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Golf club events meeting. Sample containing about 7676 words speech recorded in leisure context

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PS27R X u (No name, age unknown, All participents unknown) unspecified
PS27S X f (May, age unknown) unspecified
PS27T X f (Edith, age unknown) unspecified
PS27U X m (Jim, age unknown) unspecified
PS27V X m (Duncan, age unknown) unspecified
PS27W X f (Agnes, age unknown) unspecified
PS27X X f (Margaret, age unknown) unspecified
PS27Y X u (Kell, age unknown) unspecified
G59PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
G59PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 096801 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( Golf club ) Activity: events meeting

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Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [1] golfing conversations of any use.
(PS27R) [2] Pardon?
May (PS27S) [3] Golfing conversations of any use.
(PS27R) [4] No. [...]
May (PS27S) [5] Why what's wrong with golf?
(PS27R) [6] Has to be [...] you're not recording. [break in recording]
(PS27R) [7] Oh no.
[8] But Danny died on Friday morning.
[9] Sad too really for
May (PS27S) [10] Mm.
(PS27R) [11] for me and I think it might be rather than just record an apology for her absence, I think we should just put in something, just to say that we're that we are very sad
May (PS27S) [12] Mhm.
(PS27R) [13] that er at Danny's death.
[14] And also I think we should record our admiration at how she has coped really over the last few years
May (PS27S) [...]
Edith (PS27T) [15] Do we want to send flowers?
(PS27R) [16] I thought we could come to that later on .
May (PS27S) [17] Mhm.
Edith (PS27T) [18] Right.
(PS27R) [19] But er I think our admiration for her
May (PS27S) [20] Mhm.
(PS27R) [21] should be recorded really
May (PS27S) [22] Mhm.
(PS27R) [23] and er
May (PS27S) [24] Well that will come in to ... the meeting as well.
(PS27R) [25] And [...] the meeting cos we really have
May (PS27S) [26] Mhm.
(PS27R) [27] to start the reading of the next and last meeting and
May (PS27S) [28] Mhm.
(PS27R) [29] all that jazz.
Edith (PS27T) [30] [...] have to start doing that [...] .
[31] Okay?
(PS27R) [32] All right then.
Edith (PS27T) [33] Okey doke.
May (PS27S) [34] [...] talking about apologies for this meeting [...] .
(PS27R) [35] Can you speak a little bit louder please.
May (PS27S) [...]
Edith (PS27T) [36] No.
May (PS27S) [37] Is the tape on.
Edith (PS27T) [38] It was.
(PS27R) [39] Yeah.
May (PS27S) [40] Oh [...] .
[41] Right meeting.
(PS27R) [42] I would have thought it would have been better in the introduction rather as part of the minutes, would you not have thought so?
May (PS27S) [43] Well I thought you wanted it in the minutes. [...] .
Edith (PS27T) [44] [...] problem.
(PS27R) [45] Well all right we'll ha Okay l let's have the minutes of the last meeting then Joan.
Edith (PS27T) [46] Right.
[47] Present, May , Edith , Jim , Duncan , Agnes , Margaret , Kell , Barbara and me.
[48] Apologies from Anne.
[49] The minutes of the previous meeting were ado were read and adopted by Mrs and seconded by Mrs .
[50] Matters arising.
[51] Mrs N was [...] on the committee, and was welcomed by the ladies captain.
[52] Treasurer's report.
[53] The following amounts were held in the accounts.
[54] Deposit, eight hundred and twenty one.
[55] Current, eighty four pound ninety nine.
[56] Cash in hand, thirty two pound ninety nine.
[57] Making a total of nine hundred and thirty eight pounds ninety eight.
[58] Three hundred and eight pounds was for the ladies open, four hundred and twenty for the outing to , two hundred and twenty six had already been paid for the coach, plus all the prizes.
[59] Handicap secretary's report.
[60] There were ninety entries for the ladies open, and entries have now more or less stopped.
[61] Club championship second round was cancelled due to inclement weather, and it [...] final round.
[62] [...] the final round will now be played in conjunction with the golf foundation competition for the eighteenth of August.
[63] A separate notice will be put up in the locker room, that three person bounce games can now be used for cutting handicap.
[64] Secretary's report.
[65] A letter was sent to the church council asking for the tea to be reserved from nine thirty until sixteen thirty on the days of the ladies open, fourth of August.
[66] And to asked for the cream teas to be retained.
[67] This had been agreed.
[68] Letters have been sent to Duncan and Willy [...] be once again acting as starters.
[69] Duncan agreed, but there was no reply from Willy, due to domestic circumstances.
[70] Captain's report.
[71] The trophy for the ladies open has not been engraved for the last few years.
[72] Helen [...] to be contacted and asked for the plinth so that this can be completed before this years event.
[73] Letters to be sent out to local firms as per list.
[74] This should be brought up to date for next year.
[75] Some donations have already been received, and the treasurer will produce a list, a letter of thanks.
[76] Any other business.
[77] Outing.
[78] Trolleys can be hired at .
[79] There'll be one scratch and six handicap prizes for the morning, a [...] scramble for players in the afternoon, with prizes for each of the winning group.
[80] There will be the normally [...] prize, plus any prizes to be [...] between the ladies captain and the handicap secretary.
[81] Tips, ten pounds for the bus driver, and thirteen pounds for the [...] .
[82] The open.
[83] It was suggested that a letter be sent to the church council, asking for a notice lower down than at present, to be positioned to ensure ladies from other clubs, find the fifteenth tee.
[84] Also that each card, a slip should be inserted, and following competitors of the whole at which the longest driving will take place, [...] where the fifteenth tee is sited.
[85] A proposal was put forward to change the outing to a weekday because of the increasing problems of finding a course to accept ladies on a Sunday.
[86] It was agreed to hold a vote on the bus this Sunday, as there were people who would normally be attending and also [...] .
[87] And also if necessary [...] .
[88] Meeting closed, next meeting fifth of July.
(PS27R) [89] Now somebody like to ... Dr [...] somebody like to [...] .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [90] Well now, business arising from the minutes?
Edith (PS27T) [91] Right.
(PS27R) [92] Joan?
Edith (PS27T) [93] A letter was sent to the church council.
[94] They haven't replied yet, but verbally they said there'd be no problem with the notice.
(PS27R) [95] Mhm.
Edith (PS27T) [96] Er I've done the slips and given them to Margaret to be [...] .
[97] There was no vote taken on the bus.
(PS27R) [98] On the bus.
Edith (PS27T) [99] And Willy has replied
May (PS27S) [100] They actually spoke about in at the place right enough.
[101] Some of the girls [...] speaking about it.
[102] Aye they did .
(PS27R) [103] But then we should have got [...] we we sh We should have done it on the way there, but we forget.
