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Word-processing tutorial. Sample containing about 9381 words speech recorded in educational context

3 speakers recorded by respondent number C192

PS1WS Ag4 m (John, age 50, tutor) unspecified
PS1WT Ag4 m (Sue, age 45, secretary) unspecified
PS1WU Ag1 f (Sarah, age 16, student) unspecified

1 recordings

  1. Tape 090001 recorded on 1993-04-09. Locationmerseyside: Liverpool ( student's home ) Activity: tutorial

Undivided text

Sue (PS1WT) [1] Like normal people have their computers set up so that they print out.
John (PS1WS) [2] Before I went out, I
Sue (PS1WT) [3] You muck it up.
John (PS1WS) [4] I printed out
Sue (PS1WT) [5] On purpose.
John (PS1WS) [6] I printed out.
[7] ... Didn't I?
Sue (PS1WT) [8] Yes I know but from Wor Works.
John (PS1WS) [9] No I didn't print out from Works, I printed out from Diary.
[10] I went into Diary and I printed out my appointments for next week.
[11] And I didn't get funny numbers and silly squiggles, cos I used a reasonable package and not WordPerfect.
[12] ... So ... what is your problem young lady?
Sarah (PS1WU) [13] Oh there's no problem with me. [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [14] Did you want to print, did you want to print something?
Sue (PS1WT) [15] Yes she's she's [...] .
Sarah (PS1WU) [16] Yeah I'm writing a letter to mothers I'm writing a letter to mum ... and I just wanted it to be [...] .
John (PS1WS) [17] [laughing] She can read it from the screen, she doesn't need it printed out [] .
Sue (PS1WT) [18] Yeah but she wants to
Sarah (PS1WU) [19] I'll write a letter to Chris [...]
John (PS1WS) [20] And other people.
Sue (PS1WT) [21] [...] Yes.
John (PS1WS) [22] Right.
Sarah (PS1WU) [23] Well Chris. [laugh]
Sue (PS1WT) [24] Not to other people.
John (PS1WS) [25] Right.
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [26] So, would we like to try printing something out from WordPerfect?
Sue (PS1WT) [27] Save that now Sarah.
Sarah (PS1WU) [28] [...] finished.
Sue (PS1WT) [29] No but you save it
John (PS1WS) [...]
Sue (PS1WT) [30] before you finish.
Sarah (PS1WU) [31] Can I just finish my sentence please,
John (PS1WS) [32] Right.
Sarah (PS1WU) [33] so I know what I'm talking about?
John (PS1WS) [34] Yes.
[35] [...] have I got to finish my sentence?
Sue (PS1WT) [36] How did your lesson go?
John (PS1WS) [37] I don't know.
[38] I haven't had time to think yet, I've only just got back in [...] on the phone and sorting out the printer.
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [39] It was alright it wasn't, I wasn't
Sarah (PS1WU) [...]
John (PS1WS) [40] I wasn't looking forward to it much, it was better than expected.
[41] I managed to c to cover virtually the complete G C S E chemistry course in an hour and a half.
[42] ... And, actually it was more than an hour and a half.
[43] It was an hour and a half plus about ten minutes cos those C ninety tapes are about five minutes too long on each side. ...
Sue (PS1WT) [44] Erm I'm afraid dinner's gonna be a little later than I anticipated cos that chicken is quite big isn't it?
John (PS1WS) [45] Mm. ...
Sue (PS1WT) [46] Also we seem to be awfully short of knives.
John (PS1WS) [47] We are.
Sue (PS1WT) [48] I think they must in the van.
John (PS1WS) [49] I don't think so.
[50] I noticed there were very few there yesterday.
Sue (PS1WT) [51] I haven't got anything to do the vegetables with.
John (PS1WS) [52] There were some not too long ago but ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [53] [...] ?
Sue (PS1WT) [54] Well I think they're in the van John actually, or you've used them to stir paint with and other things.
Sarah (PS1WU) [...]
John (PS1WS) [55] Could be.
Sarah (PS1WU) [56] Secretary.
[57] Is that how you spell secretarial?
John (PS1WS) [58] Yeah.
Sarah (PS1WU) [59] [cough] Yeah?
[60] Ooh! [laugh]
Sue (PS1WT) [laugh]
Sarah (PS1WU) [61] I was going secre [laugh] .
[62] ... Two more to go.
Sue (PS1WT) [63] John. ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [64] Right.
John (PS1WS) [65] Okay.
[66] Would you like to save that?
Sarah (PS1WU) [...] [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [67] Do you know how, do you know how to save it?
Sarah (PS1WU) [68] No.
John (PS1WS) [69] How do you save it Sue?
Sue (PS1WT) [70] Well I I do F ten but er that may be set up differently you see.
[71] Everything has been changed.
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [72] I would try F ten.
Sarah (PS1WU) [73] Just press F ten?
Sue (PS1WT) [74] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [75] Mhm.
[76] If you don't know what to do ... [cough] right.
Sarah (PS1WU) [77] Right.
John (PS1WS) [78] Now this is set up differently cos this is set up very sensibly, so that you can fill in who wrote it, when, what date and what it's about, and when you try and find it later it's easier to find instead of scrapping through lots of files that don't have a long document [...] .
Sue (PS1WT) [79] Yes and also take long long time if you do the sort of ... volume of work that I have to do.
John (PS1WS) [80] Now that's true.
[81] Okay.
[82] So [...] the date [cough] document name.
[83] What do you want to call it?
[84] If you press N
Sarah (PS1WU) [85] N?
John (PS1WS) [86] N for name, it'll let you type in the docu document name.
[87] Erm what do you want to call it?
Sue (PS1WT) [88] Mumsy.
Sarah (PS1WU) [89] Letter to mum.
[90] Mum.
[91] Mumsy. [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [92] Call it mumsy then.
Sarah (PS1WU) [93] [laugh] ... [cough] ... Is that how you say it?
[94] Mumsy?
John (PS1WS) [95] Well it's your word, you spell it the [laughing] way you want [] .
Sue (PS1WT) [96] No that's fine.
Sarah (PS1WU) [97] M U M S Y.
Sue (PS1WT) [98] That's fine.
Sarah (PS1WU) [99] Mumsy.
John (PS1WS) [100] Right.
[101] Erm [reading] document type [] .
[102] Oh so if you press enter it'll come down one line.
Sue (PS1WT) [103] Enter.
[104] That big key on the side.
John (PS1WS) [105] Or return.
Sarah (PS1WU) [106] That one?
Sue (PS1WT) [107] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [108] And delete, delete to get rid of the S M.
[109] ... That's it, that's delete, that one's backspace.
Sarah (PS1WU) [110] Right.
John (PS1WS) [111] And then if you put your initials.
Sarah (PS1WU) [112] [laugh] My initials.
Sue (PS1WT) [laugh] ...
John (PS1WS) [113] Without the full stops.
[114] [cough] So ... that's it.
Sarah (PS1WU) [115] Shall I do it in capitals?
John (PS1WS) [116] If you, if you wish.
Sarah (PS1WU) [...]
John (PS1WS) [117] How about S L P?
Sarah (PS1WU) [118] Why does everyone want me to put L in?
[119] It's really
John (PS1WS) [120] I only want you to cos it'll make it up to three.
[121] That's fine.
[122] Enter.
[123] ... And then T for author.
[124] ... S L P. ...
Sue (PS1WT) [125] Enter.
John (PS1WS) [126] You can guess who the typist is.
Sarah (PS1WU) [127] S L P. ...
John (PS1WS) [128] And what's the subject?
[129] S for subject.
Sue (PS1WT) [130] Letter.
Sarah (PS1WU) [131] Lett letter.
[132] [...] . Letter.
[133] ... Erm [...] ...
John (PS1WS) [134] [whispering] Okay [] .
[135] And K for key words.
[136] ... What are the key words?
[137] What are, what's the main point of the letter, what's it about?
Sue (PS1WT) [138] Love.
John (PS1WS) [139] Okay.
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [140] Luv L U V, or L A V as the young lady over here says.
Sarah (PS1WU) [141] L O V E.
Sue (PS1WT) [142] I said love.
John (PS1WS) [143] Did you love?
Sarah (PS1WU) [144] Enter.
John (PS1WS) [145] [...] wicked woman and enter yes.
[146] Thank you.
Sarah (PS1WU) [147] What does abstract mean?
John (PS1WS) [148] Now enter again.
Sarah (PS1WU) [149] Oh.
John (PS1WS) [150] Now ... [reading] document to be saved, C S U mark Sarah dot mum [] , okay?
[151] Now enter again.
[152] Don't blame me if this ridiculous [reading] replace existing [] ?
Sue (PS1WT) [153] Yes.
Sarah (PS1WU) [154] [...] press Y?
Sue (PS1WT) [155] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [156] Yeah.
Sarah (PS1WU) [157] [reading] Saving [] .
John (PS1WS) [158] And now try and print it.
[159] Now do you know how to print?
Sue (PS1WT) [160] Shift F seven.
Sarah (PS1WU) [161] Shift F seven.
Sue (PS1WT) [162] Shift, shift F seven.
John (PS1WS) [163] Hold down shift and keep it down and press F seven.
[164] And let's try and print one page.
Sue (PS1WT) [165] Right switch the printer on.
John (PS1WS) [166] Cos we're just going to practice.
Sue (PS1WT) [167] Switch your printer on.
[168] ... [...] black button at the side.
[169] ... Right.
John (PS1WS) [170] Mhm.
Sue (PS1WT) [171] Now press.
Sarah (PS1WU) [172] I don't like these [laughing] high technology things [] .
Sue (PS1WT) [173] Then guess one for page.
John (PS1WS) [174] Hang on, it's two for page actually.
[175] One is [...] document press.
Sue (PS1WT) [176] Oh two okay yes.
John (PS1WS) [177] P for page.
[178] Some of us use numbers and that's probably why the printer prints out in numbers.
[179] Whereas I use letters.
[180] ... Right ... And what have you got?
[181] Right.
Sarah (PS1WU) [182] [...] in a code.
John (PS1WS) [183] [...] got lots of exciting stuff there.
[184] So what sort of printer do you think you're talking to?
Sue (PS1WT) [185] I checked it, it says it's
Sarah (PS1WU) [186] A dumb one.
Sue (PS1WT) [187] printing to that one.
