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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 505 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C187

PS1WK Ag5 m (No name, age 60, doctor) unspecified
G4EPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified

1 recordings

  1. Tape 089513 recorded on 1993-04. LocationUnknown ( medical surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS1WK) [1] [singing] La la la la []
(G4EPS000) [...]
(PS1WK) [2] Hello.
[3] Well Catherine
(G4EPS000) [...]
(PS1WK) [4] That's okay.
[5] Not to worry about that.
[6] What've you been doing to yourself?
(G4EPS000) [7] I've been no I've been taking kind of palpitations, I don't know, and I'm as tired as
(PS1WK) [8] Come on let's have a listen to you ... and see what you're doing to your poor old self.
(G4EPS000) [9] They're all [...] cos of the heart trouble in the family, you know. ... [...]
(PS1WK) [10] Trying to get you worried.
(G4EPS000) [11] Probably.
(PS1WK) [12] Trying to get you worried.
(G4EPS000) [13] Probably.
(PS1WK) [14] Let's have a listen and see what's
(G4EPS000) [...] ... [...] ...
(PS1WK) [15] Take a big deep breath [...] .
[16] ... There we are.
[17] ... And deep breath again.
[18] ... Well, let's do just your ordinary breathing bit.
[19] ... Your heart's ticking away like a clock.
(G4EPS000) [20] Ah, my heart's [...] .
(PS1WK) [21] Let me look in your eyes and see ... you might be getting a wee bit bloodless actually I mean that's the other thing Cathy, you're a bit pale in there.
(G4EPS000) [22] Maybe that's [...] .
(PS1WK) [23] Aye.
[24] But certainly your heart's ticking away there like a wee clock, it's not ...
(G4EPS000) [25] [...] up to.
(PS1WK) [26] Yeah, well that's [...] something.
[27] ... But ... you've not noticed anything else about yourself Catherine, no?
(G4EPS000) [28] In what way?
(PS1WK) [29] Your weight, there's trouble with the water,sh
(G4EPS000) [30] No.
(PS1WK) [31] shortness of breath, or s nothing ... nothing like that at all?
[32] You look just much the same as your usual, you don't
(G4EPS000) [33] Aye, I'm feeling fine.
[34] ... I was just that some nights I waken up and you know you can actually hear your [sniff] [laughing] heart [...] [] .
(PS1WK) [35] Oh aye, oh y y you better get used to that, cos it'll happen for the rest of your life.
(G4EPS000) [36] [laughing] Oh does it [] ? [laugh]
(PS1WK) [37] Yes.
[38] Aye.
[39] Aye no, you get ... a once you have heard that, you never waken up without hearing it.
(G4EPS000) [40] Is that right?
(PS1WK) [41] Aye.
[42] It's one of these things.
[43] It's ha it happens all your life, the noise is there all the time
(G4EPS000) [44] Aye, but you don't notice it?
(PS1WK) [45] You don't notice it a and then once you do, every time you wake up, it's there.
(G4EPS000) [46] [...] in your head.
(PS1WK) [47] [...] you hear, in fact some folk waken up and they can feel it ... pulse ... coming up there.
(G4EPS000) [48] Is that right?
[49] Aye.
(PS1WK) [50] And they, they get very worried about that.
[51] It's quite normal.
(G4EPS000) [...]
(PS1WK) [52] It's quite normal to do that, [...] .
(G4EPS000) [53] Have you given them [...] and that, you know [...] ?
(PS1WK) [54] Yeah.
(G4EPS000) [55] And I wondered why there wasn't and I'd been sitting there for ages, twenty five past five is the appointment.
(PS1WK) [56] Mhm.
[57] Er ... but don't don't worry about that er
(G4EPS000) [58] Aye.
(PS1WK) [59] when you, when you hear that ... that's nothing.
[60] Nothing to worry about with that.
[61] ... [...] , There we are now
(G4EPS000) [62] I shall survive again then.
(PS1WK) [63] You're going to live for a wee while yet, going to live for a wee while yet.
[64] Yes.
[65] Oh aye oh
(G4EPS000) [laugh] [laughing] [...] []
(PS1WK) [66] If you've got anything funny like that, you get it checked.
(G4EPS000) [67] Aye, right away.
(PS1WK) [68] Don't, don't ignore it.
(G4EPS000) [69] Well I think you can go home now cos I was the last.
(PS1WK) [70] Och.
[71] You think so?
[72] I would, I wouldn't bet on it.
[73] I wouldn't bet on it.
(G4EPS000) [...] [laugh]
(PS1WK) [74] Right,
(G4EPS000) [75] Thanks.
(PS1WK) [76] okay Cathy, cheerio now.