[104] There were too
May (PS27S) [105] Mhm.
(PS27R) [106] many other things being organized.
Edith (PS27T) [107] Willy has replied and said, he won't be able to do it because of his domestic circumstances.
[108] But erm [...] is going to step in and do it.
May (PS27S) [109] Oh that's good.
(PS27R) [110] Good that's that's grand, that's grand.
[111] If there's er there's no more word about Bettie at the moment she
May (PS27S) [...]
(PS27R) [112] she's just in the same condition as she's been
May (PS27S) [113] Mhm.
(PS27R) [114] for the last two or three weeks, yes.
Jim (PS27U) [115] Has the plinth been returned?
(PS27R) [116] Who was who was t
May (PS27S) [117] [...] Helen [...]
(PS27R) [118] Yes I know Helen has it.
[119] Did
May (PS27S) [120] Me I would imagine would be contacting.
(PS27R) [121] Oh well we don't know.
Duncan (PS27V) [122] [...] as long as it's not [...]
May (PS27S) [123] There's nothing in the draw is there? [...] get keys for the drawer.
Edith (PS27T) [124] [...] keys.
(PS27R) [125] No.
May (PS27S) [126] [...] be in there.
Edith (PS27T) [127] [...] and they don't have keys for the door.
May (PS27S) [128] Oh well maybe [...] and Gwen if she comes back.
Jim (PS27U) [129] Yeah.
May (PS27S) [130] [...] .
Jim (PS27U) [131] Helen has certainly been asked.
[132] Cos I heard
Edith (PS27T) [133] Mm.
Jim (PS27U) [134] someone asking here about it.
(PS27R) [135] [cough] Try and Is she playing on Wednesday does anybody know?
Jim (PS27U) [136] Yeah?
(PS27R) [137] Maybe remind her on Wednesday or find out from her if she you know, [...] asked her.
[138] Anything else on there?
[139] From the last minutes?
Edith (PS27T) [...]
(PS27R) [140] Right just.
Edith (PS27T) [...]
(PS27R) [141] Pardon?
Edith (PS27T) [142] Nothing to be added is there?
(PS27R) [143] Don't think so.
[144] Apologies for tonight's meeting have been received from Nancy, who is on holiday, and may of course is isn't here because Danny has died.
[145] I don't know [...] how many are going to the funeral on Wednesday morning, it's ten o'clock at Sacred Heart.
May (PS27S) [146] Where is it, Sacred Heart? [...]
(PS27R) [147] Which is just at the angle
Agnes (PS27W) [148] So it's the one down
(PS27R) [149] Just at the angle the he just the junction of Road and
Agnes (PS27W) [...]
(PS27R) [150] on the left hand side here.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [151] There's a car park [...] the church.
May (PS27S) [152] Is there.
Agnes (PS27W) [153] [...] you can get into the car park if you come down er .
May (PS27S) [154] [...] you just turn then before the church, there's a car park there.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [155] [...] before the church.
May (PS27S) [156] Is that before you take the the angle?
[157] Before you take the angle?
[158] You turn in to the right.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [159] Aye coming down from the cross.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [160] And there there's a car park just behind.
(PS27R) [161] There will be a I think there'll be a lot of cars there.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [162] Mm.
(PS27R) [163] Let's face it, you can cross the r Park across in [...] and walk across.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [164] Mhm.
May (PS27S) [165] Yes.
Edith (PS27T) [166] You could actually park erm [...]
(PS27R) [167] I don't I don't think there'll be any difficulty.
[168] Er
Edith (PS27T) [169] [...] Road. [...] .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [170] Anyway the service is at ten o'clock
May (PS27S) [171] Mhm.
(PS27R) [172] in the Sacred Heart.
[173] [...] eleven fifteen.
[174] But I know that er the one or two people who told me that they're going, er we were just going to the service in the church and then
May (PS27S) [175] Mhm.
(PS27R) [176] come on to the and play our golf afterwards .
May (PS27S) [177] Mhm.
Jim (PS27U) [178] Now I know that I'm going and Alma's going, but we've yet to decide I would rather just go to the crematorium [...]
(PS27R) [179] Well that yes well Aha.
[180] Aha.
Jim (PS27U) [181] Erm [...]
(PS27R) [182] It's only be
Jim (PS27U) [183] [...] .
(PS27R) [184] [...] to the crematorium as well?
[185] Or to the church ?
Jim (PS27U) [186] Well that's what they haven't decided.
(PS27R) [187] I see.
May (PS27S) [188] [...] leave a wee note up there or something?
Jim (PS27U) [189] I think when [...]
May (PS27S) [190] Aha
Jim (PS27U) [191] and then coming [...] .
May (PS27S) [...]
(PS27R) [192] I think I think so because if if we leave it any
May (PS27S) [193] Mhm.
(PS27R) [194] later than that, it's er I mean to go to the crematorium at quarter past eleven, we wouldn't be back here before twelve o'clock.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [195] No the way we was thinking of going we were just gonna go to the the church to find out how many
(PS27R) [196] [...] Go to the church and then come down.
May (PS27S) [197] were gonna go to the church and then we would come back down.
(PS27R) [198] That would
May (PS27S) [199] I thought she was leaving a note or something, no?
Jim (PS27U) [200] Aye?
May (PS27S) [201] did she leave a note?
Jim (PS27U) [202] No.
(PS27R) [203] But anybody who wants to to go to the crematorium
May (PS27S) [204] Aha, cos I've [...] from her.
(PS27R) [205] rather than to the cos the church service is long, it does take er nearly an hour I believe
May (PS27S) [206] Well Marg I mean I phoned Margaret, she said it takes about an hour.
(PS27R) [207] An hour, but down there there'll
May (PS27S) [...]
(PS27R) [208] only be a quarter of an hour.
May (PS27S) [209] Mhm.
Edith (PS27T) [210] I'm gonna go to the church, but I'm just going straight to work.
May (PS27S) [211] Mhm.
(PS27R) [212] Yes.
[213] Yes.
[214] I don't know that we should Do we all do we want to go together
May (PS27S) [...]
(PS27R) [215] and sit together or are we just go
Jim (PS27U) [216] Yes [...] that would be fine.
(PS27R) [217] I think it probably would.
May (PS27S) [218] Mhm.
Jim (PS27U) [219] [...] down the Road or whether it was the one here and [...] wasn't sure either.
[220] Cos I phoned her this morning.
[221] You know what I mean, she wasn't sure .
(PS27R) [222] No, she to she told me on the phone.
[223] [...] told me that it's that it's Sacred Heart .
Jim (PS27U) [224] Mhm.
(PS27R) [225] So I phoned her last Nancy phoned me last Friday afternoon before she went on holiday to tell me, and I phoned ... I wasn't sure whether just to sort of play it low key or then I thought, Well I know I really should just give here a wee ring.
