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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 1697 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C224

PS2BG Ag3 m (No name, age 35, general practitioner) unspecified
PS2BH X f (No name, age unknown) unspecified

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  1. Tape 098902 recorded on 1993-07. LocationNottinghamshire: Farnsfield ( G P's surgery ) Activity: Doctor/patient interview Consultation

Undivided text

(PS2BH) [1] I've come of a new [...]
(PS2BG) [...]
(PS2BH) [2] please.
(PS2BG) [3] Let's have a look.
[4] This is the Noraday yeah .
(PS2BH) [5] Noraday yeah.
(PS2BG) [6] Everything okay on that?
(PS2BH) [7] Yeah, fine yeah .
(PS2BG) [8] Periods behaving?
(PS2BH) [9] Erm sometimes I have a a good period, like
(PS2BG) [10] Yeah.
(PS2BH) [11] I used to on er
(PS2BG) [12] Yeah.
(PS2BH) [13] other pill.
(PS2BG) [14] [...] yeah that's right.
(PS2BH) [15] But sometimes I don't have one or
(PS2BG) [16] Yeah.
(PS2BH) [17] sometimes it's just one
(PS2BG) [18] Yeah.
(PS2BH) [19] day.
(PS2BG) [20] Yeah, a bit erratic ?
(PS2BH) [21] [...] Er Yeah.
[22] But
(PS2BG) [23] Right, okay.
(PS2BH) [24] no problem at all.
(PS2BG) [25] Yes , that can happen on Noraday Waterworks?
[26] Bowels?
[27] Breasts?
(PS2BH) [28] Yeah fine.
(PS2BG) [29] All behaving?
(PS2BH) [30] Yes.
(PS2BG) [31] Right, now what we do need to do today is to get your blood pressure checked.
(PS2BH) [32] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [33] How are things going on from the other point of view?
(PS2BH) [34] Erm it get's
(PS2BG) [35] Mm.
(PS2BH) [36] a bit off still .
(PS2BG) [37] Yes.
(PS2BH) [38] Yeah.
[39] we h we still haven't heard anything.
(PS2BG) [40] From the psychologist?
(PS2BH) [41] Er no, [...] go to see him .
(PS2BG) [42] [...] you've you've got from them, certainly.
(PS2BH) [43] Yeah.
[44] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [45] But you're still in limbo as far as the
(PS2BH) [46] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [47] the civil action is concerned?
(PS2BH) [48] Erm even no second inquest, nothing .
(PS2BG) [49] Oh. [...]
(PS2BH) [50] But er apparently [...] got a solicitor.
[51] Er we haven't had to see anybody about that and he sent us a letter saying that he'd like to see us and we went and he says it there might not be a second inquest.
(PS2BG) [52] Oh.
(PS2BH) [53] Might go straight to court.
(PS2BG) [54] Ah.
(PS2BH) [55] And then we had a phone call from the police, about a month ago.
(PS2BG) [56] Oh right, good.
(PS2BH) [57] Saying that it had gone straight to court, it was in court, you know,
(PS2BG) [58] Oh right.
(PS2BH) [59] but we haven't heard anything.
(PS2BG) [60] Oh well I mean they may have been adjourned or a
(PS2BH) [61] Even though
(PS2BG) [62] it may have been referred to a higher court.
(PS2BH) [63] You think so.
(PS2BG) [...]
(PS2BH) [64] Erm
(PS2BG) [65] I mean we we haven't heard anything directly, I'm only glad that the police are actually telling you something.
(PS2BH) [66] Yeah yeah.
(PS2BG) [cough]
(PS2BH) [67] It it was a big shock that day, when we had that phone call
(PS2BG) [68] Mm.
(PS2BH) [69] But it was I You know, to know that you haven't got to fight,
(PS2BG) [70] That's right, yeah .
(PS2BH) [71] T to take him to court.
(PS2BG) [...]
(PS2BH) [72] Erm
(PS2BG) [73] But it's a long process.
[74] I mean we have dealings with solicitors for all sorts of things, asking for reports and we send a lot of notes away to have a lot of er [...] medical opinion reports and they take ages to come back.
[75] And that's a These are the preliminary things that the solicitor must go through before they get near court, so
(PS2BH) [76] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [77] the people
(PS2BH) [78] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [79] who it's actually They're actually dealing with are waiting months and months and months and er
(PS2BH) [80] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [81] it looks like that in your case.
[82] We
(PS2BH) [...]
(PS2BG) [83] we may well have to provide the medical report on your behalf, yet.
(PS2BH) [84] God.
(PS2BG) [85] But n no-one has approached me to do so.
(PS2BH) [86] No no.
(PS2BG) [87] So er But it wouldn't surprise me if some sort of medical report on how you are doesn't reach court.
(PS2BH) [88] It erm Mr who we see Psychologist erm The first week I went to see him, Oh [...] .
