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Market research interview. Sample containing about 11384 words speech recorded in business context

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PS2B2 Ag4 f (No name, age 55, market researcher) unspecified
PS2B3 Ag5 m (Bill, age 65, doctor) unspecified
PS2B4 Ag4 f (No name, age 59, housewife) unspecified
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  1. Tape 098701 recorded on 1993-07-05. LocationStrathclyde: Glasgow ( Private house ) Activity: Market research interview Interview and

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(PS2B2) [1] [...] Before or after?
[2] Is it after cos I'll a [...]
(PS2B4) [3] Er it doesn't matter it doesn't matter.
[4] No it doesn't matter [...] .
(PS2B2) [5] I'm I'm actually I have to go back to a house.
[6] Wee boys are with the scouts so I'll visit them in the week.
[7] Erm Oh no no .
Bill (PS2B3) [8] [...] through this quite quick?
(PS2B2) [9] No not too quickly.
[10] Erm I wasn't [...] to see the
(PS2B4) [11] Coronation Street finishes at half past twenty five past.
[12] So it's just about the right time [...]
(PS2B2) [13] Aha.
[14] Right.
[15] How's the House sitting alright eh?
[16] Oh better let her get away to Coronation Street.
[17] Okay.
[18] Now do you ever buy stamps though to give to other people?
Bill (PS2B3) [19] To give to other people?
[20] No.
(PS2B2) [21] Mhm.
[22] No.
[23] So you're not a giver.
Bill (PS2B3) [24] Mm.
(PS2B2) [25] And I think it's safe to say you're working.
Bill (PS2B3) [26] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [27] Full time.
Bill (PS2B3) [28] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [29] And you are a doctor.
[30] And ... let me see if it's in this list.
[31] Mm
Bill (PS2B3) [32] A what?
(PS2B2) [33] Doctor.
[34] Yeah.
[35] ... Er [reading] Do you have a stamp collection now or have you ever collected stamps? []
[36] Yes you have.
[37] Er [reading] How old were you when you started collecting stamps? []
Bill (PS2B3) [38] Oh well eight
(PS2B2) [39] Down memory lane.
Bill (PS2B3) [40] Eight.
(PS2B2) [41] Eight.
[42] ... [reading] Why did you first start collecting stamps? []
[43] What made you begin your collection?
Bill (PS2B3) [44] Because I liked the look of them.
[45] That's it.
(PS2B2) [46] Right.
Bill (PS2B3) [47] I liked the look of them. ... [...]
(PS2B2) [48] Any other reason for
Bill (PS2B3) [49] [...] No?
(PS2B2) [50] No.
Bill (PS2B3) [51] No.
(PS2B2) [52] Right.
[53] Could you have a look at this little card, the first of many I have to say.
[54] Still thinking of when you first started collecting, which of these types of stamps and other items were in your stamp collection?
Bill (PS2B3) [55] Er eight.
(PS2B2) [56] Or are in your stamp collection.
Bill (PS2B3) [57] Eight.
(PS2B2) [58] Number eight, aha.
[59] Would you like to read it out ?
Bill (PS2B3) [...]
(PS2B2) [60] Er would you like to read out what
Bill (PS2B3) [61] [...] number ten.
(PS2B2) [62] number eight says?
Bill (PS2B3) [63] The very first time was
(PS2B2) [64] Aha.
Bill (PS2B3) [65] A column of commonwealth stamps.
(PS2B2) [66] Right.
[67] Which is number eight fine.
[68] Any others?
Bill (PS2B3) [69] My first collection [...]
(PS2B2) [70] Mhm.
[71] First started collecting which of these types of stamps were you interested in [...] .
[72] Now they don't tell me what to say?
[73] Er do these stamps and other items form part of a current collection that you still have today?
Bill (PS2B3) [74] Yes.
(PS2B2) [75] Right.
[76] ... [reading] Since you first started collecting stamps, has there been any definite period when you lost interest in stamp collecting
Bill (PS2B3) [77] Yes.
(PS2B2) [78] That then came back to you [...] []
Bill (PS2B3) [79] Mm.
(PS2B2) [80] [reading] Why did you decide to take up stamp collecting again? []
Bill (PS2B3) [81] For relaxation.
(PS2B2) [82] Mhm.
[83] ... Any other reasons that brought you back to your hobby?
Bill (PS2B3) [84] No.
[85] No.
(PS2B2) [86] Er can I check again whether you have a collection now which you have bought stamps for or items for during the past twelve months?
Bill (PS2B3) [87] Yes.
(PS2B2) [88] [reading] What are your main reasons for keeping a stamp collection these days? []
[89] A main reason.
Bill (PS2B3) [90] Main reason.
(PS2B2) [91] Mhm.
Bill (PS2B3) [92] Er for recreation, relaxation.
(PS2B2) [93] [...] . ...
Bill (PS2B3) [94] Of course there's no wonder. [laugh] ...
(PS2B2) [95] [reading] Are there any other reasons occurs to you which explain why you keep them? []
[96] ... I mean there doesn't have top be and
Bill (PS2B3) [97] [...] the other would be, something to do.
(PS2B2) [98] Something to do .
Bill (PS2B3) [99] A hobby.
(PS2B2) [100] Right.
[101] [reading] Do you think your collection will increase in value by more than the rate of inflation in the foreseeable future? []
Bill (PS2B3) [102] Er
(PS2B2) [103] Good question.
Bill (PS2B3) [104] Mm.
[105] ... Oh gee whiz.
[106] Er ... yeah, I think it probably will.
(PS2B2) [107] Okay.
[108] [reading] Different collectors collect stamps for different reason reasons, do you do any of these statements give you a good description of why ... why you collect? []
Bill (PS2B3) [109] Two.
(PS2B2) [110] Aha.
Bill (PS2B3) [111] [reading] I occasionally buy an item to add to my own stamp collection but I'm not committed to keeping it complete. []
(PS2B2) [112] Do you think you're going to be heard?
Bill (PS2B3) [113] Yes.
(PS2B2) [114] Oh is it quite sensitive is it?
Bill (PS2B3) [115] Very.
(PS2B2) [116] Right [...] .
Bill (PS2B3) [117] [...] .
(PS2B2) [118] You see, sometimes you turn these over, it puts ideas into your head, you see you're not supposed to see the next card [...] .
Bill (PS2B3) [119] Oh I see.
[120] Aye right.
[121] Right.
(PS2B2) [122] The idea of that er [...] ...
Bill (PS2B3) [...]
(PS2B2) [123] Adult photographs.
[124] [reading] Please now think about the sort of stamps and other philatelic products you collect yourself.
[125] This photo shows examples of ten sorts of British and foreign stamps and related products.
[126] Which do you collect these days? []
[127] ... Oh this is [...] to do.
Bill (PS2B3) [128] It is.
(PS2B2) [129] Right.
[130] Oh no [laugh] this thing here.
[131] [...] . Right.
[132] What do you collect these days?
Bill (PS2B3) [133] One.
(PS2B2) [134] Right.
Bill (PS2B3) [135] Number one, British definitives.
(PS2B2) [136] Right.
Bill (PS2B3) [137] And number six, foreign definitives.
(PS2B2) [138] Mhm.
Bill (PS2B3) [139] That's it.
(PS2B2) [140] right.
[141] ... [reading] And how committed are you to British definitive stamps?
[142] Do you collect a wide range of them, some of them, or just a few of them? []
Bill (PS2B3) [143] Er I'd say a wide range.
(PS2B2) [144] Okay.
[145] And [reading] What types of British definitive stamps do you collect these days?
[146] Er the current issues in mint condition, current issues in used condition or back issues? []
Bill (PS2B3) [147] Current used. ...
(PS2B2) [148] And from the cards, Er can you tell me roughly how much you have spent on British definitives in the last year if anything?
[149] And it's which of the expenditure bands would you be in?
[150] Not the amount, just the number along side there. ...
Bill (PS2B3) [151] Number four.
(PS2B2) [152] [...] zero, four.
[153] Right.
[154] Now fo form definitive stamps.
[155] How committed are you to form definitives?
[156] Do you collect a wide range of them, some of them or just a few of them?
Bill (PS2B3) [157] Few.
(PS2B2) [158] And the types of i current issues in mint condition, current issues in used condition
Bill (PS2B3) [159] [...] Current used.
(PS2B2) [160] Right and again, [reading] How much would you spend on them in a year? [] ...
Bill (PS2B3) [161] Probably five.
(PS2B2) [162] Five.
Bill (PS2B3) [163] Right, [reading] Some people collect stamps from a particular part of the sheet from which the stamps are taken.
[164] Do you collect stamps in this way? []
(PS2B2) [165] Yes.
[166] Er they're talking about things I hadn't heard of.
[167] Gutter pairs, blocks, cylinder blocks, traffic lights,
Bill (PS2B3) [168] Yes block, [...] blocks.
(PS2B2) [169] O sheets.
Bill (PS2B3) [170] Mm.
[171] No.
[172] No.
[173] I collect anything .
(PS2B2) [...]
Bill (PS2B3) [174] I don't restrict myself at all.
(PS2B2) [175] [reading] Which if any of the types of stamp books and other stamps [] Sorry [reading] other stamp related products listed, do you collect yourself nowadays? [] ...
Bill (PS2B3) [176] Oh.
[177] ... None of those.
(PS2B2) [178] None at all?
Bill (PS2B3) [179] None of those.
(PS2B2) [180] Right.
[181] ... [...] [reading] Apart from the stamps and products you collect, do you ever buy any of the publications and other things to do with stamp collecting on card seven? []
Bill (PS2B3) [182] Mhm.
[183] Yeah.
(PS2B2) [184] Right which?
Bill (PS2B3) [185] Erm twelve first then
(PS2B2) [186] You'd want
Bill (PS2B3) [187] about
(PS2B2) [188] No no it's which of er
Bill (PS2B3) [189] Which ones
(PS2B2) [190] Aha.
Bill (PS2B3) [191] The magazines.
(PS2B2) [192] Which do you buy?
[193] Aha.
[194] Magazines.
Bill (PS2B3) [195] Number one, A one.
(PS2B2) [196] Right number one. ...
Bill (PS2B3) [197] [...] that's it [...]
(PS2B2) [198] Right thank you.
Bill (PS2B3) [199] C ... five.
(PS2B2) [200] Stamp albums.
Bill (PS2B3) [201] Aha.
[202] And D seven.
(PS2B2) [203] Right [...] now okay .
Bill (PS2B3) [...]
(PS2B2) [204] And again, from the card,
Bill (PS2B3) [205] This one?
(PS2B2) [206] Er aha.
[207] In a year, how much have you spent on philatelic magazines?
Bill (PS2B3) [208] On magazines
(PS2B2) [209] Aha well
Bill (PS2B3) [210] Probably [...] times a year [...] about six pounds.
(PS2B2) [211] What band is that [...] ?
Bill (PS2B3) [212] That's er two.
(PS2B2) [213] And on tweezer [...] , magnifying glasses, [...] accessories and stamp albums .
Bill (PS2B3) [214] Yes it says it's on stamp albums.
(PS2B2) [215] The total?
Bill (PS2B3) [216] The total er [...] four.
(PS2B2) [217] Right.
[218] [reading] Do you collect stamps which follow particular themes or areas, or do you collect all sorts of subjects? []
Bill (PS2B3) [219] All sorts of subjects.
(PS2B2) [220] Okay.
[221] [...] [reading] Which of the statements on card nine, best describe how you organize you s own stamp collection? [] ...
Bill (PS2B3) [222] Number two.
(PS2B2) [223] Okay.
Bill (PS2B3) [...] ...
(PS2B2) [224] Can you remind me whether you ever buy stamps or any other stamp related products to give to another collector as a gift did you say?
Bill (PS2B3) [225] No.
(PS2B2) [226] Right.
[227] ... That's very good.
[228] That saves some questions.
[229] ... [reading] I'd now like to talk about places where stamps can be bought, whether for your own collection or to give as gifts.
[230] Firstly have you heard of the British Philatelic Bureau? []
Bill (PS2B3) [231] Yes. ...
(PS2B2) [232] [reading] Please now think of the different places you have bought any stamps and related products, either for your own collection or as gifts for collectors.
[233] Firstly, which of the sources on card fourteen, erm have you ever used to but such stamps and products? [] [...] at any time ever?
Bill (PS2B3) [234] Er [...] .
[235] Post Office.
[236] ... Main counter and at the philatelic counter as well.
(PS2B2) [237] Right.
[238] ... Any place else?
Bill (PS2B3) [239] Er single purchases in the B P B in Edinburgh.
(PS2B2) [240] Mhm.
Bill (PS2B3) [241] Number eight.
(PS2B2) [242] Right.
