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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 1117 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C178

PS1W1 Ag5 m (No name, age 60, doctor) unspecified
PS1W2 Ag5 f (Agnes, age 60) unspecified

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  1. Tape 089504 recorded on 1993-04. LocationUnknown ( medical surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

Agnes (PS1W2) [1] Ah.
[2] I wish I
(PS1W1) [3] Hello!
Agnes (PS1W2) [4] I wish I could do that.
(PS1W1) [5] Oh.
[6] ... Well, what can I do for you today, Agnes?
Agnes (PS1W2) [7] I'll tell you.
[8] I don't know if it's old age or not, oh, it's getting worse.
[9] ... I've been, I can't even fasten my bra at the back.
(PS1W1) [10] Bad as that?
Agnes (PS1W2) [11] That's [...] .
[12] ... Actually I've got, I've got er Oruval.
[13] And I take that for that sciatica.
(PS1W1) [14] Mhm.
[15] Mm.
Agnes (PS1W2) [16] Is that good for that?
[17] No?
(PS1W1) [18] No.
Agnes (PS1W2) [19] See I didn't, I, I, and he gave me, I was here, oh I don't know if it was about a fortnight ago I was here.
[20] Anyway I wasn't well.
[21] It
(PS1W1) [22] Mhm.
Agnes (PS1W2) [23] was my ear.
[24] Was it you I s no it wasn't you I seen about my ear, was it?
(PS1W1) [25] Fortnight ago?
Agnes (PS1W2) [26] See I no, a fortnight, how long ago was it [...] ?
(PS1W1) [27] I saw you about nearly five weeks ago.
[28] In fact more than that.
Agnes (PS1W2) [29] No.
[30] No it was after that.
[31] It was after that I seen somebody.
[32] It was Doctor, was it Doctor ?
(PS1W1) [33] .
[34] Aye.
Agnes (PS1W2) [35] I just took whoever I could, cos I said I'll take er and it was Doctor
(PS1W1) [36] Right.
Agnes (PS1W2) [37] and er it was my ear.
(PS1W1) [38] Aha.
Agnes (PS1W2) [39] And, and this, I j er I just wasn't well.
[40] I said
(PS1W1) [41] Right.
Agnes (PS1W2) [42] I don't know.
[43] Do you think it's the change of life that's [...] me?
(PS1W1) [44] No!
Agnes (PS1W2) [45] Because I just don't keep well.
(PS1W1) [46] Er
Agnes (PS1W2) [47] And I'm taking [...] right.
[48] And they're coming ... I don't think I'm taking for a couple of months, and then I take them every fortnight.
(PS1W1) [49] Mhm.
Agnes (PS1W2) [50] And they're kind of lasting.
[51] If you know what I mean
(PS1W1) [...]
Agnes (PS1W2) [52] they're la do you think that is?
[53] It's going away?
(PS1W1) [54] Right.
[55] That, that could that could be it disappearing. ...
Agnes (PS1W2) [56] Hopefully it is.
[57] ... But as I say, I've er but somebody says to me, they've go here I go again, talking about what everybody says they've got.
[58] They said they've got that Brufen, for this?
[59] This ... arm.
(PS1W1) [60] N No.
[61] No.
Agnes (PS1W2) [62] Is that not for that either?
(PS1W1) [63] No that's, that's all, that's for arthritis.
Agnes (PS1W2) [64] Is it?
(PS1W1) [65] That's a neuralgia.
[66] That's a neuralgia
Agnes (PS1W2) [67] Could it, do you
(PS1W1) [68] pain you've got .
Agnes (PS1W2) [69] Do you think that
(PS1W1) [70] Mhm.
Agnes (PS1W2) [71] do you think it's
(PS1W1) [72] Yeah.
Agnes (PS1W2) [73] a neuralgia pain?
(PS1W1) [74] That's a neuralgia pain you've got, that's ... Brufen wouldn't make much difference to that Agnes.
[75] Still in ?
Agnes (PS1W2) [76] Yeah, [...] .
[77] ... Er, oh, it's, see actually I wondered if it was a frozen shoulder?
[78] I thought that if, you know how sometimes
(PS1W1) [79] No no.
Agnes (PS1W2) [80] you, see when I, I cannae turn,
(PS1W1) [81] That's [...]
Agnes (PS1W2) [82] see when I go I, I cannae
(PS1W1) [83] You wouldn't be able to do that if you had a frozen shoulder.
Agnes (PS1W2) [84] Wouldn't I?
(PS1W1) [85] No.
Agnes (PS1W2) [86] I can, I can actually get it to there, but see when I
(PS1W1) [87] Aye, well, if you had a frozen shoulder you wouldn't get it past there.
Agnes (PS1W2) [88] Well, I can get it past there but I couldn't lift it up.
(PS1W1) [89] That's right.
Agnes (PS1W2) [90] There's no way I can lift it up.
(PS1W1) [91] No, that's
Agnes (PS1W2) [92] Now this one, now, I can go like that.
(PS1W1) [93] Mhm.
[94] That's right.
Agnes (PS1W2) [95] You know, this one's all
(PS1W1) [96] That's right.
Agnes (PS1W2) [97] And it seems to be more in this just one place.
(PS1W1) [98] Mhm. ... [...] ?
Agnes (PS1W2) [99] Oh. [...] ...
(PS1W1) [100] See if I do that?
[101] And
Agnes (PS1W2) [102] Ah! [cry of pain]
(PS1W1) [103] Is that the good bit?
Agnes (PS1W2) [104] Yeah, that's
(PS1W1) [105] That's the good bit.
[106] ... That's, that's where the nerve comes up near the skin.