[226] [...] sympathy to her and er she she was alright, she was grand.
[227] She said that you were [...] been quite shocked though because
May (PS27S) [228] Mhm.
(PS27R) [229] they'd been ca they'd been called so many times you know when he was low.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [230] And er she just sort of that it happened so quickly.
[231] But at the same time she said, Well we're pleased because you know, he didn't suffer any pain or anything.
[232] Just The the nurse had turned him at half past five in the morning.
[233] And when they came to wake him up and get him ready for breakfast [...] to feed him at six o'clock, he was gone.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [234] Ah.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [235] [...] could have been a stroke.
(PS27R) [236] They thought it was perhaps just that.
[237] You know.
[238] A fairly big stroke that just
May (PS27S) [239] She's been an absolute brick [...]
(PS27R) [240] She has really We're full of admi admiration for her.
[241] She's been ma she's been a really constant The constant devotion that she had
May (PS27S) [242] Mhm.
(PS27R) [243] for him really was was really super.
[244] [...] great [...] And of course her doing it all with her usual
May (PS27S) [245] Mhm.
(PS27R) [246] wit and good nature that
May (PS27S) [247] Mhm.
(PS27R) [248] However.
[249] So anyway, no more apologies .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [250] [...] flowers no?
(PS27R) [251] Oh flowers Yeah I was going to say, I thought we might send flowers to her maybe on Thursday or Friday.
[252] Just let you know, let it get past and then send her some.
[253] Some flowers.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [254] Yes Joy has a Joy
May (PS27S) [255] A friend who's a florist.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [256] Mhm.
(PS27R) [257] A friend who's a florist and gives a very you know, extremely good value for
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [258] Twelve pounds.
May (PS27S) [259] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [260] [...] Well ... well I know that er Marian's flowers are are they're beautifully arranged too and they're you're getting
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [261] You'll probably get er a lot more flowers for your money from Marian than you would get from .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [262] [...] No guarantee.
[263] If you want to use the guy that you normally use fair enough. ...
Edith (PS27T) [264] How old was erm Danny?
[265] Was he about twenty three?
[266] Twenty four?
Jim (PS27U) [267] Was he not older than that .
May (PS27S) [268] I thought he was about twenty eight.
(PS27R) [269] I understood he was nearer thirty.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [270] I know time has stood still really.
(PS27R) [271] [...] been quite a few years she's been [...]
Jim (PS27U) [272] Oh Aye. [...]
(PS27R) [273] Well where will [...] where will we
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [274] Meet?
(PS27R) [275] No where will [laugh] Where will we go for the flowers?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [276] That's right, fair enough then.
[277] Now do you organize that, because you've got the money Edie, is
Margaret (PS27X) [...]
(PS27R) [278] that?
[279] Well if you don't mind.
Margaret (PS27X) [280] Erm.
[281] You might have a slight problem, because we use the same [laughing] [...] [] I'll I'll try and get out the cash.
(PS27R) [282] Oh of course.
Margaret (PS27X) [283] [...] we usually if I want a cheque signed you see or [...]
(PS27R) [284] And it has to be May?
May (PS27S) [285] You don't have any cash in hand or anything?
Margaret (PS27X) [286] Well at the moment we've got five pounds [...] cash in hand.
[287] But I'll make it up, I can always square it up later on. [...]
(PS27R) [288] Yes yes.
May (PS27S) [289] [...] books later.
(PS27R) [290] Yes.
[291] Yes.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [292] Right if Edie wouldn't mind doing that, we'd be pleased.
[293] Right now it's your turn Edie for the Treasurer's report.
Margaret (PS27X) [294] Right.
[295] There's seven hundred and eighty pounds seventy pence in the deposit account.
Edith (PS27T) [296] Seven hundred
Margaret (PS27X) [297] And eighty pounds seventy P.
[298] And forty nine pence in the current account.
[299] And Five pound thirty one, cash in hand.
[300] Which makes it seven hundred and eighty six pence.
[301] Er now three hundred and forty three pounds of that, is for the open day.
[302] Cos we've had donations, we've had t twenty five pound donation from .
[303] Er and ten pound donation from .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [304] Oh yes?
Margaret (PS27X) [305] Erm have given us forty pounds worth of holiday vouchers.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [306] [...] let you know they'll come back from the letters.
(PS27R) [307] Yes Oh that's very good, that's quite a good response then.
[308] Who do you have donations m made payable to?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [309] Good that's excellent.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [310] Does anybody know if we've if we've had any more entries?
[311] No?
May (PS27S) [312] Perhaps [...] could tell us [...] .
(PS27R) [313] Do we get the treasurer's thingy.
Margaret (PS27X) [314] No we [...] .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [315] Do we need a statement about the outing.
[316] I assume we didn't make a loss on it.
Margaret (PS27X) [317] Well we
May (PS27S) [laugh]
(PS27R) [318] What do you mean, Well?
May (PS27S) [...]
(PS27R) [319] Oh dear was that the wrong question ?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [320] We had a lovely outing actually.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS27X) [321] It's just cos the bus was subsidized that's [...] .
(PS27R) [322] We didn't we did there was no loss.
[323] Oh well in that case, a jolly good time was had by all.
Margaret (PS27X) [324] [...] we had a good subsidized bus.
(PS27R) [325] Yes.
[326] ... I think er I think everybody enjoyed the outing.
[327] There were a few complaints about the rough was too rough and the coarse was too bad and whatnot, but I quite liked the fact that it was labelled because it meant that Rosemary could and [...] could play the [...] .
[328] They wouldn't have managed eighteen holes had it been you know a hilly course.
[329] So and we got the benefit of the scenery roundabout.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [330] It was good.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [331] You do appreciate you own course when you come back .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [332] Oh [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [333] Appreciate the fairways.
(PS27R) [334] Well we played [...] Monday, and [...] would do anything to have 's greens.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [335] Well certainly the greens were long but the fairways were about
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [336] The greens were good [...] Oh aye, I got my feet rather wet, from being in the bog.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [337] Bit steep for us, thirty quid a round.
[338] So we have the report from from you Edie.
Margaret (PS27X) [339] My secr No no, I haven't got my secretary's report here.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS27X) [340] [...] and we can't er the handicap secretary's not here yet so we don't know.
[341] Captain's not here, so I don't know.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS27X) [342] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [343] A vice captain's one?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS27X) [344] I didn't w I didn't win anything.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [laugh] [...]
(PS27R) [345] Now that was a very good idea actually.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [346] Mm.
(PS27R) [347] Giving us a consolation prize of a golf ball.
[348] Yes yes
Jim (PS27U) [349] Yes it was.
[350] Mhm very good.
(PS27R) [351] I think that was good, we'll keep that in mind for next year .
