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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 1210 words speech recorded in public context

6 speakers recorded by respondent number C225

PS2BJ Ag3 m (No name, age 35, general practitioner, Doctor of participants 2, 3, 4) unspecified
PS2BK Ag1 f (No name, age 20+) unspecified
PS2BL Ag0 m (James, age 6) unspecified
PS2BM Ag0 m (No name, age 3+) unspecified
G5NPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
G5NPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 098903 recorded on 1993-07. LocationNottinghamshire: Farnsfield ( G P's surgery ) Activity: Doctor/patient interview Consultation

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(PS2BJ) [1] Right James, let's have a look at this finger.
(PS2BK) [2] Thumb. [laugh]
(PS2BJ) [3] Thumb.
[4] Well it is a finger of sorts.
[5] What have you managed to do to it?
[6] Oh dear, oh dear ,
(PS2BK) [7] I don't now what he's done to it.
(PS2BJ) [8] oh dear.
(PS2BK) [9] It were a bit swollen yesterday and he's been in bed day, when he's got up this morning that's how
(PS2BJ) [10] Now that is not very nice is it James?
James (PS2BL) [...]
(PS2BK) [11] [...] I don't know why [...] doing it. ...
(PS2BJ) [12] Is that very painful in there?
James (PS2BL) [13] Yeah.
(PS2BJ) [14] Okay, [...] Sit yourself down.
(PS2BK) [15] Sit down.
(PS2BJ) [16] [cough] If you look at the finger, if you draw a little picture from the side, ... [...] nail coming out there okay.
[17] and in here you've got some bones ... okay?
James (PS2BL) [18] Yeah.
(PS2BJ) [19] So this joint here is this joint here, and there's the nail.
[20] Now what you've got is a really cute infection.
[21] It started around the edge of the nail I should think, and that's where they usually go.
[22] But this has spread quite rapidly, it can't really go beyond here, cos the skin is quite tight.
[23] It's quite tightly bound round there, so it stays in this area here.
[24] And instead of just being here round the top, this has actually gone round here too, by the looks of it.
[25] And it's probably actually got an abscess in there, which is why it's so swollen on the top, sides and at the bottom.
[26] Now the danger of leaving these is you can get g i is the infection can spread into the bone soon.
[27] And if it does that you're in real trouble.
[28] So what you need to have done with this is to have all the puss got out.
James (PS2BL) [29] Yeah.
(PS2BJ) [30] Okay, and it needs to be opened up in someway, which sounds a bit drastic but isn't actually that bad.
[31] And sometimes as well as going this way we actually need to go in this way too, to actually get it out.
[32] If it was simply round the nail we could do it here, but it's not.
[33] I mean it actually looks like an abscess in there, so this really needs to be done in the hospital I'm afraid.
[34] It's not an enormous
(PS2BK) [35] But
(PS2BJ) [36] thing.
(PS2BK) [37] on Sunday it it looked alright ,
(PS2BJ) [38] Yeah.
(PS2BK) [39] there were nothing wrong with it .
(PS2BJ) [40] They spread very quickly.
[41] But they don't spread tha out of this way, but they can spread in this bit quite quickly, cos there's nothing to stop it going around there, at all.
(PS2BM) [42] Urgh.
(PS2BJ) [43] It won't go further back in a hurry, but it it's These are very very nasty.
[44] Have you had anything stuck in it, James?
[45] You haven't had a splinter?
(PS2BK) [46] [...] I don't think he has, [...]
(PS2BJ) [47] Or anyone knocked or banged it?
James (PS2BL) [48] [...] football, kicked at it.
(PS2BJ) [49] S
James (PS2BL) [50] Footballs.
(PS2BJ) [...]
James (PS2BL) [51] They kicked at it .
(PS2BJ) [52] Right, this is his right thumb, is he right handed?
(PS2BK) [53] Yeah.
(PS2BM) [54] Will he have to go on the [...]
(PS2BK) [laugh]
(PS2BJ) [55] Yes he will, he'll have to go on the plug yeah he c You're not fit for work for a little while.
(PS2BK) [laugh]
(PS2BJ) [56] Now,, what we really need to do is to get the orthopaedic people to have a look at this.
[57] In fact they may recommend they have people see him.
[58] And if they recommend that, that may mean a little bit of trip, down to either Nottingham or perhaps even Derby ,
(PS2BK) [...]
