree really.
[22] But it's so lovely just to have [...] .
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [23] How could you condition that?
Anna (PS1VP) [24] [...] you mean the bath.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
Anna (PS1VP) [25] Just in the bath [...] .
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [26] [...] it's in the bath.
Anna (PS1VP) [27] [...] Yes i if it's too young it won't er keep.
[28] This.
[29] But just now I think it's just about right, for er ... just about right for er using.
[30] And here's a bit we want.
[31] ... I'm not going to need any flowers am I?
[32] ... I have some er there's some more gladioli.
[33] I don't know what they're called these [...] just butterfly [...] .
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [34] I er thought they were a bit bigger than [...]
Anna (PS1VP) [35] Yes, I think so [...] .
(PS1VR) [36] Mm I think they're [...] .
[37] Just give me some [...] cos we can't go without [...] can we? ... [...] ...
Anna (PS1VP) [38] [...] er flowers I bought at an auction.
[39] Erm it was [...] .
[40] And it wasn't too expensive.
[41] But it, I find it useful for large arrangements.
[42] ... I can just put them down, but I don't awfully like ... gladioli when they [...] down I don't think they look like ... [...] .
(PS1VR) [43] Some more?
Anna (PS1VP) [44] Yes.
[45] Now these aren't coming out very well but they er whoever wins it will [...] very thorny.
(PS1VR) [46] Do you want? ...
Anna (PS1VP) [47] [...] always remind me of Spain
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [48] Mm.
Anna (PS1VP) [49] where we er went in the summer and erm lots of lovely geraniums and all the [...] .
[50] Compliment the sunshine don't they?
[51] Now [...] ... Want an outline don't we?
[52] ... Lovely colour aren't they?
[53] Which one's this Annie?
(PS1VR) [54] Well it's hazel [...] wood.
Anna (PS1VP) [55] Norma grows chrysanths and, but she usually knows the names of all of them.
[56] I think you'll find the Pennine one ... it's stiff and horrible.
[57] Whereas if you buy it from
(PS1VR) [58] Yes.
Anna (PS1VP) [59] you know, the flower stalls,
(PS1VR) [60] That's right. ...
Anna (PS1VP) [61] [...] ... [...] left in an oasis for all these ... I can show you ... it's also having [...] ... I've some nice red carnations which I shall [...] They're er ... not fringe fringed are they?
[62] Not very well fringed.
[63] [...] I keep this all the ti [...] got some you see [...] ... I'm trying to group the flowers together because I think they give more effect that way.
[64] And er when you have a er a kaleidoscope, you get all sorts of shapes together don't you?
[65] ... [...] ... It's difficult to get a kaleidoscope nowadays.
[66] ... Toy ones anyway.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
Anna (PS1VP) [67] What about those?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
Anna (PS1VP) [68] Oh I didn't tell you who they were.
[69] I don't that I hadn't forgotten that I gave a [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
Anna (PS1VP) [70] I wrote it down.
[71] [reading] Bahamas [] .
[72] They look like Bahamas don't they? ... [...] been so hot today if you don't mi er [...] and it makes you feel you know your age, when er it's this hot weather.
[73] My er my friend [...] you'll ask how old she is anyway.
[74] Mind you she's ninety two
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
Anna (PS1VP) [75] she er ... she says I can't fasten my beads.
[76] I can't er fasten my shoes.
[77] I can't fasten my bra, unless I turn it round.
[78] An but she says it's [...] .
(PS1VR) [79] What a sensible person.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
Anna (PS1VP) [80] Think that's through [...] .
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [81] What's the name of that lily please?
Anna (PS1VP) [82] Erm Pixie.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [83] Pixie?
Anna (PS1VP) [84] Yes.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [85] It's a lovely one isn't it?
Anna (PS1VP) [86] We don't want much more in there do we? ... [...] the red one, sorry?
[87] ... We don't know the name of that one either do we?
[88] Oh Doris [...] the names [...] .
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [89] There's so many aren't there?
Anna (PS1VP) [90] Well that I can remember ... [...] belongs to Mary but I'm afraid they're not very strong.
[91] Are they?
[92] ... [...] I just put those in.
[93] ... And that will do [...] till [...] ... Have you got a triangle?
[94] And just to er whet your appetite and I'm [...] a basket of cherries there.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [clapping]
Anna (PS1VP) [95] I'll just [...] in [...] ...
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
(PS1VR) [96] I'm just going to start this evening, with Chase an Object Round the Hedgerow.
[97] ... A piece of oak which my husband has mounted, so it's freestanding.
[98] Some stones which are very good for texture, a piece of sheep shoe wood from Chatsworth Park I picked up.
[99] Try saying that after a few gins.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1VR) [100] And some [...] which gives a [...] effect.
[101] ... That'll have to move.
[102] ... I sort of go scouting when, you know when we're out anywhere, seeing what I can find.
[103] Much to my husband's disgust.
[104] So I'm going to start an outline, hopefully asymmetrical.
[105] ... This erm ... silver birch?
[106] Petula?
[107] ... It has some lovely catkins on it just now.
[108] ... This I have boiled to condition it.
[109] It has been standing in water all day, and it has been well scraped before it came out this evening.
[110] ... So this is a tree stump we have here, and we found some mice on the way as well.
[111] ... Did y did you notice the mice on the
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [112] Yes, [...]
(PS1VR) [113] [laugh] I didn't make them I er I've had a little go but I'm not very good at it.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
(PS1VR) [114] Okay.
[115] They are, yes.
[116] I got them at a craft fair at farm. [cough]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...] [laugh] ...
(PS1VR) [117] [...] colour this is not going to go where I want it to go.
[118] But it will.
[119] ... So that should freeze them, and this is the new shoots round from the bottom.
