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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 594 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C179

PS1W3 Ag5 m (No name, age 60, doctor) unspecified
PS1W4 Ag1 m (Jim, age 20) unspecified

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  1. Tape 089505 recorded on 1993-04. LocationUnknown ( medical surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS1W3) [1] Well James , what can I do for you tonight?
Jim (PS1W4) [2] It's ... my knee again.
(PS1W3) [3] Your knee?
[4] Still giving you trouble Jim?
Jim (PS1W4) [5] Aye. ...
(PS1W3) [6] That's a boy, let's have a wee look at it.
[7] See how we're doing.
[8] Did you get X-rays, Jim?
Jim (PS1W4) [9] Aye, for [...] and I still didn't, they didn't show anything. ...
(PS1W3) [10] There's no arthritis or anything?
[11] Good.
[12] That's good.
[13] ... No there's no [...] that other thing [...] the inhaler thing.
Jim (PS1W4) [14] Mm.
(PS1W3) [15] No sign of any damage with that.
[16] Now then, where, where are you feeling it catching just now?
Jim (PS1W4) [17] Here and
(PS1W3) [18] Still round there. [...]
Jim (PS1W4) [19] this [...] up here, and, and there's kind of er shooting pains ... and
(PS1W3) [20] Still a bit puffy down here, isn't it, eh? [whispering] [...] [] ...
[21] That bit doesn't feel so bad.
Jim (PS1W4) [22] Mm.
(PS1W3) [23] Remember there was we though we thought there
Jim (PS1W4) [24] Aye, a s
(PS1W3) [25] was a wee
Jim (PS1W4) [26] scar.
(PS1W3) [27] scar across there.
[28] You can still feel a slight ... have you been doing your exercises?
[29] ... No?
Jim (PS1W4) [...]
(PS1W3) [30] Right.
[31] Well, I think you're at the stage now where we could get you doing your exercises, Jim.
[32] It's at, you can feel the slight ... in there ...
Jim (PS1W4) [33] Ah. [...]
(PS1W3) [34] Just there , you can feel that, feel that, feel it catching.
[35] But that's softer than it was before.
[36] So that's good.
[37] ... Now, what we'll need to get you doing, is some exercise to strengthen up the muscle across there.
[38] And pull that scar ... tight together Jim.
[39] ... What, what I want you to do is, just with you sitting just now, just lift your leg up like that, just hold it with your two hands.
[40] And just ... do that.
[41] ... About twenty times a day.
[42] ... Now your knee'll be sore, when you start doing it, because you, this muscle has to get strengthened up again.
[43] ... And let that scar get joined up.
[44] But as you keep doing that, every day, it'll get less and less and less painful.
[45] And after about a week, there'll be no pain in it, and you'll be ... doing it no bother at all.
[46] And that muscle'll grow over the top of that scar, and it'll get rid of all that for you Jim.
Jim (PS1W4) [47] Okay.
(PS1W3) [48] Well that's so as you're, you're going to win after all.
[49] You're going to win.
[50] Er, what about the inhalers now, are you still?
Jim (PS1W4) [51] Er could I ... erm have a prescription for [...] ?
(PS1W3) [52] Aye, sure. ...
Jim (PS1W4) [53] I'm still on the [...] forty.
(PS1W3) [54] The be you still on that?
[55] ... Do you need them?
Jim (PS1W4) [56] No, that's just
(PS1W3) [57] No, you're all
Jim (PS1W4) [58] [...] it's just I don't have any Ventolin.
(PS1W3) [59] Right.
[60] ... Now then, if you do these wee exercises Jim and then come back up and see me in ... about ... f say four weeks.
[61] Let's say four weeks.
Jim (PS1W4) [62] Okay.
(PS1W3) [63] And we'll just check that out again, and make sure that that's all got healed over.
[64] You're at number two?
[65] Yes [whispering] number two [] [...] You haven't gone and left home since I saw you last, no?
Jim (PS1W4) [66] No.
(PS1W3) [67] You're still at ?
[68] ... But that's good, I'm ... pleased.
Jim (PS1W4) [69] That's [...] ... Well, that's since January.
(PS1W3) [70] Aye.
Jim (PS1W4) [71] It's been really slow.
(PS1W3) [72] Cos yeah, er, it er it does worry you.
[73] And er if we can get it to just, well a wee bit of rest, we get to the stage where it er starts to get soft again.
[74] It means we can get the muscle to ... grow over the top and bury that underneath and let the whole thing get back to normal.
Jim (PS1W4) [75] Okay.
(PS1W3) [76] But just nice gentle exercises.
[77] No leaping up and down [...] .
Jim (PS1W4) [laugh]
(PS1W3) [78] Eh?
[79] Okay?
Jim (PS1W4) [80] Yeah.
(PS1W3) [81] [...] just do it nice and gently and that'll come back to normal.
Jim (PS1W4) [82] [...] Right thanks Doctor.
(PS1W3) [83] Okay.
Jim (PS1W4) [84] Thanks.
(PS1W3) [85] Right.
Jim (PS1W4) [86] Bye.
(PS1W3) [87] Okay John Cheerio now.
Jim (PS1W4) [...]