BNC Text G55

Medical consultation. Sample containing about 578 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C208

PS27G X m (No name, age unknown, doctor) unspecified
PS27H X u (No name, age unknown, patient) unspecified
G55PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
G55PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 096707 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( Doctors surgery ) Activity: Consultation

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (G55PSUNK) [1] Hello Doctor.
(PS27G) [2] Good morning Mrs .
(PS27H) [3] Yes.
(PS27G) [4] Well young lady, what can we do
(PS27H) [5] I'm just up to see about this operation.
(PS27G) [6] What's what operation?
(PS27H) [7] You know [...] Royal Infirmary
(PS27G) [8] Aha.
(PS27H) [9] th that was [...] temporary.
(PS27G) [10] Yes.
(PS27H) [11] And he's the consultant told me, it would take two to three days.
[12] [laugh] I think it's years he means. ...
(PS27G) [13] Have you not heard any more about it?
(PS27H) [14] Two cancellations Doctor, two. ...
(PS27G) [15] And that's all you've heard?
(PS27H) [16] That's all I've heard. ...
(PS27G) [17] Cos we've never heard any more.
(PS27H) [18] No.
[19] I just thought I'd come up and speak to you about that.
(PS27G) [20] Yes.
(PS27H) [21] And it's a thingy that I can't forget about.
[22] I can't make any appointments for going
(PS27G) [23] That's right.
(PS27H) [24] anywhere.
(PS27G) [25] That's right.
(PS27H) [26] You know. ...
(PS27G) [27] Right well I'll get on to them this morning.
(PS27H) [28] Will you?
(PS27G) [29] That was Mr ?
(PS27H) [30] Yes.
(PS27G) [31] Mr was
(PS27H) [32] That's right.
(PS27G) [33] the man.
(PS27H) [34] Yes.
(PS27G) [35] Right.
(PS27H) [36] Yes.
[37] I mean, that's a long time isn't it?
(PS27G) [38] Oh yes.
(PS27H) [39] Yes.
(PS27G) [40] Phone Mr ... ... Royal Infirmary ... Mrs ... operation.
[41] ... As soon as possible.
(PS27H) [42] Now could I have some cramp er tablets Doctor?
(PS27G) [43] Yes.
(PS27H) [44] For my hands any my feet.
[45] And this is where I used to get pain.
[46] Now I can be constipatied constipated and I can be the other way.
(PS27G) [47] Aha.
(PS27H) [48] And Dr that was the only w doctor ever I knew up here.
(PS27G) [49] Yes.
(PS27H) [50] And he always gave me this bottle [...]
(PS27G) [51] That's the syrupy stuff?
(PS27H) [52] Yes, and he told me to take a spoonful
(PS27G) [53] That's
(PS27H) [54] at night a teaspoonful
(PS27G) [55] A teaspoonful before you go to your bed .
(PS27H) [56] Yes.
(PS27G) [57] That's right.
(PS27H) [58] So could I have that?
(PS27G) [59] Yes.
(PS27H) [60] Please.
[61] ... I I'm not really a doctor person really, but this is really troubling me up here you know .
(PS27G) [62] Oh yes.
[63] Oh aye.
[64] You should heard long before this.
(PS27H) [65] Oh it's a terrible thing Doctor .
(PS27G) [66] That's that's a terrible old thing .
(PS27H) [67] And I'm eighty eighty two, I'll be eighty three in December.
(PS27G) [68] Aha.
[69] And you're not getting any younger.
(PS27H) [70] I'm not getting any younger, but mind you I'd like to get it done.
(PS27G) [71] Yes.
(PS27H) [72] Because I can't take any freedom.
(PS27G) [73] That's right.
[74] That's right.
[75] Now.
[76] ... Mark this in here.
(PS27H) [77] We were getting the sun weren't we?
(PS27G) [78] Aye, today, today.
(PS27H) [laugh] ...
(PS27G) [79] Now that was yours Your er
(PS27H) [80] Cramp.
(PS27G) [81] Your erm quinine.
[82] Was it you quinine?
[83] Tab tablets.
[84] Was it
(PS27H) [85] [...] Oh yes.
(PS27G) [86] the quinine tablets?
[87] The old fashioned ones.
[88] For the cramp.
(PS27H) [89] [...] was for this c for the cramp?
[90] Yes yes it is still.
[91] Sometimes I got to get up in the night and walk about and
(PS27G) [92] Mhm.
(PS27H) [93] my hand's cold.
[94] But that oil, it seemed to help me a lot .
(PS27G) [95] Oh yes, it just eases
(PS27H) [96] Just a teaspoonful.
(PS27G) [97] That's right, just eases things through. [...] ?
(PS27H) [98] No I can't do with anything.
(PS27G) [99] No no no no.
(PS27H) [100] Doctor used to say, Never you take a laxative.
(PS27G) [101] No no.
[102] No that's the worst thing you could do.
(PS27H) [103] Yes.
[104] ... Have you had your holidays Doctor?
(PS27G) [105] No no.
(PS27H) [106] No?
(PS27G) [107] October.
(PS27H) [108] October. ...
(PS27G) [109] There we are and I'll I'll get on to the Royal this morning.
(PS27H) [110] Thanks ever so much Doctor.
[111] And I'll be
(PS27G) [112] And we'll try and get worked out to you this week.
(PS27H) [113] greatly obliged to you.
(PS27G) [114] Right Mrs ,
(PS27H) [115] Yes.
(PS27G) [116] I'll just go straight through just now.
(PS27H) [117] Right and thank you Doctor .
(PS27G) [118] Now have we got your phone number?
(PS27H) [119] Er.
(PS27G) [120] Yes.
(PS27H) [121] Wait a bit, Yes that's right.
(PS27H) [122] That's right ,.
(PS27G) [123] Okay.
[124] [...] we know where to find you.
(PS27H) [125] Thanks Doctor, thanks very much.
(PS27G) [126] Right that's enough.
(PS27H) [127] Bye bye.
(PS27G) [128] Right cheerio now. [recording ends]