[120] If it looks rather large, we encourage you to do them large.
[121] ... Cos we're still trainee demonstrators.
[122] ... We take it again, erm I think we start in October time, at Oxford.
[123] We never know when to keep quiet, do we?
[124] You know, we say, yes go on [...] handy.
[125] We'll go. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [126] Are you coming to Pondsfield?
Anna (PS1VP) [127] Yes [...]
(PS1VR) [128] Yes we are.
[129] Yes.
[130] Yes.
Anna (PS1VP) [131] Well we, well we do a different one at Pondsfield.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [132] Sorry?
Anna (PS1VP) [133] We do a different demonstration at Pondsfield.
(PS1VR) [134] I think it, is it this month or is it next?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [135] Yes.
[136] Erm ...
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [137] Yes I thought it was [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [138] Yes it is this month.
[139] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
(PS1VR) [140] [...] to go there.
[141] ... See what we can do with a hedgehog.
[142] ... Put it down a little bit [laugh] ... [...] we have an asymmetrical [...] .
[143] May be a bit laid back but
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [sneeze] ...
(PS1VR) [144] Get rid of [...] mice.
[145] [laugh] ... It's not very big, is it?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [146] [...] It doesn't like the [...]
(PS1VR) [147] No it doesn't like something.
[148] Sit. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [sneeze]
(PS1VR) [149] [...] the mice's nest out there [laugh] ... I have some ferns.
[150] ... They might not grow round here very well in the hedgerows, but er if you go down to Cornwall or Brittany, they're lovely down there.
[151] My husband will never stop so I can go and get some, you know, [laugh] car keeps going.
[152] It comes from an old cottage garden just round where I [...] .
[153] But I think [...] I'm supposed to say [...] having [...] .
[154] The [...] meaning many.
[155] And the [...] are the spores on the back of the ... ferns.
[156] ... Which are the seeds ... of them.
[157] ... And they condition quite well.
[158] You know I mean they've got the [...] turn around the spores on the back.
[159] ... [...] I've also boiled them just, you know, to be sure of them.
[160] ... Now as [...] was saying earlier on, that she's been with flowers all her life, well I haven't.
[161] I started about twelve years ago.
[162] And a lady you know very well [laugh] she's not here tonight.
[163] I was going to say, I won't mention her name in case she's run out of.
[164] But, er of course, Pam ... [...] I went to her classes er about ten years ago.
[165] [cough] I started flower arranging about twelve years ago.
[166] I had two years with Pam.
[167] Then I moved to a different teacher to ... get some more, you know, experience.
[168] Because you do learn more from different teachers as you go along.
[169] And then I've worked at [...] .
[170] I did the City and Guilds at [...] .
[171] ... [...] . These are er ... long stick leaves [...] .
[172] It's true [laugh] .
[173] It's where I've er formed its centre.
[174] Again [...] aren't they a size?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [175] Mm.
(PS1VR) [176] I thought they would sort of er pass as hedgerowey leaves.
[177] ... And that's er how [...] and I have demonstrated [...] because she hasn't got transport of her own.
[178] She finds it a little bit difficult.
[179] So er we demonstrate together.
[180] You know.
[181] And er ... so we travel to [...] ... And er, Plantain, the ordinary one
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [182] Yeah.
(PS1VR) [183] from the hedgerow again.
[184] ... They last quite well.
[185] I did [...] get some seed from [...] Botanical Gardens, of their [...] Plantain.
[186] But er I didn't manage to grow it.
[187] ... Oh lovely, you know, some nice big leaves for, flower arranging.
[188] ... My husband puts these on the compost heap when he gets his eye on them.
[189] I nursed one last year for Newark Show.
[190] I thought oh you know you're always short of large leaves.
[191] For the base.
[192] So I was nurturing this one in the greenhouse.
[193] And I went down one day.
[194] It's supposed to be my greenhouse.
[195] And it was missing.
[196] [...] I said, what's happened to the plantain?
[197] He said, ooh do you mean that weed?
[198] It's on the compost heap. [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
(PS1VR) [199] It was, it was coming on lovely.
[200] I said I was going to have [...] .
[201] [laugh] ... And that's what happened to that.
[202] ... Some foxgloves.
[203] ... I've only got two.
[204] [laugh] ... And I'm inundated in the garden with them.
[205] You know.
[206] They [...] to start with.
[207] At least that's where I think they come from.
[208] And this year I've got them, they're a good seven foot tall in the garden.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
(PS1VR) [209] [...] they've been marvellous, haven't they?
[210] To say they're a wild flower or classed as a wild flower.
[211] ... And the markings inside are, you know ... they're ... [...] .
[212] ... So I'll put those in there.
[213] ... Get good keep of the time here don't we ?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
(PS1VR) [214] Erm some poppies.
[215] Another shape I think you'll find in hedgerows.
[216] ... [...] Alice.
[217] Mine are just starting to come out.
[218] They're a big red poppy this one.
[219] Mine are the pinky purply one.
[220] These are [...] you know really magenta red.
[221] ... The mice get into those, they'll be a bit tipsy.
[222] won't they?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1VR) [223] [laugh] ... [cough] ... some pheasant feathers.
[224] [...] lovely markings, haven't they?
[225] [cough] Think you might find some of those in a hedgerow?
[226] ... Different texture again. ...
Anna (PS1VP) [227] [...] you can never find any going, can you? ...
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [228] Oops.
(PS1VR) [229] You sort of learn as you go on.
[230] You don't put too much stuff in till you get your flowers in.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh] ...
(PS1VR) [231] [...] come out as I tell you.
[232] Single chrysanthemum.
[233] They're the flowers chrysanths and I say, they come from Holland.
[234] The ones I grow at home er well they are named.