John (PS1WS) [188] Right hold down shift F one.
[189] Hold down the shift and press F one.
Sarah (PS1WU) [190] I just did.
[191] Oh do you want me to hold
Sue (PS1WT) [192] You have to exit from that first if you want to
John (PS1WS) [193] Alright we'll, we'll use the
Sue (PS1WT) [194] do a different thing.
John (PS1WS) [...]
Sarah (PS1WU) [195] Pardon?
John (PS1WS) [196] F seven.
[197] Will that do?
Sarah (PS1WU) [198] With shift or not?
Sue (PS1WT) [199] F.
John (PS1WS) [200] No, just F seven on its own.
Sarah (PS1WU) [201] [reading] Save document [] ?
[202] Yes.
John (PS1WS) [203] [reading] Save document [] ?
[204] No.
Sarah (PS1WU) [205] No.
John (PS1WS) [206] Cos you've already saved it.
Sarah (PS1WU) [207] Right.
John (PS1WS) [208] You might as m [reading] exit WordPerfect [] ?
[209] No.
[210] Right.
[211] I don't know if we're going to be able to print anything here, but let's have erm F one for help.
[212] As it says up here, [reading] press F one for help [] .
[213] ... Press F one again.
[214] ... And these are your function keys and what they do so if you ever need to know what to do, F one F one, and it tells all you need to know.
[215] What do we want to do?
[216] [reading] Set up [] .
Sarah (PS1WU) [...]
John (PS1WS) [217] So ... shift and F one should give us set up, so first of all press enter to exit help.
[218] Now shift and F one.
[219] Right do we want to set up the mouse to display the environment, or what?
[220] I think it's environment.
[221] Never know with this.
[222] Try E for environment.
[223] [reading] Erm units of measure, alternate keyboards [] .
[224] No I don't think it's this do you?
Sarah (PS1WU) [225] No.
John (PS1WS) [226] Okay so
Sue (PS1WT) [227] No it isn't.
John (PS1WS) [228] escape.
[229] Sue might know but she's not telling us.
[230] Erm
Sue (PS1WT) [231] It's set up printer.
John (PS1WS) [232] Right where, where is, where does that come under mouse, display, environment, initial settings, keyboard layout, location of files.
[233] So we're in the wrong set up.
[234] So escape from this and we'll go into initial set up I think.
Sue (PS1WT) [235] F sev
John (PS1WS) [236] F one F one.
Sarah (PS1WU) [237] Shift F
Sue (PS1WT) [238] Oh okay.
John (PS1WS) [239] Go on.
[240] Okay which one do you think it is?
[241] Try F one F one again and we'll get
Sarah (PS1WU) [242] Shift and F one?
Sue (PS1WT) [243] It's, no.
John (PS1WS) [244] No just F one F one.
Sue (PS1WT) [245] It isn't that.
John (PS1WS) [246] F one.
[247] Right, and that tells us
Sue (PS1WT) [248] It's shift F seven.
John (PS1WS) [249] Right shift F seven gives us print.
[250] Okay.
[251] Right okay.
[252] So
Sue (PS1WT) [253] Yes but it tells you all the facilities of print.
Sarah (PS1WU) [254] So F seven.
John (PS1WS) [255] So esc so enter to escape from help
Sue (PS1WT) [256] Enter to escape from that first.
John (PS1WS) [257] cos we're in help.
[258] And now shift F seven.
Sue (PS1WT) [259] Sh shift
Sarah (PS1WU) [260] Oh.
Sue (PS1WT) [261] F seven.
Sarah (PS1WU) [262] I haven't she pressed shift there we are.
John (PS1WS) [263] Right.
Sue (PS1WT) [264] Then just
John (PS1WS) [265] Now you're trying to save a document now.
[266] You didn't do what you thought you were doing.
[267] It said, save document, and it had a Y there, meaning it was going to do that if you pressed enter.
[268] You pressed enter.
Sue (PS1WT) [269] It doesn't on yours it does all this, before you can get into print.
John (PS1WS) [270] Does it?
Sue (PS1WT) [271] Yes it does John.
John (PS1WS) [272] Isn't it a swine?
Sue (PS1WT) [273] So what you just put there is nothing.
John (PS1WS) [274] Enter.
Sue (PS1WT) [275] You delete it.
John (PS1WS) [276] Just press enter there.
[277] Right.
[278] [reading] Document to be saved [] ?
Sue (PS1WT) [279] I, document to be saved, I normally just do F ten.
John (PS1WS) [280] Right.
Sue (PS1WT) [281] But when you do shift F seven for print on this it comes up with all this
John (PS1WS) [282] This is a this is a sidetrack.
[283] Jus just press enter and get out of this.
Sarah (PS1WU) [284] Error.
John (PS1WS) [285] [reading] Access denied [] that's alright.
[286] Erm escape.
[287] ... Now try shift F se hold down shift and press F seven.
[288] And what did we want to do [reading] select printer [] looks like a good idea.
Sarah (PS1WU) [289] It's
John (PS1WS) [290] It's, it's selected a Panasonic
Sue (PS1WT) [291] Okay try that.
John (PS1WS) [292] K X P Eleven Twenty Four.
[293] Okay so press S.
[294] ... [reading] I B M Proprinter X Twenty Four [] .
[295] Now you've got your num-lock on.
[296] With the num-lock on every time you try and go to the cursor keys, arrow keys, you put peculiar numbers in instead.
[297] So take num-lock off.
[298] Go up one.
[299] And press enter and we'll now select an I B M Proprinter.
[300] That's done that and now print page.
Sarah (PS1WU) [301] Just
John (PS1WS) [302] P.
Sarah (PS1WU) [303] Put P.
Sue (PS1WT) [304] Put, put your, your printer on.
[305] Switch your printer on.
John (PS1WS) [306] Well it's not working very well.
[307] Okay.
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [308] Well this morning I dropped in my briefcase there, copies of things that I printed out, all lovely.
Sue (PS1WT) [309] Well what's gone wrong then?
[310] We didn't do anything.
[311] Did we?
John (PS1WS) [312] [...] No.
Sue (PS1WT) [313] I've done, did nothing different to what I normally do when I
John (PS1WS) [314] When I normally do it, and it didn't do what it normally does.
Sue (PS1WT) [315] I haven't touched anything.
[316] Have I?
John (PS1WS) [317] No.
Sarah (PS1WU) [318] No.
[319] Do you want to have a go?
John (PS1WS) [320] Well I'll just do a little trick.
[321] ... If you'd like to get into, if you move over that way.
[322] Now if you'd like to get into the print menu again.
[323] Remembering how you did it, with a little help from your friend over here.
[324] And set it back to a, to a Panasonic K X P Eleven Twenty Four, which will be on the list.
[325] And Sue will tell you how to do it.
[326] And I'll set this up so it thinks it's a Panasonic K X P Eleven Twenty Four.
Sarah (PS1WU) [...] [laugh]
Sue (PS1WT) [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [327] Won't I? ...
Sue (PS1WT) [328] Shift F seven. ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [329] Yeah.
Sue (PS1WT) [330] What's it say?
Sarah (PS1WU) [331] It says [reading] creation date, document name [] , document summary in other words. ...
John (PS1WS) [332] Enter. ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [333] [reading] Document to be saved [] ?
Sue (PS1WT) [334] Okay just press enter.
Sarah (PS1WU) [335] [reading] Access denied [] .
John (PS1WS) [336] [reading] Access denied [] .
[337] Escape. ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [338] Oh.
Sue (PS1WT) [339] Erm ... Do F seven.
Sarah (PS1WU) [340] Shift as well?
Sue (PS1WT) [341] No.
Sarah (PS1WU) [342] [reading] Save document yes or no [] ?
Sue (PS1WT) [343] Yeah.
[344] Enter enter enter.
[345] What does it say now?
Sarah (PS1WU) [346] [reading] Document summary [] . [printer sounds]
John (PS1WS) [347] Okay?
[348] Do try and print it again.
Sue (PS1WT) [349] We're trying to sort it out. ...
John (PS1WS) [350] Shift F seven four to resume printing.
[351] Shift ... F seven four.
[352] Right.
[353] So let's cancel the print job we've got in.
[354] Should we?
Sarah (PS1WU) [355] Yeah. ...
Sue (PS1WT) [...]
John (PS1WS) [356] Star is all jobs.
[357] All jobs, just enter [...] S.
[358] ... Cancel jobs.
[359] [reading] Cancel which jobs [] ?
[360] Star.
Sue (PS1WT) [361] Three.
John (PS1WS) [362] [reading] Cancel all the jobs [] ?
[363] Yes.
[364] Now they should all be cancelled.
[365] And select printer.
[366] Panasonic K X P Eleven Twenty Four and enter.
[367] ... Okay.
[368] Print page, P.
Sue (PS1WT) [369] Am I too heavy?
Sarah (PS1WU) [370] No no.
[371] No. [cough]
John (PS1WS) [372] And we've got that document in at the moment.
[373] We don't want that.
[374] So, we'll use the big [...] .
[375] [reading] Exit WordPerfect [] ?
[376] Yes.
[377] [reading] Cancel print jobs [] ?
[378] Yes.
[379] So that's just got out of WordPerfect.
[380] We'll have to get back into WordPerfect and load your file.
[381] And print it.
[382] ... W P. ...
Sue (PS1WT) [383] F five. ...
John (PS1WS) [384] If you do end it should go down to the end.
[385] ... [...] ... Do you know the file number? [...]
Sarah (PS1WU) [386] No.
John (PS1WS) [387] Right well let's start [...]
Sue (PS1WT) [388] Wait a minute, wait a minute.
[389] Now just don't get snappy.
John (PS1WS) [390] Pardon?
Sue (PS1WT) [391] Don't get snappy.
John (PS1WS) [392] I hadn't noticed that I was.
[393] Did you think it was me getting snappy?
[394] ... So ... if you can try and explain to Sarah what you're doing, she'll know how to do it next time.
Sue (PS1WT) [395] I don't know myself [...] .
John (PS1WS) [396] Ah well.
[397] ... So.
[398] ... The file extension, the one, one which I saw was dot mum.
[399] So if you set file mask and look for files ending dot mum it should pull it out.
Sarah (PS1WU) [400] It's nice and warm on that.
John (PS1WS) [401] Mm [...] . ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [402] Sit in the chair.
[403] ... Sit on the chair.