Bill (PS2B3) [243] Purchased at particular shops.
[244] ... Other associates, oh yes.
[245] Oxfam. ...
(PS2B2) [246] Right.
[247] [reading] And which have you used during the last year? []
Bill (PS2B3) [248] Er ... The main counter,
(PS2B2) [249] Mhm.
Bill (PS2B3) [250] the dealer number eight,
(PS2B2) [251] Mhm.
Bill (PS2B3) [252] and Oxfam.
(PS2B2) [253] Right.
[254] [reading] On the card, how often have you used or received items from the main counter during the last year, choosing from fifteen? [] ...
Bill (PS2B3) [255] Less often.
(PS2B2) [256] Right.
[257] [reading] And at the main counter, er of the total amount you've spent in the last year, both on your own stamp collection and on gifts to other collectors, [] which you don't do, [reading] how much have you spent at the main counter? []
[258] Er
Bill (PS2B3) [259] Between Do I have to use this again ?
(PS2B2) [260] Er No it's not.
[261] It's ... [reading] Of the total amount you've spent in the last year, both on your own [...] , how much have you spent at the main [] ... It doesn't ask you how much you spent anywhere.
[262] ... Mm.
[263] Don't [...] quite understand that .
Bill (PS2B3) [264] Don't understand at all.
(PS2B2) [265] No.
[266] No the answer to the question is almost er ... all or most of the total, about half, or less than half the total.
Bill (PS2B3) [267] A half of which total?
(PS2B2) [268] I don't know.
[269] Exactly.
[270] And I didn't have any bother with this the other night.
[271] Maybe it's me who's who's [...] .
Bill (PS2B3) [...]
(PS2B2) [272] Oh the total amount you have spent in the last year.
[273] They must mean, on stamps. ...
Bill (PS2B3) [274] Right.
(PS2B2) [275] How much of the total amount that you have spent, was spent at the main counter?
[276] Was it almost er All or or most of the total amount you spent in the last year, about half or less than half the total?
[277] That's the meaning, it's what you spent on stamps in the last year.
Bill (PS2B3) [278] Er a what the total [...]
(PS2B2) [279] Aha.
[280] How much of the total was spent at the main counter.
Bill (PS2B3) [281] How much [...] spent at the main counter?
(PS2B2) [282] Aha.
Bill (PS2B3) [283] Er
(PS2B2) [284] All or most of the total, or the half of less than half the total amount you spent? ...
Bill (PS2B3) [285] About ... about one twenty.
(PS2B2) [286] No, what what the meaning of If you can think of how much you spent,
Bill (PS2B3) [287] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [288] what proportion of what you've spent Aha.
[289] Has been spent
Bill (PS2B3) [290] Oh what proportion of that?
[291] Erm
(PS2B2) [292] at the main counter.
[293] All or most of the total, about half or less than half the to
Bill (PS2B3) [294] Less.
(PS2B2) [295] Less than half.
Bill (PS2B3) [296] Less than half.
(PS2B2) [297] Right.
[298] Er
Bill (PS2B3) [299] [...] sorry I'm
(PS2B2) [300] No it's okay No it's
Bill (PS2B3) [301] [...] confused it's
(PS2B2) [302] Aye.
[303] Erm ... and at the B P B in Edinburgh on single purchases.
[304] How much?
Bill (PS2B3) [305] Again, less, the same proportion. [...]
(PS2B2) [306] Less than half?
Bill (PS2B3) [307] Less than half.
[308] Yes.
(PS2B2) [309] Sorry I should also have asked er from from the card.
[310] Er about philatelic collections and counter.
[311] Er how often have you used that in the last year?
[312] You don't use that now? [...]
Bill (PS2B3) [313] [...] don't use it.
[314] [...] B P B
(PS2B2) [315] Purchases at a shop now.
[316] Er how much of the money you've spent, what proportion, all, most of the total, about half or less than half the total have you spent at a shop .
Bill (PS2B3) [317] About about half.
(PS2B2) [318] Right.
[319] And at Oxfam ?
Bill (PS2B3) [320] Oxfam.
(PS2B2) [321] The amount?
Bill (PS2B3) [322] Only about half again.
[323] Yeah [...]
(PS2B2) [324] Er ... [reading] If you could think about your experience of buying stamps of buying stamps and other items, to collect from the main counter of your Post Office.
[325] Using card sixteen, how much difficulty if any do you have in finding the items you want to buy from the main Post Office? []
Bill (PS2B3) [326] Mm.
[327] Never have any problem.
(PS2B2) [328] Never?
Bill (PS2B3) [329] Never.
[330] No.
(PS2B2) [331] And at the philatelic counter?
[332] Have you ever had any problems?
Bill (PS2B3) [333] No.
(PS2B2) [334] Never?
Bill (PS2B3) [335] Not had any problems.
(PS2B2) [336] And single purchases from the B P B.
Bill (PS2B3) [337] No no problem really.
[338] It was quite straight forward.
(PS2B2) [339] Okay.
[340] And eighteen.
[341] [...] tape sorry.
[342] [...] . ... Right, [reading] During the past twelve months, have you ever bought any first day covers for new British issues either for yourself or other collectors? []
Bill (PS2B3) [343] No. ...
(PS2B2) [344] Now I'd like to discuss stamps more generally.
Bill (PS2B3) [laugh]
(PS2B2) [345] [reading] The Royal Mail produces about nine British special stamp issues a year.
[346] Do you think that this is too many special issues, too few []
Bill (PS2B3) [347] Yes.
(PS2B2) [348] [reading] or about the right number? []
Bill (PS2B3) [349] [...] too many.
(PS2B2) [350] And why do you think there are too many? ...
Bill (PS2B3) [351] Er
(PS2B2) [352] What are your reasons for saying there are too many? ...
Bill (PS2B3) [353] Probably because the value of the stamps will not hold as you know, time goes on.
[354] A lot of the special issues
(PS2B2) [355] Devalues stamps.
Bill (PS2B3) [356] Yeah.
(PS2B2) [357] You've obviously been told
Bill (PS2B3) [...]
(PS2B2) [358] that before hen they've got at you [...] .
[359] Erm ... [reading] Thinking now of all the different British philatelic and stamp related products that are currently on offer, how would you normally get to hear about them? [] ...
Bill (PS2B3) [360] Er ... How would I get to hear about them?
(PS2B2) [361] Mhm.
Bill (PS2B3) [362] I tend to get to hear about them from seeing [...] the Post Office.
(PS2B2) [363] Right.
[364] ... Mm Post Office.
[365] Post Office counter.
[366] Right, there's a list of all the other ways, in which you can get to hear of them.
[367] Er any of these [...] get to hear,
Bill (PS2B3) [368] Magazines.
(PS2B2) [369] Aha.
Bill (PS2B3) [370] Post Offices.
(PS2B2) [371] Right. ...
Bill (PS2B3) [372] That's it.
(PS2B2) [373] Right.
[374] Okay.
Bill (PS2B3) [375] [...] .
(PS2B2) [376] There was er [...] she said, Blue Peter, and they should have put it in because they've got it in for the kids.
[377] [laugh] It's true, Blue Peter are always telling you there's a new issue coming out.
[378] Er
Bill (PS2B3) [laugh]
(PS2B2) [379] E [reading] here have you seen or heard any advertising for British special stamp issues? []
Bill (PS2B3) [380] In in philatelic magazines.
[381] Er special advertising? [...]
(PS2B2) [382] No it isn't no no It's not special but it's just [reading] Where have you see or heard any advertising for British special stamp issues? [] ...
Bill (PS2B3) [383] There ... there was some on television.
(PS2B2) [384] Right.
Bill (PS2B3) [385] And the stamp magazines and at the Post Office itself.
(PS2B2) [386] Right.
[387] And [reading] Have you seen or heard British special stamp issues, being advertised through any other sources shown on this card? []
Bill (PS2B3) [388] [laugh] ... That's have we covered number eight?
[389] Posters in Post Offices ?
(PS2B2) [390] Number eight?
[391] Aha well that's I put that down already
Bill (PS2B3) [392] Yeah.
(PS2B2) [393] for a a spontaneous answer to that.
[394] Any others?
Bill (PS2B3) [395] No.
(PS2B2) [396] No.
[397] Now [reading] Would you say that seeing the T V adverts for special issues has made you a lot more likely to buy them, []
Bill (PS2B3) [398] No.
(PS2B2) [399] [reading] made you a little more likely to buy or []
Bill (PS2B3) [400] No.
(PS2B2) [401] [reading] made no difference? []
Bill (PS2B3) [402] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [403] Right.
[404] And [reading] Have you seen or heard other articles or features about British special issues in any of the sources shown? []
[405] Sorry wrong card.
Bill (PS2B3) [406] No.
[407] [laugh] None there.
(PS2B2) [408] Aha. ...
Bill (PS2B3) [409] Oh Blue Peter's on this.
(PS2B2) [410] Oh so it is.
[411] And have you seen anything
Bill (PS2B3) [412] I don't see Blue Peter [...]
(PS2B2) [413] Alright so you tend to be at work.
[414] Aha.
[415] I used to enjoy it when Alistair was a wee boy but you grow out of it
Bill (PS2B3) [416] That's right.
(PS2B2) [417] you get away from it.
Bill (PS2B3) [418] [...] .
(PS2B2) [419] Aha.
Bill (PS2B3) [420] Erm ... Well not really no.
(PS2B2) [421] No.
[422] Right.
[423] That's fine.
[424] Okay.
Bill (PS2B3) [425] Not [...] those.
(PS2B2) [426] [reading] Have you seen any special stamp issues produced by other countries? []
Bill (PS2B3) [427] Yes.
(PS2B2) [428] [reading] How do you think the British special stamp er program compares to that of other similar programs from other countries?
[429] Is it better, worse or about the same? [] ...
Bill (PS2B3) [430] I think it's slightly better quality.
[431] Better.
(PS2B2) [432] British is better.
[433] ... On this card.
[434] [reading] What is the main way in which British special issue stamps are better? []
Bill (PS2B3) [435] The designs are better.
(PS2B2) [436] Right.
Bill (PS2B3) [437] Well which which there would
(PS2B2) [438] It's design that's number three.
Bill (PS2B3) [439] The designs are generally better, right.
[440] [reading] In what other ways are they better? []
(PS2B2) [441] Number nine.
Bill (PS2B3) [442] Better quality printing .
(PS2B2) [443] The quality.
Bill (PS2B3) [444] Right.
[445] Is that it?
(PS2B2) [446] That's [...] .
Bill (PS2B3) [447] Fine.
[448] ... [reading] Which of these magazines if any, connected to stamp collecting and philately in general, do you know of? []
(PS2B2) [449] Do I know if?
Bill (PS2B3) [450] Yes know of.
(PS2B2) [451] Well two three four.
Bill (PS2B3) [452] Right.
[453] And [reading] Which magazines do you ever read? []
(PS2B2) [454] Three.
Bill (PS2B3) [455] And [reading] Do you read all all or most issues of Stamp Magazine? []
(PS2B2) [456] No.
Bill (PS2B3) [457] Right.
[458] ... No code for [...] .
[459] [reading] Have you ever of heard of the Stamp Bug Club? []
(PS2B2) [460] No.
Bill (PS2B3) [461] [reading] This is a young collectors club run by Royal Mail. []
(PS2B2) [462] Mm. [...] .
Bill (PS2B3) [463] Er [reading] If you're a member you get a pack of information, an annual special issue calendar and albums.
[464] Every two months you also receive Stamp Bug News, a topical magazine for club members.
[465] It costs three pounds to join for two years, or five pounds to join for five years.
[466] Does the idea of joining the Stamp Bug Club, interest you a lot, interest you a little or not really interest you at all? []
(PS2B2) [467] Not at all.
Bill (PS2B3) [468] Not at all.
(PS2B2) [469] [reading] Why are you not interested? [] ...
Bill (PS2B3) [470] I'm not interested because it doesn't fit doesn't cover the type of collecting I do. ...
(PS2B2) [471] Okay.
Bill (PS2B3) [472] [...] .
(PS2B2) [473] Afraid not.
Bill (PS2B3) [laugh]
(PS2B2) [474] Er [reading] Do you belong to any other clubs or British associations to do with stamp collecting? []
Bill (PS2B3) [475] No.
[476] Not now.
(PS2B2) [477] Right.
[478] [reading] Which of the other items on this list if any, have you collected in the last year? []
Bill (PS2B3) [479] [laugh] ... Nine,
(PS2B2) [480] Aha. ...
Bill (PS2B3) [481] Thirteen,
(PS2B2) [482] Aha.
[483] ... That it?
[484] ... Just the last year.
Bill (PS2B3) [485] Old when they say old antiquarian books
(PS2B2) [486] And maps.