[235] They are mostly Ryes from Moor.
[236] [cough] that I had ... and I show them.
[237] ... Although lately if I'm flower arr er showing at the yeah flower arranging at shows [...] I've then got time to show the flowers.
[238] ... I'm caught you know betwixt and between, which do I like the best.
[239] [laugh] ... We've put enough in this floral fiesta.
[240] I don't know whether we'll get a you know, any places or not.
[241] But we put in to go anyway.
[242] [laugh] Someone once told me, aim high, she says.
[243] So we have a go.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [244] Which [...] ?
(PS1VR) [245] [...] [laugh] [...] So you you're not supposed to get it, you know, it's er ... we'll take the leaves off. [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [246] We've put in for the club entry and we're just waiting to hear, you know, if we've been lucky or not.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [247] Or rather [...]
(PS1VR) [248] Well we've been on to and they don't seem to do an awful lot.
[249] You know, I was, rather surprised [...] .
[250] I'm going to recess these a little bit.
[251] In the middl [...] in the centre.
[252] [cough] We haven't had a [...] lately have we?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
(PS1VR) [253] These I've boiled again to [...] , you know it brings the head down, and I think it does make th the flowers last longer.
[254] ... Put about stem in boiling water and er, let it stand for about thirty seconds.
[255] ... [...] ... Now this is for the dog daisies that you get in er hedgerows.
[256] I haven't said that have I yet?
[257] [...] ... As I grow chrysanths we have to do erm [cough] ... I'm not getting the right word.
[258] A survey it's a at the college you know, and er and they did er carnations and I've done, the chrysanths about growing them.
[259] So I thought well I might as well do something, I know a little about.
[260] [laugh] ... So we did that.
[261] ... And you've got er ... I've got some notes here and I've got them covered up with something else.
[262] That's clever, isn't it? ...
Anna (PS1VP) [...] ...
(PS1VR) [263] Nice and cool, the white and green, isn't it?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [264] Mm.
(PS1VR) [265] Now for the ... [...] ... [...] that out and I'll see what I've written down for this [laughing] Oh yeah [] er ... [...] see Sue lost it erm ... well it's a canine meaning, you know, the rose erm the dog rose.
[266] But, instead of that [...] ... digress a little but because I didn't think you'd like the dog roses.
[267] So
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
(PS1VR) [268] No.
[269] I've taken the thorns off, and I've defoliated them.
[270] And I've also boiled the ends as you can see there.
[271] It's ... [...] that one.
[272] Now I had a right job with them.
[273] [laugh] ... I was trying to tell them it wasn't so hot yesterday and then [...] coming out and out you know.
[274] So me and [...] got the, the ice packs out of the freezer.
[275] And I drop kept dropping into the buckets [laugh] to cool the water down.
Anna (PS1VP) [276] It was terrible hot yesterday.
(PS1VR) [277] It was.
[278] Yes.
[279] And I haven't got an awful lot of shade at home, you know.
Anna (PS1VP) [280] No.
(PS1VR) [281] So er ... I was having a rare old time.
[282] We were dropping the ice packs in to try and keep the [...] .
[283] Are they hot?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh] ...
(PS1VR) [284] I sometimes, if I can get the new floribunda roses, but er ... there's none in the market, and we got these.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
(PS1VR) [285] Yes.
[286] ... Yes.
[287] I've got an introduction to the wholesale market.
[288] But you can't buy an awful lot, you know.
[289] Erm ... because that you want more than your bits and pieces.
[290] Right.
[291] For function roses you're okay but er ... a lot of things real go to erm, a place, well it, it's [...] .
[292] It's just on the outskirts of [...] .
[293] Er, it used to be called Joe [...] , but he's died and Woods have got it now.
[294] And they're very helpful.
[295] ... Now you say you like your gardens open.
[296] I was going to bring a, a poster for you and I've forgot it.
[297] What with Anna running me up and down the countryside.
[298] [laugh] They, they've got gardens open in Calverton on the twenty fifth of July.
[299] There's six gardens open, for a pound.
[300] It's er a garden walkabout.
[301] ... And it's open two o'clock till six.
[302] If anybody'd be interested.
[303] ... It's for the preservation society.
[304] ... And the last one going in.
[305] ... Now [...] goes missing, we'll have to give her a shout.
[306] Ooh she's [...] she's there.
[307] [laugh] [...] what she thought she was missing.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...] ...
(PS1VR) [308] So you ... [...] shapes and textures from the hedgerow.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [clapping] [break in recording] [crowd noise]
Anna (PS1VP) [309] Is there anything [...] quick and easy.
[310] I hope.
[311] It, it hasn't been so far because I'm left right behind a [...] background.
[312] Erm right then.
[313] Erm the lovely [...] with the terracotta, aren't they? [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
Anna (PS1VP) [314] [...] Er.
[315] Yes.
[316] But it er ... er, do you want this [...] ?
[317] Er, I got this [...] .
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
Anna (PS1VP) [318] [...] and I used them this year ... and they er [...] I've got quite a lot of [...] Right furry [...] I was er hoping to get [...] ... I don't think these'll come out somehow.
[319] [...] The lady in the shop was very good.
[320] I looked right through them all and er ... [...] however.
[321] [...] This is er a quick thing you can do.
[322] When you get home. [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
Anna (PS1VP) [323] We use this for all the Egyptian things we do.
[324] It's very good.
[325] ... That's a lovely one.
[326] Look at that. [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
Anna (PS1VP) [327] I think it's Enchantment.
[328] But it's, it's quite pink for Enchantment, isn't it?
[329] If it is Enchantment.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [330] Where did your pot come from?
Anna (PS1VP) [331] Sorry?
[332] The pot?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [333] Where did the pot come from?
