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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 914 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C223

PS2BE Ag3 m (No name, age 35, general practitioner) unspecified
PS2BF X m (No name, age unknown, Patient of participant 1) unspecified
G5LPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
G5LPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 098901 recorded on 1993-07. LocationNottinghamshire: Farnsfield ( G P's surgery ) Activity: Doctor/patient interview Consultation

Undivided text

(PS2BF) [...]
(PS2BE) [1] Right do have a seat.
(PS2BF) [2] I think you're sending for all my things aren't you?
[3] From er Hospital or what ever.
(PS2BE) [4] Let's have a look, they've all come back from [...]
(PS2BF) [5] Oh lovely.
(PS2BE) [6] How about that?
[7] I don't know what he's been up to, [...]
(PS2BF) [8] No.
(PS2BE) [9] [...] through the nose, but we've got them all back at any rate, so Where are we at the moment?
[10] ... How are you in yourself?
(PS2BF) [11] Eh, I'm not bad I ah but I've I've improved all while I mean i have got, you know
(PS2BE) [12] Aha.
(PS2BF) [13] I can get about a bit, I'm not er hobbling as much, as l as long as I take my time I'm not too bad.
[14] I'm getting, you know I'm getting there.
(PS2BE) [15] Yeah.
[16] Good.
(PS2BF) [17] Without a doubt.
(PS2BE) [18] Good.
[19] When they last saw you they they were actually quite pleased, weren't they ?
(PS2BF) [20] Yeah, that's right.
[21] Yeah.
[22] Yeah [...]
(PS2BE) [...]
(PS2BF) [23] There's definitely an improvement.
(PS2BE) [24] [...] supple, good rotation, reflexes, knee jerks, muscle power and sensation, no visible wasting.
[25] So er they're really quite pleased with you.
[26] It's just really time, isn't it ?
(PS2BF) [27] This is it.
(PS2BE) [28] That's got you better and better and better.
(PS2BF) [29] Yeah.
[30] Yeah, it's getting there
(PS2BE) [31] Er [...]
(PS2BF) [32] I'm we're definitely getting there, it's just taking
(PS2BE) [laugh]
(PS2BF) [33] a bloody long while. [cough]
(PS2BE) [34] [...] what job do you normally do?
(PS2BF) [35] Er miner. [cough]
(PS2BE) [36] Face worker?
(PS2BF) [37] Er development worker.
(PS2BE) [38] Oh so [...] all bits of everything and everywhere.
(PS2BF) [39] Yes.
(PS2BE) [40] Right.
[41] Now what are we going to do about work, because it's now erm twenty fourth of August.
[42] You've been off for a while.
(PS2BF) [43] Yeah.
(PS2BE) [44] We've got three choices, we can either ... say let's give it a go back at your original job, and [...] it might be a bit job.
[45] We can say we're going to have to keep you off for a bit longer yet.
[46] Or we can say, why don't we push British Coal, let's see if you can get you back to work doing something different.
[47] Before you
(PS2BF) [...]
(PS2BE) [48] go back.
[49] But I don't know what the opportunities are there.
(PS2BF) [50] None.
(PS2BE) [51] None at all?
(PS2BF) [52] No.
(PS2BE) [53] Well that's not a that that's not [...]
(PS2BF) [...]
(PS2BE) [54] Which pit are you at?
(PS2BE) [55] Yeah, they're a bit inflexible at times I find.
[56] So
(PS2BF) [57] Very much so [...]
(PS2BE) [58] Some of the others are brilliant, they do all sorts
(PS2BF) [59] Yeah.
(PS2BE) [60] of things [...]
(PS2BF) [61] But 's not that way inclined.
(PS2BE) [62] No, oh well.
(PS2BF) [63] Never have been.
(PS2BE) [64] Oh well.
[65] We'll have to we'll have to [...]
(PS2BF) [66] They're very argumentative little
(PS2BE) [67] Yeah.
(PS2BF) [68] buggers.
(PS2BE) [69] I'd of thought you you won't be ready [...]
(PS2BF) [...]
(PS2BE) [70] from from the latest report.
[71] What are you like first thing in the morning?
(PS2BF) [72] Terrible.
(PS2BE) [73] Stiff?
(PS2BF) [74] Yeah,
(PS2BE) [75] Okay.
(PS2BF) [76] I've got to work into it gradually .