Bill (PS2B3) [487] [...] quite what they mean by old antiquarian?
(PS2B2) [488] I don't know.
[489] ... No idea.
Bill (PS2B3) [490] [...] .
(PS2B2) [491] Okay.
[492] Back to card [...] [reading] Using card [...] , tell me how you have spent in total during the last twelve months on your collection of models, toys, cars, trains, boats etcetera. []
[493] Again it's just a band. ...
Bill (PS2B3) [494] Zero zero.
(PS2B2) [495] Right.
[496] And old phonographic records? ...
Bill (PS2B3) [497] Two.
(PS2B2) [498] Right.
[499] So you've got something in common with Gordon after all.
[500] He collects records.
Bill (PS2B3) [501] Well I don't actively collect them, I just have them around.
(PS2B2) [502] [laugh] He must have a c a collection of thousands thousands of records.
Bill (PS2B3) [503] Mm.
(PS2B2) [504] To me it's a very boring hobby because you can't listen to them, what can you do with them?
[505] Thousands and thousands of records. [...]
Bill (PS2B3) [506] [...] stamps.
(PS2B2) [507] [laugh] I mean w with stamps at least you can look at them and you know go over them
Bill (PS2B3) [...]
(PS2B2) [508] and and aye but
Bill (PS2B3) [...]
(PS2B2) [509] [reading] I'm now going to read out a number of interests.
[510] For each one I'd like you to tell me how interested you are in it by choosing an answer from card twenty four.
[511] Collecting stamps? []
[512] How
Bill (PS2B3) [513] Fairly interested.
(PS2B2) [514] Okay.
[515] Home computing?
Bill (PS2B3) [516] [laugh] Not interested.
(PS2B2) [517] Not at all.
[518] Fashion and clothes?
Bill (PS2B3) [519] Not [laughing] interested [] .
(PS2B2) [520] Watching sport?
Bill (PS2B3) [521] Not interested.
(PS2B2) [522] Participating in sport?
Bill (PS2B3) [...] [laugh]
(PS2B2) [laugh]
Bill (PS2B3) [523] Not interested.
(PS2B2) [524] Not not at all.
[525] Photography?
Bill (PS2B3) [526] Vaguely interested.
(PS2B2) [527] Books?
Bill (PS2B3) [528] Very interested. [...] .
(PS2B2) [529] Oh good good good.
[530] Erm card or board games?
Bill (PS2B3) [531] No. [...]
(PS2B2) [532] Crosswords or crossword pu Puzzles or crosswords?
Bill (PS2B3) [533] No.
(PS2B2) [534] Not at all.
[535] Wines?
Bill (PS2B3) [536] Mm er mm.
[537] Not very.
(PS2B2) [538] Not very.
[539] Cookery?
Bill (PS2B3) [540] Very interested.
(PS2B2) [541] Do it yourself?
Bill (PS2B3) [542] Fairly interested.
(PS2B2) [543] And gardening. [laugh]
Bill (PS2B3) [544] You need the truth don't know [...]
(PS2B2) [545] Och yes.
Bill (PS2B3) [546] Not very.
(PS2B2) [547] Not very.
Bill (PS2B3) [548] Okay.
(PS2B2) [549] Not when you you've got It's different when you have the time though.
[550] It's a a dif different thing altogether when you've got time to do that really.
[551] Then you can do it when you like.
Bill (PS2B3) [552] Mm.
(PS2B2) [553] When you're working and you're busy and you've got to do it I mean like this last week because of playing golf mainly, and putting weedkiller down, the grass is this high and
Bill (PS2B3) [554] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [555] just haven't the time to do it.
[556] And when I have
Bill (PS2B3) [...]
(PS2B2) [557] the time it's been wet.
Bill (PS2B3) [558] You must have noticed our grass at the front on your way in then. [laugh]
(PS2B2) [559] I didn't notice No I didn't.
[560] No honestly I didn't.
Bill (PS2B3) [561] It's a nice green colour.
(PS2B2) [562] Yes well there you go. [laugh]
Bill (PS2B3) [563] A nice green colour just about four inches long.
[564] [...] more in places.
(PS2B2) [565] Aye well mine must be.
[566] Er [reading] Have you passed on your interest in stamps to children or grandchildren ? []
Bill (PS2B3) [567] No.
[568] Oh
(PS2B2) [569] Oh.
[570] Or encouraged
Bill (PS2B3) [571] No.
(PS2B2) [572] any other children to start a stamp collection? ...
Bill (PS2B3) [573] Not not not children.
(PS2B2) [574] There's a medical condition that I have, I can't see dust either.
(PS2B4) [575] Oh what a relief there's somebody like me .
(PS2B2) [576] Er
Bill (PS2B3) [577] Partial-sightedness [...]
(PS2B2) [578] You haven't passed it on to any children at all?
Bill (PS2B3) [579] Not not to children but to several adults.
(PS2B2) [580] But it's no children.
Bill (PS2B3) [581] No children no .
(PS2B2) [582] Er
Unknown speaker (G5JPSUNK) [...]
(PS2B2) [583] [reading] In which ways do you think Royal Mail could encourage more children to get involved in stamp collecting? []
[584] ... No prompting please.
(PS2B4) [585] [whispering] Do you like milk? []
(PS2B2) [586] No thanks Jean, just as it comes.
[587] You can speak you know.
Bill (PS2B3) [588] Yes you can join in the conversation.
(PS2B2) [589] Course you can.
Bill (PS2B3) [590] Yeah.
[591] They won't they won't hear.
(PS2B4) [592] They will hear.
Bill (PS2B3) [593] They won't [...]
(PS2B2) [594] Are you suggesting that Jean has nothing interesting to say?
Bill (PS2B3) [595] No I'm [...] the tape recorder the tape recorder won't hear a thing she says.
(PS2B2) [596] Oh right.
Bill (PS2B3) [597] Even if she does shout at me.
(PS2B4) [598] [...] the tape recorder might discover new words.
Unknown speaker (G5JPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS2B2) [599] Oh I very much doubt that Jean.
Bill (PS2B3) [laugh]
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [600] Okay, how do you think the Royal Mail could encourage mor children to get involved?
(PS2B4) [601] [...] .
(PS2B2) [602] Thank you Jean. ...
(PS2B4) [603] He can's think of any way that doesn't involve
Bill (PS2B3) [604] I honestly can't think of er any way that they could do that.
(PS2B2) [605] Right.
Bill (PS2B3) [606] It's it's a thing [...]
(PS2B2) [607] or not
Bill (PS2B3) [...]
(PS2B2) [608] Usually they get a teacher at school, that's what gets them started.
Bill (PS2B3) [609] Yeah.
(PS2B2) [610] [reading] If you could please now think of all the products available to stamp collectors.
[611] Which of these items do you think have been produced by Royal Mail mainly for collectors collectors rather than for the public at large? [] ...
Bill (PS2B3) [612] One
(PS2B2) [613] The [...] .
Bill (PS2B3) [614] Mm.
[615] four, five,
(PS2B2) [616] Presentation packs, first day covers ,
Bill (PS2B3) [...]
(PS2B2) [617] Yearly prestige stamp books .
Bill (PS2B3) [618] [...] Year book.
(PS2B2) [619] Yeah.
Bill (PS2B3) [620] All the issues [...] .
(PS2B2) [621] [reading] Can you think of any other products or services connected with stamp collecting, which you feel should be introduced by Royal Mail? []
[622] ... Margaret did a good piece of work today.
(PS2B4) [623] What did she do?
(PS2B2) [624] Went to the Clydesdale Bank, took two brollies
(PS2B4) [625] Did they phone to say
(PS2B2) [626] Two lots of [...] and
(PS2B4) [627] Yes.
(PS2B2) [628] two
(PS2B4) [629] They've they left a message.
(PS2B2) [630] Aha and two [...] .
(PS2B4) [631] Mm.
(PS2B2) [632] So that was very very good.
(PS2B4) [633] Yes the [...] had all
(PS2B2) [...]
Bill (PS2B3) [634] No. [...]
(PS2B4) [635] these things there .
(PS2B2) [636] That's alright.
(PS2B4) [637] [...] somebody to pick them up.
(PS2B2) [638] [reading] I'd now like your help more directly.
[639] Can you fill in this page yourself. []
[640] It's nothing fancy [...] You just put a wee circle around the answer you want to give to each statement.
(PS2B4) [641] Oh good.
(PS2B2) [642] Yes.
(PS2B4) [643] Well you can [...]
(PS2B2) [644] I've got a wee boy at the scouts and he should be in about half past eight.
[645] As long as I'm not [...] I said, Are you sure it's not going to be too late, cos I'll be forty five minutes.
[646] He said, No that's quite alright.
[647] So
(PS2B4) [648] Oh good, that's good.
[649] How many have you still to get.
(PS2B2) [650] [laugh] I've still got plen Well er that will be two boys, a lady giver, cos you have to find people who give stamps as well as.
(PS2B4) [651] Oh yes.
[652] Now that's quite difficult I would think.
(PS2B2) [653] And a male collector.
[654] So that's me got four and I've got another five to do and I had a telephone call from field controller in Edinburgh last night and I really do think I don't know how I managed to keep my tongue still.
[655] Comments like, I suggest instead of wasting time on leads, I suggest you try knocking on doors.
[656] That is the only way you will find them.
[657] I said, Well Anne Avril and I knocked on eighty five doors on Thursday evening before we got one contact.
[658] I said i can go out and walk the streets for hours and find no one.
(PS2B4) [659] Right.
(PS2B2) [660] I says, I have to follow up leads.
[661] Yes but I'm not interested in you following up leads, I'm interested in nine interviews.
[662] I said, Well I think it'll be a miracle if I get nine interviews because the quota is far too tight.
[663] I don't understand what you mean by tight.
[664] I says, Well [laugh] right
(PS2B4) [665] The area's not
(PS2B2) [666] Right away I said, I have three people to find for working class areas who collect stamps, who are interested in stamps.
[667] I said, People generally have more to do with their money.
[668] And of course what defeated me was [...] knows this fellow that is an ambulance driver and he's classed as working class.
[669] And he stays in a four-bedroomed detached house.
[670] But his wife's a school teacher and that's why.
(PS2B4) [671] Yes well [...] .
(PS2B2) [672] So you're not going to get that [...] like I mean that that was a one in a million shot, finding
(PS2B4) [673] Yes.
(PS2B2) [674] him.
(PS2B4) [675] I would say so.
(PS2B2) [676] And I w was telling Bill about him and as Bill said it's a waste driving an ambulance.
[677] He d actually designs stamps and first day covers.
(PS2B4) [678] Does he?
(PS2B2) [679] A work of art Jean.
[680] Absolute work of art.
[681] You just couldn't believe what the man has done.
Bill (PS2B3) [682] Mm.
[683] It shows. [...]
(PS2B4) [684] [...] shows the people who go to the
Bill (PS2B3) [685] Aha.
(PS2B4) [686] the church.
Bill (PS2B3) [687] Yeah.
(PS2B4) [688] What's her name again?
(PS2B2) [689] I don't know.
[690] She teaches in .
(PS2B4) [691] Aye she's she's she does the lot.
(PS2B2) [692] Very nice person.
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [693] She's a very nice person.
(PS2B4) [694] just been lectured to.
Bill (PS2B3) [...]
(PS2B4) [695] Your mother was there.
Bill (PS2B3) [696] [laughing] It says here, [] I write a lot of letters to other people.
[697] Then it, How exactly?
(PS2B2) [698] Well do you?
Bill (PS2B3) [699] Do they mean, I write I don't write a lot of letters.
[700] I dictate a lot of letters to a lot of people.
[701] [...] Tomorrow I will sign ultimately twenty odd Do they want me to sit
(PS2B2) [702] Aye I think they must it must be talking about dictating as well.
Bill (PS2B3) [703] down and sit writing long hand?
(PS2B2) [704] No.
[705] No I think they'll mean it's number of stamps .
Bill (PS2B3) [706] Cos I rarely ever do that.
(PS2B2) [707] I think it's they look for the number of stamps used rather if it's what you
Bill (PS2B3) [708] Ah well good. [...]
(PS2B2) [709] Aha.
Bill (PS2B3) [710] Okay.
(PS2B2) [711] I would say that.
[712] Even though you don't physically write them.
[713] Even dictating them I think you should count that as writing.
Bill (PS2B3) [714] Do you count that?
(PS2B2) [715] I think so though .
Bill (PS2B3) [716] Oh.
[717] Oh well.
(PS2B2) [718] I think so.
Bill (PS2B3) [719] Right [...]
(PS2B2) [720] If you want to change
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [721] it you just put a stroke through it.
Bill (PS2B3) [722] Just put a stroke through that one.
(PS2B2) [723] And circle the one you you want to circle.
