BNC Text G42

Medical consultation. Sample containing about 617 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C175

PS1VU Ag5 m (No name, age 60, doctor) unspecified
PS1VV Ag4 f (No name, age 50+) unspecified
G42PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
G42PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 089501 recorded on 1993-04. LocationUnknown ( medical surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (G42PSUNK) [1] [...] . ...
(PS1VV) [...]
Unknown speaker (G42PSUNK) [...]
(PS1VV) [2] Hello, how are you?
(PS1VU) [3] [...] ... what can I do for this lady today?
(PS1VV) [4] Well ... the insurance line's due [...] today.
(PS1VU) [5] You due a line today?
(PS1VV) [6] Yeah.
[7] ... Time flies doesn't it?
(PS1VU) [8] Oh.
[9] Time fairly belts in doesn't it?
(PS1VV) [10] Mm. ...
(PS1VU) [11] Mm, it's the thirteenth of [...] .
[12] ... There we are, scallywag.
(PS1VV) [13] Right.
(PS1VU) [14] That'll keep you right with that.
[15] Now
(PS1VV) [16] Now, while I'm here.
[17] I've had a bit of trouble with this ear again, it's been kind of sore on and off, and down my neck.
(PS1VU) [18] [...] you been doing to yourself now?
(PS1VV) [19] Aye, it's been [...] .
(PS1VU) [20] Coming to bits.
(PS1VV) [21] [...] falling to bits now.
(PS1VU) [22] Coming to bits.
[23] Let's have a look at you.
(PS1VV) [24] [...] married ten years ago, [...] .
(PS1VU) [25] [laugh] That's a story, that.
(PS1VV) [26] Lot of wax in it, right enough.
[27] I think probably some trouble with that.
(PS1VU) [28] [...] .
[29] It's not the wax that's doing it.
[30] You're full of catarrh.
(PS1VV) [31] Mhm.
(PS1VU) [32] Right.
(PS1VV) [33] I've really been feeling very very low.
(PS1VU) [34] Well, let's get
(PS1VV) [35] Exceptionally tired.
[36] ... Feeling dizzy, taking dizzy spells and my nerves are frazzled.
[37] And my mother died not long before Christmas, and I thought I was doing fine.
[38] I was great over Christmas.
[39] About four or five weeks ago, just ... completely collapsed.
[40] My nervous system shot to pieces.
(PS1VU) [41] Oh right.
(PS1VV) [42] Bubbling, crying, ...
(PS1VU) [43] Let's turn you into a human being.
(PS1VV) [44] Oh.
[45] I thought I was doing well, I thought this is marvellous, here's me manag managing to get through Christmas. ...
(PS1VU) [46] It's amazing
(PS1VV) [47] You know really do you know, as if I think I blanked out.
[48] I really think I er
(PS1VU) [49] Ah, but
(PS1VV) [50] I subconsciously blanked out.
(PS1VU) [51] That's what you do when you know you've got to get through something like Christmas.
(PS1VV) [52] You think so?
(PS1VU) [53] Yeah.
[54] Oh aye.
[55] Oh aye.
(PS1VV) [56] Oh, it's a nightmare.
[57] ... I do, I think that's really finished me off.
[58] ... It sounds terrible, so depressing, but I really feel, I can't get a spark in me.
[59] I feel I'm ... I don't even want to talk to people.
(PS1VU) [60] Just, just, just go home and go to bed.
(PS1VV) [61] Aha.
[62] And even if I go to bed I can't sleep.
(PS1VU) [63] Aye.
[64] That's right.
(PS1VV) [65] And I don't want to talk to people.
[66] I feel so anti-social all of a sudden.
(PS1VU) [67] Right, let's get you going.
[68] Let's get you turned into a human being.
(PS1VV) [69] Get me something to get me Oh, I know, it's dreadful.
[70] My son's getting married in June and everything, and I [...]
(PS1VU) [cough]
(PS1VV) [71] feel this way in June.
(PS1VU) [72] Oh you'll be, be as right as rain by that time.
(PS1VV) [73] You think so?
(PS1VU) [74] Yes.
[75] Oh aye.
[76] We'll have you back to your normal self.
(PS1VV) [77] I mean, anybody says boo to me, I'm bubbling.
(PS1VU) [78] Aye.
(PS1VV) [...]
(PS1VU) [79] That's right.
[80] Oh well, we'll stop all that.
(PS1VV) [81] I've not been bad for a long long time.
(PS1VU) [82] We'll stop
(PS1VV) [83] I'm usually not too bad at keeping a grip on myself.
[84] Sometimes too good.
(PS1VU) [85] Well,
(PS1VV) [86] Keeping thing to myself I think that's
(PS1VU) [87] [...] we'll, we'll get you turned into a human being without any problem at all.
(PS1VV) [88] Okey-doke.
(PS1VU) [89] But er we'll see you in four weeks.
[90] See how you're doing.
(PS1VV) [91] Four weeks?
(PS1VU) [92] Four weeks.
[93] Yeah.
(PS1VV) [94] You'll have to give me ano
(PS1VU) [95] And your I s your line won't be due, but I t
(PS1VV) [96] Aha.
(PS1VU) [97] I want to see that you're coming along alright.
(PS1VV) [98] Right.
(PS1VU) [99] Ready for this wedding.
[100] Okay.
(PS1VV) [101] Okay then. [...] . [...]
(PS1VU) [102] Och away.
(PS1VV) [103] [...] it's terrible that, and I thought I'll be looking forward, this is the last one you see, this is my youngest.
(PS1VU) [104] Peace and quiet after that.
(PS1VV) [105] Aye.
(PS1VU) [106] For a for a wee while.
(PS1VV) [107] For a wee while, yes.
(PS1VU) [108] [laughing] For a a wee while [] .
(PS1VV) [109] Right,
(PS1VU) [110] Right.
(PS1VV) [111] is it four weeks then I'll come back and see you?
(PS1VU) [112] See you in four weeks, yes please.
(PS1VV) [113] Right, thanks a lot doctor.
[114] Bye.
(PS1VU) [115] Right, bye now.