[404] ... Mother.
[405] ... [whispering] Sit on the chair [] .
[406] ... Mum. ...
Sue (PS1WT) [whispering] [...] []
Sarah (PS1WU) [407] Well what? ...
Sue (PS1WT) [408] [whispering] The file [...] [] .
Sarah (PS1WU) [409] Why don't you sit on the chair and do it?
Sue (PS1WT) [410] Come on. ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [411] [laughing] Can I stick the telly on mum [] ?
Sue (PS1WT) [412] You've created a used directory.
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh] ... [...] ...
John (PS1WS) [413] You know I sometimes find with some of my students it is very counterproductive to have their mother in on the lessons.
[414] You know they get all ratty sometimes.
[415] ... Yeah yeah I know you find it hard to believe but they do.
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [416] Have you found that file yet?
Sue (PS1WT) [417] No.
Sarah (PS1WU) [418] Would you like me to find it?
[419] ... Have you got any idea what you called it?
Sarah (PS1WU) [420] Sarah.
John (PS1WS) [421] Why don't you use Ferret, and find any files written today.
[422] ... So if you come out of WordPerfect. [...]
Sue (PS1WT) [423] Well it might
John (PS1WS) [424] If you boo has that been booted up with that in?
Sue (PS1WT) [425] [...] how do you mean?
[426] No.
John (PS1WS) [427] The computer's switched on when that's pressed in.
[428] Cos I haven't checked your
Sue (PS1WT) [429] No no no.
John (PS1WS) [430] rubbishy thing for viruses.
Sue (PS1WT) [431] No.
John (PS1WS) [432] Okay.
[433] Right.
[434] No save, get out of WordPerfect.
Sue (PS1WT) [435] It's rubbish [...] WordPerfect.
John (PS1WS) [436] Isn't it?
[437] Right.
[438] ... You just enter.
[439] Jus just Ferret and it'll tell you what to do.
[440] Make sure you're in C colon backslash.
[441] Are you?
[442] No.
[443] ... Well it doesn't make a lot of difference, but er it might be an idea to be in C colon backslash.
[444] And then what do you do?
[445] Set a floppy disk [...] .
Sarah (PS1WU) [446] Do I just do C colon?
John (PS1WS) [447] C D ... space ... backslash ... enter.
[448] And your prompt now says, check that your prompt is C colon backslash.
[449] [reading] Set a floppy so it can be written to in drive A.
[450] ... Ferret needs to know the date a file was written [] .
[451] So you now type F three will do instead of typing Ferret.
[452] No sorry.
[453] Yeah type Ferret.
[454] And then today's date, which is
Sue (PS1WT) [455] Backslash.
John (PS1WS) [456] No.
Sue (PS1WT) [457] Space.
John (PS1WS) [458] Space.
[459] ... Today's date, which is?
Sarah (PS1WU) [460] O nine.
Sue (PS1WT) [461] O nine.
John (PS1WS) [462] O nine ... slash ... No not backslash, slash.
[463] ... O nine slash O four slash ninety three.
[464] And that should find all files written today.
[465] It'll pull out quite a lot of erm ... [...] .
[466] ... Now just say no.
[467] It's in the instructions there, say no to all these.
[468] But if a file comes up that looks like Sarah's file, and you fancy copying it to that floppy you can say yes and it'll copy it on there.
Sarah (PS1WU) [469] Okay.
John (PS1WS) [470] And the other thing is were you running from the hard drive or from that floppy? ... [tape ends] ... [...] cos I didn't want the tape-recorder travelling.
[471] [...] people are like.
[472] ... Right you don't want that one.
[473] ... Or that.
[474] ... Or that.
[475] ... Have you got the right date [...] ?
[476] Well hang on don't get rid of that what's on the screen.
[477] ... W P fifty one.
[478] ... Well press F three.
[479] ... Is it the ninth of the fourth?
Sue (PS1WT) [480] Did you check the date?
John (PS1WS) [481] Is it the ninth of the fourth ninety three today?
Sarah (PS1WU) [482] Friday April the ninth.
John (PS1WS) [483] Which is the ninth of the fourth eighty three in English format.
[484] Okay.
[485] I wonder if it does it in American format.
[486] It's always worked before.
[487] Right it's going to do it ninth of the fourth ninety three.
[488] Okay, [reading] mirror file [] ?
[489] No.
[490] You could sit down if you want.
Sue (PS1WT) [491] I prefer this cos it makes my back ache.
John (PS1WS) [492] Okay.
[493] [reading] Mirror back [] ?
[494] No.
[495] ... And it's off through the directories now.
[496] ... [reading] Works ini [] .
[497] No.
[498] [reading] Works Alarm [] .
[499] No.
[500] [reading] Anything in Works [] .
[501] No.
[502] ... [reading] P F M [] .
[503] No.
[504] These are all my diary files, P F M.
[505] So that's another no.
[506] Anything in P F M
Sue (PS1WT) [507] Oh wait a minute perhaps it was on the A drive.
John (PS1WS) [508] Perhaps it was.
[509] ... It's not P F M.
[510] ... Not that.
[511] ... Or that.
[512] ... Or that.
[513] ... No.
[514] ... Saying no.
Sue (PS1WT) [515] [...] try the A drive is that okay?
John (PS1WS) [516] Well I'll try the A drive.
[517] Erm I don't know how Ferret works on the A drive.
Sue (PS1WT) [518] Oh I've used it on the A drive before.
John (PS1WS) [...] [...]
John (PS1WS) [519] Is there a copy of Ferret on that?
Sue (PS1WT) [520] I don't know.
[521] I don't know on that [...] .
John (PS1WS) [522] Oh okay I've got an idea how to use Ferret I think.
[523] Carry on.
[524] Right.
[525] So if you change to the A drive.
[526] ... Erm just A colon.
Sue (PS1WT) [527] Oh. ...
John (PS1WS) [528] Right and now if you type, I don't know where Ferret is.
[529] Erm try, try, try Ferret and today's date.
[530] Ferret space today's date and see if it can find anything.
[531] ... Right erm [...] version of Ferret okay.
[532] So let it go.
[533] ... Let's look it up on C drive.
[534] Erm no we don't want that so just keep saying no.
[535] Or you can do control and C and it'll finish it off.
[536] Hold down control, press C, and that interrupts the batch file.
[537] Right I will have a little look, do you want to have a little look?
Sue (PS1WT) [538] I'll have a look.
John (PS1WS) [539] On the A drive D I R.
Sue (PS1WT) [540] Oh dear. ... [...] ?
John (PS1WS) [541] No backslash I'm sorry slash [cough] I'm sorry about that.
[542] D I R slash S, which gives you sub-directories.
Sue (PS1WT) [543] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [544] Erm slash O minus D.
[545] That one should be O not zero.
[546] Slash order minus D, which is reverse date order.
Sue (PS1WT) [547] Okay.
John (PS1WS) [548] Erm slash P.
[549] So it'll pause and show it on the screen.
[550] Okay see what that finds.
[551] Anything written today?
[552] You're just looking for a date of today.
[553] No
Sue (PS1WT) [554] Not there.
John (PS1WS) [555] nothing on there.
[556] Okay.
[557] ... Nothing there, they're all twenty firsts.
[558] ... [...] ? ... No nothing on there.
[559] ... [...] . Anything there on the mon [...]
Sue (PS1WT) [...]
John (PS1WS) [560] There's one, Sarah mum.
[561] That's the one.
[562] So you are in C S U
Sue (PS1WT) [563] [...] done that.
John (PS1WS) [564] Hang on, hang on.
[565] You are on the A drive.
[566] That's why we couldn't find it on C drive.
Sue (PS1WT) [567] Ah yeah that, sorry about that
John (PS1WS) [568] And it's in C S U large and it's
Sue (PS1WT) [569] Yes.
John (PS1WS) [570] called Sarah dot mum.
Sue (PS1WT) [571] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [572] So press any key to continue just to finish that out.
[573] Finish that off.
[574] And then, if Sarah'd like to go back into WordPerfect, you find her file which is in A colon backslash C S U backslash large Sarah dot mum.
[575] ... Okay?
[576] So if you'd like to move out of the seat, Sarah can come and find her own file.
[577] You don't W P from there.
[578] Do we?
[579] You're still on the A drive.
Sue (PS1WT) [580] No that's what I want ... [...] ... I'm tired now.
John (PS1WS) [581] I can tell that, you were tired before.
Sarah (PS1WU) [582] Mm so am I, my eyes are killing me.
John (PS1WS) [...]
Sue (PS1WT) [583] Right F five.
John (PS1WS) [584] What does that do?
[585] Tell her what it does.
Sue (PS1WT) [586] Brings up your list of files.
[587] All the files that you've got on the A drive.
Sarah (PS1WU) [588] Ah.
Sue (PS1WT) [589] Which is the floppy disk which is in there.
[590] We weren't working on the hard drive. [...]
John (PS1WS) [591] Right if you have a look at what has come up on the screen, on the screen.
Sue (PS1WT) [592] You got C S U.
[593] So if you end
Sarah (PS1WU) [...]
Sue (PS1WT) [594] right backslash'll take away those stars.
[595] ... Type in large.
John (PS1WS) [596] Hang on can I just interrupt here?
[597] You're on the C drive.
Sue (PS1WT) [598] Oh
Sarah (PS1WU) [599] Oops. [laugh]
Sue (PS1WT) [600] [laugh] Sorry.
[601] Erm get out of that.
[602] Okay.
John (PS1WS) [603] Right.
Sue (PS1WT) [604] Okay let's get out of that.
John (PS1WS) [605] Now hang on you're, you're there.
Sue (PS1WT) [606] I'm not.
John (PS1WS) [607] Yes you're in the current directory.
[608] Erm
Sue (PS1WT) [609] I'm on the C drive.
John (PS1WS) [610] Yes well go up to the parent.
[611] ... Right now
Sue (PS1WT) [612] And again.
John (PS1WS) [613] where the, where the, where it is, where the cursor is at the moment, press delete to get rid of the C.
[614] And then type A to replace it.
[615] And now press enter and you'll get a directory of what's on the A, there it is, the A drive's chuntering away.
[616] ... Right.
[617] Now you want to go into the C S U directory, which is highlighted.
[618] So you just press enter.
Sue (PS1WT) [619] So you just press enter.