Jim (PS27U) [352] Mhm.
Edith (PS27T) [353] Have we decided for next year?
(PS27R) [354] Well
May (PS27S) [355] Well I think we are round to any other business I suppose.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [laugh]
May (PS27S) [356] Next year's outing could come u [laugh]
Edith (PS27T) [357] I wrote down in the book, some of the places.
[358] There was [...] , [...] , West Lothian, [...] , [...] and [...] .
[359] But I couldn't get a phone number for that one.
(PS27R) [360] [...] , it's it's [...] Golf course, and it's the [...] Golf Club.
[361] The [...] Golf Course is
Edith (PS27T) [362] I think yes [...]
(PS27R) [363] [...] .
Edith (PS27T) [364] Aye.
[365] Erm I couldn't get Greenbaum.
[366] Somebody told me Greenbaum was lovely, [...] come to the house [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [367] [...] get [...] at weekends?
Edith (PS27T) [368] No.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [369] No.
Edith (PS27T) [370] [...] is thirty pounds ... Thirty pounds a head.
[371] [...] Edinburgh [...] and it's thirty pounds a day.
[372] Erm [...] , I've just got a phone number to phone them.
[373] [...] , no Sunday.
[374] Erm what was the other one?
[375] West Lothian, [...] .
[376] They're yes it's quite a late .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [377] Well it's not very [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Edith (PS27T) [378] It's hilly but it's not it's not as bad as
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [379] It's not strenuous.
Edith (PS27T) [380] as [...] from what I gather.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [381] It's not strenuous.
Edith (PS27T) [382] And the problem with that is that [...] is like a tiny boxroom.
[383] It really is very very small.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [384] But the problem with [...] the ladies room is too small [...] I asked the ladies captain what they did.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [385] [...] considering we're going as far [...] what about [...] .
Edith (PS27T) [386] No we just no it was just, people had said these things and [...] won't take on a Sunday.
[387] But I just said put them down in [...] the book .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [388] [...] were coming back weren't they?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [389] West Lothian, West Lothian we've [...] already written to West Lothian and it was too early.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [390] Aha.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [391] They don't know the dates
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [392] Right.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [393] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [394] until the fixture list is completed next year.
[395] [...] keep the letter and try and contact us
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [396] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [397] again in nineteen ninety four.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [398] Right.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [399] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [400] So you're gonna have to [...] gonna start writing letters we're gonna make sure we
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [401] West Lothian's locker room is half the size of ours.
[402] Not counting the toilets .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [403] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [404] I asked [...] the captain what they did when they did when they had ladies parties?
[405] She says, Oh well we just sort of all move along.
[406] But you're all arriving at the one time.
[407] I mean [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [408] That's right that's right, yeah.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [409] [cough] No [cough] it's not m it's not much it's not much further than.
Edith (PS27T) [410] These are only names that people have mentioned and I wrote them down, I write them down.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [411] It's not much further than [...] .
[412] And the the road has been improved.
[413] So you should be well with a decent bus you should get [...] the course
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [414] Well I enjoyed it.
(PS27R) [415] [...] was one of the places that we.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [416] The clubhouse is lovely.
Jim (PS27U) [417] Aha, the clubhouse is lovely .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [418] Aha.
(PS27R) [419] And the food was very nice you said.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [420] I we I went and looked at it [...] I looked at it, it looked all right and I thought [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [421] We went to the [...] opening, wondered why it was, [...] met everybody.
[422] And then we got out on the course and we realized .
Jim (PS27U) [423] You knew why.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [424] People had been before and [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Edith (PS27T) [425] Cos I think we've written to them about three or four times.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [426] Yeah.
Edith (PS27T) [427] Keeps being on my list [...]
(PS27R) [428] It is very difficult a Sunday, but it Actually although we didn't take a vote on the bus, the few people that I did speak to a few people, and they were not terrible exited at the idea of of an outing during the week.
[429] Well for one thing we have got really have quite a few [...] school teachers now who just couldn't get off during How many school teachers do we have Agnes?
Jim (PS27U) [430] Well I don't know I haven't look through the list.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [431] [...] bringing it into July or are too many people on holiday in July?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [432] Even the first week in July.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [433] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [434] Even the first week.
(PS27R) [435] Well where's Nancy, she's away for a start.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [436] Mm.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [437] But she wasn't away till the third or the fourth, if you could get it within the very first few days [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [438] So at the mo at the moment what
Edith (PS27T) [439] Joyce is a school teacher.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [440] [...] she knows you and her name's Joyce .
[441] And [...] know her.
(PS27R) [442] What are the what are the possibilities that we have then? [...] and West Lothian.
May (PS27S) [443] [...] and West Lothian both said it's too early didn't they.
Edith (PS27T) [444] [...] 's kept us on file and will give us the first date available in June.
[445] Er [...] is the same.
[446] Erm
(PS27R) [447] But we weren't interested in were we?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Edith (PS27T) [448] Er is that all you mentioned?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [449] West Lothian, that was too early and [...] we're to write back to [...] .
Jim (PS27U) [450] You're really as well leaving I know
May (PS27S) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [451] We've had a lot of problems.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [452] Well you used to be able to book up a over a year in advance.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [453] But it's getting now there's there's no way they're gonna take you.
[454] I mean I had the same problem when I was secretary.
[455] That Joan's having now .
Edith (PS27T) [456] Mhm.
Jim (PS27U) [457] You know every time you go it was too early, too early right back.
[458] There was very few who were willing to take
May (PS27S) [459] Mhm.
[460] I think it's they're booking
Jim (PS27U) [461] [...] told to put nineteen ninety five on the ledger as well.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [462] Nineteen ninety five?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [463] I like the sound of [...] I like the the distance it's away and er
May (PS27S) [464] I would think it would be depend on the weather.
(PS27R) [465] Well that depends the weather depends most courses
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [466] And God knows how that bus'll get to [...] .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [467] Even if it's the same bus.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [468] You've actually been here just yourself
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [469] How how did you find it.
Margaret (PS27X) [470] Well I found it difficult because I I still cannae play golf well, but I could play even less well then.
[471] But if you hit When you're going round this hill, if you hit to the right, the ball always came [...] like too many [...] .
[472] [...] enjoyed it.
[473] All the rest of them that could play [...] golf enjoyed it, because
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [474] we're not going to play golf, we're going to have a good time.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [475] Some place where we can enjoy ourselves.
Jim (PS27U) [476] But it's [...] you get a terrific view once you've [...]
(PS27R) [477] Yes I was going to say that.
[478] The views should will be quite nice from parts of that course I would think.
[479] Just just thinking of [...] itself, I don't know the course.
Jim (PS27U) [480] You're going round clockwise one way and anticlockwise the other.
May (PS27S) [481] There was a lot of congestion the night we were there.