[89] It t d [...] certainly, you know erm
(PS2BG) [90] Yeah.
[91] It's very
(PS2BH) [92] Erm
(PS2BG) [93] hard.
(PS2BH) [94] We Do you know when we start doing something, we'll do it and even if we do things different [...] gonna say?
[95] We thinking well why are we doing it this way ?
(PS2BG) [96] Mm.
(PS2BH) [97] So er everything's pulling at us,
(PS2BG) [98] Yeah.
(PS2BH) [99] you know.
[100] W we seem as though we do something and we [...] W we are absolutely drained ,
(PS2BG) [101] Mm.
(PS2BH) [102] you get We want to push ourselves.
(PS2BG) [103] That's right.
(PS2BH) [104] But do you know, once we start doing something w we're just drained all the while.
(PS2BG) [105] In some ways you're in limbo cos you've you've got nothing to aim towards.
[106] You've
(PS2BH) [107] No.
(PS2BG) [108] got I mean if Even if you had a date to aim towards, even if it was six months hence, at least that would help you, you could
(PS2BH) [109] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [110] aim towards it and work towards it.
(PS2BH) [111] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [112] But er and I think it's most unfair on you two really and the whole thing.
[113] And you you come off worse than anyone else and er but there's no real way of speeding that up, they can't give
(PS2BH) [114] No.
(PS2BG) [115] dates and they can't say what's going to happens [...] they have to go through, sift the evidence, arrange it all in a certain order,
(PS2BH) [...]
(PS2BG) [116] and then go and
(PS2BH) [117] Rachael, she's coming home Well she was she was discharged Friday from hospital .
(PS2BG) [118] Mm.
[119] Oh right.
(PS2BH) [120] And er they thought Thursday they'd have to do an operation on her by taking a piece of bone from her hip,
(PS2BG) [121] Mhm.
(PS2BG) [122] and putting it in the leg.
[123] But they said it was knitting together lovely.
(PS2BG) [124] Good good.
(PS2BH) [125] But then they took the pins out,
(PS2BG) [126] Ah.
(PS2BH) [127] let her go home Friday, discharged her the day after.
[128] She'd put too much weight on it, and she's back in hospital, she's broke it.
(PS2BG) [129] Well they'll probably have to put at least the bone in there, it's a bone graft.
(PS2BH) [130] They've put it in plaster at the moment .
(PS2BG) [131] Yeah, [...]
(PS2BH) [132] But s you know she she's mending, it's erm
(PS2BG) [...]
(PS2BH) [133] She she's coming okay, I think
(PS2BG) [134] Mm.
(PS2BH) [135] You know to see her as well, that's som you know
(PS2BG) [136] Mm.
(PS2BH) [137] But we don't go as often now.
(PS2BG) [138] No.
(PS2BH) [139] Erm, [...] ...
(PS2BG) [140] Right.
(PS2BH) [141] Lovely, and
(PS2BG) [142] [...] Th The six packets of Noraday
(PS2BH) [143] Yeah, yeah.
(PS2BG) [144] [cough] Your smear is due in December.
[145] Now I'm going to leave that with you.
[146] If you really don't feel like coming up for a smear at that time, that's fine and we'll understand why.
[147] And w There's an awful lot
(PS2BH) [148] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [149] of pressure on you from an awful lot of other sources, so don't worry about it.
[150] And
(PS2BH) [151] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [152] But er you are
(PS2BH) [...]
(PS2BG) [153] actually officially due in December and obviously we'd like
(PS2BH) [154] Is that me three years?
(PS2BG) [155] Yeah.
(PS2BH) [156] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [157] [cough] We'd like
(PS2BH) [158] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [159] to get that done.
(PS2BH) [160] Yeah.
[161] Don't seem like three years. [laugh]
(PS2BG) [162] Oh, no I'm sure.
[163] The psychologist of course will continue to see you.
[164] And if
(PS2BH) [165] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [166] you want to pop in and have a chat with me in between that's fine, but I'm not here next week.
(PS2BH) [167] Yeah, yeah. [...]
(PS2BG) [168] [...] So that's that.
[169] Er and I hope everything goes a smoothly as possible.
[170] If there are any medical reports to do, we'll get them done as soon as possible but you know,a is that's very much out of our hands, and
(PS2BH) [171] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [172] we can only wait on your solicitors, their solicitors, there's the police, the court, the entire system.
(PS2BH) [173] You see we haven't notified any solicitor at all, it was
(PS2BG) [174] No.
(PS2BH) [175] just when we got back off holiday we'd got a letter from
(PS2BG) [176] Well it's If the police are doing the prosecuting then you may
(PS2BH) [177] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [178] not have to bother [...]
(PS2BH) [179] Well it it Apparently there is a clause in Lee's insurance er that got the solicitor,
(PS2BG) [180] Yeah.
