BNC Text G5E

Medical consultation. Sample containing about 1680 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C217

PS285 X u (No name, age unknown, general practitioner) unspecified
PS287 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
G5EPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
G5EPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 097103 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanarkshire ( General Practitioners Surgery ) Activity: Medical Consultation

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (G5EPSUNK) [1] Mr in there, actually last time [...] he was in a while.
(PS285) [2] Oh right, whatever you say, whatever you say .
(PS287) [3] Just that patient's [...]
(PS285) [4] Hello, well Mr , well what can we do for you today young lad?
(PS287) [5] I need a a few more tablets of the yellow ones, the [...] .
(PS285) [6] Oh right, right.
(PS287) [7] And erm some for my work, you know I have that herpes in my lap, it's breaking out again.
(PS285) [8] Is it breaking again?
(PS287) [9] It's er it never was away, I'm it's a good indicator as to when, how much pressure I can take [...] .
(PS285) [10] Mhm.
[11] Er ... Was it Zovirax you were taking, wasn't it?
(PS287) [12] No, you gave me something [...]
(PS285) [13] The other one?
(PS287) [14] or something, [...]
(PS285) [15] Yes, that's right.
(PS287) [16] But you can only use it up for a month and then you [...] .
(PS285) [17] Yes, oh aye, aye, just use it for the month Charlie and then, and then in the bucket, don't keep using it after that.
(PS287) [18] Aha.
(PS285) [19] It's not safe.
(PS287) [20] Cos you just told me to use a wee bit of it.
(PS285) [21] Yes, oh aye, you just need a wee drop of it, you don't need a lot.
[22] ... [whispering] Put it on every day, [...] [] , is that right for you?
[23] Are your other tablets,
(PS287) [24] Oh they're okay erm just one thing, erm I went to the dentist up over there in Street, and he made a mess of filling two teeth.
(PS285) [25] Mhm.
(PS287) [26] and I reckon he broke them but he says he's no broken but I I I felt the tooth in two side of my mouth so I just stopped the treatment there and I'm going to another dentist some time but my wife, I don't want to go there now cos money's tight, I was on the D H S S, I was due to pay the first forty nine pound.
(PS285) [27] Mhm.
(PS287) [28] I paid forty pound ninety five, right?
[29] And I finished my treatment with him.
[30] If I go to another dentist do you think it's worth my while writing to D H S S, saying I've paid forty five, forty pound ninety five pence, at that dentist and can I transfer the treatment to this other dentist
(PS285) [31] Mhm.
(PS287) [32] and only pay him further eight pound or whatever .
(PS285) [33] Whatever, yeah.
(PS287) [34] Do you think that might be worth my while doing that ?
(PS285) [35] Yes, I think so.
(PS287) [36] Because erm ...
(PS285) [37] It's a lot of money.
(PS287) [38] Aha.
(PS285) [39] So I [...]
(PS287) [40] [...] When I went first he took one out there and he took it out clean, but this one here, in actual fact he gave me a stitch, and when the stitch wasn't in you could see the tooth protruding a bit.
(PS285) [41] Oh right.
(PS287) [42] And erm but when he took the stitch it's covered it up.
(PS285) [43] Right.
(PS287) [44] And my teeth are in bad, all my teeth are badly in need of repair.
[45] But
(PS285) [46] Don't rush at it.
(PS287) [47] [...] I just wish it was all over, like now I had to last out until the thirty first of March, which I did do.
(PS285) [48] Mhm.
[49] You did.
(PS287) [50] But then again, when I was a a small boy ... the university professors that were interested in me told my father I'd do what I would have to do in my mid-forties.
[51] I'm forty, nearly forty five in January.
(PS285) [52] Mhm.
(PS287) [53] My father had a [...] and he said it would be forty seven, [...] say it would likely be forty seven, but that's forty seven is two year eight month away, which is a long time for me to keep it going.
[54] Also
(PS285) [55] No.
(PS287) [56] also some of the things that I've been going on with, doing this one [...] with three, and I don't know if it, they'll stay in the can long enough for that.
[57] You know what I mean, so ... what, but again some come through with it.
[58] My father had another [...] , everything was okay if you came out at any time after the thirty first of March, look all I'm doing now is I was giving back, er taking my position as the company director, getting a salary off the rent in my farms and small holdings and my shares in shipping.
[59] But now I'm just deciding I'll live off invalidity benefit for a wee while longer, leaving that in the hands of my my managing director and somebody else [...] and the money that's coming through from the Queen and whatever I'm just gonna live on invalidity benefit, I'm only drawing invalidity benefit, I'm not gonna get any more money than invalidity benefit.
(PS285) [60] Okay.
(PS287) [61] Let this accrue up or whatever.
[62] You know Dr , when I was a young man ... this billionaire had his had his daughter and son kidnapped and held in a barn on his farm and they wanted twenty million pound ransom for them.