[482] A lot of
Jim (PS27U) [483] Mm?
May (PS27S) [484] hold ups.
[485] We could see people You know, why that would be I don't know and I thought possibly
(PS27R) [486] [...] times when you couldn't see beyond that hole .
May (PS27S) [487] Aye, I though, Well maybe it's a difficult hole and there's hazards or something [...] .
(PS27R) [488] Do you think it's worth writing to Has anybody else any thoughts about [...] ?
[489] Do you know [...] golf club?
May (PS27S) [490] Mhm.
[491] Mhm.
(PS27R) [492] Cos they changed since we were there.
[493] It used to be [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [494] beautiful.
[495] The club house beautiful cos we've got
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [496] Aha a wee course and a big course.
[497] You played there [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [498] We went there we went there last Easter.
(PS27R) [499] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [500] For the weekend.
(PS27R) [501] Have you any idea what the green fees would be there ?
May (PS27S) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [502] It's going to make the cost of the outing very expensive .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [503] Mhm.
Jim (PS27U) [504] And did you get round it alright?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [505] We've still got [...]
Edith (PS27T) [506] Pam reckons it was thirty pounds [...] .
May (PS27S) [507] Yeah.
(PS27R) [508] Yeah that's well that's I think that would make our er outing very very expensive.
[509] Maybe too expensive for some of the members.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [510] [...] That was one of the advantages of [...] you know
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [511] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [512] That's right.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [513] As well as being flat it was very cheap.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Edith (PS27T) [514] look at [...] then if it's municipal.
(PS27R) [515] I think we are goi we are going to have to face the fact that we are not going to get an outing
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [516] Is [...] municipal?
May (PS27S) [517] Well [...]
(PS27R) [518] for l for
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [519] Is it?
May (PS27S) [520] Mhm.
(PS27R) [521] For less than thirty pounds
May (PS27S) [522] Mhm.
(PS27R) [523] going to a private club .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [524] I thought it was quite expensive the last time we wrote there as well. ...
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [525] Well this i this i I feel that er I think your weekend fees are always dearer than your week
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [526] it was not before [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [527] [...] It's got wide open fairways.
(PS27R) [528] Well we played at [...] before but we
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [529] But the food we we didn't like the food, but you could always arrange to eat somewhere place else.
(PS27R) [...]
May (PS27S) [530] [...] I I thought was a [...] .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [531] It was really it was really a lovely too wasn't it.
[532] Remember how hot it was.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [533] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [534] five minutes [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [535] Well I didn't enjoy [...] because [...]
May (PS27S) [536] Every every element available was there.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [537] [...] .
(PS27R) [538] Well another thing is the the fees are quite expensive at weekends .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [539] Are they?
[540] Are they.
Jim (PS27U) [541] They have gone up [...] considerably. [...] .
(PS27R) [542] [...] oh yes.
[543] [...] Now that Gleneagles don't have the princes and the Glendevon, they've just got that Monarch course now, more and more people are playing [...] because they realize it's it's next door.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [544] [...] heading down that way, is there nothing down there? ...
(PS27R) [545] I don't
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [laugh] [...]
May (PS27S) [546] [...] what about [...] in East Kilbride?
[547] Have you played there?
(PS27R) [548] [...] is
Jim (PS27U) [549] Yeah.
(PS27R) [550] lovely.
[551] We played a well we went to the open last year, quite a few of us, and we're going again er [...] and w It wasn't a particularly nice day but we thought if it's it was a nice day, this would really be a lovely course.
Edith (PS27T) [552] I've got the number but no price .
(PS27R) [553] What what their food and everything is like, I I wonder what [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [554] Well we could get the bus to take us a long route.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [555] No.
Jim (PS27U) [556] What to East Kilbride?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [557] Aha.
Jim (PS27U) [558] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [559] And just pretend we're going far away.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [560] It doesn't matter how far you go [...] see the see the the time we went to [...] .
[561] There was one particular hole and I looked at it and thought, in a million years we will never get up there.
[562] And I thought, you would need a miracle to get up there.
[563] And I thought well well
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [564] there's just no, I've just gotta get up.
[565] And all of a sudden
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [566] as I was climbing the hill I thought, Oh gosh, this trolley seems to be coming up here no problem.
[567] It is a miracle.
[568] [...] pulled her own trolley.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [569] and you know how [...] sod in rain.
[570] And she was pulling her trolley, pushing mine and there was me toddling up there thinking, This trolleys become
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [571] But er about [...] ?
[572] What [...] .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [573] Did you say [...] was very hilly?
Jim (PS27U) [574] It's I don't think it's hilly, because you're up the hill, you're already up the hill.
[575] You're right up the top of the hill .
(PS27R) [576] I would I would think it'll be very expensive .
Jim (PS27U) [577] There is a lot of cardie
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Edith (PS27T) [578] visitors welcome weekdays only
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Edith (PS27T) [579] Yes fifteen pounds at weekends.
May (PS27S) [580] What, fifteen pence? [laugh]
Edith (PS27T) [581] Pounds.
[582] But you can't play at weekends .
(PS27R) [583] No.
[584] Sunday's quite a problem.
May (PS27S) [585] Do you think it's worth enquiring about [...] even though it's not very far.
(PS27R) [586] Yes.
[587] ... What about our open day by the way?
[588] I don't know there's anything else we need to organize.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [589] have parties on Sundays?
Edith (PS27T) [590] No.
[591] it just says on the book weekdays only.
May (PS27S) [592] Weekdays only.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [593] I know they all are though aren't they?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [594] Well [...] is out then of course.
[595] If we're talking Sunday.
Jim (PS27U) [596] How did you get on?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [597] How did you do?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [598] Seventy five.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [599] I think your [...] would be too high at [...] .
May (PS27S) [600] I don't think they'd take you in on a Sunday either?
Jim (PS27U) [601] I don't think you would go on a Sunday at [...] .
(PS27R) [602] I can't imagine we'd get Sunday.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Edith (PS27T) [603] [...] it was all the names [...] .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Edith (PS27T) [604] Greenbaum.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [605] Well Greenbaum's nice.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [606] Somebody had said something about that earlier.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [607] [...] if we're talking about going to the [...] you can go down to [...] play the course there, you'd only get one round played. [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [608] We could also get very [laughing] wet weather []
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [609] What's the course like Joan?
Edith (PS27T) [610] Alright.
(PS27R) [611] Mm.
[612] Just as long as not a South Westerly or a gale.
Edith (PS27T) [613] [...] is quite a long course as well.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [614] There's no bunkers at [...] .
Edith (PS27T) [615] Yes there are I was seventeen on that.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [616] It says that in the book thing, there's no bunkers.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [617] Now how [...] is [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [618] Do you think we should leave it till leave it till after our open day?
