BNC Text G5D

Medical consultation. Sample containing about 616 words speech recorded in public context

6 speakers recorded by respondent number C216

PS284 X u (No name, age unknown, general practitioner) unspecified
G5DPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
G5DPS001 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
G5DPS002 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
G5DPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
G5DPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 097102 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( Consultation Room ) Activity: Consultation Interview

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (G5DPSUNK) [1] Well did you enjoy your holiday?
(G5DPS000) [...]
(PS284) [2] Good,
(G5DPS000) [3] Aha.
(PS284) [4] good, how you keeping?
(G5DPS000) [5] Fine.
[6] Except I'm awful awful tired all of the time.
(PS284) [7] Tired?
(G5DPS000) [8] [...] as that.
(PS284) [9] Now. ... [whispering] [...] []
(G5DPS000) [10] That's the only [...] I came up to tell you. [laugh]
(PS284) [11] Mhm.
(G5DPS000) [12] [...] I'm not on tablets for
(PS284) [13] Mm.
(G5DPS000) [...]
(PS284) [14] Mhm.
[15] Er
(G5DPS000) [16] I've been finding that normally I can get up early in the morning, give Heather a ring or if she's staying with me give her a shout, you know for her work.
(PS284) [17] Aha.
(G5DPS000) [18] And that's me up for the day.
[19] And I'm sitting dozing, falling as asleep all the time.
(PS284) [20] Oh right.
(G5DPS000) [21] I get up with
(PS284) [22] What.
(G5DPS000) [23] the intention of, the day's over before
(PS284) [24] Aye, what what's what's your er what's your sleeping like, is that quite good or is it broken?
(G5DPS000) [25] No, well mostly [...] toilet in the middle of the night but I go straight back to bed and go back to sleep again.
(PS284) [26] No problem getting to sleep again,
(G5DPS000) [27] No.
(PS284) [28] no. [door knock]
(PS284) [29] Come in.
(G5DPS001) [...]
(G5DPS002) [30] Come on.
(G5DPS001) [31] [laugh] [...] work to do.
(PS284) [32] Hiya.
(G5DPS001) [33] I'm .
(G5DPS000) [...]
(PS284) [laugh]
(G5DPS000) [34] I could be seeing [...] .
(G5DPS001) [...]
(PS284) [35] We'll we'll give your Gran some nice medicine?
(G5DPS000) [laugh]
(PS284) [36] Will we?
(G5DPS002) [37] Mm.
(PS284) [38] S Will we, right.
[39] Here Gran.
[40] ... Can you give that to your mum?
(G5DPS000) [41] Leave that Lindsey .
(G5DPS001) [42] Lindsey bring it over please.
(PS284) [43] Can you give that to your mum Lindsey?
[44] ... That's a girl.
(G5DPS001) [45] Right leave that with [...] .
(PS284) [46] That's a girl .
(G5DPS001) [47] Come on, come on, say
(G5DPS002) [48] [...] What's that?
(G5DPS001) [...] ...
(G5DPS002) [...]
(PS284) [49] And you had a good holiday did you?
(G5DPS000) [50] Yes, I got the flu in right enough.
[51] [laugh] I think it was going to the extreme heat and damp down in , you know whether it was cold in .
(PS284) [52] Was it?
(G5DPS000) [53] Mm, we went back to the heat in , and the last week it rained every single day .
(G5DPS002) [...]
(G5DPS001) [...]
(G5DPS000) [54] Now they're back to the good weather again.
(PS284) [55] They knew you were coming home.
(G5DPS000) [56] Must have done.
(G5DPS001) [...]
(PS284) [57] Well let's get you back on your feet again .
(G5DPS002) [58] Look at me.
(PS284) [59] Turn you into a human being.
[60] Oh Lindsey's away, oh yes she's back again.
[61] Can you give this to your Gran?
(G5DPS000) [62] What have I got there Doctor?
(G5DPS000) [63] Can you give that to your Gran, let me see you.
[64] Ah that's a good girl.
[65] Right, it's your , your Lorazepam
(G5DPS000) [66] Mhm.
(PS284) [67] and I've given you a good old fashioned tonic to get your strength all up again.
(G5DPS002) [68] I've got a [...]
(PS284) [69] To get you, ... to get you ready for looking after
(G5DPS000) [...]
(G5DPS002) [...]
(PS284) [70] Yes, aye, okay.
[71] If I want to poison you
(G5DPS002) [72] Mammy.
(PS284) [73] young [...] I'll know what to
(G5DPS001) [laugh]
(G5DPS000) [74] No, but you know when you say like
(G5DPS002) [75] Mammy.
(G5DPS000) [76] to take cough [...] and things like, and I nearly died the other night, I'd taken one and I'd taken some of this cough [...] ,
(G5DPS002) [...]
(PS284) [77] Aye.
(G5DPS000) [78] and then that chap that used to come a bit, he says not to take er what is that thing that you use?
[79] To use it on food, condiment stuff.
(PS284) [80] Mhm, that's right .
(G5DPS002) [81] What's that?
(G5DPS000) [82] And I was sitting eating mussels with vinegar in them .
(G5DPS002) [83] What's that?
(G5DPS000) [84] and all of a sudden I developed [...] she'd be on the phone going, I've just eaten mussels with vinegar in them .
(PS284) [laugh]
(G5DPS002) [85] What's that?
(PS284) [86] No no.
[87] They're quite safe.
(G5DPS001) [88] [...] on the phone, Well I don't feel well.
(PS284) [laugh]
(G5DPS000) [89] [...] So I'll be back up to see you
(G5DPS002) [90] What's hat?
(G5DPS000) [91] next month, on the twelfth of May, because that's when my next line's due.
(PS284) [92] Right, okay.
(G5DPS000) [93] Okay?
(G5DPS002) [...]
(PS284) [94] Well that'll that'll get things things boosted up for you again and
(G5DPS000) [...]
(PS284) [95] we'll have you back
(G5DPS000) [96] [...] Thanks a lot.
(PS284) [97] Okay.
(G5DPS000) [98] Right, say bye bye, [...]
(PS284) [99] Right, bye bye,
(G5DPS002) [100] Bye.
(PS284) [101] will you come back another day?
(G5DPS002) [102] Aye.
(PS284) [103] Right,
(G5DPS000) [104] Aye.
(PS284) [105] okay, whatever you say.
[106] Alright.
(G5DPS000) [107] Yes, that's better.
(PS284) [laugh]
(G5DPS000) [108] Thanks Doctor.
[109] Cheerio.
(PS284) [110] Alright, cheerio now.
(G5DPS002) [111] See you Doctor.
(PS284) [112] Cheerio. [recording ends]