Anna (PS1VP) [334] Er.
[335] ... [...] yes it was.
[336] [...] I've got one or two that came from abroad but no this was Liverpool, [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [337] Yeah.
Anna (PS1VP) [338] on the road er ... [...] ... They've got quite a good selection now.
[339] Haven't they?
[340] Now [...] we'll just give it a little bit of lift.
[341] I'm going to add these canes.
[342] Canes.
[343] [...] put that one [...] .
[344] And put that one in the top.
[345] ... These were bought at [...] er ... I think you can get some in the, in the florist.
[346] ... I'll just do a [...] I don't know if any more petals ... will last.
[347] There I think that's [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [clapping]
(PS1VR) [348] Now.
[349] [...] my daughter's looking for a [...] actually.
[350] So.
[351] I've had to, this cupboard's [...] because it's got [...] cutlery and the plates and that, so I've just put a piece of er material over it.
[352] To hide them.
[353] ... And I'm going to put two pieces of garden cane in.
[354] [...] just hold the basket for me.
[355] ... I think.
[356] [laugh] ... Small garden cane [...] [laugh] ... It's made it rather heavy with er, the material on it as well.
[357] That's better.
[358] Just stay there.
[359] ... Mm.
[360] So this is going to be an A back asymmetrical.
[361] Triangle.
[362] I've got a plastic container here to raise the oasis on the saucer, up a little bit because it's quite deep inside.
[363] So er ... It makes it easier to ... find the saucer if it's raised.
[364] I'm going to start with the outline of [...] , from the garden.
[365] Which has again been boiled.
[366] ... I think it's a lovely light foliage isn't is?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [367] Mm.
(PS1VR) [368] So refreshed.
[369] And I thought well I ... I'll do this with all summer flowers.
[370] ... [...] I've got this.
[371] It's grown on a, a north facing wall so [...] bit, bit more now I think if it got more sun.
[372] You know.
[373] The golden foliages need a lot of sun.
[374] ... Or the elderflower.
[375] Do you make elderflower wine or champagne?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [376] Mm.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [377] Yes. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
(PS1VR) [378] Have you
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [379] I've done it for my grandchildren this year.
(PS1VR) [380] Oh.
[381] I was going to say have you got any with you?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1VR) [382] Well, I made some ooh a few years ago.
[383] And my husband at the time was making er wine, you know.
[384] And he said, you've put far too much sugar in that.
[385] You've put far I said I'm just following this recipe.
[386] You know.
[387] And he was right.
[388] I did put far too much sugar in it cos it all exploded.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1VR) [389] Kep kep [laugh] kept my [...] busy, you know.
[390] That's another one gone mum and that's [laughing] another one gone [] .
[391] They were in the garden shed.
[392] And I was just saying I'm going to have to go down there.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [393] What happened then?
(PS1VR) [394] Erm.
[395] Oh I had [...] then.
[396] I've told you about grandchildren.
[397] I've just had two presented to me in the last eight months.
[398] I've got a granddaughter and a grandson.
[399] [cough] The granddaughter I look after because my, my daugh youngest daughter's gone back to work.
[400] And she's called Jordan.
[401] Spelt J O R ... D A N.
[402] And she, she's eight months old now.
[403] You forget how many hands a baby has, don't you?
[404] You know, you get out of practice, and there it starts.
[405] She's found that my glasses didn't seem to be right.
[406] So her hands were up and they were off before I knew where they were.
[407] And then she's, you're trying to feed her and the, the dinner's all over the place.
[408] So now we wrap her in a tea towel so you know her hands are under cover.
[409] Erm [...] ... It's erm [...] I think.
[410] I got it given to me so er if you think it's a different one you can tell me.
[411] ... So when you get a lot of things given, you know, I never say no.
[412] [laugh] but you don't always get the right name, do you?
[413] ... Do she really did it on me [...] well it was yesterday I had her.
[414] I was changing her nappy for her.
[415] Well she started flopping along the floor on her back.
[416] And you, you know she, she can go at some pace.
[417] So I started changing her nappy for her and she decided she was going to take off.
[418] It was like hanging on to a wriggly eel.
[419] You know?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1VR) [420] She was trying to move.
[421] So the next time I thought, No madam you're on the settee on your changing mat, and er I've got you.
[422] [laugh] ... And the other one Aaron.
[423] A little boy.
[424] He lives in London.
[425] ... My eldest daughter she works down there.
[426] And when she said she was going to have a baby, rather a surprise at the new year time.
[427] So we said, well what would you, you know, can we get something?
[428] Well they're living away.
[429] What can we get you for the baby?
[430] So she said, oh two bedside cabinets and a drop-leaf table.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1VR) [431] So.
[432] ... I says to her, well what you know what can you do with that?
[433] Well you can help me to cope with him, she said, you know.
[434] So she's got the two bedside cabinets but not the drop-leaf table.
[435] Er [...] now this is grown in Calverton.
[436] We have a small nursery there.
[437] And he grows them in wind tunnels.
[438] He hadn't got a big selection ... [cough] but I went down er ... I was going to use stocks.
[439] [...] was going to use stocks and er ... oh gladioli that was it.
[440] And when we went to the market they didn't have any on [...] as I say, Anna went to ... [...] and got her gladioli.
[441] ... So Jord Jordan and I had a walk down to the mark the nursery yesterday morning.
[442] Before it got too hot.
[443] [laugh] ... [...] seven nurseries at Calverton.
[444] Did, did you know that we have one there now?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
(PS1VR) [445] Quite industrious [...] .
[446] ... [...] if we get packets sent [laugh] ... The butchers [...] ... [...] ... If you get one thing set in your mind what you're going to do, and you know, you go off to get it, and then er if you don't manage it, then you have to start [...] again.