Bill (PS2B3) [724] So I agree strongly yes.
(PS2B2) [725] Mhm.
Bill (PS2B3) [726] Ah write a few letters to the hospital [...] forty forty .
(PS2B2) [727] Oh aye.
[728] They said to Bill on the telephone.
[729] I've been knocking on doors the other night there.
[730] I went along to you know the council houses in there ?
(PS2B4) [731] Yes
(PS2B2) [732] Some of the answers I got.
[733] Big girl was just about to close a door and she opened a big smile and she said, Ah I just remembered my daddy collects stamps.
[734] I said, Oh great.
[735] She says, Aha, every morning, he's a postman. [laugh]
(PS2B4) [laugh]
(PS2B2) [736] Three doors along a great big strapping lad.
[737] Er I would say a sixteen or seventeen.
[738] I said, er none of your pals collect stamps no?
[739] And he says, None of my pals are like that. [laugh]
(PS2B4) [laugh]
(PS2B2) [740] What sort of answer [laugh] Okay.
Bill (PS2B3) [741] [laugh] There was no answer to that.
(PS2B2) [742] Do you know your full postcode?
Bill (PS2B3) [743] Which one? [laugh]
(PS2B2) [744] Here.
Bill (PS2B3) [745] Yeah.
(PS2B2) [746] Could you give me your full postcode please?
Bill (PS2B3) [747] .
Bill (PS2B3) [748] .
(PS2B2) [749] .
[750] And when you write your address down, do you quote your full postcode, always sometimes or only when asked?
[751] If I were to ask you for your address, what would you do?
Bill (PS2B3) [752] Only when asked.
(PS2B2) [753] Only when asked.
[754] Right.
[755] You want to write as little as possible on them.
[756] [reading] I'd like to end with a few more general questions about you and your leisure time.
[757] First, which of these daily newspapers do you ever read or look at? [] [...] book there they are.
Bill (PS2B3) [758] Mhm. [...]
(PS2B2) [759] Yes I'm afraid so, Bill.
Bill (PS2B3) [760] I I I read the times.
(PS2B2) [761] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [...]
Bill (PS2B3) [762] The Independent.
(PS2B2) [763] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [...]
Bill (PS2B3) [764] The Glasgow Herald, I read that .
(PS2B2) [765] I like the Dependent it's a
(PS2B4) [766] We buy it [...] won't buy anything else.
Bill (PS2B3) [767] Yeah.
[768] That's it.
(PS2B2) [769] And it is independent cos you get [...] news from throughout the land.
[770] [reading] And which do you regularly?
[771] By regularly I mean at least four times a week. []
Bill (PS2B3) [...]
(PS2B2) [772] The Herald.
[773] I need to write and tell them it's not the Glasgow Herald any more.
[774] Believe you me it's it's progress getting [laughing] [...] [] .
[775] Er
Bill (PS2B3) [776] Oh aye.
(PS2B2) [777] Or or getting a Scottish newspaper on the list .
Bill (PS2B3) [...]
(PS2B2) [778] Yes.
[779] If you could just turn over to the next card now Bill.
[780] [reading] Which of these Sunday papers do you ever read []
Bill (PS2B3) [781] Two.
(PS2B2) [782] [reading] or look at? []
[783] Aha. [...]
Bill (PS2B3) [784] And [...] . [...]
(PS2B2) [785] Er right [...] yes fine.
[786] And again, [reading] Which do you read regularly?
[787] By regularly I mean att least twice a month. []
Bill (PS2B3) [788] Both of them.
(PS2B2) [789] Right.
[790] Next card please.
[791] [reading] Which if any of these magazines do you read or look at on a regular basis?
[792] By which I mean at least one out of every two issues. []
Bill (PS2B3) [793] [laughing] [...] great list of magazines [...] [] ... Regular basis?
(PS2B2) [794] Aha, one out of every two issues.
[795] That's pretty regular.
Bill (PS2B3) [796] Have you seen the list?
(PS2B4) [797] No.
(PS2B2) [798] Radio Times, T V Times ,
Bill (PS2B3) [799] T V Times.
(PS2B2) [800] What's On T V, T V Quick,
Bill (PS2B3) [801] And then and then
(PS2B2) [802] Women's Weeklies You see women have been asked this as well.
Bill (PS2B3) [803] Aye I know.
(PS2B2) [804] Er Women's Weeklies, Women's Monthlies and then other magazines.
Bill (PS2B3) [805] Where where are the men's magazines?
(PS2B2) [806] Yeah, that's a good question, where are they indeed?
Bill (PS2B3) [807] There isn't a man's magazine in the whole thing.
(PS2B2) [808] There's not.
Bill (PS2B3) [809] Gardener's World.
(PS2B2) [810] That is very strange.
(PS2B4) [811] You know sometimes [...] don't read magazines on a regular basis .
(PS2B2) [812] So is none of them you read them then
Bill (PS2B3) [813] Mm.
(PS2B2) [814] on a regular basis, Bill?
[815] Right that's fine.
Bill (PS2B3) [816] Bella, Woman's Weekly, [...] , Woman's Own, [...] .
(PS2B2) [817] Er
Bill (PS2B3) [818] Chat, Mine, [laugh]
(PS2B2) [819] [...] .
[820] I mean as far as
Bill (PS2B3) [821] Good Food, Woman's Own ,
(PS2B2) [822] Me.
[823] A magazine called Me.
Bill (PS2B3) [824] Family Circle.
[825] [...] Never heard of it.
(PS2B2) [826] Prima, never heard of that one.
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [827] Essentials.
(PS2B4) [828] Yes [...]
(PS2B2) [829] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [...]
Bill (PS2B3) [830] Not not on a regulars
(PS2B2) [831] Yeah.
Bill (PS2B3) [832] Er just they have [...] Bella as . [...] .
(PS2B2) [833] Actually that's not a bad magazine, Bella. [...]
Bill (PS2B3) [834] [...] .
(PS2B2) [835] Er
Bill (PS2B3) [836] I've just got these pictures of the [...]
(PS2B2) [837] Where the where I used to see the Bella magazines wasn't in Southern [...] we went with Bill's father.
[838] And occasionally if I was looking for a magazine to buy, it would get a lot of i good information in it too.
[839] Okay if you'd like to go to
Bill (PS2B3) [...]
(PS2B2) [840] the next card Bill.
[841] [reading] Are you a paid up member of any of the following organizations.? []
Bill (PS2B3) [842] [laugh] The A A.
(PS2B2) [843] The A A.
[844] Is that the only one.
Bill (PS2B3) [845] That's the only one.
(PS2B4) [846] You're in the National Breakdown [...]
Bill (PS2B3) [847] No it's not on the list.
(PS2B2) [848] [...] it's er National Trust .
Bill (PS2B3) [849] That's not first.
[850] The A A, R A C, English Heritage, Overseas [...] Association, Conservative Party, Labour Party and the Lib Dems.
(PS2B2) [851] [reading] Thinking now of television and video watching.
[852] How on how many days a week do you usually watch television? [] [...] .
(PS2B4) [853] Every day now.
[854] Yeah .
Bill (PS2B3) [855] Every day [...]
(PS2B2) [856] [reading] And on a typical day when you watch, for how many hours do you usually watch T V? []
[857] Including videos but you [...] videos so it's T V.
Bill (PS2B3) [858] Two.
(PS2B2) [859] Right.
[860] [...] go to card thirty.
[861] [reading] Using this card, could you tell me how much of your T V watching time is spent watching B B C One? []
(PS2B4) [862] Get the news [...]
Bill (PS2B3) [863] About half.
(PS2B4) [864] Yeah.
(PS2B2) [865] Er B B C Two?
Bill (PS2B3) [866] The other half.
(PS2B2) [867] [laugh] Right you don't watch I T V or Channel Four?
Bill (PS2B3) [868] [...] .
(PS2B2) [869] Okay now turning to the radio.
[870] [reading] On how many days a week do you usually listen to the radio? []
Bill (PS2B3) [871] Seven days.
(PS2B2) [872] Yeah.
[873] [reading] On a typical day when you listen, for how many hours do you listen to the radio? []
Bill (PS2B3) [874] Quarter to seven till eight o'clock.
(PS2B4) [875] That's all he does eight to quarter to eight [...]
Bill (PS2B3) [876] No.
(PS2B2) [877] You don't listen in the car?
Bill (PS2B3) [878] Eight o'clock yeah.
(PS2B4) [879] Oh yes.
Bill (PS2B3) [...]
(PS2B2) [880] What is the total [...] then?
Bill (PS2B3) [881] That's about two and a quarter.
(PS2B2) [882] Er two or three Is it nearer
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [883] two or nearer three?
Bill (PS2B3) [884] Nearer two.
(PS2B2) [885] And still on card thirty.
[886] [reading] Using card thirty again, could you tell me how much of your radio listening time is spent tuned to B B C Radio One? []
Bill (PS2B3) [887] None.
(PS2B2) [888] Radio Two?
Bill (PS2B3) [889] [...] Most.
(PS2B2) [890] Radio Three? ...
Bill (PS2B3) [891] Hardly any.
(PS2B2) [892] Er Radio Four?
Bill (PS2B3) [893] Radio Four, none.
(PS2B2) [894] [reading] Classic F M? [] ...
Bill (PS2B3) [895] Less than that.
(PS2B2) [896] Right.
[897] Virgin Radio?
Bill (PS2B3) [898] I haven't [laughing] found it yet [] .
(PS2B4) [laugh]
(PS2B2) [899] I'd forgotten about it until this came in.
Unknown speaker (G5JPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS2B2) [900] Er any local B B C station?
Bill (PS2B3) [901] I try not to. [laugh]
(PS2B2) [902] Right, so hardly any.
Bill (PS2B3) [903] No.
[904] Hardly any.
(PS2B2) [905] Any local commercial station?
Bill (PS2B3) [906] No.
(PS2B2) [907] Any other radio station?
[908] What other radio station ?
Bill (PS2B3) [909] Well i isn't if you'd asked me last August when we bought the [...] I would have said probably Radio Brittany or Radio Rouane
(PS2B2) [910] Oh right.
Bill (PS2B3) [911] or something like that
(PS2B4) [...]
Bill (PS2B3) [912] [laughing] because we couldn't get anything else [] .
(PS2B2) [913] Yeah.
[914] Er have you ever bought goods through the post by mail order?
(PS2B4) [...]
Bill (PS2B3) [915] Er no .
(PS2B2) [916] [...] I never either I'd have said too.
[917] But I sent to [...] for [...] .
[918] So I suppose that's mail order You know you've got to
Bill (PS2B3) [919] Oh aye. [...]
(PS2B4) [920] We never buy anything.
Bill (PS2B3) [921] [...] .
(PS2B2) [922] You're probably to [...] .
[923] [...] Right.
(PS2B4) [924] [...] buy things through the post. ...
(PS2B2) [925] Right.
[926] And you're a doctor.
[927] General Practitioner.
[928] ... Er and I think we're safe to say that you're married and
Bill (PS2B3) [...]
(PS2B2) [929] Two adults in the household.
[930] One collector?
Bill (PS2B3) [931] One collector.
[932] [...] I depends what you mean by collector
(PS2B4) [933] One sufferer.
[934] One sufferer. [laugh] [break in recording]
(PS2B2) [935] Can I ... [...] twenty six. [laugh]
(PS2B4) [936] Twenty five.
(PS2B2) [937] Twenty five.
[938] Oh sorry.
[939] Twenty five.
[940] Twenty five's old enough I suppose.
(PS2B4) [941] I know well stupid [...] brat.
(PS2B2) [942] Still not happy in .
(PS2B4) [943] Oh aye it's okay.
[944] Oh did I tell you she was thinking of going to do a chiropody certificate.
[945] She phoned her careers office today, they're sending her the information free, you're thinking [...] .
(PS2B2) [946] Yes I know. [...]
(PS2B4) [947] I didn't know that.
(PS2B2) [948] doing that, at College.
(PS2B4) [949] Where's ?
(PS2B2) [950] Erm be far side it's right [...] keep going out and out.
(PS2B4) [951] Oh.
[952] I mean that used to be a college in [...]
(PS2B2) [953] [...] I but [...] [...] colleges.
(PS2B4) [954] Oh right that's.
(PS2B2) [955] Erm that's probably why [...] get into.
[956] They're changing places.
(PS2B4) [957] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [958] Well she's quite enjoying it.
(PS2B4) [959] Is it full time ?
(PS2B2) [960] But er Aha.
(PS2B4) [961] Mm.
(PS2B2) [962] But as far as that er I got the information for the athletes foot and then I checked with Bill here.
(PS2B4) [963] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [964] But he hadn't heard of There's another thing which Amanda suggested I try.