[620] I say return sometimes
Sarah (PS1WU) [621] Mm.
Sue (PS1WT) [622] And again.
John (PS1WS) [623] Ah okay.
[624] You have to do everything twice in this.
Sarah (PS1WU) [625] Ah well.
John (PS1WS) [626] Now you want to bring your cursor down till it points to March. ...
Sue (PS1WT) [627] And enter.
John (PS1WS) [628] Any intelligent word processor you could type M and it would whiz down to the March.
Sue (PS1WT) [629] Right.
[630] Now [...]
John (PS1WS) [631] Now we have to press enter again.
Sue (PS1WT) [632] Yeah.
[633] I, well yeah okay.
John (PS1WS) [634] And now
Sue (PS1WT) [635] There we are Sarah.
John (PS1WS) [636] you've got one called Sarah dot mum.
Sue (PS1WT) [637] And that's the back
John (PS1WS) [638] Which you and you've given it an extra name of mumsy S L P.
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [639] Right and you can load that file.
[640] You've also got a back-up file called Sarah dot P K shriek.
[641] Which it saves just in case we had any accidents, and lost any of our files anywhere.
[642] So if you'd like to bring it down to mumsy sleep.
Sue (PS1WT) [643] With the cursor key.
[644] That's it and, and enter
John (PS1WS) [645] And then enter.
[646] To load that file.
[647] But that doesn't load it, that just has a look doesn't it?
Sue (PS1WT) [648] That just looks.
John (PS1WS) [649] Now that tells you that's, is that the right one?
[650] Is it
Sue (PS1WT) [651] Yes.
John (PS1WS) [652] a letter?
Sue (PS1WT) [653] Yes.
John (PS1WS) [654] Right okay.
[655] So escape.
Sue (PS1WT) [656] Es escape.
John (PS1WS) [657] To get you out of that.
Sarah (PS1WU) [...]
John (PS1WS) [...]
Sue (PS1WT) [658] Now R for retrieve.
John (PS1WS) [659] [...] retrieve your file.
Sue (PS1WT) [660] There.
John (PS1WS) [661] And now you can try and print it.
[662] Can you remember
Sue (PS1WT) [...]
John (PS1WS) [663] can you remember the
Sue (PS1WT) [664] Remember how to print things?
Sarah (PS1WU) [665] [...] finished it.
Sue (PS1WT) [666] Oh haven't you?
John (PS1WS) [667] Doesn't matter we'll just try, we'll just do a little
Sarah (PS1WU) [668] [...] right okay right okay.
John (PS1WS) [669] We're testing the printer at the moment.
Sue (PS1WT) [670] What do we do to print?
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [671] We press F one F one.
Sue (PS1WT) [672] F one.
John (PS1WS) [673] F one.
Sue (PS1WT) [674] F one.
John (PS1WS) [675] And then [...] up there
Sarah (PS1WU) [676] And press
John (PS1WS) [677] to see which one to print.
Sarah (PS1WU) [678] F seven.
John (PS1WS) [679] Right. [...]
Sue (PS1WT) [680] No shift F seven.
John (PS1WS) [681] Right.
[682] Top one is control, the next one is alt
Sue (PS1WT) [683] That's your control key
John (PS1WS) [684] and that one is shift.
Sarah (PS1WU) [685] Yeah.
Sue (PS1WT) [686] which you mustn't touch unless you're very sure of what you're doing.
Sarah (PS1WU) [687] Okay.
Sue (PS1WT) [688] The control key.
John (PS1WS) [689] So so that, that one is print F seven.
[690] So first of all enter to get out of help, and remember that you want
Sarah (PS1WU) [691] Cos you're in help.
John (PS1WS) [692] shift F seven.
Sarah (PS1WU) [693] So you press shift F seven and
Sue (PS1WT) [694] And
Sarah (PS1WU) [695] you press two for page.
John (PS1WS) [696] No P for page even.
Sue (PS1WT) [697] I do two. [printer sounds]
John (PS1WS) [698] So we'll get into
Sarah (PS1WU) [699] We've got lots of letters.
John (PS1WS) [700] We've got lots of letters.
[701] We'll get into the ...
Sue (PS1WT) [702] Print set-up.
John (PS1WS) [703] print set-up.
Sue (PS1WT) [704] Right.
[705] F seven.
Sarah (PS1WU) [706] And again.
Sue (PS1WT) [707] No.
[708] Oh.
[709] Okay try.
[710] ... And again.
[711] ... Okay and again.
[712] ... Enter.
[713] ... And again.
[714] Oh yes.
[715] Yeah good girl.
[716] ... Erm [key sounds]
John (PS1WS) [717] Ooh ah I've just [...] ... So what are we doing?
Sue (PS1WT) [718] I don't know but I'm getting pretty fed up with this.
John (PS1WS) [719] Okay well [...] we're supposed to be getting into ... selecting the printer.
[720] ... You seem to be looking for a file, and you should be selecting
Sue (PS1WT) [721] I'm, it's a very, I'm not used to this set-up here and I, I'm
John (PS1WS) [722] There's very little difference in what you're doing now.
Sue (PS1WT) [723] Well there is a fair bit John because I don't seem to have all this round about way at work to be honest with you.
John (PS1WS) [724] Well.
[725] You don't do it properly at work.
Sue (PS1WT) [726] Well I'm used to it now.
[727] So that's the way I like it.
John (PS1WS) [728] Okay.
[729] ... Retrieve.
[730] And that's ... right.
Sue (PS1WT) [731] Right.
John (PS1WS) [732] Now
Sarah (PS1WU) [733] F seven.
John (PS1WS) [734] you want to set up the printer.
[735] Okay?
Sarah (PS1WU) [736] Right now press
Sue (PS1WT) [737] Select printer.
[738] Is that what you mean?
John (PS1WS) [739] Right so press S for select printer.
[740] And we're on an H P Laserjet Two D for some reason.
Sue (PS1WT) [741] Well that's the one I've got at work you see.
John (PS1WS) [742] Right
Sarah (PS1WU) [743] Right so
John (PS1WS) [744] which is this is not an H P Laserjet Two D.
Sue (PS1WT) [745] That's not a laser printer.
Sarah (PS1WU) [...]
John (PS1WS) [746] It's picking up its printer driver from your disk which you had in which
Sue (PS1WT) [747] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [748] is why we're having a lot of problems with this.
Sue (PS1WT) [749] Alright okay.
John (PS1WS) [750] So if we set your disk.
[751] Now before you do anything, if we set ... set it to pick up the Panasonic K X P Eleven Twenty Four
Sue (PS1WT) [752] Mhm.
John (PS1WS) [753] from there,
Sue (PS1WT) [754] Mm.
John (PS1WS) [755] it'll muck up your disk for work.
[756] And when you try and print out on your H P Laserjet Two D
Sue (PS1WT) [757] Oh that's right.
John (PS1WS) [758] You will get rubbish coming out like this.
Sue (PS1WT) [759] That's right.
John (PS1WS) [760] So what I suggest is that we
Sue (PS1WT) [761] We copy it.
John (PS1WS) [762] copy that file that we've got loaded.
[763] So don't bother about selecting printer.
[764] Let's leave
Sue (PS1WT) [765] Leave it on the Laserjet.
John (PS1WS) [766] the printer there, as it is.
[767] And we'll escape from that okay?
[768] We'll escape from that, and we won't do anything.
[769] We've got the file ready now.
[770] So let's save it.
[771] On the C drive.
[772] Okay?
Sue (PS1WT) [773] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [774] And then we'll print it from the C drive with WordPerfect loaded from the C drive.
[775] Cos when you loaded this you were in the A drive.
Sue (PS1WT) [776] Yeah okay.
John (PS1WS) [777] Okay.
[778] So save your file
Sarah (PS1WU) [779] I'm glad you know [...] .
John (PS1WS) [780] Save your file again.
Sue (PS1WT) [781] Okay.
Sarah (PS1WU) [782] Right so F seven
Sue (PS1WT) [783] F seven or I do F ten.
[784] ... Right.
John (PS1WS) [785] One document named mumsy yes?
Sarah (PS1WU) [786] F ten again?
John (PS1WS) [787] No just enter.
Sue (PS1WT) [788] No just enter.
John (PS1WS) [789] It's asking you for a [...] type.
[790] S L P.
Sue (PS1WT) [791] Enter.
John (PS1WS) [792] Enter.
Sue (PS1WT) [793] Just enter.
John (PS1WS) [794] [reading] Document to be saved as [] ?
[795] Now don't save it yet.
Sue (PS1WT) [796] Saved.
[797] Now ... delete that, delete that A.
John (PS1WS) [798] Not a backspace delete but a delete.
[799] And
Sue (PS1WT) [800] C.
John (PS1WS) [801] And enter.
[802] Well that was quick it saved it on the C drive.
Sue (PS1WT) [803] That's very quickly it went on to the hard
John (PS1WS) [804] Now.
Sarah (PS1WU) [805] Right yeah.
Sue (PS1WT) [806] disk that's in there.
Sarah (PS1WU) [807] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [808] So come out of WordPerfect now.
Sue (PS1WT) [809] F seven.
John (PS1WS) [810] [reading] Save document [] ?
[811] No.
Sue (PS1WT) [812] [reading] Save document [] ?
[813] No.
John (PS1WS) [814] [reading] Exit WordPerfect [] ?
[815] Yes.
[816] You said no.
[817] You have to read what's at the bottom.
Sue (PS1WT) [818] So do F seven again.
John (PS1WS) [819] Okay and read what's at the bottom.
Sue (PS1WT) [820] Okay [reading] save document [] ?
[821] No.
John (PS1WS) [822] Okay.
Sue (PS1WT) [823] And we come out of WordPerfect now.
John (PS1WS) [824] So.
Sue (PS1WT) [825] Yes.
John (PS1WS) [826] You want to exit WordPerfect.
Sue (PS1WT) [827] Y.
John (PS1WS) [828] Y for yes and why not?
Sue (PS1WT) [829] And that comes out of that.
John (PS1WS) [830] Now we take that floppy out.
Sue (PS1WT) [831] Yes.
John (PS1WS) [832] And change to the C drive so if you type C col
Sue (PS1WT) [833] C D.
John (PS1WS) [834] C colon.
Sue (PS1WT) [835] Oh.
[836] C colon.
Sarah (PS1WU) [837] On the next line or
John (PS1WS) [838] Just no C colon.