[619] And then
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [620] then by about September we can we might get a few more positive answers .
Jim (PS27U) [621] You'll get responses.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [622] [...] Sunday.
(PS27R) [623] Fine so we know that they take visitors.
Edith (PS27T) [624] Except Saturdays.
[625] Visitors welcome except Saturdays.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [626] Mhm.
(PS27R) [627] Fees?
Edith (PS27T) [628] Fees are fifteen pounds.
May (PS27S) [629] I'm positive I didn't really mean yes I was really meaning we might get some answers that aren't [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [630] [...] nearer next year.
Edith (PS27T) [631] Fifteen pounds is a day, it's that's at weekends.
[632] It's twelve pounds a round or fifteen pounds a day.
[633] Full facilities available for eating.
(PS27R) [634] I think it's Where's that?
[635] [...] West Lothian it's on the side of a hill, but how hilly I don't know.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [...]
(PS27R) [636] Sixty eight.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [637] Well maybe we should leave this till after the open day, and then we can really concentrate on it.
May (PS27S) [638] Go through the You take the book home, and you come up with ideas for the next meeting.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [639] How many people have been through?
Jim (PS27U) [640] You're actually better asking people.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [641] Well I think, there are
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [642] When you c when you're going up the hills, they're long gradients, [...] you're not really aware of them.
[643] And there's a quite a lot of hills heading down. [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [644] But we're not sure of facilities.
(PS27R) [645] Mhm.
May (PS27S) [646] And doesn't [...]
Jim (PS27U) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [647] we were discussing [...] last year.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [648] Where is it.
May (PS27S) [649] It's in the address book.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [650] How I quite enjoyed it but it's got deep bunkers.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [651] I think we should study the book further and maybe wait till after the come back to it after our open day
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [652] [...] .
(PS27R) [653] Now we need the minutes secretary's report now that she has er arrived.
May (PS27S) [654] Well she wasn't going to come so it wasn't that exciting. [laugh] [...] .
Kell (PS27Y) [655] Right ninety four, for the open day now.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Kell (PS27Y) [656] Er [...] from last time.
[657] I need to looking for one person, [...] someone.
Jim (PS27U) [658] Who?
Kell (PS27Y) [659] Er that [...] but never says anything positive.
[660] So I haven't bought anything.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [661] About half eleven, eleven thirty six.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Kell (PS27Y) [662] My mum had tried some [...] but she's [...]
May (PS27S) [663] What handicap has this person got? [...] .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [664] Oh that?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [665] Aye that.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [666] She's got a caravan down
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [667] I know who you mean.
Kell (PS27Y) [668] Yes.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [669] [...] . [laugh]
Kell (PS27Y) [670] Right [...] .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [671] Er I'll ask [...] if she can find anyone else.
[672] What time?
Kell (PS27Y) [673] About eleven thirty six.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [674] Well that's when [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [675] Right eleven thirty six.
Kell (PS27Y) [676] Yes.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [677] Right.
Kell (PS27Y) [678] And the only thing is that finally after three months of waiting for the [...] received all their medals and things for [...] so it can go ahead. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Kell (PS27Y) [679] They had asked for stationery and the medals that you know [...] .
[680] Sent me two sheets for the official ledger, two sheets [...] peoples handicaps, three medals and two medal certificates and that was the whole [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Kell (PS27Y) [681] Also I've got to say, I've had a letter back from the F L G about the letter about [...] .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Kell (PS27Y) [682] [...] .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [683] [...] .
Kell (PS27Y) [684] ample facilities and we've got to use the facilities offered for nothing by members.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [685] Mm.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [686] Yes well there you are.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [687] I rather suspected the the competition [...]
May (PS27S) [688] I don't think they'll bother.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [689] qualifies to play in it will not [...]
May (PS27S) [690] People will not go
Jim (PS27U) [691] No.
May (PS27S) [692] And maybe then they'll get the message.
Jim (PS27U) [693] Other than that I've got nothing to do [...] .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [694] Well the the other thing about [...] er that involves Margaret is the arrangements for this Wednesday.
May (PS27S) [695] Mhm.
(PS27R) [696] Because
May (PS27S) [697] Yes I was going to say about [...] to try and start later in the morning if that would suit people .
(PS27R) [698] Well that was well this is the idea, because the funeral's ten o'clock.
May (PS27S) [699] I had suggested it yesterday [...]
(PS27R) [700] And it will be eleven before the service is finished, so the earliest I think we should
May (PS27S) [701] [...] I think quarter to twelve.
(PS27R) [702] I thought half past eleven tee off.
[703] I assume everybody's just going to come straight round.
May (PS27S) [704] Yeah.
(PS27R) [705] There.
May (PS27S) [706] Because I'd sort of said that [...]
(PS27R) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [707] It's No I was going to say, there are those perhaps who'd h haven't heard and those who don't know about it.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [708] If somebody [...] if they turn up at the normal time, I assume when though there's you know [...] we could leave a not a not a notice and they could just go out.
May (PS27S) [709] Mhm.
(PS27R) [710] I mean, that means there's no draw I suppose that those of us who've been [...] could have a quick draw when we
May (PS27S) [711] Well in my
(PS27R) [712] [...] .
[713] I mean there's nothing to stop them doing that .
Jim (PS27U) [714] Who how many people are there?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [715] [...] Location fourteen miles North of Dumfries.
[716] Parkland, erm weekends, fourteen pounds.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [717] Eating facilities available, except Monday.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [718] [...] Margaret , me, Carol, Morag, [...] .
[719] Now I don't know about Morag [...] you know, and Mae knows.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [720] It's a well e aye.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [721] Are you playing in the morning?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [722] And so you were going as well.
[723] So it's just a matter, as soon as we come back, get out.
(PS27R) [724] Yes.
May (PS27S) [725] That's it.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [726] Mhm.
(PS27R) [727] So we don't really need to make a set time actually, if we're all there we just all come and we just [...] .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...] ...
May (PS27S) [728] Right.
(PS27R) [729] Right so that er well that, there really isn't a problem then on Wednesday morning [...] .
[730] Margaret.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [731] It's not in the book?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [732] Right, can we go on to the open day?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [733] Erm
Kell (PS27Y) [734] Not till I get my pen back.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [laugh]
Jim (PS27U) [735] Do you want this one then? ...
(PS27R) [736] We should really get, organize
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [737] [...] I mean Mae'll be around as of next week.
[738] I don't think she'll be staying off for any great length of time, with the open day coming up I think she'll be
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [739] quite keen to get back so, we don't want to go.
Kell (PS27Y) [740] I think she'll find life abnormal enough
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Kell (PS27Y) [741] do the normal routine she does [...] she'll maybe think [...] .
[742] I mean the if she were going to be [...] next week or something, she'll maybe want to organize most of it herself.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [743] Aha.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [744] We should put notices up soon ab asking for donations for her tombola
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [745] We could start doing that.