[447] This is erm [...] the mallow, the shrub.
[448] This is the rose and I've also got [...] hidden in the box somewhere.
[449] You might be able to [...] some of it because it grows ever so easily you know.
[450] If anybody wants some I've got, quite a good specimen.
[451] [laugh] [crowd noises] There's quite a few at the back now, isn't there?
[452] The really deep purply one as well.
[453] ... Yeah.
[454] Oh [...] pinching the pink and whites.
[455] ... [...] This is a paler one [...] a bit pink.
[456] ... This [...] .
[457] I've left a shoot on there.
[458] Take all the flower heads off if you want it to grow.
[459] If you don't all the strength goes into the flowers.
[460] ... These have got [...] or [...] haven't you?
[461] ... And I've got some [...] .
[462] Got this in the garden as well.
[463] It came down from Scotland.
[464] My mother had it in her garden.
[465] So it ... [...] think it likes the water very much.
[466] ... Give you a little chance to talk and get, catch up with all your news or something [laugh] ... I hope you're not [...] [laugh] I find it [...] isn't it? ... [...] sweet peas.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [467] Mm.
(PS1VR) [468] I'm going to put these in some [...] because like Anna says you know if you [...] flowers you have more impact with them.
[469] Now these are grown on my neighbours fence.
[470] I did ask.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS1VR) [471] They're grown on my neighbours fence and it comes on to my path.
[472] And she doesn't like them.
[473] [...] for her to have them in the house.
[474] So I, ooh you know, could I have some?
[475] And I did have some of the [...] as well so.
[476] [laugh] I will be short of a little bit of blue so you have your [...] kaleidoscope.
[477] There.
[478] ... [...] blue.
[479] [crowd noises] Well they say the more you pick them the more they come isn't it?
[480] So let's hope they're right.
[481] ... And this you know sort of more flowers on as well.
[482] I bought some of them er from the [...] show last year.
[483] Entered [...] show last year.
[484] I got second prize.
[485] [laugh] I was quite pleased with that you know because it's er
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [486] Good show mm.
(PS1VR) [487] It is, yes.
[488] ... I think you have to round all your friends and family you know [...] [laugh] [tape change] Nice Yorkshire flowers.
[489] ... Nice [...] there's some of them that look as though they're double.
[490] ... [cough] I've had the dreaded cough as well Haven't you had it in Southwell yet?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
(PS1VR) [491] If, if you get it [laugh] if you get it everyone has it [...] [crowd noises] I think I'm doing a little bit what [...] we did last night [...] [cough] Excuse me.
[492] ... [...] Bit short of colour.
[493] ... And just to give it a centre.
[494] It's [...] .
[495] I've had it thirty years in my garden.
[496] ... [laugh] ... Think [...] could have been done with tree but er [...] So a pretty basket of summer flowers.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [clapping] [break in recording]
Anna (PS1VP) [497] For a different [...] I'm going to [...] That's right.
[498] I've got some candles just to give it some height.
[499] Erm I'll tell you about the er [...] while I'm doing some [...] .
[500] Erm ... we call it the cherry chucker [laugh] .
[501] ... Erm because when I was a little girl my brother and I we used to [...] flowers because my mother sold flowers and we would have to deliver them.
[502] To our regular customers.
[503] ... And er ... we didn't always remember where they lived.
[504] ... And er, oh this is the [...] .
[505] Lovely green.
[506] ... And er ... and so, explaining to my brother where, or trying to get out of him where the, the customer lived.
[507] Erm ... he'd say, you know the row of houses where er ... where they have all things in the bay windows that I er ... I er ... an Alsatian dog ... or a ... an aspidistra ... or a, a cherry chucker.
[508] And the ch the cherry chucker, the ones with little girls holding [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [509] Oh yes.
Anna (PS1VP) [510] cherries in them.
[511] Ever since then all these kind of er [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
Anna (PS1VP) [512] So it's now a family joke.
[513] [...] ... It's lovely.
[514] ... This room is so fresh looking.
[515] ... [...] ... And the [...] You know the white [...] And that's just nice just now isn't it?
[516] ... And of course we've got this [...] I have a little dog and she loves to roll in this.
[517] So I have to tie it up.
[518] And the cat [...] .
[519] ... [...] day we had a cat in our garden and er ... my dog isn't as big as a cat.
[520] It's a Yorkshire terrier.
[521] And the dog barged through th the cat barged through the hedge.
[522] And I thought, I hope the dog doesn't follow because it's a main road.
[523] And it sat at the other side of the gate [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
Anna (PS1VP) [524] as if to say you can't get me now.
[525] And er ... luckily she didn't follow it, but the cat did get [...] and go away.
[526] And er ... a car came by at that moment.
[527] I shut my eyes.
[528] ... But it was er it was fine.
[529] ... I think I [...] a bit put it in the back now.
[530] ... [...] lovely shape ... This is for orchids and this is the ... the fern that comes with them, which is quite useful. ...
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [531] How do you condition the [...] [cough]
Anna (PS1VP) [532] Oh I just boiled the ends a bit and erm ... and then put it in deep water.
[533] ... And I, I have sprayed it this week because it's been so hot [...] .
[534] So I sprayed it with a fine spray and it's kept very well, hadn't it?
[535] But er I think this sun will brown it, don't you?
[536] Brown it quite a lot.
[537] ... I'd just like one [...] I've er ... [...] ... [...] orchids.
[538] I think they employ little men to twist them together.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh] ...
Anna (PS1VP) [539] [...] I was in Singapore some years ago and erm ... [cough] when we, well when we landed, all the ladies were given a an orchid.
[540] It was rather nice.
[541] And erm ... when I came away again I brought some orchids with me.
