BNC Text G49

Medical consultation. Sample containing about 727 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C182

PS1W9 Ag5 m (No name, age 60, doctor) unspecified
PS1WA Ag4 f (No name, age 50) unspecified

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  1. Tape 089508 recorded on 1993-04. LocationUnknown ( medical surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS1WA) [1] I'm, I'm in before the doctor! [laugh]
(PS1W9) [2] [...] .
[3] Aye.
[4] Thought they'd lost you there.
(PS1WA) [laugh]
(PS1W9) [5] Well now, what can I do for you tonight?
(PS1WA) [6] Er it's an insurance line doctor.
[7] Just to keep me
(PS1W9) [...]
(PS1WA) [8] right.
[9] It's my thumb.
[10] ... That's the excuse I've been giving, and
(PS1W9) [11] Mhm.
(PS1WA) [12] that's the one I'm sticking to.
(PS1W9) [13] [laugh] ... How're things doing?
(PS1WA) [14] Alex has not been too well the last couple of days, you know.
(PS1W9) [15] Yeah.
(PS1WA) [16] Doctor was in this morning.
(PS1W9) [17] Mm.
(PS1WA) [18] Er ... but I, as I say, there's nothing [...] that anybody can do really
(PS1W9) [19] No, it's
(PS1WA) [20] you know?
(PS1W9) [21] just a matter of time.
(PS1WA) [22] I meant to phone up this morning for an appointment for Doctor , but I forgot all about it.
(PS1W9) [laugh]
(PS1WA) [23] I really did, of course she was ... the nurse came in, first it was ... the doctor,
(PS1W9) [24] Mhm.
(PS1WA) [25] then it was the priest, then it was another nurse, then the priest and she was getting a bit
(PS1W9) [laugh]
(PS1WA) [26] agitated, everybody coming in to see everybody.
(PS1W9) [27] She'll be up the pole.
(PS1WA) [28] Aye.
[29] Agitated, you know.
[30] Oh, I wish they'd all bloody leave me alone.
[31] [...] say something like that, oh no.
(PS1W9) [32] Och aye.
[33] Och aye.
[34] You must, I mean she
(PS1WA) [35] She's no more medicine left.
(PS1W9) [36] She's no medicine left?
(PS1WA) [37] No, not the stuff that you gave her anyway.
(PS1W9) [38] Right.
[39] ... That's ... and she knows, she knows perfectly well what's ... what's happening.
[40] I mean she's not stupid.
[41] Och aye.
(PS1WA) [42] Do you really think so Doctor?
(PS1W9) [43] She's not stupid.
[44] I mean she's lived long enough, she's seen it all.
(PS1WA) [45] Aye. [...] .
(PS1W9) [46] She's seen it all before.
[47] And they, they get very very quickly suspicious when, you know, when the nurse is coming in and the priest's coming in and the
(PS1WA) [...]
(PS1W9) [48] doctor's coming in.
[49] They're not so daft.
[50] We don't, we don't give them much credit
(PS1WA) [51] No, well.
(PS1W9) [52] but they're not ... they're not so stupid.
(PS1WA) [53] Well, as soon as the doctor mentioned hospital, she was awfully upset.
(PS1W9) [54] Who d who mentioned the hospital?
(PS1WA) [55] The doctor.
(PS1W9) [56] Did he?
(PS1WA) [57] Actually, she had mentioned it herself first.
(PS1W9) [58] Mhm.
(PS1WA) [59] She said, er er no, I think it was the doctor actually mentioned hospital.
[60] I see you've been to the hospital, or something like that.
[61] You know?
(PS1W9) [62] Mhm.
(PS1WA) [63] With the records.
(PS1W9) [64] Aye.
(PS1WA) [65] Oh, I'm not going back, I'm not going back there [...] .
[66] After that she was awfully upset.
[67] So I mean that day we had to tell a lot of lies, you know, like that.
(PS1W9) [68] Oh.
(PS1WA) [69] No, the doctor just meant that er y you were at the hospital,
(PS1W9) [70] That's right.
(PS1WA) [71] you've not to go back yet.
[72] Oh, [...] just wait till it comes and see what happens.
(PS1W9) [73] Aye, just
(PS1WA) [74] The doctor said something about a tube in her to stop the, to stop what was it now, the doctor said there's a tube, they put a tube in her ... and they don't
(PS1W9) [75] Try and ease the swallowing?
(PS1WA) [76] Aye, it's something about the jaundice.
(PS1W9) [77] And it, it would ease the jaundice as well.
(PS1WA) [78] Aye.
(PS1W9) [79] It's ... it won't, it won't er
(PS1WA) [80] No, he says it's
(PS1W9) [81] it won't stay like that.
(PS1WA) [82] No.
(PS1W9) [83] It won't stay like that.
[84] What, what they did was they took er ... on, on the inside, there's er ... there's the liver, in there er just at the end of the stomach.
[85] And what they did was they put a tube from here into the next bit of the stomach, that comes round from underneath there, put a tube across there
(PS1WA) [86] Ah, right.
(PS1W9) [87] so they didn't have to go through this bit
(PS1WA) [88] Aha.
(PS1W9) [89] because that bit's all ... full
(PS1WA) [90] Right, right.
(PS1W9) [91] you know?
[92] So they put a tube across there.
[93] So the stuff coming down, goes through there and then it goes into the rest of the tubes, and away through.
[94] ... But that will last for ... a certain length of time,
(PS1WA) [95] Aha.
(PS1W9) [96] until this grows ... down past that bit.
[97] Or up over the top of that bit.
(PS1WA) [98] Ah, I see.
(PS1W9) [99] Or it pushes the tube out of shape.
(PS1WA) [100] Aha.
[101] Aha.
(PS1W9) [102] Sometimes bends the tube round about.
(PS1WA) [103] Aye.
(PS1W9) [104] But ... I mean it might take another two weeks, it might take another two months.
[105] You can never tell.
[106] But
(PS1WA) [107] Aye.
[108] Right.
[109] Aha.
[110] Aha.
(PS1W9) [111] I mean she'll just gradually, because this bit between here and the stomach is the bit that most of the food gets digested in,
(PS1WA) [112] Aye.
(PS1W9) [113] she'll not have much of an appetite, because that bit's not working properly, and it's not getting a chance to go through her