(PS27R) [746] Thank you.
May (PS27S) [747] Maybe as of
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [748] open day Margaret, we were saying that we er we should really put the notices up asking for donations for the tombola.
[749] And do you think we start selling raffles tickets, any time.
[750] Is it too soon or is it
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [751] [...] having a raffle.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Edith (PS27T) [752] The tombola took in
Jim (PS27U) [753] Aye.
Edith (PS27T) [754] about two hundred pounds.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [755] And everybody brings stuff for it.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS27X) [756] Black fishnets?
Jim (PS27U) [757] No they were
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...] [break in recording]
May (PS27S) [758] [...] quite sure he hasn't heard of [...] before.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [laugh] [...]
(PS27R) [759] [...] I'll tell you about it at the end.
[760] [...] . Did you not realize Carol there was
May (PS27S) [761] You're on tape, you're Candid Camera .
Jim (PS27U) [762] I didn't know what it was there for.
(PS27R) [763] Aye well that's recording us.
Jim (PS27U) [764] [...] to get everything in the minutes.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [765] Well this is for blackmail purposes.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [laugh] [...]
(PS27R) [766] So apart from that, do we need do we start [...] do we wait till next week before we start selling raffle tickets?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [767] Do you know if Helen has got the [...] for the
Jim (PS27U) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [768] Well there are prizes.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [769] If anybody says, What are the prizes?
[770] I'll say see Agnes cos she knows [...]
(PS27R) [771] Never mind the prizes [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [772] And Agnes'll [...] .
(PS27R) [773] And all the lady members always either before or on the day, come up with bags of stuff for the tombola.
May (PS27S) [774] Oh yes we always.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [775] And we've got the two I've got the two [...]
(PS27R) [776] Great.
[777] Yes.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [778] Eventually.
Jim (PS27U) [779] Eventually.
May (PS27S) [780] I want one, I want one.
Jim (PS27U) [781] They're lovely actually, they're nice [...]
(PS27R) [782] [...] we were in town on Saturday and I saw two really nice sports bags, but we had so many parcels I I didn't hadn't the heart to suggest to Bill we
Jim (PS27U) [783] Aha. [...]
(PS27R) [784] buy any more .
[785] But I'll I'll go and get them soon.
[786] [...] now got two A A books, this years of that, similar to that.
[787] [...] two sets of head covers.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [788] And other things.
May (PS27S) [789] [...] we were talking about them, we were raising money to to buy extra practice [...]
Jim (PS27U) [790] Were we?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [791] You don't need it then it just goes, you know it can go into the
May (PS27S) [792] We need raffle tickets.
(PS27R) [793] Oh we need to get raffle tickets, Obviously [...] this Wednesday, till we get more.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [794] I suppose so.
Jim (PS27U) [795] Of course we can start selling raffle tickets.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [laugh] [...] ...
(PS27R) [796] What else do we need?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [797] That's a shame [...] .
[798] Oh listen Margaret do you know [...] looking for the the plinth in the drawer.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [799] No we'll find it.
[800] Anything else we have to do for the open day?
Jim (PS27U) [801] Do you want a typewritten sheet, remember last year you had a typewritten sheet [...] . ...
(PS27R) [802] Well that's right, we don't actually need that.
[803] I remember sitting helping to write the cards the night before and we were writing them off a typewritten sheet.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [804] Is the any to compare the the entries we have this year with the entries we got last year.
[805] And see who's not coming this year that did last year.
[806] It just might be somebody we know, and jog them along and say
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [807] those lists you did, those typewritten lists from last year.
Edith (PS27T) [808] [...] probably destroyed but they should be on disk.
[809] They should still be [...] disk.
(PS27R) [810] It might be worth going through them and er anybody we think [...]
Edith (PS27T) [811] Aye cos I mean we we thought
May (PS27S) [812] We should do this for the mixed open as well, keep a a note of the entries from one year to the other and you can get in touch with people and say, Are you playing or not [...]
(PS27R) [813] We don't have all that many places left do we
May (PS27S) [814] [...] how many can we take all together.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [815] Is the morning getting full.
(PS27R) [816] The morning's just about full
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [817] Well it might be worth looking through last year's list [...] in the day.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [818] Right if Edie can manage to find that, if she doesn't mind.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS27X) [819] Well and do you want me to do one for this year?
(PS27R) [820] Yes.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [821] Who does the notices that go up?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [822] [...] we ask [...] to help [...] .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [823] I d think we can leave that actually till just nearer
Jim (PS27U) [824] I was told that 's just verbally agreed rather than
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [825] Aha.
Jim (PS27U) [826] officially agreed.
(PS27R) [827] Yeah.
[828] But it is nice if they are asked, sometimes it's sometimes they are just expected to do and if they haven't been officially asked.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [829] It's nice no to be forgotten about as well.
[830] [laugh] That happens that's happened in the
May (PS27S) [831] Yeah I think
(PS27R) [832] past [...] .
May (PS27S) [833] Yes cos they've been starting
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [834] Oh that would be good cos I was going to say normally, [...] is er sort of up in that corner in charge of the tombola but er
Jim (PS27U) [835] Just don't [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [836] This is the some the th one of the things I was going to suggest about I was going to leave it till next meeting, is that we we try and organize ourselves so that we are not su Last year I found myself sitting there frantically writing names on raffle tickets, knowing I was going out to play in about ten minutes, but there was nobody there to take over.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [837] Well that's it.
[838] You know I should be back when there's somebody going away [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [839] Well we could maybe leave it till the next committee meeting to to organize ourselves to [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [840] So we know what sort of times we're expected to be sort of selling raffle tickets and
May (PS27S) [841] Another thing, it's quite easy to get mixed up.
[842] And it's better really if one person does it.
[843] I don't know if Anne wants to do it or not.
[844] Is putting the numbers on the tombola.
[845] On the prizes
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [846] Well I was going to say
May (PS27S) [847] That's quite a lot of work for
(PS27R) [848] It is
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [849] Yes but on the day, people are walking up there with carrier bags full of the stuff, and it's got to be done, and put out.
May (PS27S) [850] Maybe the week before Is all the stuff coming here this time though
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [851] was taking it all home.
(PS27R) [852] There's nowhere to store it
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Agnes (PS27W) [853] I took it home last year.
(PS27R) [854] Well we need maybe I don't know
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Agnes (PS27W) [855] I had everything in in the house any anything that they'd brought up early beforehand.
(PS27R) [856] That's right.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [857] the stuff down the night before with the
Agnes (PS27W) [858] Yes.
Jim (PS27U) [859] numbers on it?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [860] Perhaps we should leave that for Mae cos maybe Mae would like to do that herself.
[861] If she If she has room at home .