Sue (PS1WT) [839] No just there.
John (PS1WS) [840] All one line.
Sue (PS1WT) [841] Shift that's two dots.
Sarah (PS1WU) [842] Oh right.
Sue (PS1WT) [843] That one's two dots
Sarah (PS1WU) [844] Right.
Sue (PS1WT) [845] Enter.
John (PS1WS) [846] Enter.
[847] We're on the C drive.
[848] C D C D backslash.
Sarah (PS1WU) [849] C D.
John (PS1WS) [850] C D backslash.
Sue (PS1WT) [851] Backslash.
[852] No.
John (PS1WS) [853] Backslash is bottom left.
Sue (PS1WT) [854] No backslash that's that.
Sarah (PS1WU) [855] Oh right yeah.
John (PS1WS) [856] Okay?
[857] And [...] enter.
Sue (PS1WT) [858] Enter.
John (PS1WS) [859] And now have a look at your prompt, and we're on the C drive, and we're in the root directory.
Sarah (PS1WU) [860] [...] .
Sue (PS1WT) [laughing] [...] []
John (PS1WS) [861] I do, I know I sends tingles down your spine.
[862] Now if you'd like to type If you jus just carry on don't, don't mind us this often happens.
Sarah (PS1WU) [863] Yeah.
Sue (PS1WT) [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [864] If you, if you 'd like to type W P, for we're perfect.
[865] Or something like that.
Sarah (PS1WU) [866] Yeah enter.
John (PS1WS) [867] And enter.
[868] You never know what'll happen.
[869] [singing] Beach ball beach ball [] Now what's the date?
Sarah (PS1WU) [870] Please check date.
[871] It is, if it is wrong hold down [...] and press C.
John (PS1WS) [872] Hold down control and press [...] .
[873] Now is the date correct?
Sarah (PS1WU) [874] Yes.
John (PS1WS) [875] Okay just press enter or space or any key.
[876] And off it'll go and you're in WordPerfect.
Sarah (PS1WU) [877] Right.
[878] Now we've gone to a blue screen.
John (PS1WS) [879] Right.
[880] So you load your file.
[881] F one F one.
Sarah (PS1WU) [882] F one F one.
John (PS1WS) [883] And which of those will load your
Sarah (PS1WU) [884] F seven.
John (PS1WS) [885] File for you?
Sue (PS1WT) [886] F five.
Sarah (PS1WU) [887] F five sorry.
John (PS1WS) [888] F five.
Sarah (PS1WU) [889] Shift or no shift?
Sue (PS1WT) [890] Just
Sarah (PS1WU) [891] F five.
John (PS1WS) [892] Well first of all, first of all you're in [...] you're
Sue (PS1WT) [893] Press enter to s exit help.
Sarah (PS1WU) [894] Right.
Sue (PS1WT) [895] Now F five.
John (PS1WS) [896] It gives you a list of files.
[897] This time [...] .
Sue (PS1WT) [898] Enter.
John (PS1WS) [899] Now it's going to give you a list of the files in C
Sue (PS1WT) [900] C.
John (PS1WS) [901] colon
Sarah (PS1WU) [902] Right yeah.
John (PS1WS) [903] backslash C S U.
[904] Which is what you want.
Sarah (PS1WU) [905] Go down to large.
John (PS1WS) [906] Yeah.
Sue (PS1WT) [907] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [908] Down to large.
[909] See if she's in and
Sarah (PS1WU) [910] Enter.
John (PS1WS) [911] and sorry no and retrieve.
[912] If you enter
Sue (PS1WT) [913] You'll just get to look at the document you can't work
Sarah (PS1WU) [914] Oh right [...]
Sue (PS1WT) [915] on it or anything.
John (PS1WS) [916] So R for retrieve. ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [...] [laugh]
Sue (PS1WT) [917] Oh I know because there's more to, there's files in it.
[918] And you have to come into it.
John (PS1WS) [919] There you go.
Sarah (PS1WU) [920] Right go down to mum.
Sue (PS1WT) [921] Go down to mum.
Sarah (PS1WU) [922] Now R.
Sue (PS1WT) [923] R.
Sarah (PS1WU) [924] Now end.
Sue (PS1WT) [...]
John (PS1WS) [925] And now you can
Sarah (PS1WU) [926] And now [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [927] F one F one to see how you print.
[928] And what do you use to print?
Sarah (PS1WU) [929] Erm shh enter to get out of help.
John (PS1WS) [930] Okay
Sue (PS1WT) [931] Yes.
John (PS1WS) [932] well first of all before you get there
Sue (PS1WT) [933] Well shh shush let her speak.
Sarah (PS1WU) [934] Enter to get out of help.
Sue (PS1WT) [935] Yes.
Sarah (PS1WU) [936] And then shift and F seven.
Sue (PS1WT) [937] Good girl.
John (PS1WS) [938] Excellent. ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [939] And then you go to pa
Sue (PS1WT) [940] Two.
Sarah (PS1WU) [941] Two.
Sue (PS1WT) [...]
Sarah (PS1WU) [942] Page two.
Sue (PS1WT) [943] Oh page sorry yes.
John (PS1WS) [944] Much easier to remember than two.
Sue (PS1WT) [945] [...] the figures.
[946] ... Ooh.
Sarah (PS1WU) [947] And we're still not printing.
John (PS1WS) [948] I would think that your rubbishy version of WordPerfect is [...] thinking it's an H P Laserjet.
Sue (PS1WT) [949] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [950] Right.
[951] So if you'd like to get out, of come out of Word oh first of all
Sue (PS1WT) [952] I think I'd better go and check the chicken now.
John (PS1WS) [953] reset, let's select printer.
[954] So F one F one to tell us what we use to select the printer.
Sue (PS1WT) [955] Do you know my [...] hot.
John (PS1WS) [956] Which is [...] the
Sarah (PS1WU) [957] Mm so's mine actually.
John (PS1WS) [958] Shift F seven.
[959] So enter to get out of help.
[960] Shift F seven.
[961] And select printer.
Sarah (PS1WU) [962] And select printer.
John (PS1WS) [963] Because this has all been mucked up too.
[964] This
Sue (PS1WT) [965] Right.
John (PS1WS) [966] also thinks it's an H P Laserjet Two D now.
[967] So let's set that.
[968] Bring it down a bit to a Panasonic K X P Eleven Twenty Four
Sarah (PS1WU) [969] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [970] and enter.
[971] Right it should now
Sue (PS1WT) [972] [...] page
John (PS1WS) [973] and now if you try and ... page it might work.
[974] I don't know. [...] .
Sue (PS1WT) [975] Ah there we are.
John (PS1WS) [976] Now it's all because somebody has been messing about with [...] .
Sarah (PS1WU) [977] Wasn't me.
John (PS1WS) [...] [...]
John (PS1WS) [978] All that messing about getting the printer to change was, came from not knowing where you are.
[979] That's enough of that.
Sarah (PS1WU) [980] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [981] So that works.
Sarah (PS1WU) [982] As long as we know now that it works.
John (PS1WS) [983] That works.
[984] Erm
Sarah (PS1WU) [985] I want to finish off the letter now anyway.
John (PS1WS) [986] The formatting looks a bit erm a bit silly doesn't it?
[987] So we'd better, we'd better sort that out a bit.
[988] Erm first of all we'll get this ready ... for head of the form.
[989] So we'll just use the line feed one at a time.
[990] Until it comes up to the next page.
[991] ... And we want that, there's the head of the page.
[992] We want that just about on the black line.
Sarah (PS1WU) [993] Right.
John (PS1WS) [994] At the bottom of the black [...] .
[995] So just there.
Sarah (PS1WU) [996] Right.
John (PS1WS) [997] And we put that in cos otherwise that'll come down and get jammed in the printer head.
Sarah (PS1WU) [998] Right.
John (PS1WS) [999] Now at the moment it's still got its headed form set, up here somewhere.
[1000] So switch the printer off.
[1001] And when you switch the printer back on, wherever it is when it's switched on, it thinks that's the head of the form.
[1002] That's the top of the piece of paper.
Sue (PS1WT) [1003] Right.
John (PS1WS) [1004] So switch it on again now.
[1005] And next time you print it should think it's a K X P Eleven Twenty Four and it should think it's at head of form and print everything out beautifully.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1006] So I can finish off the, I want to finish off the letter now.
John (PS1WS) [1007] Now on that letter ... how was it printing out?
[1008] You've got margins set at looks like one point three inches on the left and one inch on the
Sarah (PS1WU) [1009] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1010] That's okay.
[1011] Erm have you put tabs in here or spaces? ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [1012] Erm
John (PS1WS) [1013] If you do F eleven ... it'll show all the characters.
[1014] It shows you what you've got here.
[1015] You've got hard returns, soft returns ... [whispering] soft returns [] so you've got spaces in here.
[1016] Erm did you want your spaces in?
[1017] I mean some of them have got spaces and some of them haven't.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1018] Well it was like a new paragraph but I didn't leave a line.
[1019] [...] new paragraphs.
John (PS1WS) [1020] Oh okay.
[1021] So if you go down to where you've got new paragraphs, and just do enter.
[1022] [...] blank line [...] if you'd like to go down and first of all F eleven to gen to get rid of these codes.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1023] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1024] And then you've got it back the way it was.
[1025] You can just come down to everywhere you want a new
Sarah (PS1WU) [1026] Using this cursor?
John (PS1WS) [1027] Yeah using that.
[1028] Or that one or the mouse.
[1029] Now home.
[1030] ... Erm now [...] ... What have you got there?
[1031] Have you got spaces?
[1032] Take out that.
[1033] ... [...] to there.
[1034] Er don't take it to the I.
[1035] Leave it to the [...] .
[1036] Leave it set hard against the left.
[1037] Don't bring it over to the first character, leave it exactly where it is.
[1038] Because
Sue (PS1WT) [1039] Why?
John (PS1WS) [1040] otherwise you'll put a few spaces then a new line and this will go [...] .
Sarah (PS1WU) [1041] Right so you just press enter.
John (PS1WS) [1042] Okay.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1043] And the bring it down.
John (PS1WS) [1044] Mhm.
[1045] Sue's version at work is set up very unprofessionally.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1046] [laughing] Mhm [] .
John (PS1WS) [1047] Erm now right, now see what you did.
[1048] ... End will take you to the end of that line.