[107] Just down here.
Agnes (PS1W2) [108] Is it?
(PS1W1) [109] And then it goes
Agnes (PS1W2) [110] Yeah, that
(PS1W1) [111] down the front of your shoulder,
Agnes (PS1W2) [112] See,
(PS1W1) [113] right down.
Agnes (PS1W2) [114] Right well you see I would have thought if you'd have done it there, that would have been, but no, but see when you
(PS1W1) [115] That's it.
[116] That's it all there.
Agnes (PS1W2) [117] Right in there?
(PS1W1) [118] Right in there.
[119] ... Now ... this is the latest stuff from the ... the hospital ... for killing the neuralgia.
Agnes (PS1W2) [120] Is it?
(PS1W1) [121] Mm.
[122] ... Now, no more than three of these in a day, and you must stay on it for at least a month.
Agnes (PS1W2) [123] Right.
(PS1W1) [124] A whole month, Agnes.
Agnes (PS1W2) [125] Are you giving me a month's supply?
(PS1W1) [126] Mhm.
[127] Yeah.
Agnes (PS1W2) [128] Cos [...] , how much, four seventy five now for a prescription, is
(PS1W1) [129] Yeah, well
Agnes (PS1W2) [130] it not?
(PS1W1) [...]
Agnes (PS1W2) [131] It's
(PS1W1) [132] Aye.
Agnes (PS1W2) [133] it's not so bad when you get one,
(PS1W1) [cough]
Agnes (PS1W2) [134] but see when you get two?
[135] Or
(PS1W1) [136] Three.
Agnes (PS1W2) [137] er it's terrible.
[138] Cos I had my er line, it's due up
(PS1W1) [139] Yeah.
Agnes (PS1W2) [140] er ... on, and I'll tell you another thing I've been taking.
[141] Well, the easiest one to show you is there.
[142] All over my body.
(PS1W1) [143] Spots I see.
Agnes (PS1W2) [144] See it?
[145] I've a bit more.
[146] I don't know if I've ... [...] one up there?
(PS1W1) [147] Yeah.
[148] Aye.
Agnes (PS1W2) [149] Erm and my leg and that, but I don't know if that was through stress.
[150] It's not bad.
(PS1W1) [151] Aye.
Agnes (PS1W2) [152] But that's just been coming
(PS1W1) [153] Yeah.
Agnes (PS1W2) [154] out on me lately.
(PS1W1) [155] That's right.
[156] That's just a stress reaction.
Agnes (PS1W2) [157] It's see yeah well, did you know my mother died?
(PS1W1) [158] No.
Agnes (PS1W2) [159] Yeah.
[160] She died on the thirteenth of March.
[161] She was only in that new home fi five weeks.
(PS1W1) [162] Right.
Agnes (PS1W2) [163] Five weeks she was in it.
[164] But don't get me wrong, it wasn't a ... it wasn't a ... er ... s tragedy as such when [...] cos it was the
(PS1W1) [165] No no.
[166] Oh
Agnes (PS1W2) [167] best thing that could have happened to
(PS1W1) [168] Yeah.
Agnes (PS1W2) [169] my mother.
[170] Because she was ...
(PS1W1) [171] She was never happy.
Agnes (PS1W2) [172] Ah, that was.
[173] You know.
(PS1W1) [174] It was ... a, a release.
Agnes (PS1W2) [175] It was a release because she just went down every day.
(PS1W1) [176] Yeah.
[177] Oh aye.
Agnes (PS1W2) [178] She went down every day.
(PS1W1) [179] Now I want to see you in four weeks again.
Agnes (PS1W2) [180] Oh you want to see me in four weeks?
(PS1W1) [181] Mhm.
Agnes (PS1W2) [182] How long did you give me my certificate for?
(PS1W1) [183] Thirteen weeks.
Agnes (PS1W2) [184] Thirteen weeks?
[185] But er you want to see me in four weeks to see about that?
(PS1W1) [186] Thirteen weeks.
[187] But I want you to come back in four weeks.
[188] Mhm.
[189] ... I want you back in four weeks.
Agnes (PS1W2) [190] Well I didn't have to wait too long for you today.
(PS1W1) [191] [laugh] It's a change.
Agnes (PS1W2) [192] [laughing] Is it?
[193] I know I keep saying to
(PS1W1) [194] It's a change.
Agnes (PS1W2) [195] myself [] , you know er cos I'm saying I said, how many's that that's been into that doctor?
[196] And a new doctor I was talking to, I says, three went in [...] , I says, [laughing] Hope they're all going into [...] , doctor [] .
(PS1W1) [laugh]
Agnes (PS1W2) [laughing] [...] []
(PS1W1) [197] Away and look after yourself.
Agnes (PS1W2) [198] I think it's, I think it's er I'm just getting old, it doesn't happen [...] .
[199] See, I'm used to doing everything myself.
(PS1W1) [200] Mhm.
Agnes (PS1W2) [201] I've always had to do everything.
(PS1W1) [202] Aye.
Agnes (PS1W2) [203] And ... wheelbarrow, [...] , you know and see now.
[204] I keep saying, [...] You used to [...] your children, but they don't do nothing for you now, don't they
(PS1W1) [205] Not much.
Agnes (PS1W2) [206] not?
(PS1W1) [207] I wouldn't hold
Agnes (PS1W2) [...]
(PS1W1) [208] your breath waiting for them nowadays.
Agnes (PS1W2) [209] So, four weeks?
(PS1W1) [210] Right, see you four weeks.
Agnes (PS1W2) [211] Er right, aye .
(PS1W1) [212] Right Agnes.
Agnes (PS1W2) [213] Right.
[214] Thanks
(PS1W1) [215] Cheerio now.