(PS2B4) [965] Another [...]
(PS2B2) [966] Er Three percent compound [...] .
[967] I'm sure but no one 's ever heard of it.
(PS2B4) [968] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [969] It's a [...] . [laugh]
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [970] Exactly so.
[971] However I try it and [...] I went in the shop and [...] .
[972] I got an awful funny feeling that [...] shoes.
[973] Cos it's a fungus [...] could it not spread from my shoes?
(PS2B4) [974] Erm [...] your socks. [laugh]
(PS2B2) [975] Quite.
(PS2B4) [976] Why don't you get something to wipe them with or something.
(PS2B2) [977] I don't know.
(PS2B4) [978] [...] .
(PS2B2) [979] No idea.
[980] So how much is the course, did she say?
(PS2B4) [981] How's she paying it is she just leaving school [...]
(PS2B2) [982] Erm well she's she's a grant because she's never had a grant before.
(PS2B4) [983] Are they still getting grants?
(PS2B2) [984] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [985] Oh I thought they'd stopped all these.
(PS2B2) [986] [...] .
[987] Amanda [...] just back from Tenerife
(PS2B4) [988] But [...] just you
(PS2B2) [989] on holiday.
[990] Twenty six
(PS2B4) [991] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [992] erm and she paid for the holiday, but she has an allergy.
[993] She's got she mustn't eat anything with preservatives.
[994] Well that's
(PS2B4) [995] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [996] not easy.
[997] So somebody had told her to apply and she would get a grant, to help towards her special diet.
[998] So she applied and she got five hundred and fifty pounds.
(PS2B4) [scream]
(PS2B2) [999] So whether that's an annual thing or not I don't know.
(PS2B4) [1000] Aha.
(PS2B2) [1001] But it's to help it's cos she's a student, and it's to help towards a special diet.
(PS2B4) [1002] Was she working?
(PS2B2) [1003] No she's at college.
(PS2B4) [1004] But was she working before she
(PS2B2) [1005] Er no.
(PS2B4) [1006] She was unemployed for how long ?
(PS2B2) [1007] She was unemployed.
[1008] They've got most most times I think you'll have to be unemployed for six months.
(PS2B4) [1009] Aha.
(PS2B2) [1010] But she had been working er er as a [...]
(PS2B4) [1011] [...] pay for this.
[1012] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1013] On do you know like the Buses or the
(PS2B4) [1014] Aye right.
(PS2B2) [1015] continental equivalent and she was on them.
(PS2B4) [1016] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1017] Er but it wasn't steady employment.
(PS2B4) [1018] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1019] S [...] .
(PS2B4) [1020] Aye.
[1021] [...] needs to pay for it.
(PS2B2) [1022] Aha.
(PS2B4) [1023] I don't know how much it'll cost.
[1024] But then if she could get set nights.
[1025] [...] Friday night, Saturday night, then she could pay for it.
(PS2B2) [1026] Aha.
[1027] Aha.
[1028] The National Health couldn't train her?
(PS2B4) [1029] She doesn't work for them [...]
(PS2B2) [1030] Of course she doesn't work for them now. [...] . [...]
(PS2B4) [1031] Er no.
(PS2B2) [1032] But privately private private
(PS2B4) [1033] [...] Mhm.
[1034] Aye but the Health Service [...]
(PS2B2) [1035] [...] What a very stupid question, of course it'll be private.
(PS2B4) [1036] They're taking patients in.
(PS2B2) [1037] [...] .
(PS2B4) [1038] So that's how she got her contract of employment, her probationary period's over.
(PS2B2) [1039] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1040] So she's signed that [...]
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1041] So I mean if she can get set nights, she won't get in this term anyway I presume all the places will have gone.
(PS2B2) [1042] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1043] But she wants to do erm [whispering] oh God, [] reflexology, that's just three hundred pounds.
[1044] Just I mean she [...] .
[1045] But it's just three hundred pound.
(PS2B2) [1046] [...] resolves aromatherapy and
(PS2B4) [1047] Well you see she wants to do the whole lot er cos it's all She said, Feet are the only part of the human body she can tolerate.
[1048] [laugh] In strangers.
[1049] [laugh] [laughing] And and [...] folk [...] . []
(PS2B2) [1050] [...] spent a lot of money on reflexology to see if it would help her sleep.
[1051] She's still not sleeping at nights.
(PS2B4) [1052] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1053] [...] tried absolutely everything.
(PS2B4) [1054] Is she alright during the day or is she absolutely haggard ?
(PS2B2) [1055] Tired.
[1056] Kn knackered.
[1057] Because she's got a stressful job.
(PS2B4) [1058] Mm.
[1059] Margaret Thatcher never slept much either. [laugh]
(PS2B2) [1060] No. [...]
(PS2B4) [1061] [...] apply for Prime Minister. [laugh]
(PS2B2) [1062] Er
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1063] She's er [...] .
[1064] She's not [...] .
(PS2B4) [1065] Mm.
(PS2B2) [1066] She's [...] .
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1067] It's really all in her mind but [...] .
[1068] And she's given up her one night a week in the W which [...]
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1069] Er [...] social science. ... [...]
(PS2B4) [1070] Mm.
(PS2B2) [1071] Said that sh she hasn't been eating and she
(PS2B4) [1072] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1073] went under [...] .
[1074] Erm but to get into the social work department she'll still have to do the that that [...]
(PS2B4) [1075] Mm.
[1076] Och aye.
[1077] I know.
(PS2B2) [1078] Er
(PS2B4) [1079] [...] .
(PS2B2) [1080] Aha.
[1081] But she's another two years.
[1082] [...] for social workers.
[1083] She's having trouble with it.
[1084] Sh I think she sees a lot of women who have been [...] social workers.
[1085] Erm ... a drop out centre drop in centre?
[1086] Drop centre.
[1087] It's not for drop outs, it's for drug addicts and [...] Glasgow.
[1088] But there's been a few hairy things, stabbings and [...] it was getting a wee bit dodgy so she's given that up.
[1089] [...] ... really bad for drug addicts and
(PS2B4) [1090] Oh right.
(PS2B2) [1091] A sort of wild west country.
[1092] [...] . ... And she's got to look after the budget as well.
(PS2B4) [1093] Ah. [...] .
(PS2B2) [1094] Aye.
[1095] ... Ronnie he's still looking for a job [...] .
(PS2B4) [1096] Is he?
(PS2B2) [1097] It's two months now, I think they're starting to get a wee bit worried.
(PS2B4) [1098] What was he doing?
(PS2B2) [1099] A chartered accountant.
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1100] In the insolvency department of his office too.
[1101] I mean the one department you would have thought would have been [...] enough.
(PS2B4) [1102] [...] ?
(PS2B2) [1103] Oh I wish.
[1104] [laugh] Good start.
[1105] [...] Margaret [...] .
(PS2B4) [1106] Any whatsit worth their salt ... any what do you call it What is he?
[1107] Chartered accountant worth their salt would certainly not be working for any health service or trust hospital.
(PS2B2) [1108] Why is that Dr [...] Oh right.
[1109] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1110] Erm he'd dead against it.
(PS2B2) [1111] I just don't er [...] .
[1112] She's so sick. [...] .
(PS2B4) [1113] Yes I got this pile of papers on the Wednesday.
(PS2B2) [1114] Aha.
(PS2B4) [1115] Er go and design an endoscopy suite.
(PS2B2) [1116] You've to design you're making one ?
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1117] Who said this?
(PS2B4) [1118] Ray .
(PS2B2) [1119] [laugh] and [...] for your next trick, Ray. [laugh]
(PS2B4) [1120] No it wasn't quite as bad as that, Ray er what do you call it had already done it [...] .
[1121] I had to quote [...] .
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1122] I had to look through all the rest and take what I wanted.
(PS2B2) [1123] Well that's quite essential cos you you should know what's [...]
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1124] Oh I see right, fair enough.
(PS2B4) [1125] I was raging.
(PS2B2) [1126] [...] papers a lot.
(PS2B4) [1127] Aye I had to look through the whole lot of them.
[1128] And get back to the designs and see what could be improved upon and what have you.
[1129] Then that very night I got a phone call from this woman.
[1130] This dietician saying that the architect w wants to know all about endoscop what it involves, so that it gives him an idea as to what is [...] about.
[1131] So I thought, What are you asking me for?
(PS2B2) [laugh]
(PS2B4) [1132] I said, If the architect wants to know, he can come and look and see for himself.
[1133] I says, I only work part time you know.
(PS2B2) [laugh]
(PS2B4) [1134] She said, Oh I take it [...] you don't know anything about this.
[1135] I said, No, how should I?
[1136] She said, Dr was supposed to speak to you about it.
[1137] I said, Well he's never mentioned it.
(PS2B2) [1138] Mm.
(PS2B4) [1139] I said, [...]
(PS2B2) [1140] Well you should have high regard [...] asking for yours.
(PS2B4) [1141] Well it's just [...] the architect She said, Well it doesn't matter, if he hasn't said to you.
[1142] Well I said she said, [...] surprised.
[1143] I said, Oh, I'm not surprised, [...] .
(PS2B2) [1144] [...] .
(PS2B4) [1145] [...] .
(PS2B2) [laugh]
(PS2B4) [1146] I felt like saying, I've got a bloody big pile of rubbish here that I have to go over so I've put in for [...] overtime.
(PS2B2) [1147] Why not.
(PS2B4) [1148] I apologi I was raging.
[1149] I thought, Right this could take seconds.
(PS2B2) [1150] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1151] If I just knew where he was prepared to stand and then could just sort of do the things round about.
(PS2B2) [1152] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1153] So I paged him.
[1154] And he [...]
(PS2B2) [1155] How big how big is the room?
(PS2B4) [1156] Oh it's big.
(PS2B2) [1157] Mm.
(PS2B4) [1158] Well biggish.
[1159] It's about that width from there
(PS2B2) [1160] Aha.
(PS2B4) [1161] to there and oh [...] square sort of to here, like a four
(PS2B2) [1162] [...] Mm.
(PS2B4) [1163] bedded bay.
(PS2B2) [1164] Oh there's four beds in it?
[1165] I only know about the room.
(PS2B4) [1166] There would have been, it's a ward.
[1167] At the moment they're redesigning
(PS2B2) [1168] Oh I see aha.
(PS2B4) [1169] one of the infectious diseases wards.
[1170] So of course we were there, the geriatrics in there [...]
(PS2B2) [1171] [...] Infectious disease ward?
(PS2B4) [1172] Aye well it's over in that unit.
(PS2B2) [1173] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1174] It's geriatrics I think [...] .
(PS2B2) [1175] Right.
(PS2B4) [1176] We've only got the one infectious diseases ward.
[1177] Oh God.
[1178] So I was saying, I paged him,
(PS2B2) [1179] [...] .
(PS2B4) [1180] I said Aye.
[1181] I said, it's me, I said, can you come over?
[1182] Over where?
[1183] I said, Oh guess where.
[1184] I said, I'm on [...] ward one or two, I don't know which one it is.
(PS2B2) [1185] So you you [...]
(PS2B4) [1186] So I said, are you coming over, I said, this could take minutes if I knew where exactly
(PS2B2) [1187] So
(PS2B4) [1188] you were going to stand.
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1189] Now
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1190] In casualty [...] day unit is to open It's all to be opened up, they're building a new day unit and whether the day unit has access
(PS2B2) [1191] Why are they doing this?
(PS2B4) [1192] to the main building.
Unknown speaker (G5JPSUNK) [...]
(PS2B2) [1193] Why are they doing it?
(PS2B4) [1194] Why?
(PS2B2) [1195] Aha.
(PS2B4) [1196] Och i don't know why they're moving it down there, it's already got a day unit on fifteen.
(PS2B2) [1197] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1198] Och I don't know.
[1199] I don't know what's going on in the hospital.
[1200] I don't bother to find out.
[1201] So he didn't come over.
[1202] No I'm not coming over.
[1203] He said, Just think of the place as four walls.
[1204] Bare walls.
[1205] I said, There's bloody windows, the whole length of one wall.
(PS2B2) [1206] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1207] Just
(PS2B2) [1208] So [...]
(PS2B4) [1209] forget about the windows.
[1210] Forget No forget about the windows.
(PS2B2) [1211] You can't forget about the windows. [...] .
(PS2B4) [1212] Oh aye, they can be bricked up.
(PS2B2) [1213] [...] no sunshine in [...] again.
(PS2B4) [1214] Oh no, they'll I suggested they leave the window ledge and just left sort of a window that deep along
(PS2B2) [1215] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1216] for some light,
(PS2B2) [1217] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1218] Anyway.
[1219] I [...] was raging.
[1220] Well I'm not coming over.
[1221] Just like that.