[1049] ... If you press delete, [...]
Sarah (PS1WU) [1050] Right.
John (PS1WS) [1051] [...] .
[1052] Now what you did [whispering] [...] silly thing [] ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [laughing] [...] [] ...
John (PS1WS) [1053] [...] .
[1054] You where there and you pressed enter.
[1055] What that does it puts a blank line in, immediately before that word.
[1056] You want the blank line there
Sarah (PS1WU) [1057] Oh right yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1058] before the other
Sarah (PS1WU) [1059] Okay.
[1060] Right.
[1061] Okay [...] .
John (PS1WS) [1062] Okay.
[1063] And if you press end, it should take you to the end of the line [...]
Sarah (PS1WU) [1064] Alright okay I'll just finish it off.
John (PS1WS) [1065] Take your time.
Sarah (PS1WU) [...] ...
John (PS1WS) [1066] You can do a preview of it.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1067] What do you mean?
John (PS1WS) [1068] Erm can you remember how to do print?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1069] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1070] What was that?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1071] Erm N no F seven shift
John (PS1WS) [1072] Or was it shi
Sarah (PS1WU) [1073] F seven.
John (PS1WS) [1074] Shift F seven, good.
[1075] Okay shift F seven.
[1076] And now
Sarah (PS1WU) [1077] Select printer.
John (PS1WS) [1078] view view document.
[1079] V.
[1080] No don't select printer
Sarah (PS1WU) [1081] Oh.
John (PS1WS) [1082] cos we've had problems with that
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [1083] V for view document.
[1084] That's what your letter's going to look like when it's printed.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1085] Alright yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1086] So you've got nearly a page there so you could
Sarah (PS1WU) [1087] Yeah, yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1088] put another paragraph or something in.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1089] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1090] And then it'll be ready for printing out.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1091] Alright.
John (PS1WS) [1092] So if you escape, you'll, actually, while you're in there, if you want to have a look at two hundred percent.
[1093] Try two for two hundred percent.
[1094] You can read it a bit more easily.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1095] Oh. [cough]
John (PS1WS) [1096] [...] if you escape.
[1097] Erm after that, [reading] dear mum [] , okay escape again.
[1098] Back into your document, and we'll go up a bit.
[1099] ... Dear mum, end.
[1100] And put another new line in there.
[1101] you should have a new line.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1102] What enter?
John (PS1WS) [1103] Yeah.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1104] Right.
John (PS1WS) [1105] Okay.
Sarah (PS1WU) [...]
John (PS1WS) [1106] And now get down to the end of the document.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1107] Alright. ...
John (PS1WS) [1108] You can do it quickly with page down page down.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1109] Right.
[1110] Erm ... And I use that one to go onto a new line don't I?
John (PS1WS) [1111] Right.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1112] Erm
John (PS1WS) [1113] Yeah.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1114] Mhm.
[1115] Erm
John (PS1WS) [1116] Now, do you want a blank line?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1117] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1118] So another new line, another enter.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1119] Oh right.
John (PS1WS) [1120] These, these two keys produce exactly the same effect.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1121] Okay yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1122] They both enter new lines.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1123] Right.
[1124] Erm ...
John (PS1WS) [1125] Now do you mind if I read this or not?
[1126] Would you rather I didn't read it?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1127] No I don't mind, no I don't mind.
John (PS1WS) [1128] Okay.
[1129] I'll show you how to spell check it. ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [1130] Just gen general gossip really [laugh] ... [...] ...
John (PS1WS) [1131] We're just going to spell check it now.
[1132] Just finishing off.
[1133] We've had a preview to see what it looks like.
[1134] It fits on the page.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1135] As well, is it two words or one?
Sue (PS1WT) [1136] Two words.
John (PS1WS) [1137] Two words.
Sue (PS1WT) [1138] Well it's my day off tomorrow from cooking.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1139] I know I was just gonna quickly do this and I'll come and help with your dinner.
John (PS1WS) [1140] So enter enter.
[1141] I think it's quickly done itself actually.
[1142] It u usually does.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1143] [...] erm ooh gone too far there.
[1144] Erm ...
John (PS1WS) [1145] Try tab it's much quicker. ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [1146] Where's tab?
[1147] Oh.
John (PS1WS) [1148] Tab tab tab.
Sue (PS1WT) [1149] I think Sarah would pick this up quite quickly you know.
John (PS1WS) [1150] I think she would pick it up ver is picking it up quite quickly
Sue (PS1WT) [1151] Yes.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1152] Erm
Sue (PS1WT) [1153] and would do very well at it if it was a sensible package and not the rubbishy WordPerfect.
Sue (PS1WT) [1154] Yes it isn't it really John.
John (PS1WS) [1155] No [...] . ...
Sue (PS1WT) [1156] I mean I'm fairly used to what I've got at work now.
[1157] Because I virtually use all the same functions, all the time you know.
John (PS1WS) [1158] Yeah.
[1159] ... [...] capital Xs.
Sarah (PS1WU) [...]
John (PS1WS) [1160] It's alright leave that.
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh] ...
John (PS1WS) [1161] [...] you're going to write Sarah?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1162] Yeah [...] .
John (PS1WS) [1163] Okay so let's
Sarah (PS1WU) [1164] Bring it back to the top.
John (PS1WS) [1165] just spell check the whole document.
[1166] So F one F one.
[1167] And where's it tell you about spell checking?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1168] Erm
Sue (PS1WT) [...]
Sarah (PS1WU) [1169] I can't even see.
[1170] Oh sorry F two.
John (PS1WS) [1171] Right.
Sue (PS1WT) [1172] It's control F two.
John (PS1WS) [1173] Okay so it's F, it's the top one of the four.
[1174] Which, and this one tells you how to interpret them.
[1175] So, and they're all in different colours as well.
[1176] So it's control and F two.
[1177] So first of all have, read, read the instructions on the screen.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1178] Press enter to help.
[1179] Control and F two.
John (PS1WS) [1180] Right. ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [1181] Mm.
John (PS1WS) [1182] And now again the instructions are on the bottom line.
[1183] You've told it to spell check.
[1184] Do you want to spell check one word, a page, the whole document or what?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1185] The page.
Sue (PS1WT) [1186] No.
John (PS1WS) [1187] We'll do the whole document.
Sue (PS1WT) [1188] Oh right.
John (PS1WS) [1189] So D D for document.
[1190] Right now [reading] forty two A [] .
[1191] Okay ignore that.
Sue (PS1WT) [1192] Skip.
John (PS1WS) [1193] Ignore numbers.
Sue (PS1WT) [1194] It's skip on that John it's not ignore.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1195] So I just press two?
John (PS1WS) [1196] Right well hang on there was a little difference of opinion there.
[1197] Ignore numbers will ignore all numbers throughout the document, and in case there are any others in there.
[1198] Skip will just skip what we were ignoring.
[1199] So skip again.
[1200] Skip.
[1201] It's saying Sussex isn't a word that I know about.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1202] Oh right.
John (PS1WS) [1203] It's not in its dictionary.
[1204] It doesn't mean it's spelt incorrectly.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1205] Did you put the words in?
John (PS1WS) [1206] No.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1207] Oh.
[1208] And press two again?
[1209] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1210] Yeah.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1211] And again.
John (PS1WS) [1212] And it'll find the next So skip again for ninth.
[1213] It's [...] Right now it's suggesting words.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1214] Oh it's, oh yeah.
[1215] I got it wrong.
John (PS1WS) [1216] Right so which do you think it should be?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1217] A.
John (PS1WS) [1218] A.
[1219] Okay so if you type A, it will put weird in.
[1220] Now Hastings, what are you going to do with that?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1221] Erm nothing, cos it's right.
John (PS1WS) [1222] Yeah skip.
[1223] Right coursework?
[1224] I think you can put it as one word if you like.
[1225] It probably wants it hyphenated but we'll just say skip, if you're happy with the spelling.
[1226] Halt.
Sarah (PS1WU) [...]
John (PS1WS) [1227] Okay yeah.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1228] [...] Yeah that's right.
[1229] [...] is right.
[1230] That's right.
John (PS1WS) [1231] No [...] .
Sarah (PS1WU) [1232] Got a hyphen?
John (PS1WS) [1233] Yeah it hasn't, didn't have a hyphen but argue that's okay.
[1234] ... Now how do you spell keyboard?
[1235] Let it suggest, oh it's not suggesting anything.
[1236] Well isn't that weird?
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [1237] It hasn't got any suggestion for keyboard.
[1238] Right so we'll have to come back to keyboard and you can change it, I think.
[1239] Can you edit?
[1240] Four.
Sue (PS1WT) [1241] Yes.
John (PS1WS) [1242] So you just move your cursor along.
[1243] [...] after that O and before the R.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1244] How do you spell keyboarding then?
John (PS1WS) [1245] It's got an A in.
[1246] Before between the O and the R.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1247] Oh of course it's A isn't it?
[1248] And again or do I put A
John (PS1WS) [1249] And again.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1250] and then put A.
John (PS1WS) [1251] And you have to insert it before where you've got the cursor.
[1252] So put the A in before the R.
[1253] But you don't want a capital.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1254] [laugh] Backspace.
John (PS1WS) [1255] Backspace delete.
[1256] Okay.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1257] [...] keyboarding wrong.
John (PS1WS) [1258] Exit when finished.
[1259] You know it's a very helpful thing, it doesn't tell what exit is.
[1260] So you're stuck there for life unless a young lady from the audience can help us out here?
Sue (PS1WT) [1261] Oh you just
John (PS1WS) [1262] Exit it says.
[1263] Press exit.
[1264] We've finished editing we want to get back in
Sue (PS1WT) [1265] F seven.
John (PS1WS) [1266] Okay.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1267] No.
Sue (PS1WT) [1268] You've got your F eleven up have you?
John (PS1WS) [1269] No.
Sue (PS1WT) [1270] No it's still going.
John (PS1WS) [1271] It does that in spell checking.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1272] Now I [...] .
Sue (PS1WT) [1273] Okay.
John (PS1WS) [1274] So you can skip that now.
[1275] ... And it's, it's checked the lot.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1276] Mm.
John (PS1WS) [1277] So independence was right.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1278] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1279] Okay?
[1280] And it's found, it's found most of your spelling errors and it's counted the words for you.
[1281] There were four hundred and fifty three.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1282] God it's like an essay.