[63] So I was close by and so they sent me in so the way I [...] , I got dressed up in the minister's cassock, and I got in [...] revised the books of [...] Genesis, [...] like through and I get genned up to be a minister and I took in a bible and er well anyway I killed five men and they got out alive.
[63_1] But when I was seeing him he offered to write me a check for five million pound, I said, I couldn't take a check for five million pound because I was a [...] to me.
[64] If ever you're needing a million or anything like that, write to me and I'll give you it.
[65] So with this going on we found our company would get on better if I had collateral so I wrote to this boy and asked him for a million and put it in a trust fund that I would get after his death, and we [...] that way so okay.
[66] Right?
[67] So I came back er with a trust fund so what I'd done, Golf Course were having troubles, right, Golf Course.
[68] And one [...] was going to but it off them for two hundred and fifty thousand so my mate said, You make the offer at two hundred and fifty and you'll help me, so I says, I'm getting it for two hundred if I say, [...] an eighteen hole golf course, and I'll sell it back to them when they can afford to buy it back off me, right?
(PS285) [69] Mhm.
(PS287) [70] We're using that [phone rings] trust fund as collateral for a loan of two hundred thousand to buy the Golf Course and [...] the golf course to make it profit profitable, and so the bank are now in the process of now selling it back to them, what they're offering,
(PS285) [71] Excuse me a wee second, Charlie.
[72] [phonecall starts] Hello.
[73] ... so ... Right, okay. [phonecall ends]
(PS287) [74] One firm offered them forty five, four hundred and fifty thousand pounds, I said I wanted three hundred thousand, cos I done a lot of repair, a lot of renovating, and I made the bar open and I made my money through selling drink and getting in entertainment.
[75] The best place to go like to go for a wee dance, the only place you could go for a wee da , that's the [...] .
[76] We started making a profit.
(PS285) [77] Mhm.
(PS287) [78] But erm, I woul what, erm, I also, the Hotel, we bought that the same way, they were selling that back and making quite a fair bit of profit, investing the money in arable land.
(PS285) [79] Mhm.
(PS287) [80] Cos arable land pays for itself, it's all taken care of.
[81] So ... all I'm saying is I just want, I want to finish [...] but again [...] you're in danger [...] cos I just carry on [...] you see that's down there.
[82] Somebody broke into my house, I reckon [...] I recognize [...] person.
[83] Maybe I mentioned about the fillings coming out on this side of my mouth and at the back, so I ca ... They took it out in my living room and hypnotized me to forget, hypnotized [...] walking about in my sleep with it, [...] to sleep, got me in the chair and done it, got out of the house, programmed me to go to that dentist in , which I did do instead of going to Mr at .
[84] He broke two of my teeth extracting them but he says they're out clean, when I told him to take another X-ray of it.
[85] He only took the one but he didn't take two.
[86] So [...] but he thinks I've got away with it but the pus in my mouth right now
(PS285) [87] Aye.
(PS287) [88] and they can look at this anytime.
[89] I must get my other teeth attended to and the cream can deal with .
[90] I I remember I knocked out a man's teeth in front of witnesses, just by using my mi my fist like that, hitting their tooth with a karate pass and brought the tooth out cleanly.
[91] One of these [...] away at the back used to what it would be like to have teeth.
[92] But I'm [...] the rest of the cream.
(PS285) [93] Mhm.
(PS287) [94] I'm under orders.
(PS285) [95] Don't don't do anything.
(PS287) [96] I mean I've even though about if I ... if I tell you this and you think that's it's going to put you you [...] just even if you pass it on to somebody what I'm telling you pass it on, but just [...] and I'll try and get the dental treatment where I can get the dental treatment.
(PS285) [97] Say no more.
[98] Say no more.
(PS287) [99] I'm just [...] can you put me down for some paracetamols for the pain [...]
(PS285) [...]
(PS287) [100] I've got pain in my in my my jaw.
(PS285) [101] Right.
[102] Right.
(PS287) [103] [...] thing I told you about lady in red, remember that, a million and a quarter,
(PS285) [104] Mhm.
(PS287) [105] the Queen, ... Alexander , Sir Alexander , me, and and the piano player.
(PS285) [106] Aha.
(PS287) [107] I I forget his name, but it's all coming back, [...] little children in [...] well that's not bad isn't it, [...] .
(PS285) [108] Not bad, not bad at all.
(PS287) [109] See s see [...] how could I forget my life, how could I forget ... these things I'm telling you.
[110] [...] time I forget but [...] .
(PS285) [111] Right, okay, I'll see you again young man.
(PS287) [112] Thank you [...] [...] .
(PS285) [113] Right okay [...] , right now, look after yourself.
(PS287) [114] I'm either telling the truth or [...] , and I think I'm telling the truth.
(PS285) [115] Look after yourself, right cheerio now. [recording ends]