BNC Text G47

Medical consultation. Sample containing about 890 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C180

PS1W5 Ag5 m (No name, age 60, doctor) unspecified
PS1W6 Ag2 f (Cathy, age 30) unspecified

1 recordings

  1. Tape 089506 recorded on 1993-04. LocationUnknown ( medical surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS1W5) [1] Hello.
[2] ... [...] pinching [...] . ...
Cathy (PS1W6) [3] Erm, it's about my back today.
(PS1W5) [4] Aha.
Cathy (PS1W6) [5] It's ... for a, a couple of weeks there it wasn't too bad, but now I feel as if it's [...] .
(PS1W5) [6] What did you do to it?
Cathy (PS1W6) [7] It doesn't look bruised, mind, but it feels, sore to touch or anything?
[8] ... I, I really don't know what I've done.
[9] I know times I get it, like ... maybe just at one side, if I've been sitting in a hard seat
(PS1W5) [10] Mhm.
Cathy (PS1W6) [11] at a, a particular wee bit if I've been leaning back,
(PS1W5) [12] Aye.
Cathy (PS1W6) [13] you know, but
(PS1W5) [14] But this is all over?
Cathy (PS1W6) [15] Right.
[16] ... It's just i i there isn't any bruising.
(PS1W5) [17] And there's nothing to see?
Cathy (PS1W6) [18] You know, I've I've, well I've looked.
[19] ... The best I can
(PS1W5) [20] Mhm.
Cathy (PS1W6) [21] and I cannae see any bruising, but ... it feels
(PS1W5) [22] It feels all bruised.
Cathy (PS1W6) [23] as though it's all bruised.
[24] ... And in
(PS1W5) [25] And no and nothing you can think of that started it up?
Cathy (PS1W6) [26] [...] and it's sore like ... nerves.
[27] Like
(PS1W5) [28] Pins and needles?
Cathy (PS1W6) [29] you know how if you hit your elbow?
(PS1W5) [30] Aha right.
Cathy (PS1W6) [31] Or er [...] you know into my finger.
(PS1W5) [32] Into your fingers.
Cathy (PS1W6) [33] You know when I, when I go to lift something, or if I use
(PS1W5) [34] Mhm.
Cathy (PS1W6) [35] pressing on this finger,
(PS1W5) [36] Aye, it feels numb.
Cathy (PS1W6) [37] [...] right up
(PS1W5) [38] Right up the arm.
[39] Right.
Cathy (PS1W6) [40] this arm. ...
(PS1W5) [41] Right.
[42] ... Er your hand doesn't get swollen or anything like that Cathy, no?
[43] You've not seen anything?
Cathy (PS1W6) [44] No, I don't think it's been
(PS1W5) [45] Nothing at all.
Cathy (PS1W6) [46] swollen or anything.
(PS1W5) [47] Right.
Cathy (PS1W6) [48] [...] right in into my wrist.
(PS1W5) [49] Right through?
Cathy (PS1W6) [50] Right.
(PS1W5) [51] Aye.
[52] ... What about your elbow?
Cathy (PS1W6) [53] Aye, up to my elbow.
(PS1W5) [54] U u right up to your elbow.
Cathy (PS1W6) [55] Not so bad at the top.
(PS1W5) [56] Mhm.
[57] More down at the bottom.
Cathy (PS1W6) [58] Painful down
(PS1W5) [59] Right. ...
Cathy (PS1W6) [60] from my finger up. ...
(PS1W5) [61] Now, ... are you on anything in the way of tablets that could be upsetting your, your system ... at all?
Cathy (PS1W6) [62] I just got two ... two bottles the last time I was in, I can't [...] .
(PS1W5) [63] Nothing?
Cathy (PS1W6) [64] And was one of them not for that and my neck?
(PS1W5) [65] Mhm.
Cathy (PS1W6) [66] That's
(PS1W5) [67] Yeah.
Cathy (PS1W6) [68] still a bit sore.
(PS1W5) [69] Still a bit sore?
[70] Right.
Cathy (PS1W6) [71] Mhm.
(PS1W5) [72] Right.
Cathy (PS1W6) [73] And an odd time
(PS1W5) [...]
Cathy (PS1W6) [74] it goes really
(PS1W5) [75] Right.
Cathy (PS1W6) [76] I feel as if it's really deep,
(PS1W5) [77] Mhm.
Cathy (PS1W6) [78] deep, deep.
[79] And then it kind of calms down a wee bit.
(PS1W5) [80] Then it calms down, right.
[81] ... There's nothing in that that would cause this problem.
[82] Is this a sort of neuralgia
Cathy (PS1W6) [83] [...] just
(PS1W5) [84] Yeah.
Cathy (PS1W6) [85] you know a kind of painkiller I'm taking.
(PS1W5) [86] No , it's ... er, no this tingling down to your fingers, that's a different thing Catherine.