(PS2BJ) [59] but if we start off at Kings Mill and they'll decide what h The best way of treating this.
[60] Okay? [phone dialling]
[61] So we'll get them on the ph blower.
[62] [talks on telephone] [...] little letter.
[63] Now he's otherwise fit and well isn't he?
[64] We don't see him very often.
(PS2BK) [65] No.
[66] He weren't very well yesterday at all, he were in bed all day.
(PS2BJ) [67] Yeah, [...] where are we now?
[68] Twenty fourth is it?
[69] Twenty four. ...
Unknown speaker (G5NPSUNK) [...]
(PS2BJ) [70] And it's isn't it?
(PS2BK) [71] Yeah.
(PS2BJ) [72] Is he allergic to anything you know of?
(PS2BK) [73] No.
(PS2BJ) [74] And he's not on any pills and tablets at the moment, is he?
James (PS2BL) [cough]
(PS2BJ) [75] Ooh yes, that's a nice cold isn't it?
(PS2BK) [laugh] ... [talks on telephone]
(PS2BJ) [76] A strange bloke.
[77] If you find you go and they see you and you get very little joy, can you get back to us?
(PS2BK) [78] Yeah.
(PS2BJ) [79] Well he might just have got out of bed, that may not help.
[80] ... But if you do have problems do get back and mm. ...
James (PS2BL) [81] Is my nail going to my nail going to come off, mum?
(PS2BJ) [82] Yeah, I'm afraid it may well fall off James, yes.
[83] It may well fall off, but if it does fall off and everything gets back to normal it'll grow back again.
James (PS2BL) [84] I [...] black nail [...]
Unknown speaker (G5NPSUNK) [...] ...
(PS2BJ) [85] Now what they'll do is they'll have a look and then decide what to do.
[86] There's a there's a chance that they will actually refer you on.
[87] Er they may feel this isn't They can sort it out themselves, so we'll see.
[88] Depends I If er one of the hand specialists is in they'll probably get you done there and then, if they're quick.
(PS2BK) [89] And where do I go then, just Kings Mill casualty
(PS2BJ) [90] Kings Mill casualty, and the
(PS2BK) [91] Where's that?
(PS2BJ) [92] orthopaedic people will see you there.
[93] J Have you been to Kings Mill since they rebuilt it?
(PS2BK) [94] No I haven't been since the c they moved the casualty there.
(PS2BJ) [95] Right you go straight up
(PS2BK) [96] Yeah.
(PS2BJ) [97] the drive.
[98] [moving sound] And the [...] block is on the right hand side, and you just keep going straight on.
[99] Okay, don't turn right, don't turn left, [...] go straight on.
[100] And the car parks are to the right and the main entrance is on the left and you just keep going straight on straight on straight on straight on and the bottom left hand corner is casualty.
[101] Now you can't actually [laugh] park by casualty's door, you're going to have to park a little bit before that.
[102] But
(PS2BK) [103] Aha.
(PS2BJ) [104] if someone's giving you a lift, what you could do is get them to drive straight down, drop you off, and then they can go and park.
[105] Okay.
[106] And it's You go straight up and it's in that bottom left hand corner.
(PS2BK) [107] Right.
(PS2BJ) [108] Okay You can't really miss it, it's where all the ambulances are.
[109] So [...] you're going to see the orthopaedic people there ... care of casualty, B B C one.
[110] I mean
(PS2BK) [laugh]
(PS2BJ) [111] Kings Mill hospital, ho ho ho, little joke.
(PS2BK) [laugh]
(PS2BJ) [112] Right now we better start you off how we mean to go on James, with er a sp a special sticker.
[113] We don't give you one of those cos they're boring, [...] much more interesting one.
[114] Shall we give you a lion for being brave?
[115] Would you like a lion for being brave?
James (PS2BL) [116] Yeah.
(PS2BJ) [117] Would you like a lion.
[118] It says I've been good at the doctor today.
[119] We'll start you off with one of these, okay.
[120] That can't be a bad start.
[121] One lion s One lion sticker, there you go.
[122] Okay?
[123] And they're going to have a good look and you may need to do all sorts of interesting things, okay.
[124] As i said, if you have problems and they don't you don't think they're going to do an awful lot, get back to me cos I I'm sure that's going to need some sort of intervention.
(PS2BK) [125] Right.
(PS2BJ) [126] There's certainly no point in just waving antibiotics at it cos that won't make it better.
(PS2BK) [127] So I can take him now then should [...]
(PS2BJ) [128] Yeah take him straight d [tape change]