BNC Text G43

Medical consultation. Sample containing about 667 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C176

PS1VW Ag5 m (No name, age 60, doctor) unspecified
PS1VX Ag1 m (John, age 18) unspecified

1 recordings

  1. Tape 089502 recorded on 1993-04. LocationUnknown ( medical surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

John (PS1VX) [1] Hello doctor.
(PS1VW) [2] Hello.
[3] Well Mr , what can I do for you today?
John (PS1VX) [4] Er, it's a wee problem I've had for a ... say about a year now.
(PS1VW) [5] Mhm.
John (PS1VX) [6] It's er my face.
[7] And my skin.
[8] I seem to get an awful lot of, it's like
(PS1VW) [9] Aha.
John (PS1VX) [10] dry flaky skin.
(PS1VW) [11] Yeah.
John (PS1VX) [12] And I get it on my forehead, down here
(PS1VW) [13] I can see [...]
John (PS1VX) [14] and under my chin.
(PS1VW) [15] Mhm.
John (PS1VX) [16] And I've tried as many different creams.
(PS1VW) [17] What've they been?
John (PS1VX) [18] Oh, I've, I've got them at the chemist, that E forty five,
(PS1VW) [19] Mm.
[20] Oh aye.
John (PS1VX) [21] all different stuff, it's no good.
(PS1VW) [22] No.
John (PS1VX) [23] And it's starting to get, you know, annoy me.
(PS1VW) [24] Right, let's get it cleared for you.
John (PS1VX) [25] Good.
[26] I think I left it too long.
(PS1VW) [27] No no.
John (PS1VX) [28] I should have seen you afore now.
(PS1VW) [29] No.
[30] Mm.
John (PS1VX) [31] What kind of things causes that, you know?
(PS1VW) [32] You'll need to watch your soap,
John (PS1VX) [33] Aha.
(PS1VW) [34] shampoo,
John (PS1VX) [35] Right.
(PS1VW) [36] ... er conditioner
John (PS1VX) [37] Right.
(PS1VW) [38] any of these things that you use on your hair,
John (PS1VX) [39] Aha.
(PS1VW) [40] that can run down your face.
John (PS1VX) [41] [...] your face.
[42] Aha.
(PS1VW) [43] Cos these are the things that cause [...] .
John (PS1VX) [44] Yeah I thought it was soap.
(PS1VW) [45] Mhm.
John (PS1VX) [46] And I started see now they've brought out that Dove, the moisturizer, rubbish.
(PS1VW) [laugh]
John (PS1VX) [47] Crap.
[48] Right.
(PS1VW) [laugh]
John (PS1VX) [49] Good.
[50] I've been buying bars and bars of that see.
(PS1VW) [51] [laughing] No, it's er []
John (PS1VX) [52] Rubbish.
[53] I said maybe that'll sort it [...] .
(PS1VW) [54] Aye.
[55] Anything like that at all, anything ... Er soap powder even, affects some folk.
John (PS1VX) [56] Oh right.
[57] Aha.
(PS1VW) [58] Er ... liquid soaps are the same.
John (PS1VX) [...]
(PS1VW) [59] Er shampoos.
John (PS1VX) [60] Shower gels and things like that?
[61] I, I use [...]
(PS1VW) [62] All these things, are all, all exactly the same.
John (PS1VX) [63] See.
[64] So what, what would you recommend that?
(PS1VW) [65] We ba Johnson's Baby Shampoo.
John (PS1VX) [66] Aha.
(PS1VW) [67] End of story.
John (PS1VX) [68] That's it?
(PS1VW) [69] That's for the whole lot.
John (PS1VX) [70] For that that does the, the business?
(PS1VW) [71] The lot, yeah.
John (PS1VX) [72] That's fine then.
(PS1VW) [73] Yeah.
[74] Because it's got the, it's the one with the fewest er [...] detergents,
John (PS1VX) [75] Aye.
(PS1VW) [76] and all of this, this gunge they put in.
John (PS1VX) [77] That's right aye.
(PS1VW) [78] It's the safest one of the lot.
John (PS1VX) [...]
(PS1VW) [79] That, or the next best is er Simple Soap shampoo.
John (PS1VX) [80] Aye, that's right, aye.
(PS1VW) [81] These two are the best.
John (PS1VX) [82] That's the best to use?
(PS1VW) [83] They're the safest to use.
John (PS1VX) [84] That's good that's fine.
(PS1VW) [85] And if you do that,
John (PS1VX) [86] It should clear up.
(PS1VW) [87] and you use this stuff for about a month ... use this [...] stuff is quite soft.
John (PS1VX) [88] Aha.
(PS1VW) [89] You don't need a lot of it, [...] .
[90] It's almost ... almost as soft as this.
[91] This is highly perfumed stuff.
John (PS1VX) [92] Aha.
(PS1VW) [93] Er that that [...] isn't.
[94] This is highly perfumed, but you really ... See that?
John (PS1VX) [95] [...] some like that, and just rub it in.
(PS1VW) [96] Aye.
[97] Just like that.
John (PS1VX) [...]
(PS1VW) [98] See a wee drop like that'll cover that,
John (PS1VX) [99] That's right.
(PS1VW) [100] right up to there.
[101] You know, just a spot of that covers
John (PS1VX) [102] Aye you're, aye you're not going to use a lot.
(PS1VW) [103] Aye, you won't, you won't need a lot.
[104] ... Just a wee drop like that.
John (PS1VX) [105] Mm.
(PS1VW) [106] Er that stuff stinks too
John (PS1VX) [laugh]
(PS1VW) [107] But er but there's the, the cream you get from the chemist John, er won't won't be like that.
[108] And
John (PS1VX) [109] [...] .
[110] I, I've [...] tubes of that E forty five,
(PS1VW) [111] Aye.
John (PS1VX) [112] and I plastered it,
(PS1VW) [113] Aye.
[114] No.
John (PS1VX) [115] and it's nothing.
(PS1VW) [116] No.
[117] You, if you get that stuff that'll ... keep doing the trick for you.
John (PS1VX) [118] [...] soaps.
(PS1VW) [119] Aye, just watch the kind of soap you use,
John (PS1VX) [120] Aha.
(PS1VW) [121] and watch your shampoos.
John (PS1VX) [122] That's smashing.
(PS1VW) [123] As I say, the, the best ... is Johnson's Baby
John (PS1VX) [124] Aye.
(PS1VW) [125] or Simple Soap shampoo.
John (PS1VX) [126] There're no additives?
(PS1VW) [127] There're no additives in them at all.
John (PS1VX) [128] That's right.
[129] Right.
(PS1VW) [130] A anything that ... smells like [...]
John (PS1VX) [131] Aye pongs.
[132] Aye.
(PS1VW) [133] Forget it.
John (PS1VX) [134] Forget it.
[135] Aye.
(PS1VW) [136] Okay.
[137] Anything that's got even the slightest
John (PS1VX) [138] Aye.
(PS1VW) [139] thing like that, forget it.
John (PS1VX) [140] That's fine then.
(PS1VW) [141] So, you're still at ?
John (PS1VX) [142] That's still the same, aye.
(PS1VW) [143] [whispering] Still on [] .
John (PS1VX) [144] Well that's smashing, Doctor.
(PS1VW) [145] There you are, and that'll keep that right John.
John (PS1VX) [146] That's lovely.
[147] Right, thanks Doctor .
(PS1VW) [148] Okay look after yourself now.
John (PS1VX) [149] Same with you.
(PS1VW) [150] Right.
John (PS1VX) [151] See you later.
(PS1VW) [152] Cheerio now.
John (PS1VX) [153] Bye bye.