(PS2BH) [181] and he notified us
(PS2BG) [182] Right.
(PS2BH) [183] and he said he would b represent.
[184] But then he mentioned, when we wen to see him, he says [...] we will deal with this but you must get somebody for civil
(PS2BG) [185] Yeah.
(PS2BH) [186] action.
(PS2BG) [187] Yeah.
(PS2BH) [188] And we asked him if he did civil action .
(PS2BG) [189] Oh right , yeah.
(PS2BH) [190] And he said yes he'd
(PS2BG) [191] Mm.
(PS2BH) [192] he would You know he hasn't g The records haven't got to be released then to
(PS2BG) [193] No.
(PS2BH) [194] anybody else.
[195] he he will be able to get them.
[196] But it's just hoping that everything goes right, but at least we
(PS2BG) [...]
(PS2BH) [197] haven't got to fight for prosecution.
(PS2BG) [198] No no.
[199] That should go through, but er it's a question of when it's going to be though. [...]
(PS2BH) [200] Yeah, yeah.
[201] Do they usually take time like this?
(PS2BG) [202] Yes.
(PS2BH) [203] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [204] Yes.
[205] Things from er data whenever can take ages and ages and ages to And you know doctors get sued every now and again, perish the thought,
(PS2BH) [206] [laughing] Oh [...] []
(PS2BG) [207] Perish the thought but when
(PS2BH) [cough]
(PS2BG) [208] y w you when you keep hearing reports in the medical journals about doctors being sued, and it can be several years after the event that the case comes to court.
[209] Now it won't be that long in your case, but it just goes to show how lengthy the whole thing can be .
(PS2BH) [210] Yea yeah yeah.
(PS2BG) [211] And it's er
(PS2BH) [212] But it's so
(PS2BG) [213] But
(PS2BH) [214] much hurt, you know .
(PS2BG) [215] That's right.
(PS2BH) [216] [...] but Pete he he still getting up very early, he doesn't sleep
(PS2BG) [217] Mm.
(PS2BH) [218] very good .
(PS2BG) [219] Yeah.
[220] Yeah.
[221] I mean in some ways
(PS2BH) [222] And
(PS2BG) [223] I think he's more effected by it than you.
[224] And [...]
(PS2BH) [225] I Like erm Psychologist said erm
(PS2BG) [226] there's a lot of anger there isn't there?
(PS2BH) [227] Yeah.
[228] He says I'm still with denial,
(PS2BG) [229] Yeah.
(PS2BH) [230] and Pete knows it's happened.
(PS2BG) [231] Mm.
(PS2BH) [232] I erm If i try not to give way, it leaves so much up here
(PS2BG) [233] Mm.
(PS2BH) [234] I can keep thinking it's not happened.
(PS2BG) [235] Yeah.
[236] That's right.
[237] But
(PS2BH) [238] You know.
[239] But
(PS2BG) [240] wor working through it all, it's very very painful.
(PS2BH) [241] Yeah.
(PS2BG) [242] And it's easier in the short term not to have [...] In the long term you get more problems.
(PS2BH) [243] Yea yeah.
[244] I I've found that.
[245] You know, like I say, I try to do some things different, and then that don't work sometimes cos I think well why am I doing 'em like that.
(PS2BG) [246] Mm.
(PS2BH) [247] I wouldn't be doing this if it hadn't happened.
[248] Do you do you
(PS2BG) [249] Mhm.
(PS2BH) [250] Do you now what I mean?
[251] [sniff] So like you say it can cause [...]
(PS2BG) [cough]
(PS2BH) [252] that few more problems.
[253] But erm probably if we wasn't [...] so much and
(PS2BG) [254] Mm.
[255] I think he 'd be [...]
(PS2BH) [256] I think sometimes he's still being protective.
(PS2BG) [257] Yeah.
(PS2BH) [258] He's still being protective .
(PS2BG) [259] Mm.
[260] That's right.
(PS2BH) [261] And erm Dunno.
[262] The police i know, went to see Rachael, and they still can't understand why he didn't use an islander, you know?
(PS2BG) [263] No.
(PS2BH) [264] And it's just unbelievable.
(PS2BG) [265] Mm.
(PS2BH) [266] But everybody's allowed a mistake but
(PS2BG) [...]
(PS2BH) [267] when you've got a big articulated lorry ,
(PS2BG) [268] Bit of drastic mistake to make.
(PS2BH) [269] You know if you You know I can't stop feeling as though that morning he used that lorry as a weapon.
(PS2BG) [270] Mm.
(PS2BH) [271] You know.
[272] Er I don't [...] I think as it goes on y you do start and get that anger that anger so bad, but erm But I'll leave you to get on Doctor. [laugh]
(PS2BG) [...]
(PS2BH) [273] And [...] [tape change]