[1283] [...] an essay.
John (PS1WS) [1284] Now one of the things it didn't do, was it didn't pick any of your grammatical errors out.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1285] Mm.
John (PS1WS) [1286] Erm what it counts as a spelling error is if the word isn't in the dictionary, it's a spelling error.
[1287] Now if you use T H E I R when you should be using T H E R E,
Sarah (PS1WU) [1288] Oh yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1289] it doesn't throw it out as a spelling error cos it counts it
Sue (PS1WT) [1290] Oh right because it's a recognized word.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1291] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1292] But you can get grammar checkers which would check that and throw it out and say that's not right.
[1293] So any key to continue.
[1294] And you do have a T H E R E or something up there.
[1295] So if you go, if you page up several times to get to the start of the document.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1296] Page up?
John (PS1WS) [1297] Which is that one
Sarah (PS1WU) [1298] Oh sorry.
John (PS1WS) [1299] Okay page up.
[1300] Now somewhere, I think near the beginning there was a there.
[1301] So it's not in that lot so page down to the next one.
[1302] ... Erm right, [reading] when there are [] , is that correct?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1303] No.
John (PS1WS) [1304] No.
[1305] So put your cursor on the I.
[1306] Get rid of the I R. ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [1307] Oh.
John (PS1WS) [1308] Okay that was a space.
[1309] So backspace delete to get rid of the space you've just put in.
[1310] Use your cursor to come along.
[1311] That's it.
[1312] And ... delete.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1313] Oh. ...
John (PS1WS) [1314] Then go along one and [...] .
Sarah (PS1WU) [1315] Alright and bring the cursor down.
John (PS1WS) [1316] [...] Now there was an aren't somewhere that you had.
[1317] Erm or a can't.
[1318] The aren't was okay [...] .
Sarah (PS1WU) [1319] Haven't.
John (PS1WS) [1320] Haven't.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1321] There.
John (PS1WS) [1322] Right okay.
[1323] So [...] ... Right.
[1324] And that looks okay so page up to the start of the document.
[1325] And now save it.
[1326] Because you've now got it the way you want it.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1327] Oh right yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1328] You've, you've just checked it all.
[1329] So you can save that.
[1330] Remember how to save?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1331] No.
John (PS1WS) [1332] F one F one.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1333] F one yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1334] F one F one.
[1335] And now where's save in that lot?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1336] Erm F ten.
John (PS1WS) [1337] Now, so, but you're still in [...] .
Sarah (PS1WU) [1338] Enter I can
John (PS1WS) [1339] En you're in help so.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1340] never remember that.
John (PS1WS) [1341] Okay now then N long document name sti still mumsy.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1342] Enter.
John (PS1WS) [1343] So enter yeah.
[1344] Still S L P.
[1345] [...] save it on that?
[1346] Yes.
[1347] Now what you're trying to do, is overwrite the old version that we had.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1348] Mhm.
John (PS1WS) [1349] It says, replace this one, you've already got one called that, do you want to write this on top of it?
[1350] In this case we do.
[1351] But sometimes
Sarah (PS1WU) [1352] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1353] you might not.
[1354] So if you just press, if, if you if you pressed enter, it's got the no highlighted, so it wouldn't automatically replace it.
[1355] Cos it's trying to be safe.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1356] Mm.
John (PS1WS) [1357] The default, the thing it'll do if you don't select something is no.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1358] Mm.
John (PS1WS) [1359] So you have to change that deliberately by typing a Y.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1360] Right.
[1361] So press Y.
John (PS1WS) [1362] So save it say Y and it'll save it.
[1363] So that's saved now.
[1364] If we mess up the printing we've still got that, and we can come back to it
Sarah (PS1WU) [1365] Right.
John (PS1WS) [1366] and try and print again.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1367] Okay.
John (PS1WS) [1368] So now you can turn the printer on. ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [1369] It's on.
John (PS1WS) [1370] Is it on?
[1371] Right excellent.
[1372] And try printing it.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1373] Right.
John (PS1WS) [1374] Remember how to print?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1375] Erm no.
[1376] F seven.
John (PS1WS) [1377] That's very [...]
Sarah (PS1WU) [1378] Shift F seven.
John (PS1WS) [1379] Good right.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1380] Right set
John (PS1WS) [1381] And this time we'll
Sarah (PS1WU) [1382] printer.
John (PS1WS) [1383] we'll have a preview first.
[1384] That, just have a look to see if it looks okay.
[1385] ... And we're on, let's have a look at the full page.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1386] Three.
John (PS1WS) [1387] That looks fine.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1388] That looks okay doesn't it?
John (PS1WS) [1389] Right
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [1390] Okay so escape,
Sarah (PS1WU) [1391] Escape.
John (PS1WS) [1392] to get out of the preview.
[1393] And then we want to print full document.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1394] So one.
John (PS1WS) [1395] Or F F is easier to remember for full document.
[1396] P for page, D for disk, C for control [...] . [printer noises] ... [break in recording] ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [1397] [...] was in here.
John (PS1WS) [1398] Well what?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1399] I don't know.
John (PS1WS) [1400] Feet?
Sue (PS1WT) [1401] Feet?
John (PS1WS) [1402] What was what was wrong with your ... little bit of WordPerfect [...] ?
Sue (PS1WT) [1403] Oh it's n cos it's not like at work where things don't go wrong at work for me any more.
John (PS1WS) [1404] Pardon?
[1405] You were saying that the problem you, the big problem you had at work was with your printer drivers.
Sue (PS1WT) [1406] No not any more I don't.
John (PS1WS) [1407] It's the same problem you had there.
Sue (PS1WT) [1408] Not any more I don't.
John (PS1WS) [1409] Well.
[1410] Cos you know about avoiding changing printers.
[1411] So the problem was caused with bringing a disk from one machine to another
Sue (PS1WT) [1412] Mhm.
[1413] I know.
John (PS1WS) [1414] with a different driver on it yeah.
[1415] But apart from that, apart from the printing, let's forget about the printing aspect.
[1416] How did you get on with the rest of it?
[1417] What did you think of it? [...] complained last time.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1418] No but if, if I if I talk ... by myself it's going to
John (PS1WS) [1419] So
Sarah (PS1WU) [1420] sound really false, isn't it?
Sue (PS1WT) [1421] Yes.
John (PS1WS) [1422] how did you get on with the word processing this afternoon then Sarah?
[1423] ... Who suggested that you that you should have a go?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1424] Mother.
John (PS1WS) [1425] What did she sugg how did she, how did she suggest it?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1426] Erm well she said, would you like [laughing] to go on the [] computer? and I said, fine, okay.
[1427] So she showed me her bits and bobs and [laughing] things like that [] .
John (PS1WS) [1428] The hardware, the keyboard and things.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1429] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1430] How to turn it on.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1431] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1432] What else did she show you?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1433] Erm basically how it works.
[1434] Erm
John (PS1WS) [1435] How does it work?
[1436] How, how do you turn it on?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1437] Erm by the switch by the telly. [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [1438] So how many switches to switch it on?
Sue (PS1WT) [1439] I didn't go I didn't go through a proper sort of ... instructive thing.
[1440] I honestly didn't I just brought it up.
John (PS1WS) [1441] Oh [...] I'll let it be known that your mother is a very good instructress.
[1442] She's good at teaching people all sorts of things, nice and calm and patient.
[1443] Not like some who are shouting, shift F seven, and shut up and, you know the sort of person.
[1444] She's not like that at all.
[1445] She's lovely.
[1446] Make a good tutor.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1447] There's Elaine Paige
Sue (PS1WT) [1448] I didn't, I didn't do any
Sarah (PS1WU) [1449] on telly.
[1450] There's Elaine Paige.
Sue (PS1WT) [1451] I didn't do anything really John.
[1452] I just brought up the files.
[1453] And went really straight into Sarah typing.
John (PS1WS) [1454] So you set up WordPerfect so she, with a blank screen for Sarah to type on.
[1455] And a new document.
[1456] Did you set, did you choose the document name?
Sue (PS1WT) [1457] Erm yes I did.
[1458] I thought that I'd created a new directory but I didn't. [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [1459] You used.
[1460] Thank you you were on the, you were on A drive.
[1461] ... So you typed, you, you, you set it up.
[1462] And nobody noticed that it said A colon and not C colon.
[1463] Cos nobody ever reads the bottom line with the poor computer
Sue (PS1WT) [1464] Well I do.
John (PS1WS) [1465] trying to talk to you and tell you something.
Sue (PS1WT) [1466] I do it's just that I
John (PS1WS) [1467] People are just interested in shouting at it aren't they?
Sue (PS1WT) [1468] No I was just
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh]
Sue (PS1WT) [1469] simply just ... not noticing much on the screen really.
John (PS1WS) [1470] Right.
Sue (PS1WT) [1471] Sarah just wanted to type a little letter.
John (PS1WS) [1472] Mm.
Sue (PS1WT) [1473] I didn't actually feel in the mood to show her
John (PS1WS) [1474] Ah well [...] .
Sue (PS1WT) [1475] bits and all.
John (PS1WS) [1476] Answer that question.
Sue (PS1WT) [1477] Well I thought I was going to have the computer here for the whole time of Sarah's stay you see.
John (PS1WS) [1478] Well one of these days.
Sue (PS1WT) [1479] So I thought that there was plenty of time as this is my first day off from work.
John (PS1WS) [1480] Tonight?
[1481] This is
Sue (PS1WT) [1482] I didn't want to be thrust straight into it.
John (PS1WS) [1483] Tonight I'm going to transfer WordPerfect, from that one, from the three eight six, to the X T, so you'll be able to find it.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1484] Okay.
John (PS1WS) [1485] So when you started typing, how did you put the address in?
Sue (PS1WT) [1486] Oh that was a bit of fun wasn't it?
John (PS1WS) [1487] I thought that would be a bit of fun.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1488] How did I do [...] ?
John (PS1WS) [1489] How did you put the address
Sue (PS1WT) [1490] The address.
John (PS1WS) [1491] In?
[1492] Forty
Sue (PS1WT) [1493] Getting across to the right-hand side.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1494] Erm ... I moved the cursor.
John (PS1WS) [1495] Mhm.
Sue (PS1WT) [1496] Yeah she did a load of indents to start with.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1497] Oh yes and then I done, I did er I put forty two A north and then I went to put street and I wrote it in, typed it in, but it went underneath forty two A.
