BNC Text G4A

Medical consultation. Sample containing about 944 words speech recorded in public context

3 speakers recorded by respondent number C183

PS1WB Ag5 m (No name, age 60, doctor) unspecified
G4APSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
G4APSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 089509 recorded on 1993-04. LocationUnknown ( medical surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS1WB) [1] Hello.
[2] Well young scallywag, what can I do for you today?
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [3] Well, I was at the hospital a month ago and my blood pressure's up a wee bit.
[4] So I said that I'd start [...] .
(PS1WB) [5] Oh [...] .
[6] Oh.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [7] Right, before I got somebody to check.
(PS1WB) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [8] But er what I was wondering [...] , I've got to [...] water.
[9] You know, I'm not ... my water [...] . ...
(PS1WB) [cough]
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [10] He said that it was all quite normal really and [...]
(PS1WB) [11] Aye , [...] .
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [12] Just I've run to the toilet.
[13] But I don't know whether it's cold with it during the winter or not I know but
(PS1WB) [14] Let's check.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [15] [...] started doing a bit of training [...] maybe, and I've started cutting down eating.
(PS1WB) [16] Okay yeah.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [17] And I think I'm overdoing, I tell you what I think [...] .
[18] I was lying on my back, I was working my legs up and down a lot,
(PS1WB) [19] Well
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [20] and I don't know whether I've ... stretched a wee bit in here. [...] .
(PS1WB) [21] Putting the pressure on.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [22] Well this is it.
[23] And I know I, one, it, because I felt it one day.
(PS1WB) [24] Right.
[25] ... See what this tells us.
[26] See if you've been a bad boy.
[27] ... [whispering] And down you come [] .
[28] ... Ah, doing alright.
[29] [...] fright the white coats must have frightened the life out of you some. [...]
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [30] Aye , you'd [...] past couple of [...] see me in [...] , I said it doesn't seem [...] .
[31] I [...] wee bit here and I don't know what it is.
(PS1WB) [32] They're always
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [33] It was, it was a hundred and sixty over ninety or something, er I, what was it now?
[34] What's it?
(PS1WB) [35] Hundred and s hundred and sixty over seventy five.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [36] But I know that's what it was you know because the wee lassie done it with this special electronic thing
(PS1WB) [37] That's right.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [38] and er [...] .
[39] Cos I'd lost about half a stone in weight, and I was cut down on chocolate biscuits, and I, what I'd been doing I was ... [...] was at my tea, [...] at five o'clock, I was eating another [...] at ten o'clock, I reckon I was overdoing it a bit you know with the ... I was trying to cut down a lot
(PS1WB) [40] Yeah.
[41] Aye.
[42] I would
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [43] and I'd lost half a stone in weight.
(PS1WB) [44] I would think your, your best bet Robert is just ... try and keep your weight steady.
[45] And don't go hard at the training.
[46] I mean your weight, and your pressure there is ... is er
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [47] Have you got the report back from the hospital a couple
(PS1WB) [48] Aye.
[49] Aye
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [50] of weeks ago aye? [...] ?
(PS1WB) [51] Twenty fifth yeah twenty fifth of March.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [52] Aye, that's right.
[53] [...] almost a year.
(PS1WB) [54] Hundred and sixty.
[55] Hundred and sixt
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [56] It's alright today?
(PS1WB) [57] Aye.
[58] Great today.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [59] Is it?
(PS1WB) [60] No problem. ...
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [61] That was all that was worrying me.
[62] You know I'm saying, maybe there's a wee bit of strain in here.
[63] And now see
(PS1WB) [64] Aye that's probably [...] .
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [65] I'm on my feet?
[66] I'm alright when I'm in that position, right?
(PS1WB) [67] Aye.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [68] I do but see if I'm sitting down
(PS1WB) [69] That's right.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [70] see them guys in the corner, see me sitting in this position?
(PS1WB) [71] Sitting [...]
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [72] Now I don't know whether it's a wee bit of
(PS1WB) [73] Extra weight.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [74] Is that what it is?
(PS1WB) [75] You get caught between a weight pushing down, and the seat, the pressure on the seat.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [76] Cos I'm alright when I'm on my feet, I'm hardly bothered having to go for [...]
(PS1WB) [77] Yeah.
[78] Aye.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [79] It's just this is ... I remember on my back, cos I was lifting up you know lifting my legs up.
(PS1WB) [80] Aye.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [81] And one of these I felt [...] .
(PS1WB) [...]
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [82] [...] I don't know er [...] .
(PS1WB) [83] Yeah, I would think
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [84] That was all what was [...] .
(PS1WB) [85] I would think so Robert.
[86] But all your blood tests
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [87] But he's that Doctor , he says, ... er just show him that wee tracer, and he'll [...] know, but
(PS1WB) [88] Aye.
[89] Aye.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [90] he says all the blood and everything all was all
(PS1WB) [91] Every everything's cleared away.
[92] ... [...] everything's cleared away.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [93] [...] one every four weeks, just for the
(PS1WB) [94] S see you every four weeks for the next couple of months, [...] When are you
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [...]
(PS1WB) [95] due back to see them?
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [96] No, it's er by the way, instead of every year now it's, I've to make it two years.
(PS1WB) [97] Every two years?
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [98] So I've not to go back
(PS1WB) [99] Oh well.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [100] till two years now.
(PS1WB) [101] E every month for about round
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [102] Well, he's [...] just to keep a record of it right.
[103] I'll just get an appointment just for my blood
(PS1WB) [...]
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [104] check.
[105] [...] that checked anyway.
[106] Is it near enough normal that is?
(PS1WB) [107] Yes.
[108] ... One sixty over seventy five.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [109] Is it?
(PS1WB) [110] They don't come better than that.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [111] Oh that's a re that's my, maybe that'll make my put my mind at rest a wee bit.
(PS1WB) [112] Aye.
[113] No, I mean that er
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [114] Doing my, my job I notice it [...] you know [...] I'm in this a little bit of pressure on the [...] .
(PS1WB) [115] Oh aye.
[116] Aye.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [117] [...] back on the tills again.
(PS1WB) [118] It's safer.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [119] I'm not joking.
(PS1WB) [120] [laughing] Safer away from it [] .
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [...]
(PS1WB) [121] You're safer away from it.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [122] [...] see when
(PS1WB) [123] I'll
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [124] [...] was it last Friday? [...] last Friday.
[125] ... Cos he's enjoying himself.
[126] Eh?
[127] ... You get
(PS1WB) [...]
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [128] a bit of [...] ,
(PS1WB) [129] Yes.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [130] you know.
[131] One boy shouted [...] the doctor, you know? [...] .
(PS1WB) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [132] And they still support the Airdrie [...] .
(PS1WB) [133] Oh dear, aye, he took a terrible
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [134] So is this running to the toilet with my water just
(PS1WB) [135] Aye, that'll gradually disappear.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [136] I always feel it, it's a lot worse in the winter.
(PS1WB) [137] Aye.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [138] I mean I don't know,
(PS1WB) [139] Och yes.
[140] That's right.
[141] I mean [...] .
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [142] [...] and that's it [...] the head, and I could feel the chill [...] .
(PS1WB) [143] You'll need to get one of these wee hats.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [144] I know. [...] .
(PS1WB) [145] Bill Bill 's got a spare one.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [146] Right, thanks a lot.
[147] Right, pal, right.
(PS1WB) [148] Okay sir, cheerio now.
Unknown speaker (G4APSUNK) [...]