[1222] I thought, you cheeky piggy.
(PS2B2) [laugh]
(PS2B4) [1223] I said, Oh well, right.
[1224] and shoved the phone down.
[1225] [...] . So I thought, Right, this is it.
[1226] So I get the back of something and I scribbled, Cupboards here, cupboards here, cupboards here, cupboards here and I thought, Right I'll see [...] off duty.
[1227] I was supposed to be off at four, this was six so I thought, [...] two hours overtime.
(PS2B2) [1228] Right, quite right cos you have to work for two [...]
(PS2B4) [1229] So that was that.
[1230] So I got home [...] .
Unknown speaker (G5JPSUNK) [...]
(PS2B4) [1231] Aha.
[1232] Aha.
[1233] Now i if his computer er had been up and running, erm you know I might be able to [...] design something.
[1234] [laugh] Anyway so and then of course Oh that was another thing, I said to him, No you'll want to sit somewhere you'll want I don't want a desk in there, I'm not having my desk in there.
[1235] I said, Oh yes, and if you think for one minute I'm taking [...] pathology forms to your room, I said, you must have had [...] .
(PS2B2) [1236] Is it far away ?
(PS2B4) [1237] I said, You'll need to have a desk in there .
(PS2B2) [1238] Is it far away?
(PS2B4) [1239] Hey?
(PS2B2) [1240] Far away?
(PS2B4) [1241] His room?
(PS2B2) [1242] Aye.
(PS2B4) [1243] Oh I've no idea but it's certainly more than that room and I'm not [...] .
[1244] So I said, you'll need something [...] you'll need somewhere [...] knees under.
[1245] [...] . [laugh] So the nest day I s As I say I slammed the phone down
(PS2B2) [1246] Hey, he used to be your good friend [...]
(PS2B4) [1247] [...] this Oh I was raging at him.
[1248] Oh crawl crawl the next day.
(PS2B2) [1249] Mm.
(PS2B4) [1250] He was supposed to go down well he did go to a meeting, but in he comes first of all.
[1251] Good morning.
[1252] I thought, Hmm.
[1253] And then he [...] .
[1254] But Jenny, she was in hysterics, she said, My God, [laughing] I see a lot of folk get the cold shoulder, but that took a bit of beating. []
(PS2B2) [laugh]
(PS2B4) [1255] Erm I'm sorry about yesterday, but I just couldn't come.
[1256] I said, Oh really.
[1257] [...] . And that [...] .
[1258] Well maybe.
(PS2B2) [laugh]
(PS2B4) [1259] [...] .
[1260] So I said, Here it is.
[1261] No he came back he came back after he had been at the meeting.
[1262] I said, [...] .
[1263] Oh you should have done it all.
[1264] I said, Indeed I have not, [...] the top.
(PS2B2) [1265] Mm.
(PS2B4) [1266] [laugh] Oh you hadn't time to look at the rest.
[1267] I said, Well I haven't time to look at the rest.
(PS2B2) [1268] What's the rest?
(PS2B4) [1269] All this other pile of stuff I never even looked at . [laugh]
(PS2B2) [1270] So you don't know what's [...]
(PS2B4) [1271] [laughing] No I [...] this wee drawing. []
[1272] [laugh] That was it.
(PS2B2) [1273] Mm.
(PS2B4) [1274] [laugh] I said, Oh thank you very much [...] .
(PS2B2) [1275] Mm.
(PS2B4) [1276] I thought, Oh aye.
[1277] I said, Then tell me, I said, I don't understand these terms.
[1278] What the blazes is this?
[1279] A trolley loading bay?
[1280] I said, What in heaven's name are we having?
(PS2B2) [1281] A trolley loading bay?
(PS2B4) [1282] And then it's got these rooms, it's like an eight-bedded eight-trolleyed bit.
(PS2B2) [1283] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1284] Only it's got this separate bit for trolley loading it's got written on it.
[1285] I thought, What the hell is that?
[1286] I said, Why don't you just knock the flaming wall down.
[1287] That's in case the roof falls in.
[1288] I thought, Oh don't [laughing] tell me any more [] .
(PS2B2) [1289] [laugh] Mm.
(PS2B4) [1290] Oh and I just hope he's remembering that I don't want to be the sister in there. [laugh]
(PS2B2) [1291] You don't want
(PS2B4) [1292] Want to be the sister.
(PS2B2) [1293] You don't?
(PS2B4) [1294] No.
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1295] I don't want anything to do with the patients [laughing] [...] [] .
(PS2B2) [1296] [laugh] [...] .
[1297] Well what what would you be then?
(PS2B4) [1298] Well I'm not I'm not being a sister in the er endoscopy room.
[1299] I'll do the scopes.
(PS2B2) [1300] Aha.
(PS2B4) [1301] I'll do the bits that I'm involved in now.
(PS2B2) [1302] Aha.
(PS2B4) [1303] But I'm being I'm not admitting the patient or anything after
(PS2B2) [1304] Will you not lose money by doing that?
(PS2B4) [1305] Well I don't care.
[1306] I'm not doing it.
[1307] I don't know anything about ward work, I don't know anything about the forms, I don't know anything Well obviously you get R T [...]
(PS2B2) [1308] Why didn't you need this in your work.
(PS2B4) [1309] Theatre?
(PS2B2) [1310] Mm.
(PS2B4) [1311] I haven't been in wards for about twenty two years.
(PS2B2) [1312] Oh.
(PS2B4) [1313] And I have I'm completely out of touch.
[1314] I don't know anything .
(PS2B2) [1315] Each [...] of course you'd be about seventeen years [...] .
(PS2B4) [1316] Well.
(PS2B2) [1317] [laugh] [...] [laugh] .
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1318] Right.
(PS2B4) [1319] Anyway I haven't [...] about any of the newfangled ideas .
(PS2B2) [1320] Ah fair enough I didn't know about that [...] . [...] .
(PS2B4) [1321] So I'd have no idea.
[1322] The only thing I know [...] and [...] .
[1323] And I'll just take an F grade or whatever.
(PS2B2) [1324] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1325] An F grade.
[1326] Other than that I'm gonna do two nights. [...] .
(PS2B2) [1327] Aye well [...] some of the night shift [...] have been done away.
[1328] I am told.
(PS2B4) [1329] [...] .
(PS2B2) [1330] Mm.
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1331] Well from what Jeannette and Margaret have been saying, we think probably what'll happen is a lot of the the girls who do just do nights, a lot of them for pin money [...] .
(PS2B4) [1332] Mm.
(PS2B2) [1333] Suddenly gonna have a staff shortage.
(PS2B4) [1334] Oh this is [...] .
(PS2B2) [1335] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1336] Alison gets six pound ... thirty odd.
[1337] An hour.
(PS2B2) [1338] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1339] Well this is nights.
(PS2B2) [1340] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1341] The the twelve hours twenty four hours [...] .
(PS2B2) [1342] Mm.
[1343] Oh it is.
(PS2B4) [1344] But she gets [...] .
(PS2B2) [1345] Mhm. ...
(PS2B4) [1346] Aye.
[1347] ... Ah well see how it goes.
[1348] Because I mean this is just the start of the trust I mean, nothing'll change next year.
[1349] By next year they'll probably issue new contracts and
(PS2B2) [1350] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1351] [...] .
[1352] I mean I'm just [...] anyway.
(PS2B2) [1353] Mm mhm.
(PS2B4) [1354] [...] I'm so valuable to him.
[1355] [...] gonna go downhill.
[1356] Because he'd the di You're the Medical Director.
(PS2B2) [1357] Yes I know that.
(PS2B4) [laugh]
(PS2B2) [1358] Mhm.
[1359] You said that.
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1360] [...] since you w went on the ward that's been [...]
(PS2B4) [1361] Yeah.
(PS2B2) [1362] [...] you thinking how you [...] used to talk to [...] it was great wasn't it?
(PS2B4) [1363] Oh it's still fine.
(PS2B2) [1364] Mm.
(PS2B4) [1365] Oh we still get on fine.
(PS2B2) [1366] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1367] It was just I thought [...] what they hell do you think he's on here?
(PS2B2) [1368] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1369] Hey?
[1370] Who does he think he's talking to?
[1371] Get this [...] want it tomorrow. [...]
(PS2B2) [1372] Yeah.
(PS2B4) [1373] Wait a minute.
[1374] I'm not a designer, I'm a nurse piss off.
[1375] I should have said.
(PS2B2) [1376] I'd forgotten [...] .
(PS2B4) [1377] And do you believe it, they wanted it the next day.
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1378] I thought, Aye [...]
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1379] I thought, Alright, come again.
[1380] You Where was it you said he said? [...] ?
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1381] Not many houses in [...] I must have passed his house when I was up there [...] .
[1382] There's only about
(PS2B2) [1383] They haven't got numbers.
(PS2B4) [1384] No.
(PS2B2) [1385] Tell me about it.
(PS2B4) [1386] I know.
(PS2B2) [1387] Alright.
[1388] [...] house [...] was looking for.
[1389] Erm Is it a big old house is it [...] .
(PS2B4) [1390] No I don't think so, I get the impression [...] new house.
[1391] It's a bungalow .
(PS2B2) [1392] Is one of the new 'uns then?
[1393] Aha aye it is.
[1394] Yes [...] .
(PS2B4) [1395] What did I do with the car keys?
(PS2B2) [1396] Ten They were sitting on top of your bag outside.
(PS2B4) [1397] Aye I know.
(PS2B2) [1398] There were about ten [...] .
[1399] Ten twelve new bungalows [...] .
(PS2B4) [1400] Well I think I don't think it's all that It's not a recent bungalow by the sounds of it cos he's had to have new plumbing
(PS2B2) [1401] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1402] or [...] a new luxury bathroom suite [...] .
(PS2B2) [1403] Aha.
(PS2B4) [1404] [...] it gives me the idea that it's not. [...] .
(PS2B2) [...] [...]
(PS2B2) [1405] You must have put them in your bag.
(PS2B4) [1406] Aye likely.
[1407] No I put them in my pocket. [laugh]
(PS2B2) [1408] [laugh] Aye erm
(PS2B4) [1409] Och no we got on fine .
(PS2B2) [1410] I was very I was very surprised.
[1411] I expected [...] to to be like a village.
(PS2B4) [1412] Mm.
(PS2B2) [1413] But it's not.
(PS2B4) [1414] I've never been.
(PS2B2) [1415] It's not.
[1416] I was most surprised. [...] .
Bill (PS2B3) [1417] And what is it like?
(PS2B2) [1418] It's one street.
[1419] You come down a steep hill from [...] .
[1420] On the left hand side is the golf course and then there was
(PS2B4) [1421] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1422] two, four, six, big old houses.
(PS2B4) [1423] Mm.
(PS2B2) [1424] And then on the left hand side the old houses continue and the female I interviewed er I reckoned there had been a house there that had been knocked down, and they built a wee bungalow.
(PS2B4) [1425] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1426] And then on the other side, that's where the wee bungalows start.
(PS2B4) [1427] Mm.
(PS2B2) [1428] And there are about ten [...] .
[1429] They're not big.
[1430] There's nothing I would say [...]
(PS2B4) [1431] [...] a lo of land [...] ?
(PS2B2) [1432] No.
(PS2B4) [1433] Because the sounds of it, it's quite a big garden he's got.
(PS2B2) [1434] Mm.
[1435] Where where was it that anaesthetist stayed that you and [...]
(PS2B4) [1436] I mean, I don't know erm
(PS2B2) [1437] Maybe you went to a an afternoon cocktail party or something. [...]
(PS2B4) [1438] A late lunch at Dr 's.
[1439] That was [...] .
(PS2B2) [1440] Oh [...] .
[1441] Maybe that's what I was thinking the big house was.
[1442] [...] both begin with D.
(PS2B4) [1443] Mhm.
[1444] Well that's enormous I mean, his garage
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1445] [...] detached house.
(PS2B2) [1446] Yeah. [...] .
(PS2B4) [1447] Well straight road.
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1448] Mm no. [...]
(PS2B2) [1449] It's not the best it's not the best of roads though.
(PS2B4) [1450] No there's [...] .
(PS2B2) [1451] Mm.
[1452] Aye well.
[1453] Hope it's a happy [...] day tomorrow.
[1454] [...] . [...] old ladies section outing on Sunday. [...]
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1455] before Sunday.
[1456] We're going would you believe it to [...] .
(PS2B4) [1457] Oh [...] mhm.
[1458] That's nice.
(PS2B2) [1459] [cough] exciting stuff.
(PS2B4) [1460] That's alright.
(PS2B2) [1461] I've never been to [...]
(PS2B4) [1462] You're jo
(PS2B2) [1463] I have been to [...] .
[1464] I lost my good watch last year in [...] .
