BNC Text G5F

Medical consultation. Sample containing about 526 words speech recorded in public context

6 speakers recorded by respondent number C218

PS288 X u (No name, age unknown, general practitioner) unspecified
PS289 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
PS28A X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
G5FPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
G5FPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
G5FPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 097104 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanarkshire ( General Practitioners Surgery ) Activity: Medical Consultation

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (G5FPSUNK) [1] [...] trying to put it in the bin, [...] , not my fault.
(PS289) [...]
(PS288) [2] Yes, yes yes .
(PS289) [...]
(PS288) [3] What have you done to this poor wee man?
(PS28A) [4] It's his leg Doctor, [...]
(PS288) [5] What's she done to you?
(PS28A) [6] rash.
(PS288) [7] What've they been doing to you?
[8] Were they bad to you?
[9] [whispering] Were they?
[10] Were they bad? []
[11] These women are all the same.
[12] You'll
(PS28A) [...]
(PS288) [13] get used, you'll used to it.
[14] [...] . I'd better look under the big light.
[15] There we go [...] , let's see what's [...] .
[16] [whispering] What did I do?
[17] Were they bad?
[18] Were they?
[19] Were they bad to you?
[20] Were they? []
[21] Are you just kidding me on?
[22] [whispering] Are you?
[23] Are you just kidding on?
[24] Are you?
[25] Are you just kidding on? []
(G5FPS000) [child noises start, laughing mostly]
(PS288) [26] Are you just kidding on?
[27] You're just kidding on?
[28] Aren't you?
[29] Just kidding me on?
[30] Oh that's a good boy, there now.
[31] Oh it's only an allergic rash, [...] .
(PS28A) [32] It's just [...]
(PS288) [33] Yes.
(PS28A) [34] [...] or on his body or anything.
[35] And [...] and she said [...] this afternoon,
(PS288) [36] Aha.
(PS28A) [37] and she advised [...] to bring
(PS288) [...]
(PS28A) [38] him in to [...] .
(PS288) [39] It looks like an allergic rash [...] .
[40] Have you changed your soap powder or erm fabric softener.
(PS28A) [41] I don't used it cos my husband's allergic to it.
(PS288) [42] Aye, that's that's certainly what it looks like.
(PS28A) [43] Mhm.
(PS288) [44] You know that type of thing.
[45] Either a fabric softener or a soap powder rash.
[46] He's not on any medicines?
(PS28A) [47] No, he got his injections last Thursday.
(PS288) [48] Aye [whispering] [...] [] , I wouldn't do that to you, I wouldn't do that.
[49] [laugh] I wouldn't do it to you.
[50] Right okay, up you come and we'll get you something for that.
[51] It's not erm anything that's he's going to pass on.
[52] It looks much much more like erm an allergic rash and he's got an allergic reaction to something.
(PS28A) [53] Mm.
(PS288) [54] Isn't it?
[55] Who's that, [...] sitting there?
[56] You like that?
[57] You can see everything now.
(PS28A) [58] He just loves fun, don't you?
[59] He loves attention.
(PS288) [60] He would love to walk as well.
(PS28A) [61] He would love to walk.
(PS288) [62] Wouldn't you?
(PS28A) [63] I wish he would walk, he's been so heavy for me to carry.
(PS288) [64] [...] Why [...] carry you instead, is it?
[65] [...] [laugh] I'm not so sure about that.
[66] Are you [...] .
(PS28A) [67] [...] he loves to get thrown up and
(PS288) [68] Do you, do you like that?
(PS28A) [69] The rougher the better.
(PS288) [70] [laugh] There we are.
[71] Now then, you go back to your mum, I'll write something down on a prescription here for you. [...]
(PS28A) [72] If it was an allergy to soap powder would it take a long time to come out?
(PS288) [73] Can do, it can take several months before it comes out.
(PS28A) [74] [...] I had been washing all his hand.
[75] his clothes by hand [...] before I went back to work and of course I don't have quite the same time
(PS288) [76] That's right.
(PS28A) [77] so I've been putting them in the washing machine so maybe
(PS288) [78] It could be something as simple as that.
(PS28A) [79] And it would take maybe, it could take longer, I mean it
(PS288) [80] Yes, it takes, it could take to get the skin sensitized
(PS28A) [81] I see.
(PS288) [82] And then [...] to produce a reaction .
(PS28A) [83] So I'd be best to go back to
(PS288) [84] Aye, I think so .
(PS28A) [...]
(PS288) [85] I'm afraid, I'm afraid so.
[86] The only other thing I would say is erm [recording ends]