[1498] And I thought ooh [laughing] so []
John (PS1WS) [1499] That was clever.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1500] I shouted mum.
John (PS1WS) [1501] You set up, set an indent then.
Sue (PS1WT) [1502] No but the street was in the wrong
John (PS1WS) [1503] Or a hanging paragraph?
Sue (PS1WT) [1504] was not on the same line.
John (PS1WS) [1505] No but it was, was it immediately below the forty two?
Sue (PS1WT) [1506] Yes.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1507] Mm.
John (PS1WS) [1508] So you set up some sort of indent.
Sue (PS1WT) [1509] If you press F four.
[1510] Right if you're doing something, just doing a straight bit of text which
Sarah (PS1WU) [1511] Mm.
Sue (PS1WT) [1512] was just straight typing
Sarah (PS1WU) [1513] Mm.
Sue (PS1WT) [1514] and then you suddenly want to indent, which is say come in five s five spaces
Sarah (PS1WU) [1515] Yeah.
Sue (PS1WT) [1516] five space
Sarah (PS1WU) [1517] Yeah.
Sue (PS1WT) [1518] bars to set it in.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1519] Mm.
Sue (PS1WT) [1520] If you press F four, from the margin,F function F four key.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1521] Yeah.
Sue (PS1WT) [1522] It sets in automatically five spaces.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1523] Yeah.
Sue (PS1WT) [1524] Right.
[1525] And it wraps round.
[1526] Right.
[1527] So it gets to the end of the line and it will come back and adjust itself and go under the ... the
Sarah (PS1WU) [1528] Yeah.
[1529] The
Sue (PS1WT) [1530] the first line
Sarah (PS1WU) [1531] Yeah.
Sue (PS1WT) [1532] indent.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1533] Mm.
Sue (PS1WT) [1534] All the way down until you don't want it any more.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1535] Mm.
Sue (PS1WT) [1536] And then you put a return in at the end of that and it goes back to the margin again.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1537] Okay.
Sue (PS1WT) [1538] It's clever that.
John (PS1WS) [1539] What do you think of the little hearts every time you put an enter?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1540] I wondered what was going [laughing] on.
[1541] By, by the end of the time when I er did the address I had about ten hearts all over the screen [] .
John (PS1WS) [1542] Well with most word processors
Sue (PS1WT) [1543] So I did F eleven and, and revealed the codes and deleted it all.
John (PS1WS) [1544] Very good.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1545] Mm hard software and s
Sue (PS1WT) [1546] I showed her that.
John (PS1WS) [1547] Yes we tried that.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1548] and software.
John (PS1WS) [1549] Hard return and soft returns.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1550] Hard return soft return.
Sue (PS1WT) [1551] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1552] Well ... well with most word processors, you don't use return, you just keep typing and it automatically says well I won't fit this [...] .
Sue (PS1WT) [1553] It wraps round that's the expression.
John (PS1WS) [1554] Wrap round.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1555] Mhm.
John (PS1WS) [1556] And that set up still [...]
Sue (PS1WT) [...]
John (PS1WS) [1557] most word processors won't show when you've got a new line character.
[1558] When you press enter it stores a character in your file.
[1559] It says right get on to a new line.
[1560] Most of them don't show it but you can set it to show it.
[1561] So I've set that one to show it.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1562] Okay.
Sue (PS1WT) [1563] Oh stop squeezing my fat
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [1564] Squeezing your fat what?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1565] I'm not.
Sue (PS1WT) [1566] Thigh.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1567] I'm just stroking.
John (PS1WS) [1568] Can you make it clear
Sue (PS1WT) [1569] Hip.
John (PS1WS) [1570] for the tape, that it was not I what squeezed your thigh.
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [1571] Fat or otherwise.
[1572] It was her there.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1573] It was I. ...
John (PS1WS) [1574] So a lot of problems just getting the address in. ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [1575] Not really. [laugh]
Sue (PS1WT) [1576] Oh no [...] .
[1577] Oh no.
John (PS1WS) [1578] Well let's say let's say was it quicker was it would it have been, quicker writing the address by hand?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1579] Oh yeah it wa it wasn't a big thing that [...] was a major mistake. [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [1580] It's alright, it's alright.
[1581] Not getting it right first time [...] .
Sarah (PS1WU) [1582] It's all about learning basically isn't it?
John (PS1WS) [1583] Exactly.
Sue (PS1WT) [1584] You learn by mistakes that's
Sarah (PS1WU) [1585] It's all learning yeah.
Sue (PS1WT) [1586] Right I did [...] .
Sarah (PS1WU) [1587] In every aspect of life.
John (PS1WS) [...]
Sue (PS1WT) [1588] That's right.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1589] Life is learning. ... [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [1590] Learning is life. ...
Sarah (PS1WU) [1591] Life means learning. [...]
John (PS1WS) [1592] Once you got started
Sarah (PS1WU) [1593] Life is hassle.
[1594] Life is problems.
[1595] When
John (PS1WS) [1596] opportunities, opportunities.
[1597] And once you got started typing the main part of the letter, you were alright then?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1598] Mm.
John (PS1WS) [1599] Just about.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1600] I just whip whipped away.
[1601] Took about an hour and a quarter to [laughing] do [] but there you go.
Sue (PS1WT) [1602] Actually.
John (PS1WS) [1603] Can you remember how many words you did?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1604] Four hundred and fifty three. ...
Sue (PS1WT) [1605] I did show you how to do.
Sarah (PS1WU) [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [1606] How did you find out?
Sarah (PS1WU) [1607] You tried to catch me out there didn't you?
[1608] You said, how many words did you do?
[1609] Four hundred and fifty three. [laugh]
John (PS1WS) [1610] No.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1611] Pardon?
Sue (PS1WT) [1612] I did show Sarah how to do the backspace to delete, when she made a mistake, instead of
John (PS1WS) [1613] Mm.
[1614] Instead of leaving it.
Sue (PS1WT) [1615] Well not only instead of leaving it but using, she wasn't quite sure [...] she was pressing delete and
Sarah (PS1WU) [1616] It did [...] no I had an E on the er
John (PS1WS) [1617] Delete does work.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1618] the cursor I had an E on the
Sue (PS1WT) [1619] Delete does work if you use
John (PS1WS) [1620] It deletes.
Sue (PS1WT) [1621] the cursor key in fact.
John (PS1WS) [1622] Delete will delete
Sue (PS1WT) [...]
John (PS1WS) [1623] whatever character is at the cursor at the moment.
[1624] Backspace delete, or backspace one and then delete.
Sue (PS1WT) [1625] Onto the character.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1626] Oh yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1627] Right.
Sue (PS1WT) [1628] I'm going out now.
John (PS1WS) [1629] Cos I remember you saying on the X T that the ... delete key wouldn't work.
[1630] [...] backspace delete.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1631] What, are you going to the offie?
Sue (PS1WT) [1632] Yeah I just want to get some orange juice.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1633] I'll come with you.
Sue (PS1WT) [1634] Is that alright?
John (PS1WS) [1635] It's fine.
[1636] Can you take this home so you can finish off the tape?
[1637] Preferably talking about WordPerfect.
[1638] Or something structured.
[1639] We've only got about three minutes to go on that.
[1640] And it's half nine now.
[1641] So what did you think of the, the session altogether?
[1642] What did you think of having two
Sarah (PS1WU) [1643] I think
John (PS1WS) [1644] two tutors at one time
Sue (PS1WT) [1645] Well
John (PS1WS) [1646] did you think that worked?
Sue (PS1WT) [1647] No probably it didn't, I mean
John (PS1WS) [1648] Right.
Sue (PS1WT) [1649] you see the thing is
Sarah (PS1WU) [1650] [...] confusing because you've got two people bringing in the ideas ,
Sue (PS1WT) [1651] Yeah well you see John's got about twenty five years' experience with computers on me.
[1652] I'm, I'm still a novice Sarah.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1653] No I'm just saying it's harder for me, it was harder to have two people tutoring me because I, you were coming in with suggestions that you know already, you weren't, like then John was coming in
Sue (PS1WT) [1654] I know, I know, yes I'm sure, I'm sure but you kno that's right.
[1655] But in actual fact I think that ... for preliminary erm instruction I'm, I would be better.
[1656] Because I wouldn't confuse Sarah with a lot of technicality.
John (PS1WS) [1657] What was the main point
Sue (PS1WT) [1658] But
John (PS1WS) [1659] in your session?
Sue (PS1WT) [1660] Me?
John (PS1WS) [1661] Mm.
[1662] The session that you started with Sarah, what was the main
Sue (PS1WT) [1663] Oh because I didn't tell her enough about the keyboard and, and the
John (PS1WS) [1664] Why did it all go wrong?
[1665] Why was it wrong when I came in?
Sue (PS1WT) [1666] Well because I always feel that you want to
John (PS1WS) [1667] No before I came in it was wrong.
[1668] You couldn't print
Sue (PS1WT) [1669] No it wasn't.
John (PS1WS) [1670] you couldn't print
Sue (PS1WT) [1671] Oh I see what you
John (PS1WS) [1672] so
Sue (PS1WT) [1673] mean oh you're talking about [...] I thought you meant
John (PS1WS) [1674] How, why, why had that why had that gone wrong?
Sue (PS1WT) [1675] What do you mean, why had it, what do you mean, why had it gone wrong?
John (PS1WS) [1676] What, what had caused it?
[1677] Why wasn't it printing?
Sue (PS1WT) [1678] Oh because I was on th I [...] misread it all.
[1679] And it
John (PS1WS) [1680] Okay cos it, cos it started
Sue (PS1WT) [1681] Drive
John (PS1WS) [1682] off on an A drive.
Sue (PS1WT) [1683] Yeah.
John (PS1WS) [1684] And it was picking up printer drivers from the A drive.
Sarah (PS1WU) [1685] Mm.
John (PS1WS) [1686] Not a very intelligent package.
[1687] A load of rubbish.
Sue (PS1WT) [1688] I mean I er I mean [...] I had a lot of trouble
John (PS1WS) [1689] [...] what do you think of it compared to Microsoft's Word?
Sue (PS1WT) [1690] today.
[1691] Sort of when I first started using it at work
John (PS1WS) [1692] Mm.
Sue (PS1WT) [1693] I was always getting it