[1465] How could I forget that.
(PS2B4) [laugh]
(PS2B2) [1466] Oh whereabouts is the golf course then?
(PS2B4) [1467] It's up the bank I think.
[1468] You know when where it's signposted [...] , I think it's [...]
(PS2B2) [1469] Oh no [...]
(PS2B4) [1470] I think
(PS2B2) [1471] [...] erm we went to [...] for lunch before [...] .
[1472] Er what's the name of the place?
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1473] [...] .
(PS2B4) [1474] Oh. [laugh]
(PS2B2) [1475] [laugh] don't be silly [...] . [...] .
(PS2B4) [1476] Aha.
(PS2B2) [1477] [...] Hotel.
(PS2B4) [1478] Aye.
(PS2B2) [1479] And then we went on to and parked at the start of [...] and walked up one side and back down the other side and that's as much as I saw of it.
(PS2B4) [1480] I [...] .
(PS2B2) [1481] Oh no is it a golf club possibly. [...]
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1482] Er before you get to [...] hotels.
(PS2B4) [1483] [...] in the bottom out the bottom [...]
(PS2B2) [1484] Aha. [...]
(PS2B4) [1485] the other end I think they go [...] and round to the right .
(PS2B2) [1486] [...] I thought it was on the right hand side as you went into [...] village.
[1487] Obviously it's not.
(PS2B4) [1488] Och I might be wrong.
[1489] Could be [laughing] wrong [] .
(PS2B2) [1490] The food is supposed to be good.
[1491] So that's always something. ...
(PS2B4) [1492] Mm.
(PS2B2) [1493] East Kilbride has a lovely golf course.
[1494] Nice golf house. [...] .
(PS2B4) [1495] Mm.
(PS2B2) [1496] And erm [...] .
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1497] One day we were up at Dunfermline.
(PS2B4) [1498] Oh right.
(PS2B2) [1499] [...] my hand.
[1500] Pulled a muscle or something.
[1501] And I could only play nine holes and I had to
(PS2B4) [1502] Oh dear.
(PS2B2) [1503] give up.
[1504] But I knew I was going to East Kilbride [...] I thought, This is stupid, it's only gonna make it worse.
[1505] So I don't know.
[1506] I took two [...] and [...] on Tuesday and it's been fine since so God knows what's gone wrong.
[1507] [...] . But er because of that I decided to go into Dunfermline and have a wee wander round.
(PS2B4) [1508] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1509] [...] .
(PS2B4) [1510] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1511] It's really nice.
[1512] I've never been there before.
[1513] Nice new shopping centre and Marks and Sparks and [...] .
(PS2B4) [1514] Oh.
[1515] Oh that's the [...] ?
(PS2B2) [1516] Aye and the [...] .
Unknown speaker (G5JPSUNK) [...]
(PS2B2) [1517] [...] Oh and who took the wrong road going across.
[1518] And Sheila had to start [...] giving me direction.
[1519] I said, No Sheila, I said, I know where I'm going, it's all right.
[1520] So of course she didn't like to say.
[1521] We're two thirds of the way along I thought, Sheila, I said, I'm heading for the wrong bridge.
[1522] I'm heading for the Forth road instead of the [...] bridge.
[1523] I said, Well I'm not [...]
(PS2B4) [1524] I mean [...] .
(PS2B2) [1525] [...] didn't know where we were going.
(PS2B4) [1526] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1527] Er cos it's not actually Dunfermline, the golf club it's at er [...] .
[1528] [...] . You know where [...] is.
[1529] It's three miles out of Dunfermline as you leave the town and go towards [...] Bridge.
[1530] Anyway it took us an hour and twenty minutes to get there, it took us forty minutes to get home.
[1531] That's the difference.
[1532] Er it's much much longer going [...] Bridge.
[1533] Er What was I going to say?
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1534] No.
[1535] No.
[1536] For once no.
(PS2B4) [laugh] ...
(PS2B2) [1537] Oh no, it doesn't matter.
[1538] No it was just that as I say, I went off to town.
[1539] But I realized I was most surprised.
[1540] [...] spend a day Oh aye, that's what I was going to say, that was the first time I've actually been through [...] [...] .
(PS2B4) [1541] Oh right.
[1542] mhm. [...] .
(PS2B2) [1543] No [...] .
(PS2B4) [...] [laugh]
(PS2B2) [1544] No [...] but not a lot.
[1545] Then we carried on out that road.
[1546] [...] And some person had very kindly turned round the sign for the A nine nine four or whatever it was .
(PS2B4) [1547] Oh no.
(PS2B2) [1548] And that's where we went round.
[1549] However we stopped and got good directions.
(PS2B4) [1550] Mhm.
[1551] Mm.
(PS2B2) [1552] And we found it eventually and it was beautiful day too.
[1553] Started off wet and I thought, Oh is this going to be miserable?
(PS2B4) [1554] Mm.
(PS2B2) [1555] [...] it was cold certainly but the sun shone.
[1556] So ... [...] phones last night but the reception was very bad.
(PS2B4) [1557] Where is he?
(PS2B2) [1558] No idea.
[1559] I was only hearing one word in five.
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1560] Obviously too far away.
(PS2B4) [1561] Aha.
(PS2B2) [1562] He'll be using his mobile phone again.
[1563] The only time that works on the long distances is if there's high pressure.
[1564] The signal must travel better [...] .
(PS2B4) [1565] Yeah.
(PS2B2) [1566] In good weather.
[1567] ... Erm [...] .
[1568] ... [...] ... He went to look at the window sill and there was this [...] think it's about time You did something about these [...] .
[1569] I thought, Away you go. [laugh]
(PS2B4) [laugh] [...]
(PS2B2) [1570] No no my conscience [...] .
[1571] I did that washing yesterday.
[1572] And I did that er [...] .
[1573] But it's doing all this lot [...] .
[1574] I mean the bottom bit's easy to do it's fun but the cushions and that [...]
(PS2B4) [1575] Oh right [...] .
(PS2B2) [1576] But from a dis if I could just get a good you know one of these really warm days.
(PS2B4) [1577] Aha.
(PS2B2) [1578] Take them out outside and do them.
[1579] It's be no bother.
(PS2B4) [1580] Yeah.
(PS2B2) [1581] And you really have to see them before and after.
[1582] I mean
(PS2B4) [1583] Aha.
(PS2B2) [1584] you can't really see what's been done, but I know it's been done.
[1585] All the black corners have all been taken off.
[1586] But this here, [...] reading newspapers and you get a lot
(PS2B4) [1587] Mm mm mm.
(PS2B2) [1588] [...] .
(PS2B4) [1589] Oh well, [...] my goodness me in a carpet .
(PS2B2) [1590] Mm.
[1591] Carpet's alright.
(PS2B4) [1592] I know.
(PS2B2) [1593] That carpet that that this house has been the ba best advert for that carpet ever.
(PS2B4) [1594] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1595] [...] .
[1596] Since I got it.
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1597] I mean the first two the first two or three nights after [...] and that's like the sleeping death because it's it'd been so long since I had a complete nights sleep.
(PS2B4) [1598] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1599] [...] . ...
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1600] Aye it's three month short of seventeenth birthday.
(PS2B4) [1601] Oh oh is she.
(PS2B2) [1602] Aye Bill was talking about driver's licence.
(PS2B4) [laugh]
(PS2B2) [1603] And all the kids all round about here seem to be quite upset by it as well.
[1604] But I'd forgotten that you know, when we were wee kids, [...] and you used to take them that night you know .
(PS2B4) [1605] Oh that's right.
[1606] Of course. [...]
(PS2B2) [1607] You forget about.
(PS2B4) [1608] Aye
(PS2B2) [1609] We tended to think of Sandy as a liability because he had been ... so [...] over the past years.
[1610] Especially [...] married.
[1611] We kept forgetting, he wasn't always like that.
(PS2B4) [1612] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1613] You know, he used to go everywhere with us in the car.
(PS2B4) [1614] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1615] So you'll be able to go to sea now.
[1616] Will you not?
(PS2B2) [1617] No.
(PS2B4) [1618] Why not.
(PS2B2) [1619] [...] .
(PS2B4) [1620] Oh.
(PS2B2) [1621] It's a tiny little ship it's a wee poky thing .
(PS2B4) [1622] Oh dear.
[1623] Ah.
[1624] Now you've got the chance to go you'll have to get a decent sized boat now. [laugh]
(PS2B2) [1625] Aye.
[1626] Cos I wouldn't worry about the cats cos I'm sure one of our neighbours would look after them.
(PS2B4) [1627] Och aye.
(PS2B2) [1628] [...] makes it look quite big but it's it's not like.
(PS2B4) [1629] Oh right, it's one of the new
(PS2B2) [1630] Mm.
(PS2B4) [1631] thingummajiggeries is it. [...]
(PS2B2) [1632] [...] You can't really see it.
[1633] Erm
(PS2B4) [1634] [...] .
(PS2B2) [1635] [...] .
[1636] Erm
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1637] And here is a bit with [...] deck.
(PS2B4) [1638] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1639] There's a hole straight down into the sea.
(PS2B4) [1640] Oh.
(PS2B2) [1641] Where they drop the the [...]
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1642] Oh.
(PS2B4) [1643] Little submarine.
(PS2B2) [1644] [...] remote remote [...] vehicle.
(PS2B4) [1645] I see.
[1646] Okay.
(PS2B2) [1647] Aha.
(PS2B4) [1648] And this is a crane thing is it.
(PS2B2) [1649] Yeah, that's where [...] find the er stores and stuff under.
(PS2B4) [1650] Oh.
(PS2B2) [1651] She's nice [...] , she's quite good.
[1652] [...] And well Ian [...] he's into computers and things like that, I mean the technology The bridge, behind the bridge just unbelievable, I think it's
(PS2B4) [1653] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1654] got four or five computers.
[1655] Er taking data from ... whatever.
(PS2B4) [1656] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1657] [...] lot more [...] the the the job they have, it's a a very long [...] it runs from just off the coast of er Norway right down
(PS2B4) [1658] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1659] to Great Yarmouth and then across to [...] .
[1660] ... So and the foods good.
Unknown speaker (G5JPSUNK) [1661] Oh that's [...]
(PS2B4) [1662] Tremendous. [laugh]
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1663] [...] sticker.
[1664] There there and there.
(PS2B4) [laugh]
(PS2B2) [1665] He's inherited I believe.
(PS2B4) [1666] Is he quite liking it?
(PS2B2) [1667] It's a job, that's all.
(PS2B4) [1668] Mm.
(PS2B2) [1669] I think it's too much of the [...] from the [...] you know the contractors.
[1670] They tell them what to do.
(PS2B4) [1671] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1672] And sometimes he doesn't like it.
[1673] Needles to say
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1674] i if they want them to do anything [...] .
(PS2B4) [1675] Mhm.
[1676] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1677] [...] .
(PS2B2) [1678] Mm.
[1679] [...] head office.
[1680] Because there was no H P Sauce.
[1681] All the condiments were unheard of brands.
[1682] [...] . Er yeah, they actually [...] wanted Baxter's this and Colman's that
(PS2B4) [1683] Oh.
(PS2B2) [1684] and Heinz this.
(PS2B4) [1685] Aha.
(PS2B2) [1686] Petty.
(PS2B4) [1687] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1688] Really petty.
[1689] [...] quite a lot of work in er [...] phone calls over the past two weeks.
[1690] [...] operators. [...]
(PS2B4) [1691] Mm.
(PS2B2) [1692] [...] a lot of work was done.
(PS2B4) [1693] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1694] [...] .
[1695] He was offered a good job on a ship called the [...] and she's purpose built for the North sea after
(PS2B4) [1696] Aha.
(PS2B2) [1697] the Alpha Piper.
(PS2B4) [1698] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1699] And she is [...] .
(PS2B4) [1700] Oh.
(PS2B2) [1701] Oh it's the most weird looking thing.
(PS2B4) [1702] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1703] And all sorts of safety equipment on it.
[1704] Er fire hoses and things.
(PS2B4) [1705] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1706] And it would have been good because it was per The only thing was he would have had to have gone up to and do a survival course.
(PS2B4) [1707] Oh right.
(PS2B2) [1708] You know like taking you up high and dropping into You know .
(PS2B4) [1709] Aha.
[1710] Aha.
[1711] Yes. [...] .
(PS2B2) [1712] But I had a funny feeling possibly he's not wanting to do it anyway.
[1713] [...] [...] doesn't know it but er the lady who er in charge of personnel for [...] .
[1714] And the [...] course which is a helicopter landing officer.
(PS2B4) [1715] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1716] It's [...] .
[1717] And they don't have enough people with that so
(PS2B4) [1718] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1719] you do the courses in [...] .
(PS2B4) [1720] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1721] [...] .