May (PS27S) [862] Right yes I would agree.
(PS27R) [863] Okay?
May (PS27S) [864] Mhm.
(PS27R) [865] We'll just leave that for the meantime and keep We'll we'll remember.
[866] We can't just leave it till our next meeting cos it only is
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [867] [...] .
(PS27R) [868] I'll maybe speak to her about it a week, a week on Wednesday I I assume she'll be back then.
[869] Try and remember to say to her.
Jim (PS27U) [870] I might have a problem [...] my daughter's expecting on the twenty first of this month.
[871] And I intend to go down to London.
(PS27R) [872] Mhm.
Jim (PS27U) [873] Right now I'd hoped [...] but if she's late.
(PS27R) [874] Yes yes.
Jim (PS27U) [875] [...] problem.
(PS27R) [876] [...] Well don't worry about it [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [877] I can do I can [...] I can sort out [...]
Margaret (PS27X) [878] I'm gonna ask Moira to do the cheque, write the cheque.
Jim (PS27U) [879] What cheque?
Margaret (PS27X) [880] The presentation cheque.
(PS27R) [881] Now don't worry about it, I'll help you with that anyway Edie.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [882] [...] already had a list.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [883] I don't know whether there'll only be one or not.
(PS27R) [884] Yes well Bill and and Margaret [...] .
[885] Usually usually Charlie helps down the
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [886] [...] and Sam usually.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [887] Is he going to help?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [888] [...] working.
May (PS27S) [889] Oh you're working.
[890] How dare you be working?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [891] [...] day is it?
May (PS27S) [892] Wednesday.
[893] You're working.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [894] [...] might be on holiday.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [895] It's just so we can send you an official love letter.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [896] You can't be on holiday.
[897] You can't go away on holiday, Helen's got to be here on the day.
(PS27R) [898] It's Helen's place
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [899] I don't know when we're starting back, I'm not sure. [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [900] No you start on the Thursday, you keep Wednesday off. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [901] Funny that isn't it.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [laugh] [...]
(PS27R) [902] we just get started we get [...] Do you get the raffle tickets too?
[903] Edie?
[904] Is that [...]
Margaret (PS27X) [905] [...] I get the raffle tickets.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [906] [...] I could probably get cheap ones. ...
(PS27R) [907] As long as they can tear.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [908] They're very hard when you're in a hurry [...] .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [909] What were you doing?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [910] About a fiver or something [...]
Jim (PS27U) [911] So each of those big books with a thousand tickets [...] only cost me a pound.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [912] They're over two pounds if you buy them in John Menzies.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [913] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [914] It's easy to take off the outside when when you come to take the inside ones it's quite difficult.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [915] Sometimes the inside ones depend how carefully the the ones on top [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [916] That that's right.
[917] And it it's easy when you're not busy, but if you get a spell of being busy, [...] .
May (PS27S) [918] How much are the raffle tickets going to be?
[919] The usual fifty pence a strip?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [920] Making it clear to them they get they get it's not
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [921] they're not going in in strips, they're g they're getting five chances for their fifty pence.
(PS27R) [922] It's very common nowadays [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [923] I know but it's only giving you one
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [924] I think it's better if you give them fi They'll buy more tickets if they're getting
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [925] [...] I think they'll just buy a strip anyway.
Jim (PS27U) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [926] That's right you don't want just to have four chances, you want to have twenty chances .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [927] No I was saying if I was saying if I was going to spend that on raffle tickets, it wouldn't matter if I was getting
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [928] The other thing is we sometimes get children around and they come and they just want to buy.
[929] You know two tickets.
Jim (PS27U) [930] Well their mother'll have to give them
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [931] I think we just we should stick to er giving them five chances for their.
Jim (PS27U) [932] It just means like a person could
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [933] more people have the opportunity of winning.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [934] It's perfect to [...] we're going to get raffle tickets and hopefully get started selling them.
[935] A week on Wednesday or so.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [936] Yes I think.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS27X) [937] This Wednesday?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
May (PS27S) [938] Right okay we just we
Jim (PS27U) [939] If you start on those two books and then
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS27X) [940] Oh I see.
[941] Ju I thought you were talking about the tombola when you were saying fifty pence a strip, sorry.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [942] Something like that yes.
Jim (PS27U) [943] Is that the usual.
(PS27R) [944] So we get more raffle tickets this week.
Jim (PS27U) [...]
(PS27R) [945] Is there anything else that we Right those are the the most imp urgent things, [...] get the notices up and er Who does the by the way Who is it [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [946] Will you please do them this year Agnes?
Jim (PS27U) [947] No.
(PS27R) [948] Have you time?
Jim (PS27U) [949] Probably.
(PS27R) [...]
Jim (PS27U) [950] Thank goodness [...] tomorrow?
[951] For Wednesday .
(PS27R) [952] Wednesday.
Jim (PS27U) [953] I'll see if I c if I've got any paper lying about the house.
(PS27R) [954] Can anybody think of anything else ?
Jim (PS27U) [955] That's no problem.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [956] Any other er business?
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS27X) [957] I'd like to ask something, I don't know if it's got anything to do with it or not, but it really annoyed me yesterday.
[958] And that was the eighth green not being on.
(PS27R) [959] Well
Margaret (PS27X) [960] And what I was playing was an official competition.
(PS27R) [961] It was an official competition.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [962] It's because [...]
(PS27R) [963] Yes well that's that was noth Yesterday was nothing whatsoever to do with the L G U or the ladies section.
[964] But tomorrow we'll be on the the green.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [965] And we will be playing from the tee which is at the front left hand corner.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [966] What sh happened yesterday actually was, that the big flag on the new green, should have been taken out.
[967] But it wasn't.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [968] The front corner front left hand corner of that of
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [969] the new tee, is our official tee and er that's where it will stay a onto the new green.
[970] It's a par three and I'm assured that it measures more than the hundred and forty yards required for us to be par three.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [971] That was a mistake.
[972] The big flag should have been taken off the the new green and it wasn't.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS27X) [973] that that green wasn't put on for that competition.
(PS27R) [974] Well I would agree with you there but that's [...] we weren't running it, and we'd nothing to do with er with the organizing of yesterday's [...] .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [975] So there should be no problem on Wednesday at all on Wednesday.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [976] But that is we we're going to go We'll on Wednesday officially we'll be on the new green .
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [977] [...] for extra day scores then
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [978] It's still a par three.
[979] See we're that's what makes us well that's what makes us seventy two now.
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [980] Any other er
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...]
(PS27R) [981] Any other er business then ladies?
[982] I think
May (PS27S) [983] Next meeting.
(PS27R) [984] The next meeting I think we'd already agreed it was going to be the first Monday in August which I think is the
Unknown speaker (G59PSUNK) [...] [recording ends]