[542] And for an armful I paid thirty shillings.
[543] ... I thought that was very [...] to have turned round [...] .
[544] ... Lovely colours in these.
[545] [...] . ... Some of them are.
[546] ... It was lovely to see them growing in er ... Singapore.
[547] And we had some friends there and one day one of them rang me up and she said, could, could we come quickly we've got a, a monitor lizard in the garden?
[548] Well I'd never seen a monit she didn't know how to [...] .
[549] I said, alright we'll come and on the way [...] .
[550] I said, what have you done about it?
[551] She said, I've hit with a sweeping brush.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
Anna (PS1VP) [552] [laugh] So I said, alright shut the door and we'll come.
[553] And er ... when we got there there was a little chit-chat about that.
[554] [laugh] It was a tiny lizard but ... not er not that you would want to hit with a sweeping brush.
[555] ... And while we were, while we were there we had some invitations to, to dine out with ... well it was my daughter's [...] and we went and had a meal with them ... and they were quite taken back by er ... they lived in this little [...] which originally I had thought was a ... was a er ... a poultry house.
[556] It [...] looked like a poultry house.
[557] And er when we got inside, it was spotlessly clean and shiny.
[558] It was lovely.
[559] And er all the children went out while we had a meal.
[560] I couldn't see any clothes about anywhere.
[561] Just a lot of furniture in there but there was nothing hung about you know.
[562] And so er ... we had this meal which was curry.
[563] Chicken curry.
[564] And er ... it was lovely and we were enjoying it until ... I pulled out the whole chicken's head.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
Anna (PS1VP) [565] Knife in it.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
Anna (PS1VP) [566] So I'm afraid that did put me off [...] .
[567] ... Yes that did put me off.
[568] ... So I stuck to all the side dishes, which were ... they were very nice.
[569] Cucumber and all sorts of exotic things that er [...] .
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
Anna (PS1VP) [570] However it was lovely staying there and it was lovely weather [...] .
[571] Here's a tip [...] ... rather nice.
[572] ... [...] Shame to cut them down now isn't it?
[573] ... [...] ... I've got one or two pinks. [...]
[574] These are the [...] pinks.
[575] [...] They smell gorgeous too.
[576] Just to fill in.
[577] ... [...] ... [...] [cough] ... [...] quite high.
[578] ... Last year we were going to er ... a show at er ... [...] ... and I was doing a modern arrangement and er, we were in Norman's van.
[579] And one of my er ... [...] [laugh] [...] had a, a just a tiny flaw in it.
[580] And I said to Norman have you got anything in here that would cover it up?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [cough]
Anna (PS1VP) [581] He said I've got a frog.
[582] I said I don't think [...] .
[583] So er ... as we was going along this ladybird flew on to my hand, didn't it?
[584] Well I thought about it.
[585] I looked at it.
[586] I thought, How do you kill a ladybird?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Anna (PS1VP) [587] So I didn't.
[588] [...] [laugh] So I went off to the er ... [...] at the show.
[589] I just er ... put the one loose [...] into er ... into the top where the judge wouldn't see it I hoped.
[590] ... And I won a first prize so I said, [...] .
[591] So it shows you never should kill a ladybird.
[592] ... [...] ... [...] ... Make a bad saint wouldn't I? ... [...] pretty.
[593] [...] more foliage.
[594] ... Quite nice and [...] in the [...] at [...] .
[595] Because they go in a caravan.
[596] ... [...] a secret but I don't know whether I dare tell you.
[597] [laugh] But er I was with a gentleman friend.
[598] I don't know whether [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Anna (PS1VP) [599] She said, let me know [...] .
[600] [...] you might as well go to bed with a Mills and Boon.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
Anna (PS1VP) [601] I don't mind who knows [...] You know I think I'm [...] Old flames isn't it?
[602] [...] ... It's got a [...] star.
[603] Look.
[604] ... [...] ... I think everyone's finding er ... Alright?
[605] ... I think I might put those in.
[606] [...] Somebody told me I had [...] .
[607] I don't I [...] .
[608] ... Mrs always does the most [...] clever [...] .
(PS1VR) [609] Oh yes.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
Anna (PS1VP) [610] I've forgotten.
[611] Oh [...]
(PS1VR) [612] Oh yes.
[613] [...] . Yes. [crowd noises] ...
Anna (PS1VP) [614] Yes.
[615] ... And er ... there'll be white while [...] .
[616] Someone hanging up their secateurs [...] .
[617] Yes.
[618] I should say, Well thank goodness for that.
[619] You're the twelfth one [...] .
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
Anna (PS1VP) [620] I know.
[621] But we weren't the twelfth choice.
[622] No doubt we were the next day.
[623] [laugh] Now there we have our [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [clapping] [break in recording]
(PS1VR) [624] [...] Now you have to have what [...] a European style.
[625] So we're going to finish this evening with a European style.
[626] I have two margarine cartons in here.
[627] ... [cough] And a Fuchsia which is called Superstar.
[628] I just [...] plant [...] some people own.
[629] And it just fills it in.
[630] I think a plant rather than foliage or whatever.
[631] So.
[632] ... We're going to do a European hedgerow style.
[633] ... But for the height [...] .
[634] And the purple.
[635] ... And it's a little bit different from other flowers.
[636] This has the [...] from the top down, doesn't it.
[637] I think the heat's got to the greenery.
[638] Well it's, it looks like it's been cooking.
[639] [laugh] ... [...] [cough] I'll scrape it.
[640] ... I just have to [...] this crescent there.
[641] [...] buy flowers you know.
[642] By the time she gets to the den she's always got another [...] ready [...] .
[643] You think, where's she got those from?
[644] You know she didn't buy those while we were out.