[87] Erm, right. ...
Cathy (PS1W6) [88] Is it the same thing?
(PS1W5) [89] Aye, it's the same thing down your back.
[90] Yeah.
Cathy (PS1W6) [91] Coming down my back maybe, and ...
(PS1W5) [92] Now the one thing you'll have to watch [cough] excuse me [cough] excuse me, with these tablets, is anything with alcohol in it.
[93] It's liable to make you sick
Cathy (PS1W6) [94] Mhm.
(PS1W5) [95] if you mix the two.
[96] ... And
Cathy (PS1W6) [97] I've been feeling a wee bit sick.
(PS1W5) [98] Yeah.
Cathy (PS1W6) [99] Apart from just this.
(PS1W5) [100] That's right.
Cathy (PS1W6) [101] Like, well, the wee'un's not too good, she's loaded with the cold and ... sore throat, and been a wee bit sick, too.
[102] But today
(PS1W5) [103] Yeah.
Cathy (PS1W6) [104] I've been feeling a wee bit
(PS1W5) [105] Yeah.
(PS1W5) [106] I had something to eat earlier on, and I felt awfully ...
(PS1W5) [107] Just
Cathy (PS1W6) [108] sicky.
[109] as if I was going to be sick.
(PS1W5) [110] [...] watch your ... watch your tummy with this ... stuff.
[111] It's good, but it's ... you know, it'll fight ... er with anything, any sort of beer or whisky or any of these things, but it'll also fight with cough bottles.
[112] Er and tonic bottles.
[113] Because nearly all of them have a very small amount in.
[114] So, if you're on anything like that at all, forget it.
[115] Leave it off just now Cathy.
Cathy (PS1W6) [116] And what about the
(PS1W5) [117] till I get you sorted.
Cathy (PS1W6) [118] Tagamet and things?
[119] Is that o okay?
(PS1W5) [120] That's okay.
[121] Tagamet's fine.
[122] No problem there.
Cathy (PS1W6) [123] The inhalers? [...]
(PS1W5) [124] Ventolin isn't a problem.
[125] Aye, it's only alcohol and things with alcohol in, that you n need to watch Cathy.
Cathy (PS1W6) [126] [...] And can you give me
(PS1W5) [127] Okay? and that
Cathy (PS1W6) [128] some Tagamet and Ventolin?
(PS1W5) [129] Mhm.
[130] ... There we are now.
[131] And that'll put that right for you.
[132] ... There you are Cathy.
Cathy (PS1W6) [133] Could you give me a, a line? [...]
(PS1W5) [cough]
Cathy (PS1W6) [134] [...] .
[135] Er, I had a, a card to go for an X-ray.
[136] For the
(PS1W5) [137] Yes.
Cathy (PS1W6) [138] pain I was having in my side.
(PS1W5) [139] Yes.
Cathy (PS1W6) [140] But I haven't managed to do it yet.
(PS1W5) [141] That's okay.
[142] That's no problem.
Cathy (PS1W6) [143] Erm ... should I, should I wait till the pain's
(PS1W5) [144] First, first time you get a chance.
Cathy (PS1W6) [145] really really bad or anything before I go?
[146] No?
[147] Just any time?
(PS1W5) [148] No no.
[149] No no.
[150] Just first time you get a chance, you go over and get them to X-ray it, and they'll see if there's any damage at the back there.
[151] ... To try and find out what's going on.
[152] Turn you into a human being.
Cathy (PS1W6) [...]
(PS1W5) [laugh]
Cathy (PS1W6) [153] [laughing] You're not kidding [] .
(PS1W5) [laugh]
Cathy (PS1W6) [154] That's what it feels like [...]
(PS1W5) [155] Well
Cathy (PS1W6) [156] especially with the wee one being
(PS1W5) [157] well,
Cathy (PS1W6) [158] ill, I mean
(PS1W5) [159] well
Cathy (PS1W6) [160] she's up all night, [...] .
(PS1W5) [161] Turn you int turn you into a human being.
Cathy (PS1W6) [162] You cannae be upset with her, because she hasn't [...] .
(PS1W5) [163] She can't help it.
[164] She can't
Cathy (PS1W6) [...]
(PS1W5) [165] [cough] Aye well, you look after her, that's the main thing.
[166] Keep her right.
Cathy (PS1W6) [167] Mm.
(PS1W5) [168] Turn her into a human being.
Cathy (PS1W6) [169] And then she can do [...] me.
(PS1W5) [170] That's right.
[171] [cough] Right, Catherine.
[172] Okay now.
[173] Cheerio just now. [cough]