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1722] [...] I don't know if he'll mind [...] .
[1723] ... But the second mate's the same, they're all straight from navigation college and [...]
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1724] No [...]
(PS2B4) [1725] Mm.
(PS2B2) [1726] Well they they've got the theory.
(PS2B4) [1727] Aha.
(PS2B2) [1728] Mhm you know.
[1729] Mm.
[1730] I think I told you, the first [...] .
[1731] I don't know what this one this one's being called.
[1732] [...] Danish bacon.
[1733] See the people who own the ship are Danish.
[1734] [...] . And i the the lady who runs the personnel department, it's her husband who [...] on the ship.
(PS2B4) [1735] Mhm.
[1736] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1737] Sinbad, what on earth are you wanting?
[1738] Mm?
[1739] What is it?
[1740] Is it teatime?
[1741] Is it teatime?
(PS2B4) [1742] Anyway I was suppose I'd better get back. [...]
(PS2B2) [1743] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1744] I took pork out at lunch
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1745] time.
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1746] Mm?
(PS2B2) [1747] Any more holidays in the offing?
(PS2B4) [1748] Me?
[1749] Well I'm off on Tuesday and [...] .
[1750] I think I am.
[1751] And then I'm off next week.
[1752] Oh aye I'm off next week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday .
(PS2B2) [1753] Oh give us a shout and we'll go for lunch then.
(PS2B4) [1754] [...] Oh.
[1755] No I'm not off Wednesday.
[1756] I'm off Monday, Tuesday and if we get a doctor in, I'll do the scopes I'll be in on Thursday.
[1757] So I might just have Monday Tuesday Monday Tuesday.
(PS2B2) [1758] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1759] If not, then Monday Tuesday Thursday Monday Tuesday Thursday off.
[1760] [...] And the Monday Tuesday.
[1761] Monday Tuesday [...] six,, that's eight days, nine
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1762] days ten eleven twelve,th thirteen, twelve days I might have taken this year already.
(PS2B2) [1763] Mhm.
[1764] Is this you having to take these days?
(PS2B4) [1765] No.
(PS2B2) [1766] No.
[1767] ... Is it your own choice.
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1768] So it counts as holidays.
(PS2B4) [1769] Well [...] weekdays. [...]
(PS2B2) [1770] Mhm.
[1771] Yeah.
(PS2B4) [1772] Cos Ray's away.
[1773] And I don't see why I should [...] .
(PS2B2) [1774] No [...] .
(PS2B4) [1775] [...] I don't know what to do.
(PS2B2) [laugh]
(PS2B4) [1776] [laugh] I just don't
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1777] Ah well maybe a week Tuesday, if you remember if I remember.
[1778] Or
(PS2B2) [1779] What date is it.
(PS2B4) [1780] [...] Nineteen, twenty, twenty one, twenty two, twenty ninth of June.
(PS2B2) [1781] [...] .
(PS2B4) [1782] Well I'll phone you anyway.
(PS2B2) [1783] Aye erm
(PS2B4) [1784] Just in case something comes up and I've got to go in or.
(PS2B2) [1785] [...] .
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1786] Aye I believe you.
[1787] I know I should have phoned
(PS2B4) [1788] [...] all that housework to do.
(PS2B2) [1789] [...] told you about erm how he's [...] .
[1790] Cafe dinner it was great .
(PS2B4) [1791] Oh aye.
(PS2B2) [1792] June the twenty ninth.
[1793] Oh no.
(PS2B4) [1794] And of course Margaret's home again in July for a week.
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1795] Niece's wedding.
(PS2B2) [1796] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1797] Mind you it's daft.
[1798] Imagine paying eight hundred pounds return for a day.
[1799] Mind you I suppose it breaks.
[1800] I mean that's between April and October she's due back.
(PS2B2) [1801] Aha.
(PS2B4) [1802] [...] home for a week.
[1803] Oh Nicola's applied for her social work course.
(PS2B2) [1804] Has she?
[1805] Mhm.
[1806] Nicola that's [...] Yes .
(PS2B4) [1807] That's her daughter.
[1808] The one who's in [...] working in a distillery. [...] .
(PS2B2) [1809] And she's a son Alistair [...] .
(PS2B4) [1810] Aye, he's ... building [...] .
(PS2B2) [1811] Mm.
[1812] he was [...]
(PS2B4) [1813] Mm.
(PS2B2) [1814] [...] .
(PS2B4) [1815] Aye he's not [...] .
[1816] Well [...] what they drop I d I don't know, but you could have applied
(PS2B2) [1817] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1818] for a job as what was it, [...] .
[1819] Control room staff for the police.
(PS2B2) [1820] Right.
[1821] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1822] But that was too much responsibility [...] .
[1823] Somebody's life might depend on him getting [...] information.
[1824] For the [...] giving it out to
(PS2B2) [1825] Aha.
(PS2B4) [1826] [...] information somebody might die because he'd been too slow, or there's been a delay in transmission, or there's been a fault in the transmission and he's not prepared to take that responsibility.
(PS2B2) [1827] Mm. [...]
(PS2B4) [1828] It's very annoying. [laugh]
(PS2B2) [1829] Yeah.
[1830] Is he married?
(PS2B4) [1831] Married and divorced he married oh less than a year .
(PS2B2) [1832] Oh of course that's right that's right.
[1833] Aye that's right, [...] .
(PS2B4) [1834] We were supposed to go to the wedding, my father died.
(PS2B2) [1835] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1836] So there's still not any divorce through yet although Margaret Now if
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1837] she's going to take him to solicitors.
(PS2B2) [1838] That would be [...] .
(PS2B4) [1839] Ah but no no.
[1840] I think she [...] .
[1841] Erm och I remember she wasn't I don't know.
[1842] I think [...] .
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1843] Aye no no. [...]
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1844] I don't think you can do that now anyway.
(PS2B2) [1845] No right.
[1846] Is he going to be up there sort of permanent now?
(PS2B4) [1847] I think he's put in for a [...] .
[1848] He put in for five.
(PS2B2) [1849] [...] as long as it's not Bosnia. [laugh]
(PS2B4) [1850] Oh he would apply for there.
(PS2B2) [1851] Oh dear.
(PS2B4) [...] [...]
(PS2B4) [1852] Oh aye he applied to go to the Gulf. [...]
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1853] they need them over here.
(PS2B2) [1854] [...] .
(PS2B4) [1855] [...] before they go.
[1856] Erm he put in for Cyprus I think but then everybody puts in for Cyprus .
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1857] Erm
(PS2B2) [1858] [...] . [laugh]
(PS2B4) [1859] Or Germany.
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1860] Och I don't know, he put in for something else.
(PS2B2) [1861] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1862] But I mean [...] he's been up there how long?
[1863] About two years?
(PS2B2) [1864] Oh yeah.
(PS2B4) [1865] But he likes it up there.
(PS2B2) [1866] Mm.
(PS2B4) [1867] It's doing this [...] he doesn't come back here for leave, he'd rather stay up there.
[1868] [...] Does he go away hill walking and.
(PS2B2) [1869] Aye [...]
(PS2B4) [1870] Yeah.
[1871] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1872] No I've given it up, [...]
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1873] we can play it now we've got that [...] .
[1874] Er no I haven't [...] Oh golfing.
(PS2B2) [1875] Oh great.
(PS2B4) [1876] That's why he [...]
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1877] to get golf clubs.
(PS2B2) [1878] Knowing his luck he'll get hit in the nose with a golf ball. [laugh]
(PS2B4) [1879] Oh God, Aye.
(PS2B2) [1880] Break it again.
(PS2B4) [1881] Mm.
[1882] Oh and he met this girl, they went for a weekend to Aviemore.
(PS2B2) [1883] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1884] Camping [...] but they ran out of money so he wouldn't be able to see her till payday.
(PS2B2) [laugh]
(PS2B4) [1885] So that that was I mean he just had been paid so it was
(PS2B2) [1886] Aha.
(PS2B4) [1887] about four weeks I don't know whether how would that went down when he phoned her and told her [...] .
(PS2B2) [1888] Aye.
Unknown speaker (G5JPSUNK) [...]
(PS2B4) [1889] He's twenty one.
(PS2B2) [1890] Pardon?
(PS2B4) [1891] Twenty two in January.
[1892] He's just twenty one.
Unknown speaker (G5JPSUNK) [...]
(PS2B4) [1893] Wait I think [...]
(PS2B2) [1894] Ah it doesn't matter it doesn't matter.
(PS2B4) [1895] Twenty two.
[1896] Oh no twenty two.
(PS2B2) [1897] [...] .
Unknown speaker (G5JPSUNK) [...]
(PS2B4) [1898] And happy as ever.
Unknown speaker (G5JPSUNK) [...]
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1899] How long is she in now?
(PS2B2) [1900] Sometime this eight, nine, ten years.
[1901] And as as it goes one she gets more and more permanent [...] .
[1902] But she's she's still well I think she'd daft.
[1903] She's in at the hostel at least an hour before she starts.
[1904] She likes to sit and [...] cup of coffee.
[1905] And when the shift's over, she sits another [...] .
[1906] So she's hardly in the house and she'll be back again.
[1907] You know [...] .
(PS2B4) [1908] Wait how long's this stint of night duty?
(PS2B2) [1909] Well that was at well that was [...] last time it it's normally seven or eight nights.
(PS2B4) [1910] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1911] On the trot.
[1912] And then you get two or three days off.
(PS2B4) [1913] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1914] And the it's early.
(PS2B4) [1915] Oh that's her back on to days [...]
(PS2B2) [1916] [...] Yes aha.
(PS2B4) [1917] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1918] But she seems to be doing night shift a lot recently.
(PS2B4) [1919] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1920] Probably cos of staff shortages.
[1921] Or somebody's not there [...] .
[1922] Jeannette will you fi will you take night shift for [...] . ... [...] .
(PS2B4) [laugh]
(PS2B2) [1923] She likes being [...]
(PS2B4) [1924] Well we've got X-ray staff [...] .
(PS2B2) [1925] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1926] But that is [...] .
(PS2B2) [1927] I can never remember I can never remember. [...]
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1928] Erm [...] four years.
(PS2B4) [1929] Oh has she [...] . [...]
(PS2B2) [1930] [...] seem all that long ago
(PS2B4) [1931] It it was
Unknown speaker (G5JPSUNK) [...]
(PS2B4) [1932] if they're married two years.
[1933] Mind you we've got loads of staff nurses [...] as well and they're not all made up to. [...]
(PS2B2) [1934] Aye.
[1935] Ah right.
(PS2B4) [1936] I couldn't tell you what [...] .
[1937] I'm sure it was a almost two years.
[1938] Eighteen months.
[1939] She got she qualified July or August.
[1940] Well she she sat her finals.
(PS2B2) [1941] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1942] And she started right away.
[1943] On the ward.
(PS2B2) [1944] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1945] And that was the that would be a year [...] .
[1946] That'll be like four years this August.
[1947] [...] . Very unusually for anybody to stay in that work for four years.
(PS2B2) [1948] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1949] Usually [...] after a couple of years, [...]
(PS2B2) [1950] Mhm.
(PS2B4) [1951] But Jeannette seems to think everything will be very [...] . [...]
(PS2B2) [1952] Oh I mean if she likes it, that's fine.
(PS2B4) [1953] Oh she does.
[1954] she does.
(PS2B2) [1955] Well that's okay. ...
(PS2B4) [...] ... [...]
(PS2B2) [1956] Mm.
(PS2B4) [...]
(PS2B2) [1957] Mhm. ...
(PS2B4) [1958] She's acting up.
[1959] [...] . You tell him, she said, Well why should I tell him? [...] [laugh]
(PS2B2) [1960] Aye.
(PS2B4) [1961] Apparently he's he's quite good tempered [...] .
(PS2B2) [1962] Oh [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (G5JPSUNK) [...]
(PS2B4) [1963] Who's Brian?
(PS2B2) [1964] Jane's son.
(PS2B4) [1965] Oh right.
(PS2B2) [1966] Er and she's not [...] I think there's a few [...] I'm not sure.
[1967] And apparently the man was a bit doolally pardon me [...] .
[1968] So he she always to [...] .
Unknown speaker (G5JPSUNK) [...]
(PS2B2) [1969] But they changed their mind.
[1970] Once she was qualified.
[1971] They thought they would go abroad.
(PS2B4) [1972] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1973] [...] So that's gone by the wayside. [...] .
(PS2B4) [1974] Oh really.
[1975] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1976] [...] .
(PS2B4) [1977] Mm.
[1978] Terraces?
[1979] There's no terraces [...] .
(PS2B2) [...]
(PS2B4) [1980] Mhm.
(PS2B2) [1981] [...] . [recording ends]