(PS2BE) [77] Yeah.
[78] What's it How long's it take it to get going?
(PS2BF) [79] Realistically?
(PS2BE) [80] Yeah.
(PS2BF) [81] Hour and a half.
(PS2BE) [82] That's actually not bad though, is it?
(PS2BF) [83] No.
(PS2BE) [84] That's certainly a lot better than you have
(PS2BF) [85] But
(PS2BE) [86] been.
(PS2BF) [87] Yes.
[88] But there again.
[89] After I've been up and about for
(PS2BE) [90] Yeah.
(PS2BF) [91] a while then it starts again.
(PS2BE) [92] That's right, yeah .
(PS2BF) [93] And I've gotta sort of sit down.
[94] It's
(PS2BE) [95] Yeah.
(PS2BF) [96] fits and starts, I've gotta
(PS2BE) [97] Yeah.
(PS2BF) [98] vary it between getting about, sitting up, standing up, sitting down.
[99] It's we it it's [...] I mean some days are better than others.
(PS2BE) [100] Oh yeah.
(PS2BF) [101] You know, and
(PS2BE) [102] Yeah.
(PS2BF) [103] and the periods of of being good are getting longer.
(PS2BE) [104] Good.
(PS2BF) [cough]
(PS2BE) [105] Right, so
(PS2BF) [106] As I say I'm def definitely getting there, I know I am in myself.
(PS2BE) [107] Yeah.
(PS2BF) [108] I'm sleeping a little bit better.
[109] Not waking up so much during night,wi
(PS2BE) [110] Excellent.
(PS2BF) [111] with pain and that.
[112] I'm, I'm getting there it's just taking a long while.
(PS2BE) [113] Waterworks and bowels?
(PS2BF) [114] I'm alright.
(PS2BE) [115] No numbness or tingling?
(PS2BF) [116] No no.
[117] I've
(PS2BE) [118] [...] good.
(PS2BF) [119] lost a bit more weight, not a lot.
(PS2BE) [cough]
(PS2BF) [120] I've lost about another five pounds [...]
(PS2BE) [121] Excellent.
[122] Excellent.
[123] Doing your exercise?
(PS2BF) [124] Yes yes.
(PS2BE) [125] All going the right way innit?
(PS2BF) [126] Yes I'm getting there, I know I know I know myself I'm getting there, it's just Like [...] say, it's just taking a bloody long while.
(PS2BE) [127] Yeah.
[128] Well I can't predict how long it's going to be now [...] and y and you may find ,
(PS2BF) [129] Well no, no obviously not
(PS2BE) [130] in another few weeks hard work and you'll feel very What I'll do is if I give you a note for a further two months, and we can [...] ... Is your job safe?
(PS2BF) [131] Well, whose jobs safe?
(PS2BE) [132] But they're not muttering about laying you off if you're [...]
(PS2BF) [133] Well they no not not now.
(PS2BE) [134] Well that's okay .
(PS2BF) [135] No.
(PS2BE) [136] No, I didn't think they would be.
[137] So if I put, [...]
(PS2BF) [138] I think they'd have a battle on their hands if they did.
[139] Union are a little bit they won't let that happen.
(PS2BE) [140] Good.
[141] Continues to improve ... with exercise.
[142] Okay? [...]
(PS2BF) [143] Yeah.
(PS2BE) [144] bit optimistic.
(PS2BF) [145] Well I am.
(PS2BE) [146] Yeah.
(PS2BF) [147] Yeah.
(PS2BE) [...]
(PS2BF) [148] I've been trying.
[149] I've been I mean I've been trying to give our [...] a bit of a hand whenever i can, in [...] [...]
(PS2BE) [cough]
(PS2BF) [150] I mean I'm not.
[151] I think I'm in way more than help but it it does me good.
(PS2BE) [152] Yeah.
(PS2BF) [153] You know, and I I I don't think it's it's
(PS2BE) [154] Yeah.
(PS2BF) [155] hurting me doing it.
[156] You know.
[157] Just a bit of serving and this that and other ,
(PS2BE) [158] Yeah.
(PS2BF) [159] you know, just a Oh yeah, Oh .
(PS2BE) [160] Watch [...] Watch the lifting.
(PS2BF) [161] Oh by [...] I'm nothing
(PS2BE) [162] [...] the lifting, just just reaching a can of beans off the bottom shelf and you
(PS2BF) [163] Yes.
[164] Yes.
(PS2BE) [165] know that sort of
(PS2BF) [166] Yeah.
(PS2BE) [167] thing.
(PS2BF) [168] You know but it's it's doing me good I think ,
(PS2BE) [169] Good.
(PS2BF) [170] you know.
[171] I think so anyway. [cough]
(PS2BE) [...]
Unknown speaker (G5LPSUNK) [172] Right, thank you [...] [tape change]