[645] ... [...] football.
[646] ... [...] ... And this you know [cough] like this style you can make it small or large as you like, and you can come out to the sides as well.
[647] Give it extra length.
[648] It's based on the high [...] , and the verticals and you don't have a [...] point.
[649] Where all your flowers come from the same point.
[650] ... While we were at [...] we went down to er ... Oakham.
[651] To a day school.
[652] With two Danes come over from Belgium.
[653] To show us how to do the hedgerow and the European round table design as well.
[654] ... Well we thought, well you know, we c we can do a bit.
[655] [laugh] ... I'm just thinking I've got these on the wrong horizontal scale.
[656] ... I think this is the Connecticut King [...] ... I'm going to have to make a corner there.
[657] ... Now it's very easy to do this, you know.
[658] Don't be frightened to have a go at it.
[659] I did er a day school.
[660] Taught it myself, you know.
[661] At er Woodroffe.
[662] I started doing the teacher's cause because I thought [...] I'd like to teach.
[663] And of course they closed all the night classes, didn't they?
[664] Erm I think that one will [...] .
[665] Now what I want to do is er ... I have to set this [...] you know and find a venue to go to.
[666] But with all these grandchildren and what have you, I don't seem to have any time.
[667] And camping [laugh] ... We've just come back from Cornwall and it was very wet.
[668] ... [...] peninsula.
[669] You've got the Atlantic on both sides and er ... it's lovely if you've got the weather, you know.
[670] Really lovely.
[671] But we didn't have the weather.
[672] And in fact one nine o'clock back to the tent.
[673] Got a tent [laugh] that we sit in and cook in.
[674] And erm ... we got there and I says to my husband I says, oh, I says er, are you sure that tent's safe?
[675] You know it's ... battling about a bit.
[676] So erm ... blue [...] again because I [...] er a bit short on blue for the kaleidoscope.
[677] Er it's not the [...] is it?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
(PS1VR) [678] Yes.
[679] I didn't want to say that.
[680] [laugh] This is from the cottage garden again.
[681] From you know round [...] .
[682] Oh short of blue, could, could I have a little bit?
[683] ... Erm ... and now getting back to Cornwall.
[684] [...] sayin saying to my husband says, well I don't think the tent sounds very safe you know.
[685] It keeps flapping about and that.
[686] I thought, oh dear, so we got to bed by this time, and we lay, and we just couldn't get to sleep for the noise the tent was making.
[687] So he says, might be a good idea t to you know put the van in front of the tent to break the wind.
[688] So I was laid out in the back of the van on the bed and he's driving down this field to put the tent, because it had little er bits you know where it's marked out for you to camp, and I'm driving around in the back saying, yes you've, you've just missed the fence there and you know [...] .
[689] I can't see where we're going because I didn't have my glasses on.
[690] So it was quite [...] there you know.
[691] Erm [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [692] Yes.
(PS1VR) [693] I got it from I bought it at er Blooms.
[694] In Norfolk.
[695] ... So I'll keep the yellows together.
[696] And another theme of the European is the grouping of the colours.
[697] [...] I don't know how I'm going to [...] because I've got some peculiar colours.
[698] [laugh] ... But I'm having the yellow.
[699] I think that is the nearest I could get to the orange.
[700] You know to be the opposite to the purple.
[701] If you get what I mean.
[702] [laugh] As it's opposite in the ... on the colour wheel, isn't it?
[703] Now these are little ones I've grown in the greenhouse myself.
[704] They haven't been fed properly, so they're not very big.
[705] But it's a sort of purply pink so ... they'll go down here.
[706] ... And you know to cut between the [...] on these.
[707] Yes.
[708] We'll start to take the water out.
[709] Anna didn't tell you and she's the expert on flower arrangement.
[710] ... And I think that ties in nicely with the pink in the [...] .
[711] ... Some more yellow.
[712] It's [...] .
[713] And I like these ... you know [...] you still want to come in.
[714] I don't want to go out to much to the side there.
[715] ... I [...] always [...] later.
[716] ... Now as I was picking the ivy for this, I've got a cherry a standard cherry tree ... and the starlings get on my fence and they queue up to get on that cherry tree, you know you can hear them chattering away.
[717] If you go out shoving them off they go up on to the roof of the house, and as soon as you turn your back they're back again.
[718] Well these had got, these cherries had been growing where they couldn't see them you know.
[719] [...] nice [...] of cherries this morning.
[720] [laugh] But I don't think they were quite ready yet.
[721] You know they were nice and red but er ... these birds and I've, I've got them covered, but it's quite tall so I can't keep it all covered.
[722] But they can beat me to it every time.
[723] And they weren't the least bit frightened.
[724] ... I'll just put a little bit wispy in the back ... because when I was in Hans' class, the best triangle I ever did was lovely, really pleased with it and it collapsed didn't it?
[725] Because I hadn't put [...] in the back.
[726] [laugh] A little bit of the juniper [...] shape and texture.
[727] ... Going into there.
[728] ... The only colour's the blue ... [...] you know but it's er ... I always make so [...] noise with anybody's paper.
[729] [...] isn't it.
[730] ... Something else you don't see much of these days isn't it?
[731] I was brought up in the country, on a farm you know, so ... [...] I'll try and sort of make you know equal amount of flowers in each, and then er it can be halved.
[732] In the raffle.
[733] If you want to, it's up to you.
[734] ... I'm pleased you haven't got spotlights here.
[735] [laugh] Last year we went to er Kirkby to a dem all day.
[736] It was a, it was just a lecture theatre.
[737] And they had these spotlights on and we were melting.
[738] And you know like [...] we'll sit down and one take turn from the other.
[739] I went through the back to sit on the chair.
[740] Very posh theatre it was.
