BNC Text G44

Medical consultation. Sample containing about 470 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C177

PS1VY Ag5 m (No name, age 60, doctor) unspecified
PS1W0 Ag5 f (Isobel, age 65) unspecified

1 recordings

  1. Tape 089503 recorded on 1993-04. LocationUnknown ( medical surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS1VY) [1] Yeah, yeah.
[2] ... Hello.
[3] Well now, what can we do for this lady?
Isobel (PS1W0) [4] Well, erm it's [...] negatives so ... [...] X-rays [...] my leg. ...
(PS1VY) [5] Right.
[6] Oh.
[7] ... X-rays.
[8] ... Now then.
[9] ... Back this morning.
[10] ... [...] okay.
[11] ... Right, there's no arthritis that's fine.
[12] But that doesn't mean that you, you know, you won't have pain
Isobel (PS1W0) [13] No.
(PS1VY) [14] er because there's no arthritis.
Isobel (PS1W0) [15] Aha.
(PS1VY) [16] And you still get pains in your joints even though you don't have arthritis.
[17] ... Er ... right.
Isobel (PS1W0) [18] But what I was thinking, maybe I'd be better going back to work and seeing how
(PS1VY) [19] Mhm.
Isobel (PS1W0) [20] You know?
(PS1VY) [21] Yeah, er I think so.
[22] The, the one thing about arthritis that ... y you're better if you can keep going.
[23] Rather than because if you settle, if you, you let the, the joints settle, instead of being nice and smooth, they get all rough ... and the other bones knit in
Isobel (PS1W0) [24] Mm.
(PS1VY) [25] with them.
Isobel (PS1W0) [26] It was just [...] that pain I was getting.
[27] It, it seemed, seemed to have disappeared so
(PS1VY) [...]
Isobel (PS1W0) [28] I thought maybe that [...] have my work, maybe
(PS1VY) [29] Yeah, that would probably be a good thing.
Isobel (PS1W0) [30] er more help than anything you know.
(PS1VY) [31] Now, the wee pink tablets, did, when you started them, did they make a difference?
Isobel (PS1W0) [32] Well, I was actually feeling very sleepy with them.
(PS1VY) [33] You felt sleepy with them?
Isobel (PS1W0) [34] Aha.
(PS1VY) [35] Right.
[36] Well, what, what
Isobel (PS1W0) [37] But I've not been taking them for the last week.
(PS1VY) [38] Well, keep what you've got in the house,
Isobel (PS1W0) [39] Aha.
(PS1VY) [40] and if you feel ... that the pains are bad during the night, take them at
Isobel (PS1W0) [41] Take them.
(PS1VY) [42] bedtime.
Isobel (PS1W0) [43] Mhm.
(PS1VY) [44] Right?
[45] Take, keep them round the house,
Isobel (PS1W0) [46] Mhm.
(PS1VY) [47] if you need them, take them at bedtime.
[48] But er, I'm glad to say the er X-rays are alright.
Isobel (PS1W0) [49] Aye, well, I was glad myself [...] .
(PS1VY) [50] Oh aye.
Isobel (PS1W0) [51] Could you date it that I start back Monday, doctor, if you don't mind?
(PS1VY) [52] Next Monday?
Isobel (PS1W0) [53] Er aye well I'm [...] .
(PS1VY) [54] Monday that'll be the eighteenth, nineteenth now?
Isobel (PS1W0) [...]
(PS1VY) [55] Er nineteen ... four, ... ninety three.
[56] ... Er ... so that gives you another five or ten years before the dry rot sets in.
Isobel (PS1W0) [57] I hope so. [laugh]
(PS1VY) [58] Oh that's good.
[59] Oh that's
Isobel (PS1W0) [60] I sometimes think it's nature's [...] wear and tear.
(PS1VY) [61] Ah!
[62] ... You've got years and years and years to catch up yet.
Isobel (PS1W0) [laugh]
(PS1VY) [63] Years and years and years.
Isobel (PS1W0) [64] Oh well, I don't suppose I [...] damage if [...] .
(PS1VY) [65] Yeah, you've a lot of ... a lot of capers still to get up to
Isobel (PS1W0) [66] Mm.
(PS1VY) [67] There we are, that'll keep you right
Isobel (PS1W0) [...]
(PS1VY) [68] with these folks.
Isobel (PS1W0) [69] It's just they like you to, to slip in before you actually start to [...] .
[70] That means when I go in they know I'm s coming in you know?
[71] It kind of keeps them [...] .
(PS1VY) [72] Yes, oh aye, that's, that's right.
[73] Keeps them [...] keeps them off your back.
Isobel (PS1W0) [74] And it
(PS1VY) [75] Keeps them off your back.
[76] Right, Isobel.
Isobel (PS1W0) [77] Right doctor, thanks very much.
[78] Cheerio.
(PS1VY) [79] Okay, cheerio now.