[741] Sat down and I fell through the whole of the chair.
[742] The back went you know the seat of the chair went [...] the back.
[743] [laugh] I said [whispering] [...] didn't you hear anything [] ?
[744] She said, no never heard a thing.
[745] [laugh] ... [...] landscape.
[746] ... Have you got some red roses for me Anna?
[747] ... Anna's [...] you know. [laugh] ...
Anna (PS1VP) [...]
(PS1VR) [748] Lovely colour aren't they?
[749] They're just starting [...] you see them more [...] it would be nice to have them but you know [...] .
[750] lovely.
[751] Erm ... so a little bit of [...] and ... [cough] This is [...]
Anna (PS1VP) [...] ...
(PS1VR) [752] I'll put it in there.
[753] Then I'll have the red roses [...] .
[754] ... It's rather [...] you know [...] .
[755] Putting the links in.
[756] This is er [...] .
[757] ... There's a little erm ... piece in there you might want to [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [whistling]
(PS1VR) [758] Lay it on top of the potted peat down a little bit.
[759] ... Oh I'm [...] that aren't you?
[760] I always find small plants you know [...] to watch them grow.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [761] [...] much entertainment.
(PS1VR) [762] [laugh] It is nice down where the swans are, isn't it?
[763] ... Now this hasn't really got going yet.
[764] And it's the bloody dog.
[765] [laugh] The [...] .
[766] So [...] if I can get it going you know it's, it's er ... there you can see look what [...] .
[767] ... [...] go.
[768] Yes. ...
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [769] Couldn't you, can you not air off the carnation? ...
(PS1VR) [770] This isn't the ideal [...] .
[771] ... Crisper.
[772] ... Yeah.
[773] I was surprised the size the leeks are getting.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [774] Oh yes. ...
(PS1VR) [775] And some of the older ones are even bigger.
[776] Thanks very much.
[777] ... This is Sandra, I hope.
[778] The person I got it from.
[779] Sandra I don't know if you have it here have you?
[780] Demonstrating?
[781] [cough] I got that from Sandra.
[782] I, I went in her class as well at Mansfield.
[783] ... And then I decided that was [...] to do with [...] again.
[784] That was when I decided to go to [...] to do the City and Guilds course.
[785] ... [...] but we'll have a go.
[786] Er the [...] the shrubby one.
[787] As opposed to the one that grows tall.
[788] I've got them both.
[789] ... I thought it was a very good [...] point.
[790] Yes?
[791] ... And they'll dry nice but I think you'd need to put a stiff wire in them now while they're st you know young.
[792] But they will dry nicely and ... you can either keep them green, or you can spray them you know at Christmas time.
[793] ... If you wrap them in newspaper you keep the green better.
[794] Keep [...] .
[795] ... The demonstrator we had last night I [...] demonstrator.
[796] He said he puts his dry material er into glycerine or ... er antifreeze.
[797] ... For a day.
[798] So it, you know, it's not so brittle.
[799] ... Now I've got some roses to put in somewhere haven't I?
[800] ... Yeah.
[801] They'll have to go that side.
[802] [laugh] ... Erm ... [cough] ... We thought we should try and do something as a kaleidoscope.
[803] So we have [...] a round shape of a kaleidoscope.
[804] ... Hopefully it behaves itself.
[805] [...] trying to ... make it balance all afternoon so I [...] had to start it yesterday [cough] to make it balance.
[806] ... Yes I'm coming.
[807] And it's not going to do it.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [sneeze] [sneeze]
(PS1VR) [808] [...] isn't it?
[809] ... Put it down a little bit more.
[810] Got [...] girls?
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [811] Who was the demonstrator you had last night then?
(PS1VR) [812] Er [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
(PS1VR) [813] Yes.
[814] Yes.
[815] He's off to G-Mex today he says.
[816] ... He's got a dem toda you know he's doing something there.
[817] ... He grows [...] all his own material.
[818] Well he, at the moment he says he's self sufficient.
[819] ... Which I suppose we all should be really shouldn't we?
[820] ... He had an allotment which he grows his material on.
[821] You know [...] at home.
[822] He said you've got all these men, straight lines with the vegetables and that and er ... he's got his, you know, rows and rows of ... different stuff he has in.
[823] ... [cough] ... I [...] straight in to yellow or yellow to orange. [...] ...
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...] ...
(PS1VR) [824] Oh I've got some [...] .
[825] ... And wrap a little bit of your Autumn Joy ... been quite conned into flower which as I say I think [...] looks a little bit like broccoli doesn't it?
Anna (PS1VP) [826] You know it does [...] .
[827] Good rough texture. [laugh]
(PS1VR) [828] I'll just put it back [...] a little bit there.
[829] ... It all works out differently [...] you know it, it looks very nice with er spring flowers as well.
[830] ... Got a nice bright green ivy.
[831] Well they did have when I bought them [...] .
[832] That's always a sign of freshness in the chrysanths.
[833] ... But they had all sorts of [...] virtually now don't they?
[834] ... That's why I didn't want to go to the edge because I wanted to try and [...] do my own. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [...]
(PS1VR) [835] [...] [laugh] ... I might have to hold on to it [...] You'll have to get people to [...] you know.
[836] [...] put it on the table now.
[837] ... Don't come [...] [laugh] . ...
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [clapping] [break in recording]
(PS1VR) [838] Thank you ladies for inj for er inviting us here.
[839] We've enjoyed the evening.
[840] As we say we need all the practice we can get.
[841] And we wish you a safe journey home.
[842] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [clapping]
Unknown speaker (G3XPSUNK) [843] [...] it's a pleasure to say thank you to Mrs and Mrs for your kaleidoscope of colour.
[844] We've really enjoyed it.